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REVIEWS OF McMenamins Power Station Theater & Pub IN Oregon

Jess n My Girl

Edgefield continues to be one of my favorite places on the east side. Great drinks, beautiful backdrop.

ray roo

Great food and amenities

Nick Stumbo

I really love this place. Great food and brews at the Power Station. Great environment for a working lunch or a date with the wifey.

Cathy R

Wow! Just got here. Sat at the bar area the young man who gave me my food was so nice but the young lady standing behind the counter had a SEVERE problem! Staring, banging things around and is basically unhappy with her job. Very insolent. If I knew her name I'd post it. The chefs in the back don't wear gloves. That makes me sick! I won't order here again or from her anythimg

Ben Logan

Good food and our party of 30 was well taken care despite the hectic nature of having a group that large.

JD Rossetti

Legendary. A must try location!

Brey Lynn

Love the art. Love the Sweet Potato fries on the dock. Love the Fish N Chips & the Grateful Veg. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Gregg Garrison

15.75 for an overdone burger and limp fries and the ruby ale was forgettable with tip 25.00 not going back.

Dustin Knowlton

My visit here was under unfortunate circumstances, as we were there to raise a drink in memory of my cousin that recently passed away. That being said, the atmosphere was amazing. While there was a wait to get a room for all of us, it was easy to order drinks or snacks to tide us over. The whole place is gorgeous, and we definitely plan on coming back under better circumstances.


Great atmosphere, service, and food!

Amanda Richards

As always, the beer was excellent, but my $18 burger was very depressing. Go for the atmosphere, not the food.

Keith Garwick

Excellent food, good prices, GREAT atmosphere.

Matt Mc

Beautiful gardens surrounding beautiful old buildings. Can walk around the gardens with a craft beer

Samantha Bunch

Good food, seating and tables are a bit crowded

Steve Barnes

Love this place. We have been to a few McMenamins and have had a great experience each time. Food 4-5 stars (good, sometimes great). Service 5 stars. Atmosphere 5+ (these guys really know décor!). Prices 4 stars (some items are pricy for what they are but prices are good for the most part).

Sophie Brandon

My husband and I were staying in Bridal Veil for our honeymoon. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and the owners raved about this place. It was about 20-25 mins away and totally worth the drive. You can easily spend the evening there hopping around to the different restaurants, pub, bar, winery, etc. Such a unique experience that isn’t like anything else I’ve seen before. You should definitely check it out if you’re in the area looking for something to do one evening. Grab a beer, walk around, and explore the grounds!

erin watson

Gorgeous patio...great food, excellent beer. Stop by the gift shop and buy a bag of their coffee beans....

Moirae Moore

Had a great time watching a movie and having a meal with my son.

SandraJean Searcy

I adore everything about Edgefield!!! Soooo beautiful, best energy. Best fun, great drink and delicious food. It's the mothership for me!!!

Tana Granby

Great food, superb service.

Ilene Brown

I LOVE all things McMenamins, from the way they repurpose our wonderful buildings in the Northwest and use them for food drink and merriment to The Eclectic decors to the variety! My only beef at the Power Station Pub and most McMenamins restaurants is they seem to have really talented staff I wish they would let them go a little crazy and come up with some new and interesting food items. My salmon salad was excellent but the soup ugh. They called it Asian vegetable it tasted like leftover French Onion with some unknown taste thrown in didn't see much in the way of vegetables. Let's let your cooks and chefs spice up things a little bit!

Alex Perez

Amazing food, service and decoration. Great place

Chris Deege

Food is always good. The service could be better. Love the atmosphere. Great beer as always. Communication Breakdown burger is excellent. Fries are home made and always hot and fresh. Get a small basket, unless you are ordering for 4 or more. Been here many times. In the spring, summer and fall, outside is the place to be. It can be windy, very windy sometimes. There are several pubs on the premises, fun to explore.

Robert Stamper

Timing was good... They got really busy after we got there around 11 am

R Thackery

Staff are awesome. They are knowledgeable and a pleasure. Food was delicious, very pricey but what isn't in the Portland area.

Jen McPherson

Delicious food and great service! We stay here a few times a year and visit the restaurants even more frequently. The food, drinks and service are always consistently good and there's a great atmosphere. Tried the spa for the first time and had an exceptional massage and pedicure. The soaking pool is always amazing.

