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REVIEWS OF McMenamins Kennedy School Theater IN Oregon

Lee Nichols

Fancy place to bring friends and family from out of town. I've also been here for company Christmas parties they have really good catering food but I'm not impressed with the bar food. I love the $4.00 movies at the theater. The soaking pools are great.... FYI the soaking pools are free for people who live in the neighborhood with proper ID certain boundary


Really interesting place

Shayne Square

Love to haunt this school

Brian Brown

If you have not been I highly recommend. Burgers are off the chain. The Ruby beer is very tasty.

Joey Valizan

Very good ambience, great for a first date, customer service isn't super great but food is always good though.

David Grimes

Can't seem to go wrong with one of these bigger McMenamins! The tots are always delicious. This one has a cool view of the courtyard!

Robert Monahan

Big theater with couches and tables which makes you feel comfortable and plenty of room to eat and get drinks while watching the movie.

Lindsey Nelson

Food is ok but expensive for quality. Nice to see movies on couches and able to drink. Good to go with kids

William Berkshire

Great tavern food, comfortable movie couches

Toni Riedl

I had a great time tonight! Great food, great beverages I love the movie theater with the couches. We both enjoyed it :-)

Gary Cook

Quirky, fun place to stay. I used this as my "airport hotel" at the end of a business trip. 3 or 4 bars in the building (I lost track) Theater offer free movies, live music on Thursdays, great foo at the restaurant. Can't say enough.

Dio Collins

A great venue with so much to offer

Dave Verhoeven

A unique movie going experience with quality projection, sound, along with food and bar available.

Scott Kinmartin

One of my favorite McMenamins locations! Love the Boiler Room, really enjoy the movie theater, and there’s lots of history and artwork to explore throughout.

Mandi Rikitu

Love the atmosphere and $4 movies. The food is incredibly bland though. We had pizza and the hummus plate. The pizza was room temperature and flavorless. The hummus was also not very good. Other than the food it’s great though!

Elaine Stephens

Attended a dinner CE in the "Gymnasium" great food, comfortable environment. Good beverage selection. Appreciate the company's choice of venue for a very interesting and timely topic presentation.

Casey Goldin

Great food and atmosphere. The beer selection of always solid.

Allyn Bogart

Food was good but they got the orders wrong and we had to ask twice for things

Lupon Sensay

I love the properties. They are very cool. Except they keep raising their prices on beers. $6.50 per pint is ridicules guys. I get that we have been invaded by CA BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO DO CALIFORNIAN OVER PRICING.

LuCinda Gustavson

Our room was beautiful and huge with enormous windows, quirky little features like chalkboards, and a cloak room. The bed and pillows were very comfy. The staff was friendly and fun to talk with. The soaking pool was lovely. We had a great time.

Jason Dreier

Find historic location. Great Gathering Place. Good food

JR Roberts

Always relaxing and kids have fun.. great staff and friendly environment. Mahalo

Taras Alexandrovich

Super cool place! Never been to anything like this and I was blown away. A really amazing idea.

amy boucher

Affordable movies in a comfortable setting.

Amy walen

Beer, pizza and a movie? Yes please!

Josie Cameron

I absolutely loved it! It is an old schoolhouse that has been converted into a restaurant, hotel, movie theater & bar. So historically beautiful! The staff are lovely! Fantastic service. I went for a movie. The theater is impeccably clean & so comfortable with comfy loveseats to sit on! They offer lots of seasonings for your popcorn as well as fresh drinking water. My ticket was only 4 bucks for a matinee! ❤ Fantastico! I will definitely go back!

Shirell B.

This place is the right combination of creepy-cool. From the paintings on the walls, to the stories of the school being haunted, this is an interesting place to visit. This former school has been transformed into a social space that has multiple bars that serve great drinks, and provide an atmosphere that makes you wonder if you are in a scene from Twin Peaks. I also liked the idea that many of the artist slept in the school for several days , and painted images based on what inspired them at the school. If you need a little bit of "weird" in your life, it's a nice place to visit.

Kristin Fry

The Halloween costume party was a blast will be back next year

Ned K

Every tourist should visit this place . This is the perfect example of what Portland is

Katybeth Allen

The Kennedy School is such a unique exploration of the restaurant experience in that the feel of the school is still very much present. It's well known enough around here that it doesn't require details, but needless to say it is an enjoyable spot that feels fun and brings out your inner kid as you wander the halls with a beer in your hand.

