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REVIEWS OF Regal Santiam IN Oregon

Dorothy Kilmer

They. Price are. To. Much. Popcorn. Drink. Ate. To. Much

Selina Marie

I really enjoyed my movie experience here. They sell beer, some pretty good ones actually. There's a two drink limit, so nobody is getting obnoxiously drunk. The theater was clean and they had a lot of different snack options that you don't usually see elsewhere. Movie times were convenient as well.

Jeff Schwarz

Saw the movie angel has fallen. Had a great time with my date. A bit overpriced which is ridiculous because it was pretty empty and has been nearly every time I see a movie. Lower your darn prices more people will see movies there. F you regal corp.

Sandee Wadge

Clean and inviting, colorful space. Very comfortable seats, too!

Victor Diaz

Good times

Tim Heater

It's a nice movie theater. Most of the auditoriums are not very big. The staff is friendly but they have no sense of urgency. So be prepared to stand in long lines.

Erik W

Because movies... Regal might be a little more than smaller theaters, but they have the selection and a really good loyalty program.

David Bartel

Best theater currently in Salem. With reserved seating wide seating aisle (no more awkwardly scrunching your legs in when someone needs to pass by), and automated chairs it makes for a very comfortable viewing experience. The ticket taker normally there is energetic and tries to be entertaining when taking your ticket adding to the experience. Great place to see a movie.

Bill Underwood

I'm bumping this to 5 stars because I really like it when companies engage in social media outreach.

Michael Curry

Went to to see "A Quiet Place"... Nothing could be farther from the truth. People with legs haning over the seats in front of them, shoes off, talking, burping, farting and using excessive profanity throughout the entire show. I paid for this?!!! I'm sorry to report this is not the exception, but the rule these days. I'm absolutely horrified at how gross and annoying our society has become. This is the last movie I'll see and pay outrageous prices for. I invested in a Home Theater Projector, now no annoying, rude, crude, self entitled people to deal with. I haven't enjoyed the big screen like this for a long time. Take my family to the theater and costs close to $100 each movie. I'll have recouped my investment in 8 movies. Good riddance Regal!

Jesus Cuesta

Best movie theater ever!!!!! I went to go watch Avengers endgame and the sound was awesome I really love that place!!!!!

Cathy Peters

THANK YOU for showing "UNPLANNED". This is an incredible movie and so needed in our world today because it speaks the truth about abortion and forgiveness. Please play it just as long as you can! Cathy Peters

Silent Morality

It was quiet, not a lot of people really there. Which was good. The workers there are incredibly nice and pleasant to be around. The theatre itself is clean. All in all a lovely one to go to.

Joel Alexander

Decent theater, needs fancy new reclining seats

One Romero

This is the friendliest movie theater i have ever been to.

alicia gutierrez-lopez

Love this place. My favorite

Brian Seaman

Popcorn tasted like it had melted plastic in it. I know I could have gotten a refill because of course by that point who wants more popcorn that tastes like melted plastic? Soda and nachos were fine. Movie had several spots where it lost connection with dropped frames and freezing, and even blacked out for 10-15 seconds at one point only to recover missing that part of the film.

jose carrillo

Over priced food and drinks. But the movies are great

Jordan Mitts

The popcorn was really tasty! The people working on friday night were really nice and friendly.

Earl Borah

Not as nice now as the one at Lancaster Mall (Willamette Town Center), but pretty decent. Seats are comfortable, if not as wide as the recliners at other places. Seats are all reserved now - no need to show up early to wait in line to get seats together if you buy early.

Angie Robinson

This theater needs some definite upgrades. Even when its clean it still seems dirty. The employees seem friendly though, that's why they got a 3 and not lower

Taylor Manfre

Went and saw Prodigy great movie, was very clean and the game ate some tokens and they made it right immediately

Wendell North

Even though the theatre was super busy, the lines were moving fast. Seats were clean and comfortable. All the staff were helpful and friendly. They even thanked us for coming on the way out.

Kent Muhle

Comfortable theater, nothing special.

Cheryl I Zentz

The theater seats are great and the facilities are nice. I gave a low rating because the last two times we have been there, despite arriving early for our movie it took forever to get our tickets and get into the theater because despite having two sides to the ticket booth and two windows per side, which should allow four lines to be ticketed at peak times, they only had one person at one ticket window on each side instead of two. When we inquires as to why, once we were inside, we were told some of the microphones in ticket booth don't work and that they don't have the staff to have all four ticketing windows open. Given the cost of movies, and how large the theater is and the fact it rains in Oregon, people were standing in line in the rain. Getting cold and soaked before sitting in a theater is not good, especially given the price of a movie ticket on a Fri/Sat night. First part of movie had already started and no accessible seats by the time we were finally able to get to the ticket window.

