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Michelle Webber

what a cool space! i'm forever impressed by what the mcmenamins have done to so many structures in the PNW, and the Mission is no exception. this little one screen theater offers a clean, super comfortable seating (on the balcony no less), an awesome beer/cider selection, and the quirkiness and authenticity one should expect from Portland. the screen itself is fairly small and the sound was serviceable. i would definitely return to see another film here.

andrew gooch

Great little music venue!

Jason Shepherd

Loved seeing the Glass Cannon Podcast team here!

Ashley McGinley

Fun theater, especially for special events. Bartenders know what they're doing and the pizza is delicious!

Kenneth Moffat

Nice intimate venue. Decent sounds, good beer.

Jack Wright from Woodland

We've been here twice for movies, and had a great experience each time. If you're going to see a movie here, I would recommend arriving 20-30 minutes before it starts to acquire a good seat, especially if you're going with a group. The rest of the drinks are typical McMenamins fare, although they have a limited food menu compared to their regular restaurants.

Stacey Coonrod

Great casual place to watch a movie and drink a beer

Philip Dickson

Caught the best Christmas movie ever here this past December......Die Hard. Good pizza and cold beer. Cool way to watch a flick. Best seats are upstairs.

Amy Z

Here for a wedding. Bitchin set-up.

Mike Agranoff

This place is great! Super old school

Nick Troiano

Super fun place to catch a drink and a movie!

stan hayes

Ms. Kittys Parlor is amazing. Great music, incredible entertainment.

Darline McHarless

This is a great place to watch old movies. You really get into it. And it's awesome that they serve beer and liquor here. The popcorn is awesome! I highly recommend getting there early because the seats fill up fast

Dan T

Stopped in to get the passport stamped as we passed through the area. The staff was more than cordial and gave us the nickel tour. If I lived in the area there would be no reason not to make this the place to see a movie with friends and family.

Annette Arnold-Boyd

Love the theater

Zachary Bentley

Been here a few times. There plays aren't that great but a good place to go relax and drink a beer

Stephanie McGee

Our family had a ton of fun here... We went to watch Die Hard as an after christmas family fun outing. 1) ticket prices cannot be beat 2) fun environment, particularly for older movies everyone has seen and can quote 3) caesar salad was awesome... hint get the half 4) love the older architecture 5) loved the tables mixed in with chairs to eat and drink and be merry So... here's the deal ~~ don't expect a brand new theater... this place doesn't even largely have theater seating. Don't expect parking... its basically in downtown PDX so street park and be happy. Don't expect new facilities... the architecture is awesome so it's really old lol One bathroom in the main floor and more down stairs... as in way down the stairs. The doors were supposed to open 45 minutes before the showtime. They were late, but it's ok. It's a fun family event... so don't be in a hurry. Staff overall were friendly. The food was pretty good. I loved the caesar salad and the hummus plate... nachos were meh... and the pizza is the-soggy-gotta-fold-it-in-half-or-eat-with-a-fork-kind... but had good flavor. I was very bummed that with the limited menu they were out of one that we really wanted... the soft pretzel sticks with cheese...ugh booooooo... Soft drinks get one refill. Screen is in good condition. I really want to go back for bingo and more movies at later dates. Fun place! Good times with the fam!

Margarita Landeros

See the best movie in years mondays only tuve dllrs and you can buy your Glass of wine ir beer.

Brett Begani

Another line for drinks only would be fabulous, that's just a suggestion. The service and people are great. Turn the volume up a bit, people talking are jerks to contend with.

Alex Banng

As a Passport holder with over 80% completed this was a blast from the past. We watched The Thing here which I hadn't seen since it originally aired thin theaters. Having a bar inside the theater is pretty awesome for refills. Some of the classic food options for McMenamins were available and there were plenty of seats to choose from as long as you show up a little early.

Kevin Moore

I love the Mission. Cool atmosphere, but not *too* nice. Not so nice you don't feel like you can put your feet up, you know? You can start a conversation, be yourself, and the service staff are just people. A very welcoming vibe. Had the Irish stout on nitro, a Manhattan, and the chips and salsa with guac while my wife and I watched North by North West (for the 10th time, heh). A near-perfect date night.

Jonetta Hoffman

Very nice place for a date night

Huntorino Midkiff

Had a Great time

Janice T Poetry

This theatre, and its proprietess, are a jewel. We sat in very comfortable seating in the balcony, where one can enjoy pizza, a humus plate, or some delicious popcorn during the show, and there is a full bar available. This theatre features a lovely wide screen and sophisticated sound. Absolutely excellent service!!! We loved the entire experience!!!

