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REVIEWS OF Regal Stark Street IN Oregon

Monica Mc Neal

Clean, shows always on time

James Kemp

Senior discounts on Wednesday.

Don Hokanson

Standard Regal. Clean, safe, order online to save yourself from waiting.

Nick Stumbo

Love this theater. Staff is always super friendly. On a snowy night we were the only people there! Keep in mind that ticket sales are often outside, so get there early so you don't have to stand in line in the cold or rain. The ticket area is covered, but sometimes the line stretches out and you stand in the rain for a bit.

Zoey Talent

Favorite place to go watch a movie! Staff is all lovely and very friendly.

Olivia Dick

Love this place. Been going here my whole life.

Christina Treanor

Saw Shaw and Hobbs good action movie awesome

Valeria Luna

Awesome Movie and place defently going there again

Valerie Fazzolari

I do not care for the assigned seating

Gregg Garrison

First time at movies in years, paid 1250 for movie 13 for medium popcorn and large water.


I think this is a great movie theater. I have been going to this place ever since I was a little boy. The staff members are great. And the overall quality here is great. I really enjoy watching movies here.

Shannon Kerwin

Always clean and nice staff. Only gave 4 star because of prices!! Lol!

Bryan Paulsen

Very good overall the seats are little bit ridgid and watching a three hour movie in those seats is a little rough they dont rock or recline all you can do is just shift your butt back and forth.

Steve Wheeler

Very nice theater, friendly staff, good shows... the only complaint I have is the prices on their goodies, I mean over 5 dollars for a bottle of water,if it weren't for that I would definitely give it a 5 star rating

Joshua Bradley

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A Lisa Thisisme

Dumbo with grand daughters was fun

R.M. Putnam

We, my husband and I love to go to regal cinema. My husband is handicap and uses a wheelchair. The manager at regal gave us help taking the wheelchair out of our trunk and putting it back when we leave. Love the senior discount.

Josh Joseph

Great place. Thankful they have dairy free butter on the popcorn, makes my wife very happy.


Had a long line for tickets/concessions because not enough staff for a friday night

Brandon Secondary

Its a calm quiet location although I have seen some children movie hopping and the children at this particular time were quite loud and obnoxious. But when they left me and my girlfriend has a good time watching the film

Maria Schnebly

I enjoy this movie theatre.. Its fun and classic.. Old School..

Michael White

The seat was upright and rigid...very uncomfortable. I was the the 1st theater for "First Man". I seem to recall the other theaters had seats that would lean some.

Ronnie Lewis

They put the times up and I appreciate it

michelle austin

I love this theatre. Incredibly clean and awesome staff! Highly recommend

Shannon Lee

Nice theater. Clean, spacious & comfortable. Reasonable prices.

Shane Barber

This place is really fun. It really brings me back to great memories from growing up in the 90s. I really have no complaints. They don't have the newest, greatest, most high tech screens or auditoriums but it's easy to get in and out, in a convenient location, and all the people who work there are nice. The screens are fine and the audio is actually great. If you want a touch of the 90s and don't need fancy seats or food served at your seat, this is a fine place.

Jeremy Rose

Bathrooms were clean. Food service is woefully slow

Dee Shackleton

This theater is just a few blocks from our home so it's our usual choice if we want to see a movie. It's a first run theater and offers a wide selection of films. The building is kept clean and in good repair, and the staff is pleasant. Overall, a good place to take in a movie.

Tracy Calderon

Third time bern here and no volume

Tony Hill

Been going here for 25 years and I've never had a bad experience. It lacks some of the fancier features of other theaters like beer and couches and such, but it's a great place to go watch films.

Christopher Stauf

Very nice and comfy friendly staff

dante hill

Great staff. Very well managed! Hidden gem. These guys deserve an IMAX. I take my daughters to various theaters. Still, this local favorite is rarely beat. Great job!!!

Annjeanette D

Love this theatre, always clean and friendly staff. They once tried to give me not so fresh popcorn and when I asked for fresh they immediately accommodated.

