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46510 Wildhorse Blvd, Pendleton, OR 97801

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REVIEWS OF Wildhorse Cineplex IN Oregon


I take my girlfriend here every month to treat us both to a good date night.

Rena Jack

Comfortable seats, newest movies, prices on concession are reasonable not overpriced.

Kimberly Bergstad

Good clean place. Love this theatre!

Trom Dillinger

They have quite the selection of seasoning for your popcorn

Tony Pavoni

Great movies

Darla Day

Great theater. Clean & no seating problems. Reasonably priced & the latest movies.

Jeff Lowry

Great experience.

Lisa Dahl

Very nice and clean

Nelson John

Great place

Elizabeth Callison

Reasonable cost, comfortable seating, friendly service.

Alison M

Very nice Cinema, clean and friendly.

Gerald Graves

great cinema even better environment

Jesse Bennett

Fun. Worth the $

LeeAnn O'Donnell

Love watching movies here!

erick painter

Great theater. Nice to park the truck and get out. Will definitely stop here again.

Bryce Brock

Always showing a wide range of excellent films, even some 3D, and some more on the indie side. Many different refreshments and foods to choose from. I've never had a bad situation here.

Karen Howton

Always clean, showing the newest movies

Alicia Reynen

Best movie theater in oregon

De Billings-Wilbourn

Love this place

Lloyd Walker

Very comfortable chairs great senior matinees on Wednesday with free popcorn and a soft drink very clean place

Cara Hoptowit

As always I love the price, the snack choices and how clean they keep it.

Rickelle Lampe

Nice theater, prices are fair, but I find they don't always have the movies that I am looking for. Also, the choice of which screen to play a movie on is questionable. Went to see a popular movie when it first came out, and much to my dismay it was playing in the smallest theater.. and it was full.

Liana Higheagle

It has kid friendly movies for a low price and for adults it is a good price with good CANDY , I watched many movies up at Wildhorse Cineplex

virgil V. bates jr

Awesome selection of movies for the whole family, great selection of combos with great prices

Cary Janssen

I really enjoyed the movies here I just wish I was listening to my gut and didn't spend the money I needed to spend somewhere else but I ended up spending it in the casino next door I had a nice time bending more than 12 hours there but spent more than $400 most expensive movie I went to see

Evan O'Grady

Always quality service.

Cody Greenhalgh

Great place to watch movies

Nicole Wellman

Ive been here only one time and I would definitely recommend it.

Ju5t1c3 Ma353rv3

Loved it, very well kept. My knees don't like the seating, but that's just cause I'm getting old so won't hold it against you.

Abby Farrow

Good prices. We movies. Great staff


Comparable Prices, comphy seats , nice screens great sound .

Kimberly Schauss

Absolutely Bomb!

Manny Shepherd

Cozy good people there very nice

Cecelia Husted

Plenty of seats and great service.

Alex Ceja

It's a great place for the family to see a movie

Tristan Lofgren

Best place in Pendleton to see movies! And why not get an all you can get buffet before the movie here as well?

Candi Nielsen

Good movie selection and decent prices!

Justin Rowell

Nice theater.

Heather Corey

Saw Aladdin.

zack shannon

This is only for the movie theater since I'm not really into gambling. So as small an area that this is its nice to have a good movie theater around. Sure it's on the small side but it is eastern oregon, and they do plan on on expanding soon. Good food, comfortable seats, decent prices. Just a good theater.

LAE Survivor

Great place to watch a movie

Jennii M Obispo

Great Cinema!

Billie Jean Newhall

Nice movie theater

Ryan Patrick

It was better every time.

Aaron Finley

Best theater I've been to in a long time! The concessions were not as expensive as some other theater I've been to.

Heidi Turner

Love the wild horse for 5doller movie on Wednesday and keno is fun

Jacob Thompson

Good and clean theater. Gate and snack bar are a bit slow

Jeanne Day

Always a good experience here!

Mike Derrickson

I love that this theater allows you to buy tickets and snacks with debit/credit cards rather than having to make an extra stop at an ATM on the way. Great movie selections, friendly staff, and good food selections.

Adrienne Berry

Fun, clean, fast service, friendly.

Michael Johnson

Good and clean

marion fossum

Loved it.

Holistic David

The best theater in eastern Oregon

Anna Michrina

Fair prices on food and film. Comfy seats, and many theaters to choose from.

Marie Pancho

Friendly employees, fresh popcorn

Nevin Graves

Our family had a wonderful experience here, in spite how awful the film was. J.K. Rowling is a bad screenwriter. Loved the theater regardless!

Emily Vandehey

Awesome theater, not a huge movie selection, but they usually have the ones we want to watch.

Sydell Wilson

Love the popcorn and food.

Delilah Red Bull

You have to pay more to get vegan safe treats.

Zack Rock

Clean with very friendly staff! Great movie theater!

