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REVIEWS OF Regal Cinebarre Movieland IN Oregon

James Ward

We enjoy Cinebarre. Tonight my wife, my two kids and I went to watch Detective Pokemon. We had a lot of fun. SALAD My wife said her "When Harry Met Salad" with chicken was "delicious." PIZZA My three topping pizza and my kids' junior pizzas were pretty good for movie theater food. The kids pizzas came with some remarkably tasty fries that tasted like real potatos, perfectly salted. The pizzas were a reasonable (read only a little overpriced) value for a theater. LEMONADES Our three flavored lemonades were absolutely disappointing. They were pretty much straight Minute Made from a fountain with no flavor at all. I'd be surprised if they put more than one pump of syrup in a 32oz glass, no fruit at all. For 6.50, that's pretty sad. To be clear, I could be happy with a 6.50 Blackberry Lemonade, but it would need to have enough syrup to at least tint the color of the drink a little, bonus points for an actual 1-2 berries muddled up in there...but Cinebarre was just selling lemonade. THEATRE The movie was LOUD. I don't mind it loud when it makes sense, but when the car crashes are louder than an actual car crash, it just takes on a kind of surreal wince-inducing quality. I think it was partly due to the fact the tone seemed skewed toward the high end. Everything had a trebley AM radio thing going tonight that I hadn't noticed on previous visits here. Maybe it was this film. Maybe it was this auditorium. I can't be sure. The display was very clean high definition. Lighting was perfect for a dine-in movie theater. Seating is comfortable and clean. The tables could be 4-6" closer to the seats, but that is probably a safety thing or ADA requirement. The floors were sticky and the bathrooms could have used some attention, but neither beyond the scope of what you reasonably expect when you go out for a show. BAR/BILLIARDS An excellent selection, reasonably priced, accurate pours. The pool tables appeared in good condition, there were three with plenty of room and nobody was playing. STAFF Friendly, attentive, careful not to be distracting during the film. They were efficient without being rushed. No lines at the ticket box or bar. SUMMARY Good job, Cinebarre! Oh, and make better lemonades ;)

Athena Cueto

Food is amazing and the movie quality is littttttt. Service is always good. I always go there to see new movies it's the best. Also prices are great

Monica Girod

Has changed so much over the years. Not for the good. Miss the nostalgic silver popcorn bowls.

damon jensen

Menu is getting better but still has a ways to go. Add a freaking Nacho already!

Jamie Wohletz

Good food, remarkably friendly waitstaff, and a charming, relaxed atmosphere.

Jordan Ponce

Nice place with nice staff. The floor can sometimes be a little dirty but other than that, nice place. Don't encounter people drinking too much as you would expect. Really nice place and enjoy coming here

Outlaws Ministries OMMC AOD

Good seats food is good great drinks service is okay

Damon Rodriguez

Food was good. Seats could use some upgrading. But overall it was a good place for a date night.

Alec Wasson

Good variety of things to do (arcade, billiards, alcohol) before or after your movie. Food is just ok.

Jo Da

Good place to see a movie, unfortunately some of the servers have no customer service. They repeated left the theatre doors open while going in and out. The outside light and noise was quite disruptive to the movie. The service light was useless as I had to flag a server down to take my order slip after 15min. I did enjoy the seats reclining, and the food was good, otherwise the staff definitely deserves a 3 star.

Leslie Fulton

Service was good but food was so salty.

Alexandria Whitley

Love this place, tickets are cheaper than the big theaters and it more open and comfortable. The food is a tad expensive for what you get but I wouldn't say it's unreasonable. My only real complaint is it needs to be cleaned more. The theater can kind of stink sometimes and menus get sticky. But I imagine it's hard to air out those big rooms and wipe down a ton of menus.

Brian Kneeland

Most WEAK and expensive drinks I’ve ever been served in my entire life. Great service and a nice movie theater but I will NEVER buy a drink from them again.

Vera Covarrubias

It's really the best theater in town. The employees are great and the manager is awesome. Twice I've had issues with an app purchase and they always take care of it.

Tesla Addams

Came in for the first time to see the Hellboy reboot. Great seats, really informative, attentive, and polite servers. All was well until after the credits, there was another scene as a lot of movies these days do. Halfway through this less than 5 minute scene, all the lights and florescents came on, completely obscuring the entire movie screen. One of the attendants had turned it on and my friend loudly asked that the lights be turned back off, to which she ignored. This was on opening night for Hellboy (April 12th) during the 10:30PM showing.

Allie Root

Kinda pricey for mediocore food. Comfy chairs though.

Raquyyahha Mays

Charged $8 for fries when the burger and fries was $10. Pretty poor service too waited an hour for the food.

