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REVIEWS OF Tower Theatre IN Oregon

Brecht Palombo

Comfortable fun local theater

Kerem Cantekin

Second best movie theater in Utah, only to the Breweries. The atmosphere is wonderful. In case you can watch here a horror movie.

Kina Allen

Historic movie theater that is now a wonderful venue for arts and public speakers.

Steph Lippert

The tower is always a great place to catch a show!

Lucas Fowler

The midnight showing of Rocky Horror, fantastic cast, great audience!

Linda Bernini

The science fiction movie we went to see was very interesting. We would have enjoyed it more if the sound would have been better. I think it was the movie sound track track rather than the theater sound system because the sound on the movie previews was good. It is very nice to have this theater for viewing independent films. It was cool in the theater, comfortable and not crowded. We had an enjoyable time.

Maureen Hartman

First class


Charmin and quaint location. Sound was crisp and since it's a relatively small theater, there really isn't a bad seat. Overall it's an awesome place. The only thing I don't like is their bar/food area. It seems the selection is small.

Stacey Eliason

Great venue downtown Bend. Small enough there is not a bad seat. Street parking right in front and restaurants nearby.

James Schnitz

Seats need upgrading badly and the screen is small. Concessions are an enticement to dining before the show, and I suggest using the toilet facilities at whatever restaurant you select prior to arrival But the point is the films, including the extensive DVD library. So not your upscale movie palace experience, but a great SLC institution. Don't change a thing!

Kelly Hannah

This theatre is a true gem and deserves your patronage and support! I've been going to the Tower Theatre since film school and I am so grateful for this classic theatre. How awesome it was to watch "The Disaster Artist" from a comfortable old school theatre seat in an historic building, feet planted on the hardwood floor... A more valuable and rich experience than any "luxury lounger" can offer I would say. After the show I browsed the rentals and rented a copy of "Lenny" starring Dustin Hoffman, directed by Bob Fosse (WoW) and was reminded what a nice resource the Tower's movie rentals are, access to so many great films, not just those that make the biggest box office dollar! :) Note to self: See more movies at the Tower Theatre.

Noah Schmitz

Nice little theater. Had a showing of Groundhog Day which was cool

PS Two

The Tower is a great venue! It is intimate without being tiny and cramped, and there are really no bad seats. Acoustics and lighting effects are top notch. Production values are high and the stage crews rarely, if ever, make any mistakes you would notice. Concessions are great, and it's nice to take a good beer right to your seat and settle in for a fun event!

Rob Melton

The Tower is Bend's hub for culture, connections, and artistic experiences. It is “Bend’s Living Room.” A fun, intimate little theater, we enjoyed the one of the live concert performances by Bumper Jacksons while we were in Bend.

Jerry Nelson

Went to the coffee shop there by cahoots, they were very nice and the frozen chai tea was awesome!

Jerry Straley

Just great ! Restored but still has some of the old touches. Example: The men's room floor was flooded. .... Just as it always has been! Ah! The good ol' days are still here!

Wendy Tully


Claudia Duran

Great screening of Hail Satan. The ushers were super friendly.

Chris Dwight

Old vintage look and feel neighborhood movie theatre. They play a very good sample of indie, art-house flicks that give you something meaningful to talk about at the coffee shop next door after the movie.

jason cole

I always have an amazing time at the shows i see at the tower theater

Hayley Hadfield

The chairs are comfier than they look. This is the best theater around.

Jack Handy

Went to the Pink Floyd Laser Light show at the Tower Theatre. It is a small venue, the seats were really small, and it was uncomfortable to be sitting in the seat for more than half an hour. The show started with someone (Chairman Possibly) wanting to take a photo of the audience, then wanted the audience to wave, then they asked everyone to stand up and do a left handed fascist like salute. I just came for the show and didn't really want my picture taken, nor wanted to participate in a photo. I was also taken back by the prices for the concession and the elderly slave labor they labeled as 'volunteers'. Seems like a good racket to have all employees free of charge. Would I go back to the Tower Theatre? Probally not. Didn't appreciate the photo session, seating was terrible, and it just seemed like a nonprofit for the profit of a person. Sound was good though!

Fadwa Najamy

Beautiful theater. Saw Keb Mo sound was good, lighting good. Just big enough for a more intimate show.

Jessica Rawlins

Makes me feel like I did when I was a kid going to the movies.

