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REVIEWS OF Regal Albany Cinemas IN Oregon

Sam Morris

It's a nice theater with great sound and picture. Stadium seating would make it perfect, but it's still nice.

anna parker

Spacious seating in the bigger theaters but very expensive.

Donovan Hambley

Watched the second Guardians of the Galaxy here. Overall pretty good. Sound and picture was nice and seating was good (no one was sitting in front of us). Only problem was we could here sounds from outside the theater.

Courtenay Buckley

Clean. Polite service.

Tillamook 9000

Went to see Star Wars Last Jedi. Two thirds of the movie was obscured and dark and barely visable which kind of ruined the viewing experiance. Other than that snack prices are reasonable, theater seats are comfortable, sound quality is as expected, not too loud and not too soft.

Michael Jordan

Very nice theatre and never crowded when I have been. Courteous service, and clean throughout. Best prices are before 5pm. Get a Regal Crown Club Card for extra benefits, free drinks, free popcorn, free movies can all be earned with the reward program, and it's free!

Gerald Soto

Excellent service

Bud Jones

Great place to go...

Robin Tappan


Alberta Weger

Great seats and service. Comfortable!!!

matthew woods

It's the only multi screen theater in the town. It is a little run down but over all it's good and the staff is good.

sluggo sluggotinfantryman

Good theater seats awful if used to recliners.

Expo 1001

Too lightly staffed... wait times almost made me late to my movie. Child booster seats don't fit right in movie seats. Otherwise service, cleanliness, and facilities are good.

Sue VanHandel

Nice, clean, staff was friendly enough.

adri patten

The seats are so stiff but great service

Mirra Woods

Theater is always kept clean. Its usually pretty quick getting in and getting snacks. I wish it didnt feel so over priced. But aside from that, its a pleasant place to come for a date.

Lawrence Alexander

Fast to go to the show service was fast

Timothy Echols

Great service and a fun time for family and friends, if you have the extra cash.

Christopher Pugmire

Good place love the movie and popcorn

Robert Lewis

Our family just watched Ready Player One in 3D in Auditorium 3. What a disaster!!! The movie was great but the projector needs to be thrown in the garbage. Movie was so dark that it had almost no color. It was blurry and I've see better quality on a camcorder copy. It was slightly lighter in the center but was much darker towards the outside. The movie preview green banner was so dark that it was in between a dark forest green and grey. I would give the movie 4 stars and the theater a 0. I was so disappointed I can't even express it well. I will not go back to this theater until I know it has been updated and the equipment can produce a quality experience.


Update: Stars falling off for Albany Regal, from 4 to two.. As a busy, working adult going to a movie is a wonderful way to unwind once in a while. But, it takes some planning to get the other busy folks in my life coordinated so we can go together vs me going alone. It requires contacting the person(s) the day before, figuring out a show time that works for everyone. That done we get to the theater the next day anticipating a fun time only to find that from the day before to today they've changed the movie time. The movie has started but they'd love to sell you a ticket (no thank you), you've only missed half an hour, or they have changed thier hours and they're just plain closed. So... Call me a slow learner but this has happened to me 4 times (wow, embarrassing to admit) so no more movies for me a Albany Regal. There's no way to plan to do it the day before without risking it getting screwed up by time changes.

Walter Hefty

It's a clean, every day movie theater featuring the newest hit films. The tickets are available for average prices and the concessions are typically pricey. Employees are friendly and helpful. Screens are the expected size and quality and they offer standard & Real3D films as available. The sound is good quality but nothing to write home about. Deducted two stars for the Regal Cinemas decision to bar patrons from exercising their Constitutional right to defend themselves, especially with the recent history of theater shootings.

Whitney Jones

We love the location of this theater & we've always enjoyed the fact that it's never too crowded. Although, that may be due to the price of admission & concessions, as they are steep. Overall, their movie selection is great for a small town.

Rondal Wilson

Went with my daughter and had a really good time

Greg Basore

It's a movie theater or what else do you need to know? I wasn't accosted by crazy people with syringes and razor blades in the bathroom if that makes a difference.

