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REVIEWS OF Scappoose Cinema 7 IN Oregon

Edward Kindred

Comfortable seating, good sound system, & marvelous movie experience.

Richard Forcier

Great prices also offer reduced ticket sales for military and seniors

Jared Wheat

Tuesdays are the best day to go.. $4 tuesdays

Ray Bejarano

Awesome small town

Miguel G Moseler

It onw best cinema in the Nw area, Izzy assets, excellent tickets price for the same Portland people paid 12.o0 or more, u do paid less for the same quality!

Ross Foster

Good pricing for veterans

Lizzette Salcedo

Cheap tickets and usually has new movies within a week of release

Josefa and Max's super fun channel

Movie was great. I really felt sorry for the 1 person working behind the counter. She handled the long line well.

Katt Kingston

Really nice always empty I love it

Kevin Delaney

Seat are in good condition and the air conditioner works.

Nick Troiano

Standard movie theater. Pretty good screens.

William T

Movie theaters are very clean place is nice, but as with most movie theaters today, very spendy!

Sheryl Korinek

Great prices

Bobbi Siek

I was not at the Scappoose Cinema 7 movie theater.I was actually over at O'Rileys Auto which is located just up from here in the same general parking area. I have been once with my husband Eric before he passed away,I must admit however this was just with in the first year of its opening maybe around 6-7 years ago hoeever I have to say that the theaters seating is comfortable spacious with the digital Dolby surround sound very adequate if not perfect for sound and clarity,as far as the viewing of the movie it was as if you were actually right there as all the action was taking place. Every place with in the doors of the cinema is impeccably clean with employees that are friendly outgoing and ready to serve your needs and requests. The concession stand foods are hot always fresh and plentiful in supply. The atmosphere is relaxing with very little obnoxious behaviors from other patrons and young teenagers everyone seemed polite friendly with manners. If there is one thing I had to frown upon its ticket prices with the consession stand prices also, and with that they can not control the costs of such things as it's more fault and blame to the cost of living now a days, price and demand. In all a family oriented good for all ages to get out to see a movie now and again. I will get back to visit the theater when I can go there with a less heavy ache and hurt in my heart its hard to go places when you've lost your best friend your whole world and love of you life the other half making you whole your spouse. I love you Eric rest well til we meet up in heaven once again,my love forever be yours.

Jack Lindsley

Good clean theater with good seating.

Sharon Morris

the place is great but the popcorn is very stale it has happened more than once

Pamela Didier

Popcorn is the best - they actually use butter and not oil! Great local cinema.

Brandon Kumm

Tickets and food are overpriced but good service

Earl W. Myers III

Very expensive. I think I'm going to go to Columbia Theater for now on. Three dollars for a little box of candy, four dollars for a small fountain drink. Nope not again.

Jim Connie Sychowski

Great experience.

Andi Maroncelli

Great theatre. Tuesdays are only $5

Susie Hall

Always a good choice to watch your favorite movie and eat wonderful popcorn !

Jerry Mitchell

Tuesday's are family cheap night, good night to go.

Teri Richardson

Clean place, friendly staff and nice atmosphere.

Tara Hicks

This is my favorite cinema. Close, clean, affordable and kind staff.

Terrell Burke

Small but cozy for a date

Clyde Reynolds

Not a bad cinema good price

David Sideras

Friendly service, a little spendy, but they have the movies that you want to see when you want to see them!

Jeannie DeWeese

Great Prices, AWESOME seating. Can't be beat! Even food prices are reasonable.

Belize Life

Clean and a great place to spend a few hours on a rainy day

Mike Chattick

They have one little screen at the end of the hall. The seating is cramped and screen is small. Impossible to sit comfortably.

Kirsten Zieres

It's hard to give it 5 stars after going to the remodel down at Evergreen cinemas, But honestly it is not bad for a local small theater. It is clean and their movies are current. Short lines and friendly staff.

Nathan V

Went to go see black panther, really good quality, clean, and smaller rooms.

Scottie Swint

Great place. Low prices

T Land

Great staff but very pricey for the older style seats and food.

Matthew Loos

Recommend going on Tuesdays if you want to save a little money.

Teresa James

Clean theaters with roomy seats and friendly staff. We have enjoyed movies there as a couple and with all the kids in tow. Our favorite thing about going there is $5 Tuesdays! They make it affordable for large families.

Sean Moore

Good clean theater. Cheaper on Tues.

Holly Hilton

Place was like a dead zone. Food was basic theater stuff. Overpriced. Needed cleaned a bit better. Expectations were low so it met my needs. Nothing special. Staff was okay. Not outgoing but not rude.