Nick McCallion

Want to get a season pass for my company please contact me @trade show ready in Bend

Joseph Mintz

You can purchase the tickets in advance and cut all the lines. Way better then the regal in my home town. Of course it's imax so I guess it's supposed to be. Didn't get a look at the food or drink prices (stay tuned). 5/5 for just the speed. Was supper impressed.

Monee Gagliardo

Always something fun here my go to place for entertainment

Debra Bray

The Tower Theater is Bend's number one destination for a evening to enjoy a variety of entertainment. No matter what you like (plays, well known musicians, Bend's Independent Movie week and on and on) you will find it there in a comfortable setting sometime during the year. Great variety and diverse entertainment. In the heart of downtown Bend. Lots of restaurants around to make it a perfect date night or just a gathering for the girls! It's an amazing venue that i'm proud is in our area to enjoy!! Look online for upcoming events!! You won't regret it! Promise!

Julia Binns

An historic theater in a really cute area of Salt Lake. They show a lot of independent films, films for the Sundance Film Festival, and also do fun events like the interactive Rocky Horror during Halloween (which you need to go to if you haven't)

Angela Renzi

Awesome small town theater!

Lucy H.

The cutest theater in town :D cheap tickets for great movies and also an awesome rentable collection of DVD's. Check it out!

Tom Watson

Todd Haaby concert

Aubree M

Very fun time and friendly staff!


Old school indie movie theater with retro decor and DVD rentals.

Jace Browning-Schwartz

The shows I go to are pretty interesting and I like the communities creativity.


This place is old fashioned theater with a cool vibe vintage vibe. We went to go watch the 2019 Oscar nominated animated shorts and I was all kinds of emotions. The candy is very good there and the have a video rental area, too! I would come again to see some more unique shows :D

Brantson Yeaman

cashiers are nice. the theaters itself has seats that arent uncomfortable but arent exceedingly comfortable either. the sound is often a bit loud and the acoustics have a little too much reverb, but thats expected from an old play stage. but they have movies that they dont show at the megaplex, new and old. and that is certainly for the better.

Elisa Price

The Tower has been a go to for my family for ski, bike and outdoor films. The kids love it and the price is reasonable, especially when the whole experience is considered. Tickets to a show also make great gifts for my parents who buy whatever they need.

Hsu Zephyr



Great spot in bend for family fun

Justin Wellman

Bends best community menu

Debbie Deutschman

You cant have a bad seat in the house! Great place to see shows!

Larry Wright

One of the treasures of the Bend performing arts community. The building was restored beyond its original grandeur in the early 2000's and has been a D.T. Bend icon ever since. Catch a show, it's the perfect ending to a night on the town.

Megan Monk

A great environment to watch classic movies. Reasonably priced

Laura Ruiz

I attended Sundance and another showing for a Sailor Moon Play, it was very fun, staff is very courteous and helpful always.

KC Fralick

This theatre is one of the most wonderful places in Salt Lake City. If you are looking to have a unique movie going experience this is the right place. Their Summer Late Night series is particularly fun. Sitting in this historic theatre watching an old horror movie is as good as movies get.

Jimmie Smart

Not enough bathrooms but otherwise a great venue.

Tai Travis

Beautiful theater, friendly staff, nice wine and beer selection too!

Aurelio Rodriguez

Great theater that shows many independent films as well as those that don't make it to the major theaters. Concessions are limited and it is definitely a smaller place than Broadway. It was a little cold inside and the seats are not as comfortable as Broadway either. However, it's a great place to catch a movie!

Jasmine Haskie

The movie selection there to rent, is amazing

Joseph Montague

Great art house theater that truly cares about art in our community.

Sala Tumanuvao

So little and quaint. I love coming here. The films are Great. The staff is kind. I always have a good experience.

Dawn Medearis


I saw Jesse Cook in concert at the Tower. Great little theater!

M&W Ellis

Nutcracker ballet thanksgiving weekend

Chris Hymas

Staff is super friendly. They show wonderful movies. Fun place to go with friends. Great location. You can rent movies here. Wide assortment with great organization. Definitely recommend to everyone.

Ann Steinmetz Harris

Great "Joni Mitchell" concert by Merideth Jaye Clark!

Sharon Foster

I learned more about how Native Americans have influenced everything from the beat of Rock & Roll, Blues, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra in RUMBLE thanks to the Tower for bringing me an education in music I thought I knew. Where else are you going to get this stuff?!

Tammy Altimus

Had a wonderful time!

