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REVIEWS OF Regal Ninth Street Cinemas IN Oregon

bob fisher

Well it always gets me when folks are inviting friendly and always there for you if their in the entertainment here goes....i entered....said i wanted to see the last Jedi in 3d....the gentleman said alright it just started...but there is previews....then he asked if i was a Regal card holder...and he explained it was free and on tue it discounted popcorn ,drinks i said cool ...he gave me a discount on my age....the i quickly went up and entered the theather....just like he said it was previewing next films then a young lady walked in and apologized for not giving me my glasses....3d that is and i said thanks and rushed out to get popcorn and a drink...w /my new regal what a savings ....everyone was so caught me of guard....they cant take tips but they all deserve a good raise from Regal....what a good crew!!! The only reason the 4 star is that the place could have used a little more heat....but im sure its more of a corporate my answer is gang up and enjoy the. Staff and a good movie....and maybe Regal will give the crew a little extra...since we cant tip and tell them they can increase the heat just a tad.....for the benifit of the viewers....and that 5 th star is on the way....ill be back for sure with a gang of friends.....making a huddle till corporate sends the ok!! Heat on !!!oh and the last jedi 3d didnt disappoint!!!!! Out!!

Yoshi Star

Great theater with comfortable seats. However, the seats are very high and even adults have hard times seeing. Otherwise good movie theater experience.

Kenneth Bae Awesome

to expenisive stuff and terrible seat to compacted and the seats are in a terrible angle so you if someone sits infront of yo then you cant see anything.

James Greaney

This is an ok theatre. The only way it can compete against the AMC in town is having exclusive movies that don't show at the AMC. This theatre is in desparate need of a remodel.

Adam L. Rockwell

A nice small theater with a good parking lot.

Sam Lee

You can just feel the history in this place. They always get at least one big block buster and I look foward to going to see it here. I miss these kinds of places that aren't these mega-plexes.


Awesome staff. Best popcorn in Corvallis

Tisha Armstrong

Kinda small but other than that great

Chad Grieve

Great refreshments here and the movie theater was clean. Would recommend it for any show.

Kiki Prottsman

A little dated, but low on crowds and great sound. The sound from action movies does bleed through the walls a bit, and there is no stadium seating (a little disappointing for the same price as other regal theaters) but overall a good experience.

Jennifer Mckinney

Great little theater, had the place pretty much to ourselves, was a fun experience for the kids. Popcorn was nearly burnt though, one minor bad mark.

Alex Hogen

Messy. Seats aren't on enough of an incline to see over tall people. Kind of disappointing if you were excited to get immersed in the film.

Luis Pérez

Very good, congratulations

Elysian Fields

I like this theater; however, I am short, (5 feet 4 inches) and I can barely see over the new seats that they put in, even if no one is setting in front of me. The theater is always clean and the staff is both polite and knowledgeable. Decent movie selections and times are late afternoon or evenings.

Eric Merten


Daniel Moore

The theater's view of the screen was terrible as the seats go back very far but don't sit on a slant. They theater screen was also small for thar many seats and had flaws in it. You couldn't really see it well from 1/3 of the seats and you had to crane your neck for another 1/3. Obviously the good ones get taken almost instantaneously. I would say dollar theater quality at best, but definitely not dollar theater prices.

Sarah Cooper

Not good. 1980's theatre style. No stadium seating. If someone sits in front of you, unless they're a child you always see the top of their head. Seats are uncomfortable

Eric Beeler

I prefer it over AMC if you have Movie Pass because they allow loyalty rewards.


Worse in every way than Carmike 12. Price, theaters, staff. The WORST thing is that they force carmike to not play most of the big releases so that they can stay in business, otherwise nobody would ever go there. Please go to Albany. Do not promote this horrible theater. They need to burn lol...

Tim Massey

Excellent theater

Стивен Майкл Андерсон

Popcorn and pop were a little spendy, but not entirely outrageous.

Amanda Artz

Older theater but comfortable and popcorn is cheaper.

TJ Alimi

Is this a movie theater? Or a holiday inn Express, clean got my nap on in this spot, #2Cozy

Chris Deege

Great staff. Smaller theatre, so its often missed. Less crowded.

