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REVIEWS OF Regal Fox Tower IN Oregon

Chase Harrison

One of the absolute worst theater experiences we've ever had. First off, know that the parking structure connected to this theater costs $6/hour. We'll come back to that. We bought tickets online hours ahead of time to see a movie in theater 4, row D seats 9 & 10. As soon as we sat down we noticed 2 things: the entire row's chairs were broken and the whole thing sort of fell backwards when we sat down, and my seat was SOAKING wet. There was a massive dark wet stain covering the whole seat, I have no idea what it was, but since we were only one seat in from the edge and the movie was starting we figured we'd just shift over. Well of course someone came in and said that was their seat and refused to take the empty single handicapped seat right in front of us despite us explaining the situation, so I went to talk to a manager. When I explained the stain situation, she said "Yeah, I think I know what you're talking about, I saw that guy leave earlier and ask for a refund." I have no idea what she meant or what the story behind the stain is, but all that exchange DID tell me is that they knew about the spill and did nothing about it. The theater was full, and we had to ASK for our money back, no real apologies or offers were made, and to top it all off they don't validate parking so we had to pay the garage $13 just to have parked there while sitting in soda/urine and having our evening totally ruined. Bottom line, do not go here. Livingroom Theater and the theater in the mall nearby are both much better, nicer and cleaner options. I know we will never go back, and will certainly advise our friends to do the same.

Bryan Hawes

Geared towards the arts-minded cinemaphile, most of the selections are independent films. Some mainstream films as well, but not many. I went in a few times, to try and catch Avengers: Infinity War and Solo, but neither were in.

Johnny Avalos

Love the theaters and service!

Dean Montgomery

Regal at Fox tower offers a slightly more indie or eclectic selection of films. If I'm ever looking for a documentary or less shown movie I check here first. You get to choose your seats when buying tickets here, I find this really convenient. They sell wine, beer, and cider at concessions as well as the standard popcorn and soda offerings. The seats recline and are more comfortable than a standard theater, but not quite premium. Theater rooms are always very clean. Overall a really nice theater.

Carrie Gedeon

First time at this theater and it was surprisingly decent. Picked my seats online, good snacks. Comfortable seats but no footrests, at least in my theater. The only downer was that employees kept walking in for 'checks', I guess? At least five times during a 2.5 hour movie. It lit up the theater and was really distracting, not sure what that was about.

Thaddeus O'Connell

During the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, the audio was not properly synced with the picture for the first 45 minutes or so and the A/C was not working properly turning the place into a smelly sauna. Would be 1 star if they didn't have coke daiquiris.

Sallie Jo Doolittle

Very good experience

Jonathan Chapé

Very nice movie theater experience. There is stadium seating, so you shouldn't have an issue viewing the screen if there are people seated in front of you. Drinks and popcorn are of expected price, so do your best to fill up before your movie lol. Also, you can buy your tickets and select your seat online. Highly recommend doing that.

nathan berres

It's very average. Nothing else more to say

Kyle Rinkes

Staff was courteous and explained parking and where the special showing was, theater was clean and comfortable

Richard Hunter

We saw a free screening of "THE UPSIDE" starring Kevin Hart, Brian Cranston and Nicole Kidman. Excellent movie. It makes you laugh, pulls your heartstrings...a must see movie. Thank you AARP Movie for Grownups. Tge Upside starts in theaters on Friday.

Brian Franco

Friendly staff, and good seats. Check out their cocktail in a can


Overpriced concessions. They always have big movies here and usually seats. The ticket checker takes a long time because he's almost blind.

chris meredith

Great theater

Angel Salas

Good seating where the people in front wont block your view and the seats are also very comfortable. The theatres are smaller and more clean/comfortable than larger theatres and the sound is amazing. Friendly and helpful staff, great movie theatre.

Bronte La Valliere

The Fox Tower is a true neighborhood favorite. What I like best is that it has many of the movies you want to see but are not huge blockbuster, blow them up superhero types. Especially the international ones. Everyone is really great there they make it wonderful experience to attend.