Rick Wagner

Went to see a new release. Not too crowded. Facility was clean, and staff were courteous.

tee jay

Stopped over night here watched Harry Potter. I was driving a semi truck the manager was accommodating not many cinemas let us park in their property. We (truck drivers) are like every one else we need the good restaurants now & then we love to watch movies, not a lot of businesses allow us to park in their property except to deliver to them. Over all good experience @ the regal7

Chez Burgar

This place smells like fred flintstone's crack

Mike D23

It is a decent movie theater I wish that they had better seating I can reclining chair but it's okay

Christina Foss

what a nice theater, with very friendly employee's. Great sound picture quality

Cody Carson

MoMA Mia well worth going to see.

Tabitha OH MY

Popcorn was cold

Roger barker

Movies in general are just way to expensive. Nice people who work the counters clean theaters.

KC Andersen

Good theater. Low attendance usually means best pick of seats. :). Sound is pretty weak.

Jon Schulte

Now i know why we dont go. Bucket of popcorn 9 dollars, for real. No i will stay home.

Jazzy Sharp

The girl didnt understand the crown point system which didnt help because we dont either so I'm pretty sure we got overcharged but the movie/popcorn/soda was delightful so 8/10

Matthew Kruse

Pricey, but a fun place.

Anthony Amaral

Ok high priced popcorn and soda

roy jenkins

Albany Oregon regal Cinema has changed her sign so that you cannot see what movies are playing number to Albany is not Corvallis so I don't understand why the sign is black and orange Albany is not the beavers come on people Albany is their own separate town it's bad enough that we can't even sit there and do anything in this town without constant government decisions that are technically unreasonable and never get anywhere and that's why we have so many homeless people in Albany because people are so money hungry for the most crappiest places and then they don't even sit there and fix up their places and then they steal your deposit and there's too much crack dealers in Albany

Jimmie Crover

Great the new young lady working on the window was a big help while learning how to sell tickets.

Euphoria Dusk

I like this theatre because of the location and atmosphere was pretty good also...gave 4 stars based on the over priced concession items such as popcorn and soda etc but overall had a great time and enjoyed my visit

Rena Salas

I love this theater, but I purposely brought a sweater because it is generally too cold in the theater when hot outside. Then I forgot my sweater in the car. My fault, the theater anticipates a full house and glad they keep it cool for the patrons. Matinees are the best.

Klarissa Engleman

Its small but its clean. Movie prices are average, but good quality staff there. Snacks a bit expensive but its super easy to sneak in a few of your own so its not to big of a deal.

Bree Lynn

Very clean and very friendly people

steve price

Great cinema but prices are way over the top

Amy Manley

Very dated inside and out, was a bit of a flashback to my childhood in the late 80's- early 90's. However the pricing is very 2019. The price to see a movie in this theater in a smaller town, was more than the price I pay at an updated theater in a city twice the size. (That theater also has reclining seats)

Dirty Frank

Hometown staple. Honestly, the popcorn and the prices are better than Corvallis. If I can't watch it at the Pix, this is our go to.

Crystal T

Could use some renovations, but its decent

Collin Giles

The AC rattles a bit and it hurts your immersion during quiet scenes. It's fine tho

Nate Dunn

Average theater that needs updating. No theater seating so you have the issue of heads blocking part of the screen. Video and audio quality are good.

Billy V.

It's an ok little Cinema. Great picture, terrible sound systems. They seriously need to tune the sound system for every film because when they just leave it the same level the bass blows out and the treble makes a surround sound experience sound 2D

Marking Family

Nice theater...ckean...polite staff!

Trish Simon

Great to have a theater in town but the prices for tickets and concessions is expensive but I guess that's not entirely unusual for a movie theater. Good for date night or family time.

Linsey Northrup

Movie was great. Popcorn was the worst I've ever had at a theater. It wasnt warm at all and had no flavor at all. Disappointed for sure. Especially since the prices are exspensive.


Staff was excellent on being quick and making sure we get to our movie on time a little pricey but what movie theater isnt

Tim Coyle

Regal needs to invest in upgrading this theater. It hasn't changed(mostly musky smell) since I watched Rodger rabbit here. Projectors ok, but place it self was already dated 20 years ago. Only give it three stars because I saw a lot of great movies here throughout my life

Jenniferlynn Miller

Expensive and no food combos. Clean bathrooms. Gave an extra star for their $1 summer program.

scott binek

It is always a very nice place

Christina Niskanen

Love th movie experience, wish the concessions weren't so expensive but overall food fun for the family.

