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REVIEWS OF The David Minor Theater IN Oregon

Ben Christenen

Went here to see a movie with my wife. It is a hole in the wall independent movie theater. Staff was very nice and told me the history of the building wile I was waiting for the movie to start. Over all good movie experience.

Steve Lenox

This an awsome small intimate theater. The service is top of line with order-in food available. Also they always have a great line up of movies. The best place for a night out.

Michael Demerski

I always liked the place til today

Alan Hernried

Primary front desk server/ticket vendor charged us regular price when we specifically stated and were eligible for senior discount. He seems to choose rather arbitrarily whom he will serve politely and courteously and with whom he will do the opposite.

Mitchell Hilbert

So we went in to see Star Trek.. and they went is to see Swiss Army Man without telling us. What the hell?? This is garbage! Who the hell sells ticket to the wrong movie? The excuse was "oh our website is wrong". That and your building sign! This place is has treated me well but an absolute garbage move! Disrespectful and inexcusable.

Bob Blanchard

Great little theater with movies shortly after their first run, intimate viewing rooms, food, wine, beer, and of course popcorn. Movies start on time!

Otto Broker

Soo relaxed

Charles Altree


Noah Crozier

I love it, nice relaxed atmosphere, good movies and beer. They seem like they have a decent system worked out. Only thing i noticed was that if the line for tickets gets too long it seemed like it gets all crammed up in the lil entryway

Michelle Mcnurlin

Cozy atmosphere

Dylan McNamee

A theatre, a pub, and a bike shop... Only in Eugene!

Monique Kirby

I love that you text your drink and food orders and they bring you the order during the movie!

Heather Sowers

Just a wonderful, small place to see a movie. The seats are just right and they deliver your food. Honestly, the food delivery can be pretty annoying if you're at a good part of the movie but it's very convenient.

Lumbo JackDoug

Really nice service and nice selection of food. The atmosphere is great with comfy seating, and a totally different experience with going out to watch a movie. 10/10 would definitely recommend and wil definitely be coming back.

John Tollerud

Coaches and good sound beer and wine it's best to get there early if you want to catch a drink before the show although it's also available inside along with lots of different menu items from a few restaurants around the neighborhood it's delivered while you're watching a movie as well as you can text for beer and wine and they'll bring it in while you're watching the show cool place check it out

Jim Bell

This and Broadway Metro are both a great way to escape the world and immerse yourself in a movie that probably won't have too many explosions in it.

Gary Bruner

Very quaint, very nice.

Kyle Panzarella

I thought that was really friendly good quality of movie good food good beer selection decent price

David McDonald

I went on a date with a pretty and smart girl here. its dope.

Thomas Bryan

Cheap theater, great food and drink variety!

Maggie Schropp

An incredible recommendation for the Eugene folk: ✨The David Minor theater!✨

Thomas Disco

4:40 movie... First time, had the place to ourselves. Wonderful.

Lucy Swayngim

Great seating options for recent releases and some classic films.


Nice easy quiet

Danny Maloy-Lueck

A cozy little theater

Melanie Ryan Griffin

You can text them to bring you more beers while you are watching the movie. It's amazing.

Steve W

This is a quaint little theater with friendly staff, unique snack and drink options like popcorn with nutritional yeast and hard cider. I also love the home theater feel and the price is definitely right. I visit these guys regularly.

Teak Hardwood

I took my sweety out on a date for Valentine's day and we saw a movie here. This is the best theatre in Eugene! Text for a drink!!! Awesome!

Mostafa Sobh

Nice place to hang out

Elizabeth Liberty

It was a dvd on a big television. Very small theater, serves beer and wine. Awesome lil getaway.

perry whatsa

Best Mac and cheese I've ever had. *Sorry Mom"

Bryan Rensema

A bit grubby but great service and CHEAP prices! Good modern and mainstream movie selection. The nutritional yeast popcorn is awesome too! My wife and I will definitely be back!

Andrew Tovaas

This place is really great. Cozy and intimate. I live taking my wife here on a informal date.

Boris Wiedenfeld

Giant, comfy couches, good drink selection, cozy atmosphere. A Eugene classic.

Shachar Efrati

Love this theater!

Malcolm Jenkins

The best theater in town!

Shana Deane

Best place ever to watch a film!, Good food and drink delivered to you on a comfy couch or lounge chair, small private theatre size feeling. Awesome!

steve Morse

Great place to have a drink and watch a movie

Stephen Repicky

Best movie theatre in Eugene. Only great films and the comfiest environment for viewing you could imagine. It beats my living room! Plus their food delivery system and drink selections are luxurious.

Jason Kappenman

Sweet spot.

