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REVIEWS OF Salem Cinema IN Oregon


The best movie theater in Salem, I love to come here to see the incredible, independent movies. My favorite so far is "Maudie". I'll be coming here forever.

santiago aldaco

The films here a much different

Justin Melton

great place to get away for an afternoon.

James Kemp

Saw The Shape of Water. Nice arthouse theater in upscale area.

Sheri Ruegsegger

Enjoyed two historical dramas: Favorites and Mary Queen of Scots.

Kathi Haugen

Very nice theater and staff.

Michael Burch

I came down from Portland to see Prospect and see Zeek Earl talk about his movie. Nice theater.

Susan Nicholson

This beautiful little Theater is a hidden Salem Gem! It is clean, the Staff is wonderful, the sound isn't deafening, and the buttered popcorn is Tops! My husband and I are hooked! Thanks Salem Cinema!!!

Carlos Munoz C

Nice little theater like to come here to watch movies that some other theaters do not show

Cassidy Pfaff

Not my favorite theater but they do a nice job, very clean, good choices for refreshments, nice staff. I don't enjoy feeling yelled at to turn my phone off when it comes on the screen 8 separate times before the movie begins.

Travis Halfman

Salem Cinema is Salem's best choice for seeing independent films. The auditoriums are comfortable clean. The selection of films is usually top notch.

Janice Henry

Going to this theater reminds me of my days at the University of Washington, going to the cinema in the U district. The owner makes superb choices in picking films to show. The concession stand is wonderful too: lots of great choices that you don't get at the ordinary movie theaters in town. Classy!

Sigyn Drægönhėart

I drive from Mac to come here! The seats!!!!!! Oh man they are so comfy I love them!

Susan Hendershot

I love this place, easy parking, nice people work there, clean. Most of the movies i see at this theatre.

Dave Johnson

Nice independent theater. $10 ticket prices.

Melanie E

Theater has charm, is very clean, and staff are friendly.

Pat Carey

Comfortable seats, clean and on time.

Debi Brockamp

love the choices! The staff was great.

gordon barrett

Great small theater seating for current release movies. Only wish the smell of stale beer or foul smelling dish water was not present when you enter the lobby. Otherwise, it would be a great place.

Ben Heinatz

I love it here! Cheap tickets, independent flix, and great, fresh buttery popcorn seasoned with nutritional yeast. How can anything be better? I'll tell you how: the money you spend here, rather than at some Corporate-Cinema-Palace, stays in your community, as this Theatre is locally and independently owned and operated. Three cheers for Salem Cinema, the only art-house outside of Portland!

Randee Rae

Great place, roomy.

Jan French

Really enjoyed seeing "May it Last" at the Salem Cinema. Just wish they would have had a poster or something on the Marquee indicating what was playing.

Freddie Todd

It is a small locally owned independent theater. Salem Cinema is very clean and has friendly staff. There is not a bad seat in the place. The movies they show are not main stream but a collection of indepedent foreign and domestic. If you are tired of the super hero, shoot 'em up, and sophomoric comedies then you should visit Salem Cinema for fresh original and interesting films. There are some films with subtitles. It is a wonderful intimate theater to enjoy the best in independent films.

Ramona Hawkins

Linda Ronstadt movie brought me to tears. Popcorn and sodas were a little pricey. Had a great time with my daughter!

Catherine Meador

Beautiful small independent theater; showing films the others don't. Great popcorn and friendly staff too.

Kenneth Lehto

A great group of theaters, showing great films you wouldn't normally get to see in a commercial theater.

Becky Lu Hummer

Great place to escape for a couple of hours and watch some quality movies. Comfy seats, reasonable prices. Love the popcorn!

K Hill

Clean, quiet, good selection

K. C. Meaders

Got a crick in my neck fm sitting in couches under a guger screen.

Alexandria Biddle

I love the popcorn with parmesan cheese. The theater is so homey and comfortable.

Ben Nickles

Nice little theater. Good popcorn.

Miki Demeter

Very friendly staff and very nice little arts theater. I will come back

Jim Schaff

Salem Cinema is our favorite theatre. Good people, great service and awesome movies.

Jeramy Bray

This place has been a staple for so many years. Previous location and new. Great ownership leads to amazing management. Nuff said. =:xB

dan ray

The best theater in Salem! Always showing interesting different films a lot of Art and foreign films. The owner is fabulous as well:-)

Beth Chase

Fantastic....and some great movies coming, plus Joni Mitchell Honor evening!

Jenn Oldenburg

Love the small theater vibe

Grace Kennedy

This place is adorable but not very comfortable.

