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15995 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd, Sherwood, OR 97140

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REVIEWS OF Regal Sherwood IN Oregon

Kaylynn Mesher

Very comfortable place, clean, handicap accessibility.

Dobranican Tidehammer

The sound quality was okay, the screen quality was decent, some of the chairs were sticky and the manager seemed really inexperienced almost like it was his first day. It's a good place to waste some money if you want to watch a movie but it's mediocre nothing special just the movie at a decent volume clear on the screen. The concession stand look like a war zone then again it was Easter weekend it was to the point where I thought it was safer getting packaged items then anything that might have been exposed to that environment. But all in all, it's a mediocre place to watch a movie unless there's a birthday party then just get your money back and walk out.

Joshua Bialobrzewski

Theater was clean and staff was perfect.

B Henry

It's a typical cinema. Nothing special. They used to have 5 dollar Tuesdays which was great . I can't confirm they still do.

James Kemp

We went here for the first time because there was a morning showing. We were told this is a very nice underused facility. They were right. It is a great venue. Staff immediately helped us and made the checkin process easy.

Alberto Enriquez

Great, slightly out of the way place to watch a movie. This is our go-to theater as the screens and sound are great, it's clean, has comfortable stadium seating, there's plenty of parking, and it's generally less crowded than other places. In all, it just makes for a less stressful, more enjoyable trip to the movies.

Lynda Boatwright

Fabulous local theater and wonderful staff! Hey Bridgeport Movie Staff...come on over to Sherwood and learn from them

Desiree Engel

My favorite theater in the area. Clean and friendly.

Martha Muro

The space of the seats was larger than other teathers, and very comfortable.

Kip Ching

This is a nicely done theater. Quick service for tickets.

Drew L.

Nice theatre, clean, has what you want for the movies. Go on Tuesdays as it is only $5 :)

Traci Hall

Love being able to come to a theater that isn't crowded!!

keith summers

Nice clean. Move

Hamber Burger

I would consider this a smaller theater, but hey, they serve beer. Anyway I spent $23 for a medium popcorn, a Coors, and a glass of white. So basic theater prices. The floors were clean and the bathrooms were plenty, but I'm never a fan of the wide open hallway style bathroom. The sound quality could use some improvement. I don't want to hear candy wrappers and whispers when I'm watching a movie.

Dawn Larson

Breakthrough was a great movie

adam elsenbach

Great place to take the family, especially on $5 Tuesday!

Rynn Roses

Great place to watch a movie with friends or family. The price for tickets is great. Snacks are expensive, though, including water. Had to ask for a cup for water, and they gave me a very small cup that only holds at most 3 ounces, but I believe it only held 2 ounces. Once I had bought tickets for Happy Death Day, and waited in the theater for it to start, but it never did. We had to go tell the staff, and apparently it wasn’t working so we could not watch it in that theater room. They allowed us to watch a different movie, Geostorm, for the inconvenience. Came back later on and watched Happy Death Day in a different theater room.

Krystal White -Hawk

Friendly staff.... great at home feel..always recommend to anyone.

Jean Shafer

We like this theatre because the 5.35 price on tuesday. Not to far out of our way


They keep the theater very clean and tidy, they also have good service and the employees are super nice! I've never had a problem other than the price, but I guess that goes for al theaters. Its a good place to go for a movie!

Kenneth Riley

2005 is calling. They want their theater seats back.

Daniel Ray

My go to theatre for the area. Great location and they serve a limited selection of beer and cider. Seats are comfortable and the parking is easy. Can get busy at times but for the most part not too crowded.

David Baehler

They could do a lot more to fix some very minor problems. When dimmed, there are blinking lights in most of the theaters. That would be a good place to start. Very distracting when trying to watch a movie in a darkened theater. Sometimes the movies are not formatted or focused properly for the curved screens. This is their business! My TV at home is always in focus.

Damon Starnes

Always a great place and great service.. some fun and yummy new menu items to enjoy while watching the movie..

Paul Jancsek

Always a nice clean theater and restrooms. Regal Sherwood is our favorite.

Stephen Morris

Great theater with a very friendly staff. Not usually too busy which is really nice if you are trying to avoid crowds. Very clean and they have great popcorn!