Bryan Baker

Great theater

Nathan Joseph

Everything was awesome except no assigned seats. First come first serve just doesn't work in American culture. Great movies, great theaters, good refreshments.

Rain McKenzie

Nice air conditioning while you enjoy the movies.

Kate Ellis

Not good popcorn. Overpriced foodstuffs. Good 3-D experience

Victor Star

Good food and good movie

Kara Peters

Helpful, friendly staff. Refreshments don't cost an arm and a leg. Stadium seating.


Watching the Equalizer 2 and three guys were on the cell phones the whole time. You aren't that important. Instagram can care less about you. If you are that important you have a whole casino to walk aimlessly and text your friends and bump into strangers. You aren't paying my ticket and you only stare at the screen in the good parts? What is wrong with you? Do you need attention? Get a dog.

James Stein

In Wildhorse Casino. Modern cineplex with decent prices. Comfortable seating.

Lacy Mc

Comfortable seats & affordable snack packages

c pilot

Very Nice clean quiet quality audio and video

Mark Baker

This is just about our favorite place to go when the wife and I want to get away for a movie. There are a lot of choices the service is fast and very friendly. Of course it's a movie theater so it's very expensive to eat here. we always either start or follow up with some appetizers at the bar. If you hit the bar during happy hour everything on the appetizer menu is half off. So you can go into the movie full) That's a win-win because the food at the bar is delicious. We're very happy with this Cineplex.

Andre Picard

Great prices and theatres are small and have great surround sound.

Randy Gundlach

On pppp

Sierra James

Always a good place to watch a movie.

Heather Ward

Great customer service. Clean theater and concession prices are the best I have ever seen at a theater.

Festival Director

Friendly staff at this independent theater.

OTR Trucker

Good cinema. They have free popcorn flavoring.

Helen Terrells

This is my favorite place for watching movies now. The prices are excellent, for features and food. The seating is very comfortable, like seating in your living room to watch the movie.

Luann Gorbett

The constitution screws with pedestrian routes.. but I side was amazimg!

Jackson Lavadour

Awesome staff!

Ramona Quenelle

So unexpected to be able to see a movie at a casino! Played the most current videos, popcorn was great and prices were reasonable. Really enjoyed relaxing here after a conference. (Not a great picture, sorry).

Mary Schmerer

Prices here are considerably less than other theaters. It's fairly clean. The seats are comfortable.

Marc Mullins

The staff is always friendly and helpful. The food is reasonably priced. My wife and I appreciate that we can order large ice waters at no additional cost! The theater and restrooms are always clean.


Great place to go see movies in 3d

The DailyStruggle

Always clean, seats are pretty comfortable compared to other places I've been, and the staff may not always be approachable but they are nice.

Steve Walker

Quiet, comfortable movie theater. Decent prices too. No leather recliner or select seating or any of that jazz... but comfortable in most theaters.

Leona Spino

I always enjoy going to watch movies here.

Serathis TL

Outside of the movie going out a couple times was a good visit, went to say something to management and they apologized and let us come back later for another showing so it's pretty cool.


Great concession prices, comfortable seats, clean bathrooms.

Marie S Rodriguez

Nice seating . Friendly staff.

Ellison Brown III

The movie theater and staff were great. Would definitely visit again.

Dark Ice

I'm originally from the rez, but I'm reviewing it with four stars because of the excessive amount of people in the way while you're leaving the theater, and the parents who just let their children run around aimlessly like wild animals. Also, there's sometimes spilt food on the ground and paper. My cousin works here, so I'm trying to be as best reviewer as I can. Lol.

Christopher Haselden

As sad as it was to see it go, this place is much better than the old theater in downtown Pendleton. It has great seating, 3D, and lots of food around outside the theater.

Richie M

Great parking..customer service...cineplex...and family and I love it

Kelly Smart


amanda Gilbert

Love it, very family friendly.

James Cates

The movie was great

Heath Harris

This is the best theater in the area. They have the BEST food price I have seen in any theater (I have been to hundreds of theaters). Stadium seating and great sound. Staff is very friendly.

Hazmat's Best

I love the food,movies,and the more than 31 inch. tv and the employes are great

Ryan Jacobson

Over all good experience

Travis Larsen

Nice theater, reasonable. Nice that you don't have to go through the casino to get to the theater.

Sean Fuqua

Love going here.

Curious Cat

Love this theater. Come from Montana

Chris Beels

Great theater! Comfy seating and proper height so you don't see the tops of anyones head.

Justin Kosirog

It can get a bit crowded.

