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REVIEWS OF Regal Movies On TV IN Oregon

Oregon_coast93 Apple11a

Toy Story 4 was a Good to Scary Movie

Sumie Khamvongsa

Idk how long this place has been open but I've been coming for the last 15 years. Old school!!

David Moore

Nice theatre and friendly staff, but the online ticketing process was a nightmare (cumbersome, extra fees, buggy system, slow, unintuitive, etc) and the prices - good grief, it's a movie. I can't believe how prices just keep going up and up and up. And not hardly any discount for kids or for matinee. Really? And eight bucks for popcorn? You've got to be kidding me. No wonder everyone wants to just watch it streaming in their own home these days. The movie theatre days are numbered...

James Stinson

Enjoyed the movie close to where we live watched bohemian rhapsody great movie

Richard Galarza

My wife and I went to watch Avengers End game, sound system was great , popcorn was delicious , the beer was cold and refreshing. Would have been a five star, no reclining chairs, maybe we are spoiled. Okay 4.5 stars out of 5.

Rabbit and Guinea pig vlogs

its not the best but its still good

Lucy Mendez

Not a bad experience, we've seen Lion King & Aladdin here. Seats were comfy.

Karen Bolin

Clean, comfortable, not too loud in theatre. Good popcorn.

mmm mmm

Usually a good place but last time I went there were 4 teenage boys behind my seat talking so loud that I didn't even catch the damn plot. I went to find an employee and I found one after 5 mintues. They said they would find a manager. I missd the ending of the movie waiting and nobody even showed up. This is usually a good place, but my birthday was ruined. If a group of people are sitting behind you yelling into your ear for over an hour, don't expect the staff to give a flying f***

Tim Van Dyne

Went and saw the Upside... one of the best movies I've seen in years. Theater was clean and not crowded.

Victor Ruybalid

One of my favorite theaters, good parking and not over crowded.

Jean Goodwin

A bit pricy for a matinee showing of a movie. Wish they had Diet or coke Zero cherry coke

Melancholy Menopausal Mimsy

Nice place, wish the seats reclined! Service is always kind and civil. It’s always been clean when we go.

Rod Heslop

Watched Aquaman at the Matinee nice seats and great movie.

thomas blanchard

Good popcorn and great seats

Dallin Mueller

Seats are very cramped, especially if you're an above average size guy. Otherwise what you'd expect quality wise from a theatre.

Brianne Eckenrodt

It's fine. Fun candy dispenser if that's important

Lynne K

Love this place. Yes you can pick your seats, bathrooms are super clean, discount Tuesday's & they even serve beer

debra Cheesman

I took my grandchildren to see the new Aladdin movie. We all loved it!

Eli gray-roedel

This is a really nice theatre, it has plenty of concessions stands for plenty of people to be in line. It's a wonderful theatre.

Michael Korb

This is an enjoyable place to watch movies. It’s not usually that crowded during the daytime and they serve beer and wine now. The cinemas are directly across Highway 8 TV highway from Fred Meyer. It’s about 20 minutes from downtown Beaverton. Nice location great movies


My favorite movie theater in Hillsboro. Soooo many bathroom stalls! Two young kids were asked for ID when they wanted to see an R rated movie. It was hilarious! DENIED!!


Deceptive ability to choose seats on app. This theatre has NOT been remodeled and has outdated seating. We didn't stay for the movie. Disappointed to spend the same $ as a theatre with updated seating and be crammed into uncomfortable seats with people stepping on your feet on their way to the restroom. No thank you.

Emily Ann

Great place to watch movies when there aren't any talking people in the theater.

Dale Jenkins

Nice theater with multiple shows.

Sydney Johnson

Theater is older but still in good shape. It would be nice if they updated and got better seats.

Mark Bradley

Toy Story 4 is OK and I like Toy Story 2 Better. Are they going to do Remodeling anytime soon and change the name to Century Theatres and the street name is also called Century. Regals Cinemas can still be use while it's called Century Theatres both combined.

Benjamin Moulton

I've always loved seeing movies here! This was my childhood theater. Not very well taken care of.

Anchoret Elfstrom

My favorite cinema to visit. I have been to many in the are and this one has the best atmosphere; clean and pleasant.