Carol Roque

Cinebarre Salem 7 is conveniently located downtown with adequate parking at the parking structure next door. The lobby and bar are clean and attractive. Food was good, though a bit spendy. Wait staff does a good job at serving their guests while endeavoring not to disturb guests watching the film. We saw Bohemian Rhapsody so it was important that the sound system was good, and it was. Had a very pleasant evening at the movies.

Donna Stone Martinez

Cinebarre is a class act theatre. IF you want a mixed drink or a beer- you can have it; in the comfort of the big comfy seats of the show. But gotta say- you're gonna pay-as a 32 oz. Soda is $5. Prices just went

Alexander Matteson

Went with a large group of friends to see the new avengers film “End Game” here. Had a great time. The theater is quite large so a group of like 20 of us were able to sit in a row. I didn’t buy any food or drinks as they seemed out of my price range. However, some of my friends got food and drink which they all said they enjoyed. Overall I would say this is an interesting and unique idea for a movie theater. If you want the food it’s great. While the cinabarre is cool I sometimes just want a classic normal movie theater.

Kelly Owens

The facility is truly awesome. However, my son became sick after eating the chicken tenders and a long awaited special day had a very disappointing ending. I still recommend the theater, but maybe eat before you get there.

Kristy Hopkins

Up until our last 3 visits, the rating would have been a 5 star rating. We go to this theatre because we can have dinner at the same time, it's very comfortable and we go to a LOT of movies (the month of August alone we went to see 5 movies). That being said, I've lowered our rating to a 3 star because the menu has changed and in our opinion it is not better. I always get a salad. It used to be served in a stainless steal bowl with a real fork. Now it is served on a tray with paper and a plastic fork. I won't eat a salad like that as the paper gets soggy and in the dark I can't see if I'm getting paper or salad plus it's hard to eat salad with a flimsy little fork. Believe me, I know because I ordered my usual when the menu first changed and the salad was served this way and it was not enjoyable to eat. We went with family this weekend to celebrate 2 birthdays and I asked for the salad like I used to get it, was told they don't do that anymore but my server would ask the kitchen about it. My husband ordered his burger with no onion, no pickle and yes we wrote it down that way. He got it with both. They never came back to tell me they couldn't give me the salad in a bowl or offer another choice on the menu so I ended up eating the burger and my husband ate the fries. Neither of us really wanted a burger but since they took away the chicken strips and fries (my husbands usual) replacing it with a chicken and waffle basket, yuck, there isn't a lot to choose from unless you go with pizza. We did order the chicken and waffle basket on our 2 visits prior to this last one, giving it an honest try and on both occasions it was not good in our opinion. Both times the chicken was over cooked, dry and hard. If the menu offerings stay like this we most likely won't be eating there and it won't be nearly as enjoyable as it has been. Please reconsider this menu change and bring back the chicken strip basket for my husband, if nothing else. I could bring my own bowl and fork I guess and transfer my salad when I get it.........thank you in advance for your consideration about the menu.

Kataryna Villegas

I always love going here for movies when I can. I enjoy being able to sit down and have a good meal while watching a movie. Love the food and the alcohol menu! So many choices for alcohol. Staff are great and always try to stay on top of customers. Busy days involve some mistakes but that’s just a busy day and everybody makes mistakes

William Krauter

Cold French fries and plastic cups for imported beer. Dunno what happened was good stuff there the last time I was there... Couple months ago? Comfy seats still rock.

Sabrina Brewer

Very Nice Theater!! Great Food & Burgers, Milkshakes were Like Homemade!! A Fun Place for a Night Out!

William Mccraw

Love that you can order food while watching a at the same time.

Marilyssa Shields

Recently went to see "It: Chapter Two" and the service was quick and the food was good. We had their bbq pizza. We typically get their chicken strips and fries which are the best.

Stephanie Cruz

Absolutely love their place to watch movies. I can order food, and so far everything is great. Wish that the large soda for 5.50 came with a refill though

Janai Rodriguez

Inconsistent on the “rules”. We had just come to cinebarre two weeks prior with our 4 month old baby that is very mellow, to see a movie, we were told he may enter but if he was a distraction we would need to leave, which was a reasonable request. Me and my husband being first time parents want to be able to go out and take our baby as much as possible seeing as how he is so calm so we were very happy we could have him with us. Baby did fine and slept the whole movie. We came again to cinebarre two weeks later and were told we could not come in because they were considered a bar and minors are not allowed in. Upon the manager telling us this, I asked “so no minors are allowed in this theater?” “Managers” response to this was that a minor was someone under 2 years old. Didn’t make sense, are they serving the 6 year olds alcohol? I had also mentioned to her we were let in before and she said they used to let them in a long time ago, to which we told her “that was just two weeks ago”. Her response was “well the rules constantly changing everyday”... not likely.


Lady at the window charged us for our 18 month old baby

Jacob p

Expensive but you get the best movie watching experience you can buy pretty much. Very few kids due to previously mentioned expensiveness too.