Hassan Shariff

Always fun and nice place for happy hour after a long day of work


Fun theater! I wish they had better movies showing, although, I do understand that a lot of family groups with kids come here. If you come early, you can get a seat with a table which makes snacking easy. Great food and drink selection for a theater. Great prices too.

Johnathan Shelton

Super cool place to go see a movie. Food and drinks are on point and the theater itself is really neat. Typical of a mcmenamins, quirky, fun, and cool

Robert Hunter

I had a delightful experience in the Detention Bar. I met Kirk, the bartender who was very pleasant and conversational. I also enjoyed conversations with some of the other customers. There was a wood stove burning in the central area, Which added a perfect warmth. It was small, unique and I look forward to going back again.

Michael LoGiudice DC

Couches, beer, food, good company

Genifer Wallace

Always love this place. There's magic lurking in the halls.

Shari Little

Great ambiance. Appreciate the vegan/vegetarian options.

Meighan Brodkey

Great bar, love the popcorn, the staff is amazing, got my stamp in my McMenamins passport so don't forget yours.

Schreiber Metal Dan

Broadway and Lincoln City are way better, you would think that it being a hotel it would be superior. The breakfast portions are scant and expensive to bad.

Dustin Ooley

This former school has been converted into an iconic McMenamins restaurant, hotel, and conference center. With several large conference rooms, they play host to a number of larger events for local businesses. I have come here for several events, and I'm always pleased with my experiences. Like most Mcmenamins campuses, it's worth a walk around to get the lay of the land, especially if you'll be spending the night


Went there for meeting - it was cool place. They have a SaltWater Pool for Public to use 5.00

Scott Likely

Mcmenamins did a great job converting Kennedy Elementary into a hotel, restaurant, movie house and entertainment space

Sarrah Beam

Good food & prices. Couches & chairs are comfy, sometimes can be hard to fine a dear with a table

ghost troLL

My daughter and i just watched toy story 4 here and she loved it. I have been here numerous times but this is the first time my 4 year old had the chance to enjoy it. The whole theater is filled with couches. You can order all kinds if amazing food as well as alcohol. Always my go to place to bring my daughters for a daddy daughter date. Will definitely go again.

Shari Elsasser

Grandma and great-grandma took grandsons aged 3 and 6 to see Secret Life of Pets 2. We loved the price and sitting on couches instead of theater seats. It was a super experience. Thank you

Christopher Butler

Very neat place! The theater was unique and enjoyable to watch a movie in.

Adam Hegewald

FANTASTIC venue. Prepare to overpay for anything. Perhaps charging a cover is a better idea instead of ripping everyone off on food and beer.

Julie Doumbia

Great amenities! Parking can be tough at peak hours, but well worth the wait. Multiple bars/ restaurants... Detention is awesome when there's an enthusiastic bartender who actually is up on the scotch and whisky selection - can be hit or miss. Movies very fun, especially when less people mid week!

g s

Love the brew and view but movie selection could be better. Lots of kid flicks and main stream movies nowadays. Seems like the movie selection was better 10 years ago

bono sapien

Better than ever!

Daniel Clark

I feel like I should stop giving five stars because I've given them to quite a few places; but no. I must give credit where it is due! I must proclaim the awesomeness that is Mcmenamins, again! Great 5th floor seasonal IPA, killer happy hour prices, and being Passport stampers, we love using the multiple gift cards we've received via the experiences McM's has to offer. Thanks again to the Brothers M for a job well done!!

Scott Marmon

Unique place! Beer, food, hotel, movie theater? What else do you need?

Julie Faden

Terrific food, friendly service and will return.

Ryan Casey

we watched toys have complicated feelings and adventures

Marcus Bennett

They have great food and good service. It was a bit crowded. The wait time wasn't very long. Price is resonable too. They have more than just a restaurant at this place.

Sandra Flory

You can order pizza, sandwiches, and burgers. You can take your drinks in (beer,wine,soda, ect...). They will bring your order to your seat. The chairs are old fashioned high-back and couches.

Juliana B

A unique experience at this vintage location. I went to the movie theater with my family and we all loved the vibe of the place!