Lori Lambach

Besides having seats booked same as another customer. The movie was great!!!

Darryl Williams

I saw Avengers Endgame and liked it. The theater was clean. The restroom was clean. There was plenty of parking. I went to the 5 PM showing of that film.

Alex Acosta

Staff is usually friendly enough and keep the lines moving. Prices are just as price-gouging as any other theater, but they have various weekly deals that are nice to take advantage of.

dana maree

Good theater. Need more comfy seats. Went during day so wasn't busy. Food is good but expensive, as usual at any theater... you'll enjoy it

Devin Durtschi

Staff was super friendly and helpful. However, it's hard to justify going to a movie here vs most other places around, even though it's closer, because of the older style (and unassigned, generally) seating. I'm no giant, but at just over 6 foot I felt quite squished. So if I'm paying the same amount, I'm fine to drive an extra 10-15mins to get the nicer seating.

Justin Cooke

Great staff, Excellent screen size Excellent sound quality But the seats are old and are very dirty.

Mauricio Olivares

I'm a big fan of the big screen

John Monroe

Quiet. Clean. Friendly.

Jamie Jamison

Is what it is. Prices warrant updates that go towards the chairs. No recliners and very stiff chairs. Great sound quality and friendly staff.

S McCloud

Short lines, prepurchased tickets get you right in. Quick service.

Michael McDermott

Took my daughter to go see The Last Jedi! This place is great! Regal has this awards program that discounts things if you go often enough. Anyway, we had a medium popcorn, soda, and candy and it didn’t put us in the poor house! The theater was clean and quiet and the bathrooms were immaculate. Great job!

Christeen Allestad

Clean theaters. They have some pretty decent deals on Tuesdays. Seating is a little cramped but I've never had a bad experience at this location.

Crystal Montgomery

Needs better seats and felt really squished

Ryan Walton

Good location, nice staff & good movie screens. Would give 5 star's if they had recline seats.

Justin Padgett-causey

Theater is fine but there is no movie title next to the theater auditoriums. My friend and I got lost and had to ask the desk what auditoriums our show was in.

Basil Rooney

Nice venue. Clean, welcoming. Beer and wine offerings were superb including a New Zealand sauv Blanc.

Brian Lingenfelter

The customer service was great. Had so much fun with my son going to the movies


Stuff here, very much stuff.

Steve Childress

Evergreen has reclining seats and more leg room. If those things are not important then this is a good place for a movie.

PichaMe Ronin

Nice theater needs to be updated a little, decent snacks and of course high movie theater prices. Avengers endgame movie really good and nice sound system.

Spencer Dilworth

It was Awesome. We loved it.

Richard Lambert

Cheap and not crowded Tuesdays

ben osgood

Clean ...good staff....nice chairs

Ryan Dorman

Great movie but the concession counter felt a little overwhelmed. Show your staff some love and schedule enough people for the front of house. My expensive pretzel sticks took a little too long and were cold inside.

Steven Thomsen

Very clean and comfortable movie experience!

Justin Evans

Fun great experience and the staff was fast and friendly.

Ambar Ramirez Aguilar

Old fashioned chairs not kid friendly my small child got folded in the chair she refuses to go back and calls it the bad movie theater that has chairs that try to eat her she is 5 years old but under weight. A upgrade remodel is in need.

Neil Karp is what I don't get. You have a dozen or so kids working the concessions but half of them are old enough to sell beer, so why not have designated lines for beer sales with the 21 year olds at the taps. I got stuck tonight for 5 minutes behind a woman while we waited for someone old enough to sell her a Michelob Ultra.

Ronald DuConge

Helpful staff, convenient, great movies!!

Brad Arch

Regal is always the best. The theater s are always clean and updated with the best sound and picture. If you get the regal card you get movie and food discounts. They offer all the different modes to watch. Standard or 3d. Regals is big and they provide a nice place to escape the real world for a while.

Bryce Olson

Very nice theater and the perks are excellent!

Ana Laís.

