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REVIEWS OF Regal Evergreen Parkway & RPX IN Oregon


Love this place. Especially comfy recliners that they have.

Andrew Gorzynski

Overall theater was clean but lobby had a pungent odor restrooms were very clean

Theodore Taylor

Went to see Captain Marvel. The movie was great but I've just about had it witih the experience of going to the cinema. Overall it's a bad experience and I expected it to be bad since I normally like to wait for the blu ray to come out since it's cheaper. I had pondered buying them online but once I got to the check-out and they wanted a 4 buck fee, I declined. Not sure who they think that's convenient for but not for me so I found myself by the movies a bit later and popped by and got the tix while I was out running an errand. Went back for an evening show then the my mood turned bad. I was behind only 1 person in line and it took the guy helping her a good 10 minutes and I'm not keep the beer padlocked in the cooler...why? The lady behind me remarked that they had gotten into the wrong line and I agreed but the other lines were not moving any better. I realize the movies are struggling so now everyone wants to be like cinetopia and sell beer, wine, kombucha, sushi, pizza and 100 other "craft" things but some of use just want popcorn and a soda and we should not have to wait 10 min. This was actually the first time i missed all the damn previews. How about you figure out a way so that folks can get their stuff faster. I all most lost my cool when the guy finally came and said "thank you for your patience". I've just decided that I will not be seeing movies at this place anymore.

Greg O

This Theater has recliner seating and if you haven't tried it, you should, as it's a whole different relaxing experience laying back with your feet up watching a movie. Bought the unlimited pack too so a movie a week on my days off is a bonus for the price. Only gripe I have is they don't clean under the seats. I had dropped my keys between the seats and looked under there. Found them but also found a small bag of old popcorn worth of popcorn under the seat. Kinda gross really. Appearently the janitors don't clean under the seats as I was told. They need a good vacuum. Don't drop anything between the seats.

carolina Bustamante

The whole experience was amazing, the chairs are really comfy

Brian Vargas

They can take those popcorn prices and shove it up their you know what !

Karen Shapiro

Reclining seats, need I say more?

Jackie Huntley

Loved the recliners. Great to have reserved seats. Treats way too expensive.

Rabbit and Guinea pig vlogs

i love how clean and spaced out the seats are .

Ariel Interian Ek

Comfortable reclining seats. Plenty of room for people to walk in rows with out standing up.

Tiyash Basu

Medium sized halls, higher proportion of people will fall in the (Sheldon's) optimal spot. Screens and surround sound were great. Soft comfy recliner sofa seats made my day! Good service and food. The movie tickets are cheaper than i have been used to, but i guess food is how they make most of their money! Standard movie theater prices for food, but it was delicious(meat was surprisingly juicy).


This theater is great!! been going here since i was a kid. im happy with the renovations/improvements, really enjoy getting a beer and watching a movie here in the recliner seats. recently i saw a horror movie and the other patrons couldn't keep their mouths shut to save their lives. it kindof ruined the experience. but that doesn't have anything to do with the establishment so i still give them 5 stars!

Aaron Rufener

Love the reclining chairs

Shaunn Cochran

Great theater with big screens, perfect sound and nice comfortable reclining chairs! Awesome place to watch a movie.

Jair Casanova

The manager is a Culero. With his wack poni tail.. Clown..

Linnea Laird

I got a free ticket. Wanted to call and ask if I could use it on a movie I wanted. Spent 20 min listening to an automated message that hung up on me numerous times. Then when I finally got an option to talk to a real person it rang forever then took me to a voicemail. Then I tried writing an email and the website crashed twice. I'm now going to go to a different theater.

Lynne K

Fantastic! Love the recliner chairs! Love going on discount Tuesday & is more than worth an extra buck to have an excellent, comfortable seat to watch a 2 hr

debra Cheesman

Just saw the new Spiderman movie with the grandkids. We enjoyed it and the reclining chairs!

Deanna Stubbs

This theater was really awesome! The best part was the chairs!! Oh my! Super comfortable, reclining, with cup holders!! I've never been to a better theater! Clean restrooms, and entryway. Staff super friendly and helpful! Will definitely be back here!!!

