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REVIEWS OF Regal Hilltop Cinema IN Oregon

Chris Staten

was taking my son to his first movie. he wanted to see spider man into the spider-verse i told the ticket lady 2 for spider man at 10:40. she said "you mean 10:50" i than pointed to the display that said 10:40 so we get our tickets and the previews begin and alot of them are for horror movies or adult comedies( thought that was odd for a younger movie). than the movie starts. "Second Act" was the ticket she printed for me. ok so wrong movie. i go to the counter and ask for a refund and they say " if you want you can still see spider man its only 20 minutes into it" at this point i just want a refund and a free movie voucher for my time. It was like pulling teeth to get any of this sorted. Yes i could have looked at the ticket and saw it didn't say spider man, but when you have a toddler ready to watch a movie making sure someone does their job correctly is the last thing on your mind

Jodi B

The movie was good! Trying to get tickets off of the app was a pain!

B Henry

Nice chairs. You can reserve seats

Chris Parknride

Expensive man, I thought going 2 the movies was supposed to be fun... I felt like I was about to sign over the farm for a night out.

Kimber Macdonald

This is my favorite theater. It's clean, I like the recliner seats and the extensive menu. The only complaint I have is the prices.

Patronize S.

awesome cinema. reserve your preselected seats online. reclining comfortable wide chairs.clean and you can order beer at counter.

cole parks

Reserved seating. Comfortable seats. Never a bad experience.

Lawrence Avamolifua

Love the that you can pick your on search online and comfortable also

Deborah Roth

Went here to see Avengers End Game because the seats sounded nice. Seats were indeed more comfortable than most theaters & could be reserved! Will be my go to theater when I really want a good movie experience.

Rex Blaine

Awsome place to watch a movie.


Nice spot to catch they have the nice recliner and cuddle seats.

nancy clifton

Nice clean theater. Comfortable seats with lots of room to move around. Polite cheerful staff. Very nice experience

Shaylee Gibbons

This recliner theater is soooo worth the money

Rick Rosenberry

Amazing seats, unlimited program

T Aune

Has lounge chair seating!

Traci Mccarthy

I used to love this theatre but today (mothers day) i was sold a broken seat and when i asked for them to refund me the cost of the seat or move my son and i they told me i could collect my concession and my son and leave with passes to come back another time because i cant watch the movie for free and they wouldnt refund 1 of the 2 seats i purchased but i can pay full price for a broken seat? Wow pay a ton for seats and cocessions to be treated very badly. Funny that i was just here yesterday for a different movie. Usually a very regular customer and i will never come back!!

Jim Blair

Sets were nice. Movies a little high And the snacks were very high.

Jakye O

Clean, extremely comfortable recliners with plenty of legroom. No need to drive further when this cinema is in the neighborhood! Great restaurants close by for dinner and a movie date night!

Kayden O

I rate them w 3 stars because cinemas charge an Ungodly amount of money for concessions. Why is it $5 for a $1.25 water? Which you would Still be making money on. It's a monopoly because they know you will pay the $$$. Thank god I only have one kid. I couldn't afford to take him to a movie if I had more kids. I wish your candy, soda/drinks and popcorn proce would be lower...would help the people who just want to see a movie and take their family afford it a little more.

Gill Thomas

About the same as any movie theater. Like the reclining chairs. Very nice

Amy Headrick

I have never had a bad experience here. A few years ago they upgraded seats to comfortable recliners. Great place to go. A little spendy but worth your money.

Jessica Wilson

The seats are amazing and being able to reserve them is even better. The selection at concessions is awesome too! Try a frozen Jack & Coke!

Tyler Griffin

I love picking out my seats on the way to the theater!

Chris Tate

Went to the opening of Bohemian Rhapsody Friday night. Stood in the refreshment line for 35 minutes!!!

Deanna Vosika

Love it. Needs to work on the check-in

Olivia Hiiva

The seats are amazing and you are near restaurants to eat before you see the movie

Hassan Shariff

The remodeled large seats make this theater a steal in the area. They may not have a full bar or drinks or food but that do have nice staff and great seats. If you want to see a movie in a large reclining seat this you theater in Oregon City.

