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Theater was pretty good but it's kind of shabby. Looks 30 years old with 40 year old carpet

Cherlop Macho

Went to see the incredible Avengers end game, it was fantastic, the theater was so comfortable.

Lesley Anne Craig

Wonderful flick...a tonic for us oldies

Thatlvl100Raquzya2 lvl1000Godfartherthanos

I absolutely love this cinema the audio is perfect enough for people in the back row to hear the movie the rows are clean and tidy and service there is pretty good but the thing that I love the most is that when you open the door at the ticket register there is a arcade there.I know there is another one not to far away but this has 1st person shooter games and I personally love the 1st person type of games still I always watch the new popular movies

Kent Fuller

Only reason I dont give it 5 stars is the seats are still trash and that they're clearly following suit from cinemark with the reserved seating structure. Just without the great seats and schematics. Hopefully they do something drastic to set themselves apart, although I do enjoy their rewards program.

Bruno Reyna

Cool stores. Good to spend time. Great movie theater.

Kenneth Chambers

A nice, but typical mall theater, nothing fancy. Comfortable seats, good food bar. Had a good experience seeing Deadpool 2 here.

Shawn Edwards

Nice Regal experience

Jon-Michael Jacobs

Always clean, respectful & polite staff, many theaters, and quick electronic ticket purchasing. Double plus good

Tom Chamberlain

This is a freaking nice theater. Staff is super too.

Sammi Lewis

Purchased my tickets and snacks through the Atom app. Tickets were easy to pick up, snacks however took a bit longer because there wasn't a dedicated person to work the register, even so it was faster than the regular line. Lobby was clean, but 3 video/prize games were out of order. The theater was clean and the seats comfortable, we were in the Imax side, and yes the picture was sharper, but the volume was so loud it almost ruined the experience. It would be better if the theater added bass speakers and made the seats shake for effect. The best part were the employees. They were all happy and smiling and greeted everyone warmly. They made you feel welcome even tho they had to work on Christmas Eve.

ryan Tipton

The seats are terribly uncomfortable

Kristian Smart

Love the new seating. Recliners and comfy.

barbara charles

Love Regal theaters! Always clean. Always great service. ❤❤❤

Jean Goodwin

Nice facility. Spendy and no recliner chairs like at Cinemark movies 17

Father Time

No issues here

Rosie Manske

Worst customer service I’ve encountered!!! Took my son to see new Avengers for his birthday and somehow got mixed up between theaters ended up at gateway cinemark bout popcorn sodas etc then went to scan for tickets and ticket guy at gateway told me I needed to go to regal we zoomed across town and we’re able to get in just in time but not without the manager making my three boys throw away fresh soda and popcorn all candy from other theater cause he said we had to buy from them.... anyone knows snacks aren’t cheap on top of movie tickets so instead of understanding a mistake and willing to pay difference he still was rude and embarrassing and made us throw our goods out!

Juan Dillard

Trendy spendy but an excellent view.

Lisa Jensen

THIS is where we watch all the latest movies! The theater is nice and clean, the seats are nice with cup holders for everyone. We can order our tickets online, pick where we want to sit and then just go to the theater and the ticket person can scan in our code and we can be on our way. It is fantastic.

Amanda Havens

The theater is fancier than it used to be but I don't actually like the changes. Maybe you will? It's LOUD. It hurt my ears to be in the room. The seats are assigned so if you don't get your tickets early you may be stuck with front row seats. Of course, if you're not making last minute plans this means you can be sure to get seats together if you go with a group. The last time I went it was for of the moment and I was stuck in the front row. The front row is really low and really close to the screen so I found it painful to watch the screen. I had to leave because I couldn't watch that for 2 hours. Thankfully, the theater graciously refunded our tickets. I can't fault them on customer service. The seats are fancier than they used to be. They recline and are super cushy. However, they're really big, which is fine if you're of average stature. I'm 5' tall and the seat was too deep to be comfortable. The prices keep climbing ever higher. $5 for a water bottle is unreasonable. I get water bottles for 10¢ each at Costco. I understand they have to make money but that's a ridiculous markup.