Lonzo Oetting

Staff sold me a ticket about 45min early. I sat down in a chair to wait for awhile before going into the theater. When I was going into the theater....the same person who sold the ticket said I needed to buy a ticket! He needs to know the customers better or Regal needs someone to take a ticket for theater entrance.

Dan Smith

Its a nice theater, but this particular theater seems to show titles that are a bit more non-mainstream. For instance I attended a Miyazaki film release a whike ago, and it was great.. But many people wouldn't have any idea who Miyazaki is. ( Famous animator behind such Anime titles as howls moving castle, spirited away, nausica and the vally of the wind, lauputa and the castle in the ski..ext) The seats are larger and more comfortable than your typical standard movie seats as well. But if your looking for a place to watch the more media hyped titles that you may find at other theaters, then your better off going to a different theater. Its a fun place to take in a movie, just a bit different from the norm.

Nita Brueggeman

Good theater downtown, lots of screens and first run movies. Comfy seats and nice staff.

Brandon Michael Scarth

A very VERY GREAT film. We (me and my good friend Andrew) saw ‘Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri.’ I have few words that are CAPABLE of describing what this movie DID for me. SEE IT. TODAY. See it TOMORROW, I don’t really care WHEN you see it, just make sure to SEE IT!

Tania Vazquez

Always is good to go to enjoy good movies and get good selection of drinks and food.

Tim Bledsoe

Surprised at the decent real food options under $10

Hugh Smith

Clean, comfortable, and the staff is friendly and helpful. $12 to see a movie on a Monday and they've hired the real-world equivalent of a middle school hall monitor to enter your theater every 10-15 minutes throughout the ENTIRE movie and sternly look around (and boy do you notice it every time!). God forbid anyone sneaks into Serenity on a Monday and sees McConaughey say "Does everyone know everything, or does no one know anything!?" without paying $12. If you love watching rules being strictly enforced more than you love watching movies, look no further.

Bill Tannen

I moved to downtown Portland in 2006 after working in the film industry in NYC and LA for over 40 years. I'm a member of the Directors Guild of America. The FOX Theater is a wonderful complex to see first run films in a clean and most comfortable setting. And fortunately they pay their respects to members of the Directors, Writers and Actors Guild who live outside of Los Angeles or New York. Please don't change!

tweetiebird in-pdx

Good place to catch a first run flick. They do reserve seating and the seats are very comfortable, although the soundtrack is played WAY to loud. What's the deal anyway? Do they think that we are all deaf as a door nail? They must because Regal really cranks the sound outrageously load, to the point that my S.O. gets headaches from it. We usually take some foam ear plugs and that way the sound is just right. Of course the food behind the counter is scandalously over priced and doesn't rate more than a 2 on a scale of 2 to 10.

Rick Hawn

Nice staff, clean rooms, comfortable seating.

Mike Bolle

Definitely the best spot in Fox Tower! Good customer service great food selection good sound and visual quality. Usually even the floor is pretty clean here unlike most theaters where it's sticky


The chairs are better than some other Cinemas that I've been too. Plus I like the fact that you can choose your own chairs. Other places don't really do that. Go here for all your movie needs.

Jennifer Pasquill

Comfortable seats, just roomy enough that you dont have to stand up when someone is moving past you. Seats are pre-reserved, so you choose your seat when you buy your ticket. Large selection of wine, beer, and fountain drinks. Lots of candy, popcorn, and savoury snacks available also. This is my favourite Regal spot in the Portland area.

Bill Bayard

It's a superior theater for this day and age. It's also expensive, but aren't they all!

Megan Hall

While over priced for tickets and all concessions, that is to be expected to be honest. Box office is a bit slow, but only because you have to select a seat and every customer takes forever with that. Downside of that is that the box office is outside. Concessions were actually pretty quick and staff was friendly, but of course they try to upsell you on every single item you are buying. Seating in the theater was comfortable.