Justin Greever

Overall a great theater. You can purchase alcohol from the counter and enjoy it while you watch your movie! Concession prices are a bit high, but that just seems to be any theater. They don't mind if you bring outside food in with you, or at least they have never stopped me and told me it was against their rules, just make sure it's not something messy or smelly, and keep it small, don't bring a large pizza in the theater ;) Staff is friendly, and they will always ask if you are a Regal Cinemas member, and for good reason, you do get some nice perks if you use the theater more than twice a month!

Joi Shervey

Lion king is excellent. Lady's room needs to be larger.

Chase Spear

Nice small theater. Not much to say, clean theaters and seats.


It was annoy to do anything

Blane Hartleb

It was good....but I don't understand why movie theaters are so cold. We brought a blanket as well as others.

Keenan Krum

Great staff, great screens, and great movies at great prices. What more do you want?

Sadako Hoffman

Prices are outrageous, but what movie theater doesn't have outrageous prices. The seats aren't particularly comfortable but other than that the theater is good.

Joel Aguirre

Very nice place!

Karl Osladil

A smller theater that offers the same grand experience as any of the larger places, this feels like a classic neoghborhood cinema. A great place to go to experience a night out!

Ricc Willett

Clean, with helpful staff

Ethan Maffey

Older theater. Clean but no stadium seating. No premium sounds. While concessions are normal I don't like the butter at this one. Continually under staffed food stand. But... it's a theater. Not sure what else you would want from one as old as this. I've never seen a theater renovate to include stadium seating so it's unlikely to happen. Though I have seen one from this same era upgrade to larger 8 recliners. So maybe there is hope. Ample parking is a plus here I suppose.

bruce chirre

Clean and good picture and sound system. Great popcorn

Bernardo Viscarra

Very clean the theater and the restrooms. I signed up for the rewards plan they offer. You get points for all you spend on admission and the snack bar. You can redeem for tickets and snacks. Only 5.50 on Saturday and Tuesday.

Andy M.

Popcorn was great!

Jeffrey Martin

Lots of parking, even when its busy I was able to find a good spot. There is Jack in the Box or a sports bar and grill right there in the lot too if you get hungry before/after the movie. Usually not a very long line to buy tickets and concessions. Theaters are nice, typical Regal Cinemas stadium seating with an aisle of seats for handicap/wheelchair seating and flat "standard" seating in the front section neartest the screen. They show a lot of previews so you can add 20 minutes average to the "start time" of any movie you see here. This is a good theater, doesn't feel ghetto or run down but its not fancy either, just a standard Regal Cinemas movie experience.


Love this place! But we only go on Sundays and Tuesdays for the discount tickets and concessions. Otherwise, it's a clean and tidy theater.

Sheri Rubio

Clean, but FYI: WATER IS $5

D Tefft

The seats are comfortable and have decent leg room. The show we went to was pretty packed for an afternoon show so we were glad it was spacious enough to accommodate people without having to be in the front row. All in all it was a great experience.


Theater is decent, but they need to help their special needs ticket taker find a role that better suits his abilities. Management needs to assist him in his role or give him a position not directly working with customers. Unfortunately he’s being set up for failure in his current position.

Mi Key

Nice and clean!

Wolf Sky

Used to be better when that manager scott worked there. But Philip's chill.

Matthew RT

They didnt let me sneak into JOKER

Charles Lefebre


christian turner

It was very pleasant and I enjoyed the experience I had

Daniel Ebert

Well, everyone there doesn’t know the meaning of customer service. They seem like they hate their jobs and just want to go home. Nothing like giving your order and the guy not paying attention and walking away to get the manager. State “ I’m sorry I will go get someone that can serve you, because I am under age. I will be right back”. Instead of a blank stare and just leaving. Also the manager was not polite and almost irritated that I was ordering a beer. I’m very sorry you hate your job. But go to a class and learn how to be nice to people who are paying a good amount of money just to see a movie. We pay your dang check dude.

Mark Elfering

Love the Regal Cinemas which have the Tuesday special pricing.

Tim McCann

Buying tickets at the concession stand means you don't necessarily get served in order. Just a way for Regal to save a buck at the expense of good service.

alexandria kakalia

Clean. Comfy. Friendly. Good picture and sound quality.