Anne Connell

Was surprised to find this lovely cinema just around the corner from my children. What a nice way to spend a snowy morning

Derrick Duehren

A good local theater. No frills.

Gavin Kaleta

Great place for a movie. Cheap night is on Tuesdays. Can't beat a 5 dollar movie these days.

Ellen Barley

Quick and friendly service!

Robert Hindahl

Great value compared to other cinemas. Snacks are cheaper too. Employees need to smile more

Taylor Pellman

Always take my family on Tuesdays when movies are only $5. What a great deal! New movies for such an affordable price. Theater is always clean and comfortable.

Brooke Williamson

It is a really good movie theater especially in a small town in Scappoose and they have good prices .

Michael Hansen

It's your average movie theatre. Not sparkling clean, but cleaner than the St. Helens theatre. The prices are reasonable, the showtimes are good due to them having multiple screens, and the food is what you'd expect. The staff have been very pleasant on all my trips.

Jack Schmidt Jr


Alan Painter

It's smaller and usually not as crowded as bigger cinemas.

Ty B

Nice cinema.

jackie Lunn

the prices are pretty good and it was very clean. they could use new more comfortable seats,but overall I would give them an A

Casandra Hylton

Good popcorn with no wait in line to purchase tickets.

chad huntley

Staff seemed to not know what they were doing and they forgot to turn on the movie, so a theater full of people were just sitting in wonder for 10 minutes.

Rick Gonzales

Had a great experience there.

Breanna Pulliam

Small but fun!

Julie Zwald

Great flicks & snacks!

Ricky Diess

Clean for a movie theatre and relatively comfy chairs. Food and drink are as expensive as you'd expect from a theatre.

Nicholas Morrison

It was a great picture a little disappointed it wasn't a Regal Cinema as I had coupons but that's okay it was a good movie in a great location with great picture and sound :-)

Crystal Luttrell

Popcorn was a little stale. Sets are comfortable.

David Gillstone

Great local theatre. Only once in 10 years has a movie been sold out when I went. I usually arrive about 10 minutes before show time and usually find a decent seat.

Jenn Budnick

Roomy small theaters

Marcee Cousins

Great local theater.

Taylor Mathes

Love this little theatre, great to have it in the community.


We go there often, and it's honestly not bad

Diana Mason

Clean and fun.

Steven Thomsen

Wonderful small movie house!

Beve Ard

Always clean and never to long of a wait

Kara Rogers

Nice little hometown theater. Seats are comfy, audio is good, decent amount of seating. I go here often and always enjoy.

Matt Carpenter

Theater is clean, staff is friendly, concessions are affordable (lower price point than most theaters), rooms are smaller than most theaters (but not crowded). This makes all seats good seats, and my favorite spot is almost always available. I'm not affiliated with the theater, just a patron that really enjoys catching flicks here.

Killian Snow

The cinema could be a little more clean, but other than that, the popcorn is delicious.

Marci Sleightam

Multiple theater large parking

Kathy Romeo

Good prices on movies and concessions. You can buy a large popcorn and get one free refill, which is very nice, but once I got a large popcorn and all it had were little, broken bits of popcorn. I took it back and they cheerfully gave me a new one. Even on opening night, you can get a good seat without too many people around. Usually not very crowded, but the theater is beginning to show its age. In the theaters, there are many broken seats that either lean way too far back or not at all, which is very frustrating. Also, they have these lights on the walkways that are very bright in the movie. I have to sit strategically so they don't shine in my eyes. They are never busy enough to use the outside ticket booth, you buy the tickets along with your food inside. If I could change one thing that would get the to FIVE STARS, it would be to fix the darn seats!

Virginia Evans


Jamie Thompson

I know this is a small theatre. But I love it. I like the small town feel. Good popcorn. Good prices on movies. Usually not crowded. One time my son and I got the whole theater to ourselves. For despicable me 3.

Mike Hamshar

Great Theater! Good Quality, Latest Tech, Nice Employees and management. This Theater helps the community. On more than one occasion they have let non-profit groups I work with have fundraisers Movie screening of Shows that they would have no problem filling seat with out our help. I alway try to give them my movie business first.

Amber Cottman

Pretty Clean. Friendly people. Comfy seats.

Cheryl Dickson OConnor

Nice quiet theater

Ellis Cole

Nice size movie theatre with seven screens and very adequate seats. Standard concessions and beer and cider as well. A good local option with very reasonable ticket prices.

Sandy Reeds

Good prices!! First run movies, clean theaters and very nice employees!!

adetona oluwafemi

The sound of like what I'm use to but great place to watch a movie

Lois Haley

A nice local theatre. Wish the seats would be updated or at least have the ability to buy tickets online

osiel isai rodriguez

Just nice but a little small

James Smith

Always clean. Always friendly.