Jennifer Helvie

Delightful setting to enjoy atrhouse and independent films and the best popcorn in town!

Jane Firestone

My favorite movie house in Salem.

Pat Semi

Great spit to watch a re.release or find a Academy film second release. Quaint feel, with great sign, vintage. I plan on being a regular visitor.


It's a little pretty cinema. It has everything you need

Kirk J

Great films, intimate showing rooms, locally your locals!

Mary Schwartz

Great for indie movies. Very good concessions.

Eden Farias-Quintrell

We went for a matinee showing of Brooklyn. The location is in the outskirts of the downtown area but I was impressed that there was parking available behind the building. There are no long ticket lines but you do have to wait in the lobby so the ushers can. Lean the auditoriums. The cinema has 2 auditoriums and the are in good shape. The place uses digital projectors and high quality sound. The seats are comfortable too. The food prices and movie tickets were at a very reasonable price. The employees were friendly too.

Peter Fernandez

The only place in Salem to see independent cinema. Thank you for this! The auditoriums are a nice size. The concession food is good and reasonably priced (for a movie theater). And before or after the movie there are a couple of cool places to eat and drink right across the street. Overall a great place.

Mark Whitney

Great location, great cinema house classics. Some great cookies, chocolates to enjoy the movies with. I'll be sure to return when I'm in town.

Jeremy McQuain

The local art cinema. The only place in Salem to see indie films. Comfortable seats, good popcorn, and a selection of better than average sweets.

Mys Tery

Except for three woman talking incessantly in next row, it was a comfortable experience.

lynette nuttbrock

Great place to see first run movies. We love to support this local business!

Alex Vasquez

Salem's little art house theater. They have a couple screens and show a lot of movies that aren't considered mainstream. Support this theater, Salem!

Joye Willman

I will be back

P.B. Homewood

They show great art house films. The place is always clean and the cinema systems are first rate.

Michael ODonnell

Great place to go very clean staff was courteous

Sydney Gray

Love Salem Cinema. Of course living in Silverton puts The Palace theatre right up there. But the Salem Cinema is easy to get to & park & shows great movies!!!!

Jessica M

Always a joy to see films here, especially independent and art films that aren't shown in the "big corporate" theatres. Love supporting this local venue. It's always very clean, very accommodating, and wonderfully intimate. The prices are comparable, if not less expensive than others, which is a huge relief. My best film experiences have been at Salem Cinema--thank you for bringing award-winning art to the Salem area!

Sergio Renteria

Love this place, great snacks and beautiful films!

Nancy MiTchell

Wonderful theater with great popcorn! Met the owner who was very gracious. Thanks for a great date night!

Bill Brauer

Always like watching movies there.

Paul Sanders

I enjoy the diversity of flims played there. Also, the seats are very comfortable.

Claudine S

Affordable, artistic, and independent-type movie theater

Andrew Miller

Lovely theater, friendly staff, great movie rotation and selection.

Li Mowry Wilson

BEST cozy movie THEATER in TOWN. I love going here to see movies! We see INDEPENDENT movies which are awesome. So glad it's here. A treasure!! Go see a movie here!! Right across from great restaurant with food carts out back. Fish & chips before movie and popcorn during..A decadent treat!

Jacqueline Sanborn

Kitchy! Great for offbeat cinematic movies.

Shawn Sloan

So much fun! They show such interesting movies and the theater is always clean and comfortable. Great food as well.

Karl Downing

Great place to see the indi films. Good price for am afternoon movie. Parking can be difficult but there is plenty in the back. Never have had a problem.

Makenna Colby

Salem is so lucky to have this little gem. It's so refreshing to have some variety. Salem Cinema shows all sorts of quirky, beautiful films unlike anything you could see in any other Salem theater. This theater is a center of art and culture in our town. The only drawback is that they show so many intriguing movies that it's difficult to choose which to see first!

Jasper Lommen

A great place to see the movies the larger cinemas won't show. They've got great concessions, and comfortable seating.

Tim Vickers

One of Salems underutilized and unique attractions with a lot of potential. Friendly and professional staff. Great independent movies. Ideal date night location.

Duece Mackleman

I watch funny movie and I laugh

Deborah Roseboro

I highly recommend this theater......Always clean and the staff are friendly and helpful.....I like the fact that they show different movies from the other theaters:)

Pelvis Bone

Doesn't have the charm that Darkside or Pix have, but it's a well maintained place that plays independent and foreign films

Janita James

The best choice of movie house in Salem. Locally owned business, excellent movies.

Daniel Kreitzberg

LOVE Salem Cinema, great snacks and a wonderful atmosphere for viewing movies.

Marjie Heckler

Real film! Very clean, good options at snack bar.