Emeli Lopez

It is a great theatre. Always have fun there. Prices are fair. Clean theatre

Melody Barker

Went to a 8:00pm show the place was clean. The games & candy machine is always turned off tho.

John Pineda

friendly staff and good service. its great you can get beer now and the place is clean but its still overpriced. would be five stars if the prices were better

Aidan Maxwell

Great staff, super knowledgeable and friendly. Clean theatre, non-sticky arm rests and decent beer and wine selection. Only downside, they are a small theater so some movies move out too fast, and while I get that things like that are beyond their control, I still find it a bit frustrating.

Charles Ilminen

I feel bad about my 4star review... but this place is the best to see any movie in my area

Steven Neal

There was a light on in the movie theater that didn't go out

Alice Watson

They have great staff and are clean they are a bit over priced though.

Rob Byfield

Looks a bit worn down but the staff are good kids and the movies they carry are the normal main stream movies.

Dustyn Hammonds

Saw the upside. Enjoyable movies. Had a Bud light. It didn't taste right because of the plastic cups I think also had a hot dog. Pretty plain

Mathias Mclean

Friendly atmosphere. Clean environment. Great place to catch a flick.

Maddie Bates

Meh, i went and saw a movie. Compared to century 16 it was more expensive and the seats aren't as comfortable. They could use a makeover

Chris Webster

Sandy Theater is cheaper on food and tickets....but this one isn't bad just kinda spendy, same experience just more expensive.

Victoria ingram

We came to see 6:15 showing of Venom...some ppl took 2 of our 3 saved seats...the Mgr. Was amazing and hooked us up for the 7pm show. Thanks!

Lori Quesada

Poor service asked for nachos said sorry we dont have any cheese made, asked for coke they said all machines were down except Sprite, asked for fresh popcorn got attitude from employees all rolling their eyes just because the employees didnt want to clean the machines again..

Rick Rose

Ten minutes to buy tix at concession stand. No WiFi. Old, uncomfortable seats.

Clayton Hall

The customer service was very friendly but when i asked for a hot dog they gave me a burnt one without the bun in foil then when I went up front to get it corrected they gave me a fresh hot dog still without the bun i dont understand what is going through there servers minds

Lori Asnon

Going on the weekend day is not crowded.

Donald Hendrix

Nice theatre, Regal App is great! I bought my tickets through the App using G Pay. It was quick and easy, no line to wait in. :)

Nicky Munoz

We come here minimally 2 times per week absolutely love this location

John Garrison

6 dollars for a small drink and no refills. I suggest looking at your food policy before you deserve a 5 star rating.

Anthony Mose

Always a great place to go with family or on a date or evan if you just wanna go see a movie by yourself

Sammie Webb

I am so busy with working 10 hour shifts in Night Watch, 40 hours a week, and continues travel time! Every Sunday, I can finally sleep all day! The best part is waking up, having a cup coffee, and checking online on what's showing tonight. I only pay $5.25 on Sunday's and only walk 5 minutes away to Regal Cinemas. Thank You Regal Cinemas, especially hiring the most awesome employees that show enthusiasm & take pride in there work of "Costumers Service!" Love Ya All for giving me a warm happy welcome! Sammy Y. Webb

Sherri Mattheus

Great movie theater. Saw Rocket Man....GREAT MOVIE!!!!!

Casey Hogan

Good employees work there always happy to see us we had a great time thanks

Scott Hinckley

Convenient location, I enjoy the cheap tickets on Tuesday, but the seats kinda suck. Most of the time I'd prefer to pay a little more and get comfortable seats.

Nathan Thorne

Wait they serve alcohol here? Yeah that's going to be 5 stars from me... In all honesty, great theater, nice staff, always clean.

Richard Van Dijk

Full theather, even after an entire month.

Ross MacKae

Favorite movie house, really good staff

heather harmon

Always a great place for a movie! Fantastic customer service!

Meagen Ortiz

Always clean and the butter for their popcorn is dairy free that makes me very happy.

Keith Duncan

Saw the Avengers last minute. Still had great seating. The staff was very quick and friendly.

Cheri King

I've always had a good experience with them when I had to leave because of a family emergency they gave me another ticket to come in and see the movie again and they were always really friendly and helpful.