Pete Schmitt

This is a good theatre if all you want to do catch a matinee. The price for concessions is OUTRAGEOUS! I know that's standard fare these days but come on...nearly $7 for a soda!? I refuse to support such usery rates and always sneak in my own snacks. I don't even care if it's against their rules. Also they play a RIDICULOUS number of previews before a good feature. We sat exaggeration...40 minutes of previews before The Last Jedi...unreal. unacceptable.

Clinton Beasley

Eh... It's not bad, just why pay $15-$25 per person for a movie, popcorn, and soda, when you could wait 3 or 4 months (2 if it stinks), and watch it at home for 3 bucks with as much popcorn, soda and people you want, plus the ability to pause when you run to the bathroom...

Frank Keeney

Very helpful staff, fair prices for movies, food and drinks.

Clayton's Auto Repair

We really don't get to the movies much anymore, but occasionally we do, and Regal is a great place for a movie and some snacks, just be prepared for the cost, not like when we were kids,but still reasonably priced for a special occasion

Silas Fitchett

Far From Home HECK YEAH.

Tim Jenkins

Uncomfortable a.f.

John Warila

The auditorium was completely flat, and smelled of urine. We really wanted to see the film, but as soon as we sat in the painfully uncomfortable seats we knew that it would ruin it. Walked out within 5 minutes of entering. Please, go somewhere else.

Madjpey W

This is the worst theater I've been to in many years! I've seen 2 shows here and will never go back. This place is old, run down, dirty and they're charging like it's a new-state of the art theater. It's not! Not even close. Head down to Springfield-$5 a show, far better atmosphere, nice theater and it's only 30 min drive. Family of 4 cost in Albany around $40 - Springfield around $20. Half the price and it won't even cost you $5 in gas. That's like getting all your popcorn and drinks for free!

jacob lillis

Good theater

Starlin Grimes

Movie was amazing and fresh

Robin Paulissen

Very comfortable seats! Great for Watchung long movies!

James McKenna

Outdated seats and below average sound quality. However, the service is pleasant and the variety is good.

Damon Stalford

Always like going there, but the goodies are a little spendy which is ok, because I only go there 2 or 3 times a year... all and all it's a very clean place and the employees are very respectful.. :-) :-)

Tom Sorci

Good selection of movies. Expensive. Great staff.

Don Joques

It was very difficult to enjoy. A morbidly obese kid and his 2 friends were very loud. The bigger one kept belching extremely loudly and then turned around and shushed us like we did it or something.

Kimra Tollefson

One person only in concessions...took forever to get popcorn and a drink! Clean and comfortable otherwise.

Matthew Brian Hoppe

Great staff. Good theatre.

Jan Garver

Needs updating. Ok when you don't want to drive far. Salem theaters are better.

Christina Traffanstedt

Went for the first time and loved it, my favorite movie theater that I've been to in the surrounding areas so far. Prices are a bit higher than I'm used to but I see them as a standard for the areas. Popcorn is just right and even tasty the next day!

Andie Kahl

The staff is always friendly but very slow. If you want popcorn you need to give yourself a solid 10 minutes to wait in line before the movie. The bathrooms and everything are always clean.

Bethanie Nowell

Good old fashioned theater!! Big block of central seating, with a row of seats on each side. Good parking lot, and at the intersection of two main roads. Highly recommend!!

John Stegall

Needs updating and better sound

brenda gerber

Always have fun at the movies.

Rena Lanyon

They always have fast and pleasant service. I always enjoy going to the movies here :)

mikko Thomas

Not terrible, prices are crazy high, however that's standard for a big name movie theatre. Sound is good.

shane gjesdal

The people were very nice and the place was fairly clean!

Bob Blancher

A very great place to see, so go and for yourself.

Michael Humphrey

Clean, comfortable theater. Always plays the movies I want to see.

Matt Chiasson

Decent. The seats are not the most comfortable. But they aren't uncomfortable either. Very friendly service.

Alisha Ayers

Greeted us with a smile, friendly and happy atmosphere...

S&F Scenarios

Seating is nice cost is on the expensive side for theaters in the area. And they have a lot of ads which adds to your movie time great Lee

Kathy Kalina

Rambo was playing in the theater next door but the war was too loud for me. I could hear all the explosions and gunfire through the wall!


