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REVIEWS OF Regal Tigard IN Oregon

Veronica Santos-Rivas

Is just okay.

Stuart Ladd

Good movie. Prices on the food and drinks are outrageous, but that's any movie theater.

Tommy Bailey

This is one of my favorite theaters to go to and not just because it's close! Minimal lines, usually fast concessions.. This is the place to go!

Rae Divine

Older theater,great service

Nicole Stanford

We have seen a couple of movies here and I have enjoyed both of our visits. The seats were comfortable and the theater was clean. All of our interactions with staff were pleasant and friendly. We will definitely return!

Robert Bremmer

Always a seat, clean, always good parking. Been going since 1992. Price of snacks is out of hand but that's true everywhere.


Tigard cinema isn't the best theater in town but it's right around the corner and it rarely fills up so much that you're bumping elbows with the local weirdo who won't stop talking over the movie. Good popcorn, overpriced tickets for the quality of the theater, but hey, at least it's not as busy as cinetopia.

Richard Galarza

It's an older Movie theater, nothing fancy, straight up Movie enjoyment, the place was clean,theater sound was good, popcorn was delicious. Had a good time watching Aquaman.

Karen Shapiro

Tuesday bargain ticket prices are the best - we don't have them in Salem. Wish they had stadium seating.

Katelynn Hitsman

Average movie theatre. If you prefer the old school movie theatres that have a lot of seats this one is good. They also run a summer movie special for kids. $1 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday’s throughout the summer. These are great!

Emalee Long

Everything was great besides the walls which are not super sound proof. We were watching Mary Poppins Returns and I could clearly hear the theater playing next store and both my husband and I could probably guess which movie it was. It was pretty distracting.

Jean Goodwin

High priced run down theater. Customer service was great

Diane Herzstein

Nice staff ...personable and professional all in one!

Georgia Dean

Good location for rest after shopping

Christopher Claggett

Nice clean theater. Could use a bit of air freshener, smelled like a bit of BO in the place.

Ryan Bamford

For a Regal Cinema this is definitely one of the worst locations I have been to. It is highly needed of a remodel. The theater smelled musty with no AC, Old uncomfortable seats with non reserved seating. The employee at the front said it wasn't very full and our showing was packed only to settle for the very front row. I would definitely drive farther for a cinema with better amenities.

Patt Dolan

Lots of choice in movies. Comfortable seats. Nice manager and decent service. Clean theaters.

Dawn O'Connor

Excellent popcorn. Clean theater awesome movie!!

Elizabeth Kemp

The Customer service my DD client and I receved was above an beyond. Especially from the Manager.

Karen Symms

Have left things twice in this theatre and they have always been able to return them. Staff competent, friendly and helpful. Our favorite place for movies due to excellent parking and availability of seats.

Bob Smith

Comfy seating, good view of screen too.

Lex S.

Decent theater, convenient, comfortable, and good concessions. My only complaint is that the walls are too thin—you can hear other movies playing, which is kind of distracting. (Not as distracting as people texting during the movie, but that’s not the theater’s fault!) Otherwise, good theater overall.

Alex Beats Cancer

This place is never too crowded. They have a large variety of concessions and stacks in the lobby as well as beer and stuff. Lots of different movies playing. There is a ton of parking and they kept ot fairly clean. Overall had a good experience here.

Tammy O'D

Good movie experience, never overly crowded!

Mike Lindsay

For whatever reason, they did not have a ticket counter. You had to buy your tickets from concessions. The lines were really long and going so slow. Timed the groups ahead of us, 8 minutes for 1 soda, 1 popcorn, and tickets. Considering we showed up 15 minutes before our movie, we missed all the trailers but one. Will do my best to not go back to this theater.

Kieshia Evans

nice place

Robert Vigori

Enjoyed a movie with my family and we thought it was quite the nice place. Only giving four stars because the popcorn was kind of stale. Otherwise, a great place. We'll come back, despite the popcorn.

Paul Jancsek

Went there for the first time in five or six years. Still a nice place. Clean and comfortable.

Miss Joy

For some reason, ghetto rude af people attend this theater. This woman asked my bf & i to move when she should be looking for seats to fit her group. I absolutely did not want to switch seats. I got there early enough to find our seats & i did not want to be told to move. I hated that & it affected my experience there. I will not return to this theater.

Aaron P

Seats are comfortable. Pricing for concessions isnt bad either compared to other theaters.