Ronald J. Baynum jr.

seen new Aquaman movie, didnt like it.. with high priced 9 dollar popcorn.. a bite into my budget.

Paul Weatherford

Newer comfortable seating with adjustable arms. Smaller theaters with large screens

Richard Allen

Clean and well maintained. Picture and sound in theater 1 was great. Went on a Wednesday afternoon and was 1 of only 4 people in the room.

Ananya Sinha Chowdhury

Ancient is the correct word to describe, my neck was hurting

dongning pu

A bit expensive but nice and clean

Eric Arseneaux

We went to this theatre instead of amc because amc didn’t have the new Star Wars. It was the first time we have been here. It was awful. We got there 30 min early and there was a line out the door for the movie. They also don’t have stadium seating. I can say this was the last time I will go to regal. AMC is so much better and even if they don’t have a movie I want to see I will go to Salem over regal. Worth the drive.

Sybil Richardson

Too pricey. Poor seating.

Trevor Lane

Tiny theater with poor seating (not stadium seats, so you can't see over the heads of those sitting in front of you). It's alright overall, I guess.

dj nunya

Not as crowded as AMC....easy to get into

Peter Clair Widmer

This is a great theatre, even though it is small. They let you bring in whatever you want. The stuff there is a little pricey but they have some good movies. It's a nice cozy little play and have very comfortable seating, far surpassing the AMC. I rate this a perfect 5/7

Z. Shattuck

Old and outdated a bit, but the theatre was comfy and acceptable. Don't expect any frills at this place, there are none.

Linda Terry Blanchard

Good service purchasing our tickets and at the snack bar. Courteous and friendly staff

Alex Crum

Nice theater, but ticket prices are more expensive than the Carmike.

James P

Theater would have been fine but they didn't run the AC hardly at all; so basically the room was stuffy and full of people and had a less than desirable aroma. -take your Vicks rub, you may need to apply it to your nose while you sweat in your chair.

Hannah Sheler

Cozy comfy and nice

Madeline Furtado

Very clean lobby and the theater seating was also very clean. I will come back.

Arete Katherine Caldwell

The staff was friendly and nice. The seats were comfy. And it seemed pretty clean. Tickets were expensive, but that's to be expected from any movie theater these days. Unfortunately, I could hear the movie next to me the entire time. That sucked a lot.

Brad Petrowitz

Smaller, lower quality Regal location. Concession prices these days are getting out of hand.

Mary McMenamin

Personnel are always pleasant and well cared for.

Wes R.

If the movie isn't playing at the other theater in town, this is that other option. I strongly recommend making the trip to Albany's Regal Cinema rather than going to this one. The sound is pretty poor, the screens are always spotty, and has uncomfortable seating. Do not get popcorn at an early showing, as it is heated up from the previous evening.

Sean Dooley

Hey beef supreme, as someone who used to work there they don't have popcorn from the previous night in the early showings. 30 minutes after the last show of the day the closer throws it out and the opener makes a fresh batch at the beginning of the day. Now what you're complaining about is probably during the time the popcorn warmer was broken as that was an issue while I worked there. Thought you should know before posting something factually incorrect online

Sharayah Lehman

Tucked in from the street, fun place, can get hard to find parking on big opening nights

Lori Winn

One of the cleanest theaters I've ever been too. The popcorn was fresh, seats comfortable and the staff was friendly. Prefer this theater over the 'other' one in Corvallis.

Linda Teppler

Looking pretty run down now but the aeats were comfortable and service fast. Nice amount of butter on fresh popcorn.

Matthew Livezey

The price was decent for a movie but the concessions seemed reasonable. I would/have been going back here awhile

Damien Barrett

They have better popcorn than the AMC and I can always find a good seat.

Aisha Washington

Friendly staff. Decent selection. Can sometimes hear noise from the next door screening.

Kristen Meyers

Great staff, horrible seats, and terrible screens.

Peter Kessinger

It's a bit old but it's cheap which makes it worth seeing movies. Quality is still great.

Steven Ackerman

Perfect place for matinee. No crowds!