Jesse Chase

Tuesday nights are the best since there are $5 movie night. Make sure to download the regal Cinema app since it gives you even more discounts!

Carole Moore

Nice theater but signage inside could be larger and clearer. They've made it so you don't know from the hallway what movie is playing in what theater, and it's frustrating when you're older knowing if you're in the correct one.

Tom Warner

Quick nice service while they arent busy. Been going here for years, never had anything to complain about.

Ian Palacios

Had a good experience here. When I walked in I was a little confused cause the box office was closed but then noticed a sign saying to buy tickets at guest services. Continued towards the concession stand and noticed that guest services was connected to the side of the concessions. The dude there was helpful and friendly. Noticed the bathrooms were unusually clean for a theater and so was the auditorium. Seats were comfortable and when the theater checker came in the middle of the movie he didn't have one of those annoying red light things they carry which was nice. Not as distracting. Enjoyable visit overall.

Scott Juskowiak

Pretty out-dated compared to other Regal locations in the area--does not have reserved seating.

Gerardo Out Here

Got stabbed

Michael LoGiudice DC

My buddy and I caught the last showing of the night on a Friday night and had the theater to ourselves.

Pam Gulosh

My husband and I always choose Regal at Sherwood. We love the popcorn, the people always have smiles and look like they love working there, very helpful too. They always have the movies we want to see and the seats are very comfortable with holders for our drinks. So many theatres to choose from and clean, clean, clean....Specials are a plus!!!

Pamela Gardner

Have card for Regal? . . . Saves even more money than Tuesday matinee prices. Friendly staff, nice and clean theaters etc. Everything except lounge chairs...darn it!

Bobby Gourde

Nice theater. Love to go on Tuesdays for half price movies.

Ethan Whitted

VERY expensive. The theatre was nice and clean, though. Lots of showrooms and it had a few other little things to do like little gumball machines, arcade games, and a picture booth.

Ed Cisneros

Great staff

Kristen Marahrens

Great place to watch new movies

Jeff Capellen

Lots of parking, big theaters, many food and drink options.

John Shaw

Had a slight problem there. And the way management handled thing. I probably will not go back unless I receive an aplogy from management.

DEBBIE Williams

Enjoy taking my grandkids here lots of different types of movies and friendly service and fresh popcorn

Chris Pucci

Nice movie theater.

Jason Wright

Great time

Larson Ulren

Great place for my grandkids

Aubryn Ouska

Like most Regal Cinemas this is located in a great location, popcorn was good, candy was boxed but good, picture Booth was fun, movie was great, employees were nice. But like all Cinemas anywhere you go I believe it's overpriced. Between the food and the drinks and the show that's outrageous how much you have to spend to go see a movie

Kaitlyn Khanna

They have great food, big selection of beer, good settled of wine and hard cider!

Valerie Long

Not the newest of Regal Cinemas, but excellent customer service and good theater layouts.

Mat Isham

It's cool they serve beer but it shouldn't be the most arduous event of the day. Over the top corporate dogma makes their already glazed-eye employees suffer.

Gene Pierce

Ok theater, bit the handicapped parking is a long way to the front door.

Owen Hunt

Good times. Clean theater. Love the free refills on the gigantic popcorn and soda.

Chris Hampton

Great place to see a movie. Not crowded, Tuesday deals and clean.

Andrew White

$5 Tuesdays (more like $6 Tuesdays) is hard to beat! Great seats, great service, definitely my most visited theater around!



Jordan Cruz

Went to see black panther on a Sunday night, not busy at all, everything went smoothly, the building and theater were nice and clean. My wife and I had a great night!

Jeffrey Stewart

Was a normal theatre just like most basic regal cinemas. Nothing fancy.

Sheldon Hatcher

Always good

Melanie Sayers-Stepp

Great theater just like any other.... A lot of crazy kids/teens on the weekend.....

betty robinson

Typical movie theatre. Nice stadium seating. Just exactly what you'd expect from a mid range theatre.

Zachary Bridwell

Love this movie theater! Bridgeport is higher end, but overall good

Brian Cromie

If you hate this theatre go to the cameo in Newberg affordable ticket prices always $5 or $7 tickets and great snack bar prices. Check them out family friendly. Locally owned.