We watched MA horror movies dont have a lot of people in the theater

Jason Rosenberg

Good Movie experience. Staff allowed kids to bring in soda.

Tara Kness

Wow. This place is a joke. Took my family here and customer service was horrible. They have young adults running the place ans the snack area that are disrespectful and rude. They were out of the advertised combo and offered no substitute for popcorn and drink and laughed as I walked away. I will never go here again. Customer service is bad and theatre is dirty and nasty Stay away!

Marsha B

I love their movie theater

Robert Deppa

Overall a really good theater. Good parking, quite a few screens, and good concessions. You can purchase beer there. The best part is the IMAX theater, It's great for most movies and really cool for 3D.

Ron Casch

Awwwwwwsome place. Curved screen. Seats that recline back like a lazy boy chair. Who does not like a late night movie sitting in a lazy boy. Huh huh right.


Ticket personnel customer service was good. Theatre quality was fine. The concessions were a different story, terrible customer service skills completely tilted my experience. Please stop sassing your customers. Thanks.

Stacey Bush

Nice and new venue..need more people at the ticket counter

Lucas Prange

I mean, it’s Memorial Day, and they’re understaffed. Long waits.

Aura Solomon

Love this theater

Dalton Thompson

After notifying staff kids were not only yelling curse words throughout the movie but also throwing plastic and popcorn at the audience they did absolutely nothing about it. With tickets and food that price we deserve to enjoy the movie we paid for.

Corey Klinge

I like Regal Cinema, but I do not love it. I think they are always a bit loud and pricey. I went to the IMAX for Aquaman, I enjoyed it, good screen good seating, but I did not enjoy how loud it was, by the end my ears were really bothering me.


The movies is a fun cool place to go the best part is geting your ticket the funny ticket guy and when you walk in you smell perfect popcorn and then you go in the movies and the dim lites and the big screen the excitement of the movie scarf happy romance all the better cute and beautiful the way you relax going in the movies

Sara Dixon

Decent mall, just wish it had a hot topic and or Gamestop.

Jim Au

Comfortable, nice seating where no one in front of us would block our view, good sound

Donald Roberts

My wife and I like this place to watch movies

Gabrielle LaGasa

Chose a late movie in Sunday. Wasn't busy at all. Only about 4 other people in the whole theater. Cleanliness was ok. They should do some remodeling and update it. Seats were not that comfortable. I prefer the theater on the other side of town. Popcorn was a little stale.

katykat 090

The movie was amazing but the person behind me kept kicking me seat

Jolene Denman

Comfortable seating, decent spacing for accessible seats, good sound quality. Usually on top of issues the moment they are mentioned. Ticket takers directly at top of ramp make for difficulty when pushing a wheelchair, but they accommodate readily.

Roger Bushnell

Nice and clean theater. Got a free popcorn, BD coming up

Melody Anne Murphy Kirk

I like this movie theater. They show most mainstream movies, there's rarely a wait, and there's usually a fair number of staff at the concession counter. The seats are comfy but don't recline, and I'd love a footrest but that's the other big movie house. Restrooms are tidy and I believe there's two sets. I also like the self-help kiosks where you can get tickets using your debit card. Volume is a tad loud.

Andrew Janeczko

Love this theater and the staff are awesome. The rewards program is great as well.

Jimmy Kubli

So imagine this "you go to a movie theater with reserved seating, but pay more because the seats are old and musky." That's what it's like going to this theater. If you're in the area and have the option. Go to gateway it's better.

Warren Casteel

A movie theater. Standard seating, no cozy recliners. Will always have a good selection of new Hollywood selections

Jennifer Crittenden

Unlimited is great deal!!!