They consistently do a great job with cleanliness, appearance, and customer service! They could upgrade the seating and handicap options. My lower spine, four discs, are broken so I'm especially sensitive to these things. Just a tip for others in the same position, bring an ice pack, time your meds, move positive every fifteen minutes, or bring a wheelchair if you're like me and need to use one for longer term things only.

Nicole Comber

Clean. Comfortable seats & temperature. Pleasant staff

LJ Frederickson

Clean. Friendly staff. Good popcorn (wish it didn't break the bank!). Adukt senior rate...a good thing. And Denzel as the Equalizer....ahhhhhh! The Kung Fu is superb.

Tony Mcgovern

Yeah its old style. Hasn't changed in long time. But it's still got the good atmosphere of a movie theater. .

Tiffany Bitz

We had a good time.

Rena Spinks

Clean very courteous friendly and professional.

LetsBhapy Thrifter

Love going to movies here! Workers are friendly, and helpful! The theaters are clean Nice place to bring family.

Jennifer Rochefort

Just too expensive. Need new seats and automatic ticket machine so we don't have to wait outside for 20 minutes

Dayle Shumaker

Expensive with everything you buy to watch a movie..I'm not sure how a family with three kids can afford a day at the movies!

Cynthia Crawford

The theatre was clean and we had a very short wait at the concession stand. We enjoyed the movie immensely! We will be going back again.

Ethan Pimm But Spooky

Wonderful date. Great service. Pretty cheap.

John Fritschle

I want to know why there were over 20 minutes of previews & other stuff before the movie. It was supposed to start at 10:30, but didn't until almost 11:00. I expect some previews before the movie, but over 20 minutes worth?!

Micah Lindvall

Really expensive. Good quality screen and sound.

Kathy Giddings

We watched Hunter Killer. What a great movie and the theater was very clean and seating was in great condition.

Jon Stratton

Like all theaters, the price keeps going up. No perks. Old theater, so no stadium seating, but at least the seats are pretty roomy. Generally don't buy concessions because of cost and lack of basic things like refills. But, it's convenient if you live in Albany. They keep it pretty clean.

Colby Ames

The sound quality was not the beat the there was too much high and mud sounds I’d there was any low it didn’t come through the highs and mids

Carol Webber

I found purple slime stuck to the right back of my brand new pants. Grrrr!

Stephanie s

Love the variety but need to do better with customer service

Sara Metz

It would have been fine however we had a group of about 5 teenage boys sneak u to our theater mid movie and someone came to talk to them but didnt remove them they disturbed the rest of the movie. Otherwise the theater is fine.

Aaron .Kirchmann

Spendy... But movies are. Kibda dated but the picture and sound were great.

Karen Swanger

Saw Christopher Robin, movie was great, wish the movies were listed next to the door enterances. Service was excellent and friendly.

Lilie Frick

Nice service but too expensive

Lisa Dunigan

Great time with my nephew.

Nolan Schermerhorn


Linda Sue

Nice and quite, love my icee.

Lissa Y

I love this movie theater!!!!! Ever since I moved away I've been missing it!!!!!! They have 7 different movies to choose from! They have a reward system to earn free movie tickets!

Marnie Buys

Love the deals and great movies glad they are still around

Paola Hartman

Very clean, friendly employees and good popcorn

Esther Bonds

Although the person working the ticket counter was quite professional and friendly, the theater itself was unacceptably loud. I had difficulty even focusing on the film I went to see due to noise seeping in through the door (from people out in the hall) as well through the wall on our right (where another boisterous movie was playing). I have never experienced this at any theater I have attended, and certainly do not plan on returning.

Ken Carlson

The cinema was clean, no lines, and the volume of the movie was good, not too loud and quiet passages could be heard.

Anthony Hamilton

I have no idea where the horror stories came from about this place. I enjoyed the seats, the sound and picture quqlity, as well as the individuals that work there. My only knock was the bathrooms were slightly off-putting, but I understand the difficulty in upkeep.

Thomastippy McConnell


Monica Murray

Someone forgot to draw back the curtains until 1/3 way through the movie we saw so that 1/4 of the screen was obscured on either side. The theater was also absurdly COLD. Like 60 or less on a 30 degree day. Apparently the comfort of their patrons ranks pretty low after they gouge you at the ticket office. Uncomfortable seats and absolutely filthy floors. The carpet is old enough to vote.

steven skelton

Nice staff clean building fast service

Robert Bright

Pretty clean, reasonably priced entertainment.