Lolita I. Velez

Real adult drinks served here! Happy to have gone into the big city to see a movie - great treat!

Kenneth Lund

Parking was difficult to find and ultimately expensive. The theater had seemingly narrow seats. Kind of like coach in a 737. Screen and sound were fine.

thomas cassidy

great spot for a date

Nic Gerbase

Overprice for movie tickets, but they sell tall cans of beer so they get three stars.

Emma Price

Cool place, had an alcoholic slushie machine!

Allen Kennedy

This is an older theater but has stadium seating and tilting seats which are mostly maintained. The Seats also feature flip up arm rests for snuggling. The one real problem is the lack of padding in the arm rests-there was padding there once but it has been so flattened that the rest actually cuts into your arm. One other thing I don't like is that it is assigned seating, so no matter how early you get there, you're still unlikely to get the beat seats. Bathrooms are clean but don't accommodate many, and if you try to go after a movie lets out , there is likely to be a considerable line. There is a self service ticket machine which is nice to avoid the fools standing on the street to get tickets, but there is only one kiosk, so there can be a line there too. Concession stand is clean and prices are in line with other Regal theaters, despite this one being in the middle of the city.

Epiphany Corey

There's comfortable seating, a lot of theaters, the sound is good but food is quite expensive. $6 for PBR in a can.

Luke Allen

Watched Midsommar today and was one of two people in the theater. Seats are not as comfy as many other theaters in the same price range but thats not the end of the world. I do go to many movies and I've never seen employees come into the theater as many times as they do here. I get it you have to come in once or twice but I counted 8 times they walked to the front and just stood there disrupting the show. Wouldn't return or reccomend

Phoenix Black

I was here yesterday to see a movie, and really enjoyed it! The theatre is so clean and spacious. The carpet is very colorful and fun. The staff is friendly and the concessions stands/tickets aren't outrageously priced. As a tall person, the chairs are a little uncomfortable, there was no room to move my long spider legs, this is not their fault though.

Sufei Wang

You are not allowed to use the restroom here if you don’t have movie ticket for the same day.

Terri Rademacher

Very nice seats. The sound volume was too high. I used earplugs. A pleasurable experience overall.

Steven Hoppe

Cleanest movie theater I have ever been too, with excellent service and friendly staff.

Camber Hollywood

A nice downtown cinema. Decent sized auditoriums snuggled in a modern downtown building with a couple of cozy spaces to wait for your movie to start. A few tasty food and beverage options.


Good selection of movies and friendly staff.

Elijah Hasan

A standard experience for Regal Cinemas.. However, this particular theatre regularly runs decent indie films that are outside of the usual Hollywood wanna-be block buster options.

Michael Winter

It's okay ... helpful, friendly staff, convenient location, parking is easy and not very crowded. But, old-school seating (not stadium setup) poses a problem for anyone under 5'9". I enjoyed the nostalgia of sitting in a wide theater with 250+ seats - but the film seems a bit less intimate this way. Of course, not all of their theaters are this large ...

Jeffry Fleischer

Convenient in the heart of downtown Portland. A fine venue for a movie!

Praneeth Arnepalli

Right in the heart of downtown Portland. Well placed.

Matthew Douglas

I enjoyed the theater experience. My mom & I saw a really good movie! So, our experience turned out great!

Kurt Bosch

Convenient downtown location for movies and matinees Try the Captain Morgan coke squishy

Ji_Hea Kim

Odd layout but easy location and chairs are comfortable enough. Not recliners. Tickets to be bought at the concession stand.

Microman 318

Very nice theater. I’d go back.

Ryan Casey

come for the downton abbey movie, stay for the sticky floors

Dale Peppel

Very good seating and visibility in the theater. Lots of snacks to choose from and very clean throughout.

Samantha Folk

Definitely worth signing up for the Regal Club card! I got free movie tickets, soda, and popcorn! (I also like their apricot ale!)