Marnie Lambert

I love this theater. So glad they don't have those aweful reclining chairs, otherwise known as hip killers

Guy Metz

Extremely expensive I paid $9.90 for a420 show. Gateway is under $6 for a matinee and has electric reclining seats and you get lots of space go to Gateway

Darian Rasdall

The dudes at the ticket counter do need to learn to laugh a bit but the cinema itself is good.

Ivan Stanton`

We went at a great time on Sunday. Wasn't many people there at 3. Really enjoyed ourselves

Ben Howell

They sell good beer here! Chairs are comfy. View and sound all very good!

Passive 77

Honestly, very clean and professional establishment. Everything is just so expensive it's hard to get hyped to go to the cinema anymore

Rebecca Lindstead

It's nice enough but it's more spend than Cinemark17 and the seats aren't nearly as comfortzble. However, I like that you don't have to purchase tickets in advance.

Juicin with Jenn

The theater smells...seating is super tight handicap seating is horrible my husband's knees were slammed by the person in front...and it's more expensive than Springfield....never going there again

Ricky Diess

Very cool theatre. Ive only ever been to small town theatres and was blown away. The seats are amazing view at any seat in the theatres are good. As it is a movie theatre, it is very expensive

Allyson Cook

Cool place to see a movie

John Soliz

A good theatre in the mall, what else is better?

Daniel Wilhite

As I cannot leave a review for the corporate website I will leave the review here. I had a gift card and bought tickets for a showing a few days out from their website, they sent me tickets for a showing that day instead. I did not discover that the tickets were for the wrong day until I was getting ready to head to the theater. EVERY time I get a hold of someone with Regal Cinemas the tell me to contact someone different and that they cannot help me. So f*#k them, there are other better theaters in town.

Christina Powell

Clean but if your tall your knees hit the seat in front of you and seats are not that comfortable.

Tabitha Rose

Tonight we watched a private showing of Super Troopers 2. I want to thank Regal Cinemas for allowing us this opportunity. Your staff and facility are wonderful. This meant the world to all of us who were there tonight. 2 months ago today we lost Officer Smith, and this amazing establishment allowed us to watch this movie (Officer Smith's favorite movie) with our fellow officers, friends and family. Thank you Regal Cinemas from the bottom of our hearts.

Mike Grudzien

Great venue with great seats & sound system!

Kaylala B.

The ladies bathrooms are a mess everytime I'm there, always out of toilet paper in the stalls that aren't too filthy to use. Changing tables are usually gross and need cleaned. When you use a different restroom on the way out, it's in the same condition. If the ladies are that bad I can only imagine how the men's is. The seats have been clean for the most part when I've been there, but the restrooms being that gross every time is enough for me to go to another theater.

Elaine Baslee

They had dollar movies for the kids during the summer months, thank you

Sheri Lockbaum

We had a Gr8 time & hardly anyone there...prompt attention at the snack bar & bathrooms were pristine!!!

Sabrina Helvey

A little pricey except Tuesday and member points expire after a year. Theater itself is pretty good though.

Roy Dunn

Favorite movie theater. Not much else to say

Karen Wechner

Always seems a bit too loud, but Downton Abbey was fab.

Stanley L

Movie a Documentary on WWI very good Seating is above mems room and the urine smell was at times awful totaly wrecked the experienc drove two hour for the movie very disapointed probly wont return.

Margie Gordillo

Beautiful theater, very comfortable. Food is meh. Don't get street tacos unless you want a mall version. Besides food, best theater

Staci Smith

Always too hot in the theaters and the seats are not very comfortable. ( Need to upgrade Cinemark)

Jack West

If you want to go see a movie then this is the true movie going experience place! Staff is always super friendly and do a great job. Bathrooms are always more than clean, food is always fresh and hot. Prices are a bit high, but well worth it imo. The seats are all very extremely comfortable and clean! my one real deduction is the 3D glasses...always hurt my head...maybe because they are not the right size or little small for my head width...dunno. I've mentioned it once or twice if I am there for afternoon or mid day movie...but if its evening then no one is really left around as its closing time. I would highly recommend this theater for a truly great movie going experience!