Overall it’s a good movie theater. Would be a better one if they had assigned seats available at time of purchase of ticket. Close to my house so we enjoy going here

Jesse Grant

Uncomfortable old stadium seating

Kevin Woods

I came here to watch Avengers: Endgame. This was one of the places with tickets still available. This place is old. The seats are not like lounge chair seats. These seats are the old cloth seats with minimum cushioning. You cannot recline in these seats either. The screens looked good. Great 3D experience.

Jessica Heath

Coming here to see a 3 hour movie (IT 2) was a big mistake! After spending about 100 bucks between the tickets and over priced snacks they put us in an auditorium that was about 10° hotter than the rest of the theater after it finally was too hot to stand my husband begged them to do something. They said they would turn the AC on but they never did. Sad to say but i think they did it on purpose to sale more drinks. No other reason for it to be that hot. If you are an always cold person this might be the spot for you to see a movie.

Bhaskar Aluru

Seats need to be upgraded

Ginny Brown

Very clean, quick snacks, good movie. I miss the recliners that some other theatres have.

Scott Comella

Rated 1 star because you can't go zero. Forcing me to pick a seat prior to entering the theater when there was , at best , 20 people present goes against my grain. Won't be back.

Patrick Logan

Theater is in good condition, comfortable, has all the usual first run movies. But no reserve seats, no lounge chairs. Just traditional comfortable first come chairs. It's a good place to see a movie where that show may be crowded at a newer theater.

warren hollinshead

Smelly theater, hasn't been updated yet, sound is lackluster, and similarly priced to updated theaters. Go elsewhere.

Humberto Godinez

Clean place friendly staff

Lisa Edwards

It is clean including the restrooms.

Lyn B

I've never seen a movie on a holiday and I felt bad for going on Christmas. But the employees were friendly and the auditorium was clean. The seats were comfy.

Shawna Wales

Nice clean theaters, and never crazy busy.

banana _dannn

Lines were short and prices are resonable. Also the food was quick

Stacey Hunt

Some areas have a very stale smell which include halls and stadium rooms. No one plays the arcade games.. are the machines too old or expensive to have some fun so they're left unused (from the times I've been walking by)? Customer great. Oh. I DONT like to go to first showings of the day...the popcorn is cold and tastes like leftover stale from the night before that they put into a bag and poured into the actual popper machine to try to heat it up. The liquid butter is cold also. The food choices have improved, but when are they ever going to lower the costs at the concession stands? People should be happy not upset over the costs. Even the argument that they make a fun box for the kids, so the parents can sctuly afford a treat for the family!

Nathan McCallum

Since they have added reserved seats, Tight Wad Tuesdays is much less crazy!

Marsha Box

Great, clean, efficient and friendly customer service.

Malakai Miller

the chairs there could be better it's like sitting in a Car seat

Jesus C.B

A variety of movie choices. Tuesday's are well known for their 5$ tickets though the food is at the same high prize. Earn points as a regal crown member, to earn free snacks a d movie tickets. The staff are usually friendly and do a good job. The sits are not recline simple standard but the movie experience is still good.

Bruce Klein

Very nice theater.

Steven Driskill

Good theater, Tuesdays are 5 dollars. also its cheaper to go see a movie during the day

Diane Nielson

I love this theater. It’s clean, comfortable, first run movies, and not usually as crowded as other theaters for some trains. Shhhh don’t tell anyone.

Amanda West

We went to this theater when we were visiting Grandma. The theater was nice and clean and everything was well stocked We had six people 3 of which were very young kids. The staff was very friendly especially to the kids. The younger two kids had an icee drink and the staff let them bring it into the theater which was very nice of them. Of course we still bought snacks for everyone but we very much expected them to have to throw away the drinks and were pleasantly surprised they were aloud to keep them. We will go here again when we visit Grandma.

dirty chimp

Good enough. Friendly staff. Chairs are clean but didn’t recline in our theater. They sell booze, BUT... they charge a criminal amount. 10.99 for a tiny cup of cheap wine, no thank you. Bottom line: it’s a good theater, but there are better options close by.

Bruce Reiter

Very comfortable seats with great sound. The refreshment stand has a plethora of refreshments to make you movie going experience memorable.

Lelia Shumaker

Can be spendy but nice place!

