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Where is Old Mill District?

REVIEWS OF Old Mill District IN Oregon

Marco Telaroli

It's a realy fun place to go, and there is so much to do. My personal favorite is riding the trikes that you can rent at the small red barn

William Knowles

Great hotel. Full kitchen. Management was very tolerant of our dog, who barked when we went to breakfast without him. Terrific staff!

Kina Allen

Very contemporary outdoor shopping with a wonderful walking trail alongside the river.

Sarah Hermann

Very cute but nothing out of the ordinary for a mountain town.

Jim Stephens

Lots of cool things to do. Walk around, shop, eat at some nice restaurant

Enoch Leisure

It's a bit bougie for me but looked like a nice place.

Gregory McClellan

Nice spots to eat & drink all along the beautiful Deschutes river! Very relaxed & scenic!

Jim Barrick

Nice area, great place to shop, dine out, go to a movie, go to a concert, float the river, walk the dog or people watch.

Svyatoslav Liashedko

Fun and beautiful place to visit! Many sightseeing and history

Linda Gail Voet

Such nice feel with cute little shopes.

James Goforth

Old Mill district is so cool I love shopping here I love bringing my family here I love the river that runs right through this area the guys on inner tubes the family's on inner tubes were just really cool floating the river how awesome I got shopping and getting a bite to eat it couldn't be any more perfect

Aftan Damon

Great shopping, can get a bit crowded but you can find a bit of everything. There agree great resteraunts and 2 different wine bars as well! The view of the river and mountains cant be beat while shopping.

Tom Nejely

We love this place. We often come here to float the river with the kids, or to eat out by the river for our anniversary.

Lisa Sutherland

We came here to see a movie and wish we had more time to explore. There are some cool eateries, a few unique stores and a bunch of chain stores. Pretty place to shop right on the water.

Liam Brown

The REI here is really cool. I love how they kept the historic mill stacks on the building.

Heather B

The Old Mill District has many options of restaurants and retail to choose from. Includes a movie theater. Take walks along the river or just relax all in the same place.

Ranjan Shakya

Super crowded and not particularly fun to bike/walk the path as people in their own worlds most of the time. It is scenic but hot as shade nonexistent. Parking lot can get really busy but to be expected due to the high number of shops and restaurants.

Annie Deeter

Lovely place.. dog friendly... by river... good coffee... cute clothes and movies


Was very tightly packed into the area . Was a bit spendy . The people friendly for a recreation hub

Carol Berry

Always a fun place to go, shopping galore, great movie theater, wonderful restaurants.

Joseph Mintz

Pretty much has every store you could want. Right on the water with breweries. Just be prepared to spend your whole paycheck.

Vignesh B

Bend Oregon is the best place for any season so beautiful

jaime brunson

Cute place to walk and shop. Kid friendly. Awesome. Had so much fun. Cute stores. Greta to walk around and enjoy a nice day. Bike rentals are also available.

Rae Moreno

This place has something for everyone. The coffee at strictly organic is amazing.

Daniel mcneely

There's tons to do and the scenery isn't half bad either.

Eric Engholm

There seems to be a lot of closed stores, but the ones that are open are must-visits. Powell's and Cold Stone are always welcoming.

William Snow

Lots of chains but still has some quality local businesses.

Saint Francis

Good diversity of shops as well as food. All nestled along the beautiful Deschutes River. If you are lucky enough to be there on a night that the amphitheater is hosting a concert you can take in the sounds while having dinner or a cocktail.

Zanden Daggett

Great place to hang out with friends and get some lunch and float the river

Katie Stuempfle

Cute shopping center with lots of great stores. plenty of parking an a cute walkway. Nice place to spend the afternoon.

Timothy Whitlock

The Mill District. Beautiful area on the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon. Very nice for shopping, eating, and socializing over coffee. Rental bikes, kayaks, and tubes for the river.

Ron Thompson

The driving and parking is horrible. I avoid this place at all costs. Some decent stores though.

Chris Bicknase

A really nice, walkable area of town along the river that also has a bridge so people may transition from one side of the river to the other. Art walks in the Old Mill District should be starting relatively soon. If you haven't been to an Art Walk, artist from all over the country come to show their work, market themselves, gain commissions, and sell their pieces.

William Leap

Great area to shop. Tough to Park but there's plenty of places to stop on the way to the store you want to go to. Plenty of places to eat as well.