William Staser

Very art deco. Small, intimate. Loved the atmosphere

Marcia Hara

Love Salem Cinema. Great movies, clean, comfortable and the best popcorn in town.

Jake Jarvis

Support your indie art movie theater. Unless you only want to see movies released by Disney.

Roderick Hanlon

One of best places to catch independent films. Great service & atmosphere.

bev ulven

Awesome it's a small intimate theater with the best popcorn ever and great movies

Dawn Helton

Had so much fun with a couple of friends. Went and saw award ceremony movie. Did not feel the same about movie but cinema was very nice

Magdalena Riddle

This was my 2nd time here and I have got to say that I really like this theater. They play independent movies mostly. Enjoyable atmosphere!


It's a great place to watch a movie. Comfortable seats ,good sound, and great films. I especially like supporting a locally owned theater. The theater web site offers meaningful reviews and lots of other information to help you decide on a choice of top rated films. It's a "feel good" place!

Merita Sue Arnesen

Great cinema! Great service, priced right! Thank you!

Kay Marikos

Great art house. Plays art films. Great cookies. Salem film lovers would be lost without it.

Kayne Pedrick

Quaint little theater.

Selene Ye

I went to see "My Week with Marilyn" with my mom one time. Growing up, I went to the older Salem Cinema on High Street, which is also pretty sweet. I was surprised and pleased with the atmosphere and smallness of the independent film showing theater. Just the right amount of food offered (sweets, popcorn), and a cute dining area.

LJ Frederickson

Good seating. Nice concession stand.

Jud Baxter

Salem cinema is our go to place for an afternoon movie, always a positive experience. Great selection of titles, comfortable seating.

Shawn Edwards

Nice place to hang out with friends!

Ja'net Vespertine

Inexpensive and wildly more flavorful than the local big box theater. This theater is beautifully decorated and has a very friendly staff. One of Salem's 2 FIVE star cenimas.

Diane McGill

Great independent movies for a good price

Linda Wood

Great movies, lovely snacks, cute theater everybody go more often so they can thrive

eric medley

It's aight

Sommer Whiteaker

Loved the small theater & the food


Great movies. Comfy seats. Good angles to view movies. Unique food and beverage offer.


Cozy, quaint, cute little theater with the vibe of an actual film enthusiasts decor and mood. Reasonable prices, smaller cinema thats a throwback to how things were. Will visit this theater preferably over a big chain any day.

Karla Iverson

Salem Cinema never fails to make me happy. They dodge the cheap thrills and loud violence in favor of movies that are truly excellent. I don't go to movies often because of hearing issues, but when I go, I go to Salem Cinema most of the time.

Patty Fields-Cooper

Clean, nice size, friendly staff.

Kristie Nyarko Koranteng

I rather enjoyed this quaint theatre. I liked that the theatre was small, made me feel like I was patronizing a mom and pop shop. The prices were right on point for a theater of this type. The concessions were less varied than other theaters in the area but that was okay for me.

Vicky Robinett

Love Salem Cinema! Always clean, good service, friendly! I also love that it's not part of a big corporation. Feels safe and comfortable!

John Strode

They always show the BEST films. Staff is so friendly. Just wish they had wine.

Sharon Kamiya

The BEST movie theater for film lovers! No texting, talking - sit back and enjoy movies in this intimate, friendly establishment.

Raymond Larson

Great independent movie house. Nice theaters, comfortable seating, excellent selection of films. Caution, if you can't be quite this house is not for you. Serious presentation ethics. THANK YOU for caring about the viewing experience!

Keith Hautala

Local indie theater boasting a consistently good mix of movies, with a strong tilt toward arthouse, independent, and foreign films not shown elsewhere in Salem. (Save a trip to Portland for another weekend!) Nice concessions, friendly staff, easy parking, decent seating, great screens, minimal sound leakage. What's not to love?

Michelle Vlach-Ing

Great movie theatre and good nosh.

Sandi Linck

Great theater!

Beverly Brauer

We love Salem Cinema.

Andrew Phillips

Most people are used to large multiplexes with a dozen screens showing the newest releases, so to watch a lesser known film in a smaller theater with just a few people was an entirely different and delightful experience. The venue is classy and sophisticated without being pretentious, and I made a mental note that this would make a lovely date night destination, should I be fortunate enough to find myself a date.

Corey DeVault

I love this theatre, it has a great vintage look

Barbara Trapp

Always excellent movies.

JefferyLee Stell

Awesome experience. Nice, small theatre showing arthouse movies.

Scott Erickson

Great movies, clean auditoriums, and good location. Love this little locally owned theater.