Jen L

We attended the 1st showing of Aquaman on Christmas Day with Family...I used the Regal Cinemas App to get tickets to ensure we would get in on Sunday...The email with the ticket was easy to pull up & easily scannable...Next the concession stand - where again it was smooth and easy - using the app again to use the credits I have gotten over the past year (1 free small Coke, Nachos (half price), large popcorn (used my free “small” popcorn but paid $2 to upgrade to large) and 1 large soda - all for $11)...The theater itself was smaller and didn’t have stadium seating...the floor was super sticky...the movie was amazing and worth it..We were greeted as we were leaving with a Merry Christmas...Overall it was a great experience and we will go again if attending with our family who lives in that area

Shane LoGreco

Clean and easy to get in and out of. Just a little old where the seats are not the most comfortable.

Service blondy Harvey

There movie quality is great and they have a great selection to chose from. They have plenty of foods And drinks and there was something for everyone. But the people in the theater were gwneralt loud and I believe if the theatre could find a way to solve that problem there theater would be great.

Carrie Murphy

We saw Aladdin last night and were worried we wouldn’t get seats. To our SURPRISE, they assign seats at this theater so if you held up in line at the concession stand- NO STRESS! Your seats will be waiting for you and/or your group when you’re ready! Too cool!!

Nemuel Lim

Friendly staff and decent seating.

Angel Christine

Best theater anywhere!! The staff is the nicest group of people, always friendly, helpful and caring. We really don't like the pre selecting seating or lounging chairs at other places so Movies on TV is our favorite place

Karanne Trapp

With the seats were like Evergreen theater

Rhonda Roeszler

Plenty of parking great times. And large selection of movie snacks. But it's spendy. But most theaters are these days. Great family fun and they host birthday parties

Luis Lopez

Love the staff and layout, good parking and choice Beverages

Sierra Rice

Love the selection of beer, wine, and actual food like street tacos and pizza

Billie Buttler

Awesome movies & can earn points to use for gifts or to return for free or reduced prices on items or tickets. If they were cheaper, it's the best place to go watch your choice of movies.

Gregg H

The staff is nice here, and since I go alot they always remember me. Only down side is a couple of the theaters have blown speakers and sound is horrible.

Larry Dickinson

My favorite theater, been going for 15 years. The staff has always been friendly, and generally not as crowded as the other Hillsboro theater with the sofa seats with less seats. Tuesday night crowds are the best, love to hear the roar of the crowd on a good movie.

Jeffery Porter

Projectionist duties were ok. Sound was a bit too loud in #11. Seats in #11 were not comfortable. Carpeted hallways/floors were not very clean the day that I was there. Employees seemed nice. Overall experience was good.

Lon Holston

What a great staff, helpful and attentive. I tell everyone, this is my theater I own it. If your not here, you are just watching movies.

Robert Summerfield

Only two other people for a Wednesday 1200 show. Snacks where good and the movie was good. Whole facility was neat and clean. Staff was friendly. Seats where comfortable, even with a 3 hour movie.

Joanna Ramirez

This movie theater is upgrading. The food is better definitely trying to compete with cinetopia

Raymond Lawson

Theater box office wasn't open when we arrived website said it would open at 11:00 am not 30 minutes before first showing should change that on website.

Michelle Fort

Family fun. Glad they do the special today.

shawn caudill

Very clean good service.

Dave B

Saw aquaman had a great time with my girlfriend. They sell cheesecake which was delicious. Put in some recliner chairs like other theaters are doing and even better.

Diana Rodriguez

Watched the lion king. Great movie. Great seats, not busy at all. Clean location.

MarcieJoy Boroughs

The movie was a smash & crash, and I was going as the good little wifey. That tells it all about the movie. The theater seats were uncomfortable. Not because they weren't recliners, but because they were exactly like the seats in the economy section on el-cheapo airlines -- barely enough armrest for one person, let alone sharing the one between us. There was no wiggle room. Hubby & I shared a large Frosty drink - the kind with a dome -- and they didn't have the long straws for it. All theaters are sometimes chilly, so I brought a little blanket to snuggle under, thank goodness! I well realize that these are all First World problems, but we paid over $50 dollars, so we did expect these minor amenities. We won't be going back to this theater, unless it's the only one around, showing a remarkable film.