Kody Butler

Always great and the crowds there always are super into the movie, great environment


I've been going to watch movies here since I was six. Is it the fanciest theater? No. There are better regal cinemas with reclining chairs and all that, but they do cheap ticket Tuesdays for $6.50 here so it makes it worth it to go. Sadly, it used to be 5 dollars. I wish that would come back. They have 1 dollar movies in the summer for kids, I always went when I was little. That's a great deal for families with lots of kids. Overall the staff is friendly, it's always fairly clean and it doesn't get too busy except on opening nights of movies.

Trevor Stevens

Perfect little neighborhood theater in Sherwood. It is never really crowded and the parking is great and it's easy to get to. It has the other usual staples of regal theaters. I would say though that the seats are a little nicer than most with a little bit of leatherette covering. Must be a newer theater than some. Nothing really wrong with this place, but there needs to be a change in how regal theaters operate. Maybe make better deals with the movie companies. I just can't give 5 stars to place that charges at least $10 for a ticket then a minimum of $5 for a small drink. Other food items are even worse. I fully know that's where they make their money but it's ridiculous and the business model has to change. I still get a drink when I have a redemption on my regal card or if I'm really thirsty, but I would never get a full spread there cause I could eat at a nice restaurant for that amount. That's just my personal gripe with the way those places operate. This specific one is very nice and worth going to if it's your local place like me.

VinE Cafarella

Love this place! Favorite movie theater by far!

Steve Baker

Clean theaters, curved screens, good acoustics, nice sound level without a preponderance of bass that hides the dialogue.

Josh Paloma

A great place to watch a movie.

Christine Andrus

Best multiplex around.


Really big and comfy place to watch a movie. In a good location aswell.

Shawn Farruggia

Fast service, friendly staff. Easy to enjoy the night out

off the grid

I go here all the time and I love it

jaime Cervantes

Its so fun and coming a kid, i legit go here every saturday that i can its so fun

Jimena Boyzo

Very clean, nice place, guaranteed to have a great time, very friendly staff, and fairly priced things (normal prices for a movie theater) Always showing new current movies

Laura Nyhuis

Nice staff but the presentation quality left something to be desired.


Snacks are too expensive but everything else is amazing

Linn Andren

Adequate and easy parking, clean, honors Tuesday discount, friendly staff.

Mavis pas

Seats not reclining

lory medearis

Tuesdays are only $ great time to go on a rainy night! Lots of parking and 8 theaters, plus IMAX. Plenty of restaurants and quick fast food places nearby for a bite to eat before or after your movie too.

Heather Mier

Clean, great selection for food and beverages.

Matt Williams

I really like the place because it's not crowded. It will fill up on the busy days but way easier than some of the other local (and higher end) theaters. there are places to eat and drink very nearby - easy parking and getting in and out.

J Frederic

not so clouded but quit of bit expencive

Robert Eberhard

,It's worth going to Sherwood regal cinema .The seats are good shape and it's clean good sound and good viewing from any place in that in The theater. I'd highly recommend it. Coffee Bob Newberg.

David Cardenal

Clean and comfortable, but even matinee is almost $10.

Alishia Garcia

5 dollar Tuesdays with half price popcorn! You can't beat that. Always super clean and friendly staff!

Gretchen dennison

Great movie!

Eby Olinger

Movie was good. Bathroom was disgusting.. Meh

Tonya Gilmore

Nice theatre.

Luis Mendez

Over 5 dollars for s monster energy drink? That's almost a 150% mark up. 10 dollars for 2 bags of candy. Ridiculous.

Barbara Bolich

Gone to the new process of not labeling what movies are in which theatre. Not the cleanest.

Katie Ringseth

Always clean, and friendly employees. On Tuesdays, this location has all tickets all day all movies for $5 and snack bar specials. Makes going to the movies more affordable

Laura Harrison

Love it. Comfortable chairs. Access for handicap.

Mary Kay Stroum

Clean. Great Tuesday price

Lyn B

No complaints. Would definitely go back if I am in that area.