M. Santana

Loved it. Very cool venue. Comfy seats. Reasonabnle prices. Came here for a show, and had a great time.

Brittany Kreider

Very comfortable seating (speaking as a larger gal)

Jane DeSimone

Cool spot catch a movie, drink a beer, snacks that are not popcorn! We had a hummus plate that had a good variety of olives, cheese, pitas bread...

Brad Poser

Switching to first run movies rather than stage shows... Just another theatre now.

Nick R

Saw Breakfast Club. Staff was nice and amenities were great. Will be seeing more movies here

Jesus la Pinga

What a great venue and excellent staff. I was so pleased as a performer to have such a friendly group of staff, amazing drinks, and such a great show, space, and the greenroom is fantastic. What a fun time .

Laura Perry

There is no pub, just theater in which you can get a beer once you're seated for the movie

Mike Matychuck

We have been going here for years. Brings back great memories. One of the first places, if not the first, that you could get a beer and see a movie.

Willis Miller

If you like pizza and good fresh beer with great live music... this is the place to be!

David Piechnik

Beautiful theatre serving up great food and drinks. Stumbled upon it while wandering on vacation and decided to come back to watch a movie that evening. It's not the best theatre experience you'll ever have for sound and video but it is unique and you can get some quality drinks for the show.

Alita Leavitt

I've never been so happy to be sitting in church!

Sunita Maharaj-Vidal

Such a great experience here!! We watched "it's a wonderful Life" during the Christmas weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed the drinks and snacks while relaxing in those comfy seats!

Colleen Fay

Loved it.

Jeff Schroeder

Love this place! Good pizza, awesome historic theater and the beer is amazing.

Jim Fritz

Amazing old theatre. Will definitely see Miz Kitty there again!

John Acerbi

Fun place in a repurposed historic Swedish Mission, hence the name.

Tracy Crider

Good staff, pizza sucks. They need to order pizza from a local place and have it delivered as it would be better than the frozen pizza they sell. The salads are nice. The location is great for monthly events and gatherings.

tj jackson

Great place. Friendly staff and very cozy place to watch a movie.

Michael Hassur

Beautiful, old theater though the movie (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) was lousy...

Gabor Molnar

Great venue for a show and movie!

Andrew Rogers

An emphasis on classic movies and other entertainment not normally available at a movie theater. Decent brew and view food options with timely service. Good cocktails and draft beer list. It has a small parking lot and is easily accessible from 405. A short walk from the Pearl district

lyee chong

Great atmosphere and food! It's not crowded and I would definitely recommend watching movies here.

Jonathan Mooney

During the wildfires a few years back I went to see Conan the Barbarian with a friend. Came out of the theater to a blood-red sunset raining ash. Best movie experience yet. Great food selection, beers, and actual tables to watch the movie from.

Vanessa Davis

I loved loved loved the bingo with Poison Waters. But please for the love of all that's holy turn on the A/C! So very hot in here!

Casandra Hylton

Fun vintage theater. Pizza and nachos with beer and cider. No parking.

William Crowe

Very cool place for music.

Joe Aklin

nice place, I enjoy the balcony when it's not busy

Jonathan Streech

Nice old theater. This was a special event so it sold out, which meant seating was a little bit of a challenge. The balcony is worth getting there early.

Kaleena Rodda

Great good and great music!

Shelby Speck

I saw the Fifth Element for the first time here!! Life changing!!! Also, why hadn't I seen this before someone pleasd tell me... I love how intimate the theatre is and they got good drinks on tap. Comfy spacious seats.

Barb Pohl

Fun place to view movies while enjoying beers and cider. The food options are limited. The floor is flat but screen high enough so it's not an issue. Tables enable you to set your drinks and/or food down. Chairs are also movable and comfortable enough to enjoy a movie. Inexpensive older movies. Beers for less than you'd pay for a large soda at regular movie theater.

Wilfred Pinfold

Great local theater

Erik Black

Cool small theater. Awesome acoustics and strong bar drinks. Cool historic building and charm.

Quinton Aj Stevens

Came to see Jess & Gabriel perform “Another Day Another Tour.” There was a good stand, from which I ordered a delicious pizza. The acoustics of the room were good with a decent amount of seating. I do not believe there is very good wheelchair access whatsoever. There is a parking lot nearby and parking available on the street (albeit with maximum time limits). Came across several homeless folk asking for change and generally strange people passing by and talking to us outside while we waited. The theatre itself feels very...antique, in a good way.

