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REVIEWS OF Oregon Theater IN Oregon

Don Murray

Classic adult theater. Monthly themed parties with food and drink. Pretty good as far as adult entertainment of its type in the Portland area goes.

Candace B

Mike Mul

Great place to go for some adult fun! The more the merrier! Recently enjoyed a really great service and show!

No Name

I had a lot of fun in the box I give my back side 3 times so much fun I want more hehe

Troy B

Dan Daugherty


Laeey Buckner

Don Quixote

I am east asian. Went there on Monday, 2nd of July, at around 10PM. The guy who sits at the counter was incredibly rude and condescending. In my 2 years of stay in US, I experienced the worst form of racism in this place. Spent 10 minutes here after the bad encounter and left. You people need to reevaluate who you put in charge. Non-hispanic people, if you are planning to visit, avoid if you dont want to get an emotional scar. -- edit after the seeing response from owner : So the owner thinks that its ok to be rude to a customer if it is closing time ? Seriously dude ? What assumptions and environment are you talking about, did I say anything about the theater quality, whatever action goes in on there ? I specifically was talking about the jackass who was sitting at the front desk. Kinda makes me think, these responses are coming from the same guy. I get it dude, you loathe and regret your job. I would too if I had to. Oh, btw, I am not the only pointing at that young guy at the desk, there are plenty of people talking about him.


Shane Walker

The Oregon Theater is a great place to explore the sexier side of you. Everyone is open minded, and inquisitiveness abounds.

Bill Olson

Rude staff

Ashley Mary

Rocky mcmillin

Open 365 days a year, never closed on Saturdays someone changed it saying the theater is.

Dohn Kruschwitz

Noi Lonalu

I have been there many time and I like this place,for me It's not only a place you can watch porn and have fun but I fell more comfortable as home,staff is very nice and cool with everybody

Jenny Gomez

Jeffrey Parker

Joseph, I removed my poor of my last experience at your business, but I would love the opportunity to talk to you regarding it. Let me know if you would like to discuss it. I feel your worker was unprofessional on my last visit by making false accusations. He was also unprofessional on a previous visit for locking the doors and approaching my wife and I in the theater on a slow night.

pdx pnp

Great place to have fun with no judgements. Many improvements have been made over the past year, focusing more on special events. The staff is great. Friendly clientele.

74590 Addsh

Been going here 5 or 6 times a year for a few years.Great place to have fun.That being said I would recommend a few things.The younger employee that's been there last year or so is just rude.Don't know why or care it is just not exceptable,I go for fun a simple hi would do.He needs to change or find another job he likes better.I was there a while back thought the place opened at 11:00 but when I arrived seen it was noon no problem but it was after that already,same employee drives up opens door,we go in there are used condoms,trash on the floor where gh.booths are from night before.I hear this is common.Get there at 11:00,clean floor and bathroom,spray some air freshner.Care a little.Fix these simple things,I would give a 5 star.Would come more also..

Jason Girdler

Fun place to play

Stephanie Lane

A bit dirty but okay

Daniel Dixon

jimbo slebos

Robert Koertje

Frank Nakatsuma

Miss Wheeler

I was so scared at first... Heart jumping out my chest! Once it started, it washed away. Oh my gosh!!! This is my favorite place to go now. I love the atmosphere.

Abdulkadir Abdulkadir

Great place

Rico Ricon

(Translated by Google) I am thinking of going this Friday, August 30 around 12:30 or 1:00 I would like to see someone and a passive transference preference (Original) Estoy pensando en ir este próximo viernes 30 Agosto al rededor de 12:30 o 1:00 quisiera ver a alguien aya preferiencia trans pasiva

Bjoern Erik Hartsfvang

I am turned off by the super aggressive advertising on their website. I can’t even get information on entrance fees because the screen is consumed by ads. If your ad revenue is more important to you than ticket sales, good on you, but know that the ads are driving people away, especially when there are other great venues in town. I would reconsider my intent to never darken their doors with my shadow **IF** they make their advertising feel less like being in a piranha tank. Until then, even if all my questions were magically answered I won’t give my business to a company that values their advertisers more than their customers.