Keykey,s channel

I wasn't aware that the shows basically sell out online. Showed up and only front row seats were available. Got to the front and realized this theater has the ABSOLUTE WORST front row. It was barely 10 ft from my face so I immediately got up and went out for a refund. Spent nearly 30 minutes waiting for staff to get the right people to offer me my refund. I opted to switch to a later viewing but ever other show was also sold out but the front. So after I was issued my refund we left and found the same movie at wunderland for half cost! Plenty of seats. However I still had to dispute the charge to my account because they didn't refund it! I don't understand why you would EVER place seats that close. I literally couldn't even see the whole screen in my peripheral vision.

Kohen Pitochelli

I have to say that place was really cool especially because of the movie I watched, it was awesome!

Tina Petersen

Very expensive . Some of the reclining chairs are broken. In order to sit with friends you need to order tickets hours in advance. If you decide to see a show last minute chances are you won't get seats by each other. This defeats to purpose of going with a few friends.

Jax McClaskey

This is the slowest location I've ever visited. The manager is the weakest link and less helpful than the newest employee.

S. Phipps

Wonderful theatre least it was cold enough to hang and store meat. It was warmer out than inside on October 29th!!!!!!

Greg Stritmater

Love it here, very comfortable seats and awesome selections on movies

Black Spy

The remodel was awesome. The new recliners are Wicked cool..

Kevin Koob

Had a great time watching Toy Story 4. Only problem was I sat next to some guy who laughed the whole time during the movie. I think he was stoned. Oh well, better to be laughing then crying. Go see this movie!!

Thomas Lee

Great prices on cider and beer good selection of movies and good customer service


This movie theater is amazing. Nice leather seats and a big snack bar!


Awesome movie theatre. Love the recliners and the ability to bring a blanket in. A bit of a drive from where we live, but worth it. Buy tickets online ahead of time. You can pick your seats !

Joanne C

I really like my neighborhood theater. They have comfy seating. I like their system of choosing your seating when you buy tix. They have the usual food selections, in addition to many others. Like pizza! And of course, alcohol. The staff is always friendly and fast. I do wish it were a bit cheaper, though I understand why it isn't, with the amenities they offer.

Jake Carroll

I'm not a fan of going to the movies but this theater is incredible. Always seems clean, organized, updated, modern, and nice. The big recliner chairs make the movie experience awesome. Even if the wife wants to see a movie I'm not thrilled about it isn't bad as the chairs are so relaxing. I can kick back and just chill. I'm also a fan of being able to pre purchase my tickets and pick my seats. No more trying to decide how early to show up for good seats. Rushing kids in to hold seats while we get snacks. Etc.

Raynor Watson

I bought tickets a day in advance to see a movie my daughter had been looking forward to all year. Come to find out that they sold me tickets for the wrong day. And my daughter and I had to leave the showing. They gave us tickets for a 3D showing. And they also gave us readmission Tickets as well. To be honest, giving us free admission tickets and putting us in a 3-D showing does not make up for my daughters feelings getting hurt. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to this theater. Just specify CLEARLY what day and time.

Robert Chacon

Friendly and fast service. I like the fact that they have assigned seating.

soulknight coc

Very clean, friendly staff, stadium seating. Advise ordering tickets online before you go. You pick the seats you want to sit in, it's not a sit wherever you want theater.

Chris Rainwater

Great seats but seating is limited so theaters can fill up fast.

Michell Durrin

Comfortable spacious reclining seats, decent food options, and reserved seating. I enjoy this theater. I come here for some of the major movie releases throughout the year.

Marty Vodka

Nice comfortable seats great staff

William Andersen

Very comfortable seating. Premium movie theater for a reasonable price (for a movie theater). Concessions are over priced.

Elisabeth Milner

They have very comfortable reclining seats which makes viewing movies even more enjoyable. They also provide a large assortment of snack and beverages, including some alcohol choices for adults.

Bruce Kruger

I love everything about this place. Reserved seating is where it's at! Comfortable reclining chairs. This is the way to catch the new release movies in the theater. Awesome customer service too! Food prices....crazy high. There's a Safeway in the parking lot though. Just sayin.....