Brandon Walrath

Great customer service and the theater was clean, the seats were spectacular with the recliner feature made for a relaxing movie experience. Will be back for Toy Story 4!!!

Rick Elliott Jr

The reserved theater seating is insanely comfy with the new recliner seats, movies are nice to watch there. Concessions are pricey of course, but what theater isn't? Staff are usually really friendly there as well.

Nathan Halterman

Been going to this particular theater for a couple years now. Staff is always pleasant and the reclining seats are comfortable. I love the fact that they employ seniors and disabled persons.

Khanh Nguyen

Great chairs. Free cc devices

Jaymie Behlow

Love this theater. It's always clean and the popcorn is fresh!

dewayne coleman

Outside the fact that I paid for a 3d movie that really was not worth the extra 7 dollars. This was an enjoyable experience. More importantly the snacks were affordable.Blew My Mind!!!


Great theater. Comfortable seats than electronically recline. I just wish people could learn to shut off their phones during s movie!!

Brooklyn Bartosch

I had a horrible racist experience here last Saturday night with the manager Josh. I went to go see Escape Room with a small group of 4 friends. After we got our tickets we got in line for popcorn and drinks. After we got our food and drinks we accidentally went the wrong way to the movie. Thinking there was going to be a busser on each side of the theater checking tickets. The manager Josh approached us and said we were going the wrong way, we apologized and one of us said if there was a sign we wouldn't of gone the wrong way. The manager continued to say maybe if we hung rope then you would of gone the right way. We were all in shock from his comment. I couldn't enjoy the movie due to the comment, so I decided to leave and try and make a complaint, twice. I was given the card of the general manager, but was told I could not make a complaint at the movie theater and would need to email the general manager. This will definitely be my next step, but I needed to first warn others about the racist manager Josh here. We will never go to this movie theater again.

Morgan Lourwood Stokes

Always comfortable, and the staff is always friendly. I definitely recommend this theater for those looking for a relaxed movie experience.

Jana Patterson

Theaters all have comfy recliners that are extra wide with wide rests so you don't feel like you are right on top of the person next to you. It's always clean. Typical selection of refreshments.

Tien Le

**Remember you gotta have a Regal account to qualify for the Tuesdays discount!! Download the app. Anyway good service, seating is nice and clean and comfy with leg rest chairs. Also...easy to sneak food and drinks in. Just don't be obvious.

Kamal Balasubramanian

Love this theater. Great comfy seats, good service, ordered food and beer gets delivered to seat.

Whiskey Juliet

Nicely remodeled with comfortable seating but, typical Regal, overpriced tickets and concession stand!

Chitra Gautham

Great movie theater with great reclining seats. They have decent food which is brought to your seats. Would recommend booking tickets in advance so you get good seats.

Scott Atkinson

First time for me to enjoy the recliner seats. We had just eaten before arriving at the theater so I don't know how much the refreshments cost. Theater was clean and well staffed as far as I could tell... Merry Christmas...

Christeen Allestad

Assigned seating, the seats were comfortable.

Amanda G

Always loved this Regal theatre. They were the first ones in the area to renovate their seating to the recliners. Clean. Popcorn is good. People are nice. Normal theatre. It's expensive as all get out and I don't like the reserved seating but I can't mark them down for that bc it's pretty standard now in most theatres. If you don't want the reserved seating, Regal Movies on TV in Aloha still has regular seating. Also great theatre. Just not recliners.

Siddharth Shastri

We've been going here regularly to watch movies for the past 4 years. They've upgraded to fully reclining seats that are really comfortable and a breeze to watch movies in. In fact, we always try to see if the movie is running in this theater first simply because of the ultra comfy seats!! I believe they also have at your seat service for some food and beverage items. Definitely worth checking out.

Lawrence L

nice theaters but too many teens...