Had a lot of fun. The food was good but it was also room temperature by the time it was served. Loved the Italian soda.

Josue Mata

They asked for my personal (Email,Street Address ,and Phone Number) information after I gave them a 2 Star review.

Leticia Urciel

4th time here and was disappointed in the service. The wrong drink was brought out twice, I ended up taking it back to the bar and still didn't get the drink I ordered. My fries and cheeseburger were cold and in the end, I snacked on cold fries, a gross drink with no alcohol, and missed bits of the movie. I'll be back, maybe they had an off night. Still, for the price I expected better.

Baumgart 5

Wonderful movie going experience. Absolutley fantastic fish -n-chips dinner. The wait staff are the friendliest around and couldn't be nicer. I don't want to go anywhere else to see a movie. Their black cherry long island ice teas are to die for.

Shelley Crick

We love our local Cinebarre! It really hasn't changed much in the decades I've been visiting, and I'm fine with that. Honestly, the black bathroom weirds me out a bit, but the screens are great and the seating is comfortable...and there's heaps of legroom while you eat dinner and enjoy the movie.

Jeneyce Omalley

This place is awesome. We WILL be back!

Westy Weaver

It would be better if it didn't always smell like old bleach water that's attempting to cover bad moldy smells. The inside of the theaters aren't bad, but the main lobby stinks. Other than that, decent food, drinks, prices, etc. They just really need to do something about that funky smell that's always present.

Naomi LeClair

I really enjoy seeing movies at Cinnebarre. Polite, professional staff keep me coming back. My favorite beverage to order there is an iced coffee; perfect flavor and very large serving for a reasonable price! I love the fried pickles too

Michael Henderson

Good food. Good seats. Latest movies.

Michael LoGiudice DC

I enjoy the Cinnebarre. They have large theaters, the sound is kind of loud. You can play pool between movies and they have a bar with fine microbrews. The staff does a pretty good job keeping up the food requests. Yes you can order from your chair. My only complaint is some the theaters smell like old beer near the garbage cans. So sit forward in the theater.

Andrew Shepherd

Service is excellent! Foods good, comfortable environment. To my server tonight, &Sonia I'm sorry I stole your pen sweetheart! You're always such a delight.

Robbie L

Thanks for the response and a wonderful experience! The next movie I'm planning on seeing will be Spider-Man: Far From Home. I've been a bit busy lately, and I usually wait for the movie release hype to subside a little. _____ I enjoyed this place so much that I came back twice on the same day! This is easily the best movie theater experience I've had. Nice seats, a fun movie-themed menu, and food that's actually good! If there's anything I am okay with splurging on it's quality. All of the employees were polite and seemed to get along. I'd seen this place before, but foolishly shrugged it off. I had some friends who had come here before, and they recommended it, so I gave it a try, and I'm glad I did. My first experience here was so good! Everyone in the theater was cool, we all seemed to equally enjoy the movie. We all laughed at the same parts, etc.. really good energy. My second experience while still great was not as good as the first. The people next to me wouldn't stop talking. The guy was pretty much explaining the movie to his girlfriend as it was happening. The only time he stopped talking was when he started crying, which made me laugh, so at least I got that! Overall a very worthy 5-star experience. I recommend this place to everyone I know now. Give it a try!

James M

Good food. Great atmosphere. Their movie poster collection is actually worth looking at if you're a serious film buff.

Rob Maier

Great theater with a good menu and adult drinks, Italian sodas, milkshakes and bottomless popcorn. The staff is polite and attentive, which makes for an enjoyable experience.

Kyle Broadus

Best place to watch a movie great food

Bonnie Young

Cinebarre is my favorite movie theater in Salem! My husband and I love doing date nights here. Dinner and movie in one spot? Can't beat that. I always get to the movies way too early because I want a good spot but all of the spots here are pretty good. But if you do have some time to kill before your movie starts they have a little arcade and pool tables. I'm not a drinker but their bar is impressive. The staff here has always been friendly to us. If you haven't tried out Cinebarre, I'd definitely recommend it!

Kelly Vanderford

We had already eaten before coming here and just needed coffee. They brewed a fresh pot for us which was nice. But we were hoping for either raw sugar or flavored creamer, which they did not have. Also they forgot to bring anything to stir the sugar or creamer, no biggie I went out to the bar and got something. The temperature was nice and warm. Most theaters are too cold. The atmosphere here is pretty cool and we'll definitely be coming back.

gauldzilla jaxkson

Love this place. Falicia is an awesome bartender..

Lora Lizama

My favorite place to come to! Order at your comfort seat and food will be brought to you. The waiter are always kind and awesome!! Don't feel like watching? They also have a pool table and a bar!!