Naomi Ricks

Old Mill District is a great area with lots to do. Shopping, eating, boating, walking, biking, and even sleeping is available at the amazing hotels right in the center of it all. Beautiful scenery and buildings! A MUST see area of beautiful Bend Oregon!

Van Sanders

Pretty friggin diggity, but really just a collection of big name showboats. Way pretty zone though. Flowers and water flowing... Pipes... Wires, bricks. Yowza-ish.

Eric Brooks

Great shopping district but very limited hours on Sundays.

Marlene Z

Old Mill District is actually an outdoor shopping center with primarily national chain stores. There are a couple of eateries that are unique and very good. There are also some art shops and some small boutiques that are interesting. The location and styling of the buildings is very attractive especially as it is along the water.

Jeff Ackerson

Great place to dine and listen to music from the Les Schwab Amphitheater.

Jazmyn Irish

It was great. We went to American Eagle, and Bath and body Works. It was great. The prices were really high. Other than that it was really fun.

Ariana Simone

Pleasantly surprised with the size and variety of shops, restaurants, bars. Great area that adds to the character of Bend.

Scott Austin

Lots of cool shops. Lots of places to grab a good beer or two.

Julianne Upton

The Old Mill District has a generic vibe that I can't shake. They missed the mark on the quirky industrial converted to commercial. I'll run errands here, but downtown Bend has an authentic feeling that makes it more enjoyable for shopping and hanging out.

HongRen Lin

Fantastic place. Walking along the river side under sunshine is relaxing. People are nice. The water activity looks good.

kim sandberg

Great shops, beautiful setting, lots of history, walking distance to downtown Bend.

Juna Bullis

The Old Mill is always a great place to take a walk or window shop. The shops around the Old Mill are pretty much universally not ones that I would normally shop at or be interested in or eat at, especially because of the pricing, but they are okay to window shop at as mentioned before. There could definitely be an improvement in selection of shops. But the Old Mill is a classic place where many other locals I know like to walk around on sunny day to spend with friends or family.

Maude Swearingen

Clean and safe with free parking also family friendly and wheelchair accessible

h smith

Great shopping. Place to look into, if you like shopping around fun stuff.

Bill Lockwood

On a sunny summer day it is the best place to shop, sit and watch the people walk their dogs.

seriously? really?

"Taste of the Village" chinese restaurant was amazing! Dont let the modest old building deter you from exploring the delicious menu inside!

ranka diklic

Pretty nice place to hang out at.

Dana Michele Harmon

Orange Therapy Fitness was incredible! Had my first class today and it was amazing! Very informative and caring staff. Shout out to Michael!

Michael Rosenfield

Really up and coming area. It has changed a lot since the last time. Great shops and amenities

Rosann Garza

Great shopping, restaurants, and views! Great walking trail along the river.

Miranda D.

Cute shopping area with some nice stores and places to eat along river, great bridge to watch river/floaters. Something easy to do with kids to get out and explore.

cindy draper

Cool place to drive just a little bit scary

Sabrina Ward

Don't go to the old mill much anymore everything is overly expensive

Kira Parker

Too busy but not a bad place to shop

Angel Kinzig

Fun area to shop, eat, ride bikes of all kinds & listen to concerts. I enjoyed watching everyone float down or canoe down the river.


Beautiful ambience, very nice food and very very reasonable prices must try if you are visiting Bend.

Ben Griner

Just an outdoor mall lacking much of any local business presence or historical mill presence. There are some local business owners but the shopping is much better in other parts of town. But if you need a mall with chain stores this might be your place.

Phillip Wilson

The family likes the Old Mill and the outdoor shopping Mall is a cool concept. The only thing the area is missing are better restaurant's the best food is downtown.

Matt Perrone

Old Mill is a neat little strip where you can spend a few hours shopping around, getting some drinks or grabbing some food. Lots of local mom and pop shops that make awesome stuff and sell it at a great price. It's worth taking a stroll through here for the afternoon.


Super cool place in the middle of Bend to just hang out. Sounds of things nearby awesome restaurants, is all the stores you expect, and in all around beautiful place to be in the summertime if you want to go shopping or spend a day off.

Mike Spence

Cool area of Bend! Good restaurants and shopping. Walking distance from a few hotels.

Lauren Burke

Love it. Great places to shop and eat.

Love Matters

Really nice shopping center with lots of great stores to choose from!