Linda Dooman

Good as any similar theater

The Kawaii Slartibartfast

We went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. The folx at the concession stand were super nice and helpful. The screen was really easy to find and the bathrooms were pretty close by. I really enjoyed the reclining seats and the sound was fantastic. I really enjoy coming to this theater!

Cindy Carter

I still love my Regal and the seating just got better, by hands down the most comfortable seats for any size. Other theatre's head rest just pushes my head forward and down so I end up slouching. Concession prices are high. Date night these days are far in between.

Bear Corcovelos

The wait at concessions was kind of bad but it was crowded so you can't really blame them. Popcorn was fresh soda was topped off and the cashier when we finally got to him was very friendly. Overall the theater was clean and it was an enjoyable experience. The seats still look like new no tears or cracks and very comfortable.

Aditi Bhattacharya

Pretty good experience over all. Seats are very comfortable as they recline. The seats are lesser in number but I like that they stock alcohol as well.

Brian Montero

Chairs rotate back to about a 140 degrees. Able to choose seats when purchasing tickets. Clean theater. 4/5

Anchalee Mekonnen

Comfortable seat , clean. Love it

Kevin Staton

Extremely expensive concessions but that's normal for movie theatres. Watched the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie in the nice theatre. Sound was good, picture quality was good, seats were comfortable. Only complaint is the concession process and the seats made me warm really quick.

Steve Childress

Reclining seats were a nice touch, but like all theaters now it's expensive to attend a show.


Very comfortable seating . Love the new chairs

Renteria Renteria

Wish the lines at concession would go just a bit faster but otherwise the staff was very nice

Michael S.

Comfortable seating, reserved seats. Although reserved seating has it's own challenges.

Tasha Antoine

Always fun to visit Evergreen! The seats are comfy, movies are current and the staff is always nice! Makes it fun to take my kiddos!

Jon Birdsall

The people working the concession stand need to move much faster. Customers are trying to make it in by the time their movie starts.

Anthony Tidus

Unfortunately it seemed like they were understaffed. They had two people working at the ticket booth even though the line was going into the parking lot. I would hope they would keep a few registers ready to go on a Friday Night. Inside was well staffed, just crowded. Not their fault, I don't understand why people seem to want to wait until they get to the front of the line to read the menu though. This only slows down the process for those of us who do know what we want. When in doubt get popcorn and soda. It's the movies for Pete's sake. The theater seats are perhaps the best addition in recent years. I'm very happy to pay a little extra to have a nice lounge chair to sit in and the extra space. It's the opposite of an airplane. Overall not bad. I go here oftentimes. Just wish the prices didn't hit so hard. 5.75 for a soda is getting a little out of hand, even if they don't make money off the movies themselves.

Marcie Boroughs

It was fine, though pretty expensive. Makes me wonder how folks with kids can even afford it.

Jorge Becerra

This location is my go to place for watching movies. The staff is friendly, seats are comfortable, and the food is good and fresh. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the longer then normal wait for concessions, the person infront of me ordered a beer and they have it under lock and key. They really should have someone available for beer very close by so they don't have to go find Someone. I understand laws and stuff but somone should be available at all times or don't serve it at all. Not a huge inconvenience but waited longer just for a drink.

Brett Bryson

Saw fantastic beasts 2, haven't been to this theater in years but the new leather lounge chairs were awesome. This was even in an off area theater not the big ticket RPX or something else extravagant. Definitely will be back.

Hana Krahenbuhl

Evergreen Regal Cinemas has friendly staff and a great selection of movies to choose from. Every Tuesday is "tightwad" day

Clint Johnston

Comfortable recliners, usually clean, there's couple of good beers for sale, discounts on Tuesdays. It's got everything I need in a theatre.


The declining seats are great so is the staff and overall quality. However the past couple times I’ve gone to the theater the lights have turned on in the middle of my movie and stayed on for the rest of it. Late shows seem to require lights? Wouldn’t recommend going to a late show but other times are great.

Heidi Shelburg

Comfy seats that recline with rpx, reserved seating and good variety of food and drinks. Fun experience

Jesse Iford

Poorly insulated and situated auditoriums. Our film had a number of quiet scenes and we could hear the movies for the next two auditoriums over our film. Technically I feel I've seen endgame twice now.