John Ramos

Price is what to expect. Seating was a little tight. Don't expect the seats to recline. Food wasn't anything to brag about. Went to see Hotel Artemis. Movie was good. Acting wasn't bad. Jody Foster never disappoints and Batista always provides that good humor to a tough guy role. To sound was lacking. But the video was decent.

Derick Wright

Had a good time

kirk natapraya

Just got my ticket to end game the ticket cashier was rude. When I asked for a 12:30 show time she responded rudely that's its sold out the least she could have done was let me finished talking. Felt rush to buy my tickets even tho I am a quick with my purchase. They need more cashiers as well.

Judy Wylie

We love Regal Cinemas Stark Street. It's always staffed by great people, it's kept clean and the popcorn is awesome!

Brandon Keaton

A good place to watch a movie

Aubrey Folwick

Nice theater (+:

James Thinn

It sucks to much

Rachael Moyer

Love this theater. It's my go to for all my movie watching needs.

Kevin Salazar

Hey regal are you showing avengers endgame tomorrow night

will b

I made a small Fandango mistake, the manager can it and easily fixed the problem. Made me and my wife's day.


This was only my second or third time to visit the Stark Street Regal. As with all that I have visited the lobby, concession, and restroom areas were squared away as usual. Always the cherry on top of my movie going experience is the staff. They were awesome. I do enjoy a friendly smile and happy work environment.

Dillon Ridder

Incredibles 2 was amazing. In 3d, it was spectacular. Well worth the twenty dollars for me and my girlfriend. Six bucks for a water? Not amazing. I know there's always the stereotype that movie theaters always have expensive snacks, but if im paying twenty dollars to see a movie I don't want to spend another ten dollars on snacks. The staff were friendly, for the most part.

Wayne Cary

Great theater, poor movie choice

Jean Bruder

Popcorn $ 9 a bucket. But free refill if u can stomach it. Stale not fresh. Not hot. No real butter. Ugh

Laela Berry

Cc glasses didn't work and they gave us a free movie ticket!!

Elizabeth Richley

Nothing remarkable about this theater except they had no Sno-Caps. Disappointed.

lele smith

Nice and clean

John Leckie

It's a standard movie theatre. I wish going to the movies wasn't so expensive now.

Andrea D.

I had a great time here. Theater is clean, movie quality is great and even during the weekend it wasn't really crowded which made it more enjoyable.

Tyrel Johnson

This theater is older, but we'll kept. It has never been extremely busy when I go. That is nice. The service is not superb, but they are high school kids. Seats are comfy. Screens are fine and sound quality is nice. Fine place to experience the big screen.

James Monje

It's always fun. The snacks are a bit on the expensive side, but if you have a rewards program, it kind levels the playing field.

Rolando sanchez

They dont give discount to non members. They stop serving popcorn around 8. Seats are not comfortable. Cool spot.

Christina Hutchinson

Great movies to watch in the afternoon and evenings. Price of snacks are steep. Wish it had reclining chairs.

green spider

the workers there are so nice and welcoming

Takeyla Barbee

Great movies ! A good place to watch a good movie

Kenneth d Estes jr

Clean and comfortable seats and theater

cheryl hubbard

My preference is to cone to this theater, whenever possible! Friendly staff, comfortable seats. Other patrons are courteous through out the movies too. A great place to take a date or the family. Always choices that appeal to every type of movie going. Thank you St Street theater!

Donald Espy

Good setup and plenty of food

John Goebel

Great place!

Josiah Chambers

ITS VERY DARK AT NIGHT ,but that's about it could use more light and more of a verity of food ,that's All

tonja valderas

Sucked. Reserved seating and long line.

Brandy Vondross

For WHATEVER REASON they let the family sitting right behind us in with TWO FULL FAMILY SIZE BAGS OF CHIPS- While watching Avengers (almost a THREE HOUR movie) & the WHOLE TIME we heard them crunching around the two bags of chips!!! When I went up to complain the guy says "I saw those & TOLD THEM TO leave them IN THEIR BAG..." SERIOUSLY!?! WHYYYY Would you even allow them in??? That bag crunching STILLLLL HAUNTS ME

Shannon Mallory

Clean venue/theater/bathrooms, friendy staff.