Daniel Sanchez

Fun theater to watch movies at. Right downtown, just a couple blocks from Pioneer Square. Good selection of food, beer, wine, and cocktails. The screens and sound are pretty decent. The only thing I really wish is they would upgrade the seats. They are comfortable and all, but with all the other theaters in the area upgrading you can really tell what's missing when you're watching at Regal Fox Tower. A good theater upgrade to make it feel more modern and now early 2000s and it'll be a five star theater for sure.

Ray Lucero

This theater is part of the Regal Cinema chain and is located in downtown Portland. They feature exclusive movie releases and limited distribution movies. Take MAX train downtown to avoid traffic and difficult parking because it's a short walk to the box office. Make it a date night by including dinner at one of the many downtown restaurants.

Hartmut Kast

They could so better I guess. Maybe a hard day?

Low Pursuit

I think this is the theater I got stuck in the elevator, not my favorite movie experience

Jeremy bonham

My favorite theatre in all of Portland.. Just wish they would play more independent and some big names too

Kevin Hoover

While the prices charged these days are a bit high, Regal continues to provide great service in comfortable surroundings. Don’t come too early or you have to sit through 30 minutes of advertising and 15 minutes of previews. Location is very convenient, especially for MAX & Street Car users.

Dan Mc

First time went there and had open caption on Endgame. Totally awesome movie ever!

Mystery Theater

Nice theater. The seats are comfortable. They have a good sound system. The price here is higher than some other theaters in the area, and parking is harder to find in this part of town, but it is still a nice place to see a movie. On many occasions they show films that you can't see anywhere else in town.

Not White Adam

Small but nice, seats are not too bad.

Gale Staggers

Very small handicap accessible bathroom

Bonnie Roberts

nice small theater, in a beautiful building

Terri Johnson

Very organized and well run

John Irwin

Nice auditoriums, good snacks, friendly staff.

Mj Mj

I love that this place plays more off the wall kind of things, as well as the regular in theater movies. I see the best stuff here that never seems to play anywhere else. Thank you!

Blue Frazier

Great building great staff had a to deliver food here and it was easy and a great view

Marc Thayer

My favorite thing about this theater is the reserved seating. One of my least favorite is the inevitable disregard several people have for said seating, requiring staff to come in and check tickets and have people move or kick them out. It definitely makes the beginning ten minutes of the movie a little distracting. Otherwise, maybe it's just bad luck on my end, but this theater seems to attract the type of person who thinks it's okay to talk throughout the movie. All five times I've gone, there's been one or more talkers.

Cecelia Reyes

Cosy setting, with friendly employees. Just the right place to go and see a film on a Friday night. Reserved seats help you pick out your favorite spots, or perhaps, the only spots left.

Jake Eastman

Good matinee spot!

Sister Sherry Travels

Comfortable, cozy... overpriced snacks. It's a movie theater.

Rambod Behnam

Not bad for a chain theatre. Good selection of movies. Now they make you pic your seat beforehand

Sean J

Looove this place! Super comfy seating to start. Love the leather recliners. What amped me up the most was the food selection! Maybe it's because where I'm at you have popcorn and candy and soda as options...that's it. But here you can get sliders, nachos, cheese sticks, flavored drinks, and more! Prices weren't much more than my local theater either!

Belinda Shallcross

Great customer service, searing and location.

Alex Gamboa Grand

Great theater. Clean, friendly staff, generally not very busy or crowded. If it's not a weekend, it's usually not hard to find parking within a couple blocks, and there are plenty of places to eat and shop nearby. I wish there were some healthier food options available though. Sometimes I choose other theaters for that reason alone.

Zack Ouk

Feels fancier than the typical movie theatre. Not the best place to go see the popular mainstream movies (Avengers, horror films, etc) as they don't stay as long in these theatres. Lots of small production and independent films, which isn't a bad thing, but if it's not your style than you know. Their concession selection is a lot better than most theatres and they do serve a small variety of taps. Would recommend.

