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REVIEWS OF Moreland Theatre IN Oregon

Amanda Arellano

Really enjoyed my movie experience! The seats were nice and comfortable. I would definitely come back

Bella Pannoni

The movie theater is old and gives a vintage vibe. There’s one screen and great quality. I’ve been several times and I love it!

Jon Pauletto

This is by far my favorite theater in Portland. I went here for Star Wars opening night, and it was half empty. They dont sell tickets online, so if your going for an opening night its your spot!

Daria A

Date night was a success. Beer, big popcorn and star wars was playing on the big screen. Yeah the place is a little run down but it's affordable and the people who work there are really nice.

Nicole Stanford

Such a great theater! A great ambiance and the service was excellent. I can't wait to see another movie here!

Mark Hinrichs

We enjoy seeing movies here because of the old time feel of the interior and the people are super nice. They even have reduced price showings.

Christopher Taylor

Seats are old and smelly - needs an updating

Jack Wright from Woodland

Great small, single screen theater with very reasonable prices and friendly staff. Some seats are aren't great, but they're easy to avoid, even with a group. No real complaints.

Kip Ching

Nice place, convenient & great time with kids.

Hannah Warn

Great prices for tickets, snacks and beer! Seats are very old (springs sticking out, squeaky) but comfortable enough for a movie. Acoustics in the room are pretty poor and noises echo easily, but not that noticeable while the movie is loud!

Gregory Underwood

Cute quaint little theatre. Comfortable seating, friendly service.

Ben Krogh

I love, love, love old theaters, even ones with subpar sound or outdated seats, etc (St. John's Cinema is one of my favorite spots in Portland to see a movie!). I'm willing to overlook a lot at these types of spots. But Moreland Theatre is in dire need of upkeep. It's dirty, the sound is really bad, and the seating is literally falling apart. The lighting doesn't ever get super dark in the theatre itself, and there are no doors in the back, only curtains. So you're going to hear a lot of distracting sounds from the concessions area, etc. The "plush red" seating in the rear of the theatre isn't tearing to shreds, but entire rows are loose, and when you move the slightest amount the chair squeaks. Maybe the owners could do a gofundme or kickstarter if they can't afford to at least get a janitor and some new seats?

Lisa Brumm

Brings me back to childhood with the quaint and friendly service of small town atmosphere!!! So fantastic!


1920s atmosphere. Military/Veteran discount. 1st run movies at lower prices. Not digital HD movies, but good. $5 Tuesdays. $5.50 any day for Veterans. Brand new updated seats!

Andrew Elder

This place is amazing. I go to cinetopia, regal and the other big box theaters and for the price this can't be beat. The pretentious need not apply.

Danny Brockway

Best place to see new movies for cheap. Old and not remodeled though.

gus shaffer

Love the new seats. Service is always friendly and quick

Jordan Antonelli

Classic old school theater, large screen, comfortable seats, up to date sound system. Great place to take in a movie.

Fish Guy

A locally owned theater that shows the latest films. Cheap concessions and good seating.

Mathew Moreno

Great neighborhood theater. Love when they play family movies so I can take my daughter. Affordable popcorn and drinks.

Jeffrey Becker

This place is amazing. Like walking back in time. Go for the $5 Tuesdays. Any movie seems a little better in a 100+ year old theater.

Matthew Braymer-Hayes

Very cheap, good quality. I wish the chairs were better, they're a bit noisy and not terribly comfortable.

Oscar Romanko

Cheap and comfortable with nice staff as always but some seats were missing or torn.

Tonja Rayley

Hit movies at cheap prices...yay

Holly Shilling

Historic theatre. Charming. Fresh popcorn and great beers and cider on tap. Best matinee option for first run movies!

P.E. Morton

Great little old theater. Does it have IMAX sound and Lay-Z-Boy recliners? No. But it doesn't have the $10-$12 ticket price tag or the $9 wine prices either. If you want to support a local business at an historic old theater, the Moreland Thetaer is a great choice in SE PDX.

