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REVIEWS OF Sandy Cinema IN Oregon


Love going to watch a movie here with friends .

Warren Blanchard

Fighting with my family was awesome. Great staff!

Julia Montoya

I had a wonderful time with my nieces at this theater. We had great seats and great snacks for a super cute movie, Coco.

abi gonzaga

Really clean theaters with nice staff.


My family loves their popcorn! This cinema is clean and staffed with friendly employees.

Juan Avila

Clean environment and fast service

Aimee Lawson

So fun. Comfy seats. Food and beer. Not to expensive. Will always go back!

Emma Burke

Fair prices, nice staff, clean ... really just best case scenario for a small town theater.

Donald McCollum

It's a small theater in a small town they keep it clean and have fair prices

Brian Bowen

Fantastic! Thanks guys!

Sage Oviatt

Clean and the employees always seem to be in a good mood

Matt Anderson

It is a nice local theater

Keegan Mullaney

Not crowded and with good quality screens, sound, and seats. Love the $5 Tuesdays and old film machine displayed in the front area.

Robert Routson

Wonderful theater, clean, cool, their sound system is crystal clear! Wait it gets better! The staff are local kids earning money on summer break and are super super friendly!

Urban Jungle Savannahs Exotic cat enthusiasts

Very clean cinema, super friendly staff. Love this place

John Mitchell

Best theater in Sandy!

Amy Cunningham

This was my first time coming here and I've never been to a theater quite like this one. I bought my tickets at the concession stand, except I never actually recieved a ticket. There was nobody checking tickets. Nobody told me in which theater my movie was playing. None of this is to say I had a bad experience, it was actually a nice theater. As I waited in line, I observed the staff was very polite and kind to the other movie gowers. The theater was clean, my goodies were fresh, and well what else is there to say?

Faded Nexus

Good place for a movie or 2 with friends. Newer movies are not always available right away

Laura Elliott

Wide selection of films, food and fun snacks. Hey, and they sell bottled Starbucks coffee now... Wow, even several selections of beers, who knew! The employees are very nice. The theaters and bathrooms are clean, modern, but even cozy. Nice theater! The wall decor is fun, modern and includes nostalgia from classic times. Life size bronze replicas of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe enhance and delight your arrival to the entrance of this nice theater.

Jesus Lopez

Toy story was littt

Stephanie McGee

Great experience... theater was clean, super Tuesday pricing was awesome... staff was friendly and overall helpful!! Screen was in good repair... this is a great location that appears newer or in good repair! The sound was great... Pricing at the concession stand was not bad and the popcorn was good as was the drink. They serve beer and wine here which is cool. I will have to try some food here another time!

Wendy Proud

Nice theater. Very clean, great snack options, and comfy seats

Oksana Lit

Never busy and not so spendy. Worth the drive.

Tracey Johnson

Our favorite movie theater for a easy movie night. Hubby says best popcorn than any other theater in Oregon.

Cynthia T.

I took my son and my niece to the movies tonight.... the movie began glitching throughout the whole thing, and finally I took them to the front and asked to speak to a manager. The employee behind the counter turned around and said,” we know about theater 8, and we’re working on the issue. Had we known about it sooner, it could’ve been fixed.” Excuse me? It’s not MY job to watch the projector. Not to mention I wasn’t going to drag two kids out of a theater. Bad experience. I asked and got a refund. But if the theater isn’t working, why keep it open? Seems like it’d gain more problems then anything. Just sayin

Shelley Messersmith

Brand new inside and out, state of the art, clean, awesome!

Hope Courage

Love this movie theater!! Great popcorn as well...decent prices for the tickets

Ana Vargas

I love $5 Tuesday

Cherie Shields

I gp at least twice a month. Great staff, best popcorn I've ever tasted! Seats push back and arm rests go up so you're always nice and comfy. Good sound and lots of parking. Afterwards, grab a bite at Smokey Hearth and make your night complete. Fun times.