Joseph Endres

Very positive experience. Clean environment and super friendly staff.

Tim Johnson

A little warm. Seats not as comfortable as Lan-mall ones. Aladdin was pretty good.

Branden Hansen

What a wonderful experience they always have such good movies to go and see and their crew is also phenomenal with how helpful they are!!

Kristine Benjamin

The new seats are so much better than before.


It was a good experience. Though I think the ushers need to walk the seat aisles, because a seat I was assigned to, had what looked like puke, like a baby had spit up, it had that awful smelll. Idk the process they do after each showing, but looks like they missed something. Other than that the service at the concession stand was good.

Cris Cunningham

Not quite as nice as WTC 11 but still worthy. Love this place also.

MJo Creations & Designs

Good costumer service!


The people worker there were nice, the theater seems lacking... After going to the theater a couple miles down the road when the good recliner seats.

Shirley Coburn

Great seats and Pom the best movies in a long time

Rena Lee

Did not like the ticket buying experience at all. Tickets and concessions should be separate actions.

Rusty Dunlap

Its very comfy and clean.

Matt Pellerin

Way overpriced. $100 for 2 adults and 3 kids with snacks and drinks

Amanda Barber

When we go to the movies we always go to this one, but after today I don't think we will.....They have assigned seats.......My boyfriend asked when he bought our tickets why and they didn't tell him why.......So now we are forced to sit by people when is not even a sold out show......You guys will lose people if you don't change the seating thing you are doing.

Kim Cox

Very nice & courteous employees, quick service, & clean theatre

Joe Paris

The seats may not be as fancy as those at the mall but this theater is comfortable and clean and a great place to catch a movie.

Jeremy Strunk

EVERYTHING is way to expensive but it was a good experience.

Breezy Bee

Could use a good clean - nice staff though

KC Andersen

Just need reclining seats and it would be a 5. Forcing people to buy tickets at the concession stand but then not sell concessions with tickets is SUPER wonky. 2 lines right next to each other. Make it happen.

Summer Duncan

This places service is wish-washy. Sometimes it's great, other times, it's like.. wft? But all in all, it's a pretty alright theater. Get the Regal card. It'll SAVE you a FEW DOLLARS.

Joe Patterson

Ok price's little high on food ..

Pam C

Doesn't have recliner seats. Good otherwise, although volume is often low, so ask them to turn it up before the movie if you want to hear all the dialogue!

Barb Loucks

Movie night price for treats are super expensive...

Anel Martinez

I’ve been going here for years and everyone has always been really nice, but yesterday that I went to watch a movie with my boyfriend the lady that took our order was very rude her name tag said CECILIA. She had us wait a long time to take our order because she was talking to another one of her coworkers and never told me that she could help me... after 10 minutes of her not even making eye contact with us, she asked me “are you guys ready?” I told her “we’ve been ready” and she said “well you guys never told me that you were ready.” I’m not sure if it was the manager that was next to her. She was wearing the same uniform but all black and she heard the way Cecilia was talking to me and didn’t say anything.Very bad costumer service. Employees should be trained to have a good attitude and be nice to the costumers. They should not be allowed to talk like that to their costumers.

Dan Dougherty

Not very crowded. Cleanliness is good Men's bathroom soap is usually put on some sinks but not all. Beer selection is poor. Food is way over priced and needs better selection

Mark Whitney

Always enjoy visiting Regal S. Lancaster when I'm in Salem. Clean theatre, restrooms & very helpful cust. service!

Susan Barnett-Kiengsiri

Great staff and great movie!

Travis Smith

Seemed nice from the 1st visit. Seats were nice, restrooms clean. Popcorn was tasty with lots o butter... I'll be back there. Google maps said I was there and I couldn't see it. It should of told me to take a left at the stoplight. It's easy to miss...

Joe Alexander

But, I have to say, reclining so closely to a complete stranger is a little creepy.