Ron Desrocher

they play first run movies and that is great however the theater is a throwback to the 1940-1950 era. but they do serve beer and wine at a reasonable price and ticket prices are low

Corby Campbell

Cute neighborhood theater. You can purchase wine and beer as well. Cool old building.

sawyer balderson

Everything is good except for the fact that on most days they only show 1 movie the whole day but at different times.

Jonathan Telfer

The staff was friendly, theatre was clean. New seats were amazing. Went on 5.00 Tuesday best movie deal around. Used my ticket for a discount on food next door. A perfect night out!

Jen Pants

Big movies in a neighborhood theater..its great! Seats are a little squeaky but thats part of the charm.


This place is vintage! Really cool vibe because of how old school it is, friendly staff and best theater prices around for sure. Only reason I dont give 5 stars is because the seats are in desperate need of replacing. A lot of the seats are held together by duct tape. This is a old smaller theater so if you visit keep that in mind, but the 1960's vibe and the staff and the prices are awesome


Good local theater

Brian Bawol

I am very happy this place is in my neighborhood, it is refreshing to have the ability to see first run movies at an extremely reasonable price within walking distance of my house. The staff are very friendly, there are beer/cider/soda drink options and your standard movie theater munchies too. The place is pretty old so don't expect the comforts of a high-end megaplex, there are two different types of seats in the auditorium (old and older) and it can sometimes get pretty chilly inside so make sure you have a couple layers to ensure a comfortable experience.

Allison Addleman

We absolutely love our neighborhood theater. They are cheaper than the big theaters and now with their new seats, it’s even more comfortable! They now over a few beers as well! Overall, definitely our favorite place to go see a movie with the family.

Carsen Holtmann

It's great, cheap prices and lov the classic look

Delona Lang

Brand new seats, cute architecture, great popcorn and prices!


Huge theater, cheap, great neighborhood atmosphere. Tons of charm, I love it.

April MacFarlan

Love that they now serve beer and wine but wish the selection was better.

Noah Barnes

Great beer and a friendly staff make every trip enjoyable.

Nicole Cascella

Beautiful old theater. Probably the nicest of all the vintage theatres in town.

Seth Merritt

Only place I will go to for movies, quaint, great prices, its not fancy but it is fun!


Small screen, mediocre sound, uncomfortable seats, but make no mistakes, this is a classic cinema, steeped in history, lovely to be in and look at. It should preserved and revered

Sithat Chayanam

First time here with the family to watch the Grinch. Awesome Root beer, popcorn and beer. Huge one screen theater The bathrooms were clean but you have to walk up stairs, can be difficult to get to if you’ve done Leg day. Not sure if they were handicapped accessible. Will be back!

Joni Yates

Neighborhood theater. A little run down, but cozy. They now serve beer. The popcorn is some of the best theater popcorn in town. They take credit cards now (use to be cash only). Friendly service.

Ed M

Great prices and a great place to bring a date.

Zach Martinson

I love this theater! They just added new seats that are mega comfy, have big wide armrests two people can share, and lift up for cuddling up to a loved one. And they have beer and cider! Also right next to some great restaurants. See movies here!

Mark Johansen

Been going here for years, love the new seats and they continue to improve!

John G. Owens

Great value. Neat venue, but screen quality is rather poor.

Sean Roberts

One of the great small theaters in Portland. Much cheaper than a big chain like Regal. Perfect if you don't need all the extra bells and whistles. Supports these small local theaters!

Melanie Carroll

Low price first run theater. Nice chairs have seen better days.

Dave Becker

The seats are the only thing about the Moreland Theater that is uncomfortable, and those only mildly so. Otherwise, it's like putting on your most comfortable old sweatshirt and watching great movies with a fantastic pint of cold beer. I hope to watch movies here until I'm old and grey.

dedreaper Industries

I've given this place a go a couple of times. Saw Guardians 2 and Wonder Woman and both times experienced a great showing and great customer service, and their prices are among the best in the metropolitan area. They could improve by hiring a janitor though, as the floor was sticky walking into the auditorium, and the bathroom was in need of some serious attention. Probably not a place to bring a date that's a clean freak.

Brian Medlock

The seats are comfortable, with good screen visibility and plenty of room to stretch the legs.

Lee Leighton

Traditional large cinema theater with some new and some "legacy" seats. Sound system tends to muddle dialogue.