Nanc Guardado

I always go to this theater! always has good costumer service and the regal club card is AMAZING! There is always deals on popcorn and soda for $5.00 or sometimes even free popcorn (using your regal club card)! I watched the new captain marvel movie on tuesday which is the best day to go! The ticket was only $5.50! I also went on friday to watch How to train your dragon and I got free popcorn because of the points from my club card! So much better than cinetopia or century.

Adventure Mckinley

Theater hasn't changed since I was a boy

Chris Appling

Great little theatre - I see all of the new marvel movies here

Will Burns

Pretty great theater.

Always An Adventure

Spent a comfortable, quiet Monday night watching a movie

Tammy R

Clean, not over crowded, free popcorn refills

Julianne Kirk

Very clean and always fresh food.

Linda Emmons

They need to hire people to take your money out front too long to wait in line at the concession stand at pay

Tom Knapp

This may be my favorite cinema in the area. It can be hard to see from the street since it's way back behind a few buildings and trees, but the marquee at the street is easy to spot.

Bill Lewis

It was nice to come back. I don't go to a lot of movies anymore but Tigard was the place I went. It was a nice experience to see a very important movie and have very respectful people in there. Thank you

Kathy P

This place is amazing!

Elisabeth Jordan

Love the cheaper tickets on Tuesdays. Love free screenings.

Liz Duncan

Love the $5.00 Tuesdays... Always great when you can catch a break in today's economy... And it's great for family nights out with kids...

Genifer Wallace

Not bad. Be sure to double check your order.

Ally Alexander

Nice clean friendly.

Ethan Whitted

Very high prices. However, the building is very nice with a clean interior and lots of (overpriced) snacks. Parking is good. One benefit of this place is that they have a lot of screens so they show a large selection of movies. If no where else is playing your movie and you don't mind paying a little bit extra, this is a good place to go.

Brian Droege

Nice quiet cinema that doesn't get overcrowded


Completely outdated. Needs major renovation. Decor looks 1980s

Angela Yancy

For an older theater it's really holding up pretty well. It doesn't have all the modern seating options and newest tech I don't understand (maybe that's why I like it). You don't have to reserve seats in advance so you can decide that day to go see a movie with friends/family and still sit together. You do however need to be there early to get your sets but that's just the way movies have always been. It's not overly crowded like newer theaters. Tuesday is half price popcorn, yum. In addition to the standard concessions they have a food menu and alcohol menu which I have not tried. Concession staff has been hit and miss but that's like going to fast food too. Give yourself plenty of time for the line and the potential of getting a slower employee so you don't miss your movie. We will be watching movies here in the future.

Ashwin Prabhu

One of the cleanest Regals I have seen.. The best part is there is ample light in the waiting area so it helps a lot being in Portland. I believe they are under staffed. But the staff there is very helpful and polite Standard regal food and soda options Ample of parking and there is never traffic on the route. The seats are comfortable. Enough leg room..

Ricc Willett

Clean, with helpful staff

Ryan Chamberlain

Relaxed environment with good beer on tap (for about the same price as soda) and plenty of theaters. Usually you get the seat you want and the people are friendly. Honestly, the beer was my favorite part. I was surprised at the affordability of the beer in comparison to other items available for sale. The theater smelled like mildew, and no matter how I look at it, that's two star reduction. Time for some spring cleaning folks!

Michael Helton

I love going to this theater to avoid the crowds and you don't need to dress up. Super casual and slightly cheaper than the newer regal theaters. It has a more local, family feel to it.

Mat Isham

Regals method for "dealing" with serving alcohol is bass akwards, takes too much and is unenjoyable. There are better ways to be compliant while still serving alcohol. Method reeks of a corporation's risk management wagging the dog.

LorriAnn Love

Great theater! Saw "Us" great movie!

Christopher Gasser

Theater is clean and well maintained. The audio and visual technology is kept up to par so movies look and sound good even on their smaller screen. There is no stadium seating, so seeing a new movie usually means you'll be contending with somebody's head in front of you. This location offers reduced pricing on Tuesdays, which is further reduced if you're a card member. Just be careful around holidays as this pricing is not applied then.

Nadia Oshish

Never any line which is great. Downside though that there is not always someone behind the food counter so you stand there waiting for quite a bit... then there is also no one to check your tickets and I'm not sure why that is. People can just walk in for free. There are staff that walk in and out during the movie which gets very distracting and annoying because all they do is walk up and down stand there in the aisle for a bit then leave to come back later... I dont know what the policy is but it really ruins a scary movie..