Rick Wagner

The food was not worth the price. The venue seemed clean except when we sat down... old crumbs and debris in the seats. Cold air was blowing into theater the whole time. Not a comfortable experience. Staff was great though. High marks for them.

Michael Thorne

Couches, beer, free parking and 1/2 the price of the other movie theaters.

Sam Wallace

Just chilled on a couch and watched a movie in a cool and different atmosphere...not crowded. Cool concept.

Julia McKeough

Incredibly cozy. Wonderful staff and great food.


It's a wrap

Jen Ballenger

Its a nice quaint setting. Goodies are cheap and delivered to your seat.

Alexander Jensen

Cute little movie theater with nice little home type of setup inside. Was not happy with the food order, the food took the whole movie to get to us. We had ordered before the movie had preview started. Would definitely go back for a double date. Will not be ordering food from the movie theater again!

Ben Herman

Great beer selection. Good date night spot.

Erica Ware

Love the popcorn and atmosphere. Don't love the fact that they come in to deliver popcorn or food throughout the movie.

Sadie Ann

I love, love, love this place! Casual, fun, intimate and, most of all, not pretentious...perfect for a relaxing date night.

Chris Noble

Friendly staff. Unique experience

Adam Cain

Great, cozy space to catch a movie, have a beer and even order food. Audio was a bit loud and the screen was a tad dim for the movie we saw, but it was still a nice experience overall. Will come again.

Deanna Rivera

Can't beat watching a movie on a comfy couch with beer and food delivered.

Ryan Casey

it's like watching a movie at your friend's house of your friend charged you money to hang out

Logan Smith

Love the small, casual feel. But the owner is also a dealer of high-end audiophile-grade equipment and they really set this place up. It doesn't sound small and casual. Some people think its annoying to have the employees coming in to deliver food and drink orders (you can order by text message), but on the other hand, they deliver your food/drink orders! You just have to go in with the right attitude. The one thing that would make this place better, is a better place to hang out when not going to a movie.

Reina Gilham

Small theatre, no crowd and text a beer service with a friendly staff. I will definitely come back

Austin Prenevost

Relaxed home feel when watching movies. They also serve good foods and drinks.

Chris S

They put in a good effort to make movie going special with delivered drinks and meals and a good selection of movies.

Steve Gibbons

Funky,very comfortable seating and a great selection of local brews. The espresso stout tastes like heaven in a cup.

Anthony Kelley

Great independent theatre.

Kai Aileron

Text for beer delivered to your seat so you don't miss a thing :)

Mike Grudzien

Food, fun and movies!

Deborah Gallardo

Just a wonderful relaxing with a friend.

Mark m

Good little theater. Had a good time. Its smaller but they serve beer and food and its cheap.

Jeff Fleming

Small and cozy. Come for the food and drink that you can order from within the theatre. Don't come for picture or sound quality.

Jaycie Miller

KThey have an interesting selection of movies, have kombucha on tap, and cater some really delicious food from 2 local businesses. You can also purchase beer and popcorn with optional nutritional yeast, or candy and soda pop, if that's your movie preference, and they bring your order to your seat in the theater when it is ready so you can enjoy the show. If you're in the middle of a movie and you find the bottom of your brew, you can text for a refill. Now that's service! Other than a little bit of spilled popcorn, the theater has always been pretty clean, too. The staff has always been very pleasant and helpful. We brought in a blanket last time because the theaters can get a little chilly when the air is on and no one said anything about it, which I really appreciated. Tuesdays and Sundays are discounted days which is perfect for date night on a budget! Highly recommended!

Kathleen Hogan

I love this theater because its small, cozy, comfortable, unusual, serves you food in your seat, has couches and recliners, shows movies that the small crowds can participate in, is run by friendly people, and has a memorial to David Minor who sounds like he was a great guy who died very young (see his bike memorial by 13th and Willamette). Try it out!

Sean G. Kenna

Small and sound system needs improvement, but a fun experience for second run films and classics (including cult classics- The Big Lebowski)

Theodore Carter

Very cozy. Nice that you can order food during the movie. Seems like they choose which screen to use for each movie at the last minute, which is a little disorienting.

Cody Randleman

It was fun

krisf f

Nice atmosphere.


Fun we had dinner delivered a good family hangout.

Albert Scott

Great place to see a movie and have a beer

Ginger Gerdes

It's going to be a new experience for a movie theater. Don't expect like the bijou movie theaters or reclining chairs. This is straight up hodge podge of random furniture from modern, sleek leather chairs to my great aunt Sandra's sunken flower couch. Some rooms seem more standard chairs but when you walk in you never know what you're going to get. It's fun and clean and you can even order food. Old movies here are the best!