Donald Edgar

Plenty of seating, not expensive, and I love local theaters... I just wish the seats were more comfortable.

William DeLeeuw

First run movies. Rarely sells out, even for the blockbusters. Friendly. The seats are new and super comfy. No more springs in the spine to distract you from the brew and view.

Avis Rimel

It is a great place to watch a movie and has reasonable prices. The staff was also pleasant. I also liked the old building.

Sam Krispy

great deal! tickets are half the price that normal theaters are, and staff is great. 100% recommend to all!

Daniel Kramer

Awesone place to see the newest releases and have a beer!

Victoria Miller

Such a cute little family-run theatre. The prices are really good and it’s very low key. Really comfy seats too!

Brian Phillips

Clean, good sound quality, and excellent price!

G Glenn

Friendly staff, clean theater, cider on tap. Trifecta.

Lui Garcia

Low-key, old timey family theater

Hadley Petros

Good prices

Darell Duffy

Fun, funky, tired, but an old school theater. Good prices on first run movies.

Virginia Combs

Ahhh!! Such a darling theater. If you want big recliner seats, this isn’t the space for you. But if you want an intimate old-school spot to catch up on movies, this is it. There’s only one theater and I think two movie times per day. Tuesdays are $5 tickets (!) and they have snacks as well as beer and cider on tap!! Excellent low-maintenance theater. Clean facilities. Very friendly staff. While you wait for the bathroom you can watch the movie through a large glass window (genius!).

Mystery Theater

It's a nice, old theater. Not the greatest sound system, but still a decent theater.

Ron Cheechov

The new seats are great and I love the convenient Movie Madness drop box.

Amanda Lunsford

I love this local gem.

Carol Cooper

The new seats weren't what I expected. I thought they would recline like other theatre seats but they were ok.

Trudy Parcher


Doreen Gorans

Love this quaint neighborhood theater I've been going to for years but it's now time for a chair upgrade!

Torsten Kieper

Cool older movie theater that serves beer and food. Sometimes the staff picks awkward times to clean out the trash in the projection rooms (during quiet parts of a movie, for example), but otherwise no complaints!

Debra Adrian

Family run and very friendly, clean and nice. This is my theatre of choice. The ticket price is good and the popcorn is real. If it's cold, be sure to bring a coat that will cover your buns, because many of the old fashioned seats have metal sides.

Leena Rojas

This is my favorite movie theater!! The seats are SOO comfortable and last time I brought a blanket and it plays the best shows! The popcorn is delicious!

A Google User

It was awesome

Ros Reece

Inexpensive. Nearby. For me it's the ideal movie theatre!

Porter Bishop

Wonderful classic theatre. I know the stadiums are "better," but this feels like going to the movies.

Dan Kaufman

Great neighborhood cinema and affordable tickets and concessions.

Jenn Melin

Really nice staff. It's an old theater but the movie quality and sound was just fine. $5 Tuesday's are awesome!

David Allen

Well, time to invest in refurbishing this landmark or shut it down. Moldy smell, tattered curtains, restrooms in sad shape. Hip part of town, maybe a gastro theater?

Anne Healy

Love the new seats!

Samantha Frost

Good ticket prices

Cynthia Alden

Quite old fashioned but fine & good for comfy sitty & movie viewing!

Belinda Shallcross

Old movie theatre, some seating updates. Wine and snacks in theatre. Super friendly, old school. Love it! Play current movies on one screen

jim roach

This place is family friendly and affordable. Movies are current. A movie date cost me less than 20 bucks and that was with snacks as well as tickets. The place is clean, comfortable, as well as pleasant.

Johnny Parsley

I liked the older version more, but it is still one of my favourites!

Andrew Lyons

Single screen movie theater in the heart of Sellwood. Recently replaced their seats. The screen isn't the biggest, but you can't beat the ticket price. And their popcorn is delicious!

Peggy Linstrom

Love the Moreland, and always sit in last two rows. Used to be called" louge" or something. Anyway, best seats in the house. I can walk there, catch first run movie, then use my ticket for discount at Laurelwood next door. Five bucks any time for seniors.