Netti Garcia

I had previously wrote a review and held my tongue about the discrimination our family received at this location and since I have basically been ignored by the so called owner who responded to my previous review saying to contact the company on a specific website which is exactly what I had already done about 4x in emails simply asking for a refund , My family had been the only Hispanic family in the theatre auditorium for the movie we went to see and had ordered our food and drinks before the movie started and by the attitude the server gave us after we waited for her to pickup our order slip 15 minutes later we knew she was going to take forever but to make things short we waited the entire movie for our food and I finally got tired of hearing my kids complain about how hungry they are and got up to go look for the server which took about 10 minutes and of course she was more irritated and stated they were busy and frankly she had the worst attitude a food server could have and finally sent someone to get our drinks which was ridiculous since the movie was literally over and we were the only family in that auditorium who didn’t receive our food or drinks . Our experience was met by the friendly email from a customer service representative saying we would not receive a refund and basically a big screw you and oh well

Samantha McCoy

Jorge, one of the bartenders working tonight, was absolutely wonderful. The drink was amazing, the customer service amazing, and if I could give him 5 stars specifically, I would.

Janet Weathers

Always enjoy watching movies here. Comfortable and good food.

Christopher Papke

Comfortable seating, great audio & video, and the service of the wait staff is nice to have so you don't have to miss any of the movie.

Audrey Lochotzke

We had a great time and were happily surprised that it was discount day so tickets were only $7 each. The prices for the food and drinks are kind of high but the food portions are huge. My salad was too salty for me but I think it was all the bacon. It was overall a great experience.

Porky The pickle

Cool interior with classic posters and bars. Comfy chairs

Levi G

Great experience loved that they serve you at your seat. Great bar selection and amenities.

Ricardo Ruiz

I have ordered food before and it never came. When I was leaving after the movie I saw was over, there was a lady complaining about how her daughter didn't get her food either. I once asked for a glass of water, and an employee said sure, then never gave it to me. Instead he chose to fill up other beverages for other customers, and I waited for a couple of minutes and he passed me multiple times.

Margaret Kreder

Good theater, very comfy seating. The food is good, but still definitely priced like movie theater food. Biggest complaint is that if you don't get your order in early it can take quite a while to get your food. Also, for people who really want silence while watching their movie, this isn't for you. Staff will be walking in an out taking orders and delivering food and drinks through pretty much the whole movie.

Maren Ward

Watched Alladin at cinabare this last month arrived late, asked the emplyee can i still order food,"YES","you can just push that red button when your ready". Happily. I qeuitly went into the theatre and ordred promptly my food arrived. Thank you for a happy response.

Tyler Dillon

Really great place, drinks are good food great, but service takes forever and seem kind of half done

Travis Noble

I try and promote most anything in downtown Salem, but our most recent trip was a big let down. The advantage they had over their rivals was the food and wealth of menu options. Unfortunately they decided to change things and took away the two biggest sellers on the menu, enough of a change that their own staff complained to us! I don’t think I could recommend this location to any friends/fam or Salem visitors at this time. If the food and menu are updated again down the road, I’d be happy to change my rating.

Jennifer McKinley

i went on a date here Christmas night and was pleasantly surprised that the staff that was working on Christmas were so nice. it did take a little long for m;y dinner to get to me, but it wasn't really that big of a deal because it was made fresh to order and was very good, i ordered a burger and fries with a milkshake.. the milkshake was soo good, it tasted like a homemade one, not to thick and not to thin. the sound of the movie was perfect. and the seating was very comfortable, allowed for snuggling up close without any awkward chair arms or anything getting in the way. the theater was clean, bathrooms to. the temperature was comfortable. all in all a very pleasant experience.

Jody Gonzalez

Comfortable! A wonderful entertainment experience. Great for date night or even a midday lunch. I've even enjoyed attending by myself.

David Walters

Always a pleasure. Great Movies, Great Staff!

Thomas Parslow III

Pricey but good selection of beer and food. Comfortable seats. I really like their pesto pizza.

Cindy Branson

Had a very nice time. Theater was clean and the staff was friendly and efficient. The popcorn was cold and tasted stale. But overall, a great experience.

Kimra Tollefson

Very comfortable theater. Kind of pricey food though

Amber Roley

Been to this theatre many times. The established amenities are amazing, like the reclining seats, tables in front of you, a full bar and food. The tables have a button that calls the waiters over to take your order before or during the movie. They also have a few pool tables to play in the lobby. My issue though lies in the staff. The bar people are very slow, but if you go to your theatre and order from inside, they are way faster. If you order at the bar and ask for it to be delivered to the theater you're in, they forget. Took em 45 minutes to figure out. Then today they left the side lights on during the movie! A waiter walked by and I asked them to turn them out and he responded, "Oh sure! Sorry about that." And still no change... I've known a couple people who've said that they used to work there and it's not a great work environment:/ As far as accessibility, I saw one area you accommodate a wheel chair... all the way in the back in the last row of the theatre:(. For Deaf and HH, I'm not sure if they have captioned glasses :/. Does anyone know if they do?