Arlene Limbeck

I enjoyed what I got to see if the movie went to see welcome to marwen cause it was my birthday and I got a call as soon as it started that my son was having a seizure so I had to leave and I got in on the last 45 minutes of it.

jimmy figueroa

Not treated well popcorn was stale would like a manager to contact me no friendly service

Michael Mills

Nice theater seating. Great sound and picture.

Adam Farley

Great theater, not as busy as others in the area so you're sure to get a ticket.

Delores Shelton

Always appreciate that this theater shows faith-based movies. Thank you!!

suelea Adventures

Kids an I went to watch the new Adam's family.. The theater was empty? $20 for adult $9 for kids $6 small drink, $6 small popcorn $6 anything small. Wow

Mary K Reid-Bradley

Great movie selection with comparable prices.

Silvia Dominguez

Great, comfy seating.

Just Jessi

Showed up for movie that was playing that day and was told they took it off list that morning but didnt update website.

Alyxana Evans

Fun movie good popcorn

Casey Guillory

Nice theater just wish it was updated like the other one. Really needs recliner seats

Eric N

Very comfortable chairs! Awesome sound system! Fun to go for a matinee or make it a date night!

David Chatman

Great experience! The employees were fantastic and very helpful. They let us know the deals they were having and what would be best for our little family. The theater was clean, warm and very welcoming. We got our tickets online with reserved seating, made everything a cinch! Will definitely go back!

Joan Metz

Movie was great. Service at concessions was a little slow considering there were only 3 people ahead of us and only one person manning the cash register. Two others were behind the counter as well, but didn't feel the need to give service to customers.

Ash Lerwick

Staff was very friendly and theatre was clean and had comfortable seating.

Andrew Miller

Theater is clean and well kept up. The staff is very friendly and helpful.


Limited seating, so could not see the movie at the time I wanted without waiting till next showing.

Larry Thompson

My friend and I absolutely love this place! Good prices and fun snacks to buy!

Howard Johnson

Nice theater. Employee behind the counter was more of a robot instead of a warm friendly person.

Tim Howard

Nice place. Armrests in the theater were very hard to move (up or down). Maybe I need to start working out.

Robert Foster

Comfortable seating. Concession prices are high but what theater isn't? Staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Made for a fun and hassle free impromptu date night. Used passes we received for a gift last Christmas with ease.

J Presley

First time experience at this location. Clean facility. Courteous employees. Technical difficulties during trailers (only audio enabled) was quickly resolved. At one point towards the end of the movie, noticeable sound & vibrations from neighboring movies didn't mesh with the movie I viewed.

Ianna Jones

Huge parking lot. You pick your seats at purchase. The seats are kind of old and have a small seating pad. I would expect more from a huge chain like Regal. Screen quality is great. The sound is almost perfect. Not too loud that you can't enjoy the movie and not to quiet that you have to be completely silent to hear it.


They have good quality screens and great seating, but there food and drinks are way overpriced.

Lynette Petersen

Family fun night

Gina Costello

Is nice but really expensive.

Kenneth Crick

Friendly staff. Movie schedule is perfect for weekends too. Clean facilities.

Tim Vickers

Regal’s #2 Cinema in Salem. Not as fresh as the one in Lancaster Mall, but overall a decent spot to catch a movie. Plenty of parking, with your typical overpriced popcorn and sodas, along with a comfortable movie going experience. Never had any problems at this location.

Matthew Hawes

This is a great theater. I've been here many times over the years. I remember when it was first built. Before it was, this whole area was a drive-in theater with I think, 3 screens. Maybe 4. It's been awhile. I can't remember. Anyway, this is a great theater. It still feels like new. They keep it very clean. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this theater to everyone. Thank you

Mark Macauley

Nice facilities and friendly staff. Way over priced in my opinion.

Tabb Phillips

Seemed like a really good place to watch a great movie. Just moved here and retire from Southern Oregon. You're close to Lancaster it's probably the best place to go.

mikko Thomas

Not to bad. I like the stadium seating, I wish the accent lighting was dimmer. It was distracting from the end seats..

J Casey

Ok theater, not the big comfy reclining seats, hope they update soon..

Daniel Bishop

Not very busy for the late showings. Quick ticket purchase, but it took much to long for the concessions. There were 2 people being helped and one person in front of me. Two employees were working and two employees were standing behind the counter just chatting. They were loud enough hear that it was not work related at all. Finally they decided to get back to work and helped the now growing line. I only ordered one beverage. After paying I was told to enjoy my movie then he walked away. I went looking for a straw but there weren't any long enough for my drink size. After looking over the counter to try and find one and walking back and forth from one end to the other I had to ask another employee for a straw. Shouldn't a straw just be an automatic item that is handed to you with your drink? Oh well, I enjoyed the movie and off I went. Nothing major to complain about. I have been here many times and I will continue to go back.