George Krichbaum

Movie (Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Was great. Being a child in that era, really opened my eyes to what He was teaching us. Far beyond what we were consciously grasping as children. Hard time understanding the use of cup sizes for alcoholic beverages. Got a 20oz beer, they opened 2 - 12oz cans leaving them with 4oz of waste. Even if someone else wanted, say a 20oz beer they would need to open 2 more cans to accomplish this. Seems like 12oz & 24oz Cups would solve this problem.

Marie Wilson

Have always loved this place...the guys that work up front are awesome and it's a perfect date place. Just sit back and enjoy

David Couch

I like this place great place to see movie


Great venue food in house and beer and wine get there early and grab the couch for the show

anna g

fun place. definitely better than a TV dinner.

Will Schultz

Great movie experience. The prices are cheap and the seats comfortable. I don't want to go to a normal theater again if I can help it. They have beer to buy and you can get food from restaurants that are nearby.

Jeff Grant

Best theater in all if lane county

David Haggard

Cheap, good food and great date place. Wait to see a movie and let it get to this theater so that you can have the dinner and a movie experience for a cheap price.

Mark Beach

Oh this place is just so cool!

Carmella Ireland

My husband and I received a wonderful gift groupon for David Minor Theater. We had the best time. What an awesome place where you can "Kick it" as if you were in your living room, the sound quality was amazing and the staff is extremely friendly and great. It was wonderful to discover this friendly gathering place for entertainment. You can have food delivered and there are plenty of different beverages available. I have one of my "favorite little places" here in Eugene....

Evan Engelstad

Love this place!

Robert Clarke

Very quaint, no over crowded, host was extremely pleasant, and we plan on visiting the theater again several times.

Willy Gibboney

Cozy little theater with yummy catered food and drink. Couches and easy chairs... just like home!

Layne King

One of my fave spots.

Laura Brown

I never been there before but it was awesome it was nice being able to have a drink and watch a movie thumbs up

Sam Miller

great theatre

Amanda Ervin

Comfortable setting and close to great restaurants. Locally owned. They have wine, beer, la Croix, and food available for purchase.

Rick Bronson

Nice theater with tiny viewing rooms.

Galen Hartzell

It was ok. Popcorn was stale and tasted old. The guy said he would bring us a new one but it was far from new. The theater smelled like pee and there was drunk people everywhere. This place is more like a old run down bar than it is a theater. The screen was super small, my TV at home is bigger. Not worth the cost. It sucks too because I kinda wanted to like the place.

Matt Devinney

Great place. The owner is a great guy as well.

Paul Miller

Unique and cool spot

Dale Schaper

Comfy, homey small theatre venue

Sandra Moreno

This place portrays what Eugene is all about. The service is great The couches almost give you the feel of sitting in your own living room. Plus, not only can you order adult beverages, but you can text them and they'll deliver it to you; no worrying about missing your favorite part.

Kristin Abel

Great movie,price,couch,sound,wine and food.


Plays movies that might not pull a huge crowd, sometimes art-house / independent, sometimes just movies that are just out of the big theaters. Comfortable seating, with food and drink available from neighboring restaurants. Fair price.

Winter Pope

It's like getting to watch a movie in the comfort of your own home. Great service and food.

John Jessop

Great small theater & pub that provides drinks and food worth coming back for!

JJ MacLean

Really enjoy seeing movies here - generally opt for things not too visually stunning since they're using some older tech, but it's a cozy little place with no bad seats. Love the beer/food delivery as well.

Teresa LaPier

Funky and different from the usual Multiplex. Small theatre. Mix of Indie & mainstream films. Nice variety of foods available.They will bring a full meal and drinks. Menu a bit pricy. Will certainly go back.

Brian Kitching

Best local movie theater in Eugene! Serve beer, delivered to your seat by txt message. Even have food ordered from cornucopia across the street, also delivered to you in the theater! Couches and chairs to lay and sit on comfortably. Can't go wrong here.

Natalija Kokoreva

Cool small place, cozy, for a casual movie night

Darragh McAuliffe

Great vibe. Homely and friendly. I wish there were places like this at home. Good beer. Good food from local restaurants delivered to your lap in your seat. And great movies. Heaven.

Mike H

A bit small but the vibe is awesome.

Dubby D

I love it. good prices, good atmosphere and super comfy seating great for friends and couples

Shell Jacobson

It was our family's first visit and we loved it! I'm born and raised Eugene and I have no idea why it took me so long to go there but I'm a huge fan now!!!

Andrew Jensen

I recently proposed to my girlfriend here. The owner and staff were amazingly helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make my vision happen! Great staff, cozy and comfortable theaters with great picture quality, and the ability to enjoy a fantastic meal while you watch.

Terri Bonow

I saw a fabulous documentary by a local up and coming journalist at the Minor Theater. The historical large auditorium in the multi complex theatre was comfortable and they delivered treats to your seat and little table in front of the seats.