Teresja Nelson

Tower Theatre is one of those old-school theaters with a stage at the front. The first thing I thought of when I walked in was how great it would be for a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening (which they do). It's almost 100 years old and is in great shape, but you have to remember that it is an old building and might require a little love from the patrons (like tricky plumbing in the bathroom). I love that the Salt Lake Film Society has preserved this little gem of a theater. And the lobby is lined with shelves and shelves of DVD's to rent. I didn't have time to browse them, but I'm guessing they are the movies they have shown over the years (like Indy films, other art films and documentaries that can be difficult to find).

warren vinyard

It is an awesome place. Yes, there is a lot of hipsters there, but dont let that stop you from going. They always show the most interesting movies.

Alec Mittelstadt

a strange and unique experience

James Quattlebaum

Great venue

Tom Mountz

Great music venue

aaron dembe

A quaintly dated neighborhood theater showing one movie at a time. So quaint in fact, the AC sucks and the seats are lilliputian. But these discomforts seem only to add to the charm.

Tyler Sustare

Great Venue for a wedding

Cassie Garcia

Good show

John Calhoon

Beautiful structure with all the amenities Central Oregon loves.

Kasey Corbridge

Amazing intimate experience. Went and saw The Mads from MST3K here and had an absolute blast.

Richard Ross

The Gem in the heart of Bend. It was saved as a historical site and is now our cultural center

Kristin Holton

Plenty of talent running this venue! Lots of amazing shows and music. We are lucky to have The Tower in our town of Bend.

Juli Hamdan

Intimate, beautifully restored and always something for everyone there

Jesse Stills

Saw Reckless Kelly here and I loved everything about it. The venue was clean and orderly and the staff was very polite. Got a little over-crowded but that's because Reckless Kelly is amazing. Great experience! Thanks Tower Theater staff & RK!

Ted Elliott

Great place. Love Rocky Horror Picture Show. Needs a few more amenities and more space, but otherwise great place.

Spencer Sim

Great indie/art films

Emily Hase

The Tower is one of my favorite places in SLC. My husband and I see lots of movies here, and they are always different and interesting. If a movie has moved from the Broadway to the Tower, make sure to see it quick because that means they are phasing it out!

Tanya Colson

For such a small local theater it is amazing. Great shows!

Anibal Rolon

Love shows. Saw west side story.

Jessica M

Fantastic production of Mama Mia!

Rachel Shelton

Love this place, I hope they keep it forever. Gives an authentic feeling for the arts. There's a balcony and the room just feels great. Concessions sell beer and cider along with snacks. Of all the theaters in town, this is my favorite.

Denise Bates

Great sound good music, and snow on the way home. A great time.

Abram Weinberg

Great theater with friendly staff

Callan Towse

ALWAYS a good time.

Joe Hanlon

This place is great. The seats are comfortable and the staff are really nice

Kees Shadley

We've been to three shows in the past two weeks, the prices have been reasonable, the seating comfortable, and the view from the balcony was great! Both the front and back rows of the balcony were very comfortable, with plenty of leg room, for someone 6'3", and the view from either spot was perfectly acceptable. I don't think that there really is a bad seat in the house.


Sweet little theater where every seat is a good one.

Twist Cocktail Catering Co.

The Tower is a Bend icon that has made incredible strides since it first reopened it's doors more than a decade ago. We have been fortunate to have seen the growth over the years and cannot say enough about the Tower. The Theatre itself is beautiful, the staff a crew of professionals that are committed to excellence, and the programming is very impressive for our small town. Pick your favorite performance and GO! Not a Bend experience to be missed.

Regan Duckworth

Hadn’t been here in years. Not much has changed, in a good way. Enjoyed seeing a screening of Halloween. Nice shot of nostalgia.

Chris Clemow

Always a great venue.

Max Zoellner

Good times great staff.

Chris Vaughn

Nice historic theater that has been refurbished. Used for various entertainment functions, musical events, movies, comedy shows and plays.

Jen Simon

Only gone there once last night, but will definitely be looking for future shows there. What a great venue.

Chris Kiefer

I have attended multiple events at the Tower. Great venue in Bend

Tim Derry

Great local theatre for events.

Cory Neilson

The best place in SLC to be at midnight on Halloween.

debbie irwin

Late Night Catechism was hilarious!