Cary Weston

First time to this theater... first time to portland. Super friendly the menu (loaded nachos and a draft beer? Yes please) Really neat hallway with sitting areas and comfortable spaces .. stadium seating with comfy seats .. really like this place

Gramma Burnett

Good for disabled seating and restroom access

Leah Goeres

The food here is better than the regal at Pioneer Square. Parking can be a hassle and there are usually people camped outside begging for money. You can pick your seats when you buy tickets at the self serve kiosk.

CodyStop Representative Hermes

Great place to watch a movie. I went here looking for a great movie, the team was helpful and friendly! Whenever I go as a guide, to certain locations such as movie theaters I have a few things I directly look for. Appeal, Friendliness, and ease. There are a few other things dependent on the location, but that doesn't matter here. This place met everything I was looking for perfectly. I even went really late at night, during one of there last movie times. I sneaked in line as they where closing down the popcorn machines. Seeing if I could get some last minute popcorn. The members their smiled. They got me the popcorn, and asked if there was anything more I would like. They where super friendly, helpful, and my popcorn was still amazingly fresh! I will return here for more movies!

Michael Rowland

Nice theater next to an amazing the lmp at is sadly closing, The Ringside Fish House.

Camille Torres

Hey! This place has parking downstairs

Jesse Thadeus Silva

The menu here is great! The caesar salad was fresh, delicious and so big it was a whole meal. The place is very clean, the employees are friendly and the seats are comfortable.

Hosteen Adson

Always clean for downtown area

Frank Moe

I enjoyed the complex despite having poor signing for restroom location.

CJ Jones

It is a theater, they do show movies. Very few drawbacks, but also little to say about it being above expectations. If you just care about the movie and don't need frills, these rooms are big and dark enough to be immersive

Bruce Klein

Nice place. Good drink variety.

Robert Williams

Expensive, difficult location, they will NOT valididate your parking in the same building. Assigned seats in an empty theater? Tttthhhhft.

Dylan Coleman

It's decent. They always have tons of movies but compare to most other theaters in the Portland area their seats really aren't good. Lots of theaters now have reclining Lazy-Boy esque chairs and these... Are not that...

Karen Keller

Very nice clean movie theater.

Franklin Clark

It's starting to look a bit dated, particularly the carpet, but I love this theater. I've been watching movies here for nearly 20 years. It's great to have a theater that plays indie films. There's also beer in the concessions. Have never had any issues with other customers. People who go here know not to talk or text during the movie, and they're very considerate.

Levi Enbie

Great! Pretty lux, had wine and beer and cheesecake even

Mary Patricia

Good theater Not so crowded to get lost in. Nice customer service.

Laurie Shentalevenn

a nice movie theater to go to if you're downtown. Part of the Regal Cinemas chain. A shout out to the manager who helped me find a missing piece of my diabetes kit lancing device that fell on the floor in the dark.

Angel May

This is where we go for date night movies because we get to see things that are obscure. The usual theater popcorn is good and over priced. They do sell booze slushies that I'd like to try soon. I don't expect them to be strong, but the idea is fun. They do now serve a limited selection and sandwiches and salads as well.

Patrick Sheehan jr

Great place I had never been

Eric Carson

Cool place to watch movies

Heather Egan

It’s a decent theater. All of the Portland theaters are way due for updated seats. There are no recliner seats in any PDX downtown theaters. Staff is nice and I like the food and snack options. Bathrooms are clean.

ray shanler

Great place super cool movie selection, clean quiet

Josh Brokenbourgh

Good location for downtown patrons. Beer, wine, soda, popcorn and snacks. Been going here for years and they keep it very clean. They assign your seat when you buy your tickets.

Andrew Holland

Nice place to see a movie from the list you chose to view. Nice people who smile and tasty popcorn.

James Rickher

Reserved seating and a good mix of mainstream and arthouse makes this a great place to see a movie. Parking in Fox Tower itself can get expensive so leave yourself a little time to either find street parking or just take the MAX.