Kyle Blackman

After spending time at the other theater at Willamette town center, this theater is kind of disappointing. The arm rests were sticky with what I'm hoping was soda, many of the lights were in disrepair, the prices were the usual 500% markup, the overall condition of the theater makes you wonder what they're doing with the almost $5 profit they're making off of their beverages alone. The only upside is that this theater is rarely ever busy, so you almost get the theater to yourself. This theater is like the annoying younger sibling that always wants to hangout with the older sibling, so you dress it in a similar way, but don't let it participate in the cool activities. This theater used to be the bees knees, and now it's the theater you take your side piece to, so nobody recognizes you. . . Because it's always empty.

Shesh Verdun

Great friendly staff, clean theaters and clean bathrooms

heather lesh

Good, but needs reclining seats

Robert Mominee

They made me pick my seat at the time of buying the ticket - I told them, "How am I supposed to know what seat I want if I'm not in the theater to SEE where the seats are in relation to the screen?" Plus, I choose my seats depending on where others are siting and how I feel they may be to sit next to, eg. if there are a bunch of kids using their phones or being rowdy, I sit away from them. So that was frustrating right from the beginning - then, I get in the theater and the commercials are blasting so loud, I couldn't talk to my friends without yelling at them... :/ - I literally rolled up napkins and put them in my ears. After 15 minutes I had to leave the theater to enjoy some quiet in the lobby - whew. All that was before the movie even started. What I found to be weird was when the movie started, they turned the volume down to comfortable levels, and then I enjoyed the movie. Does the manager know what's going on? I'll go to the Lancaster mall next time.

Ramon A

The popcorn was good the soda didn't taste funny and the seats were comfortable five stars!

Rebecca R

I love that you can pick your seats from home if you buy online the only down size is paying extra but at least you get the tickets and seats you want.

Diane McGill

Fun friendly place to watch a movie Reserved seats that are so comfortable and even recline.

Kyler Bales

Went and saw an amazing movie. Amazing employees.

Jerry Sigs

It can premiere some great movies. A bit costy on food but...its worth it for the experience.

eric medley

Needs better seats like the other one in town.

Kat Burleson

I want to start my review by reminding, going to the movies is a little expensive. We go knowing it's going to be forty plus dollars. The theater seats felt dirty; like an old chair out in the garage. Popcorn was cold, not even a little bit warm. The workers did not seem to like their job's, or work in general. You felt like you were rudely walking into their clubhouse. The plus.. no one else was there,we had the movie all to ourselves. We are not going to see movies here in the future.

Geof Harvey

Pretty good theaters. Dont have the reclyning chairs at this local tho and concidering they charge the same at the regal a mile away with reclying chairs they lose a star.

Eric Ottoson

Been coming here for years and it's timeless

Deby Levy

The best theater Salem has to offer. Clean, large restrooms, huge snack bar so you aren't in line waiting like most. The cost is the same as most theaters which is always high in my opinion. Large parking lot, and well lit for nights. Multiple movie listings and times. Have pre-ordered tickets, and there really wasn't a need as I haven't been to a sold out movie on opening night there before. Handicap parking, seating and entrance available. Courteous and helpful staff. I recommend visiting this location during the week as weekend afternoons can be rather busy.

Justyn Hensley

A good place to go watch a movie with the family

Kassidy smores

Good service but the floor was sticky by my seat

Tony Quintero

great place , love the seating...

Shore Walker

Went and saw the new Robin Hood. I'd give it 4 of 5 stars.


It's a movie theater. It does have reclining chairs though.

Susan Dungan

Had great time with grandson. Only customers in the theatre

Julian Lee

This is a great movie theater. The seating is comfortable. The concessions are good although a bit pricy and there is good visibility. I wish some areas were slightly cleaner though.


It great not a crowd if you go to the early showing

Who Ghost There

This theater is simply the best if you are an anime fan and looking for a great place to see all the imported movies. I have seen almost a dozen here and have had an amazing experience at every single one of them. I will say that you may need to check fathom events website as sometimes the movies won't show up on the local site. But no matter what, if you need to see that newest movie or an old rescreening of a Ghibli movie, this is the best place to see it.