Jane Quinn

Not one to be super critical and I've always enjoyed old restored theaters like this, but there is one big problem. They have NO backup manual system for their automated ticket sales at the box office. Been trying for THREE days to get tickets for Sherpa Cinemas "Into the Mind" ski movie premier at the box office for $13 dollars (because it's $16 online) and their system has been down. Nothing manual in place. This is pretty ridiculous. The ladies with whom I've spoken have been really pleasant, but all they could say was, "Keep checking back, and check the online system as well" (which also was not working from what I gathered). I broke down this morning and paid the $16 for an online ticket, but I'm still annoyed.

Christine Meeker

Nice remodel

Michael Patch

Charming little theater with less common films. I totally dig it.

Doug Holt

Love this small theater. The speakers will blow you out if you're in the first few rows, but other than that this is a great small town theater and worth a visit for a live show.


The place to go for skiing and cycling films.

Saundy Brown

Theater performance. Fun evening. Wine, beer, tea, cider & soft drinks available.

Naresh Kumar

Great place to see independent films and screenings of old movies. Support the local film scene here!

Jenny Starley

This is a local favorite theater. They always have great showings and a really good snack bar. It has older seating which adds to its charm.

Dorothy Freudenberg

We are so fortunate to have this restored landmark showcasing special events of all kinds. I just watched three world-class pianists preform here. On the same stage!! How marvellous is that! Huge cultural contribution to our community.

Robert Fletcher

A great Salt Lake landmark. They tend to show more independent films, and even screen some stuff during Sundance. Often they'll have events where they show classics, sometimes even shadow cast performances. There's also a great selection of DVDs that you can rent (one of the last places you can do that anywhere), where they carry and recommend a wide range of movies you may not have heard of, or are hard to find.

Luis Gabriel Gerena

Watch the The Mads are back show! Nice cozy theater.

Rachel P

Fun indie movie theater. They have a very diverse movie rental selection in the front. Great for finding the rare and unusual, but also has some mainstream movies as well.

colton Naffziger

Awesome atmosphere, great service, won't find the same movies or the same feel from a chain movie theatre, and it's in 9th an 9th so there's plenty of coffee and food to choose from before or after the movie.

linna oleksiewicz

Well kept and knowledgeable and super friendly staff! Treat you like family and as guests. Great variety of shows and we always have a blast! Drinks can be a little pricey but that's the same as a movie theater too so its acceptable

sean mcclellan

Great place, historical building, very nice. Lacks alcohol an food choices.

Zakery Curtis

Very, very, very cool experience! On top of the amazing shows they play, the theater itself offers a very cool and unique atmosphere. Probably the coolest theater in SLC. Would definitely recommend. The only issue I've ever had here is one time the guy working at the front counter was a little uninviting and blunt. But other than that every time I've gone I've enjoyed it.

John Aylward

Beautiful theater

Matthew Hammond

While the location itself is dated, it is an icon of the area. The video store in the front is well stocked with hidden gems. The staff is generally very passionate about film and always give great recommendations. During October they host all of the best classic horror films, capping it off with Halloween screenings of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Gena Zerbin

Pleasantly surprised at easy parking and access.

Cameron Ferguson

Slice of Bend history.


Great show

Ryan Brownson

Great place. Expensive refreshments and popcorn.

Randy Moss

Great venue for an event.

Jeff Lake

Awesome retro meets small video store business. Do a lot of cult movies and old newer movie showings and events. Enjoyed my visit here to see a flic with friends and there’s plenty of great places to eat near by. :)

Tomi Schofield

Great theater that features great films. A gem of salt lake !

Shakes Speir

Great place, and the staff were extremely tolerant of myself and the other patrons at the Pink Floyd Laser Light Show

Richard Bates

Wonderful show

Jaiegh Huutch

Very few other places offer a piece of film and art culture that The Tower has held onto and hosted for decades now. Go catch an old film there. I saw Gremlins there one Christmas!

Ray Boone

The Tower Theater is a Bend icon. Downtown wouldn't be the same without it. If you haven't been to an event here, you are truly missing out.

Julián Askov

Great theater with a real love for film!

Ericka MacPherson

Always an unforgettable experience.

James Seely

This theater and the Broadway are the only two theaters where I will buy soda and popcorn. Support your local theaters! I love this old fashioned theater. Not only do they show quality films you often can't see elsewhere, but the staff is wonderful and the video selection to rent is vast. This place has so much history! It is the only theater in Utah still operating (that I know of anyway), that still has the lower seating and upper sitting that existing in the days of segregation before the 1960's civil rights movement. My mom remembers when blacks were forced to sit in the upper seats. So sad, but a good reminder of what can happen when we let injustice and inequality into society. Go see a movie there!