Paul Marwah

All kinds of shops and activities for the family. Great food, and you have the amphitheatre.

Lateralus 987

The Old Mill is an outdoor shopping mall with a wide variety of shops and retailers. Some of these places include R.E.I, American Eagle, Banana Republic, and even it's own movie theater! Now for my opinion on the place.The Old Mill is the biggest shopping mall in Bend and has a huge variety of things to do to keep you entertained for hours. The main attraction here is the movie theater as it is the main theater in Bend. My friends and come down here to just chill and have a good time and many of the people here are very kind and respectful.My only complaint would be the large amount of traffic. But other than that it's an amazing place to hang out with friends!

JJ Lucas

Great shopping. Excellent eateries. Had a late din at Zydeco. We walked with less than an hour before closing and the staff couldn't have been more gracious and attentive. Yes, they want to close on time but didn't make us feel rushed at all. Food was delicious. Wine selection was good and reasonable ('cuz I don't like paying $20+ for a glass!). Skip the chain restaurants and go into town and get the local thing going on.

Tobi Singleton

So much to see, lots of great shops, many eating places....impressed...

Alexis Tep.

Super cute shopping area. Not from this side of the USA! Just passed thru and fell in love with it!

Gerson Castillo

Very nice outdoor mall with a good variety of shops

Niki Oquist

Excellent outdoor doing area... Nice proximity to River. Great restaurants

Cara Barker

I wish I had had more time to spend here. We found this place on accident when we were searching for somewhere to eat on our trip. The Old Mill District has tons of restaurants to choose from, shopping, and lots of history. My favorite part was the scenic walking trail that ran right along the river. We lucked out and happened to be here to witness a gorgeous sunset.

Aaryn Knapp

Very clean shopping center with movie theater and a few nice places to eat. The Hawaiian BBQ place was very good.

April Elliott Polzel

Spent the afternoon shopping and visited Red Robin for lunch last week. The sales associates at all the stores were friendly and helpful especially at the Sunglass store. The walkways were clean in spite of remodeling going in at one end of the mall. Our lunch at Robin was the best. In spite of ya having a large party, we were seated right away, the service was quick, and the waitress was all smiles. It was a great place to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

James Stein

Parking is a major problem, but the shops are varied and interesting. Not the usual stuff you see at these open area strip malls. Very scenic as well.

Josef Locke Klein

Beautifully redone district from the Old Mill, lots of small shops that have a wide variety of unique items.

Kevin Fisher

Whoever designed this area should be awarded! It's absolutely beautiful, you can walk and shop, walk and eat, see a movie, enjoy nature. I never want to leave

Inga Fouquette

Great place to shop, dine and walk around. Super convenient to get to. If you don't want to shop, there is the river, and a cool outside jungle gym for all ages!

Hilary Bright Angel

SO, SO FUN and gorgeous! Old Mill offers tons of breweries, restaurant, shopping and beautiful scenic paths to see gorgeous Bend. The center offers Red Robin, a candy store, clothing stores and other individually owned restaurants. There is an architecturally cool REI too. Old Mill District is perfect for photographers too. A must see on the Bend tour.

Mark Walker

Great spot for day gazing and lunch!

Steven oslund

It's got the shops, Buckle, Victoria secret, Gap, American Eagle, Zumiez, REI and more great food ...and even a movie theater

Debbie McBride

Great place to hang out! Lots of good shops!

Megan V

They offer lots of shopping and restaurants. There’s a nice pathway along the river and a bridge leading over the river. There’s also a nice float around the town and free bus shuttle makes it nice and convenient to enjoy a stress free float on the Deschutes River.

mathew carnahan

What a fun time for the whole family. Shop, eat, play in the water! With beautiful scenery this mill turned mall is definitely a favourite

Sean Killion

Safe place for a nice walk by the river, excellent variety of shops and food for everyone. Great happy hours, wineries and Regal Cinemas

Kanden Lang

I go to the theater here all the time, it's my favorite place to watch new movies. The Red Robin is also wonderful; I don't personally know much about most of the other businesses.


Adorable as always. Clean and well maintained

Simon Gee

Set up very nicely. Great variety of stores and restaurants. You can watch folks float by on the Deschutes River too.

Danielle Forsyth

Too many chain stores but nicely laid out for strolling. Most food options are also chains. Nice decks on many of the restaurants for people and river watching. Old Mill District is nicely connected to trails on both sides of the river.

