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Kevin Stewart

Stopped in for a bite and a craft beer about one pm on Thursday of their first week open. Beautiful remodel of a historic theater in downtown Redmond Oregon with two screens showing great first run movies and classics that will provide much needed entertainment in this little town that we love. They have 20 great craft beers and ciders on tap, a full bar and a small, well thought out menu of scratch made pizzas, sandwiches and salads that can be enjoyed while you watch a great movie or in the cozy lobby / bar/ dining area! Loved the personal sized Pizza Margherita and Albacore Tuna fish and chips.! Looking forward to trying more of the menu - and more craft beer too .

michelle haines

Absolutely amazing. The atmosphere is very unique and beautiful. The staff is quick and friendly, and the website made it easy to book online. Food was so fantastic, I expected microwave good and got a real meal! They have some of the best food in Redmond. Can't say enough about how great this place is. Huge selection of drinks and even kombucha. Love love love it

Matt Hayden

Wife and I split a burger with home fries and a personal pizza. Plenty of good food and drinks. Started our meal before going in the theater and finished it during the show with their quite handy tray system. Pleasant staff, good food, great idea with a pleasurable movie experience.

gage garner

Ron Rock

We had a fabulous time on our first trip there. Loved the friendly, light hearted environment.

Jim Barrick

Very nice place, friendly staff, great popcorn and very reasonable prices. Get there early for close parking.

Britta Bracy

Great burgers, delish drinks and wonderful movies! Being able to buy your tickets and reserve your seat online is so nice and convenient.

Mark Hadley

A lot of fun to watch movies here. Staff is caring and nice. Caters to beer aficionados.

Leah Costa

First run movies, great food and excellent service. I love this theater! Just what Redmond needed. City of Redmond Planners & Mayor keep working with our city to be the great town it has been and will continue to be.

Will Robirts

Kenneth Vilhauer

dale williams

Enjoyed the movie and food. Nice place to spend an evening

Katie Pineda

We love this place and highly recommend it! Great menu with healthy options. My favorite is the fish and chips but we haven't had anything we didn't like so far! The food trays hook to the rail in front of your seat so you aren't balancing everything in your lap. Awesome fire pit area outside so we even like to stop and grab dinner or a drink when we aren't seeing a movie.

Debra Bray

This a nice addition to Redmond for movies. It is more expensive than any movie theater I've been to. $12.00 pp after 4 p.m and $ 9.00 before. Plus you need to be over 65 for a senior rate while most places are 62. Food is fine with lots of choices. You can eat before the movie in the waiting area or eat while watching the movie. During peak hours you will need to be there at least 40 mins ahead because seats are assigned and the top rows go quickly. Its a very small theater so for me sitting any closer than the top two rows is too close to the big nice screen they have. Overall i would choose a matinee, and will continue to support our new movie theater in Downtown Redmond!! Welcome Odem!!!

Shari Nichols

This place is great! I have been 3 times, did the whole deal: Date, Dinner, Drinks and a great Movie! Hope to return again soon.

Suave Cito

Met with the owner, got a tour of the place! Nice place to catch a movie. Even better place to grab a bite and brew. Change of pace from the dull bar seen in Redmond.

Bill Hare

Ron Shearer

Such a great addition to downtown Redmond. I won't be going back to Regal Cinemas are the Old Mill. This place has such a great small town vibe. Great food too! Thank you for all your hard work on this gem of a theater .

Nicole Oelkers

Awesome atmosphere, comfy seats, great array of microbeers and super friendly staff! I live Odem Theater Pub!

Nicole Meagher

I absolutely love the new pub downtown Redmond. Food is incredible, staff is friendly, and the beer selection is one of the best in town!!! Our downtown desperately needed this gem! So thankful to live in a community that appreciates history!


First time there today, and we absolutely loved it!!!! Food great, loved the many beers on tap! Excellent customer service .

Sarina Outman

Jeff Johnson

Awesome little theater pub!

Chuck Walker

Julie Rectenwald

Comfortable family atmosphere. Great food and grog.

