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16100 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97267 Located in: Holly Farm Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Oak Grove 8 Cinema IN Oregon

angie rachell

we've been going there for many years & good prices, seats are seats and yes we did experience bad popcorn once & they responded quickly cleaned out the machine, made fresh, and the butter flavoring was most likely the problem, and they changed that out, next batch excellent, always very good service.

Elijah Fielding Marsh

It is a great little theater. It has its qwerks, but it is all around good. It doesn't get a 5 star yet; mainly for the uncomfortable chairs.

thatguyjeff gamer

Very nice people work here.

John Van Straalen

Nice, old style cinema, good prices.

alesha delong

Went and seen the Pokemon movie! It was amazing!!! And so was the theater!!!

Kristin Wonderly

Wonderful manager Garett. Great customer service.

Google User

Wonderful experience watching the movie "Tolkein" at Oak Grove today. The manager ran the movie for my son and I even though we came too early. Love that there is still a family cinema available that just loves showing pictures. Good seats (even cushions made available for a customer who may need a little more cushioning

Phillip Gagnier

The movies are first run. The price for admission is great. The individual theaters are in like new condition. The floors need thorough cleaning from spilled drinks. Some of the seats are worn out.

Anthony Windon

Not badly priced and good selection! 6$ before six and 8$ after that really recommend this place!

Auxilio Maldonado

They have deals before 5pm

Robert Peate

This is where we go. Low prices of both tickets and refreshments, all high quality, and friendly staff. I don't know where that person complaining about everything went, but it wasn't Oak Grove 8. Great theater.

lily bink

i love coming here me and my friends are always going to see movies and the prices are so cheap.


Great prices for tickets and concessions. Really enjoy that it's not a big box theater and doesn't ever seem to be very busy but movies do fill up.

Brandon Lee

Decent theater for location and size. Large screens in main theaters. Easy parking

Jennifer Shetler

Movie times on website were incorrect with actual showing times...had to wait 25 mi utes before movie started.. Volume was quite loud. Theater was clean and staff were polite.

Kimberly Morey

Great ticket prices. $6.50 for a matinee show! Nice and clean too.

Maria Brown

My all right favoite place. Love the price and their popcorn

Beverly Chase

Great experience and Downton Abby was a wonderful movir.

Michael Asay

Great prices on tickets and concessions. Price-to-value is one of the best in town. Theater technology is great, and the seats are good.

Fart Box

A dated theatre with chairs that aren't that nice, small viewing could hear the other movie playing in the theatre for a but of it. Staff was friendly, floors and bathrooms were clean .

Ryan Sullivan

Very affordable movies and snacks! Nice staff and clean!

Alfredo Cororna

Cheap tickets, got to see new movie in a nearly empty theater just like I like it

Larry McVicker

Great place. Inexpensive, good service, seats, and snacks.

patricia dethier

First time here, love the small theaters, very clean and friendly staff.......

Sindy Westenfelt Bosch Easterly

Went here for a movie, Justice League. People were awesome! Very informative, polite, considerate and kind to an uninformed old lady who was late for her movie. The prices are affordable and they have the new movies playing. The atmosphere is quite welcoming. I really enjoyed my time here and plan to come here often.

Olivia Hiiva

Great value and great customer service

Dennis Gavin

Great price, local, current movie selection. Not going anywhere else to see a movie again.

Meghan Craft

Cute and comfy, I love older movie theatres. The service is great and the environment is very clean and well taken care of.

Cynthia Hopkins

Great place to watch a movie with a couple friends. Watched "A Star is Born", excellent movie!

cp text

Best Theater I Oak Grove

Marshal Morgan

Offered chilled Joinor Mints! Who does that!

Annette Lambert

Great family cinema. Reasonable prices. We love our neighborhood theater.

Tom wrangler

Nice quiet place to watch a movie.

Geoffrey Hay

My wife and I really enjoy this theater. We got 2 tix, a small popcorn that is the size of a medium at Regal and 2 large sodas for 22 bucks! The seats aren't as comfy but a steal for sure!