Comfortable seating with great reclining, good service, never seen it over crowded before, and good food. Love the old fashion feel to it. And the statues out front are fun to pose with. Definitely a great movie theatre.

Chris Hutchinson

Comphy chairs.

Kyle Humphrey

They have reclining seats and the popcorn is pretty good. Overall a great movie theatre.

Devin Hutchins

Been to alot of movie theaters in Oregon and this is by far my favorite. Always great service and its affordable!

Vicki Finnigan

Nice theater. Decent seats with a slight recline for added comfort.

Michael Foushee

Best theater ever, never crowded. Popcorn is a good price!

Aaron Hanson

They don't have Dots anymore. Come on.

Asha Hawkesworth

The first time we went here, the accessibility options were pitiful. But they've fixed that. No longer do we have to sit on row one, getting cricks in our neck from looking straight up. They removed a row and added ADA seating, which is nice. It's a *little* bit tight if people walk in front (depending on the size of your chair), but it's do-able. ADA bathrooms as well. Often less crowded than Gresham theaters.

Stan Lozovinski

Awesome metro area where the staff are almost great and the Popcorn is exemplary but they could add a bit more butter. Also, they should lower prices of movies to about $8.00 or 9 because Century has movies for I belive $12.00 and they have recliners and way more snacks. If sandy cinema also dropped the price of Popcorn to $5.00 instead of 6 it would be nice

Michael Reese

Basic local multiplex theater, so the viewing rooms and screens are smaller than those you would find in larger theaters. The facility is clean, the staff is pleasant, and the stadium seating is comparable to any of the larger chain theaters.

kendra c

Friendly staff, clean, and nice atmosphere. Great place to take kids! Prices normal.

Shane D’Angelo

Great small town cinema! And $5 Tuesdays!

John Pruden

Easy to find and lots of choices on movies

Gayle Green

SO NICE to visit Sandy Cinema! Theater spaces, restrooms and concession area is always clean. The staff is friendly and makes the movie experience outstanding. I'm thankful we have this excellent entertainment option in Sandy. Thank you Sandy Cinema!

Jenny Lynne

This place is great. It's clean, comfy, and the people are great, but I suggest to management to put a light shield on screen side of the exit sign in theater 4. It takes you out of the film whenever that corner is supposed to be dark. Please and thank you!

Steven Holbrook

I went to the last showing of Rogue One on a specific day but was late (my sister was later) and they almost didn't sell me a ticket (tills closing and all that). They did end up selling me a ticket and also let my sister who arrived later in free of charge. Very nice of them.

Sudeep Krishna

One of the.. Nice good... Dolby Atmos.. Sound quality. & " picture perfect 4k quality Very.... Nice Thanks for ur service

Nelson Balboa

It's ok not too many people,clean too

Rodger boeck

Let there be light a really good movie take a friend

Derrick Humphreys

Friendly staff great bunch of kids.

Jess M

Seats were comfy, theater was clean, not too crowded. GREAT STAFF! Especially one of the managers there named Grayson!! He is so funny and really nice!!! 420/420 would recommend. Had a hecking good time!

Martin Curtis

Charge me $5 for a glass of ice are you kidding me what a rip off

Don Baldwin

Nice local theatre

Kseniya Pfau

Today we visited this cinema to watch the fantasy movie "Aladdin". Got a lot of fun. Great place for family parties. And the location is good. Affordable and convenient.

Mindy Hainey

I've been to cushier cinemas but it wasn't bad. It was clean and small.

Ryan Jones

Great movie theater, but I remember why I don't see movies in theater anymore. Prices are crazy that's the only problem I see.

Denise Brown

love going here - it is out of the way enough to not be swamped with people. A great place to just go and enjoy a good movie.

Mark Yuzko

Solid place to stop for a movie after a long day at the mountain.

Michael O'Shello

Very clean and friendly staff. Theatre does need some updating. Other locations have better seating styles and more viewing options.

Rogan R

A great local movie theater. They aren't always heavily staffed, so waiting in line can be an issue, but the theater is clean and comfortable and a great place to watch first-run films.