Yoga with Johanna

Service is extremely spotty. It took 15 mins for a popcorn refill during my last visit and the corn was cold when I got it. Delicious pretzels and milkshakes though

Matthew Hawes

Surprisingly, this place is kinda fun. You pick a movie you want to watch and find your seat. Their are menus and you decide on food you might like. You push a button and someone comes to get your order and then they bring it to you when it is ready. Pizza, Nachos, popcorn, etc. You can watch the movie while they get your order. You don't miss anything.

aaron brewer

Dont let the bright marquee fool you. When you walk inside you will immediately feel a coldness in your shoulders, its not the scary movie playing in theatre 6, its the grim atomosphere and there arent enough vintage posters to cover it up. We walked up to the lonely bar hoping to find an oasis in an industrial world. Instead, with 4 people behind the bar, ive never waited so long for a beer and a drink. Gutwrenching.. The workers, dressed in monochromatic colors, buzz around like robots, pulling popcorn from somewhere, and are clearly just trying to get through college.. This is what Theatres will look like in a dystopian future where everyone is sad. I wonder how much extra they paid for the black urinals.. Seats fairly comfortable, clean floors, late showtimes

Kaila Calkins

Horrible horrible experience. Took 35 minutes to order food in an empty building not to mention I counted how many times the hostess came back to "verify" parts of our meal 7 times at least only to come back and tell me that they don't offer what we ordered anymore. Took another 40 minutes to get our food... Again, in an empty building. By the time we got our food it was cold, the french fries were hard and cold, our hamburgers were lukewarm at best, the cheese in our mozzarella sticks wasn't even melted. To top it off the volume level in the theatre was so loud my son had to cover his ears the entire time and my husband and I left with near headaches because it was so loud. I could hear it halfway down the hall when I went to use the restroom. Completely ruined my husbands birthday and we will never go back. To say we were extremely disappointed would be a gross understatement.

Heather Lawrence

Good movie prices. Food is decent, but tonight mt fries were a bit cold.

James Stagias

Clean comfortable seating great sound

Sweetvanteas Honestly

The people at the bar didn't have any customer service when I was there and were not helpful in any way to me as a first timer with how anything worked in ordering or what to expect or menu or specials or friendly at all. I won't go back.

Dakine_ 82

The good. The food is good and generally served quickly. The shakes are great and so is the pizza. The larger theaters are much nicer. The bad. Expensive, like minimum $20 per person. The small theaters are loud when the staff leaves the doors open. Over all I like it, it's more comfortable than most theaters and ticket prices aren't bad. It has lost a bit of its uniqueness once regal bought it.

Summer Yasoni

So much better than a regular movie theater and prices are about the same....totally worth it. Not sure how good the food is, but they have plenty of beer!!!!

Austen Broun

Best place in town to see the latest movies!

Nohemi Ramirez

One of the reasons we selected cinabarre was because it said on the advertisement “kid friendly”, well that is a false advertisement as they allowed us to go in one time with my 3 month old grandson and less than two weeks later they said they had changed their policy, so they didn’t allow us to enter ( we were going to watch Lion King) so I guess next time you take your kids to this theater make sure you only take the 2 year olds and above and leave the babies at home because you will not be allowed to come in to watch a movie for kids, ridiculous how the manager at that moment said our rules are changing constantly, whatever! You just lost a lot of business because we always go with a big group of 10 and more and now you won’t have our business, remember you are not the only Theater in town we have options and going forward we will go to those options. If you are showing kids movies expect families with little ones to attend, and don’t be so ridiculous about it, we understood we could have been asked to leave if the baby was disruptive but you didn’t even give us a chance like the previous time, just very upset at this place

Jaemie Fletcher

When you can watch a flick & drink beer, oh yeah

Karin Lightner

Okay, but food options are limited and expensive. Movie way too loud

heather lesh

Love this theater. But service can be hit and mise.

Audrey Correa

Love coming here, a lil pricy for me but worth it i believe.

Andrew Isaksen

Meh. Seats were OK, food was mediocre, drinks decent but over priced. Staff was very helpful, friendly, and hard working. I was disappointed there was no apparent effort to be community minded (not a single pre-show advertisement for local businesses, no community events or destinations mentioned; it was all ads for national brands).

Miranda Driskill

My 10 year old son and I love this movie theater. I treat him to a movie with dinner served to us in the most comfortable chairs where any seat is the best seat. It's so spacious and relaxing we love it! Added bonus... ONLY theatre I've ever watched a movie and not once was interrupted by other movie goers. Its literally like you're the only people in the theatre no matter where you sit... You won't be interrupted or disturbed only relaxed and comfortable. So go and enjoy!

Matthew Lysne

Gen Xer review, but this place makes movies fun again.

Rebecca R

Great food service and movie experience.