Joyel Moore

The customer service was not that great and prices were incredibly high. The girl that made me coffee was pretty nice though. And of course we watched a great movie.

G Perez

Place was nice but they really need to have more registers opend when the line is more than 10 people waiting


love it here, so big, and so many options, fun people, good movies and seats, good screens and all around somewhere you need to try, got a movie in mind? go here :3

Zac Gomez

Very clean, super reasonable prices for a theater. Sign up for the rewards first!

Scott Bolton

My wife and I went to Regal Cinemas in Eugene to see Green Book. The volume was so loud it was actually uncomfortable. This volume level is unnecessary and could be damaging to the audience's hearing. Why do you maintain such a high volume? Next time (?) we go we will bring earplugs!

Darcie Ludeman

Nice theater. We even tried the headphones for Misophonia someone in my family has. They worked great! Thank you. Staff was great!

Lynnette Alexander

It's okay, but not the best

Rick Wiemholt

Very nice place, plenty large enough seating was very comfortable.

Laura Crawford

Of first time at a Movie Theater in 3 yrs. They arw great. Was very clean, customer service was a bit lacking. But is a busy place.

lori sandstrom

The sound system is awesome. Employees are friendly. The seats however do not compare to the gateway theater.

Cameron Russell

Love the IMAX! Comfortable seats and great sound.

Ciara Berryessa

Best movie theater ever!

Frank Phillips

Nice theater, little more expensive than otber local theater but more options

Jess BB

It was just like a regular movie theater.

Emmett Lyons

We always enjoy our family outings to this theater, pricing and quality of food is normal for movie venues across the board. I agree with having the alcohol priced higher than a bar or pub. Just like sports venues they/we don't want people going there to get drunk and having issues with customers. Unfortunately not everyone can handle their booze. Thank you for the great customer service!

Jeff Warren

Always a good time went and seen Alita an awesome movie. Now you can reserve your seats which is a fun addition

Mason Peckels

Honestly, I have been going to both the Valley river theater and Gateway theater for well over 15 years, and I have to say they have both evolved a lot. However, I think the regal has finally stepped their game up. Friendly staff, which hasnt always been the case, comfortable seating and a great selection of movie munchies. I totally recommend it if Gateways is to far away. I saw Glass with my Wife which was amazing! A little spendy though...

Patricia Lande

Very comfortable and clean. Staff very nice.

Eileen F

Tonight I watched Brightburn. Holy Cow. I haven't jumped outta my skin that many times in any movie ever & the Gorry meter was 1000+. The theaters sound system is off the hook! I heard every single bone crunching sound. My popcorn was delish & not too salty either.

peggy thomas

Like the Theater but they always seem to forget to turn on the automatic door so disabled people can get inside easily ... It's happened several times I've been there and using a wheelchair and opening their doors isn't easy and the kids that work there don't get it and don't know how to turn on the automatic door ...

Wonder Woman

Its that you can pick your seats (reservations) prior BUT they are very uncomfortable and tight together. This has a little more leg room then old school Theatre's ...need to update in seats like they did the commons area.

Shane Stalcup

I work as a support pro in the I/DD field, and these guys allow support professionals in free with the indivuduals they serve. They have a (imho) superior captioning system in the form of their caption glasses, and they take special care to ensure you have a good experience regardless of who you are. Yeah, they dont have recliner seats, but they do got a great sound system and the IMAX effect. I go to them more than any other theater so far

Tom Mossberg

A movie theater. Reasonably clean. Decent seats. Expensive popcorn.

Adrianne Baker

Staff is slow, unmotivated, and rude.

Jolene C

Wish you could reserve more seats but everything else was good

ama zg

So it was nice, but IMAX sucks. IMAX is way too loud. I'm telling anyone who sees this, NEVER GO TO IMAX, IT IS WAY TOO LOUD.

Chloe Reyes

During the week I feel like they can be understaffed. The movie theater itself is what to be expected. Can get hot during the summer, they need to turn on the air.