Frank Thomas

My wife and I LOVE The Wildhorse Cinema! We happily make the 45 minute drive (one way) from a nearby community to attend first run movies and dine at Plateau (the restaurant upstairs). Cinemas here are small but designed in a way that feels intimate rather than clostophbic. They've done a lot with comfortable, modern seating (complete with ADA accessibility) and a wonderful surround sound system. They're CLEAN and staffed by helpful and friendly employees who seem to love movies themselves. Ticket prices are crazy affordable. We saw Wreck-it Ralph in 3D this weekend for around $15. They make some of it up on concessions but as theatres go, they're definately on the reasonable end of the spectrum. All told we spent around $25 on the cinema part of the evening. Wildhorse Cinema is where we go when we'd like to forget that we're living in an area without many high quality entertainment options. Even if only for a couple of hours at a time, we're SO grateful this exists.

Alicia Rogers

♡ this theater great consession offerings. Way more than most theaters carry. I absolutely love your new lil carrying caddy.

Vickie McCurry

Great experience... especially since they're the only theater in town

Virgil Tsosie

Had great seating snack bar was awesome staff friendly and very proffessional eager to help. Great staff.

bradley fairless

Nice clean area, clear screen. Though the seats were not as comfortable as they apear

Olivia Thomas

Awesome theater!! Great popcorn

Dwite Beaslee

Largely small, regular theatre seat with moveable armrest.


Nice theaters with the latest movies.

John Marlatt

Good popcorn.

Evelyn Wolgamott

Great place

Karen Martinez

So glad you are at wild horse Something for the family to do and great customer service

Deena Pitcher

Very fast service and great place for keeping kids

shota diffely

Good choices of movies

Zach Batterton

Love this cinema and the trays you can use for your snacks, now you can have a whole smorgasbord!!

kris campbell

Best prices for a movie and snacks anywhere.

Paul Nolan

Great screens, positive staff, and good prices. Lots of available times as well. Parking is easy and it's connected to the casino for other fun!

Gacha Girl

Absolutely love the Cineplex great staff, spacious seating, awesome prices

Jose Lewis

Wildhorse Cinema cool


Love the Cineplex great ticket pricing

Reilly Miller

Always clean and enjoyable

Mary Koenig

Staff is friendly and helpful, and will answer any questions. Great seats and great sound

Justin Nelson

Is it the best cinema I have been to? Not even close. Best in the area?- absolutely. I would show-up early if you want snacks, I was shocked to see a super long line for the snacks when I last went to a movie- saw a lot of people end-up getting to the movie late (and then not have a seat since it was full).

Cullen Mclemore

Good movie theater not expensive tickets and great combo offers

Jennie Wolfe

One of the best theaters around. Very comfortable seats with high backs that recline slightly, cup holders, perfectly stacked stadium seating.

Melanie Schaeffer

It has prices that make it affordable to see the movie and get snacks as well.

Chris Martel

Not bad for a remote, small town.

Chris Francis

Nice size theater, comfortable seats, good popcorn.

Vickey Star

I am a regular movie-goer. I keep up on the new movies both adult orientated n family orientated. I will keep track of times and often go directly from work. Most often buy popcorn or some of the deals on on-the-go-meals. The facility is close to other eateries so it's convenient.

Ron Reger

The Mule was an excellent movie. Had to wait 30 minutes past show time due to some difficulties with no extended accommodations (popcorn, a drink or a movie pass).

kevin donovan

Great seats and decent refreshment selection and price

Justin Anderson

Great prices. The audio quality is amazing. Show room was very clean.

Christine R. Eakin

Love the comfy chairs and cup holders, always clean and neat

comegetsome eatingguts

Great place to watch movies. Try the Zebra Corn. It's amazing!

benji mask

Clean nice seats, decent prices

Dakota Gillette

Best movie theater in the area. Worth the drive over from La Grande.

Ryan Quantz

It's a good place, there is a childcare facility on site for the whole casino. My son loves it, perfect for date night.

Brandon Krenzler

What an awesome theater. Fair prices all around, comfortable seating, always a family friendly screening, awesome popcorn portions-

Bobbiejo Greenough

Lovely theater style and easy to navigate


Great Cinema! :D awesome staff

Paul Cooper

Nice theater and friendly staff. Clean and spacious.

Tahnya Blackhorse

Great price.

Angie Wanner

Very nice theater!


The Wildhorse Cineplex has multiple theater's(I believe six). They show varied movies from new releases to old favorites and sometimes classics. They have 3D compatibility depending on the movie. Something unique to this Cineplex is their gaming arcade located just before their lobby. Also, the fact that it is connected to the Wildhorse Resort & Casino means it has convenient access to it multitude of restaurants around the Resort as well as direct access to their Hotel. It's location is also only seven miles from Pendleton which makes traveling to town for anything fast and easy.

Sierra Tally

Best in town

Linnet Preston

Very nice Cineplex. Comfy chairs and clean.

Scott Newell

Well mintained theatre first run movies

Felipe Pagan

One of the most friendly theatre's I've been 2

bobby samuels

Good prices and very clean

Tim Rogers

Not bad... saw a movie in one of the little theaters and price were excellent.

Lucky Strike Sara

Fantastic fun for the whole family.

David Morris

Great service


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