Steven Wisely

Good food little spendy tho

Zena Begin

Food was very good but service was a bit disorganized due to switching out servers which seemed unnecessary

Lee Kebler

Very comfortable seating, but the theater itself had a bit of a dank/damp smell. They have some amazing theaters like St. John's or the one on hawthorn, this isn't their best. But it does seem to show the better movies.

Benjamin Jaeger

Not as big as the bagdad, but good sound and projector.

Moira Holas

Edgefield has cool grounds, but the food is expensive and less than mediocre. This is the biggest tender from the $16 4 piece chicken strips. The middle third was edible, but the ends were burnt and dry and nasty. The waitress when we told her, " yeah, we get lots of complaints on those. Thanks for coming in.". Wow!

Blane Hartleb

It saddens me to write wife and I come here often...and the place is awesome. ...but the service and food is so inconsistent and 80% disaster.. This review comes after us going here over 10 times. I usually don't write bad reviews..but I just can't comprehend how such a big business can have such horrible service and inconsistent food. We order. . After 10 minutes of even being greeted . We order...we are a party of person gets there food. Then 10 MINUTES later one other gets there's. On and on. By the time the 4th person gets their food...everyone else is done. .it happens nearly every is sad.. because I don't know if management understands how horrible the service is.

Theresa Chandler

Great place to visit

Cindy Bacon

7.00 beer 15.00 cheeseburgers. If you attend the concert you need to set your chair up early like 7 hours early. The line is up a steep hill. Not for those that are handicapped or disabled. The gate opens more waiting. All This to sit on a lawn to see a concert.

j fox

Great place to see a movie...super comfy and chill and beautifully painted

Julia Dixon

Great location with several dining and drinking options

Damon Hughes

This place was fantastic. The pulled pork chili was a tasty treat! Ambiance, high quality spirits and an eclectic food selection make this place a must!

Melanie Davis

Good pub fare; delicious tots; friendly, responsive and timely service.

Tyler Crompton

My favorite place to eat and watch a movie!!! The Mouth of the south was the best burger I've ever had.

Jeff Dennerline

McMenanmin's food, comfy first run theater - what better way to see a movie.

Dani T

They were very helpful and super nice.

bruce chirre

Service is always OK. But tots are good and the Scooby snacks.


I've seen a lot of movies at the theater here, the food and service is always fantastic.

Sarrah Beam

Can be a decent wait at peak times but always good food and friendly staff. Nice to grab a glass at the wine bar while waiting.

Scott Wanasek

Love the atmosphere and being able to go from building to building for new scenery. Gorgeous area and kept up to the highest of standards. That being said, it takes so incredibly long to get waited on it takes away from what should be an awesome experience. By the time your food actually arrives you'll have forgotten what you ordered. Great place to have a few drinks and walk around and enjoy the sites and the history, but save yourself and do not eat here.

Keara T

Awesome experience. There were a lot of events happening so there was quite a wait for the table. Being able to walk around to the different bars while we waited for the table was a really fun way to pass the time. There was also quite a wait for food, but our server, Sita (she was stellar!!), was very communicative and attentive so it hardly felt like a wait at all. The BBQ Salmon Sandwich was out of this world! Hands down some of the best salmon I’ve ever had!

Paul Carlson

Awesome food. Great staff.

Sergio Villegas

This place was very nice. I ordered the bacon burger and it was so good! You truly do get what you pay for. I had a cider to drink that I would highly recommend it's called.... shoot I can't remember, but it was very sweet. Oh wait wait I remember. The pomegranate cider... There's also a movie theater there. Go check it out or yourself I'm sure you'll have a good time.

Britt Launius

Visited on Christmas! We watched Mary Poppins with cocktails and tater tots. The whole experience was amazing! The staff was friendly and professional! The food was yummy and the movie was great!

Tyler Griffin

Great food and my favorite beer!

Matthew Laue

Mcmenamins is always a fun stop, is now very trendy, but still worth the while.

Mark B

If you haven't been to one of the McMenamins pubs, you are missing out. It is not really a chain, more a group of pubs housed in historic buildings with a slight menu variation at each one. This is housed in a former power station (a small one) and offers incredible food and drinks as well as the wonderful service we have received at all McMenamins sites. This place also has a hotel and spa, which we didn't use but looked great. The grounds are also a walking adventure for that after-meal stroll. Please note I am not being compensated for this review (I just really love McMenamins!)

james matthew

I love the atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff at Edgfield. I’ve been coming here regularly always bringing friends and family when they come to visit. What has happened to the quality of the food and service here? Went to Edgfield yesterday for my three year anniversary and was saddened by the dining experience.