Scot W. Brees

Love the old movie house feel and the events they host.

Kaitlyn Terry

I recently discovered the tower through a friend and I love it. They show classic movies and new indie films. There is also an area to rent/purchase movies which has a huge selection.

Barbara Brenneman

Saw Midnight Catacism at the Tower Theater, it was very good.

Eduardo Ortiz

Went hear for sundance. The theatre had an old school vibe and was pretty cool. I would definitely watch anothee screening here!

Autumn Awbrey

It is a beautiful theatre and when on stage performing you can easily see the whole audience, making it very interactive. The only thing that was hard was some last minute details were not put in place by the stage and sound crew, so in general just make sure there is good communication on both sides.

Sami Fournier

The MUSE event needs more lighting and technical production management, there were some technical glitches yesterday. This is not my opinion - it came from some people who design and execute Microsoft events, so I know the production value of a huge event like MUSE could be improved. But nothing takes away from the joy of a whole day of sitting on my butt in one of the amazingly comfy Tower theater seats. I'm serious, I made it the whole day.

Trent Fordham

Not very comfortable seats, and in this day and age, no stadium seating, but what do you expect? Great movie, which is probably more important.

Michael Kane

(Translated by Google) Mama Mia !!!! (Original) Mama Mia!!!!

Demyx Camo

great venue and great staff if you want a real genuine cinema experience

attaya joseph

Good place to see movies

Jim Coyle

Love the Tower, amazing artists in a beautiful venue with incredible sound. Ticket prices are very reasonable. Check them out online for list of upcoming artists.

Ken Layton

Saw Peanuts musical. Wonderfully done, seating was a little cramped. Overall great theater.

Jim Hollander

Awesome little place. Beautiful and very well maintained. Great acoustics.

Shay Kent

Small, intimate theater downtown. Fun for dinner and date night. Get downtown early since parking can be horrible.


Cool, little theater that shows movies you can't catch at big time theaters.

Josh Green

Great spot for theatre or your company meeting.

sid chichester

Saw Curtis Salgado there, only thing i didn't like was the intermission.

Jem Ashton

A cute local theater dedicated to keeping independent film alive.

Will Bollwerk

Great theatre with a locals vibe. A plethora of movies for rent as well

James Mietchen

I viewed the Oscar nominated short films and the Oscar nominated short animated films there. This theater screens films that are seldom shown elsewhere in Salt Lake County. Many are quality independent films.


Great venue for concert's.

Jeffrey Thompson

Absolutely lovely evening enjoying the Bend film Festival. The Tower Theater is so beautiful with amazing acoustics. The bathrooms are emaculant and the conseaires are the best,helpfull and friendly. Can't wait until the next event.

Chaz Evans

This place is aesthetically great - especially if you are going to a screening for a film that has a cult following or is super campy. I saw Mandy and The House that Jack Built on their "opening" nights here and it was packed. The more audience that is here, the better and more enjoyable the experience will be.

Stephanie Stork

Old theater but a good one! Went to their Rocky Horror Picture Show and LOVED it! The experience was one I'm planning to make an annual tradition.

Jilian Tester

Great old theater. A Utah resident bucket list...

Ann Hollenberg

Great old theatre with beautiful interior, has some great shows

Glenn Ricart

An older classic theatre. Balcony is pretty far from the screen. One of the Sundance movie venues.

Jim Wallace

Excellent concert. Winter Soltice group was top notch as was their sound quality in the theater. Great evening.


A magical night full of laughter and memories for a lifetime

M Parry

Fun eclectic theater with great movies you can’t see anywhere else. Love watching Rocky Horror Picture Show there!

Annika Alexander


Wade Coatney

Lots of cool shows and events

Jonathon Collins

Fun atmosphere of indie culture, good place to spend a night

Shane LoGreco

This place is special! You will notice the moment you walk in. Not many frills but just plain old school - small town - Love.

Sarah Mahaffey

Amazing evening seeing Todd Haaby. We have enjoyed many years of entertainment in the beautiful historic Tower Theater.

pat wilson

We have enjoyed several of the presentations at Tower Theater. They are great at supporting local events and actors. It is nice to see entertainment that you don’t normally find in Central Oregon. They have done a great job preserving history at the Tower Theatre.

Silver Rose

First time visiting after being here for 6 years. Went for the John Brickman performance with my daughter. Her and I had a blast. Would love, love, love, going back again!