Krisa Kouture

Great, 2nd run movie theatre. Kiddo and I love going here and cuddling up on one of the comfy couches to watch a movie. They will bring food and drinks to your spot while the movie is going. My only complaint is that they never, ever have enough people working behind the counter!! You may easily wait 10 mins or more just to get a bag of popcorn. But other than that, depending on how much you eat/drink, it can be a very fun (and cheap) date.

Bonnie Miller

Great place for meetings, celebrations and meetups. The movie times are bit inconvenient and the food prices are good at happy hour! The menu could use a little work and some direction signs in the building would help.

Clinton Gross

Great place to go and have s great time with friends!

Neil Karp

AlwAys a good time here

Manases Ramos

As always good food!!

Mr D

What a cool spot. I remember when it was a boarded up industrial crack house. Now it's good brews. Cool atmospheres. Date night. Bro night. Whatever. Just go

Barbie Dice-E-Fraguadas, nice staff. Fun layout of the old school

Betty p

SUCH A COOL PLACE!!! An absolute must experience!! Truly magical - so many quirks and Easter eggs. You could spend a week there looking around and still not find them all.

Jeffrey Keddie

Great for discount family films. Can grab a beer for me, cider for my wife, and fries for the kids. They have lots of special events; we watched Harry Potter with some butterbeer.

Jason Albers

Have a drink and meal while you enjoy unobstructed viewing of your movie.

Tyrell Stone

Great food and bars at every corner! Lovely atmosphere it's amazing sitting outside on a nice day

Parker Kelson

Awesome place! We came about mid-afternoon to watch the new Aladdin. Tons of seating, comfortable loveseats and armchairs with wood tables in between every couple rows. Food was great, you can order at the counter by the ticket area, take back your number to your seat and set it on the headrest and when your food is ready the waiter/waitress will come by and deliver you food to you while you are sitting so you don't miss the movie! The school itself is in great shape being how old it is, clean restrooms and also lot of historical pieces of the school to look at elsewhere. I will definitely be returning soon and I reccomend this to people of all ages who want to enjoy a unique moviegoing experience.

Claire Ferguson

Really enjoyable theatre!

Cyd Gann

love the movie with pizza and beer, lemonade for the kids while relaxing on a couch.

josh waid

this is my favorite theater in town for second run movies . it's in a former school auditorium fitted with rows of comfy couches and it costs four bucks plus you can get beer and pizza .

David Arias

Cool place to visit! Movies, soaking pool, event space, overnight rooms, bars, restaurant and more, all in one place. History, art, entertainment. A great part of the McMenamins Empire.

Mari Orr

Had an amazing soak in the soaking pool and a wonderful lunch.

Jeremy Roberts

Regular kid friendly show times. Good pizza and beer.

Sharon Zander

What a delight!! Got to see Rocket Man with friends that attended Kennedy School. Very comfortable couches, extremely nice staff. Gonna do it again.

Cristie and Phil Warnock

What a fun place to stay! The room was nice and quirky, so many bars and restaurants to choose from and the movie theater was so fun! Loved everything about it!

Celeste Navrkal

It definitely has an oldtime feel to the place. I like that, sometimes. I really enjoyed the homemade fries and yummy hamburger. It was a tad expensive, and took a bit long to get to me. But I have learned patience with age.

Casimira Valdez

FYI: The soaking pool is closed every 1st & 3rd Tuesday for cleaning. Took 2 lovelies with me to do a soak & movie but we ended up with dinner and a movie instead. Slightly inconvenient but still a good night. The coffee stout was off the hook. Hemp sliders are always delicious! Of course Cajun tots can't ever be beat so we nom'd on em too. The movie theatre is cozy & fitted with couches and recliners for optimal cuddling space. Really can't find equal in pdx. Love this place!

Nimita Mittra

I really enjoyed this bar, movie theater, hang out spot. Very cool to check out!

Roger Bonadiman

Mcmenamins is awesome. The repurposed an old school turning it into a hotel with great amenities. Several taverns, restaurants, a pool, movie theater, even soaking tubs. Truly a good times hot spot.

tim s

Super cool giant turbo incredible place

Nichole Rip

I love this place!! It's an especially fun place to go with out of town guests!