Amused RedHead

Not bad overall. Not a big selection of food but simple is good too. Had the boneless wings and the waffle that came with it was really tasty.

Photography Naturally

A fun experience in the heart of Salem. Family friendly, and I mean for all the family (including the parents!) Beer? Sure! I saw at least ten choices on tap. Food? Fantastic choices, and good quality too. More options for drinks than just soda, and everything from snacks to full on dinner. I'll be back here next I'm in the mood for a movie in Salem for sure!

Lonnie Schwab

Love the atmosphere, the food, and the drinks. It's a little spendy but a fun treat.

Michael Edmondson

Place is good. Actually decent (and huge) salads. Come early grab a drink n foods. Popcorn is bomb. Staff are nice and pretty fast. The only thing is the hallway has a funny odor. Its fine and the prices are ok, but not cheap.

Sommer Whiteaker

Good, quick service and good movies.

Jeremiah Martinez

Had an issue the G.m of the place called me personally and fixed it as well super fast. Definitely going back

Martin Hepp

It seems ticket “inventory” is more important than getting people into the theatre in a timely fashion. Alejandra, the manager, spent almost 30 minutes trying to figure out how to print a ticket for an Unlimited member while we waited in line - as the movie started and ran. Customer Service is not a priority, and her snitty attitude didn’t help. I hadn’t walked out on a movie BEFORE I actually went into the theatre, so this was a first. I am not convinced the Unlimited program is worth the cost. I recommend you not see movies at the Cinebarre 7 theatre in Salem - it is readily apparent the customer customer isn’t thier top priority.

Annette Schmitt

This would be 0 stars if I could. It is a shame that my kids can't go to the movies at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon in the middle of summer to see a movie and be told that they cannot get in because they are not 18. The reason given was that alcohol is served and an adult must be be present. REALLY?????? Parents work people! My husband took time off to take them downtown and dropped them off (they are 14 yrs old and good kids). We had no idea that they would be turned away, and now, they are walking around the mall waiting for my husband to come back.. No wonder the movie places are suffering with stupid policies like this. wonder kids get in trouble. I feel really badly for the kids who were really excited to go see a movie today. This is extremely unacceptable and shows no common sense.

Andrew Kuenzi

For the $120 family movie night and food/drinks the 4oclock showing was dirty. tables were fine. Center rows had alot of liquid pooling down at drain at bottom rows.

Raymond Sickendick

Always a lot of fun to watch movies here and the food is good.

Brenda Ann Leivas

I went during the week day special price. Great deal. $7.00 per person. Food was good but a lil bit pricey. The soda was $5.00 ea & no free refill. Free water that they do refill... I do Love my ice water

Jessica Patterson

This is a cool theater! The seats are unique and the snack experience is different than everywhere else. Bathrooms are gross, but overall the experience was positive.

Travis Unruh

I originally posted a 5 star after my earlier visit, but my last attempt has changed my opinion. The theater was relatively slow for a Friday night, so I assumed that going to the bar for a drink would have been a quick and easy experience. There were 2 other patrons being serviced when I walked up, so I patiently stood and waited. Unfortunately, after standing for a few minutes without being addressed I walked away empty handed. The 4 employees behind the counter proved incapable of serving more than 2 customers at a time. It was probably because 2 of the 4 employees were too busy laughing and joking with one another. My apologies for interupting! Not only did you miss out on an over priced beverage, but you also lost out on my future business.

L Callihan

Always great to have drinks, snacks, and popcorn delivered to your seat

LeAnn Liebzeit

Saw Captain Marvel!!! Saw Gumbo! The service is 100% wonderful.

Not Neo

The theater could've been a little darker, but when you sit from the sides. You can see the ceiling lights and their reflective metal hanging chain. Aside from that, the theater is surprisingly cool enough to receive a cold nose. Overall, the experience was somewhat average, but the prices were quite hefty.

Michaela Corey

I love this theater. Great layout. There is a bar. There is an outdoor seating area to eat and or smoke before or after your movie. Theater seats are comfy with plenty of room between rows. You can order food and drinks from your theater seat. great! There are a few games like pinball on the upper level of the building. The bathrooms are upstairs. Not sure if there is an elevator to access the 2nd floor. So unsure if bathrooms are wheelchair accessible or not. I'd call ahead of time to be sure.

Wendie Herkamp

Smells like beer. Previous owners kept it cleaner

Michelle Vlach-Ing

Movies and good food. Worth it.

Bill Shum

Late Night Movie, Service was Great!

Onnaise McCormick

Really nice staff. The bartender who waited on us made a super yummy drink. The movie was good, the seats comfortable. My only complaint is that the floors were sticky. Aside from that I'll be returning for sure!

Jason Boardman

If I didn't get the tickets for John wick digitally I would have left never picked this place after reading the reviews. Bought early by a day. Get there and they over sold the theater. So they moved us to next showing. Then the screen we are at doesn't work. Would have liked to see the previews. And gotten my food and drink at the same time.