Lisa Berglund

The theater is right in the heart of downtown there's a parking garage about a block away that's fairly reasonable. Seats are comfortable and lots of places within a block to eat before or after the movie.

Barbara Gallardo

Good seats, fast food counter, friendly staff.

Beth Bernier

Love this theater and they show movies that other theaters don't.

Teresa hasting

Nice place, very helpful staff. May go there again, but parking is $6.00 an hour. Ouch!

Neshaoinspo Polk

I had a blast! More details soon cause it's 12:59am..but way better than my experience at Lloyd regal...I will be coming back very soon

Alkhatab Alrashdi

I love it

Ian Tornay

Clean, well staffed, and always pleasant to visit. Movies are projected well. You always don't have to worry about hearing explosions from another film through the wall.

Brent Hudson

AARP came through with a free showing of The Upside The Foxtower was a very good venue for this. It's an easy walk.

Joseph Dattilo

Surprisingly good theatre for the middle of Portland. I was honestly surprised. A bit tough to find on foot but otherwise great!

Montie Wiltbanks

Very clean nice comfortable seats great location 5 levels under ground parking with a fountain park across from it and giant chessboard and pieces

Timothy Carruthers

Great place relaxing expensive but over all pretty nice

Zach Powers

Easily the best chain theater in Portland. They program more interesting movies than anything short of the Hollywood Theater in small, technically perfect auditoriums. And I still love the experience of entering the lobby by climbing the huge stairs or escalator. Close to the Max and bus too so you don't have to deal with parking downtown.

Peter Hope

Clean well kept place that caters to the PDX Movie group.

Kerry Davies

I really like this theater

Grace Phone

The place was nice and clean and the people that employees were nice also.

Yulia Konovnitsyna

Nice theater, but no free parking. Paid $7 on a Sunday evening. Otherwise, it was pretty basic.

Justin Ulbrich

A couple of creeps wouldn't stop laughing during Annihilation. Everytime something gruesome or thought provoking happened they would burst out laughing. Also, the seats are worn out too.

Zoe noname

Soooooo expensive!

Chelsea Carpenter

This is my favorite corporate first run theater in town because they tend to select, what I feel are, the more interesting of the available new films. Although the bathrooms could use a renovation, the rest of the theater is great, and my friends love their boozy slushies.

Jon York

Very standard theater for watching first-run movies in a metropolitan area of the U.S. A friend and I watched Replicas, starring Keanu Reeves, in a rather small{approx 60 seats}, slightly dated auditorium with fairly comfortable, somewhat older, semi-reclining seats in a stadium seating auditorium. The theater itself is fairly small, having only 10 screens, likely a byproduct of the fact that it's located in the heart of the shopping district near Pioneer Square. We purchased 2 tickets (assigned seating) 15.minutes before show time on a Friday evening and there were only 2 other tickets sold at this point, so we were able to basically sit wherever we felt like. I'm curious if ticket availability would be as plentiful during the release of a major film, especially with how small the overall facility. The one negative we experienced was during the purchase of our tickets, my friend used his Regal Rewards card. The ticket agent informed him that he had enough points for a free medium popcorn, but he could get a large by paying the difference ($1). The agent did however neglect to inform him that he also had qualified for 2 free movie tickets, which we would've used, had he not waited until the transaction was complete to tell us we could've also gone that route. That being said, there was nothing overly good and nothing overly bad about our overall experience. We will both definitely watch movies here in the future, owing more to convenience than quality, as we can both get there by foot in less than 5 minutes.

Christopher Ross

Nice and clean comfortable seats.

Kaitlin Hayes

I always enjoy the varied selection of films that they show at this theater. It is refreshing to see something different and enjoy a clean quality theater too.

Scott Teem

Nice theaters in the heart of downtown Portland.

Rose Flores

Nice clean theatre needs more comfortable chairs and one Corona beer about as much as a six pack

kendall krage

Just a normal theater it was clean service was good and the movie quality was normal this happens at all Regals but I wish things were not as expensive at concessions and they have assigned seats there which can have pros and cons

José M

Staff is great! Bathroom was a disaster.