Scott ds young

I don’t even know what kind of movies are played here, cannot get into the website without signing up and when I walk pass the theater it always dark and depressing I Will not go here


I wish they would open up what they advertise. Supposed to open at noon, but rarely ever on time for those of us that like to pop in for early fun. Mgmt just doesn’t seem to care.

becca gallardo

I went in really liked what I saw. I will definitely be coming back

Jack Doe


Sam Runner Matthews

JR Brinson

Umm need better staff

Alex Summers

I couldnt help but feel that the place was just was barely running,the owner wasnt very friendly and welcoming almost like he had a chip on his shoulder. He spoke badly of the theater that usto be downtown,I didnt appreciate his tone. I dont think Ill be back. Rude service and lame atmosphere. Cant ask questions without getting a rude remark,great customer service im sure,Not!!!. Never again!!

randy baxton

Wow, the management has some seriously horrible attitude. I mean look at the responses of the owner on the comments here! I wouldnt have come to comment here had I not encountered the obnoxious douchebag at the counter. Right from the moment we entered it seems he was just poking us to pick a fight. There was a f bomb in every sentence he spoke. There are ppl here and also on yelp who have had horrible experience with the same guy, why the hell is the management defending him ?

Adrian Dillanes

Never im be there wanna go:)

Deonzie Howard

Womean are great

Frank Smolensk

I've been there several times and enjoy it. I did have a 3some with 2 other guys and it was fantastic. I'm older and need to know what days and times are best for older men looking for a m2m hookup.

Johnathan Halsey

Buzz Asher

Fun place to go very exciting

James Asher

I love to watch and I love being played with

Ryan Wenning

vivek vasudeva


Chad Gentry

I come here alot on Saturday nights and sometimes on Friday night. I enjoy it alot being able to have fun and watch. Joe does his best on trying to make improvements which he done alot in past 5 years with events which draws alot of people. This is great for action or watching it if you perfer not to play.

Kenzie Reeves

Awesome place, support all sex positive places. This ones been around the longest, I love it.

Jamie Cook

When there yesterday, the men were ready and so was I. I will be coming back when I need assistants. My husband enjoyed the show

Taizoon Doctor

Doug Jenkins

Robin Campbell

I love women

Todd Lewis

I understand the place is not perfect, but hell it has character and that is what I like about it. The patrons are generally nice and the staff is awesome. I feel at home there and safe. You can have a fancy looking building and ambiance, but can you provide a safe and secure environment to watch adult content or play. I think not on that subject. The scene is eclectic and that is what I like. The patrons know what the place is and embrace it and play and relax in the theatre. This is a place for me to watch adult content and enjoy some play when offered. Who cares if some call it a dive. I call it home!

Nathan Niska

Rachael Francis

Rusty Shackelford

Usually a fella there who is fun.

Tex Cobb

Each time I went I had a different wonderful experience. I admit, that I do bring my own sheets... then I undress and lay comfortably in the nude while watching the movie and waiting for whatever happens. Once a gent comes up to me on the couch.... without saying a word... gently spread my legs and SAFELY entered me. Others gather and watched... seems we came at the same time. He slapped my ass and left. Different day, I was standing in the nude and watching another couple ... and a gent from behind... whispered... "MAY I" ... and he bent me over and took me safely from behind while I continue to watch.... Many more stories of fun. Yes, it is a dive...a fun dive... and yes, the bathrooms are not cool...all in all... try it... FUN... stay safe I have taken my lady friend on a date here. The moment she was naked... 4 or 5 guys were watching. One politely asked to touch. We said no. She cums loud... and attracted a few more guys watching. I wish I knew more woman willing to be watched while eaten... I loved it.

Princess Anderson

christopher moore

Sleazy dirty too meny old men



Lare Bear

Took my girlfriend there last night, who is smoking hot by the way

A Google User

I gotta say I Just never get free sex .... I am back I told a lady To meet me And bring her date we tag team her. Fun

aleesha abel

love this place

Aleesha Wood

love this place

Donovan Boertje

This is a great place to put on your own show and get a helping hand .