Jeffrey Martin

Quiet theater but very nice looking. Movies are the same at any theater but this one is a nice balance from modern theaters and classic 90s style. No stadium seats in the theater I went in but they didn't force me to reserve a seat either which is a good thing.

alex summers

It was great with one exception. During every slow or quiet part of end game we could clearly hear the music from the movie next to us and it was definitely ruining the mood.

Jesus Vargas

I had an amazing time with my boys I love the atmosphere and the service

Conald Frostig-Miller

Took almost 10 minutes to get to the concession stand there was a long line with only one register open. But the staff was friendly.

William Sikkens

It's ok but kind of a weird layout. Prefer the newer theaters with leather.

Rita Eagle

My favorite movie theater.

Tamara Espinoza

Love the big sparkly sign. BEAUTIFUL

Joseph Mkwawa

A good place to watch a movie on Tuesday evening. The atmosphere there is just right to have a good time.

Matthew Peterson

This is my favorite not incredibly busy secret theatre. It's older and has seen better days but that doesn't bother me. You probably shouldn't come here so it stays less crowded for me

Dan Mc

Close to my home and fun to watch movies.

David Dixon

A consistent theater we enjoy going to which isn't too far from our house. I enjoy the Tuesday deal with Regal where you get a discount! This theater is tucked away and feels like it has seen its prime, but still a great place to see movies without all of the frills.

Frank Rodriguez

This is my theater of choice because there's always plenty of parking and they offer discount Tuesdays, unlike most theaters. I get a free ticket about every 10 movies, which is always nice. The seats are comfortable and the audio quality is on point.

Claire Schmidt

It's a nice theater. A bit more expensive than some local theaters. If I'm just seeing a movie, I go to Regal Tigard 11. It does limited releases of many indie films. It's in Bridgeport Village so lots of good shops and restaurants right next door.

Ker Lyssa

Older style theatre, not stadium. Was clean with good quality sound and picture. Went early on rightward Tuesday for discount tickets and it wasn't crowded.

Brian Croft

Nice theater. Saw a film in theater #8. Staff at the concessions was polite and professional. The audio and video were of good/standard performance. The seats are the old style fixed ones, not like some with the more luxury style.

Steven Arizona

A solid 3 Star Theater but really not much better than that. Bleeding sounds from other rooms the occasional speaker distortion and smaller screens make this a nice place to go to but not the best place to be at. It would be nice if their screens were a little larger. And it would be nice if one of the rooms had the reserved Lounge seating because I would rather pay a little more sometimes to get a really nice seat with a good view.

Debby Faulkner

Seats are crammed together so you have no room. Sound is good though.

pork shorts

Great movie but this place is in desperate need of an update! A bit dirty and dingy.

Spencer Judd

Staff are amazing

Deborah Mountz

Great Theatre offering several genre to choose from. I went on a Friday Night with my dog and was not crowded at all. Families with kids all ages welcome. I like it and will visit again.

b v

Would give 5 stars but no recliner seats ...nice and quiet

Brian Sprouse

I do not like the New assigned seating system, I had to find my assigned seat in the dark with my light on my phone

Cassandra Schrodt

Quite pricey but nice, clean and comfortable. Saw Midsommar here during the day and it was nice having the whole theater to ourselves.

Matt V H

Could be updated, but that's part of its charm

David Kasakove

Nice comfortable seats not enough room for food though.

Wes C

Not Recliner sheets. But clean and plenty of room.

Dee Trim

Great theater, need more help at concession stand.

smile it's just a game

Cane with family, and I got a beer. That was nice :) the theater is clean and the staff is nice.

Austen Henson

Generally pretty quiet. I've never had a bad experience


We went to see Godzilla king of the monsters loved it btw great screen to wach and great sound

Lux Ferre

The only time we go here is when it's a free showing.. the theaters are older and it's feels like it..

wink Shingleman

They serve beer, pizza, ice cream and of course pop corn. You'll want for nothing at regal cinema

Keiko Szabados

Family oriented. Great place to watch a movie, drink a beer. Friendly staff member. They always make you feel comfortable

Matthew Crackel

This is a fairly basic theater, getting into the parking area can be a little complicated sometimes,depending on which direction you come from. I have only been here a few times when they had the right showing and I was in the area. Haven't found anything to make it stand out or to the detract from it. Would suggest for basic theater movie watching. It does have bathrooms and is handicap accessible.

Bass Deficit Official

Been going here my whole life

Luke Arreola

The quality of the movies are great popcorn and soda are a good price but candy is way over priced

Cian W.