Issac Lewis

This is absolutely the last place that you want to take your family, period. As a former employee I can tell you that the food handling practices are INCREDIBLY substandard. Meats and produce stored together in an unsafe manner in the same fridge. The burger meat is grey, many substandard and possibly unsafe products are forcibly used by the owner to cut costs, and not to mention the punch used for their fries is covered in mold and grime from months of use and no cleaning. On a busy night the owner made me cook and serve a meat product dated from JANUARY 31st, nearly at the end of March! To top it all off, when I went in to receive my tips after leaving this establishment, Ted (the owner) and his son Evan threatened me with violence, pushed me, and followed me out to my car going as far as to block me from entering my vehicle while screaming obscenities at the top of their lungs. These are NOT the people you want to give money to. With all due respect their kitchen staff is whole hearted and do mean well, and I’m sure they would prosper exponentially given proper products to use. This is a perfect example of terrible business ownership.

Tammy Altimus

The experience was amazing. You can order your meal, sit down at a table and enjoy a conversation with your party. They brought the food to our seats and set up the tray in front of us. The movie was great and I will go back again.

Jessica Heitman

Best veggie burger I have had anywhere! Loved the old fashioned feel and intimate theater space! Will be returning!!

Lisa Goad

love this little place! Such a great addition to our downtown and Redmond in general! Great movie selection, good food and good drinks! Vintage theater feel with a pub vibe, but a place you would feel comfortable bringing your kiddos to as well! We will be back!

Marilyn Schwartz

A sign that Redmond is for gownups.

Juliette Curtis

Lori Crawford

Jim Roth

The pulled pork sliders, shoestring potatoes and popcorn are excellent! A local theater showing first run movies, along with good food is a win win for us.

Graham Fox

The best place to see a movie in CO. Cozy theaters with great comfy seats. Good food and beer. Cool building.

B Larson

Awful service. I wanted to support them but I'll never go back and will tell anybody who will listen not to spend their money here...go elsewhere! Evan, the owners son, is a total jerk. Just read other reviews. He's going to single-handedly tank this business.

Jacob Simon

Loved the service there, good selection of meals offered lots of options, had a great time

Timothy Lacke

Current movies, intimate setting, personable service. Now my theater of choice.

Tonnja Braden

Loved it. Place is so cute, and it's nice to have a cider of beer while ur watching a movie.

Kathy Neal

So much fun! Tiny cosy little pub, great pizza and burgers to eat out front or while watching the movie. Going back as soon as we can

Kris Garland

I'm so glad we a theatre pub with good vibes food and drinks

Cryptic Venom69

tara johnson

Tahnee Hayden

This is a great little place to have food and drinks from the bar while you watch movies in the theater. It would have been a five but the when we walked in there was not much of a welcome- can we help you or any direction for first timers. They were not rude, but you want your employees to be selling your place-- like you just walked into the best place in Redmond. " Have you been here before? Let me tell you how things work. Let's get you started would you like to order some food or drinks etc. " They did just recently open so maybe the kinks will get worked out. We had a burger and pizza and the food was good. Once you got into the theater it was a great experience. The movie "the green book" was excellent and it was a fun experience. Be sure to reserve your move seats online it sells out fast. The initial greeters can have great influence on the amount of food sales just by a little charm and explanation of how it works especially if you have never done this type of restaurant theater before. We will go back again. This is a great idea and want everyone to have a 5 star experience so this place stays open. Great place to have in Redmond

Carol Storm

My new favorite place in Redmond. First run quality movies, comfortable seating and really good food. I had pizza and it was excellent.

Kerry Holloway

Great idea and fun date night

Stephanie Marshall

Food was amazing, beer was cold, and a full bar!! Will definitely be back!!

Shelley Marie

Loved this place. I'll be going back many times!


Lorraine Neville

This is a unique and wonderful theater. Great food and not a bad seat in the house!

Chris Smith

Professional. Fun. Food and drinks in theater. Current movies. Acceptable for date nights and family outings. Definitely will be part of our Redmond routine

Sandra Sevilla

Pretty neat place. Kept the old bricks in the theaters. Definitely going back.

Tammy Bronson

Wonderful place! Bohemian Rhapsody was great as were the drinks!!!