Noah D

I love it

Free Demographics

No-No No-No No-No No-No No-No No-No No-No No-No No-No No-No No-No, no way. I can't believe how uncomfortable I am around McMenamins staff. It's almost like they intentionally trained people to make others uncomfortable


Good history presentation.

John Stone

I do enjoy the McMenimins, the school house is probably one of the best! But they all have supper similar food and the beer is a bit expensive.

Katie Weinberg

Well, this is one of my favorite places. You can grab a beer in one of the bars and then walk around and explore. You can eat at one of the restaurants. You can bring your beverage into the soaking pool. Gluten free options, and GF pizza!

Keven Cumbridge

Great facility and staff. Super enjoy the heated soaking pool!


What a unique experience, homey seating.

Tim Giugni

I wish this had jerrion a place when I was younger.

Cam West

So fun! Had a glass of wine with Spiderman!! Awesome

Patty Piazza

Multiple options for fun here! Have a lovely lunch while waiting to be called for a session in the salt water soaking pool. See a movie in the on-site theatre. Time spent in this historic building just feels special.

H P Murphy

Always great food and drinks.

David Ornellas

Unique place to see a movie with a huge amount of random couches to sit onwith tables. Decent food, beer and $4 tickets are hard to beat.

Charissa Coy

Came for the soaking pools. Very cool. The water was warm the atmosphere relaxed and it was not overcrowded. The pool is really small and could use warmer water but it did feel great. Loved the cheap price too

Mary Patricia

I went to soak in the hot pool. It had a urine smell. I hadn't that smell before today. Very crowded on Saturdays throughout the school. Weekdays are better.

Matthew Faust

I love McMenamins! Please please come to Wenatchee WA! We need you desperately!

Mj Moosavi

Delicious food as always. Fun atmosphere and gracious hosts. Super clean. Unfortunately, had to run to my daughter's show, so just got a slice of delicious pizza and lemonade. My mom got a GIANT snickerdoodle cookie that I sampled. Yummy.

Netra Ninen

I love this place. Great food now I have to try out their movie theater.

Josh Lucy

The building is a retrofitted high school with 3 bars, two small ones (Honors and Detention) and a larger one, restaurant (The Courtyard), theater, and soaking pool. There are also large event spaces. There are also hotel rooms to rent. So far I've eaten at the Courtyard and it's great in terms of quality and delicious food, seen a movie at the theater which has a bar and comfortable sofas and tables. Detention and Honors are cozy smaller spaces with giod drinks and great staff. The soaking pool is a great place to hang out during the winter when it's cold, too.

Harry Houpis

Good service. Food is good. Lots of rooms to wander around and drink at. Very fun way to spend an evening!

Michelle Vlach-Ing

Yummy food. Great place for a conference.


Love the couches, random history events and the fact that you can drink and eat while watching events / movies. Top notch.

Emily Williams

Very family friendly, they bring the food out to you during movies, and the couches make it a cozy movie watching experience!

Anne Wagner

I like Kennedy School partly for the variety of community activities it creates a forum for. But on this day, this visit, it was simply having a beer and a snack out on the garden patio of the pub after a good long walk.

Robert MacFarlan

Love Kennedy School. Multiple bars. Multiple restaurants. A movie theater that also serves food and drink. Converted classrooms make fun and interesting overnight rooms. Soaking pool is very relaxing.

Angela Moukalled

Halloween night was awesome. Thanks Mcmenamins for an awesome night!! :)

Tyrel Johnson

My family has loved this theater for years. It is a great place to catch a film with the whole family. The uh allow you to bring in food and drinks ordered for the menu. You can drink alcohol here. The seats are classic love seats and cushion chairs. It is a comfortable environment. Early showings after have children at them. Late shows have very few. Tickets are super cheap.

Valari Zimmerman

Fun place to watch a movie on an older screen

beach hugger

A lot of fun, just wish that Portland wasn't a nanny state and still allowed you to smoke cigars in the detection room. Who knows maybe if McMinnamins allowed weed we could get it back.

Luis Guzman

Great service delicious food and drinks

jean brett

Poor service but otherwise an enjoyable experience. Good filling food and pleasant surroundings. Will return next time in Portland.

Kirsten Winter

Always a fun place to visit. The art, history and activities are awesome. The food is good and prices are reasonable. The service is very good.

Craig Bates

Lovely use of an old school

Josh Liang

One of the coolest bars I have ever been to!