Kari Gottfried

Less busy than Carmike, which is nice!


Decent movie theatre. Staff has always been friendly. Prices are movie theatre prices of course. The seats are not tremendously comfortable but also not horrible. The leveling could use an improvement but I imagine this is not an easy problem to fix. Good option, then again who is that picky when choosing between the only two real theatres in Corvallis?

David was here

Nice updates to this place. Tonight I watched Last Jedi on the very same screen where I saw A New Hope in 1977. Of course they've replaced the old stained screen, the shoddy sound system, and the chairs are much better. If only time were so kind to us. :)

Frances Staben

The high seats make it impossible to see the screen unless you are quite tall. I try NOT to go there, and if I do, I have to sit on the aisle so I can look down it to the screen. Those "new" seats need to be dumped!

July Teal

This is a good theater and its always clean. Very fast service on my last visit

Jennie Wilder

Small theater without stadium seating.

Lori Bullis

Not my favorite place to see a movie. Hard to find, live the new comfortable chairs that rock.

James Reed

Good theater, I enjoy it and the staff are super friendly.

Erin C

Unfortunately there are not many cinema choices around these parts, but I will give this one credit that it is slightly better than the Regal in Albany. That's not saying much however. This theater still reuses popcorn from the day before to save money and it is very very tiny. Few movies are actually shown here and god help you if its a blockbuster because they do not have the room. No special soda selection, no alcohol option, and the staff still gives you this vibe of being immensely unhappy. What is going on?

Matthew Perry

The worst theater in the area. If the movie you want to see is not playing at carmike head to the regal in albany. This place has horrid sound and picture quality.

Tucker Fisher

Clean. Well kept.

Kassidy Benson

A bit spendy, but small and sweet. An awesome place to see a mainstream film and get great snacks!

Trina Jett

It was less crowded but the prices are higher then amc

R. Stine

$11 for a ticket, no student discount except Monday-Thursday. Expect long lines & $5.29 for a standard bottle of water. Worse, this place has a monopoly on certain movies. Major rip off. Leather seats in the theater, tho. Felt rich, which is what you have to be to see a film here.

Matt Cates

Great location, escape the AMC crowds and come to this place

Sevs fox

Great parking lots of space


Nice movie theater: it's clean, small, friendly staff, clean bathrooms and nice location. The movie tickets were a good price and I doubt you'll ever find a movie sold out. The price of pop and soda are actually cheaper than the other movie theaters I've visited. Overall, I can't complaint at all since I had a good time.

Brandon Sloma

Older movie theater, the seats aren't staggered so if you're behind someone even reasonably tall it's hard to see. Other than that, it's decent.

Jerry Weston

You only go if you have to. Otherwise, if you choose this over Carmike, you need to rethink your choices.

Robert N

nice big rooms

Janet Warner

Regal cinemas is a smaller place with good theaters, friendly staff, and first run movies. There is plenty of free and convenient parking. The concession is the normal overpriced snacks we all love to hate so all-in-all I really like seeing movies here.

Tesker LeMoine

Clean, seats are comfortable and a reasonable distance from the screen.

Nicholas Burgess

Awesome theater, amazing sound system, great seats. First time here but will be coming back.

DJ Vortical

It's alright. Prices are pretty typical, chairs are loud and you can, as an average-sized person, not see the bottom of the screen because of the chairs in front of you.

Joshua Williams

It would have gotten 5 stars if they hadn't taken my kidney for the ticket price

Vanessa Alexandra

Their rooms have a weird layout for movie viewing, and the screens are rather small. The prices are exorbitant for the quality of this theatre. My partner and I will drive all the way to Independence to see a movie if it's only showing at the Regal in Corvallis. That's how little we care for this place.

Anne Fanton

The new high back chairs are a problem in that it's very difficult to see over them and children cannot see at all, even with a booster seat.

Katie Truelove

It's bigger on the inside :-D


This is a older Remodeled movie theater. The seats are very comfortable and fairly new they do recline back a little bit. The lobby is clean and also the theater is clean. No sticky floors here. The staff is friendly And helpful. There is 3 or 4 games for kids to play before the movie starts if you have money. The bathrooms are Well serviced and cleaned. The snack bar has a pretty good variety of snacks. There's also handicap seating in theaters. A good place to take family.