Loozer Dingus

This is one of the greatest movie theaters that I've ever been too, it's so big and still easy to navigate

David Prechtel

Most comfortable seats but took out second mortgage to buy popcorn. Sound volume will blow you out of the room but got that turned down.

Christine Cochran

AMAZING SOUND! Concession stands are friendly, clean, & quick. Bathrooms are clean with abundance of stalls. Most people respect the NO cellphone rule. All in all, a good time had with the family

Emilie Marrero

Nice and clean theater

Melissa Hisel

I ordered food from their "Artisan"menu and it was horrible. The food was very poorly made, not to mention it tasted horrible, and it took almost 30 minutes to receive just part of our order. I should of demanded a refund, but I didn't want to miss any more of the movie than I already had. Sticking with just popcorn from now on, that is, if I decide to go back.

Andrew Breding

Definitely a nice regular modern theater.

Belinda Anson

I love the surround sound and the seats close to the screen give you the ultimate movie experience and get this you can bring your own plastic water bottle and they will fill it for free and downloading there app. gets you reward points you can use on later purchases or save for even bigger things and after 2 movie purchases you get a $10 off your next visit for another movie. I love it

Dawn Hassman

Always fun to be here! Customer service was very nice.

Helen Frey

Noisy. Not the greatest food.

Lois Kent

Decent chance of getting good seats at the last minute, unlike the other mall theater.

Travis Humphrey

Not the best cinema, but not the worst, they show some interesting event movies, but do not have recliner seats or footrests, which makes sitting still for up to 3 hours mildly uncomfortable.

Alexandria Villa

This place allows everything to be done online. I was able to get my tickets for a fair price by booking far in advance and was able to use my points from the regal cinema app to upgrade my popcorn and my drink. The theatre was clean, the staff inviting. We saw a late movie, so we were the only ones in the theatre! Very cool!

Colton Williams

There's not a lot to complain about but the one thing that I can't stand is that they keep the theaters at bone chilling temperatures. They need to provide blankets if they can't just heat it to room temperature. I know for a fact that it shouldn't be warmer outside on a 60 degree day than it is in the movie theater. Might as well do jumping Jack's the whole movie

Juan Pablo

Customer service is very poor the gentleman at the ticket kiosk was not friendly at all, made me feel like an inconvenience. I still told him said thank you and have a nice day and no reply. Don’t like the job simply quit then.


I don't go to the movies often, I'm so used to Chromecast, or Netflix, etc. I'm never disappointed when I do go though. The snack stand workers are awesome! They do theirjob as quickly as possible, especially when it comes to a decent crowd.

Debra Burke

Once upon a time I would have given 5 stars, but now as a temporarily wheelchair-bound patron, I have to say that the seating is not comfortable at all for disabled movie patrons. The handicapped seats are too low, everything rocks, there is no stable railing to grab onto, the handicapped seats are too close to the row in front of them, and there is a very slippery tiled area where your feet are supposed to rest. I was physically exhausted and miserable by the time the movie was over. Everything else was great- the sound, picture, cleanliness, friendliness, safety and access. But the handicapped seating was literally a misery.

Frank Heflin

Great seats

Ro Zientara

Uncomfortable seats and too much noise in the theatre. Concession lines way too long and way too slow. It's just not worth it when you can go to Cinemark's comfy theatres with quicker staff, better soundproofing, and wider isles.

Karl Kurien

Seat selection a great idea but a couple of the cinemas were not fully cleaned in between shows. In this case though to be fair shows in these theaters were half an hour apart

John Garrison

Nice theater, great audio, & decent seating. Will go again

Connie Thornton

I bought 2 packs of two tickets for $ 18.99 each at Costco. I took myself, my 2 - 7 yr old granddaughters, and my 4 yr old grandson to the movies. If I had paid cash, it would have cost me about $ 21.00, but by using the tickets I had to use all 4, which cost me $ 37.98. They used to credit the amount on the left over tickets. I guess they don't now and that's totally unfair and cheating the consumer. I would rather pay more and use cash at the Gateway Cinema where the seats are more comfortable. I am so mad at Regal Cinemas at Valley River that I will not be going there for a long time, if ever again.

rebecca halladay

Saw a movie in IMAX and continually had my chair bumped. Cinemark doesn't have that problem, way nicer with the seat dividers and cheaper

James Roberts

Really fluid when not crowded

Shivadas Glass

Easy ticketing through Atom, I have a discount code and my bank gives cash back on Atom purchases. We easily got in and to our reserved seats. The picture and sound quality of IMAX was impressive.