Marty Dunn

Samantha Fero

Horrible customer service from the owners and employees.

david smith

Great movie fantastic service

Les Jackson

Good pizza. Had the theater to myself but it was Tuesday afternoon.

Bob Hoyt

Oh what a fun place to relax and watch the latest movies. Order dinner and a beer, the staff will bring your order to your seat in the theater. Come early, seats sell out fast. A great addition to downtown Redmond.

John Nelson

Very cool experience. The theaters are small and cozy. It's great to be able to have alcohol or kombucha while you watch your movie also.

jacob terwilliger

Great food and great prices. The little theatre is such a cool place to hangout and watch movies. Will definetly be back!

Les Walker

Ed Early

Staff was very courteous and loving. Great food and selection of alcohol beverages. It's a great treasure to have a place like this in Redmond. We will be seeing all of our big screen features at Odem instead of traveling to the overcrowded and expensive Bend options. Love this place and Bohemian Rhapsody!!

Andy Walsh

Very friendly staff. Awesome dinner and a movie. Will be going back for sure.


Legit pub menu, with some creative originals. Full bar, though no special cocktails yet (I predict they'll put together a movie cocktail list eventually). Two theaters, showing new release movies. Order food and drinks, then watch a movie while you eat!

Richard Bates

Tom Terwilliger

Great place to catch a movie!

dante ostrom

gail lesko

Thomas Milazzo

Jeff Newberry

What a great little place. Small theaters that you can have good beer and food while watching a movie with out breaking the bank. Great vibe.

Tyler Terwilliger

Awesome place and great prices

Ken Layton

Went to see a movie. Clean and friendly atmosphere

Carol Orr

Juilian scott

Very nice place

James Riggs

Original theater of Redmond restored with the the traditional long narrow seating divided into two small theaters with high back chairs set in pairs. Line of taps, cider, wine and liquor served to you on trays that lock into a rail in front of your seat as you watch the movie. Reserved seating...popular movies should be reserved online (extra 1.20 chsrge) as there may be no seats available at walk in time.

Patty Colvin

Always a great experience. Small not too crowded and great movies. Oh ya popcorn and wine too!!

Lindsey Gardner

Linda Alexander

This is just an awesome place to go! The theatre has such history and it has been restored in such an authentic way...combining modern movie going with a relaxed and intimate theatre and dining experience. The food is great and they offer a full bar!


Great small theater that has had a wonderful rehab into a local dining spot and movie house. Shows great art films as well as first run movies. Have your dinner and drinks while your watch a movie for a great date night. So happy they took this landmark and gave it new life. The fish tacos are my favorite!

Karasi Mills

Three stars rating because of the complication of getting gift certificates as presents for locals. Donna was very curteous and friendly when I purchased gift certificates. However, when my mom went to pick them up the owner Evan was rude and dismissive. Although I'd love to buy gift certificates from them in the next many years for my parents, I never want to subject my mom to the process of actually picking them up again. This was very disappointing.

Greg Watson

D Hayden

Beautiful renovation. What a great addition to Redmond downtown!

Lynnda LaFranchi

Tom & Cathy Edgerton

Good food, good drinks, good atmosphere, good selection of movies and show times. This place has it going on!

Alex Michaels

Robyn Baker

Jesse Rogers

Great little place

Kathleen P

Love this place.

Michael McGee

Quaint fun and friendly

connor moser

Great food and movies

TOUGHER I Workwear for Women

Incredible experience and venue. Full bar and kitchen; movie-goers can pick their own comfy seat at the register so no need to rush into the theatre to save seats. Thoughtful touches such as a movable tray to place your food or drinks during the movie and real butter for popcorn. Will choose this place over Bend’s any day.

Stephanie Jacobs

susan Sargent

Love this place! They have created a wonderful “intimate” feel when watching the movies! The place is beautiful! A fun time for sure.

pat wilson

Fun historical theatre. Good movies. Great food and beer

Levi Towry

Was super cool spot

Karee Miller

Fun set up. Food was amazing! Bartender needs work on his people skills. Will be back for the food, definitely!