Ben Kesecker

Comfortable chairs and usually plenty of available seats.

Nova Kat

Theatre is nice, my only gripe is that half of the time I could hear the sound effects of the auditorium next to the one I was in.

Jax Johnson

Ok theater but the chairs make a lot of noise.

Sharayah Johnson

Cute theater

Andrew Brereton

Not a great theater, screens are small, and there was a leaf blower outside for 20 minutes during the movie. Made it hard to hear.

Ashley Porter

My movie was good

Oleksii Motorykin

Went for an X-men Apocalypse 3D with my GF. We were the only one in the room. Great experience. :)

Josiah Wood

The people that work there aren't pretending to be nice. That's a good quality to have anywhere.

Kevin Lee

Worst movie theater i've ever been. Too old, you guys need to remodel. Movie theater itself is built not efficiently watching the screen. Very very uncomfortable if someone over 5' sits in front of you. Prices are somewhat high. If it wasnt the movies, I would smash the place down and remodel it if I was rich enough.

Bryant Rominger

Friendly staff but the theatre is not set up well and it's hard to see the screen.

Michelle Moon

The tickets prices range from 7$-16$ and that's very expressive, the seats are very tall I'm 5'4 and need a boaster seat. Theaters are small there's three show rooms, and the service is slow, I received a gift card and was dreading useing it so tried to redeem it for cash and they refused. Their website doesn't specify when it's a 3d movie and I showed up to in thinking it was 2d and got a migraine so got a free pass to a movie but it doesn't add up because the ticket prices range from so low to so high

Jenelle Pinkston

Very friendly & accommodating staff. Theater was clean

Mr HotChicken

After a movie i tryed getting a refill but there was no cashier

Pamela Tennity

Won't ever go back again - you replaced seats, which really needed to be done, but the backrests are so tall they interfere with viewing by my older grand children and by myself, and I am not short. Not a very smart move for a theatre. If I want to see a movie that is at Regal only I now drive over to Albany theatre.

Sue Roberts

Super clean theater. The prices are better than AMC and the staff is super friendly. Much prefer this theater to the AMC.

Ben Price

Place needs a major renovation still has seating straight out of the 40s.

Blake Mueller

This theater is very accommodating for young children. We had to leave our movie early because our toddlers would not sit through it, and the management was nice enough to give us re-entry tickets, so that we could come back another time. Will definitely be coming back many, many times!

Alexis Cain

This movie theater isn't the cleanest and the setup is awkward, but you gotta do what you gotta do when you wanna see a movie.

Courtney Culp

Way too spendy. Could have drove another 15 minutes to go watch something for half the price

shadow shonka

Would be a good movie theater if the seats weren't so low. I'm 5'6 and I can barely see over the seats, I would never pay for another ticket to see a movie here because of that. Seats are comfy tho

Dustin Simpson

Nice leather seats and clean. Not stadium seating, but could see well.

Uriel LM

It's good just the price is high compared to others

Adam Kellar

It's a poor theatre with relativly high prices

Will Seble

Seats are a little goofy but it's a huge theatre that I feel like not many people know about. Give it a shot.

roman guenther

This is one of the worst theatres I've been in. Seats are uncomfortable, and are not elevated enough to see over the person in front of you. Kids booster seats slide off center and tilt to the side. They raised prices on tickets...$11.45 for adults. Too bad that some of the most popular films are exclusive to this shoddy theatre

Sherri Gates

Great popcorn

zach e

Terrible terrible theater. Don't waste your time. This place is outdated and not kept clean enough. If they weren't the only theater around getting certain movies nobody would waste their time or money here.

Shirley Fosdick

We watched the movie 12 Strong. Really enjoyed it! I noticed that they had remodeled since the last time I was there. Comfortable seating. Did not buy any food. We had just gone out to eat. The restroom was nice and clean. My husband and I have a little trouble hearing the dialogue. It would be convenient to have a device to help with that.