Thomas Anton

Wonderful, would have gotten 5 stars if they had Stella as advertised by signs. lol

Travis Comfort

Took more than an hour to get our food! Worst service in Oregon

Kelly May

Good food, relaxed atmosphere. An all around good time.

Jean B

Food was good bunnies were cute!

Charles Lefebre

Love this place!

Emanuel Magda

Food sucked, the beer amazing. Service super slow.

April Conklin

Great place, incredible atmosphere and incredibly friendly for the whole family!

Jared Friend

Great place. Typical good mcmenamins food.

Katie Sullivan

Always love going to Edgefield. Pitch and put is fantastic. Roughly $1/hole. 21 holes. 9 restaurants from a pub to a finer dining experience. Ruby's spa has massage therapy and a salt water pool. So yummy. Fantastic bar under the hotel with shuffleboard, pool, darts etc. You can do wine tours and listen to local artists in the distillery. Blow glass, watch concerts on the lawn. Always something new to see there!

Steve Berg

Great Pub fare. Excellent craft beers. Beautiful campus and old timey hotel. Kid friendly.

Riley Beau

Best part is always the food and alcohol. Warm environment.

Shawn Holcomb

Awesome place. Cool atmosphere, good food overall. The spicy burger wasn't very spicy though. Loved the rest of it.

Derick Smith

The power station has so many taps if it is your first time at a McMenamins you have picked a great location you will be so happy the staff is amazing the restaurant almost always has seating available the food is great and did I mention they have so many tops available if you are a Beer Drinker this is definitely one of your bucket List locations that you need to drink beer at and you can watch a movie and drink a beer in the movie and get that great food brought to you well in the movie they show titles that are still in the theaters so if you have been wanting to see a movie but want to have a beer and a great burger then this is the place to go

Olivia Poe

That was the best night out I have had in a long time. The staff was friendly and the food was fantastic. I can't wait to eat the leftovers.

Ro Ib Ba

beer and burger... best combination

James Williams

Great atmosphere and food; well priced, and tasty. I will go again when I'm at Rooster Rock.

Abigail Matthews

I've been here o multiple separate occasions. My friends were actually married at the top. It's a wonderful place to be.

Sheri Lane

Very busy spot depending on your arrival wait time can be up to 45min for a table But usually well worth the wait

Joseph McConnell

Legitimately delicious burger, very friendly and personable staff, warm and inviting atmosphere. But the poutine is the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth. Do not get the poutine.

Jon Turino

This is a very popular spot with the locals. I officiated a wedding in The Attic above the pub. Two flights of dark stairs so it's not for the faint of heart. Lovely venue otherwise. #pdxoffociant

Paul Ziegenfelder

There usually is quite a long wait here, both to get seated and to have your order arrive. Wait staff is courteous but a bit flaky at times. My last visit, three different people in my party had orders that needed to be modified due to lack of ingredients for three different reasons. If you're looking for a laid back place to eat and chat, not a bad choice.

Leslie Taylor

Great food and drinks.

Amy Guimond

Wandered in on my way back to Portland from hiking out at The Falls in the Gorge... didn't realize it was Jerry Garcia's birthday, and they had a whole huge event on the lawn with beer and bands and food. I wasn't interested in any of that so I went into the pub for lunch. I was solo so I sat at the bar and ordered a couple of beers and lunch. Despite being slammed at this hour, I got friendly service yes, prompt delivery of food and drink, and a great memory of this location. The entire Edgewater facility is huge, I'm going to have to check it out when I return to Portland. I could easily envision anybody coming in spending an hour for lunch, but you could also spend an entire weekend here and have a fantastic experience. At least that's what I plan to do next time I visit the Portland area!

Lance Lane

Happy Hour is really good! Food items are well portioned and the price is right. I will admit though, a single order of Cajun tater tots is good enough to share. An order for one person is too much.

Marc Terry Jr

Great beer and good food. Environment was very welcoming. Place had great service as well. I highly recommend people check this place out.

lisa swoboda mumby

Loved the style. It had a bar, a movie theater and A restaurant. What more could you all for? Went for a movie, and had a lovely seat with yummy snacks and drinks. It was a lovely time and the movie was waaayy cheaper than a standard theater. Wonderful experience!