Bill Berg

Nice theater spendy though

Linda Ashley

Nice seats great movie "Run the Race". Good atmosphere.

Marilyn Soriano

I’ve been coming here since I was a little kid ! Love it :) staff have always been nice !

Steve Schubert

Accidental "Butt" posting of this review @ three stars. Updated to four stars with a real review. I like this theater and look forward to newer reclining seats someday. I ding one star for the sticky seat in the theater I was in.

Justin Case

love this place very clean very nice the only thing that I wish is at the prices for the concession stand was not so much. I get a couple movie tickets it's about 20 bucks. I go into the concession stand get one large popcorn or a large soda and some Sour Patch Kids and it's 20 bucks. I bet a lot more people would come if their prices were so high. But will continue going to the Regal Cinema.

Victoria Gold

The best movie theater in town. New, big, comfy chair and a nice screen. The clean bathrooms are nice and big. I only give a 4 star because of the food prices but that is typical. I truly believe that they would sell more and make more if they charged less. But that is only my opinion. Will be back!

Micah Hassell

Pretty good theater. It was clean and the staff was very polite.

David Miller

Watch Spider-Man far from home it was great!

Alma Cerv

Great place to enjoy

Clyde Parker

I'm a senior, and they have good prices for seniors.


Perfect theater experience every time. Greasy popcorn, over sized candy packs, expanded menu....who could complain about that?! They also monitor the guests during movies to ensure there are no unruly movie-goers distracting the rest of the room.

Heartmyreddog D.

Always a great time at the movies. Arrive early, the concession stand lines are usually very long. Staff is friendly

Jennifer Zumwalt

The chairs are awesome. Great theatres and clean.

Audrey Nason

Went in to see the 2nd fantastic beasts movie with some friends and we reserved the special recliner seats. They were so comfortable and nice! Honestly it might be something that my husband and I do every time from now on. For the cost they are totally worth it.

michael potts

Shaw and Hobbs was an excellent movie

Melody Campbell

Today my daughter and I watched a movie and it was colder inside the theater than it was outside...and it was 41 degrees outside. We spoke to an employee and for about 15 minutes it started to warm up...well not really warm...just not cold. Because I sat tense with arms and legs crossed tight to try to create my own personal warmth - I left the theater sore from clenching my muscles. It felt as if the air conditioner was on!

Ryan Neuman

I've been spoiled going to Towns Center Regal with the reclining chairs however if you are tall like over 6ft your legs will go into the next seat in front of you and the seats are hard not soft so if you go see something like End Game it's not going to be all that comfortable considering all Regals charge the same for tickets. If I had a choice I would always take Regal Town Center.

Tyler Irish

Theater was clean the staff was super nice. We ordered some popcorn and they had this amazing salt that you can top it with.

Jamelyn Yzaguirre

Not bad all in all. Not as good as the other theater that's just a mile or so away, and that one has recliner seats! But they don't have paper towels in the bathroom.... it's really annoying that places like this don't have paper towels in the bathrooms

Joe Kupris

Just finished seeing the 3D showing of "Incredibles 2" and it was fantastic! Great entertainment for the whole family, at fairly reasonable prices. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, and the theaters are kept very clean.

Katrina Wright

Went to see a movie for our anniversary and I was pleasantly surprised at Regal Cinemas Santiam location. Easy online ticket buying and we used a gift card to pay the admission.Just got an email with the digital tickets purchased, and showed the barcode at the door. No waiting in line! Nice servers at the concession counter, that brought our food to the table. They do sell beer and wine to adults over 21, awesome! Great experience and enjoyed the movie!


Like it was nice place

Cherree Ballesteros

My favorite theater cause not too many people

Judith Waldburger

Was clean. Good movie

Jasmine di'Vine

Great sound! Tons of parking, lots of bathroom stalls, very comfy seating , with arm rests that raise and large seats!!

Savien Johnson

Just finished watching Creed 2 had a blast all for a great price.

Jackie Pehl

Super clean cinemas with clean and comfortable seating.Snack bar a pleasurable atmosphere. Movies are fast to show upon release.