Isabel Garcia


Sammie Gonzalez

Nice theater, friendly staff but not that many employees. It was pretty much a ghost town in there. My Husband and I watched a movie there all by our selfs. No other movie lovers, no security coming in at all. Layed on his lap and ate popcorn the whole movie. Until I had to go to the restroom. Single person bathroom but no seat covers so I had to hover!

Janet Krag LeBlanc

They are all nice. Nice rocking seats.

Jeremy Furtner

Really friendly staff!

Miranda Hayes

So so grateful for this theater! Very well taken care of .love the military discount!

Linda Mills

The theatre is always clean. The concession prices are outrageous. $42 for popcorn, nachos and drinks for 2 adults and 2 children is not justified by any stretch of the imagination. There is NO movie worth $62 to watch (including admission) I'll not be back.

cedric edwards

Good parking and good prices.

Jon C

Prices are too high for a non-renovated cinema. The screens, audio, and food are fine, it's a theater and I expect to pay too much for the food. But, the chairs are awful and they don't offer seat selection like many other theaters have changed to. My family and I make the extra trek to Hillsboro for a better selection of theaters.

Timberly Eyssen

Older, smaller theater but good for staying in the Scappoose area

John Cage Jr.

Nice seats and high definition projectors.

CJ Jones

Small, with reasonable pricing and all the big movies. The seats are fair, but nothing special, and the food pricing is certainly movie theater pricing. Overall it's pretty middle of the road. I have been here when they didnt run the film for 30 or so minutes after the movie was supposed to start. And I was also here for Star Wars: The Last Jedi where the audio was headache levels off, like the settings were mangled or something. They restarted the system about 10 minutes into the movie. And then replayed that 10 minutes. But I would still have that 3 stars because there's a lot worse out there and honestly I just see a lot of movies, so there's bound to be a misstep here or there.

Nicholas Shepherd

Great for a movie night with customer service

Kevin Bissell

Just watched Mission Impossible: Fallout and had a great time. No lines, quick transactions, and good customer service.

Burney Frahm

Nice, not crowded theater. No long lines.

Jennica Powers

Small but good

Trina Mckinney

Clean and nice employees.

Cynthia Reynolds

Went to a 10 pm movie. Was a great show! Not crowded. Average prices. Lobby needed cleaned up. But being the last showing, it would be part of the normal closing tasks most likely. Straw wrapers and salt and popcorn are at end counter, it needed picked up and wiped down, salts shakers empty. Appeared to have been a very very busy day!

Adam Mahlum

Low prices, friendly employees, good service.

Eric Halberg

Good price. First run films. Never too busy. Excellent sound. Great seats.

Jason Miner

Amazing theater for a small town Always a pleasure to see a flick there.


It's a niceplace to watch a good movie a little on the spending side ,with the popcorn , drinks , tuesday are five dollar day that's nice their ,

Nicholas Baldwin

Great price to see the newest movie on the big screen

Kirk Allen

Dogs are good. Folks are friendly. $5 Tuesdays!

Mr. Adam Sailer

Small and easy

jeff lamont

great prices great staff very comfortable environment

Travis Decker

Good place to take the kids to a movie

Michele Berg

Theaters are small, but good quality. Good popcorn!

Nicci Schu

It's a small town theater. The seats were nice and the place was clean!

Jennifer Michelle Strawn-Moore

They always have the new movies. Awesome

Treva Smith

It was a movie for kids. Perfect sound for children. Comfortable chairs with boosters for toddlers. Clean, just a great place!!

Dominic Ward-Hall

$5 dollar Tuesdays

Jim Sychowski

We watched a movie here

Adrian Barrera

Small town cinema. Surround system could be better. service is ok as most of the employees are young. Food is ok. Bathrooms needs better cleaning.

Aaron Brown

It's nice enough I guess.

hayley avery

It's a pretty basic theater. It's never busy but the popcorn is always fresh and on Tuesdays the movie tickets are cheap.

Muhammet Ayberk Oztopal

Not so bad

Pony Girl

Newer clean movie theater with small crowds. No need to show up 30min in advance, skip the commercials, you will almost always find a seat with no problems. Wine and beer are served here. Usual selection of spendy movie food. Very nice restrooms. -1* counter lines can be confusing as they lack order or direction in larger crowds in forming a line. *Edit.. It is beyond me why this theater can't figure out how to help thier patrons form a line. Showed up 1 hour early to insure we got good seating for the long awaited avengers movie. We were told to sit on the benches and wait. We did. We were the first people in line , yet they allowed a whole croud ahead of us, and there was no rhyme or rason or order. By the time we got in to sit, at less 25 people had already been allowed in front of us and I had to sit on the end and crook my neck the whole movie.