Ana Laís.

Great movie theater. Having the assigned seats really help with comfort and just overall enjoyment of the movie. Staff is friendly and informative. Great spot for a date!

Feinman Adventures

Nice reclining seats. Typical overpriced concessions.

Tonya Knight

What a comfortable theater very nice and clean.

John O

Love the new seats. Recliners! And you can get beer now!

The Dude

Not crowded when I went. Nice an clean

Kevin Woods

This location has a small parking lot but you will find parking. Neon lights are everywhere in the lobby. The concession stands move pretty slow. This place has powered reclining seats and reserved seating. Bought my tickets online for a Saturday night show and it cost just over $14. The theater is nice and the movie was good.

Zack Yoshida-costello

Great environment and good seats

Brent Olsen

This is probably one of the cleanest theaters I've been to

Chris Wiley

Even with the seats fully reclined there is still enough room for people coming into your row to walk in front of you. Good selection of refreshments. Comfortable theater temperature. Ticket check in is frequently understaffed and slow.

Wes Ramirez

Comfortable reclining seats and concessions staff was very polite and helpful.

Francisco Esqueda

Smaller movie theater but still my preferred one staff is really nice.

Christian Daly

Comfortable seating, clean, wide variety of movie listings, and friendly staff.

Cody Graham

Always a good experience. Never had any technical issues. Nice seating and well kept. Staff is friendly and lines move as you would expect at a theatre

Jeremiah Beene

Nothing but good experiences here. Great staff, comfortable seating, clean facilities, modern viewing experiences, and you can reserve your seats for the showing of your choosing early (either online or in person).

Peter Herget

It is not uncommon to find a bad theater in Oregon, however, this was NOT one of them. The recliner seats were... amazingly comfortable, the pop corn was freshly cooked, and the soda fountain choices were just right. We watched the. We Gemini movie with Will Smith & Will Smith Junior, it was good, and could have been great. The movie needed less green screen and more shots filmed on location. The lighting around Will Smith Jr. was a little wonky throughout the film. However, the acting of Will Smith playing both parts was well done. Okay, back to the theatre. It was clean, no weird smells, wonderful sound, and the picture quality was outstanding!

Jeanine Walters

Very nice theater. Staff is friendly. The only bad thing is the seats are so comfy that I feel asleep for a minute!

John Erjavec

Nice comfy seats, love being able to make sure I'll get a seat I like.


Super polite staff from the entrance getting our tickets to the guy behind the counter making the popcorn for us. Very clean and the recliners were awesome. Definitely be returning for future dates.

Matthew Crackel

Best theater experience I've had in a long time. I don't give out five star ratings very easily and most theaters are really not very memorable. On the outside it pretty much looks like any theater and as you first walk in pretty much the same, but what's the most important part of the theater the theater and seating itself. Nice wide aisles with comfortable push button mechanical reclining seats.The seats even had speakers in them that would go off during heavy bass moments. It really pulled you into the movie. Every aisle is wide enough so you don't have to worry about getting kicked in the back of the seat like every other theater. Even at the box office they treated me well. I had had problems with the app and purchasing tickets and the gentleman at the box office refunded my ticket for me and comped me one for free. I enjoyed this more than cinetopia and it will be my regular theater even though it's a 30-minute drive and I have two other theaters less than 10 minutes away.


Nice seats good food


$9 ticket to a clean theatre with great reclining seats, friendly staff, and good sound quality


Took my daughter and girlfriend to see the pokemon movie and ot was good. Theater was almost empty had the nice recliner seats and were able to reserve them ahead of time. It was fun.


With inclined seats, drinks and food. Can't get better with good movie selections. The sound system clarity makes it more attractive.

Michael Creager

A wonderful movie theater that they remodeled for RPX and recliner chairs in all theaters. A large front concession stand and 2 smaller side ones on busy days at each end of the theater. The staff is always helpful and smiling with an answer to your questions. This is a reserved seats theater so get there early or book online if you are going to have a big group or just want to ensure you get your seat of choice. Part of the Regal family get a Regal card if you don't have one worth it on Tuesday and for points build up for free food or drink or movie tickets or special merchandise online.