Dawn Presler

Great service

Wiseau Serious

This theater is a treasure, I'm so thankful that it exists

Auddy Groom

Super super comfortable and the staff is so friendly

rick Cappiccie

Nice small and hassle free theater. Shows independent movies and not the usual "mainstream".

Sharon Munsterman

This is my go to theater. Not only are they reasonable but they show movies that aren't junk. The theater is clean, the staff is friendly and there is parking. The popcorn is great and you can get it your way! I love this theater.

Noel Magee

Best movie theater and best films in salem.

ps g

We love it there

Kathleen Moynihan

Best theater in town !!!!~ Always my first choice for amazing selection in movies and savy staff. Clean and comfortable respectable audience ~ Again my first choice when looking to go to the movies ~

Douglas Schoonmaker

Very nice

jennifer kent

Wonderful 3-screen theater showing the small budget, foreign & art films you may not find @ larger chain theaters. Fantastic popcorn + snacks, too!

Teresa Zade

I really enjoy this theater. Thank you for offering a different set of movies in a very comfortable theatre. Also, great cookies and popcorn!!!

Drew Johnson

Best movie theater in town!

Jacob Woolery

Salem is extremely lucky to have Salem Cinema, which has consistently brought the best films to town for decades.

Rex The Barber

The atmosphere is very good

Jessica Main

Only independent movie theater. This is where the good movies can be found. Nice place too! Friendly staff.

Ken Day

Seats a little smaller than normal but nice people. Folksy.

Alexander Mozell

Salem Cinema is better than anything in Portland.


Cool cinema playing artsy kind of films


Went here on a date night with my lovely wife. I was super excited to try it out. When I walked in the place seemed clean and not too crowded. I then walked up to their snack area which I found a be confusing and lacking a selection for my tastes. Once I choose my product and paid I was waiting there for about five minutes before I was told that I was supposed to grab my own treat out of the basket. There was no sign stating this so I kind of felt weird that the they assumed I knew other then that the place was nice and I enjoyed my movie.

Gloria Feiring

Best theatre in their movies and afternoon times

Emily Goodman

Lovely independent movie theatre with quality films and a delicious variety of snacks.


I like this location better than regal cinemas. Better prices and quality of their food.

JoAnne Beilke

Great selection of movies. Movies generally not shown in mainstream theatre.


Great cinema overall, but it was very difficult to focus on the movie at times due to the high volume level. Other reviews have said this cinema is mostly frequented by older residents, so that might account for the volume setting. The staff was very nice and the theatre was very clean and gorgeous! I however probably will not be going back due to sensory issues.

Darcynewtonirving ESCarg0067

For the more unique movies! Comfortable seats and the chocolate truffles are to die for, so good.

Patricia Hanby

This is a lovely cinema,

Sarah Hamer

Salem Cinema has an excellent Social media presence. I communicated with them on Twitter about a film I wanted to see that they had not listed. Within a week they had arranged to have the film showing and they notified me via twitter. I was so thoroughly impressed with their response and their effort to bring the film to Salem. Thank you, Salem Cinema, for listening to your customers.

Kathleen Tom

Love the atmosphere, popcorn and real butter.

Robert Culley

Good movie, no beer.

P. Stauffer

Great spot. Too little leg room in many of the seats.

Deborah Day

Salem Cinema has the movies that you often won't see in mainstream theaters. I've never been disappointed with the artistic, thoughtful and powerful selections. The atmosphere is comfortable and the coffee is great!

Judy Koontz

Small theater where I can see the film's I love

Lance Cummins

Locally owned and always a good experience at the cinema. They truly love film and appreciate their customers.

Doug Depue

A recently built, beautifully modern, three auditorium, cultural theater with a constant offering of quality productions. The citizens of Salem are truly fortunate to have such an outstanding center for thoughtful and inspired entertainment .

Colette Adelman

I love being able to see non-mainstream movies, and the location is nice.

D. E. Smith

great theater. great movies. friendly people.

Mindy Kelly

A cozy small theatre that draws a mostly older crowd. Very comfortable seating and interesting selection of movies. We'll be back!

Casey Shaw

Movie selection is top notch. THANK YOU!!

Cris S

Great popcorn!

Don Mix

Good three screen intimate Art House Theater. Comfortable seating (a bit worn). Great selection of films. Interesting unusual snacks. Reasonable prices. Take your mom.

Neener Neener Neener

We went to see the Mr. Rodgers film and had a good experience. I love the Art Deco feel of the decor.

Michael Cairns

It was a great video experience.

Joyce Cornacchion

Nice small theatre that shows indie movies. Saw Glass Castle today

G presley

It's a small local movie theater.


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