Alex H

Smallish screens, and commericals had no sound(good thing honestly). overall a positive experience.

Trevor Hickam

Decent theater. Fairly high snack prices.

Sebastian Valmont

Clean, comfortable theater. Saw IT Chapter Two yesterday and it was a good deal, $21 dollars for two tickets and a kids pack. Restrooms were clean, popcorn was nice and buttery and the soda was properly carbonated.

Ariya Taylor

Nice and friendly staff. Has late night showings with the food stand still open. I guess not a lot of movie goers because this is the 2nd time we had a theatre to ourselves which is cool but definitely needs more business on weekdays. All the up to date movies, comfy seats, clean, and lots of parking. I would say this is pretty average for a cinema, nothing too special about it.

Katherine Raina

Awesome theater, great prices, comfy seats, friendly staff!

Kayla Krismer

A great family place!!

Greg Peterson

Good clean and convenient.

Billie Coulter

7 theaters, newest movie's, reasonable price


Fantastic Small Town theater with good ticket prices and great movie selection.

Jewel Li

Not bad. Good popcorn!

Angie J Lively

Awesome movie theater. Great prices.

Stacy Watkins

Satisfied every time we visit. Prices for concessions are a little higher than the other theater near by. The theater is always clean and staff is friendly.

Erik Henson

Rarely crowded, comfortable seats.

Daphne Mauk

Very family friendly

Bernadette Crepeau

my husband was given a, "Make a Wish" option from Hospice. His wish was to play a video game on the Scappoose Cinema big screen with his grandson and daughter. Hospice notified the theater well in advance and prepaid by check, two weeks prior. Although it was a painful move, Lloyd endured because he was looking forward to the experience. We were able to get Lloyd to the theater where we were met by a friendly young teen that handed us controllers and told us the room number where the X-box was set up. After twenty minutes of attempting to get the system working correctly we called the girl in to assist. She tried her best but was not familiar with the system. The manager was called and after another 30 minutes he admitted that their X-box was broken and they were using a loaner. Why didn't he call us the night before to cancel? He apologized and offered us the opportunity to return in two weeks. Lloyd told him he may be dead in two weeks. Lloyd lasted several more weeks. He passed on December 10th, 2016. I don't know what to say to the owners of a theater my family and I have supported since they opened.

Kayla Smith

My hometowns movie theater. I still greatly enjoy going to a movie here every once in a while. I went to see beauty and the beast which was excellent! I like how they serve beer and wine now as well. It's nice to have a place you can relax and watch a nice movie.

Clarice Forcier

Love going there, they run good new movies.

Gaming With ANTHONY

Nice atmosphere and great location, it really brings out the fact your at the movies.

Tyler Kulp

Nice, local movie theater, great for bad weather weekends

Bill Black

Nice seating. Enjoyed the movie. Friendly staff.

Justin Smith

Very nice theater. Comfortable seating, pleasant staff and great entertainment all with small town hospitality.

Tracy Hamer

Nice little cinema. The viewing rooms are not very big, so they can get full rather quickly, but the facility is maintained well and kept tidy.

Pacific Northwest Adventuring

Great place and safe.

dan mcgraw

Never really crowded and it's clean.

Christopher Anderson

Cool little theater. Good movie rotation and nice new seats.

Tom Kemp

Great prices and fast service, all the best movies with no wait

Edmund Knowles

Really like the $5.00 Tuesdays.

Patricia Page

Took the kids to see Cars 3, the sound system was a little too loud for their young ears but I love the theater in Scappose. The employees are so nice and we enjoy the drive over and dinner out.

Galen Russell

Great place to catch the latest flicks~

Joe Haskett

Very clean and nice place to view a favorite movie. Excellent

Ashlee Klemperer

Went to a late night show and theater was quiet and clean. Friendly staff and tickets were cheap!

Wilma Vincent

Good place, close to home.

Angie Lively

Top movies, reasonably priced and very clean!

Ryan Patterson

Good options for movies and food/snacks including alcohol

Cris Jesse

Smaller theater screens and rooms, but that's probably to be expected out in this more rural town. Friendly staff, and good soft pretzels. They do have deals on tickets in Tuesdays.

Fernando Carvalho

Small cozy theatre. Not crowded. Affordable.

Rebecca Thompson

We love this theater! Family owned and they use REAL Butter on the popcorn! We also appreciate their military discount and Tuesday nights it's our regular date night spot.

Mike Thompson

Family owned and still use real butter. 2 perfect reasons to view movies here.


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