Trotter Cagle

Eshoni Vixen

The improvements there are amazing and the staff is sexy and looks like he's pretty good in bed

Brent Hudson

The Oregon theater is one of the largest and best adult theaters in the United States . It's been at the same location , screening adult films ,since the late 1960's. The theater is known around the world as a place where open minded people gather and have fun. Some tourists come to Portland with a visit to "The OT" at The top of their "to do" list.

Pink Lynskey

It is what it is. And I love what it is

Smith on News

dirty seedy place.


I like it because it is an adult theater! It is a safe place for a women to go by herself, but if you still have doubts, try going with a friend and enter separately so it would appear that you're by yourself but still have back-up, then you could see that people there are very respectful and won't cross your boundaries.

daniel franklin

Is this place still in business, seems closed the last time I went there in mid afternoon..Guess you could see the handwriting on the wall as not many people seemed to go anymore.

Missy Ann Taylor

It's almost always a great time Every first Saturday they have transgurl night Lots of Tgurls from around the city show up And they have raffles I've won about ten videos there. This place is as good as it gets for a xxx movie house

Open Minded

The Oregon theater is exactly what I expected. It's a little rough around the edges but people were polite and gave me my space. The guy at the front counter was blunt but funny. I dont think he was rude he just has a dry "no funny business" vibe which is to be expected in a place like that. All and all not a bad experience and I would totally go again.

fine line

Im young and I am going here today fun times open

Joseph LaBato

I visited this place and had a blast, hope to make it back soon!

Kitty Killer

I love this place. Staff is awesome, it’s the last of its kind. Everyone should be supportive. The staff gets a lot of BS from new guys that don’t make it in. “Aggressive and Rude Men” They do a wonderful job weeding out these guys so it’s safe inside.

mae chorpenning

Rex Sheff

Joseph Lee

Got to take the place for what it is, be nice to the staff. They are doing a great community service. Is a good place to cum. Plenty of room, all walks of life. Open every day, Come in and see what’s going on.

Earnest Dodge

This hive of villainy is the perfect spot to ransom the last few drops of one's self-respect, and I mean that in the very best way. Dark and grimy, cavernous and filled with the ghoulish shrieks of tepid heterosexual porn on the smallish screen up front, but most importantly sporting a dubious and morally grey cast of dozens, if your goal is to put yourself in the service of your fellow man by any means necessary, you might have wandered into a shining postmodern temple. That plinth up front isn't an altar to Ishtar but it could be if you squinted. Io Evoe!


How much to get in

Miguel Santos

Adio portland

What’s offered on each night and what r the events ? Looked for a calendar of events but couldn’t find anything

William Reed

I would like to set the record straight, from the first guys post that just raves about it! Granted the staff is cool, granted the times you have in maybe good depending on your orientation and sensibilities. The facility it self is run down; the chairs and couches, the way they are laid out is a cluster F and it is way more cluster F'd than the cluster Fing that goes on their. Second the bathrooms reek, dont use them at all. dont drink anything 4 hours before you go, take a dump before you go and take fiber pills to slow your colon down so that you still will not need use their what they laughingly call bathrooms.

Lorenzo Will

Great place must see

Dalton Sabo

I wonder if this place is still open for business, been twice in last month and it was closed, not even a note on the door sorry or anything..I always enjoyed going to the Oregon theater to get a couple bjs and as a younger guy it never failed to happen..I do hope its still in business..I wont waste another trip going clear across town.

domforce man

freakin great place to watch some action and to join the fun. especially on the weekend

Heather Mills

I will be visiting Saturday July 6th. I am a CD. Is it a safe theater for a CD? I love being surrounding by men and pleasing them. I also love glory holes. Do you think I would fit in?

Barbara Joyce Jordan

Jerry Conklin

Josh Vann

Akima Nykol Ojena

msp msp

I was wondering if you think its safe for a gal to go by herself for the 1st time?

Tim Connelly

I like the verity of cocks nudity potential orgy's on stage and the choices of sex partners is hot I suck as many cocks possible

Jon Dieder

Lots of naked people

Jeff O'Reilly

The only full sized adult theater left in town. Always something going on here, if you're in the lifestyle this is a must visit location!

Alan Alford

Safe, comfortable & welcoming. Oregon Theater is a Portland icon. Remember that this is an Adult Theater.

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