Ryan Moeggenberg

Always looking for shows at the Tower.

Mathew Kortuem

Small theatre, but worth it for special events and other movies

Sanni Klotzköpfige

Great independent movies.

Victoria Yerkes

Such a fun place to see a show. They have productions of Hedwig and Rocky Horror that are fantastic.

Simeon Purkey

Historic venue. An organization advocating for Arts and Culture in Central Oregon.

Taylor Jacobsen

Such a great place to watch a film! I love this historic landmark and all that it has to offer. Quite possibly SLFS's best movie-viewing location. You can rent movies from here or watch something not yet on DVD - new films. Or you can see one of their special showings for Summer Late Nights, the odd rock Opera, Sundance competitors, indie films that don't make it to bug names like Megaplex or Cinemark, and everything in between.

Tari Bradley

Saw Todd Haaby Concert and loved the whole experience. Staff

Cole Cox

First experience was in the Sundance waitlist line, but it was still incredible and awesome.

Kealoha Lomu

I love this theatre! I have been coming here for the past 3 years now. I love the film selection they provide, including many independent movies that don't appear in other theatres. Also the rocky horror picture show they put on each year at Halloween is the funnest event of the season!

Corey X

great place !

Leslie James

Michael Rainey

Great performance by Lee Rocker.

Brad Salus

Great spot for indie films and a massive selection of movies to pick from in the store.

Torsten Stoll

Beautiful venue and great staff keeping it alive

Carole Harrison

I can't recommend this place enough! I love the Tower Theatre it brings me back to the good days of Bend when I was growing up. Everyone should see a show here instead of seeing a regular old movie at the Old Mill. The staff is great and the shows are always superb. Keep theatre alive!!!

Suzanne Hubbard Gerken

Best movies, fun atmosphere placed in the idyllic 9th and 9th Neighborhood setting. The Tower offers a broad range of 'B' movies, cult classics as well as just classics which can rarely be found inside an Art Deco Cinema setting. Visit one of Salt Lake City's Highlights and don't miss an opportunity to see a movie at Tower Theatre.

Lynda Hromek

Had the best time

Scott Smith

Great little theater, staff, and location! Plays great independent films. Rents stuff too. And, hosts Sundance Film Fest movies.

Cody Gearheart

Classic, cozy, and awesome. Quite possibly my favorite hangout spot in SLC.

Becky Knight

went bonkers in yonkers during tech

Michael Krellner

Kinda like a dive bar with movies instead of booze.

Jack Fassett

Small, but great staff and spirit

Jacob Weston

Would not hesitate to see a show here again.

Jonathan Boothe

Awesome place. Really neat atmosphere and the show we watched was epic!

Cooka nakadate

Jamie Vallejos

Reminds me of theaters when I was little

James Howard

Great place to see a Sundance movie!

Cheryl Beam

Loved the Wild & Scenic Film Festival tonight. Very inspiring stories from around the world!

Danniel Butler

Great crew! Very organized! Helped our groups feel very welcome! Great sound!

Rosie Fredrickson

The band was great! The are the best Beatles band i have heard. We had really good seats and I love the ombiance of the theatre. The only disappointment was the tirn out was low and so the concert feeling was muted.

Capri Bailey

Eclectic place with nostalgia and memories. Pick a favorite oldie flick or venture into a new indie film, you'll love the experience!

Channing Lowe

The Tower has been there for many years. I still enjoy their aging, but intimate theater.

Gavin Lewis

A movie here is definitely an experience. Cool place

Scott Wilcox

I've been the several times for private parties. Nice venue

Joshua Dunn

It's an older theater but that's part of its charm. Really nice employees and they show great movies.

Larry Draper

Wow, what an Icon and a great experience to finally go back in there. Last time I was a child seeing a movie.

Trevor Crafard

amazing venue

Kathleen Tabakman

Because it's Hometown Theater.

Wes Estvold

Excellent experience!

JeiCee Mendez

Rocky horror experience was awesome! Loved Susan and all the props.

Kendra DiAngelo

A great piece of Bend history. The theatre has been restored beautifully, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every production that I've seen here. They have basic snacks available, as well as an assortment of beer and wine, and the staff has always been friendly and helpful. They produce a wide variety of shows, so there's usually something for everyone. Worth every penny.

Randy Church

Classic theatre venue done right propper!

Tom Kemp

The historic tower theater is the go-to place in bend for arts and entertainment.