Rob Campbell

Wish they would upgrade to the recliner seats. All the newer movies I want to see start here and seating is cramped.

tam frager

Overall, a good theater. The staff is friendly and helpful. The auditoriums are cleaned between showings. The restrooms are usually clean. They serve the standard popcorn, soda and candy, but also have beer, pretzels and more. All of the auditoriums have stadium seating and wheelchair accessible seating. Sometimes they don't have enough people scheduled and the concession line takes an inordinately long time, but that's not usually a problem. If it's not a busy night, it can take a minute to figure out where to purchase tickets - sometimes it's at both box office windows (outside), sometimes it's at just one, and sometimes it's inside next to the concessions stand. Like I said, overall, it's a decent theater and you're likely to have a good experience.

Brice Boatwright

Nice staff, tidy environment, snack and ticket prices are what you would expect with any other Regal Cinema. Overall the least crowded mainstream theater in Salem on average. With how nice and kept up the place is, economy and all, I'm surprised they haven't expanded the theater the past decade. No big deal, however. I recommend stopping by this location to catch a movie or two.

Daniel Cox

Love this place always playing my Christian Movies

Jacob Simpon

Assigned seating is a nice concept. Buts it's poorly executed here. Went to a third full movie in the middle of the day, we were forced to choose seats and were not allowed to select a location with an empty seat between us and the next group. That's really freaking annoying. If it was a full movie or non matinee I get it, that's where assigned seats are nice but if you are like me and like to wait a few weeks for an emptyier theater so you don't have to listen to 10 conversations and everyone eating.

Kim Ellis

Saw the movie The Mule Clint Eastwood directed and produced it good movie got to see it

Boe Brown

Been to this theater a few times now. Each time seems to be slightly worse than the last. Slightly older popcorn than last time, slightly less soda flavor. At least this time it was clean though, last visit had garbage on the floors so that's a plus.

Cameron Barton

Great food, snacks, and great services

Elizabeth Guerrero

Other cinemas are over packed and under staffed. This cinema is always medium busy/busy but has enough staff to make the whole experience smooth. Very friendly staff and clean bathrooms. It does not have the recliner chairs but that's something extra I can do with out with all the extra pluses here.

Joe Abad

Don't care for the leather seats or the bright lights on edge. Feel like there is a disease to catch when you wear shorts and sit on them nasty chairs

Sheila Farley

Fantastic experience watching " I Can Only Imagine" last night. Was a great wholesome family movie that all ages can watch. I truly hope more theaters nationwide will start playing more types of movies like this. The showtime we went to was sold out and everyone clapped at the end of the movie.

Candra Hahn

This is the first theater I've been to that had me pick my seats before going into the auditorium. Not bad, just very interesting. I was a little frustrated (not quite the right word, but I can't recall the one I want to use) because we chose our seats based on where other people had chosen to sit, but when we got to the sitting area people had moved to places they hadn't chosen. I suppose I don't see the point in having us chose our spots if it doesn't matter where we sit. But anyway...Big cinema! The bathrooms are gigantic, and absolutely beautiful, too. The staff were pleasent to engage with and very efficient, as well. It was clean and looked well kept. We got a Barq's, which tasted great, and were happy with the overall experience. Would definitely come again!

Leigh Reddekopp

Still love this place. Maybe because they don't have those electric theater seats, which are kinda uncomfortable for those of us not 6' tall.

Steve Vargo

Good selection of movies.

bruce dennis

The movie was excellent. OVERCOME! Ticket purchase at the snack bar, makes no sense. Some guy who should be selling tickets stands just inside the door and tells me to go stand in line to get tickets from someone who's main job is selling popcorn. Then comes the assigned seating part of ticket purchase, that might make sense when they have a big crowd, but they didn't. Thanks.

Scott Carpenter

The set up of how they have things set up, up purchase your ticket at one register at the food court, then another line for snacks, with two registers open and four people running around in the back and that takes over 45 minutes so might want to get to your movie an hour or two early so you can watch your movie on Time. Place was clean just needed better service and organization in the front for time management

Karen Garcia,

First time to the theater and it was pretty good the Lines could have been a little bit shorter for the food but it was opening weekend for Toy Story 4

Cris S

Been to many movies here, but my car was hit once in parking lot, be careful.

Silas Elash

Nice theater. Larger viewing spaces than some of the new smaller viewing spaces. More good seats.

Barry Michael

Solid theatre, a bit out of the way though - my phone doesnt seem to work properly there so it is hard to arrange a ride without a long walk away from the building. Older seats. They recently started reserved seating. Lots of screens so they show a greater range of movies.


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