Lynn Johns

So love the intimate atmosphere at the Odem Theatre! Great food, friends & doesn't get much better!

MacKenzie Sweet - Annunziata

This place is incredible. What a wonderful idea, I'm so glad they brought it to fruition.

Jenny Gulledge

Love this theatre

Lenise Thompson

Went to this theatre for the first time. I absolutely love it. Decent prices amazing staff. I will definitely be going here again.


30 seat theater with good size screen and powerful sound. Comfortable seats. Nice people running the place.

Raya McMann

What a great place. Loved the vintage feel. My daughter and I enjoyed the food, the theater was comfortable, the staff was very nice. We both give it 5 stars, more if we could! We'll be back again!

louise ibey

Misty Robinson

Ruth Mccrea

May Chan

It’s a fun old timey pub slash theater where you can bring your dinner and alcohol with you from the pub into the excruciatingly small but intimate theater. Good selection of beers and ciders. I didn’t eat the food but I would have ordered food if I knew I could be dining while watching a flick. A must-experience place.

Jane Foote

Great Place!!! Will go back many many times!!!

Tim Russell

W My wife and I had a wonderful time. I can see there may be a day we won't be able to get in. Owners deserve every happiness and success. Thank you for bringing this concept to Redmond.

Joe Kincaid

Very excited about this historic renovation and the fact that we have a super freaking cool place to watch a flick. Great food, very nice bar/drink selections, able to reserve in advance so you can sit where you want. I encourage everyone to try Odem Theater Pub and every downtown Redmond business. Also a cool place to grab lunch and a flick, not just an evening spot

Katrina Smith

Had such a great experience here! Love the old school feeling. My kids really enjoyed this place. Lovely people working too!

B Elson

It was nice fun, eats, drink and a movie with friends!

Nate Gose

Great place!

Brenda Sampson

I am so in love with this place!! Redmond is finally coming around. Thank you to the owners and staff that put together a great venue and menu!!!!! Live, love, love!!!❤️❤️

Griffin Campbell

Great location, decent food, but $11 for a ticket is not very competitive. I would come here twice a week if tickets were $7 at the most. It doesn’t seem like a very good idea to charge that much for tickets when the sound is not optimized well and the theaters are tiny. I hope these guys succeed, but it will take a marketing team to help them figure it out. It would be a much better idea for these guys to compete with the second run theaters of Bend rather than Regal. There is no competition there. *Edit* With all due respect, I'm not interested in the food or drinks. I just want a local theater with great sound and competitive pricing. There are other factors to take into account such as: - Regal's sound system - Regal's seating options - Comfortability - Convenience - Variety *Edit 2* Regal's reward system is free and enables me to get free popcorn every time. I want you guys to succeed, I only wish you could take criticism without getting defensive. Your owner carries himself like he's something more than a farmer. Drop your ego. It makes you look incredibly unprofessional. Best of luck.

Danielle Stewart

Katie Jordan

Leland Tigner

Audiojunkie 64

I have taken my family to the theater twice and we have enjoyed every minute of our time there. The theater itself is a step back in time when life was far simpler and people far more friendly IMHO. The cozy nature is a particularly welcome departure from sitting with 100 people and the distractions that naturally come with. The food is great and fairly priced and you can get a beer/wine to relax with. I'm really happy it is located in Redmond and will do my part to ensure their success.

Kim Pearcy

Great place for dinner and a movie.

Hyper Hurley

Would have given a five star rating if it wasn't for the bartender and his lack of people skill. Seriously why be rude to someone that is willing giving you their money? The owner should really consider hiring someone that's a little more fit for the job. But from all the reviews I have read seems like it's the owners son and that kid is probably gonna be the reason alot of people dont come back.

Traci Burk

T Urbanowicz

Great place. Good food. Fun, relaxed atmosphere. Totally enjoyable.

Howard Dyer

Tanya Towne

Marie Guyer

Love that the new owners brought this place back to life. Wonderful new place to eat and watch a movie at the same time in downtown Redmond. Very cozy and a great date night!

Stephanie Russo

Zorak Iverson

Michelle Breiter

This was such a fun experience for a cozy date night! They serve food and alcohol, making it a one stop shop!