Maria L Lopez Garcia

Excellent service!

Jack W

Screens arent large but I love their selection of movies. Lots of indie and foreign films get played here. Reserved seating is nice. And it's location city center. Parking may be hard.

Brian Chastain

Great place to catch a movie right in downtown Portland. Plenty of food options in immediate area. Theatre also unique in that it offers variety of frozen alcoholic beverages (think adult Slurpee), as well as other alcoholic drinks like wine, cider and beer.

John E Harvey Jr.

Clean, good service and beer on sale!

Open Minded

Awesome place

Santiago Sierra

Good theater down town. Parking is really the only pain if you drive. I usually don't & public transportation downtown is always pretty convenient. Movies at rhis theater tend to lean towards the more artsie/Indie films of which I am a big fan of.

Ethan Kalcheff

The staff is so friendly!!! The guy who accepted our tickets downstairs (longer hair, didn't catch his name) had awesome energy, he was great. I love the selection of movies, too!

Sweet Geeta

This venue seems ADA compliant. The seats, restrooms were easy to navigate. Another visit will tell me more.

cool guy

Assigned seating which is fine prices are a little steep inside looks okay the only reason I give it two stars is because it cost money to park in Portland and good luck finding a spot don't forget to keep the meter running

Tricia Reed

Great theater, with reclining seats.

Alicia Nold

We went to see the Lion King as a family night out. Great place, as soon as it gets crowded it is not that complicated to be seated in a normal amount of time, and they have the amenities for a good theater.

set mo

Very uncomfortable seats.

Daniel Whitehouse

A little pricey to see a show/movie but that's show business.

Linda Wion

Concessions hugely lacking in competition with most theatres, better theatres, all having $5,$6 beers on tap~ so behind the times in Portland! Catch up Regal!!!

Owens Yahtin

Great theatre and popcorn but a little too small seating area for my viewing pleasure.

Safiyy Kanjiyani

$2 more expensive for tickets than my local theatre, similar prices in terms of popcorn & soda, non-reclining seats make watching a 2 hour + movie almost unbearable.

Barney Burnett

Good theater , great accomodations for disability patrons, good food prices

Sophie Schmitter

We were visiting from out of town and saw 3 billboards outside ebbing... This was a nice theater that was about .3 miles from our hotel. It had stadium seating with comfy chairs that rocked. Probably didn't hurt that the movie was really good. This is one of those theaters that let's you buy tickets at point of sale so I recommend buying early for opening night.

Constantine Johns

Nice movie theater! We were surprised to know how much food and drink they offer. Will definitely have to go back to try the full experience. Theater chairs weren't as comfy as I was expecting but it was decent. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Good selection of movies to choose from and great location right downtown.

Connie Thomasson

Great theatre experience and downtown location. Just a couple blocks off the MAX. Really nice variety of concession choices and drinks including wine.

Thea Wong

nice theaters, shows big movies

Len Ackerman

Very clean and well staffed. Enjoyed my movie experience there.

bruce bromley

Confusing mixup buying tickets at box office.

Leo's Travel

Parking was easy and getting in was pretty fast with mobile ticket. Lines at the concession stands we're LONG and wait time was also long. Wife order some "real food", so it took a while. I think if you just get drinks, popcorns, and hotdogs, you'll be fine. I ended up missing the starting of the movie, oh well. First time visiting this theater, not bad.

Grisel Lapham

Save yourself the trouble and go to living room theatre. Living room theatre is cleaner, comfortable seats, has a full bar (and won’t make you wear a wristband), they have a full dinner menu. The “door” guy here will harass you. I greeted him and walked up the escalator. He then proceeded to tell me to walk back down to show him my ticket which my husband had behind me. So rude. If your going to check tickets at the main entrance make sure to let people know before they get on the escalator, otherwise you’re failing at your job. They don’t even validate parking. A movie date here will be at least $75. PBR is $7.


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