Robin West

Love this special hometown place

Caleb Butler

The Moreland is always great, reasonable prices, great atmosphere, and nostalgic feel. Highly recommend for a solid movie experience

Kimba Arivaderci

Fantastic old theater, only issue is that locals think it's their home where they can chat through the movie. Lack of consideration for others.

Melanie Hall

Great little theater! I love the atmosphere. It makes theater going feel hushed and exciting, to go here! And the folks who run it are really nice

Aabra Jaggard

Historic, family-friendly movie theater has beer on tap and new seats, yay!

Richard Seymour

Great family theatre. Cheap admission. First run movies. Beer is available. Seats can be iffy, but that's part of the charm!

Travis Nash

Definitely worth the $5 on a Tuesday night.

Keith aka KEEF Bornzin Drums in THE VILES

Close to my place... and small/intimate. The way I like to observe films.

Jennifer McGeorge

Cheap tickets for pretty new movies, and they serve beer.

Ryan Massrey

Ya know what, this place is awesome. It's not Cinetopia, nor is the price. This place made me want to go to the theater again. Cheap tickets, cheap beers, great staff.

Tamberli Lombard

Wonderful old theatre with lots of personality! Chairs could use updating and a little maintenance. However, the prices are reasonable and the theatre harkens back to a time when going to the movies was an event. Treasure this neighborhood theatre. There aren't many of them left.

Liam Compton

Been coming here since I was a kid

Janine Evans

It's hard to see past a raised back of a chair especially if you r 5'4 or under. The back rows were better before. Also the sounds is way to loud.

Rob Stoltz

A neighborhood theater that dates back to the days of silent movies.

Eric Keyser

I love this little theater. It is a classic single-screen, and an amazing value. Adding beer sales recently was a great option. My only complaint is the seats. They are long overdue for replacement. They aren't exactly uncomfortable, but the squeaking seats of restless kids or bathroom-breakers can be noticeable when crowded. Even so, it is a wonderful place.

Josh Reed

Older theater with character and friendly staff. Good prices. Downside is the seats are old and if sitting near the back sometimes it's hard to hear.

Patrick Genna

Very nice historical neighborhood theatre that could tell a lot of stories. Probably built in the late 1920s.

Nate Hemphill

I miss the classic old squeaky seats but the new ones are comfy & hygienic and they have cup holders for the tasty fair-priced beers. This spot is a sweet independent neighborhood spot without the sleazy corporate trappings. Thumbs up!

Dan Richardson

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS THEATER! Consistently great movie choices, good sound, digital projection, and the new comfy seats are awesome. Sure, it’s the same price as Lloyd Center, but they don’t bombard you with 30 minutes of obnoxiously loud ads before the screening! Heck, don’t tell them, but I’d pay a buck more just for that.

Curtis Tice

Nice theater but i walk with a cane had trouble climing stairs to bathroom

Mark Weinrott

First run Hollywood films. Never crowded. Good sound. Cheap concessions. Good tasting popcorn. Plenty of nearby parking (Wells-Fargo lot doesn't tow).

Chris Davis

Great neighborhood theater. Prices are good, vintage decor. Affordable popcorn and beverages. Also provide wine and beer. One of our favorite theaters.

cindy poe

Good popcorn

John Devendorf

Good neighborhood theatre. Beer and wine sold too. If you want drinks or popcorn, get there a little early because there can be a line, especially on Friday and Saturday.

Marwan Mohammed

Very well

Paul Stanislaw

$5 movies on Tuesday

Becky Einolf

This theatre is a great place for date night or family night. Over the past couple of years they've added wine and beer options and replaced all the seating. Great popcorn, and sometimes there's even pie!

Jay Smith

really nice Theatre I like it there

Ian Gard

Moreland theatre is a classic old fashioned movie theatre. It has that...feel to it. That indescribable quality that makes it beyond just a building. It's the history here that makes it special. Its definitely not regal and we wouldn't have it any other way.

alisa christensen

Love my neighborhood movie theater, they show new films at cut rates ($4 a piece for the last one) and the building is Coolio antiquated. Big high ceilings, arched doorways. Popcorn & beer.