Eric Binnion

This is a fun, quirky restaurant that I have been to a handful of times when I'm in Portland. I'll definitely be going back again.

Terra Brett

Super fun for kids or a relaxing movie and dinner.

ryan dornfeld

Great experience. Comfortable Theatre!

Elizabeth Reed

What's the highest compliment possible? This is Jedi-level businessing. Fantastic in every way. Great hotel, magical setting, excellent food. We were enchanted.

huey cobra

Five dolllar movie where you sit on the couches - 5 stars. Expensive school lunch program style pizza - 3 stars.

Davis Rawcliffe

Cool theater great prices

james seamon

Funky, cool and what isn't to love about a in house movie theatre, 5 bars, and an in-house brewey/distillery - and amazing food and coffee

Katrina D

Great food & service

Jim Cornwall

Great time with friends. Watched a movie, ate pizza and drank a couple beers! I definitely recommend this place. It can get crowded though. Especially on weekends.

Kevin Zemeckis

My favorite place to watch movies! Fresh food, comfy and warm couches, lots of space to sit back and relax. Highly recommend!

Bob Owens

Memorable. Place to eat

Scott Cutler

Great theatre and staff. The McMenamins chain has their own craft beer, so my go-to is a slice of pizza, a chocolate chip cookie, and some light beer.

Jon Maia

Visited this McMenamins location for a friend's wedding... The staff were incredibly attentive without being overbearing, the food was absolutely amazing, and the drinks were delicious... I've been to this location before, and the multitude of restaurants, bars, and even a movie theater and pool make this one of my favorite McMenamins locations in the Portland area.

Becky Hartke

Such a fun place for a day out with the family. Start with some drinks at the soaking pool, go get some lunch in the restaurant (with some live music it you’re lucky), and finish with candy and a movie in the theater.

Edward Liljeholm

You can restaurant dine, movie dine, or pub dine. However you fancy your meal.

Brandi Guthrie

Nice theater and staff. Comfy couches. Good service

Jim Floyd

I have been to many McMenamins, this is the first time I stayed at one of their hotels. Most comfortable night I have had at any hotel and it was very affordable.

Amy R

Food at McMenamins is okay, but the location is very cool.

Marla MaeBee

I loooooove this place! The theater....You go for the environment, you go for the snuggle couches, the scooby snacks, the cajun tots cooked to the perfect crispness, the cheap prices of the movie. You go for the experience. 10 stars!

Nathaniel Clubine

I went this weekend to see a movie only to be let down by the rude, selfish families taking up 3 rows of couches for 4 people. It was a full house with potentially seats for everyone except that the children and parents of children couldnt grasp that it is not their living room. The ushers and management should be sure to let patrons know to fill in seats and not spread out until the movie starts. I would have asked for my money back as we left but, the ticket attendant wasnt at his station...figures... lame. Step your game up so people can actually enjoy the unique experince.

Jaymes Young-Liebgott

A nice place with a nice atmosphere. Went for a movie and a beer had a great time

Jamie Hartman

Cute theater with rows and rows of couches/loveseat for your comfortable viewing pleasure. Great for snuggles without paying the premium for the large chains.

Erich Raudebaugh

The best McMenamins around! The space is unique and fun, I love coming here.

Neil Watson

Easily one of the best places in the world to see a movie. The entire Kennedy School is an experience in itself, but seeing a movie here takes the cake. Amazing food, great beer, an entirely unique cinema room, and unbeatable admission prices are just some of the great reasons this is our go to place for movies as a family in Portland (when we’re not up at McMenamins St John’s). If you think you need to see a movie here, just go and be delighted.

Liane Jackson

Perfect family first experience watching a movie there. My children loved the couches, the pizza, and the theater. It was amazing.

Gary Hill

So fun

Kara Lehman

Beautiful old school hotel. Really it's an old school. Fun for everyone.

Tabor Kelly

Not enough handicapped parking.

Jomarie Farrell

We went for the history pub about Fred Meyer. It was fascinating. Service for food was great.

Christina Seavy

Excellent, as always.

Corey Anson

Super comfy chairs and a good projector. Be careful around the outside since the air conditioning has a strong flow from the floor.

carla kay

I want to spend a night here. Have dinner and go to the movies. Something here for everyone.


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