Alexis Cumiford

they always have every new movie that comes out and for a reasonable price. A good snack selection as well. Five dollar Tuesdays are my favorite days to go see movies.

Ray Lucero

Not a cookie cutter theater! Clean and well run theater. Friendly staff.

Kyle Sare

Great local theatre, $5 Tuesdays take it over the top

Tom Sparks

Nice environment and love the senior discount. Makes getting older a little sweeter.

Bryan Coates

I love the Elvis and manroe out front

Kim Horner

Great prices, the this place...

Kathy p

I love this theater. Hometown feel. Great popcorn. I am only disappointed that they seem to have stopped showing 3D options. I took one star for that.


I love my movie theater. Always a killer experience and hardly ever a line or had a bad seat. Clean restrooms and pleasant staff. Will continue to go out of my way to go here......

Kathrine Million

Great theater! Clean, comfortable and a nice selection of reasonably priced concessions, including beer, wine and cider.

Kristi Maret

Love super Tuesday's. We have date night on Tuesdays because of the discounts movie tickets.

Joshua Rivera

Small theatre always up to date with movies and technology. Usually less traffic than larger known theaters in town. Worth the drive.

Marlena Prettyman-Crank

Always good movie, staff, food, and the company I bring

Marsha Francis

Very nice clean theater. The seats were in good condition.

Jackson Rowley

Love the place. Great little theater.

George Hayes

Sandy cinema is the place to go if you don't like large crowds of people. Even on a sat nite me and my chick were the only ones in our movie theater. I don't recommend going to see the movie "US" really stupid and lame

dallas productions

Excellent theater to go see the newest movies and eat your fill of tasty snacks. Sandy Cinema has thee best tasting popcorn and an awesome staff! I love this place and go all the time.

DC Smith Enterprises

Awesome service & Prices, the employees are always so cool and nice to us. Thank You again,// more great service every time.glad the service is always good..... good job !!

Jamie Schaecher

Good theater for a small town. Customer service is great and the movie selection is always good. They have days that are matinee pricing all day!

Shawn Thronson

Not bad but priced to high. I would rather watch movies at home.

Matt Patterson

Employees are fast and polite .,place is clean fairly comfortable seats

Mary Parnell

Lines still too long. This theater serves adult beverages. Best popcorn in Portland area!

David Bautista Gutierrez

I Love this theater and their service

Mount Hood

Honestly, this is a GREAT little Cinema. The staff is absolutely the best part but they also have great screens/bulbs, comfort seats, good popcorn, selection of beer, etc.

Drea Jo

Every now and then there is a stink bug that gets on the projector. Otherwise a relaxing theater with kind staff.

Pj Martin

Went to the 9:50 pm movie. We left early, sadly, because the seats were so very uncomfortable. My back was killing me when we left. Also, at one point my husband went out to get more snacks, and found out the concessions were closed.....? Huh? What place does that? And they wonder, not only because of huge prices, but why people bring their own snacks in! Not going back to this theater ever.

Amber Pimental

It's close and everyone is very nice

Jennifer Heitzman

Loud kids in theater. When went to tell the front desk, they too were kids and were friends with the loud movie goers. Nothing was resolved. I felt I was in Neverland :(

angel horta

Nice staff, don't care if you're wearing suspicious jacket that's totally not smuggling in snacks

Lauren U'Ren

Better priced than Regal. Good seats

Chris Webster

Friendly with good prices!

William Lloyd


Tim Austin

The popcorn is kettle corn here. Which I dont like. But the chairs recline. So that makes up for it about 60%.

Janet Amos

My great-grandchildren, my grandson and I enjoyed the movie. Secret life of pets 2

Ian Burks

Good small theater. The employees are willing to play fast and loose with the butter for your popcorn.

Bruce Haney

I live closer to other theaters. But i always make the drive to Sandy instead.