Krisa Kouture

Most of these stars are for the building itself, because it is old and beautiful. As usual, McMennamin's itself is the issue. Not enough people working; only two workers to take food & drink orders, which meant waiting in line for ten minutes. And there wasn't even that many people there at all! The food was meh, as usual. But, you gotta love the price for the movie tickets.

Kevin Hoover

Always an experience at this place as the Mission Theater is one of the local gems for music (PDX Jazz specifically). Staff is always available to help out with one of their local brews and a bite to eat. Update as of 1-2-19 for Cascade Blues Association monthly meeting. A new venue for them (an upgrade from Catfish Lou’s) and lots of room for these events.

Tim Sabrowski

Loved eating and drinking at a cool old place with movies.

Deb Mustard

Great venue wish they had better food.

David Whipp

Cool place to see a flick and drink a beer.

Ingrid Gander

What to see a great movie here. No place better to see a classic movie and then a McMenamins!

Crystal Sandoval

Great place! Comfortable and fun atmosphere.

Tricia Crain

As with most places in the McMenamins lineup the atmosphere is warm and cozy. It's heavily decorated in a way that some might call gaudy but it's just the charm of the place. The theatre had a pretty decent sized stage and the chairs weren't too uncomfortable. The drinks were pricy but they usually are at these places. There's no assigned seating so if you want a good seat you'll have to line up before the doors open. The staff were very friendly and professional and went out of their way to get every checked in fast.

Anita Shuler

This is a great spot for music. It is a small intimate venue with good acoustics.


Took my daughter out to Mic Check. Music was pretty good. The enviornment was chill. Drinks were cold. Over all had a good time.

Shasta Frier

Super cheap tickets and they play older cool movies. Mcmennamins mission is very respectable and on the upside all the building are amazing. The food is equivalent to what you'd get a a bar and the drinks are decently strong. Lots of good beers and wine to chose from. Highly recommend over most theatres.

Larry Bates

Came here for a company event great spot to watch a movie and grab a beer

Shelley Kroll

Love the venue! Not a bad seat in the house!

Aimee Alexander-Shea

Beautiful old theater with a full bar and balcony...

Heidi Kruck

Fun place to see a movie! The theater is clean and the balcony seats are comfy. I love being able to see classics on the big screen.

Immanuel Singleton

It was so nice to have the monthly Cascade Blues Association meeting here. This room was designed for

Esoteric Drifter

Nice venue. Good sound, and atmosphere. Pizza and other snacks available.

Carla Clark

Love this little McMenamin's. More cozy than the other theaters. Once saw Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" here on a Superbowl Sunday. It was surreal because the "area" was about 8 feet tall!

Jennifer Fitzgerald

The last stamp on my passport quest! The kids and I enjoyed the theatre, pretty good view from everywhere. Food options are pizza and salads with a few other appetizers. Beer is excellent as always

Greer Martin

Loved the show but the food water much room for improvement

Larry Sierralar

The Tortilla chips covered with black beans, grilled peppers, and cheeses were freshly made and not from a bag...delivered to our theatre seats, too.

Jon Trueb

Very nice bartender

william lucas

Awesome experience. Customer service was top notch and great place watch a movie. Even if the movie is average the experience there makes up for it.

Ben Underwood

This place is a fun spot to watch a movie or show. We enjoyed the food and drinks while catching a later rerun of Grease. It was a blast.

Jack Honsinger

We had a really nice time!

Rosemary Gray

80's Dance party not to be missed.

Kimberley Volk

No better way to watch Christmas Vacation than with a bunch of adults who are drinking beer, reciting every line and laughing before the scene happens. Highly recommend!

Steve Gibson

Very cool place to watch a movie

Timberly Eyssen

This is a great location and I enjoy the paranormal discussions every month. Great food and brew in a cozy place.


Cool place to watch old movies while enjoying a bite and a drink.

Ashley Alameda

Dope little place with a great atmosphere. We watched The Princess Bride. When you go, get there early and have your companion get premium seating upstairs while you get drinks and snacks. Prices aren't too bad. We had a great time!

Timothy Olson

Got an slice of pizza and an moscow mule while watching who framed rodger rabbit. Both were good and the atmosphere of the theater was high enjoyable. My only complaint is the projection was ever so slighly high. I could see the very top of the movie playing off the bottom of the chandeliers.

Bruce Schroeder

A historic building I had a great time.

Ande Green

Attended a cocktail and movie showing of Willow. Staff was late opening doors (8pm doors with 9pm showing) by almost 20min. Cocktail was tasty and served at a table separate from concessions which was good because the line was so long long after the movie started. Overall would attend another event but would arrive earlier to be a little further up in line.

Jeremy lamphier

Loved the Folk Music Fest!