Typical McMenamins... cool buildings, nicely restored, GREAT beer, and good food. We enjoy watching a movie in the theatre while eating and enjoying a beer.

wink Shingleman

Amazing place with everything you could need or want. so big its easy to get lost there, I think there are 5 bars, countless hotel rooms, movie theater, restaurants, crafts, glass blowing, nursery, and probably 1000 other things I didn't mention.

Michael Lewis

1st time to this facility, won't be my last! Good service, good food, good atmosphere.

Zack Kahler

The theatre seating chart is misleading at best. We had a very bad experience, requiring us to change seats, and miss part of the movie. However, the food, the drinks, and the service was excellent as usual.

Ryan Bugler

I reserve my reviews for exceptional experiences, though, on either end of the spectrum. Unfortunately for me and my party, this falls far from what would be considered acceptable. As quickly as we were seated we were forgotten. After being passed by servers several times I waived down someone to be asked if we can be served, only to be met with a short temper and angst. 40+ minutes to experience neglect and water. We went out of our way to dine here, we will not be doing that again.

David Bankalachi

Ben at the bar doesn't like anyone but Anglos. Brown people save your money. Told me it would be an hour for food and told the people to my immediate right 10 minutes. Apologized profusely for the "mistake" several times when confronted that I heard him. Ben may have some bias issues...

Denise Adair

Always a fun spot, I've notice the service staff not as friendly in the past year wondering if it's getting to corporate. Food has also decreased in flavor and being prepared correctly.

John Lee

If you have never visited the Poor Farm you need to. Great location, lots to do, many places to drink or hold meetings and you can actually have beer while you watch a good movie. Great concerts too.

Alex Narath

Can't say enough about McMenamins .....try and visit all the restaurants if you can, you won't be let down. Our family has eating here every Friday for 28 yrs.....we love it!

Michael Snider

I had a good time.

Paul Drew

Loved the atmosphere and food!

Paul Richelieu

Staff was awesome. Great food/wine/beer suggestions. Tried stuff I wouldn't normally do and I was surprised how much I liked it.

Candace Dibble

Great food and drinks!

Scott Streett

We had great food and service. The server was fast and helpful with timing things for the kids. Only negative is how loud the Power Station Pub is when full like it usually is.

Jerry Hatch

Great service great food

Chanthalomsack Boualywath

It's ok tho. Food are great. Went with my son for my nephew 29 Birthday. I would prefer go in day to explore more. Thank you

M Roe

If you want to wait for 1 hour next to several empty tables without being seated, then it might be for you. Otherwise it would make sense to just grab food somewhere else. Super rude and unsupportive staff.

Jason Kost

Good option to have dinner and a movie

Cheri Way

This is definitely a fun place to bring visitors to.

Joseph F

It's nice and a fun environment, but prices pretty high. $25 for a burger and beer.

oleg saranchuk

Great place, I recommend it to other people.

Dale Gardner

This place is beautiful, but while they are open till 3 for lunch we got there at 2:20 and they refused to seat us. We were so excited to be there only to be pushed away. I understand you have to close but don't say your open till 3 just to turn people away. Very disappointed

Bob Keller

Signage to find your way around the facility is poor or non existent. Parking is a maze with lots of roaming through full and unconnected lots to find a parking spot. Canapes were delicious.

heather harmon

Wow! Beautiful! Takes me back in time, great theater! Friendly service a comfortable atmosphere! Great for a date #1 place!

Norman McDonald

Great atmosphere, pricing location. The best of everything.

Christopher Johnson

Great experience! Very unique, food and beer was great also!

Andrew Newberg

Awesome atmosphere, delicious cuisine, friendly service

Jon Prepchuk

Great to stroll around the grounds.

Arlene Wands

Love their originality! Great food, great energy!

maddie danner

Lots of different buildings and areas to walk around. Made for a fun date night, and we enjoyed doing the passport scavenger hunt here.

Benice Ryan Balague

Awesome place! Friendly staff and good portions of food. I had the cheese burger and it was alot of food for me. Great place for groups, birthdays, and family.

M'lissa Wetherell

They've changed their menu, eliminating all the plant-based foods that I could eat and keeping that awful sliders dish. No high pasta, no amazing Curry Bowl, none of that was there anymore. The Cider was mediocre and water was served in plastic glasses instead of glass which is super wasteful when you consider the volume of people that they serve. The building is a special place for me and I was so glad that McMenamins bought it and renovated it. And it used to be really delicious. I'm not sure I'll be back after this visit. I want to add that their servers and staff were amazing and that this rating doesn't reflect that in any way. I just can't justify the expense of eating there when all I can eat are french fries or a pretty basic salad.