Brian StJohn

Patron over 8 years. Quick and easy to purchase tickets either at the front of the building or online. Good variety of items at the snack bar. Wheelchair parking and acces is very good. Seating is comfortable with wide aisles. Sound and video quality are very good. Discount pricing available at certain times.

Shelby Loeb

Very nice. Popcorn is delicious

John Lee

Never crowded

Carol Vogel

Very nice theatre. Clean restrooms.

Teale Taylor

very clean comfortable theater and any move is $5 on tuesday!

oscar davies

Clean comfortable that sounds good and I would recommend going to This Little Theater

Ty Tilden

Helpful staff and well cleaned theaters.

Kurt Schell

Clean quiet affordable theater.

John Garoutte

I've never been here do they have shrek 2

Craig Herrmann

Good popcorn and movies

Ginger Frost

Nice place not crowded and clean

cam ber

The best movie theater in town

theevanminecraft 2.0

The staff were very knowledgeable about every aspect of the business. Very kind and respectful.

Kennedy Nail

Fantastic! You can take pictures with Marilyn and Elvis in front. The seats are super comfy, the arm rests go up. Great snacks and service.

Daniel Kountz Sr

Excellent picture and sound had a really nice time there

Linda Herrell

ok.. we watched a movie.. the theater is most always clean and the employees are nice.

Dawn Dunsmore

Love Super Tuesday special.

Rob Davidson

Set my 3 year old sons food down on a chair outside bathroom candy\ popcorn\ juice hadn't eaten but a few bites of popcorn and they threw it away full juice \ popcorn and unopened candy bars skittles asked for help and $20 dollars worth of food was gone my son cried and he did not want to watch movie cost me another 20 bucks to replace what i had just bought lost my soda also and kit kat sucked


Quaint movie theatre. We go tuesdays when its a little cheaper in the afternoon and have gotten it to ourselves several times!

Volfe Scarborough

An enjoyable experience. Ticket prices for Tuesday are 5 dollars, so well worth the drive to Sandy.

Jason Wright

Great theater. I enjoy this one better than the bigger cinemas.

Tobin Shields

Comfy seating, good prices, and current movies.

Amber Lane

I LOVE that they have flavor stuff to put on your popcorn. Wish my closer theater did this. I also like thay the theaters themselves are a little smaller

Keesha Powell

Best place for a movie!! Clean theatre!

Boring Properties

Nice folks. Current movies. Fair prices. It is nice to not have to drive to Gresham to see a show.

Dj Isakson

Like this theater. Comfy seats. Good prices and even great sound in an older building. Also...its a Pokemon stop

Brian Wood

Great family time

Nichole Daniels

Nice and clean. Super comfy chairs.

Mathias Khaligh

Solid movie experience but movie screens are smaller and no stadium seating.

Stephanie Nicodemus

Absolutely love this theater. Plenty of comfortable seating. Lots of movie options. Excellent customer service. Exceptionally clean restroom. $5 Tuesday awesome deal. All movies all seats just $5 each.

Saiga Valentine

Lady who sold me food was nice. The seats were pretty comfy. The movies had good sound and the rooms were pretty small so you could have a more personal experience while watching the movie

Robert B

Nice theater

Jeffery Hayes

Always excellent

Vicki Velmere

A great place to enjoy a movie.

Aron Eslinger

Nice small town movie theater. Love that they follow the rated R rules and check id of minors.

Erika T

Latest popular movies. Great prices on snacks. Very clean every time I've been there.

April Cohrs

Super clean establishment, friendly staff and community minded management!

Heather Yarnell

Great small theater. They have all the new big movies without the lines and wait.

Sarah D

Great local movie theater

Daren T

Always a great experience. Good food and beverage selection with polite employees. The place is smaller but clean and the sound and video is excellent. Great theater.