Love the reclining chairs. Had a fun time with my son.

Amy Moore

great theater with reclining seats and friendly staff. book you seats ahead of time online

David Leung

Just another movie theater. Nothing to rave about. As always they are understaffed. Though it would help to have signs stating which stations are open and stop cycling people around the cashier. Makes it difficult for customers to figure out which station is open. Waiting on one line and saw three different customer reps at different times.

Herb Hillenmeyer

Saw Toy Story 4 on Saturday afternoon. Easy in, easy out. Lots of available seats. I love the reclining chairs.


We went in the morning. It was cool, clean and the staff was friendly enough. Seating was great. But the sound didn't seem full. It was all high and low sounds, it seemed like the mid-range was missing and it was VERY loud. I wish I'd brought earplugs.

Davood Alavi

They have a bunch of new updated theaters with the awesome reclining seats. They also allow you for those to reserve your specific seats ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in line! 5 dollar Tuesday’s are also a really good deal and I would definitely recommend taking advantage of it if you can!

Eli E

comfortable. I drive from Gresham to hillsboro for the comfortable electric reclining chairs with ample space to move or stretch. I would go to another theater unless they have upgraded as this one has.

Elizabeth Kenworthy

The new seats and better concessions are wonderful.

Sean Espinosa

Very comfortable clean theatre. I really enjoy the new seating.

Mac S.

A good theater at a good price, but they make you pick assigned seats and tell you the rest are reserved or full, but when you're actually in the theater you see that's just not true and most of the seats are empty, so why reserve seats? A little annoying.

Mitchell Schulz

Super friendly staff always comfortable chairs and reasonable prices.

Jennifer Elias

Fair, nothing spectacular aside from the reclining seating.

Bryant Delvis

Great seating and craft beer.

Jared Warren

Reasonable theater, kind of small for the amount of business it gets. Modern equipment and well kept

Laurie Myers

Always my go to place for movies with reclining seats and good leg room

Barbara Embry

Very nice theater. The line for concessions was too long as only two were open. The theater should open more registers when you have 30 people waiting. It took 15 minutes to get our popcorn. Other than the it was a good experience.

Acenith Luciano

We usually love this place but we went tonight to see "Ready or Not" they left the preview lights on through the whole thing. Horrible way to watch any movie at a theatre but especially a horror/dark comedy #Fail

Charles McKenzie

Love it nice comfortable seats easy access

Julie Hedford

Great place to see a movie! Recliners for everyone!

Jennifer Johnson

Love the seats! My fav theater

Brian Woodman

Crew seemed tired and withdrawn. We had to go ask for our seats to be cleaned because the previous occupants enjoy butter baths. Constant talking during the movie too, not really the companies fault, but with the customer service I had so far, I didn't expect assistance there.

derek bennett

Crazy comfortable seats in the upgrade theater a must have. A real treat to go here. The staff is on top of there game

Mike K

Regal Evergreen Parkway is the ONLY theater we will go to now. Actually, if the family is split on whether to see a movie or do something else, the idea of going to Regal Evergreen will usually tip the scales to seeing a movie. There are probably 30+ theaters between our house and Regal Evergreen, but we will go out of way to watch movies at the Regal Evergreen location...they have it all from comfortable reclining chairs to great concessions (standard items plus sandwiches, pizza, and even beer/wine brought to your recliner), their entire staff has always been fantastic, and their IMAX seems to be a much MUCH higher quality experience than any of the other theaters in the area (like Bridgeport or any others on the way to Evergreen) plus adding the RPX experience in the comfortable recliners pushes your movie immersion experience beyond amazing. We'll continue to drive the 45-ish mins each way to get the Regal Evergreen Awesomeness. If you're a family of 4 and intent on seeing a movie, you're going to spend $100+ on tickets/snacks/etc anyway so you might as well do it at a theater like Regal Evergreen where you at least feel like you're getting your hard earned money's worth out of your family's movie going experience...just my two-cents. Hope this helps you decide where to spend your $100+ if you're on the fence to see a movie or do something else with the family.