Jonathan Somershoe

Usually very busy but great staff

Trish Hamilton

Our local cinema, hope they'll get a make over soon. Great employees. I always bring my own snacks

DavidAndrew Barns

Excellent experience seeing black panther. No hassle no line and excellent movie quality. Was not expecting any different from Regal. Definitely seeing another movie there soon!

TK Resendez

A little dated but still a good theater

Rob Miller

Nice theater. Plenty of seating. Great picture and sound, if a little too loud at times.

mark Wever

I was a ghost town l'm sorry to say.

Mitch Church

I like that one can buy tickets indoors, out of the elements. The staff are usually friendly, and the facility is in good shape. This is my second favorite location in the area, as they serve Mellow Yellow, and no others do.

frogs of war

This is my favorite Regal in the area. It's rarely crowded (at the times I go), so if I arrive 15 - 20 minutes before start time, I can almost always get the seat of my choice (or close to it), but don't wait until the trailers start or all the good seats will be taken. The bathrooms almost always have empty stalls, even if your movie just ended. And they have flower vases by the sinks and are always well stocked.

Jeri Wolf

Friendly staff, clean, easy parking, and a great movie experience

Rob Moore

5$ movie tickets on Tuesday. I gave a 3 star rating because when I saw deadpool 2, I was sweating. Not because the movie was intense, but because the a/c was not on. Movie theaters should be a place that u go to escape the heat. With a packed theater, you need the air on. I was wiping my forehead the while movie. Managers: accommodate for hot days please

Devon Mezyk

I love this theater! It's right by my house and it's never crowded. Only 2 downsides are 1) It needs a make over, I don't think it's been remodeled in like a decade and 2) The crowd is younger so you might have to deal with immature teens behind you that never shut up but I guess you take that risk anytime you go to the movies. I love it though. The employee's are nice and respectful.


Not too crowded. Very clean. Sneak in your own food as it is super expensive!! Still..was very happy with how clean this was.

Kyle Timby

Good customer service. The theater is in good shape. They offer wine!

Spencer Hill

Go to Cinetopia. This place is severely outdated. They just turned up the speaker volume to make it seem like the sound system is competitive to Cinetopia. Food is absolute garbage and smaller than normal portions. Snacks are big boxes half filled or less and 5 times the price at the grocery store. They clearly dont care about their customers. Very sad.

Will Early

Saw a great movie in a even better theatre. Lost my phone in one of the theatre rooms and had three people help me find it who worked there. Awesome place awesome people.

Alan Nelson

Nice theater, just so short staffed. What's the point of having a ticket booth if you don't use it.

Deitrich Reiter

You know people sneak candy in. Just sell candy for a comparative price and a wider variety and people will just buy it there.


Watched Black Panther here.They are showing everything new and they have everything required for a great time at the cinema.


High quality theaters good bathrooms


The best place to watch a movie!

Keyla Almazan

It's nice to go on Tuesdays when they have cheaper entrance tickets. Everything else is the same what you would expect from this franchise.

Lindsay Dutton

This is one of my favorite theaters. Comfortable seats!

Crystal Leon

Went on a date with my husband last night.The girl who attended us was so rude and unprofessional. We even we thanked her for our stuff she rolled her eyes at us.

Jason Coleman

Best place to see a movie. The staff is professional and friendly, the theater is clean (including the restrooms), great location.

jeffery wright

I give it three stars cuz it's pretty run-of-the-mill standard nothing really sticks out about it. Just a ordinary movie theater with prices and cleanliness level you would expect

Mike Quinn

A great place to see your favorite flicks

Brenda Bjorndal

Love the Tuesday movie price

Sandra Schultz

This is a good theater.

Wil Steele

Great Tuesday special but it attracts idiots that talk all the way through the movie. Almost ruined Wonder woman for us. Service is fine and amenities are normal for a movie theater.

Mario Derosa

I love coming here on Tuesdays cause of the deal.

Stuart Mcleod

I love this theater. My wife and I come here all the time, especially on Tuesday when they offer movies for $5! They have all the new movies and it is a very nice place to go.

Jody Williamson

Good, clean theater

Gabriela Aguilar-Lopez

On tuesdays movies are only $5!!! Totally worth it :) great place to watch

Tim Carpenter

Comfortable seats. Good projectors. Expensive food.