Tammy Santos


Greg Cannell

Wonderful venue. The reason for 3 stars is the open seating for the films I have attended. Its worrisome if I can find an empty seat or heaven forbid you had multiple people.

Paul Walton

Great little theater for independent films.


Cool historical building!

Sandy Knorr

We went to the Christmas show last night and it was Wonderful!!! Very family friendly the singers and the band were amazing...we have decided to make it a new family tradition to go every year!

Elyse Douglas

Another great show tonight..Bettye Lavette! The Tower Theater is such a treasure.

Mary Brunelle

Love this place! :) I was able to attend "Heros on Deck" and "Cats" I had the best of times at both :) <3 <3...was going to join...but now I have to move out of OR...Thanks so much...I won't forget you all! Parting is such sweet sorrow...<3

Belladonna High

Love the shadow cast performances!

Eric Andrews

What a gorgeous venue for concerts and events in Bend Oregon. Beautifully restored and continues to be very well maintained, has a superb staff and bunch of volunteers... always a classy experience.

David Shapiro

My family enjoys the Tower Theater for many of our entertainment needs. From musicals to rock or classical concerts, and everything in between, we always find the tower to bring top-notch entertainment in a very comfortable and friendly venue. We are so lucky to have this jewel in Bend, and I am happy to support what it brings to our community.

Laura Nelson

I like that they play old movies on a big screen and it has an old style theater feel to only issue is that i wish the seats were a bit more comfortable

Kyle Adams

A great hipster place to see the occasional alternative movie. Great for dates!

Nashlah Boyayan

We need more places like this in town, where open-minded people come together to appreciate art, and have a good time.

Tad Scharpf

Great local venue for special productions and films.

michael landro

The staff is passionate and knowledgeable about film. It turns out that there's other movies outside America that are beautiful to watch. Their movies are quite a bargain as well. You could watch movies nowhere else.

Alison Cavanaugh

Saw Marc Cohn and the Blind Boys of Alabama last night. Great show, sound was good. Sat in the front row, but got in trouble for taking video which seemed silly.

Kristen Wales

I was so thrilled to learn my favorite artist playing locally in downtown Portland. Without hesitation bought nine ( a $ 500 investment ) tickets. I didn't think twice about the venue called Tower Theater. Having been to so many Portland venues just figured this was another quaint theater. Tickets arrived promptly. One on my friends asked if I realize the Tower Theater is in Bend. Huh ? A 3 hour drive on a work night. That's not going to happen. I thought Tower Theater was downtown Portland. No way my friends and I could make a 3 hour drive on a work night. Spoke to Sue at the Tower Theater box office. Sue was terrific. Listened to and understood my innocent mistake. Refunded my entire purchase. I will totally recommend Tower Theater to a friend. Great customer service even when I was the 100% bumble. That's customer service. That's Tower Theater.

Sarah Butler

My first visit to the Tower Theatre and I loved it. Not a bad seat in the house and the sound was great.


Beautiful theater! Great sound! Great time!

Billy Joe

Love this town easy load in

Jeff Norris

It's a dive. Still cool. Not taken care up with warped floor, we can stick to the floor from all the soda spilled. It's too bad how much money slfs needs to help this piece of history still stand. Humans needs to clean up after themselves.

Jonathan King

BEST DVD rental of INDEPENDENT FILM. Great staff and amazing film. ROCKY HORROR every OCTOBER!

Jamison Smith

Been a long time since I have been here and nothing much has changed. Still kind of a cool place.

Cindy Brumfield

Nice historical place.Great sound

Spencer Miller

A great place for independent films. Also offers a great selection of classic movies for rent. Watch for special events showing classic movies.

Nanette Davis

Saw Rocky Horrow Picture Show at Midnight. The theater contributed to the culty atmosphere. Old neighborhood theater that I love!

ReviewReview: Geek Chic Critique

Vintage theatre, great staff, huge video rental collection

Key Nuh

Top notch. Every seat has a great view

Jim Beeger

Very disappointing

Wayne Strutz


Shawn Curtis

Great intimate space. Light from the lobby pollutes the theater if the door is opened during showing

Amanda Prows

Very hot when packed but it's old so I get it. Was fun to see a Sundance film here!

Roman Kolesnikov

This place rocks. A gem in the middle of downtown Bend. We saw Swinging with the Stars and loved it. What an experience and a fun avenue in Bend. It truly is one of a kind place.