Gabe Cordova

Was a good experience, all staff were pretty friendly. They did have multipe ticket windows open for selling movie tickets on a cold Tuesday night so that certainly helped things along by getting customers to their designated movie. Only real issue is that they no longer label the theaters with the titles of the movies which I think has been for quiet awhile. They are all numbers so there is a possibility you might pass by your theater due to they all look the same except the number. Over all good experience.

Matt Pom

Clean, friendly, wish they had bathrooms closer to end theaters :( but I enjoyed theater and will go back

HISALONE 3js3gsMyFamSqaud

I am very thankful this particular theater played UNPLANNED!!!! What an amazingly GOD filled room ❤️❤️

Elizabeth Marin

Do NOT like how this location like to play DISCRIMINATION with who they will or won’t let see movies from certain genres. They go totally AGAINST their own written policy online.

Garth Hamilton

Plenty of parking, and friendly staff. I visit here 3x a month with my Movie Pass card. The popcorn is delicious!

Alice Tacey

The movie was good. The prices are astronomically high. The previews went on for what seemed like longer than the movie. I have not been to a movie in years. And I think I can go the rest of my life without ever going again.

Tammy Johnston-Holmes

Over priced, dont like having to reserve my seat at the ticket window and their seats suck. Go to Evergreen.

Elizabeth Duncan

Love coming to my local theater.. Kick back have a bite. Perhaps a drink while you sit back and relaxe and enjoy your movie

Camille Wikum

Lots of staff make fast moving lines at the ticket booth and consions counter. Old chairs that don't recline. Very clean.

David Deaderick

About as good as a commercial cinema can be. I am used to a non-profit film society theater, so it may not be a fair comparison.

Olga Tran

The sound there is too loud. Other than that, a very neat movie theater.

Murali Krishna

The staff were friendly but the theatre is a dated. Wi took my kids to watch "Small foot". The theatre was quite deserted. Halfway through the movie we could hear a vacuum cleaner cleaning next door. The sound was disturbing. The seats are okay but the arm rests do not raise and my daughter likes to snuggle up and the arm rest gets in the way. Not a great theatre movie experience.

Hoodland Lutheran Church Carlisle

Easy access, friendly staff, comfortable seating

Cody Herb

A nice place that was clean, nice staff, and cinemas we're pleasant. Only sad that they don't have nicer chairs that lean back :(

Edwin Martinez

Great service considering we ordered our tickets online, clean seating area, great sound, overall great atmosphere.

Mary Gutierrez

It was great the lion king was wonderful

Todd Aust

A very nice theater with good crowd and fine quality of display with amazing sound qualities. good ambiance and per nice and proper lightening.

Dan Y

Amazing place to watch movies, clean seats and super comfortable. prices are very high for foods and drink

Tejas Srirama

Amazing place to watch movies, clean seats, but prices are high for foods and drink

Bob Drosd

Seeking tickets along with popcorn is a very bad idea. I will go elsewhere.

Jake Bertram


James Lester

Theatre is clean, staff is friendly, theatre needs to be updated, most now have reclining seats, theatre had alot of empty space that would of been full if not for the tons of standarf seats

Mary Murray

Fast service and very clean, but we were there in the early afternoon. Not many people. $6+ for a soda drink is horrible!

Abelid Verri

Went to the Toy Story 4 premiere. The location was ready for the influx of kids and had an employee dressed up as Jessie available to take pictures with kids. It was welcoming and families were informed and welcomed in the theater as soon as we walked in.

Houman Jafari Jam

Great place to go see movies love the popcorn and friendly staff

Jose Irizarry

Nice movie theater, well-maintained, and good food options nearby; my favorite is D’Lorenzos Tomato Pies

JuRay Law

Sitting out front at 12:15. Per usual box office didn’t open on time.

Creepers Beware

the experience was great. I loved how big the theater rooms are and how the surround sound is. But the food is on the expensive side, we spent $70+ on just 3 drinks, a hot dog and a small plate of nachos.

Matthew Gauthier

Always a great place to see a film. Fast concessions service and a clean theater!


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