C. Starkweather

This is an edit based on a response from what appears to be a corporate representative. I understand you would like the Albany team to give me a 5 star experience and assure me they can do so. The Albany team is not the issue.. They are great our family experiences are always good. My reasoning for the 3 star rating are corporate level. I would assume renovations would come from an improvement budget. I'm asking you to allocate more funds and a plan to renovate our Albany facility. It is in need! Please read the post before responding with solutions unrelated to the complaints. Thank you Always a good time we always have a lot of fun when we come here. Seriously in need of renovation. Please consider updating this theater it would be a great Improvement for the city of Albanys entertainment.

Gene Lueck

Clint Eastwood likes Bradly Cooper. Me? Mot so much. He was American Sniper.

Corey DeVault

The recliners are awesome

Jenna Holcomb

I really good movies and great snack

Alexa Battrick

Decent experience. Good selection of movies

Dawn Woody

A little out of date but clean, helpful and friendly staff

crypt swan

Drunk dude

Abby Pratt

It is a decent theater. Prices are crazy high, though.

Dawson Webber

The food was pretty pricey but a great experience

soulurge Gaming

It is a nice place just a little pricey

Jamelyn Yzaguirre

I go to this theater regularly. The only thing that would make it better is if the seats had the option to lean back

Daniel Custer

Nice staff, screens are a little older but nice and big, seats are ok. Got overpriced snacks like any other regal theater.

Steven Draper

Top of the line movies great employees.. senior and military discounts

Scott Gummert

The staff here is super. They are always polite. There is usually a wait at the snack bar. I purchased too many items to carry back with me. The manager carried my drinks and other items for me to where I was seated. This may not be the most up to date theater however the staff makes up for that.

Terrill Lykins

Disabled Veteran in a chair, they helped carried our drinks & food. Super friendly & very professional.

Kelly Mack

We were the only ones in the movie theater. It's a smaller older theater but comfortable and clean.

Nicole Rice

Clean. Friendly employees. Seats are comfortable.

James weston

just saw the joker they had nice workers, had a good time.


I love this location. I hate the crowds & this place is rarely packed unless it's Friday opening night of a blockbusting hit release. Most of my experiences have been during the daytime matinee and it's awesome having the whole theater to yourself!! Also i work with developmentally disabled adults & if they want to see a new movie i can take them for $8.75-$9.00 (matinee) & because I'm a careprovider, i get in for FREE!!! That's awesome because my client's love going so I can everything for free, & all I've gotta do is sign in who I am /who i work for & what's the name of the movie i will be watching that day. Also the staff here are very patient and understanding about some of my client's behavior quirks.

Kimberley Elliott

Ok for am older place. Seats are comfy. Matinees are expensive

pfq DannyTime

Cheaper than most theatres, including the price of food and drinks. They have good deals on some days and a student discount. The biggest issue is the seats are not angled properly so if you sit behind someone tall, you'll have a hard time seeing over them. Other than that, it is an enjoyable experience to go here.

Bill Vincent

Great movie theater.

Chef Empire

Service was great. My ticket was more like a piece of paper.

Arturo Flores

This was not bad considering it's a small place, theater are big although all seats are alsmot line up at same level. This can be a problem forchildren and small person to enjoy their show. At the same time I did look as if there was short staff because the theater could use someone to keep clean at least entrance.

anna c

Needs friendlier employees, and better prices. Not bad place tho.

jacy Ronhovde

Old school building, NON amphitheater seating and tickets are as much as any nice newer place. Albany needs a newer theater.

Mario Mendoza


David Smith

Movies are great but food is way over priced

Rod Chandler

The place is kind of strange not like any theater I've ever been to and they don't even run a late show that was very disappointing

Elena Sandbo

There are definitely better movie theaters out there, however not in this area. It's decent overall but I think it's a little pricey since it's not all that fancy and is pretty basic; but if you want to see a movie on the big screen and can't go far then it does the job!

Kal Jordan

Never have had issues, always been good and enjoyable. only complaint is when people in the theater talk, but that’s not on Regal.

Veronica Gonzalez

The first time I visited I loved the female staff, super kind and funny, but the second time the guys seemed a little distracted talked to each other in a corner.


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