Jacob Wadley

This place is awesome! Great choice of local crafts! pizza is over priced. Still worthy of a 5 star review all day long!

Ruth Hugeback

Really cool venue, good beer options a variety of food on the menu and lots of seating with views of the stage.

Desiree Steeg

Very comfortable. Bar can make most drinks and uses fresh fruit. Love that they show older or classic movies! We've seen White Christmas and Willow there!

Susan Odell

Had a blast watching the Bumpin’ Ugs!! Great time!! They played with Sol Riddim and Balance Trick for a reggae trifecta!

Ross MacKae

Great venue for good theatre

Rachel Johnson

Great spot to see live music. Saw Ghost Light there a couple weeks ago and was a real good time

Lonnie Rewa

One of my favorite McMennamins theaters in a historical building

Alex Remopiwak

Great sound!!! Very intimate shows (:

Julio de la Torriente

Excellent venue, inexpensive, fun, good service, good beer

Bryndl DenHerder

Great theatre! Cozy but has a fair amount of seating.

Paul Roth

Needed to get some stamps for our passport, and bought $2 tickets to get them. All around, one of the more unique McMenamins locatations.

Candie Aaby

Great films.

Blake Walker

Movie for a nickel! Clean and quirky wooden seating. You are guaranteed a good time.

Stephanie Griffin

This is one of the best places to experience movies, lectures, and events. I was there to watch the presidential election in 2008 - one of the best nights of my life!

Jeffry Beers

Great place for music.

Peter Henrichs

Great place to watch a movie (balcony views are cool). And they have a solid lineup of cold beverages. Cozy atmosphere

Jordan Swetnam

An old school theater that is owned by mcmenamins and plays older movies and shows. They also host other events at times. The theater holds lots of history. You can attend a mcmenamins history night to learn all about it. The movie quality is not spectacular and the seats are old, but it’s a true Portland experience.

Erik Hallmark

I've been to this theater a number of times, and always had a great time. They show fantastic movies, the prices are always fantastic, the staff is always very friendly, and the food is always delicious.

Heidi Smith

A great place to catch a movie in a historic setting while enjoying an adult beverage and some tasty munchies.

valerie draper

Great people working at concessions!

Rod Adams

Always love seeing a movie here. Great atmosphere and historic theater setting. Theater 1 (origin main) is the largest and best place to see a flick.

Gail Totter

Excellent show! Saw the Melissa Etheridge Tribute show and was very impressed with the local talent. The sound was great and seats were great too!

Kefa Stuchlik

Great place to watch movies, have food or popcorn and various liquids to wash down your food. Very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Prices are very reasonable, because the food is not meager in quantity or quality.

Ian Tornay

McMenamins restaurants are known for their strangely high prices and apathetic service. The Mission, however, is just a great intimate place to watch a show. The sound system and screen are both great. Concessions are diverse and fast. Friendly, engaged staff.

Lindsay Kane

Nice place but the movie theater seating took a lot from ambiance.

Brian Hester

Went to see Hocus Pocus on Halloween afternoon. Had a blast and the staff were very pleasant. The theater is smaller than the Kennedy School theater, and in this case, that was a good thing.

paul snyder

Great place for a movie and a beer

beauvan 89

Stellar service and awesome venue. The staff is always friendly and easy to talk to

Maria G

Great venue for a music show, don't know if it was their music mixer or the bands but it was on point! Friendly staff for a sold out show

Empath of the Empire

Such a beautiful building and theatre... Breaks my heart to hear it no longer being a music venue.

Amanda Materne

Is a really cool building, historic. The seats are nice, especially in the balcony. Great to see older movies here or concerts. Menu is limited compared to their other theaters however. But overall it is a fun experience.

Loretta Richardson-Scheid

Really enjoyed the Mission as a live music venue. A nice, intimate setting with quality performers and good drinks & treats, too.

randall rubalcava

Pretty cool set up. Great theatre quality and all the things you love about McMenamins while you enjoy a show - their christmas showing of elf came with a free drink too.

Amanda McKinsey

Went to a great show here! The seating is set up pretty well for having a consistently good view of the stage. The food was pricey in relation to what you get (but it's a McMenamins, no surprise there), and one of the vents had the kitchen crew's loud music filtering up which was pretty distracting. Aside from those issues it was a good time!

Violeta Cea

Excellent place for a New Wave night!

Jaki Widby

Mission Theatre is such a fun place to watch a nostalgic movie. There is seating on both levels and tables to hold all of your snacks. In addition to popcorn and soda, they also sell delicious pizza and beer!