Heather H

Most of the theater rooms are ok but we're trying to watch the Lion King and the sound quality in theater room 8 is so terrible I can hear every person in here chewing their popcorn, and it's ruining the movie. I can hear the movie in the room next to us better than the one we are in. So sad because I bought my tickets weeks ago and was excited to bring my kids, and it's no different than watching TV in bed on low volume. Don't bother coming if your movie is played in theater 8 :(

Jonah Green

Saw wreck it ralph 2 a little while ago. First Part of the movie the 3D wasn’t working. I had to personally leave the movie to let the manager know and have him fix it. I then got pizza for my boyfriend, which turned out Being cold still in all the center. I then missed more movie getting a pizza replacement, which was so gross he didn’t eat half. Really disappointing with my experience

Peter Foy

Great theater. The reserved seats are truly fantastic. Some of the seats are getting worn down and need to be renewed. Futhurmore, the concessions stand takes forever and they need to find a better system to speed the line up.

Anna Seaver

My daughter and Granddaughter and I enjoyed the movie. Seating is fabulous

Jenelle Peterson

This place is a little inconvenient for MoviePass users since it's a reserved seats only theater, but because you have moviepass, buying online is a no-go :( That said, there are almost always seats available and if you're seeing anything but the latest blockbuster, you're sure to get a good one. The seats are all recliners with generous space and are incredibly comfortable. The space is clean and the staff are all very friendly! This theater costs less than other places but still has great seats and screens. If you want to see a movie, I recommend coming here first!

Tom Sparks

Comfortable reclining chairs, nice atmosphere.

Richard Thagon

The constant updates on the theater and overall elevation to the theater experience is exactly what you're doing right.

Alethea Hall

I love Hilltop because of the recliner seats BUT there is no more Bridgeport IPA on tap, I know why but at least put another on tap for goodness sake, that is the highlight of my theatre experience! #regalcinemas1 I suggest the local #breaksideipa

Jaime Guevarra

I will say this is the 1st negative experience I've had an it will def be a learning exp and maybe help others avoid this happening to them. We purchased tickets early for the next showing... showed up at 5pm to buy tickets for the 7:20 show- the ticket girl sold us tickets to the 4:35 showing... we didn't even think to look at out tickets... so as we're seated in our seats for the 7:20 show this family comes up to us and politely says I think your in our seats... we of course pull out out ticket stubs and show them we are in the seats we purchased- so a manager was called to figure out why they would have sold the same seats twice... that is when the manager points out our tickets were for the previous showing at 4:35. I then showed him the time stamp of our purchase and he says well technically that show was still going when u purchased these tickets- I said that might be but I said 7:20 showing so u guys messed up... manager leaves and said he will see what he can do- comes back and offers us two seats together in the very front row or 2 separate seats in various locations of the theater... no apologies, just matter of fact. Wanting to stay together we took the seats in the front row which just made this bad experience even worse... front row seat that close to a huge screen made for horrible distorted picture and bad headache. I would hope they at least coached the young gal working the ticket booth and management could use some training in customer service and apologies. We will be back but can make sure I will always double check my ticket stubs from now on.

Carrie Puterbaugh

I was rather irritated trying to buy my tickets online with Fandango and picking a seat... When I tried picking a seat it kept telling me that I had an invalid choice... Trying to sit with some friends that were already going. Ended up buying a ticket clear across the theater... got to the show they had seats next to them that weren't being used there were two seats in front of them that weren't being used and multiple seats throughout the theater... You guys are losing a lot of money using Fandango to book your shows!

Yoshi Steve

I bring a blanket in with me to watch a movie. The recliners are huge and comfy! Great for cuddling with spouse!

Jacob Maestas

Love the main theater but the service to buy popcorn and beverages is painfully slow so make sure you arrive with plenty of time.

Joe Zawadzki

Not sure if all the theaters at this complex are like this, you have to pick seats when buying tickets. This is fine if you do it ahead of time online. If you just show up and it is a popular movie you won't get very good seats even if you get there early.

Jimmy Millan

I saw Red Sparrow. Good parking, the seats are recliners. The recliners are sufficient. They are not like Cinemark theatre seats, nonetheless they are "luxury seating" as opposed to sitting in any old theatre seat. I would consider returning here merely because the seating is better than theatres in Salem.

Nick Bray

Love this theater live in troutdale only theater I go to.