Henry Larson

Great shopping area, full of high-end quality stores. I visited many shops and a few eateries at the old mill and I was very satisfied with the quality and service of each. The location of The Old Mill is fantastic! It’s right on the Deschutes river and has many tube rentals,to float the river, and bike rentals, to ride the extensive waterfront pathways, nearby. The security presence was also a reassuring factor that made me enjoy shopping here. The only area of improvement I can think of upon first glance, is the decor of the shopping complex. The current styling is fairly utilitarian and Naren looking, minus a few trees and shrubs.

Natasha Strother

Great shooping area. Friendly for walking around and relaxing.

Andi August

Relaxing and laid back shopping area with restaurants. The leisurely Des Chutes River runs through Old Mill District and you're beckoned to join laid back inner tubers drifting along or simply enjoy a growler or glass of wine and watch them float by.

Dezaray Vail

Great place to go shopping, although it gets crowded in some of the small shops. Definitely would try to go at a slower time in the day, they have a good website that tells you how busy it is there.

Ann Hollenberg

Love the Old Mill!! Great shopping, lots of good walking area to stretch your legs, and delicious food at the restaurants with patio seating

Lewell Hayden

Great place to visit. Good resturants and shops!

Cordell Hunter

If you're in bend and you need something, you'll probably find it here. It's not so much a mall as it is a shopping park, which means you can actually enjoy your time here. The river runs right next to it, and there are plenty of restaurants, a few bars, naked winery, and a movie theater to make your trip worthwhile.

Jonathan Pelcher

It's really neat for an outdoor mall. Beautiful scenery. It nice just to walk around

Michael from Texas

Its literally an outdoor mall or common mall as we say back in Texas. Its safe, clean, not overly priced (depending on the stores you choose). Good parking. Great walking environment. Good variety. I hate shopping, but I still go here sometimes.

Nina Pauloski

Love walking around along the water and enjoying the large areas of daisies and wildflowers !

Lea Goodson

Pretty good food. Nice location on the river

Victor Tenuto

Awesome place! Tons of stuff to do and places to eat and shop.

Augie Fiore

A lot of great shopping and restaurants. Clean and need lots of people but plenty of parking. Definitely will go back.

Kara Williams

Always have a great time shopping and eating in the old mill!

Ronda Pomeroy

Great shopping. Hard to find parking. Relaxing place on the Deschutes

Drone on the Go

Cool place. Neat stores

Heidi Kimball

Absolutely loved it... Our kind of town..

Itzik Kent

Beautiful shopping and restaurants center in the marvelous town of Bend.

Hannah Bocanegra

Beautiful outdoor shopping mall! So many options for foom as well

Mary Bowers

Trendy, fun vibe, lots of selection for food and shopping. Several restaurants with a view of the river. Great walking path along the river to walk off lunch.

Tim and Bev Browning

Our 1st experience in the Old Mill District. Lots of shops and great places to eat. Especially enjoyed our dinner at Pastini, a fantastic 5-star restaurant.

Colleen LaMarre-Treagan

Love to go there for dinner and a movie and shopping.

Glen Pro

Lots of great restaurants and shops, very well maintained, and it's right on the river

Kinz and Kate Reeves

Cute!! We enjoyed shopping and eating here.

Nick Saulpaugh

Fun place with lots to do. Shopping for anything you want, some of the best food in Bend, the river walk is right there and it’s a staple of Bend. Love walking around at night here!

E Hunter

Great place to take the family for food ,movies,shopping ,kayaking,biking,and alot more

Lisa Oquist

Nice place to stroll around the shops. Also walked a good part of the path. Very nice. Clean and beautiful surroundings. Will visit again if in Bend

Cameron Woodin

A lot of cool places to eat and drink, including sushi, fine dining, and happy hour all around!

Markay Havercroft

Was a little disappointed a I wanted to go into was closed and several stores had moved out of the complex. Movie theatre was nice.

Ryan Jones-heard

Great place for all your shopping and dinning needs. Great selection right on the Deschutes River. Beautiful place for a family stroll.

Jermaine Tyner

This shopping center is very nice. Lots of shops to select from. No issues finding parking. Access to the shopping center is very easy as well. The common area also have a lot of seating.


The Old Mill District is a must see, in Bend Oregon. The shops are wonder especially American Eagle Outfitters. The store manager, Nigel, is very friendly and very helpful in every way. Enjoyed shopping there.