Joni Yates

They show first run films and the entrance price is super affordable! Great place to take kids if you are trying to save a buck! The popcorn is buttery and delicious. The theater is never overcrowded. Senior discount starts at 55 yr.

Susie Adams

Air conditioning was not on in theater! Seats were uncomfortable!

Dale Wirges

If you want $12 tickets and $15 popcorn don't come here. Decent little place and reasonable prices but if you need that mega chain feeling this is not your place. but if you want to see first-run movies at a reasonable price come on down

Jessica Starr

Horrible seats, horrible popcorn and any other food we tried to eat...

Tim Meyer

Small seats, dirty floors, not great, but not the worst.

Matt Dean

Cheap theater with top movies. I have been going here since this theater opened. They are friendly as you can expect. I will keep coming back for more. Also the food is not going to break the bank.

Kevin Phone

Affordable pricing and friendly staff. It's nice to see a more traditional theater when most places are upgrading to "bigger and better" and raising prices far too high.

Deanna Brand

There's something about an old theater that doesn't have the bells and whistles but charges decently for their tickets and their popcorn, that makes me keep coming back. The staff are always friendly and helpful and they play all the latest movies. I tend to opt for this cute theater over all of the others - I love its older style and the general vibe of the place.

Maddy Fitts

One of my favorites. Doesn't cost an arm and a leg to watch a movie. It's great.

A. Finn

We enjoy this little theater! The prices are great and the staff are really friendly!

Amber Rose

Great service, good price for anyone,current movies, recommended for family's and everyone who wants a good movie experience.

Zobeida Harp

Service was top notch, popcorn fresh, movie was great, kids loved it,too.

ML Strk

Great neighborhood venue. Very reasonable prices. One feature that would be great: list actual start time of feature. Not the stuff beforehand the feature. I am blessed to have the Oak Grove so near to my house. Much rather give them my dollars than a Monstrosity of a monstrosity with thousands of locations. “Spend money locally!”

Brian Phillips

A very nice theater with excellent prices!! My favorite theater in the Portland area.

tiny tiger

Not the comfy-est seating not the cleanest though is reasonably priced and has decent concessions well mannered employees a nice feel kinda old seeming really enjoy going to see movies with friends for cheap

Charles Goldberg

Great family run business@OGC8!

Kim Horner

This is far from our home. But we love it

Nomad Nightwalker

Nothing fancy, just a good old movie theater. Prices are decent and the popcorn is fresh!

Richard Thagon

This theater is one of my favorites it has been in the community for so long I hope to continue enjoying shows there as I grow old.

RustyThumbs 1668

this theatre is a nice neighborhood theatre, great customer service, good movie food and they keep it very clean.

Tn Nweilss

Decent parking lot

Bertha Marmolejo

Love this place. The popcorn (for me) is AMAZING. Staff is great and price is right if you have many kids.

Ralph Rotten

Never too criwed!

Teressa A. Allen

Nice,. Clean and friendly place.

Tim Clark

Seems like movie started late

Logan Strong

Nice little spot, friendly staff, but no way to get a hold of anyone by phone. Always automated machine that hangs up after listing showtimes. I think I left something there but I guess impossible to find out without driving all the way there.notbsure why any business in 2018 would not have phones .

Owen Ben

I love this theater. Not too big and loud. Very homey neighborhood feel. Good prices. I always go here.


Great prices and friendly staff but the popcorn is always cold.

Beth. AMAZING Hughes

We just love this theater. Family oriented and kept very clean and everybody is so nice plus great prices.

Mike McBride

Oak Grove Cinema brings back my childhood cinemas that are few and far between. Not the big hype, fancy, and expensive chain theaters that are everywhere. Forty dollars to see a average movie for two is not enjoyable to me. Prices are good on movies and treats just like days of old!

josh resare

Best theater around for family's. Cheaper tickets and great deals on concessions.