Doua Vang

This place is racist and treated me like a criminal. They wanted to keep my backpack until the movie is over. I didn't see them try to keep hold of anyone's bag but mine. They just assumed I had something in my bag and wanted to keep it. I was there with my kids so I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I didn't want the contents in my bag stolen by these employees so I decided to put it back in the car. Later, this employee came into our theater and tried to check on us twice to see if we are doing anything illegal. So unprofessional and I have never felt so criminalized in my life. Never going to this cheap, racist place ever again.

Dawn Reymond

Nice theater but I had flies crawling on me a few times during the movie.

johnny pinedo

Love the place always good service and always room to sit .

Dalton VillaTorres

Great service. Great prices. Could definitely update the Seats though. sore bottoms after a couple hours.

Ron Cumiford

Great for the family


It's a good theatre if you wait a week or two after a movie is released to see it. Then there usually isn't anyone else in the theater with you. Also middle row seat cushions are flat, it's like sitting on plywood, take the side seats instead. It's still the only theatre I go to and is convenient, clean and a great experience.

Dusty Johnson

Nice place to see a movie, i give it 3 stars due to there popcorn, its not as good as other theaters and not sure why. Maybe there are different grades it just seems stale every time even if its a fresh batch.

Rob-an-Jo Szrama

So nice to support a small town theater. So nice an experience - clean and comfortable.

Llynn S

Like the prices, service is always good

Cindy Petsman

Best theater in my area! They have the best popcorn and staff compared to most other theaters I have been to. Prices are reasonable compared to Regal. The staff is very kind and patient. I went with my disabled dad last month and the worker Kyle and I believe the manager were very kind and patient with my dad who had a bit of trouble reading the signs and making a decision of what he wanted to eat for snacks :) Love this theater!

Tim Phillips

Great place to go see the movies with the family .. some chairs lean back ..

Chris Gifford

Nice place, clean, seats all work, good prices

Mark Benson

Nice facility and nice people.

Sherry Evans

Pretty dead during the day.

Brenda Farmer

Very nice theater. Friendly people. Handicap accessible, I am handicapped and it was very easy for me to find a great seat. The popcorn is the best!!

Seth Dickinson

Great theatre. Nice staff. Clean facilities. Can't go wrong.

Mariah Jansen

Pretty good for a small town movie theater! Its never packed so you usually get the theater to yourself, fun atmosphere, friendly staff, a phone number for movie times, arcade games & right next to 3 restaurants! All in all 5/5


Very nice staff.

Ramon Blackwood

Just saw Deadpool 2. Freaking awesome movie. This is a great theater, lots of different start times for the more popular movies. And the all beef hot dogs are kick ass!

Nate Combs

This theater has gone down hill. We went to see a movie on Friday of Thanksgiving weekend. First thing, the lines waiting to buy a ticket were back to the video games which don't even work (pinball & pacman). They had three "employees" running registers too. They were so dumb. Not knowing where stuff was or having to ask them to refill the popcorn seasoning. I mean, what part of refilling the containers dont they understand? If you run out, GET MORE. Common sense escapes the polluted employee pool that this theater has. The lobby was messy. Video games unplugged for no reason. Ever heard of an out of order sign ? The other games just steal your money. And God forbid you need to find help. Cuz you won't find it. You'll find most of the employees chit chatting in the back hiding from customers. I'd be embarrassed. I won't be back. Ever.

Ahnna Hawkesworth

I love this theatre for it's neighborhood feel. They worked hard to make a wheelchair accessible viewing area in the theatres. There wasn't one the first time I went. As a chair user, I wish they had given me another foot of clearance because I can't pull back far enough to allow people to step around, rather than over my feet. I won't give stars off for this though, because I think they did the best they could. EDIT AFTER VISIT TODAY: Theatre 1 I was six feet from the screen. My only wheelchair option. My family ran to higher seats. Fortunately my chair tilts and there was lots of room to do that, or I wouldn't have been able to cope.

Rebecca B

The staff here are always super nice and friendly. We've always found a good seat.

Myranda Hastings

Super small cinemas and expensive but the 7 year old loved it and that's all that matters

Deborah Lynn Luckado

Love $5 Tuesdays


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