Carlos Gonzalez

Great place great people

Dude dad! and boys!

Food and drinks were good. Friendly staff. Seats recline back and were comfortable!

Kyle Brookhouse

This is my favorite movie theatre in the area. I've seen every major movie release I've been to for SIX years here. Tickets are a little pricier, but you get SO MUCH MORE out of your ticket. You get reserved seating, taking all the stress out of a normal theaters seating arrangements. The seats RECLINE, and are a super comfortable leather. As well as their refill policy on larges, and the best movie theater popcorn, make third your go to if you can.

Michael Minyard

The seats are very comfortable. All are reclining, but make reservations in advance.

Ivan Lara

I’m doing this to Be the sixth hundred and sixty six review lol. Oh the movie theater is cool as well. The seats are comfy


Rude employees at the snack bar. Rude ticker checkers. Really really really bad sound in the theater.. I'm not even sure if they had the surround speakers on. Reclining seats that are old and uncomfortable. This theater was probably state of the art about 10 years ago. Not its just poorly kept. The 2nd star was only because tickets are cheap, but I personally would prefer to pay a little more and actually watch a movie in a decent theater. Will not be going back

Nathan Lim

The chairs recline and are very comfortable. As expected, tickets and concessions are very expensive. A pleasant experience if you are willing to cough up the money. Here's a tip: You can bring your own snacks and nobody will stop you.

Mitch Groce

Love the reclining chairs and food and alcohol

Mike McBride

They remodeled and now have recliners! They also have beer. wine, and JD& coke slushes! Yeah....very nice place so try it you'll like it.

Annie Crawford

Always comfortable and fun! A bit on the expensive side these days but none-the-less enjoyable.

Stephanie Thompson

The recliner seats are very nice and worth the extra money!

Christopher Sherrick

$50 for 2 tickets, 2 beers, and a medium popcorn. I know why I don't go to the movies anymore. What happened to cheap movie Tuesday? Oh yeah, you put in fancy seats and now the theater is practically a ghost town.

Louise Bennett

Rather sad & surprising.The movie intro was caught in a loop & played several times. We had to get someone to restart the movie. The movie was very.good however.

Connie Nolte Scott

Almost never go to theaters, one time this year and I remember why, prices at concession obscene and chair is broken. I would think with prices as high as they are the least they could do s keep the place maintained.

Nicole Diaz

This is a great cinema... Me and my hubby really enjoy coming over here and relaxing enjoying a drink and watching fun movies on comfortable seats... the workers are very friendly and helpful... Love this place... One of my favorites here In Oregon

Ryan Bjerke

Love the recliner seats and being able to order tickets online.


The movie was ok

Rhonda Gay

It's in walking distance, the staff is nice, and the seats could it get any better?!

Bro Jones

Great seats... just wish my legs did not hang off the end of the recliner as if I were 7 ft. tall. Everything was very nice.

Nova Nukem - Gaming

Reclining chairs and good video/audio quality. But they dont put much butter on your popcorn.

Kathryn Tedrow

Comfortable seats. Fast service. No long lines

Brian Keechle

One of the best movie theaters hands down, they have alcoholic beverages, great theater snacks, and very comfortable reclining theater seats that are clean and functioning. The sound in the theater is also very good and the picture quality of the screen is unmatched by any other theater.

ralph patterson

update they called and apologized for the mix up and took care of the situation. the manager was polite and concerned about what happend. this is why we chose our local regal. today when we went in to see the movie we bought tickets to 2 days ago only to find out that they over booked the seats we were able to get the laiter showing with no offers to make it right other then the laiter tickets only to find out that the next showing was the same way the theater should of notified us and others when they realized the mistake.

D.P. Dubs

Love this place, just not the prices, especially after 6! I mean come on 12-15 dollars a ticket....only thing that sucks about here. Otherwise love it cause they serve beer and liquor drinks!

G Messinger

Unique theater. It has cool lights and recliner chairs that aren't sticky.

Scottys Daily Opinion

Great place to take a family to see a movie, Oversized chairs make it roomy and comfortable for just about Amy size person. The bathrooms are large enough to prevent a wait at the end of the show!

Derek Ziehl

The theaters are great, but the customer service here is absolutely horrible. Concessions is never less than a 10 minute wait. I’m also writing this waiting for a movie to start that they completely double booked. They’re not handling it well, obviously.