Allen Schoepflin

I think the Tower Theature is a gear place to go. I go there for the sprout film festival which is great

K Lewis-Kooring

Great old theater. One of the last art house theaters around showing movies not available anywhere else. Rentals have hard to find movies and large selection of foreign films. Seats are not the most comfortable but the Tower will always make up for it in cinema and nostalgia. Really knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Eric Hielema

Wonderful shows in a good old fashioned first class theater

Lauren P

Great old timey movie theater (yes, "timey" is a word; I just made it up!). Lots of character. In a great neighborhood with a local vibe.

Suzanne Wheeler

Great old theatre.

Joseph Buchman

Fun classic art house theater. Seats are cramped but with it.

Ms. L

Great place to see some very talented groups! Comfy seats & a real treat!

Bethany Sagsveen

Love old these theatres! Plus beer and wine, I'd attend about any event here.

Eyerí Cruz Otero

I love it. Is a little theatre. The city around is beautiful. And the movies are diferents.

Darren Smith

Great venue for all types of different events!

Kerry Brock

Great local theater and perfect for the Bend vibe. Nothing dramatic just plain local and real.

Sarah Lindenthal

My first time there, was to hear Todd Haaby and his band perform! There is great acoustic in this theatre. I love how it is small, too. It's a great downtown area. There's so many restaurants and bars to choose from too! This style of a theatre is old-fashioned and I love the mezzanine area! If you haven't attended a concert here, do it soon!

Sheri Bandy

Great seats and the friendliest staff! Good to children. Thank you!

Nathan Bohman

If you live shadow casting, you'll love this place. It's old, run down, and not the most glamorous but you don't go for the place, the people doing the shadow casting really get into the shows and put on a wonderful performance. If you're able, I'd go see Repo, Rocky, or Hedwig as they're all wonderful!

Lisa Stutzman

The Tower Theatre is a wonderful venue with an outstanding mix of entertainment options!

Kelly Jo Horton

Saw Storm Large here. Not a bad seat in the place.

Jack Scherman

Saw the Banff film festival here and loved the venue. Everything is great. We even sat in the last row of the balcony and the view was good. Very friendly staff and a good selection beverages. The only problem is parking, since the lot is under construction

Carlos Perdomo

I love the Salt Lake Film Society and everything it does. I especially love the summer film series. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves film.

Dan Ling

What a gem great ambience, friendly staff

Sasha Bee

The Tower is a lovely historic theater. I have been going there for 25+ years. I love the lack of remodeling. Really! I think it's awesome. The place has great character and is pretty charming. It is not luxurious with reclining seats or lots of legroom. But it does offer the opportunity to see a wealth of cult, indie, arthouse, and classic films on a big screen. Now if they could just do something about the refreshments. I like my popcorn with butter, which they don't offer, and it would be nice if I could grab a hot dog or some other semi/pseudo kind of meal food while attending a Sundance film that I rushed to get into.

Benjamin Stanford

Great, weird, crazy, unique events run down here! I love coming here with a friend of mine and seeing things you can't see anywhere else. Love the old building, too.

Rachel Johnson

I love this theater because it's for people who love movies! The staff is always friendly and they don't pander to anyone other than people who appreciate cinema

Sean Goodell

This place is a fantastic spot for culture in downtown Salt Lake.

Rachel Heath

Love this place. Classiest old theater in town. Attending their Rocky Horror shadow cast is a must around Halloween. Thanks for the awesome times Tower!

Chris Nielsen

Favorite movie theater in town. Love their physical Blu Ray and DVD rental collection. Great staff.

Rob Furlow

It was a fun night and a awesome staff!!!!!!

Stephanie Richards

Awesome old school theater that shows cool movies that stays on your mind the week after. If you like foreign films, this is where you can check out their rental section. Volunteer staffs are awesome, too.

Gina Catapano

Great Holiday Show for the Family!

Don Mix

Well used Art House old single screen theater. You can find movies not playing anywhere else.

Josh Graham

Just saw the tower's production of rocky horror picture show, absolutely phenomenal! The tower is one of the best theatres in salt lake, the atmosphere and vibe are fantastic!

Latoya Robinson

Great venue.

Kelly Wachs

It's a very vintage building, artistic and the service was speedy and extremely friendly!

Steve Edwards

Delightful and classic-style downtown theatre

Taylor Phelps

AMAZING CREW, very fun theater, love smaller places where there can be a lot of audience participation. Rocky Horror in October is a must see


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