Lol they didn't even check our tickets 10/10

Laura Gonzalez

The ones downtown mall SW 5th at least seats lean back hard get comfortable. Not very crowded though. Good food selection.

April Sunshine

This place is hidden by the walmart and that's likely why it seemed so empty! There's no other possible reason. The food was hot, fresh and yummy. The theatre was clean with good picture and sound, and the staff was friendly and helpful. I'll definitely be back!


They have wide selection of movies and hours are convenient. You should be aware of low price days if you intend to save big.

j noyes

Great place to see a movie, not ridiculously crowded look some other places

James Julian

Been going here for years excellent establishment.


Great time watching a movie

Dakota Prose

Always amazing service here. And they never skimp me on the extra movie theater butter!

Bart Mattingly

My kids and I love this theatre, hardly full of people, so seating is pleasant, great snacks and beverages.

Char Nacht

Good atmosphere nice people. Your theater seats are roomy. I don't feel like my 'space' is being invaded. It's a great theater

Mark Kaminski

Very good for weekday matinees.

Randal W. Randy Bacon Reagan

I was their a long while ago .. I don’t see movies anymore , that’s because of Democratic supporters acting very dumb and racist grammar & I can’t stand Ron whyden as clappominiact with rooter for his new job in Congress ...

Wendy Rhoades

Very clean and quiet. Pretty limited concessions

Janice Hoffman

Loved the new seats. Could only get seats in the 2nd row but turns out being able to recline made it a very enjoyable viewing experience!

Tom Stanton

Good parking, theatre numbers in odd arrangement.

Cedric Nash

Excellent movie theater! If you like busy crowds go on Tuesday were the ticket is cheaper. I don't like big crowds, so I like to go late at night. I love this regal because the theater is very well kept up the sound quality is amazing and the picture is perfect every time. The service is great as well. There is no stadium seating here so if you go to a movie that is crowded good luck. There is plenty of parking outside. Also if you are not hungry for popcorn or nachos there is a subway next to it. This regal always has the latest and best movies. I highly recommend this Regal!

Execute Order: 66

Best regal I have ever been too

Tim O'Dea

This is a good theater to go to if you don't want to be surrounded by people, as it's usually not too busy. The seats are not stadium, but sloped downwards just enough that you shouldn't have any issues unless you get seated behind someone really tall I would guess.

Jennifer Stafford

Great way to beat the heat go watch a movie and a nice cool movie theater with fresh buttered popcorn and drink

James Forster

The seats smell like butt sweat. But otherwise a good theatre.

christina cudworth

Love coming here on $6 Tuesday!!! They have added beer, wine and an extended food menu for when popcorn just isn't cutting it :)

Sierra Rice

Tuesday discount is amazing, but crowded. I'm not sure why there is only one side of concessions open ever, but usually the lines are fast.

Kota Grace

Fun, enjoyable place, food is quite expensive

Benjamin Bakaitis

Definetly one of the best theaters in the area. Plenty of show times

Albert Reel

The theater was clean and overall nice. The prices for food were expectedly high. The choose your own seat feature was not helpful. Ticket sales had to be handled by the concessions which was remarkably slow.

Jayne Reid

Not crowded like most theaters. Very clean and popcorn is always delicious. Try the new menu also if you want lunch or lite dinner. Not a beer or wine drinker but that's on the menu for your enjoyment.

Courtney Barraza-Wilks

Perfectly average theater layout with good flicks. Gotta say the size of the sodas really let you to get more bang for your buck. Much bigger than I was expecting, which makes it feel like much less of a ripoff. A good time.

Susan Crabtree

it's a nice place to watch a movie, typical Regal.

Ryan Gunderson

One of the best theaters around! I've been going here for 20 years! Just saw Mid90s this week!

She Ash

Not the worst movie theater in the region. I doesn't have recliner chairs. It was clean. There weren't many customers for the Saturday morning movie times. The was no waiting line for purchasing food.

Rich Milbradt

Good, but I read another review that said they had the nice big recliner seats. Theaters 7 & 8 didn't, otherwise wasn't bad.

shawn blair

This theater always is well kept and everyone is usually friendly.

Margaret grambusch-brown

Love how it's set up!

Kimberly Vickery

Nice theatre, but you get your tickets at the concession stand, which is fine if you want food, but if you just want a ticket, you still have to wait in line as others get their food.

Lynda Malerstein

I love this place. Big theater with no stairs, ample parking, convenient location. I will be back.