It was very clean and workers where very quick to give us what we needed

Brittney Bishop

I love the big comfy recliners! There's lots of space between seats so you have plenty of elbow room.

Carrie, Quite Contrary

Always spotless, courteous, friendly staff and the best part, THE most comfortable reclining seats in the metro area. Booze is served and an Icee with Jack Daniels is incredible!

G.L. Morrison

Seats are big and comfortable. Wheelchair access not quite figured out. They count sitting in your own chair as "a seat" and three of us were unable to sit together (unless I vacated the comfy seat) in spite of trying to arrange it hours in advance. So frustrating.

Chad Kenner

I bought the tickets ahead of time on the Regal app. I went with my family and saw jumanji. It is actually a really great movie. Way better than I thought it would be. It also has a great message underlying the plot of the movie. I'll let you figure that out when you see it. Popcorn was great and free refill after the movie. The service is respectful, and accommodating. But as usual the prices are high. That's why we can't see movies as often as we'd like to because it's such a huge one time cost for just 1 and a half hours more or less. Too bad they don't have family pricing, or larger groups discounts.

lance sager

Had a great time with my wife watching a movie Seats were great Large recliners with large arm rest and drink holders very spacious great surround sound good crowd no loud talkers Recommend trying them out

Ross MacKae

Great Service, clean, well maintained

Jessica Jardin

Love this cinema it's super comfy reclining chairs and it's got a back row handicap area so you don't have to be right in the first row and get a headache from being soo close to the screen. Very convient. And they have great sound and great screening. I love this place sae beauty and the beast there non animated version and aladdin as well and the book club. I also saw other's there. My favorite theatre's to go too. The cups are huge i got a small and i was like thinking a small cup like macdonalds small but nope it was huge. And then the large is a buck more and huge with free refills. All together a great place to go see and enjoy a movie. Leather reclining seats spacious too. With cup holder's.

Sofia Lazarides

Comfy chairs nice friendly staff

Jennifer Sackey

Love the comfy chairs. Great for squirmy kids and sitting through long movies.

Bruce Reiter

A clean movie theater with a great snack bar, great seats and plenty of parking.

Robert Spicher

Top Notch, love the customer service and recliner seats

Lorayne Dille

Just saw Mary Poppins returns. Great reclining seats.

Greg Lewis Jr.

If you have the means I highly recommend it which is the best place to watch a movie!! So.... I have to edit this. I just went to a movie there on Friday 7.5.19. And though the movie was great and the chairs still recline my chair was broken and so was a guys chair a few seats down. I had to struggle to get it to open and I couldn't put it the foot rest back. Also the candy machine that i like to get Runts out of was completely sold out. Not 1 type of candy in the whole machine. Please fix these things and anything else that isn't right so it can go back to being a great place to see a movie.

Ray Cassidy

Good selection of movies. Comfy reclining chairs. The Jack And Coke slushy machine was a nice touch.

Maygel Estrada

the place is so comfortable!

Trevor Coxen

This was the coldest movie theater I have ever been in. It is supposed to snow outside tonight and the theater thought it was a good idea to run the AC at full blast. Everyone in the theater was wearing their jackets to stay warm. We had to go back to our car after the movie just to warm up.

Kate Stephens

Usually this theater is great, but today we came to enjoy a movie in a theater that we found out had been double/triple booked. Now, I get it. The tickets were purchased using Fandango, and other online ticket sellers. So it's not technically the theater's fault. But when multiple people brought their concerns to the manager that their seats were taken up by other people, he told us he ("only") knew about it yesterday! I am not saying you needed to contact everyone in advance, 'cause that's crazy...but, could you not have had the ticket taker, or better yet you, the manager, standing by to let everyone know BEFORE we sat down and discovered there was a problem?! And before we spent money on concessions? And I get its a stressful situation for the theater and people are upset, but management definitely could have handled it better (especially when he said he couldn't guarantee refunds, but was giving out "credit tickets" to a later showing that supposedly might also be overbooked). Now, we were lucky because a nice family gave up their seats so we could see it with our family, but I think it's unfair that that even had to be done in the first place. it definitely made it hard to enjoy the movie, with this kind of a stressful situation beforehand. Hopefully the theater and the online ticket sellers will be watching more carefully next time, and the theater will be using this as a lesson for how NOT to deal with an issue like this in the future.