Jacoba Kemper

Arrived 40 minutes prior to our show, today. Apparently taking tickets at the door now, instead of inside after purchasing refreshments, no big deal, although the line was very slow. Got checked in and in line for a drink and popcorn. Refreshment lines were barely moving. Waited 10 minutes in line for one person to be served. Then without warning or serving the other customers already in line, they abruptly closed that refreshment line sending us all (15 guests) to the rear of the already existing lines. Guess no snacks for us. Seems like this establishment is in need of better management. You are loosing sales due to poor customer service.

Sachin Gupta

Overall good experience.

Tim Blasingim

The outside could use a facelift but the cinemas are awesome.

jonathan Truong

new renovations are great and make this one of the go to theaters over the century one in cedar hills, they have great seating and layout as well for good prices.

linda justice

Comfy lounger chairs , clean and been quiet during movies so score!

Sharon Dunlap

We had an awful experience at the theater. I heard that have new chairs but they shake and squeak like they're old. It was really frustrating during the quiet part of our movie we couldn't hear cause we're hearing the other movie next to us as if we were in that theater. I had a hard time enjoying the movie because I could hear the other movie. plus there kids to their drinks don't fit their cups very well cause as soon as we sat down that pop spilled all over my partner's lap and all over the floor.


Under staffed with the slowest staff members. Warned about how slow the service was by other staff members. 20 minutes to get a 1 cup of poorly poured wine. The bathroom had a puddle urine heading out the the stall. The floors throughout the theater was gross. Needs new management. and garbage.

Eugene Sugar

Excellent place to watch a movie, we were on vacation and took some friends.

Justin Fleskes

Clean theater with superior service.

Bich-Hang Tran

Jason E....great customer service!!

Ginger Fisher

Had a great time enjoyed the movie. Bathrooms could have at least warm water.

Sarah Gardner

Big comfy seats! My husband is a big guy and this is one of the few he feel comfortable at. Plus they sell beer/cider which is a nice adult treat with my movie.

Ric Fischer

If I could do 3.5 stars, I would. I'm from Phoenix, AZ. We have Harkins there. I always knew it would be a tough act to follow, but today's theater visit pointed it out to me most clearly. The lines at the theater were many people deep. But it looked like only two of the 8 or so registers were open. The lobby floor was littered with a fair amount of popcorn. The reclining seats are aligned in such a way that you need to keep your legs straight. That posture can be uncomfortable on the knees for prolonged periods. Snack bar prices were pretty steep.

Foxy boi

Great seating and staff is nice. Not that expensive but a great movie theater.

MarcieJoy Boroughs

Nice reclining chairs. I like to be able to reserve a seat from home. Their concession counter has slo-o-ow service, due to inefficient layout, I think. More workers there would help, too, I think.

Sarah Roussos

Recliner seats, big screen. Incredible!

Manda White

Just went to see The Lion King. I loved it. Was my first time there since they remodeled all the theatres and I really enjoyed the lounge seats. Definate improvement for Evergreen theatre

andy Mina

Had comfortable chairs good popcorn and butter great service

Glen Phillips

The seats are so comfortable

Joel Hinkle

Our favorite theater by far. Always clean and comfortable. Close to the house is a bonus.

Jaida Moon

Always a great time. More expensive than I'd like, but that's not news. Staff is helpful. In the theater itself, it seemed like there was a light shining on me the whole time. It could've been darker. But overall, still fun & enjoyable.


Love the new seating!! The next movie we want to see is Aladin

Michelle Bechtholdt

How can you beat popcorn, a recliner & a good click?!

heather hoeringer

Comfy chairs that have built in foot rests.

Richard Carlton

One the most comfortable and enjoyable theater experiences you could ever gift yourself or a friend. Amazing quality screens and chairs that recline. Tons of snacks and drinks and all around friendly and helpful staff. Best place to create memories with the family, friends or yourself.