Johnnie Brambora

I love everything about the David Minor Theater. Great staff, great seats, great food selection and drinks. I want to go there more often, but I hate the selection of movies. My friends and I have a hard time deciding when to go, because the film selection are usually big box office films that had a recent bluray release. You might as well be going to a friends house to watch a movie. I like to watch the big budget blockbusters when they come out in the big fancy theaters, I honestly wished the David Minor played more limited releases, because the Bijou doesn't keep up with everything. I also wish they played more classic movies and acclaimed films, if they did that, I'd be a frequent visitor. Instead I see them playing the same movie for a month plus, and the selections aren't that great (CHAPPiE and Trainwreck were playing there for an eternity). Usually these showings only have a few people going to them anyways, so why not do spaghetti western/samurai movie events, or rerun Casablanca or something? You only need a couple showings, and I bet they'd fill up.

Kerry Barron

Such a great chill place!


A cute little movie venue. Been around for a few years, but was my first time there tonight! Came into the movie a few minutes late, but it was nice that the film my man, his sister, and I watched didn't have a full room. There was plenty of open seats!

Shelly Hart

My husband and I went there on our date night and had a unforgettable experience highly recommended



Tammie Sue Bruner

I really loved this theater... I had a lovely date night w my sweetie here. It's a must go!

Todd Stevens

Always a great place for some nutritional yeast covered popcorn, a hard cider and a movie. Great prices and cozy theaters to watch a movie.

Steven Reaves

Good theatre

Christopher Harwood

Very nice small theater. The only reason it's not 5 star worthy is due to the massive amount of noise from excessive chatter...

Stormie Ehret

Very cozy and unique experience.

Paul Quigley

Chill place for a great movie night with a beer and a buddy

sheila croy

Love this place very cozy quiet more at home feeling. Also you can order food from near by restaurants and they serve beer!

Bubba Butler

Small and cozy with above and beyond service

Patrick Nickell

I love this place. Honestly the best popcorn of the three independent theaters in Eugene. Convenient location with plenty of parking (again best parking of the three independent theaters). I know this is odd thing to call out but I super appreciate that they have nutritional yeast available for their popcorn. The food they offer is again by far the best of the three theaters and is delivered from the place across the street. Some of the best vegetarian nachos I've ever had and I'm not even a vegetarian.i will be frequenting this theater often.

Pam Basilius

Great place to see movies I like the small seating and be able to sit on the couch

Greg McKelvey

Very small, ok projector and sound, but you can get great food!

Althea F

Cozy movie spot with a nice food selection. They show good range of movies

William Ivanoff

A relaxing way to go out and see a movie. They have local restaurants deliver while you watch. A nice selection of drinks.

Bruce Joseph

Casual, comfy, and eclectic selection of films.

Martyn Charsley

Cosy, comfy, big screen experience as if you were at home, fresh popcorn and a small but satisfyingly diverse selection of alcoholic beverages, all of which is presented by a welcoming and friendly team.

theresa borden

Cozy place...serves wine...

Avery Nelson

Wonderful experience, although they use the consumer versions of movies.

M.A. McCool

I do not attend movies at all, but it was sure nice to sit down have something to drink and order some food on a couch watch a movie. Very relaxing and Low key.

Tyler Edson

The movie room was so hot it was very uncomfortable. Lots of talking during the movie

caleb jarzemkoski

Cheap movies and beers.

Jasmine Fleuter

Love this place Its so much fun to eat dinner and drink beer in a mini theatre on a couch

Madeline Wallace

We went here after finding a great Groupon deal for two tickets and a large popcorn. They even had nutritional yeast for the popcorn. The cozy atmosphere was perfect to curl up and watch a movie. A phone number provided a way to order during the movie so you didn't have to leave. With the small theater rooms I would recommend getting there early to grab a couch. My new favorite place to watch a movie.

Susan Bourgeois

The couch was pretty uncomfortable, but it's a fun venue.


Really unique experience. Very worthwhile. 3 BILLBOARDS was great. Thought provoking.

Dawn Kuenne

Awesome homey experience.


I love the people that run this, so personable and down to earth, great snack choices, I enjoy coming here a lot and often tell friends about this place.

Tom Musselwhite

Small local venue that often features counter culture classics. Stuffed chairs and sofas take the place of the usual theatre seating, and you can order food from nearby eateries to be delivered during the show.

Alyssa Farris

Good service, beer/wine selections, local food, and intimate vibes.

Thea Albright

Such a great get-away night out.

Wayne Miller

Cool place to go

Shana Hockema

Watch a movie while sitting on a couch drinking a beer or wine. Text the front counter and they bring refills.


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