Jorge Terrell

I love this place. Good movies, good prices and not as busy as other theaters.

Randall Hancock

Great theater. Very clean and the process are great. Definitely they place to bring your family in a hot summer day.

James M

This theater still has affordable pricing as far as movie theaters go, and it's pretty decent on the inside. Also, they started taking credit cards within the last few years which is a plus. The snack pricing is also pretty decent as far as movie theaters go. Overall, if you're looking for an affordable night out at the movies with your family this is a pretty good theater to choose.

Libby Sellers

Senior discount makes it$6 for a movie anytime and you can get a large popcorn and 2 drinks for $11 which is pretty good now a days. Very clean. 4 larger theaters and 4 cozy ones

Elaine Sharinghousen

Great time me , my sister and my girls went for mother's day . Price doesn't break you! Thank you. Life of the party was a great money also

Oscar Américo Cáceres Jiménez

Nice little cinema, fair prices and everytime I've been here there's been plenty of space. Love being able to walk to the movies!

Jonathan Graham

Older theater but still nice, had better prices then many other places, but no reclining seats.

niki hernandez

Affordable little theater. My butt is too big for the seats though. It wasn't bad though. I took my fam to see detective Pikachu here on a weekend and it was 6 bucks a person. 10 bucks for a large drink and popcorn and 7 bucks for kid's snack boxes. Had a small drink, popcorn and candy. Restroom was clean too but didnt have seat covers which I thought was weird. Not a bad theater though. Will likely go again out of convince to my mother's apartment .

Kelly Curtiss

Old school simple movie theater with charm. The prices are great and the food doesn't feel like you have to take a loan out to go to the movies. The actual theaters have not been updated seat wise but for the price they are still comfurtable and cozy. Only doesn't get the 5th star just because it lacks the amenities a lot of people are accustomed to. However because of that its the theater my family chooses to go to.


Theatre is a little dated but the price is right. Concession prices also very reasonable.

Raymond Regnier

Older theater screens and picture not as clear as newer ones but great service and prices

Corina Carrasco

As always, great price on admission and concessions. Chairs aren't terribly comfortable but they'll do long enough to get through the movie.

Amy Collins

This is my favorite theater. No frills. Just movies and buttery popcorn- the way it should be.

Vanessa Ford

Very clean. Small but cozy theater. Love to bring the family because its affordable. Always showing great movies. Great concessions. Been around for a long time and still the same. Love this theater.

Rian g

The manager Garett is awesome. Great customer service.

Josh Crosby

Old style movie theater. Amazing prices compared to modern theatres. Friendly staff and it's a local business! This is my theater because the price is right and I have been going there since I was a kid. I love Oak Grove 8!

Keith Koenig

It's a small movie theater but still a good place to go. Cozy and great for a date.

Scott Thibodeau

New carpet in the lobby good prices nice to see some improvements place looked great

Ryn Duncan

Theater was nice enough, but the company doesn't have a phone number to contact them. I lost something in the theater, but couldn't go back for it because they closed during the movie. Tried to call and see if they found it, but all the number gives you are showtimes. I just don't know what they're thinking here.

anika wampner

Smaller theater cinema but lovely for viewing and customer service.

Sharon Loofburrow

My first time there last night to see A Star Is Born, great prices and parking. However, the movie was sandwiched in between 2 action movies. The sound was so loud you could hear both movies, at times drowning out the movie I was so excited to see. No sure I will go again.

Denyse Schwengels-Loe

Great theater with cheap matinee prices!

Natasha Blanco

The staff are very friendly. Great popcorn the seats are fine. I think people are just ungrateful honestly. If you want recliner seats go somewhere else and don't complain. I got a large drink a mudime popcorn and two movie tickets for $24 dollars else where I would have payed around $50 bucks. This place is awesome

Becky Gould

Break thru was great movie

Russ Kurtz

first run movies at an excellent price

Debbie Barber

Great place to take the kids! It's been our "go to" cinema since they opened years ago. Good selection, popcorn isn't overly greasy or salty, and you can even get a free cup of water.