Jenny Wolleat

Horrible customer service and unhygienic food practices I wouldn't give this establishment 1 star. I have known the owner Ted on a professional level for many years and was along side his building in my own family business as he was building the Odem theatre. There was a positive banter, However he was always the type of person that never let you get a word in and was polite to you as long as you were agreeable, like a self proclaimed dictator.....but none the less My husband and I were very excited to check out the new theatre. Tickets are sold by seat selection which I did online, when we arrived, there were people in our seats whom refused to move, after I reported to the employee at service, nothing was done, so we ended up squished in a corner next to a man crunching ice the entire movie. We had ordered food and rather than the employee trying to come to us and hand us our food, it was lashed down the isle and touched by at least 4 people before reaching us. Mid screening I went to use the restroom and spotted Ted at the bar drinking; A dirty old man with gray hair that seems to have no concern with personal hygiene. I expressed that I was happy to see his establishment finally open and asked if we could speak after the showing. After the showing I spotted him again at the bar drinking and explained to him our experience, he was incredibly defensive and began blaming issues on his employees and even shared private employee information . After spending about $60 on food and drinks and being completely distracted and uncomfortable during the entire film I asked him if he would be willing to allow us to come and see another showing as a curtesy. NOPE! He barks at me and my husband saying "that is not our policy" and continues to give me a woes me story and ultimately ends up blaming us for not forcing the couple ourselves out of our chosen seats. I say to him "Ted as a business owner myself your customers satisfaction should be your first priority and I'm very disappointed in your customer service" he says "get out, you are not welcome back here" he locks the doors behind us. I tried to call the next day to speak with him to clear things up and he yells at me about me just wanting money, and then hangs up on me! WOW! It really has nothing to do with money, it's about customer service! If he treats professional acquaintances and his employees in this manner what care does he have other customers!?

Lauren Meiter

Great location and great prices! Walking distance to everything downtown Redmond. Renovation was done beautifully , we can't wait to go back for our next date night .

Karen McCarthy

Simply said, the Odem is a treasure for foodies and movie lovers in Central Oregon. Love the format and things will only improve over time. Thanks Ted for your vision!

Megan Cagigas

Great location and super cool concept! The only reason I'm giving a three star rating is the service. When our food was delivered, the woman didn't bring napkins or silverware (baked beans and coleslaw). When I noticed, I asked for some napkins and a fork. She told me I should go get them myself because it would be faster and that she was busy delivering food. I'm sure the extra 30 seconds it would take to make a customer happy would be okay. Not the service I'm looking for when paying Bend prices for movie, food and drinks.

John Allen

Terena Davis

It’s like a mini McMenamin’s! Great service and great food and great drinks. I love that Redmond finally got a theatre like this!

Keith Burke

Good food and great seating, not crowded.

Bernie Philips

Very nice theater. Love the small size and great food and drink.

Tyson Sanders

Dawn Toombs

Love the atmosphere, order food, beer and they bring your food to you in the theater while movie is playing. You don't have to miss a thing!!!

Mikala Brantley

Ron Smith

Nice addition to downtown Redmond. The pizza was very good and you can take your food into the theater as they provide trays. Friendly, intimate atmosphere.


I was so excited for this place to open! The owner is friendly and pleasant to talk to. I enjoy the small theaters and comfy seating. Food and drinks are good. I love the historic building and am looking forward to going back here again!

Julie DeVoe

The staff were great, my burger was charred. I enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the theater. I will check it out again. Hello Ted, I saw the Joker movie last night. Thanks for your response.

Elisha Foster

Michael Axel

So so burger, out of fries, staff were yelling at each other. Wish I had left when I had that feeling.

George Hood

Amazing little theater. Very comfortable and the staff are amazing. Love this place!!!!

Kelly Paxton


Super cute theater with authentic feels. Amazing surround sound and excellent food! Definitely will be going again

Russ R

Lovely place small small old time movie theater good food too

Aaron Gain

Clean, friendly and very quaint, great place to get some great food or drinks or both, and catch a movie while you're at it! It was a great experience!


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