Iuliia B

Good food,very friendly service and cozy atmosphere:)

Micheal Taylor

I don't even know how to describe the McMenamins property in Troutdale. But there is so much to do and see. It's just ..... Awesome. An experience and an absolute must do & see if in the area!

Lyndon Way

Intimate theater experience - with microbrews! ♥️

Vicki Guillory

Good food and great beer and spirits. Happy hour menu is full of very filling options

Samwise Stewart

Its great, you get to walk around with your drinks, they have several different bars. And 3 or 4 differnt places to eat at all around the property.

Middleaged Headbanger

Great food and atmosphere, but crowded on weekends.

Jon Q

Great place to eat with an old school ambiance.


Be sure to stay a night here. Get around and soak in some Oregon history. The food here is the best of all McMenamins.

Jennifer Shewell

It's Mcmenamins there are pros and cons... food is good in general but not special. What makes this location stand out are the impressive gardens and grounds.

Josh Rau

Not quite as good as 10 years ago when beers were $4 instead of $6-7 and burgers were the name of the game. But still holds all the rustic/ artistic charm. Good eats but not stellar. Something for everyone though. Many good beers but seasonals and limited editions are hit or miss and many have that home brewed quality. The staple beers are as good as ever if now overpriced.

Diane Young

Great food, would be nice to see something different on the menu, been coming here for years and LOVE it

Michelle Fain

The history, the vibe, the food, the service, the groundskeeping, absolutely unparalleled. A must experience place.

Kenneth McManus

Unique and visually appealing... ridiculously expensive beer, but food is generally very good and only a bit pricey.. too much going on here to try to describe, but it demands a personal experience to make your own opinion.. really fun par 3 golf course

Joshua Fackrell

A local staple, they have pretty good bar food. I think most locals have a favorite McMenamins dish. Unfortunately I have noticed this location frequently uses disposable plastic cups. This is a huge disappointment for such an eco friendly city. They only excuse I can come up with us that this is easier than washing dishes, but the trade off is pollution from the disposal of these one-time-use cups. Please stop using these, if not I am afraid my McMenamins days are number.

Lonewolf Ballentine

My worst $20 hamburger ever.. every cent of it but my waitress was cool!

Jonathan long

Don't sit downstairs at this theater. Your neck will regret it! The screen is high enough up it was a challenge to watch the whole movie. Great tater tots, though!

Tyrel Johnson

Love this place! My whole family loves to visit here.

All That

I LOVE this place! If there’s a wait, get a drink and wander the spectacular grounds. Food is excellent. Beer is delicious and service always impeccable. Truly I go for the beer and puppers. Lol. I’ve been here many times and will keep coming here.

Rodney Wilder

Awesome cozy theatre. New releases , great food and staff. Wonderful scenery. A win win

bananaboy2004 1

It was incredibly busy, however the male bartender Saturday night (7/20) was a total unapologetic jerk. The wait for food was nearly 90 min! Customer service in genetal at this location has gone way down hill. There is never enough staff, even when they know they have multiple large events going on. It was very disappointing, Edgefield use to be the premier location. Now I'd rather drive further to a Mcmenamins with much better service.

Melissa Blanchard

Food and drink was good but service was just ok.

Sandra Martin

Great food and cocktails. Great service and atmosphere.

mike berezan

Very interesting place. Great staff.

Bruce Bangerter

Great place to watch a movie and eat good food.

joseph johnson

The atmosphere is what I love most about this place, you can’t beat the many small bars you can walk to after enjoying a tasty meal, the beer is delicious and I highly recommend you check this place out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Rhonda Birk

I'm just reviewing the pub. First time eating here. Daughter and I came for a evening wedding and decided to eat first. My daughter has allergies to everything and finding food can be a problem. This pub has it all. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan! She was able to get tater tots, which she can't normally have due to places not having a separate fryer for them, and she can't eat red meat, but one of their burgers sounded so good to her, we asked if they could sub a grilled chicken breast and the bun with a gluten free bun. NO Problem.... I give the staff two thumbs up and five stars for sure. Now the only reason I gave four stars at the top was due to the wedding being held three floors up in this same building, and if you're old, or have difficulty climbing stairs, this was the pits. There are pictures of the pub and surrounding items on the Edgefield property. If you have not been before, you could spend a few hours just walking around looking at the scenery.