Jason Feller

So I'll admit, I wouldn't have gone here without the $7 coupon for being a local guide. That being said, it way exceeded my expectations. The staff was friendly, the prices are really good, and the seats were so comfy even for a big man. It was my first time going to a movie alone, but the next time I go to a movie I'm definitely going there.

Igore Killgod

Way better seating than it used to have. Food is kinda spendy, but the fact that they will serve you food and beer while you watch the movie kinda makes up for it. Just the movie ticket itself is fair price tho.

Ted Fontaine

Theaters are small and the seats comfortable, just right.

Yesenia Zazueta

I have always enjoyed bringing my family here until today, they said my 2 yr old son wasn't allowed in, we just saw toy story 4 a few weeks ago and they have since changed their policy and I don't understand why, especially since we wanted to see the lion king

Jessica P

We come here for every movie as it is great to have food and a movie. The staff are always friendly and efficient. I would probably rate it a bit higher if it was not for the seating, they are not in the greatest condition, we have sat in some that feel as though they are going to break.

Vanessa Frye

Love this place! Prompt service and very convenient place to eat and watch your movie.

Sharon Lee

Seats are comfortable but was way too cold

April Wozniak

Prices are getting too expensive there. The costumer service ruined my experience last time. I was harassed to pay for my food 30 minutes into an action movie. Waitress implied that I would be kicked out by her manager if I didn't pay within 10 minutes. I left the movie to track down another employee to complain. He was really nice and explained that it was her last day & last shift. She wanted to get her tip. I tipped him instead. Probably won't go back.

Kristin Wills

Had an amazing night catching "Aqua Man!" Girl's night out with the family! Bartenders were fun and matched the themed drinks for the movies!

teresa adams

Horrible place. It's always freezing their food is extremely overpriced for what it is. The food always comes before the drinks. They have a terrible system. I asked the server when we went today if he could bring the food and drinks together, he said no, I almost starting laughing it was so crazy. Never going their again. Also if you notice the owner only replys to the positive reviews.


Great Service. Good food. The employees are very nice and always on it.

Ellena Watson

Oh for goodness sake!! Our first time today. I've not been to a theater like this before. Eating...drinking...watching a lovely show with the most wonderful, friendly and considerate staff to guide us through our first time!! We're looking a family Recency tickets. A wonderful experience! A delightful way to celebrate my 60th birthday!. :-)

Alesia Campbell

Normally I would give a hight score but tonight the service was terrible. Ordered 2 waters and they were given to the people next to us then instead of getting fresh water the waiter just gave us the water he'd given the other couple. Then throughout the majority of the movie waiters kept asking if this was our food when it wasn't. Then we had to watch for ours and tell them it was ours before they took it back to the kitchen. Then it took 3 attempts to get us the correct ticket to pay. I left a note that infeel was just thrown away and ignored. Overall the service tonight was plain terrible and uncalled for.

Wi11iam h

Great family friendly place the only complain i have is the food was expensive

Jay Lastname

Great concept but wait staff overcharged us and didn't bring us some of our ordered food. There's better options for food theaters.

Shirley Lopez

Love this place, lots of fun great place to bring your family

Jessica Renteria

Anytime a movie I would like to see is out I always check here first ! The service is wonderful , beer selection is great and you can’t go wrong with the food! It’s average pricing . Always a good time here .

Francesca Crow

Just left Cinebarre and have to say it was the worst experience. I wish I could leave zero stars. My family of four went to Cinebarre as we do every year for Christmas. We seated ourselves and wrote our order about 10 minutes before the 3:50 showing of wreck it Ralph 2. Our order was finally picked up at 4:25.Server confirmed what we wrote (4 drinks, meals for 4) and left. We waited patiently for our drinks. Other rows were receiving their orders and by 5:00 we still hadn’t gotten anything. Our drinks finally arrived at 5:30, 20 minutes before the movie ended. The other server was giving out checks for payment to her customers and I had to flag her down. I explained that we had not received our food and had just gotten our drinks. She seemed annoyed that I bothered her, but stated she would find our server and send in her in asap. Fast forward to the rolling credits- no server and no food!!! No apology or explanation! We are frequent customers of Cinebarre and are very disappointed with the level of service we received.

Christopher Chayse

Very chill staff, decent prices and of course theater rooms odviously. :)

Becky B

Very different experience having so much room at the theater and being served like a restaurant. Overall it was a good time, not our favorite movie however ;)

10 thousand subs without videos

AMAZING service is good food is what you expect i would have loved to have played a game of pool but it was gettibg late. Would go there again if I had the chance

Charles Caldwell

I used to come here frequently because there were alot of food options to choose that you wouldn't find at any other theater. The new menu change on my most recent visit, sadly, is less varied and wasn't much different than the typical movie theater in options. Theater is okay, just nothing to make me keep wanting to drive here rather than some other closer theater.