Mark Olson

A great theater, clean, great sound, big screens, one of the best in the area!

Debra Jones

Usually not too crowded, but allow plenty of extra time to get snacks as concession lines can get long. Overall our favorite Regal Theater to go to.

Sarah Roussos

It's an old movie theater. A company in England bought them out so there are a lot of changes. Best day to go is $5.35 on Tuesday with the card. They have popcorn 1/2 price, $2.00 hotdogs and $3.00 nachos.


comfortable seats, not too crowded

George Pruitt

Clean place. Nice theater. Friendly staff. Seating was comfortable. Sound System was nice. Food stuff was nice.

Chris Sanders

Went to go see Deadpool 2, pre ordered tickets ahead and had no problem. Line was fast, even got popcorn and some drinks too. The staff was friendly. Everything was clean. Had a great experience

David McGee

Nice comfortable seats for their age. Clean. Nice employees. Got hot, freshly popped popcorn, that's a special treat.

Ernest Nieschmidt

Clean, friendly and fun.

Jessica Madrid-Christian

Great theater for being a older one. All the employees I've met are have been awesome.


Best place ever I watched the new I.T 2 there best experience ever.

Rob Guth

Popcorn quality is going downhill. Last three visits it was stale and tough. Definitely not fresh. Don't consider ordering any of the food items unless you have lots of time to wait before your movie. Their idea of nachos is a bag of chips and a small container of cheese sauce. Nothing like the pictures.

Fun Stuff

It's a decent movie theater gotta love $5.00 Tuesdays!

Tylynn Cimmiyotti

Nice place. Not from the area, went to a late showing. Clean, and love the snack/food options!

Brad Schmidlkofer

Watching a movie. Nothing extraordinary about place.

Todd Christiansen

Very convenient, Friendly staff well managed

William Phillips

First showing of a popular movie and was not horribly crowded. Can't complain about that.. but the cost of snacks is another thing.

Quilan Dutton

Always clean, lots of food and snack options. Even have beer and wine! Seats somewhat comfortable compared to other places.

Melissa Modjeski

I have always enjoyed the Regal Cinemas, however, last night I choose to leave this theater without seeing a movie because of their new way of selling the tickets. You have to wait in one of the concessions lines to purchase your ticket. I chose the shortest line, but by the time I got to the front of the line, my movie I wanted to see had already started. 15 minutes in a concession line to buy movie tickets is just bad Management. I understand the idea behind this, but if I wanted to buy concessions, i would have arrived earlier, knowing that those lines are slow. I expected to be able to quickly purchase my ticket and go watch a movie. I was unfortunately very disappointed.

Ben Drury

Medium-quality theater. Nothing exceptional, but still a great experience. Great food options nearby is a plus.

MR SniperKing

Always going here, never a dull moment. The bathrooms are within reason and the floor in general are usually clean.


I’ve always really liked going to this theater but I haven’t been there in a long while and noticed that they have a lot more options of stuff to choose from! Yummy!! Can’t wait to try it out! Also went to see Joker and it was good!

Gene Craig

Pizzas, tacos, better than

Russ Powell

14.60 for a popcorn and coke. Completely horrible woman in the audience. Manager asked her to be silent didn't work. Ruined the movie. Our last time going to the movies first in a long time. That will be the last.

anita mcmillan

Great movie theater location, I love going to the early shows where I can have great selection of seating and no long lines at the concession stand.

Ingo N.

We went for a Sunday matinee showing. Wasn't very crowded. Staff was nice and everything was clean. The seats are more comfortable than I experienced in other places. I like that the armrests fold up and far enough back so you can snuggle with your partner! Sounds and picture were great and the tickets were $9.45 each. Only thing was that they made us open our backpack to search for weapons!? First time that happened to me at a movie theater! But the guy was pretty cool about it.


Standard Regal Cinema. Clean bathrooms, clean concession, great staff. Tuesday is bargain day.

Jacob Leibel

Nice recliner seats


We watched Paddington 2. It was a delightful movie.


Very cozy place, staff was very nice and the food products were acceptable

ayla sebben

Great family place


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