Amanda Hart

Good prices, very clean. Boyfriend and I saw a newer movie and it wasn't crowded. I enjoyed it very much. Friendly staff too

Willy Barber

support this theater. its the last of a dying or dead breed, with no backhanded compliment intended. It's a smaller family owned theater, and it's not as expensive as the bigger chains, support it to keep it here! They have great theater rooms and some of the movies that have been out for a bit get put in the smaller theater rooms, this places true charm. they have a couple of smaller theaters in the place that are so cool. Load a bowl and catch a later run, later in the eve. in one of the smaller rooms, it's a treat. With or without company. Seats are comfy, staff is nice. Snacks are pretty reasonable for a theater. Be glad we still have a neighborhood theater at all.... ;) they're all but gone

Krystal Myth

Really. REALLY cozy and 90s nostalgic, unlike the hyper funded Century or Cinemarks, or even the boutique theaters like Cinebarre. This place has a very 80s, 90s modern feel I love. Like walking into Suncoast or just any ol video Store would be like today. If you're old enough to remember this kind of vibe, this theater just has it in spades. It loves movies, and popcorn and cute kids working over the summer. Its perfect, really lol.

James Weber

8 theaters. Seats could be softer. $6 matinee. Not crowded at 1:15 showing of Mary Poppins. Good , but hard to beat the original.


Just came in here to watch a movie with my 3 young children, I get to the theater I say 3 kids and 2 adults for Angry Birds 2. The lady says well it started 40 min ago and I say well your website says it starts right now. She goes back to check the website and comes back and says yeah the website is wrong we dont handle that I called the person whose fault it is to fix it. I don't hear a apology of any sort. Horrible customer service and then on top of that I call to talk to a manager but can't even get a person on the phone.

Meredith D

Older theater. Not a big fancy theater and therefore a lot less expensive than big fancy theaters. Cupholders in the armrests.

Rebecca Aragon

Great place had a great experience.


Nice theater although not recommend if there's no AC

Larry Delmazzo

Nice place good prices.

Brian Hester

Lower prices and clean theaters and first-run films and people who seem to like working there. What's not to love?

Anthony Turner

Great place, simple. Low cost lots of parking.

Dan Johnson

It's not the newest or highest tech theatre but the prices are excellent and the movie selection is great. The seats are a little small and not as comfortable as newer cinemas but it's perfectly serviceable. What I like most about this theatre is the auditoriums are rarely packed. I don't like to be too surrounded by people and that's rarely a problem here.

Chelsea Mitchell

Just came in here to watch a movie with my 3 young children, I get to the theater I say 3 kids and 2 adults for Angry Birds 2. The lady says well it started 40 min ago and I say well your website says it starts right now. She goes back to check the website and comes back and says yeah the website is wrong we dont handle that I called the person whose fault it is to fix it. I don't hear a apology of any sort. Horrible customer service and then on top of that I call to talk to a manager but can't even get a person on the phone.

Milissa Mcclane

Great little cheap family theater, the screen are good, seats are old school. BUT the rad thing about this place if you need a little more back cushion, they offer little pillows, snacks and drinks are super reasonable too.

Pineapplelord162 Gaming

Nice staff, clean place, amazing prices, and great snacks! A perfect place to watch movies!

Len Butcher

Blast back in time,and the prices are back too.. Staff is very warm and welcoming to. The only drawback is the seats are the way they were back in the day, but Hey,that's what you get, tough it out, and watch a good flick.. ENJOY

Andria Gonzales

Most amazing popcorn!!! Local theater! Awesome employees


Great experience, good food, cheaper prices, uncomfortable seating.

Randi Skei

My daughter and i love this place! If you're coming to this theater expecting all the frills of a bigger theater , you'll probably be disappointed . But what it lacks it makes up for in awesome customer service , affordable prices , and convenient .