Todd McJunkin

Everything was great except that they could have done a much better job on my wife's peach Italian soda. It barely tasted like peach. Otherwise, top notch.

Jesse .Wilson

Went to see Captain Marvel. Everyone was lovely but we had some problems with the food. First it took way too long for it to come out the movie was over half way done before we got our food. We ordered pickle chips and the buffalo wings. Even after taking so long the food we got was cold. It tasted like it had been sitting out for a long time and wasnt fresh. If it took that long and had been hot i could have understood but the food wasnt even warm when we received it. Im disappointed. The pickle chips tasted like they had no pickle in the at all they were overbreaded and stale. We had come before and ordered them and the whole reason we went here rather than Regals Cinemas was for the food and for that to be so disappointing was so unfortunate. The drinks were fantastic A+ on those.

Carpet Geeks Scheduling Team

Great place to watch a movie and dinner or drinks.

Judy Koontz

Very comfortable theater because you have more space in your sitting area with good visibility. It's like sitting in your living room except you have servers who will bring you food and beverage!

Eric widman

This is a great place. 1 thing would make this 5 stars. Downstairs bathrooms

Erik Peters

Customer service training for new "Millennial" staff would go far in improving overall experience. Tendency when asking questions is a response of "I don't know" rather than having a clear escalation path for either providing customers with answers via a supervisor inquiry or being able to accurately direct customers to staff who can provide assistance when needed. This has been a frequent occurrence in my experience and one that I believe can be easily improved upon with some additional staff training for those at the front window and the staff who greet customers inside the front door to take tickets. Example: going to a 3D movie and on 2 occasions being directed to the ticket taker for glasses. When giving my movie ticket, again having to ask for 3d glasses and having a response of I don't know, I don't have any here" in one case, and the second instance in a separate occassion being "I don't have any.. you'll have to back to the cashier to get those". After going back outside and waiting in line a second time, I conveyed my frustration having been been told to return outside for the glasses. I appreciated that the cashier took the time at the moment to step away and retrieve the glasses from staff behind the front kiosk doors. No apology which wasn't a show stopper. I mentioned it would be helpful to have someone retrieve a volume of glasses to give to the young gentleman taking tickets inside the front door. Otherwise, my experience at Cinebarre has always been positive and the staff are friendly and courteous. I am a frequent customer and Cinebarre is my first go-to theatre in Salem for a relaxing movie night.

Marria L

Real food, alcohol and movies. Down town. It's great.

Vision Blast

I love how much popcorn they give you and they serve good food!!! This is definitely the best place to watch any movie especially marvel movies!!

Kimble Cloyd

Good service, good prices& a movie! What more do ya want?!

Kevin Lee

The staff. The employees spend most the time high school gossiping, horse playing, goofing around rather than doing their job or serving customers making them happy. Do not order any alcoholic beverages especially when it comes to liquor and the mixed liquor drinks. They dont put hardly or any liquor at all in the drinks. Staff said they'd be right back with my food and instead they brought back my bill? On another side note the cleaning done between movie showing times doesnt look like it's being done. Found trash in my seat, on the floor with food and what looked like tobacoo spit?

Hannah Anthony

Service is garbage and always slow even if they are not busy. They consistently mess up orders. One perk is their seats are comfy.

Kohana Clem

They wouldn’t let me in with a high schooler b cause theres a stupid bar. Never going again.

Jessica Segura

It was a great experience food was good but they forgot my cheese cake

Colin Sauer

Way too expensive, menu looks nothing like what you get

Sydney Beam

I purchased tickets for my two of my friends and I (we’re 18 and 19 years old) on the Fandango app. Upon our arrival we found out that there was a bar in the lobby and we wouldn’t be allowed in without one of my friends having her government issued ID to prove she was over 18. She didn’t bring her ID as we are just college students from OSU and Western trying to see a PG-13 movie. Our college IDs wouldn’t work. Although I don’t have an issue with the policy, I am completely baffled by the fact that there was no warning when we bought the tickets. The two of us who did bring our IDs were allowed to go to the bar by the person at the ticket stand (who was honestly pretty rude) in order to get a refund. The lady we talked to could not give us a refund but offered us movie passes to another showing which we turned down multiple times because we aren’t from the area. She then proceeded to tell us that we can take up the issue with Fandango, but would be on the phone for hours. We returned to the ticket booth and asked if my friend’s dorm mate could send a picture of her ID, we were rudely rejected again and not given any sort of helpful advice or solution. Basically, it was our problem and not the theater’s. Again, I have no issue with the policy. My issue is only with the customer service and problem solving solutions (or lack thereof) that we received from two staff members. In all honesty, I don’t think anything we would have said would have mattered because they thought we were just dumb college kids. It’s very upsetting that this issue could not be handled with a little more respect and sympathy.


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