Helpful Wanderer

I love having reserved seats. You know before you go. If you don't like the seats, you can just pick a different showing. The parking is right in front, and the people are always nice. Once I read the time wrong, and the manager traded our tickets to the next showing, and I didn't lose out on what I had paid.

Darlene White

Stretching out in your own recliner.

Jacob DeGraw

I really enjoy the recliners in the reserved seating theaters. Everything else is pretty standard for a Regal theater, and the people who work here are friendly.

Denise Lee

Saturday night so lines for popcorn were long, but they were quick! The seats in this place aew comfy! Recliners!

Mark Blomquist

Wow. Recliners and spacious isles was a welcomed change. Might need to go the movies more frequently.

Jenyfer Smith

Love the recliners

PJ Hebert

Love the new theater chairs. Very clean and comfortable! I always get upset when they don’t show a movie I want to see though. I hate having to travel to another cinema just to see another movie, because the chairs here are so comfortable now but they don’t show the movie that I want to see so I have to go somewhere else with seats that are uncomfortable. Only complaints are needing more movie options, and lower prices. I can’t tell you how many times people (including me) sneak in candy. I’m not sure why they have it so high.. It’s not to cover the cost of the updated chairs either because it’s always been as expensive as it is if not more. Regardless, I have enjoyed my experiences here at this movie theater since I was a kid. It would just be nice to see them push theirselves a little more into doing more updates.

Misty Stevens

Seats are nice and comfy. However, there were a bunch of technical problems with the movie itself. First nothing at all, then it started up mid movie with no sound. Next they restarted it; but still no sound, then another restart; finally with sound. This whole time the lights were never dimmed. It took a couple of us from the audience telling them before the lights were finally dealt with. Once all of the problems were fixed, it was a great movie. We saw 'Solo'.

Jerome Valenty

Great place to watch a movie. New face-lift. The seats are killer.

Camille Jones

Great seats, everyone greeted us when we came in, service at the concsions was fast.


Favorite movie theater, due to the reclining seats. Love that you can reserve your seats ahead of time as well. I really wish all the Regal movie theaters would upgrade their seats to recliners.

Nathaniel Pemberton

Relaxing, calm and spacious cinema. I've always felt comfortable and enjoyed every movie seen here. Even with a sore back I stay comfy through some of the longer films. My first choice location when picking a film.

Tracy Hewitt

A little expensive, but nice seats, good food and booze! Wish they had chocolate covered gummy bears though.

Tereasa Treleaven

This is my favorite Regal by far. I love the assigned seating and being able to walk past the ticket booth since I buy online. The food here is good, the employees are nice, everything is always clean, I really can't complain about anything! Their prices are comparable, if not cheaper than some of the other theaters in the area. My usual go-to theater!

Jason Christman

The slowest people in concession I’ve ever been too. Every single time I have been. Today 30 min wait. It’s so slow it’s really weird to even watch. And no one there seems to care. Got a hot dog last time I was there and the bun was as hard a a rock. Came out to get a new one and had to wait 15 more minutes.

Charles Lewis

Super nice seats. Clean. Not like the theaters I grew up with. Expensive food, but normal for theaters.

Chris Jeffrey

Great theater. Nine screens with recliners. Fresh baked pizza, sandwiches and other food and drink items. Plenty of parking and handicap accessible parking. Reserved seating. Beer and wine available with serving to your seats.

Michele Quier

Great Regal cinema! Love the recliner seats. Popcorn was excellent. Very clean theater.


Comfy chairs. Great sound system in theaters. Friendly staff (for the most part).

D Kohler

It's all about being able to reserve the recliner. My favorite movie theater. Filled with nice staff and sells Coke and rum slushies!

Ruth Whitaker

The experience was horrible, the way their seating arrangement is set up now my five year old has sit on my lap. Asher seat we can get to choose who is that next to or whether or not dissent in the front or the back you got what was left in that was it. Pricing is outrageous now is over $10 for one admission outrageous

Anna Allen

This theatre is comfortable. Saw Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse and would highly recommend that too.