Sarah Burdick

Lots of things to do and places to eat. There's a dog park and paddle board and kayak rentals. Trail around the river and beautiful scenery

Greg Cannell

A mall you can kayak to. Paddle to Victoria's Secret, get new underwear and go catch a movie then kayak back. Seriously, this place is beautiful, probably the prettiest outdoor retail center in the world, seriously.


A beautiful river walk in Bend that any visitor would enjoy while getting exercise and possibly doing some dining or shopping along the way. Other towns and cities have learned that river fronts can be tremendous public treasures. Bend offers another representation of that.

Sandi Koretoff

modern, nice outside mall with many stores

Chris Whitney

Lots of nice shops to explore and walk along the river. Fun place but not the best of bend.

Kimberly Stephens

Great stores,great restaurants, great location by the water! You can see a movie, get you're kids ears pierced listen to live music(often)or float the river even surf the man made surf tide!!

Leah Soro Skinner

Great shopping district in Bend, lots of great stores and restaurants near the river.

mary linda elliott

Good choices of restaurants but hard to find parking close.

Eleanor Bute

Really great place to visit and nice shopping

Leigh Prouty

Fun place to go. Lots of shops. Good restaurants.

Dylan Derosier

Cool area. Wide selection of restaurants.


Some great shops... some average mall stores. Not much in terms of a good dinner. Especially compared to other parts of Bend.


Very nice lots of different ships

Sherry Brown

Great variety of stores and restaurants as well as the theatre. Not always easy to find a parking spot close to where you want to be. But.... take a nice walk along the river with your hot local and organic java! Love shopping down there and it's a great place to meet up with friends.

Isaac Brew

Cool stores. Alot of unique ways to make memories.

Abigayle Mertins

I love walking around the sand going through shops. It is a really fun place to hang out with friends and family. I recemend coming here.

Tera Clipse

Rei had what we needed and parking was easy. It looks like a beautiful outdoor mall

Richard Iribarne

Really had nice time strolling thru center and had great lunch at Greg's. Then walking along river. Then went to downtown and unfortunately didn't have time to check out all the places there but will go back soon. Well worth spending the day.

Aaron Hamilton

Great place to come see live music and go to events but otherwise a lot of the stores and restaurants are pretty below par. Everything near old mill like the box factory and crux are a better use of your time and money.

princess Frosty

I love the fact that the city of Bend, Oregon used a part of history, an old mill, and incorporated it into a beautiful part of the city. Shopping, food, hotels, walking trails, a beautiful river. So much to see and do. It is beautiful! We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, which is at the top of the hill, overlooking the Old Mill District. There was a lovely path and stairs to take you to and from the district. I highly recommend checking this out... but only during the summer months ... I hear the winters here are brutal. But summertime can be overrun with tourists.

Dan Tucci

Great Bend experience. Walking and biking path along the river, shops and resturant’s along with a movie theater and other services.

Valerie Wicklund

Beautiful spot to have a meal while enjoying river views.

Dani Wood

Fabulous! A must do.

lois coleman

Great place to walk around then eat several different places

James Fristad

I liked it. Passionate staff and good coffees

Brian Ferguson

The Old Mill is a great destination in Bend. A number of restaurants, next to the river, fun atmosphere!

Candice Smith

Such a nice shopping district on the Deschutes river & also riverbend park within walking distance for a great 2 hr float passing by the restaurants at the shopping district! Love it


Loved this area of Bend. Lots if store, some typical tourist but mostly local stuff. Lots of places to eat and easy to walk around to a lot areas including the river.

Hugh Robinson

We like the Old Mill District lots of shops and restaurants and proximity to the river very pretty

James Markson

No old Mills here. Just a contemporary shopping center.

Jim Brunson

Stop it up to this afternoon at a cocktail on the deck outside of Greg's Grill had some food. Cocktails great food was great service was Ok

John Mannisto

Good shopping selection, great restaurant selection. There's mostly clothes stores from what I saw. There seemed to be a wider variety of dining options than retail options.

lauren burke

Love the mall. Great movie theater. Love the shops. Very touristy but still fun for locals.

Ruth Jones

Great place for shopping and walking alongside the beautiful river. Many wonderful restaurants to choose from or a quick stop at Ben and Jerry's for a delicious Ice Cream Treat!

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