Mary Jo Beeber

We love this place. Prices are great for both movies and food. Parking is always easy to find. Nicest people in town.

Mariel Martin

I enjoy going to this family owned cinema. From the ticket taker to the concession employees - warm and friendly service is always provided. The Senior discount makes it affordable. I will continue to go for all first run movues.

David Tucker

It kinda sucked their popcorn is bad their seats don't recline DO NOT GOT TO OAK GROVE 8


My son and I give Oak Grove a big thumbs up. This place is not only affordable but is also a great environment for viewers have sensory deficits and are on the spectrum. They not only allow you to bring in a weighted blanket or but also allow care takers who accompany folks on the spectrum to watch for free. These reasons alone are why we will always watch all movies here.

Ben C

I'd give this 5 stars if the rating was just for value. The cinematic experience is still excellent - just not quite the same quality as big chains - and the movie selection can be lacking. But tickets are cheap, and so is the food compared to those big chains! Another huge plus is that it's not crowded. This is my new go-to theater.

Michelle Bonner

Good prices!

Joyce LaBelle

A bit small but friendly and helpful, efficient

Shellie Schenck

We love Oak Grove 8 Cinemas!! Prices are outstanding $6 for economy and $7.50 for later showings whereas consession (snack and food) prices are way more affordable than other theaters, we end up paying around $20 for food, drinks and snacks for 3 and $20 for the movie tickets so only costs us $40 or less each time. Lots of seating.

Richard Andler

I like it because its in the neighborhood. People who work there are nice. The seats are uncomfortable.

Coraline Gregory

They are always respectful and polite. I have never had a problem there. Ive been gling to thus theatre since I was 6, now I'm 20.

Paula Moore

Great place to enjoy movies any day and affordable for most people. There are a variety of Movies to choose , with very helpful and courteous Lobby Attendants.

Daedra Buntin

This is our local theatre, and we love the convenience. It's a bit outdated, but the prices are reasonable. We've never had any complaints from our visits.

Bryan Vance

This theater isn't the fanciest, but it has great prices on brand new releases and concessions. The theaters are huge, the previews are kept short and they always have a nice range of showtimes. You can get two tickets, a popcorn, a drink and candy for less than $25. Good luck finding a deal that can match that.

gus villa

Nice little fun place to take the family with out worrying about being in line for half an hour employees are plesent I'll be back again

Cynthia DuSoleil

I really like this place.


The theatres have rarely been full when I attend which means plenty of room. The ticket prices are good and they usually have a nice variety of different showings. The staff has been courteous to us each visit.

Terri Hart

I'm all for supporting our local businesses. This little theater may be a little old and worn, but they play first-run movies at an excellent price, and they are not a national chain or corporation.

Josh Clark

It is a great place to see movies. It has old movie posters on the walls and feels like a real movie theater and not a corporate franchise movie theater that is grossly over priced.

Erika Perry

Love it there... Except that there is no atm machine anymore

Alsie B

This place used to be worth going to when the tickets were $5 but now that they raised the prices you might as well spend a few more dollars and go somewhere better. The seats are hard, don’t recline, and you can hear the movies going on in the theater next to you (which totally ruins your quiet movie when there’s an action movie going on next door). We used to come here because the price made it worth giving up all the other stuff but we won’t be returning.

Alberta Koch

Good popcorn good service I enjoy myself.

Tom Junker

Great place, fairly cheap priced tickets. Staff are wonderful and will meet your needs within their ability.

Tina Marie Leavenworth

Great cinema even better prices on snacks and ticket fare!

Jeremy Thomas

Excellent value...great for kids trips to the movies.

The Random King

Cheaper than many other theatres around and with same movies.

Jenah Winkler

This is a nice cinema that dose not cost a lot to. Its $6.00 per person caregivers get in free. They do not have Booster seats for children but the have some pillows that help a little. There are no changing table in the bathrooms.

Wendy Blanchard

Cheaper than other places

anthony reviere

Cool place to see a movie


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