Irwan Lafs

In the 90's it was cool...... a picture of beer was like $5 to $7 ....... now with a tip it's like $15 to $20 ....... this kind of thing's happening everywhere in Portland now, I think from all the movie support people moving in ...... so grab a case of Pabst blue ribbon and live in your car under the Freemont bridge with me young man ...... we'll be happier there anyhow

Rebecca Orford

It's a bit run down and the audio quality could be better. You go for the nostalgic movies they show.

Tess Costello

Such a great time and totally nostalgic! We watched the Breakfast Club and it was so cool to see it in a theater. We sat downstairs for easy access to cheesy pretzels and pitcher refills :-P One thing I would change is the location of the popcorn machine. A few people ordered it during the movie and the pops could be heard throughout the theater, but luckily most people got their popcorn before the movie started. Best $2 ever spent!


Horrible staff. Security doesn't know how to handle an emergency.

ashley powell

Totes love this place for hosting Paranormal Pub!

Deborah DeTray

Fun places saw rocket man today

Debbie Hoy

I liked watching the movie from the Balcony. Good soft pretzels and popcorn.

Tony Liese

They put in new comfy theater chairs. I saw Spiderman there and it was great.


I went to mission theater to enjoy Willow tonight with my daughter and friend. We're working on completing our 4th passports so we've been there many times before. However this time the staff was extremely rude and made us feel like we were an inconvenience to them. When I handed my passport to one of the employees I tried explaining something pertaining to the passport that she needed to know. Before I could finish she interrupted me and said "Your picture is not in here you need picture ID" in the most rude way I've ever heard someone ask for my ID. I handed her my ID and she inspected it for a good 10 seconds like I was handing her a fake ID or something. (I was not buying alcohol or anything age restricted) We had also asked if we could redeem our free burger for the completed page. " They pointed to the board and said "thats what we serve" and walked off to continue their personal conversation with another employee. We asked if we could order to go from Blue Moon up the street. They replied "I guess" and walked off. Please don't let this stop you from going and enjoying mission theater because it's a great little spot. After completing 3 passports we've never been treated like that at any McMenamins. Our experience is in no way shape or form a reflection of how Mcmenamins treats its customers at all. It seems like we caught them on a bad day or something.

Brittany Launius

Seeing shows here is worth the cover. Plenty of dancing space, good drinks, and the sound is great!

Danielle Caldeira

Fun venue for a concert. Small though. Get there when doors open if u want to ensure good seats. It was general admission seating, and some later arrivals didnt get seats and had to stand...

Jenny Christopher

Great place to see a movie. Full bar and food, tables, comfy seats and unique movie experience! Very friendly staff.

Reanna Blair

Such a fun theater. The updated seats are super comfy. Keep your eye on the chalkboard in the lobby for drink specials!

Linsel Greene

Used to be one of my favorite places in Portland. Saw a ton of movies here, and are a lot of great meals. It isn't the same anymore though. Food is mediocre, and the space feels more corporate and characterless. A real shame.

Terri Hart

Older theater, but they do more than just movies. They are a theater pub, so there is food, beer, ciders, etc. Also, they have concerts, science pubs, geek trivia nights. Check out their website for all they offer.

Bryan Escalante

Great movie prices and very cool movie options, the stamp process was a little dysfunctional, although they did get another person to help. They could probably use one person to do the stamping when busy to free up the cashiers. Other than that, great place.

Sublime Organics

Great concert venue saw the dead there

Jana Trueb

Clean, quiet, servers warmed up to you quickly. First run movies.

Mark Funk

Nice venue, but ciders are 7 dollars a glass, which is cheap when compared to even the house wines.

Beth O'Donnell

I always enjoy their events. Super fun. Its a beatiful old theatre full of charector. Now they are showing first run movies which is awesome! Pretzels with cheese sause and craft beer - I'm in!

Carmen van Nieuwkerk

Great atmosphere. Too bad they use plastic cups for drinks instead of paper or glass.

Sotero Martinez

Great place to hang out, watch a movie, eat some nice food. Very cozy atmosphere, definitely would recommend, if the right movie is showing, it's real hard to beat

Cody G

Super small theater, which is pretty unique. Space is great, but food and beer just so-so.

Sarah Maxwell

Trivia Thursday. Professional and fun host.

Daniel Hyatt-Lopez

This place has all the beer and spirits a regular Mcmenamins has, wrapped up in a beautiful interior. The movie quality was superb. A real, underutilized treasure in the neighborhood.

bruce bromley

This theater is amazing and Radney Foster was superb!

sarah phetteplace

Ouh muh huh. So awesome.


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