Tylar Wilson

People were nice. Opening of End Game (I was there for a different movie), and there was no long lines or delays. Popcorn was well buttered. Seats are smaller than some places, but were comfortable.

Shelly Hamann

We went to a matinee and already the bathrooms were dirty and unstocked. Theater was also really dirty. Place is really going downhill.

David Eakin

This is my local movie theater and a good deal on Sundays and Tuesdays. First run movies for $5.25 works for me. The seats are comfortable and the movies look and sound great.

Kim Jones

I think this place charges way to much, the seats are very uncomfortable for the price you'd think they would get better ones.

Phil V

Sound systems and projection systems are always in good condition and functional and no complaints about the movie being played any time I've ever gone. What is lacking is that during cold months and hot months, guest stand outside for long periods of time and only two ticket sellers are at the box office most times I have ever visited. This is a consistent and ongoing problem and it is talked about pretty regularly while you're in line from stranger to stranger. On bargain nights, Tuesday's, hot dogs always sell out and more than not you will stand in line waiting to get up to the counter only to find out you'll have to wait another 15 minutes just to get a hot dog. Popcorn is always good and fresh as well as the drinks and snacks. Customer service is generally pretty good and though a lot of the counter help are high schoolers and 20-somethings, they are professional and they usually have a big smile on their face and are quite friendly. The ticket-taker has always been exceptionally friendly and welcoming me and always asks what movie you're seeing and sometimes, even makes general comments about the movie will be seen which is kind. I admire him for doing his job in spite of his handicap and I think it's great that Regal includes instead of excludes people who are differently-abled. Parking is always good and the lot is extremely large so even on busy nights and premieres you can always find a spot even along the edge of the far-reaching lot. There are three exits out of the lot making it simple to make your way to freeway or Stark Street.

Kathleen Felmey

Great discounts through card, clean restrooms and theater.

Cruise And Shoot YCONE

I've been going to this theater for 15 years and have never had a bad encounter. Always treated well and have got along with all the staff.


Love coming here with family, however, we don’t always like the price. But we recommend coming to this theatre! Great staff.

Delores Geisler

We have been coming here gor years.It is always exceptionally clean. And the staff amazing and always helpful. My only complaint is that I visited recently with my 4 grandchildren. The popcorn was stale.I could not let the staff know would have been a logistical nightmare.As I would not leave them alone in the theater to go back to the snackbar. All in all we had a good time.

Robert Demsky

Usually pretty clean and theaters are a okay size. Nothing spectacular but a perfectly fine movie experience.

Travis Cole

It's hard to complain when a theater gives you as much as you can expect from it. All the snacks, all the food, all the movies, and all the beer are great. The theater is clean and the staff has been pretty friendly. It's not usually packed unless blockbuster movies are just released, which is nice.

Tyler Durden

Small but nice. Good location.

Joshua Moreno

Enjoy watching movies here and there is always seating

Lashea Sanford

I had an ice cold stella artois beer while watching Aquaman. Fun & great movie

Jessica Mtpleasant

Great time. Seats are a little tight and the cup holders don't move so still small space. But good quality show

Anne McVay

Boycotting this business because they don't do $5 Tuesdays anymore (unless you're a regal member). It already went up from $5 to $5.75, and no mention that this was gone AT ALL. I literally only see two to three movies a year at the theater... Over priced and greedy business owners. Thanks for making anyone on a budget or low income not welcome.

Shark Man

Great theater, awesome sound, clean and beer is available!

Abby Hatton

There was popcorn all over the ground and the people who clean stuff up did not do very well

Jenah Winkler

The Staff was vary helpfully the assisted us with are snakes and drinks. We had 3 kids with us and 1 teen and not enough hands and the young man asked if he could help. The bathroom was clean and there is a place where you can have Birthday party. If you are a care giver for someone with special needs they give you a free movie ticket. If you buy a large drink or a large popcorn You can get a free refill.

Alicia Crawford

My client enjoyed the movie. Staff were very patient with her special needs.

Randy Bush

Very friendly business. A bunch of modern smaller theaters with comfortable seats and great sound.


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