Tibbi S

It's been many years since I last viewed a movie here. Since then, everything has been updated really nicely. Seats are the individual rocking type and so comfortable. The screens are still on the smaller side (can't really change the building itself) but it's not a problem. Sat in the first row and the movie (Ant-Man and The Wasp) was fine to watch. The staff is quite friendly and maintain a high level of cleanliness, especially in the restrooms (which have also been updated in recent years). All in all, a lovely experience.

Alens Roms

This place is more expensive and not as nice as Carmike 12 but does sometimes have movies. Carmike 12 doesn't have out yet and usually is a less crowded place as well overall was a great movie theater and I recommend this to anyone

Tri Tran

it's kinda small but honestly that adds to its charm. good sound, good screen, passable seating.

Patrick Faivre

Smaller threater but ok. No stadium seating

Katharine Kreidler

Everything about this theater is very nice, except for the price. The seats are a nice leather material, popcorn and drinks were well prepared, and the staff were very nice. The only thing that will keep me from coming back is the price of the tickets. It came out to almost 25 dollars for only two tickets.


Great staff especially off hours

Morgan Lies

Student discount. Comfortable theater. Nice seats.

Michael Gauche

Chairs are difficult to see over unfortunately and only 4 theaters, but sometimes they are the only place with certain movies in the area, so sometimes you have to go there despite its downfalls.

Jason Best

Small but clean and updated.

Alyssa Pollard

Kind of a wonky set up theater but it has great customer service, sound and visual quality are good as well.

Andrew Fuhriman

I usually choose Carmike over this theater, but sometimes the movie I want to watch is only playing here. There isn't stadium seating here, but it's still an enjoyable experience coming here and typically less busy.

Brandi Byler

Enjoyed the movie..

Mochi the tortoise

I think they could use more staff. The place is clean but getting your popcorn in a long line sucks. usually only one person. but it is a nice place.

Paul Skarda

About your average movie viewing experience. Screens are more dated that AMC(old Carmike) but you don't notice too much once the movie starts. Food is expensive but that is nothing new to the industry.

Joshua Keihl

Still a pretty decent theater, though I wish they would turn it in to a dollar theater and show movies that have been out of the theaters for a while.

Geoff Berg

The popcorn was very good. Perfect butter flavor. The seats seemed new and very fancy but were not the most comfortable for my height (6'6")

Bryan Youker

Nice seats, good sound!

Zakorey Barkchip

Place seems outdated maintenance wise, for a modern company the business did not seem to modern. Otherwise, the staff here are great. They were very patient with my clients who have disabilities and they made sure everything was correct and kept a smile the whole time. Theatres aren't bad, very big theatres but small variety choice for snacks.

Erik Kellar

Movie theater is just a movie theater but, a very nice on at that


Smaller theater but has comfortable seats and multiple theater showrooms.

Josh Dunnell

Small but decent theater. Seats are too high off the ground so my feet don't easily touch. Only complaint I can think of.

Zack Camer

I had a good time and got some cool rewards. Love the seats too. I had a great time but it is possible I'm not as scrutinizing as others.

Harley Mesteth

Love Regal on 9th street! The smaller theater offers a more familiar and quaint feel. The theater looks small from the outside but once sat, the rooms are actually quite large and seat a good amount. Plenty of space for legs and a very comfortable movie going experience. Utilizing the Regal Rewards doesn't hurt either! We order our tickets online and get double points for free tickets and movie snicky snacks.

Josh Goben

I'd definitely go if you use MoviePass, but it was a bit expensive if I was paying myself. The seats are wonderful as they're huge and faux leather, but can be hard to see over if you're shorter. The sound was great, but the screen is a bit small. I'd prefer sitting farther in the back with the stadium seats in general, but we had to sit closer to a accommodate the small screen.


Plenty of parking. Friendly service. Clean theater lobby and restrooms. Our theater had the high-backed stadium seating. I went to see the new Han Solo movie. I realized this was the theater I watched the original Star Wars back in 1977.

M.E. Tierney

Love the staff!!! Seats are comfy and they refill your drinks right away to get you back to the movie.

Lorne Johnston

Don't go here unless you are tall.


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