Diana Thompson

Great experience ✔️

Alexis Ménard

Most likely the best place on the west side. The seats are great, screen good and they have these vibrating seats that gives a bit of immersion. Very nice.

Chantelle Kraft

Always clean. Comfy seats.

Jodi T

Offering comfortable, cozy reclining seats with advance reservation seat options. Also, food & alcoholic beverage choices! Excellent theater, highly recommend!

Pat Oakes

Expensive, but most theaters are nowadays given the way that the market is turning, but good seats, and good location make up for it.

Jim R

Nice staff. Looks a bit tired. Could use paint and cleaning.

Tina Canning

Love the recliners and being able to reserve a specific seat. No rush to get there, and no need to stand up to let others in or out...

Zolpidem 1

Really fun theater

Fabian Siller

Seen a Famous Super Star. Dancing...

Denise Medrano

We love to go see the occasional movie or two on the big screen. It's been a nice get away from stresses in our lives.

Victor Garcia

Love the reclining seats and also assigned seating. Eliminates the need to get there early to get good seats. It's our go-to theater to see movies. Clean and friendly staff.

JT Turner

Great movie theater, alway clean but like all of them now expensive.

Melissa Wallace

Not sure what happened but both my room and the one next to us self evacuated due to noises that sound like gunshots. There are people in the theater crouching down and scared for a while until a few of us decided to evacuate and then other followed. My mom decided to go in and see what was going on because after being out we didn't see any immediate Danger. When we went in to ask about it they just handed Us movie tickets and said they'd look into it. Still just really confused on what happened and why things weren't taken a little bit more seriously.

Hoodland Lutheran Church Carlisle

First run movies, great refreshments, comfortable seating

Tina Ford

The theater was really nice, but quite expensive!! $12 to see a movie seemed a bit excessive to me, but I had not been to a movie theater in a long time. I was impressed with the electric reclining chairs, they are quite comfortable and have great cup holders. The movie was good, but the picture wasn't as clear as it should have been.

Corrupted Michael

Great place for a movie, comfy seats and normally great screens. But, theater 11 had a pretty scruffy screen that the management needs to fix. Didn't ruin the movie for me but it was a slight annoyance in the back of my head seeing the lines going straight down the screen


The volume is a bit too loud for the previews. This theater is MUCH better than Cinetopia.

Quoc Nguyen

Watched Maleficent tonight with the whole family in 3d at 7:15. The lights didn't go off when the movie had shown already. A girl had to go out to remind someone to turn off the lights. Moreover, there was a problem with the speakers, so the sounds didn't do a good job. I could even hear the woman sat by me breathing. Because the saound was kind off silent so every movement was so distracting.

Barber Mom

Half hour wait at concessions.. They had 3 lines with 2 sharing a soda fountain. They should have been better staffed and prepared for spring break. I deleted my previous 5 star review. Next time I will sneak in my own snacks and drinks and skip the half hour line and not miss 20 minutes of the movie.

julie Cary

Great theater, nice going during days not crowed!

Jonathan Alvarez

One of the best places I like to go to watch my movies.

Michael Allen

While visiting the Portland area we went here to see the 3rd how to train your dragon. Great movie and awesome theater.

Misty Clark

I love how you can pay and reserve your seating in advance. Also love the reclining seats!!

Joshua Larkin

I've gone to this theater sence I was a we child back in the early 90's. I've seen go through so many changes now. The staff, the options they have is great. Love the neon display. Also right across from spaghetti factory, red Robin's, modern pizza and many other good stuff. They got some pretty good comfy chairs no to. I remember when they didn't have that. The regal evergreen theater knows how to adapt well with today's fast past. Pluss the sound is great!!!

Peter Larson

It's a nice place to watch a movie and they have an RPX theatre for those looking for a premium experience.


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Odem Theater Pub
Movie Theater - Oregon

Movie theater

Regal Fox Tower
Regal Fox Tower
Movie Theater - Oregon

Movie theater