Austin Greene

This place is great! Seats are kind of garbage but I love the old school atmosphere. They also serve beer.

Night Shark 115

This place is locally owned, and the movie selection is excellent. If someone sits in front of you, however, you can't see the whole screen.

Melissa Starr

Service very good, prices fair. Seats are comfortable enough to make it through a movie.

Peter Miller

Old theater in need of theater seat and sound system upgrade. Excellent price for first run movies. Good beer and wine selection.

Armelle Denis

New seats: super comfortable. Best little local theater.

Donna Delk

Always an upbeat and caring place. Its local, economic, close to coffee shop and eateries. Reminds me of my childhood at the movies.

Linda Liu

Came here to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on a Sunday night. It's a cute little neighborhood theatre with a single screen. The seats were not very comfortable. Not really sure about the reviews that talk about "plush red seats". Maybe plush red back in the day, but now they're just old and faded. Two tickets and a coke came to $18... which is cheap for a city theatre but still kind of overpriced for the experience.

Mark Perin

3 1/2 stars. It's a nice family-run place. Reasonable prices for admission and snack bar. There can be a line since it's minimally staffed. Good projection and sound. No 3-D. Theatre was very cold when we saw a matinee in January. It could use some new paint and seat upgrades.

Jennifer Callison

New seats! Great movie selection, beers on tap, fresh popcorn.

Dana Fisher

Inexpensive with excellent selection of films, fun retro feel.

Ashley Stuart

Love this little gem in Westmoreland! I’ve been coming here my whole life and always have an enjoyable experience. Only complaint is the squeaky chairs, which can be distracting. Popcorn is fresh, drinks are cold and they play first run movies. Only one theater but that’s common for these little neighborhood theaters. Love the decor and the velvet curtains. As a child I’d go up to the bathrooms and view the movie from the vantage point - I thought I was super sneaky!

Bob Beckman

Awesome old school neighborhood movie theatre

Capi Reed

New seats are great!

Ann Tsui

Had a rustic feel to it, as if time traveling back to the 60s. Love the decor and the ambiance. Two suggestions worth mentioning. First, there wasn't a cup holder for a drink on the seat, so either hold it or put it on the floor. The seats, however, are old but comfortable for 2 hours. Second, the stereo system can be adjusted to little lower. Too loud to the point that it was blurry to me.

Edward Liljeholm

Comfortable and cozy theatre. Not part of a big chain, feels like a family run operation. Nostalgic and historical feel.

Leandro Pimenta

I like 'old school' movie theaters just like this one, they are all over Portland. Cheap ticket, local beer...

Steve Groves

Nice classic old theater.Great flick.

Sabe Majeen

Nice neighborhood theater with many places to eat meat by.

John James

Nostalgic venue with character and friendly service.

Max Marshall

Really cute theater, one screen and a charming classic vibe. Super reasonable pricing (breath of fresh air) and the seats were surprisingly comfortable and modern. They have a good beer selection as well. Definitely recommend!


Cute, charming, well priced and decent snacks. Like that they serve alcohol as well! The only negative is I expected Pennywise to be in the bathroom.... Creepy!

Bryan Gilchrist

Great, "old-timey" theater!

Joanne Ellis

Quaint little theater,love going there to watch movies, clean and a very friendly staff.

jim bob

small intimate neighborhood theater new comfortable seats small selection of beers Fountain drinks and bottled soda everything is reasonably priced good deal for a Tuesday night date or just go to the movies

Elliott Waddick

Honestly, I don’t think that this is the type of theater that you would go out of your way to drive to. However, this theater is in my neighborhood and is also really easy to walk to and just see a movie. Do not go into this theater thinking that it will be like all other good old theaters, because this is basically just an old theater with a fine screen and fine sound. It’s nothing spectacular, but I still love it for what it is.

Tanveer Huq

This is as "Portland" of a theater you'll enjoy. A lot of character but the picture quality doesn't suffer. Watch the latest movie, singular, because there is only one screen but you can get some delicious caramel popcorn to munch on.

Gary Lirette

Best old fashioned theater in the world


We love this place. It is super charming and old. Tickets are cheap and one can buy beer or whine.


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