Stephen Foltz

If the sound of many people talking in a closed space bothers you, then maybe go somewhere else. But service is reasonably good, wait staff is friendly and food is very good.

Jessica Merchant

This theater is beautifully funky, in true McMenamins fashion. However, the screen is positioned very high up so if you sit on the main floor, you'll be craning your neck up, even in the very back row. Definitely sit in the balcony. I loved that I could order food/bevs and have it delivered to my (comfy) seat. Cajun tots and a Ruby for the win.

Sydney Owen

Ordered a gluten free burger with a salad substitute and wine tasting flight today. I was really impressed with how thorough our server was in taking the order and checking the details, and despite being super busy on a beautiful Saturday evening with multiple big groups and a wedding, the service was good and the food came quickly. The gardens are also beautiful and we enjoyed wandering around before our meal.

Christian Elliott

The Cajun tater tots are my favorite! The prices can be a little high but they make up for that with a fun atmosphere and great tasting food.

Denia Campbell

Awesome can't wait to stay the night, day spa, massages, soaking pool, movies all on site

Douglas Teal

Great service and atmosphere. Food was also.

Robert Keller

Great beer and wine. The food is very tasty. It can be crowded on busy weekends. The service is usually fast and friendly.

Keith Kemp

Love this little theatre and bar. Sit in comfort, eat some good food (Cajun tots are amazing) and have a beer as you watch the movie. Service to your seat if you show up at least 45 mins before the movie, otherwise you can order at the bar and they will still deliver it to your seat.

Dennis O'Neill

A consistent staple at Edgefield. What you'd expect from a Mcmennamins

Navin Sadarangani

Great food - pizza, burgers, tatter totts. Great drinks - wine and beer. Staff were friendly and good. Nice place to hangout with friends and have a gathering.

dsads DAFDS

Ate at the black rabbit 17 dollar hamburger and micro brews good food great service

chris fulton

They got rid of there ranchero tots and pretzel and beer cheese , so sad, they where so good. Other than that is it still awesome. BRING BACK THE RANCHERO TOTS!

Joy Brown

The wait was about 30 minutes for a table, so we wandered around for a bit. Talked to the nice shopkeeper and browsed the gift shop. When we got our table, the waitress was attentive and the food came out perfectly. This is a nice date night spot. I am considering booking a room and taking in a spa night and outdoor grill amenities they have.

noah Kaluzne

Service pretty much sucked tonight must have been the end of someone shift our table got forgotten waited over an hour for a plate food was ok. Drinks always good though loved the ambiance as always


Always fun. Good food but long wait. Great atmosphere.

Angela Aase

McMenamins are notorious for poor service. If you get outdoor seating at the power station, it's markedly better. The only accommodations outside, are tables for 2 or 4. If you have a bigger party they will not put tables together and your only option is a picnic table and benches, which are not comfortable for the duration of slow service. They do offer dog bowls of water for your canine dining companion. For a place that is known for beer, they only have 1 seasonsl IPA and it's hit or miss if the one in rotation is good.

Stacy Iles

Our favorite place for wine, beer and food in the Pacific Northwest.

Mark Benson

Need to upgrade food. The food is maybe average at best.

Martha Flores

I went during the Fall and they had great outdoor settings. Love the flowers especially. Great place for photographers :)

Rosemarie Aughenbaugh

The service was very very poor. Our group was divided into 2 tables. Orders were taken at the same time for both tables. Our food came 30 minutes after the other table. Our server visited the table near us of a single gentleman 4 times and was very flirty with him yet never stopped by our table. She was over heard saying she hadn't turned our order in. Our beverages were never refilled and no additional water ever provided. All 5 of us had empty glasses. One was able to grab an extra glass of ice water left at our table. My fries must have been salted twice. They were unedible. Finally I flagged down our server just to get my bill. Instead of bringing all of our bills she brought just mine. I had an appointment that I ended up being late for because the service was so slow. When I left the others were still waiting to see her again and get their bill. I don't recall her name but she had purple hair

Tanya Burton

Went there to pick up for Postmates and after standing in line for 15 (where the host told me too) I was in the wrong part then went to the right one. And the host there was very very rude and then they didn't even have want the person wanted. "Yeah someone should change that menu online" then the person didn't want anything from them.

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