Cheryl Barrientos

Really expensive, comfortable seating but not worth the money

Leigh Prouty

Good easy place to view a movie. Peices are way to high for popcorn and sodas. They serve beer which they could do without.

Joseph Jarrett

Love the reclining seats

Sherry Brown

This would have been a five but the last two times I visited there was an attitude from the ticket issuer. Just not friendly, but once you’re in and you have one of the reclining seats, it sure makes for a good movie experience. Keep in mind you must pick your seat either online or at the location. It’s nice to know 5at you are guaranteed a place to sit with your companion.

Ged 1899

A bit pricey, but I love the fact that they have reclining seats. I go here to see movies anymore.

John Elliott

Love going here for the comfortable, reserved seating even though it's not the closest theater.

Nora Timm

Theater Is always clean & seats are generous sized, recline & service is good.

Julie Colton

Great theater in a group or alone

kristina rivera

Well, it's a movie theater lol. I enjoy this theater for the sooe purpose of the reclining seats. It makes it just that much more cozy while watching a movie. Plus for people over the age of 21 the now offer drinks. I've been going to this theater since I was a toddler and I still enjoy it. It's reasonable pricing for everything and always parking.

Don Easter

Top notch theater! Love the reclining chairs and the option for beer or wine. Good times with family!

Aria Brooks

Great seats and theater was nice and clean. Will return for sure!

Gloria Burroughs

Great seats, customer service, and theaters.

Deby Moehnke

Well half way through the movie the fire alarms went off and we all had to exit the building leaving everything we had purchased...we waited out side in the rain for over a half hour without any explanation. No fire, no emergency, no explanation....we left

Joshua Schoen

Absolutely love the reserved recliner seating. No more fighting to find a good seat. This is my go to theater for big movie premier weekends.

Melissa Lerten Henthorne

Too expensive. How can families afford to go to movies anymore. Seems like every time you blink the prices go up. No deals on any day or time like they used to do, and popcorn and pop prices are ridiculous! Nice seating but we are all paying for it. Thinking Oak grove 8 is looking better and better.

Lloyd Harbin

My favorite theater! Great chairs and you can earn rewards for food and items. Need to book in advance to get your seats you want but a great place.

Sean Weiss

Great place to watch a movie. It's small, but all the theaters are recliner seating and lots of room. Plus, you can pick your specific seats when buying online. They serve adult beverages for the 21+ crowd.

Jade Hikage

Love going here, loovveee the seats. It's a little spendy but it's worth it for the experience, and the awesome seats ;) My sister and I go here often to catch whichever random movie catches our eyes. Always a good experience.

Joy Gillham

It was ok. But it is to bad you can't buy a medium ice water for less than $5.29. Does Regal need money that bad.

Adam Cushman

Theater is nice, I love the reclining chairs, only complaint is when ordering alchohol half the time the person taking your order is not able to serve it, they have to grab someone who can, then you wear a bracelet to show you have alchohol. Went mid movie to grab another cooled one, had to wait at least 5 minutes for them to find someone to serve me another beer, grab my ID again and use a pen to mark off I can only have one more. Other than that, staff is good and I will be coming back.

Mike Hernandez

Best theatre ever.I like that they have recliners and your not cramped in there lots of room and space.Very nice staff and great location.

Tim Ahaus

Love this theater. Go before 5pm during the week and no one is here. Very friendly kids that work here. And the seats are the best!!! They are roomy and comfy and better than Bridgeport or Cinetopia!

Kevin Martin

1st no where opening hours are displayed 2nd No one in tickets office.."buy your tickets at concessions stand" sign said..BUT you must waite in line for 10min behind everyone deciding what to buy..popcorn & what ever else! Just to fine out your movie is sold out, because the theater rooms are small!

Altima NEO

Every seat is the comfy seat here! Their online system sucks though. It makes it look like seats are limited, but when I got there, there were loads empty seats. Also the front row is miserable. Way too close. Aside from that, seems like they could dim the lights a little more, but they don't.

Wendy Blanchard

Good coupons and free pop corn refill.

anthony reviere

Awesome theater with great service, can get busy but what theater doesn't. A must for the Oregon city area if you are seeing a movie, lots of parking as well.


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