Peter Hope

The theater more than adequately provided a good movie experience.

Karen Brokken

Got to see Avengers End Game before noon on a Friday in 3D the morning after it came out.

Tom Rust

Clean and courteous!

Denver Garrison

So expensive, but clean and we'll maintained like others have said. The movies sometimes are quite loud but the picture is great! The popcorn is very tasty and not too salty like other places. If you want any other goodies, I would definitely recommend bringing them yourself.

Jacob Lofthus

The people are friendly, and I had a good time.

Sabrina H

Great theater, clean and plenty of parking. I just wish it had each screen's movie displayed above the door and stadium seating. Everything else is lovely.

Paul Van Sickle

Older but perfectly fine multiplex.

Sarah Roussos

It needs a remodel. It's an old style theater, with seating accordingly. If you're looking for stadium seating, you won't find it hear.

Manda White

Saw Toy Story 4 with my child, I hadnt been to a movie in about 4 years or so and this was their 2nd time in a big theatre and it was great, they are extremely expensive. Not a super crowded theatre so Perfect for a new comer to the big screen, the only issue is the seats they are really comfortable but my child had a hard time making it not fold up while sitting in it now at almost 5 he weighs around 53 lbs that should be plenty of weight to keep it from doing that but its not and because of that the super expensive candy that I had just purchased for him spilled while he was trying not to be folded up like a taco, and his drink got dropped as he was taking a sip and trying to again not let the chair fold him up. 50lbs should be plenty of weight its rediculous that he was even having to force it down at all.

lucas Sanders

Love this place. If you go to late shows its just like theatre in forest Grove that will have the place to yourself. Snack shop is kind of blah though.

Eric Erickson

She may be old, but never wait and theaters always have room to spare. Staff is nice and quick. If you like movies and care more for quiet theater and empty seats than newest tech, this is the place.

Logan Bishopric

Always playing a wide selection of movies and with many theaters and a large parking lot, the place rarely fills up. The ticket prices are manageable but food and drinks are very expensive and not the healthiest options.

David McGee

Comfortable seats with easy to see sreen from all seats. Quant theater not like the pretentious Bridgeport Theaters where the assigned seating is a classic failure.

Alex O'Neal

Been awhile since I've been to the movies, but I was pleased with the experience here. Forgot how expensive it is to come, but gotta make money some how! Great theater , and friendly staff. The rooms are decent, and chairs are comfortable.


Great deals and they had all the most current movies at many different showtimes.

Laura Ladd

Why is it that snacks are more expensive than the movie? I don't buy snacks.

Michael S

Surprise assigned seating now. Yuck

Kim Boyce

Clean, nice staff, comfy seats, very large auditorium

Iam You

$5 Tuesday movies, but that's the only time it's worth it to see a movie here. Uncomfortable seats and poor angles. I had someone's head stuck in my line of vision due to an old set up. Needs to be remodeled.

Vanessa Ramirez

Great movie place

Gillian Daley

Watched a movie with my little brother and dad. Pretty good movie, of course. Like all movie theaters. The snacks weroverpriced. But otherwise it was quite enjoyable. Fun place to go with family and friends.

Tonya White

Saw a movie in theater 8. The walls are thin and we could hear explosions from the movie next door. The seats are very uncomfortable. There are no changing tables. The theater was a mess. Really disappointing.

Nicholas Bambrick

My girlfriend and I love going to this thearter! It is so nice to have a place to go out and enjoy the big screen.

Gene Craig

Good Parking, not overcrowded

Bruce Allert

Very big theater with a super cool giant entrance. The sound systems are good but played too loud for my taste. The seating can stand an update too. It’s clean and the staff is friendly.

Lars Settle

I found a literal cup of piss in the bathroom.

noah schoenbeck

Small but great list of showings

David Taylor

Small but great theatre

Supréme rámú

This theatre is great. Regal Cinema is really is upping their game. "Luxury loungers" in every theatre so you can recline on a big plushy chair. Armrests go up so you can get close to your date. Reserved seating so you don't have to show up ridiculously early to get good seats. The arcade is nice, and they've got a great concession set up. Bathrooms consistently clean. Staff very attentive to guests, especially when there's a problem in the theatre. Also, this is one of the few theatres around that shows Fathom Events. Only warning? Get coffee ahead of time. Their Starbucks is beyond outrageous. Other than that, it's a great choice that I’ve ever made.

Lilian Arreola

Nice interior and service and snacks


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