Scott Manton

Great night at the movies. Only reason for 4 rather than 5 is I'd like a little more foot room on the average row. However, don't know of any theater that has enough room on most rows

Frank Hubbard

Very friendly people working at this place. Love the stadium seating.

beverly conant

We like going to the Regal. Staff good, rest rooms always clean. Only thing is we are on a seniors budget and they don't have $5.00 deal's like Cinemark in Springfield, Oregon. But folks it's still a very good movie to go to.


We love this place. Very nice and good food

John Bell

Dirty, outdated, expensive... the only positive things of note are the screen size and rewards program.. Otherwise, this is the most expensive theater in town and also the most outdated and generally dirty interior, always messes in the auditoriums when you come in.

T Hol

Very nice theater, good prices & an overall fantastic experience. Would definitely come here again.

Allen Bates

Great Movies in 3-D. With curved screen and great sound. Popcorn is delicious. Would definitely recommend this movie theater to anyone. 3-D movies are a little expensive we paid 16.45 per adult

BS BookSnare

Comfy seating & excellent sound. Matinees are cheap too

Veronica Santos

Good cinema. Perfect location.

Mela Rene'

Comfy seats, awesome options but the sound is a little bit to loud.

Sherwood James

Frontmost side seats are worthless, and you can see the pixels in three front third rows. Overall great experience, sound is LOUD, you may need to cover your ears during the trailers. Definitely recommend.

Patricia White

Many audio problems but comfortable seats and good selection of films.

Kelly Sanders

We went and watched Spiderman Far From Home in was so loud.

Andres Ascencio

The staff is awsome but they are unfortunately wayy understaffed

Jem Magika

The women's bathroom was out of order, and I had a 4 year old girl with me who needed the restroom. We had to use the men's restroom. And the earliest kid's matinee that was supposed to be child friendly was extremely loud, and we kept moving to seats further back to get farther away from it, until we finally ended up in the back row. We really needed earplugs. It even hurt my adult ears. You should always offer free earplugs at all of your movies, or turn the sound down!

Zakorey Barkchip

Nice place, make sure you have a regal card for meals cause it literally saved me like $7 on a purchase which gave us a really good deal on our food. Nice staff, I do like Cinemark better.

Elizabeth Wylie

I love the movie "Hell of a Story". It reminds me of the McCarthy era Blacklst. I thought we were to stupid to tell "Communist" and blacklist anyone in any profession, but I guess we are not. Now we call them "Al-Qaeda". I don't know communist is easier to spell tha Al-Qaeda

Matilda Wiskow

I go here a lot and the prices are great

Marcie Ellsworth

Overcome is an awesome movie. Very inspiring

Susan Bourgeois

If only they had reclining seats!

Gary Walter

It's bright, it's shiny, and the sound and video were great. But having not been to a theater in years, I now know why... The food. There are no healthy alternatives, and it's expensive.

Patrick McCune

Clean restrooms, great sound and high quality video.

Harmony Cannon

Very friendly staff and great customer service.

Leah Hawkensen

Enjoyed seeing Dumbo today! It was alot of fun and IMAX was great too

Christy Buchmann

Clean place with friendly people. But typical too expensive snack bar...5 plus for water. Really?? And the sound was unbelievably loud.

James Wright

Went to see a popular new release on a Friday night. I was literally the only person in the showing I went to. It was great.

Victoria Jones

Awesome experience


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