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3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

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REVIEWS OF McMenamins Bagdad Theater & Pub IN Oregon

Super Shopper

We went there today for the first time. We received a gift card. We chose this location because it was near our house, and had good Google reviews, and the online menu looked good for lunch. I had the year of the dragon burger with tots. It was the best burger I have had in a long time. We also had Scooby snacks and fries and a Shirley Temple. And lastly a chocolate shake. The staff were friendly and helpful. We sat outside, which was nice. We are definitely going again. They have a good happy hour menu.

jil andrew

Great groovey atmosphere. Service friendly . Abit spendy for me....but thats Hawthorne.

Lyndsey Bryan

Called ahead to see if they had outdoor seating available and heating. The lady answering the phone was extremely rude, and insinuated I was an idiot for asking questions. Needless to say I went else where, but I can only wonder about what kind of business this place must be to hire employees who actively drive away customers...

Tanya Pavlova

On of my favorite movie theaters in town. Cozy, laid back and charming. Friendly stuff, good food and the most important - great audience. I rarely hear phones going off during the screening! Thanks for keeping this place up and running.

Brett Ellibee

Limited seating by squeezing between tables and walls is why I rated this property - on par. Still need to watch a movie here, so will re-rate again, once I have a more holistic experience. Cheers

Alexandria Austin

This is a such a fun spot. We love eating by the windows (or on the sidewalk in the summer) and people watching. The foods good, and of course the theater is beautiful. We also love eating and watching a movie. The Cajun tots are to die for, seriously you have to try them with the Portland ketchup.

Elizabeth Douglas

This place is very pretty! You can also eat food and have alcohol in the theater as well.

Danniel Wais

Visited this place with my best friend. Unforgettable. Great place will come again. Thank you for emotions.

H Lai

Love this theater. I grew up watching movies here back in the 80's before McMenamins bought it. Love how McMenamins has renovated it, and is operating it. It is not the most state of the art theater, but it is awesome how you can order food and eat within the theater.

Jeane Gaiennie

I have visited the Bagdad Theater & Pub three times over the past year (I attended two movies and dined in the Pub once.). As a newbie to the area, my first visit and second visits (one more successful than the other) were do I get a seat and also get in line for food without risking my property being stolen or moved in my absence? How do I coordinate with another whom I vaguely know what they will eat or drink or where they would prefer to sit? Oh, and how do I figure out what I want and where I want to sit while also separated in some fashion from my companion? On my first visit I asked to review a menu while standing in line and was denied. I also, pulsed anyone in line around me for information in hopes I could devise a plan of attack. It all went up in smoke. My friend got food and no drink, I got a drink and no food and our seats were really uncomfortable (At the advice of our line mates we sat in the balcony, row one, center; the seats are tight on leg-room and well worn so you lose a lot of height in the seat...meaning for me I could not see over the balcony wall and see the movie without sitting on the edge of my seat for two hours.). The second time, I bypassed the balcony, which I learned the first visit is the only space in the theater where orders can be delivered, for a seat-romp on the main floor. I ended up back upstairs, but this time higher up where the seats are newer and the view is better. Overall, the theater is nice and the food average which is kind of what I expected (I am a pescatarian and most pub menus are challenging.). What I didn't expect was the confusing and not so process friendly aspect which is why I am giving it only 3-stars. I think there is a better, more customer-centric approach to be had at this venue.

Kathryn Hoffberg

Great movie theater, friendly bartenders and concessions servers


I love going to see movies here! It is an experience every time

Lorenzo Cecchi

This liberty style building hosts a bar in the front, the Bagdad pub, one in the back, the Back Stage bar, and the actual movie theater. At good prices you get awesome beer, good food, great movies .. and the waffle window is close by!

Larry Lewis

This is a beautiful space. You must visit the theater. Enjoy some drinks, pizza and a film for a great price.

Daniel Ribeiro

I always love going to the Bagdad for big blockbuster releases. There's plenty of food options (if you sit in the balcony) and plenty of drinks to choose from to enjoy the flick. I wish they'd adopt reserved seating, though. With limited space inside, lining up for movies to get a good spot means standing out (often in the wet and cold). Still, you can make an argument for the authenticity of the old ways of going to the movies.

Ruben Llerena

I revisited Portland recently and I can honestly say that this place is one of the best business establishments I've ever been to. The prices are great and the prices are spectacular!

Imagynari M

Great place to hang with your buddies. Also really amazing staff, they accidentally messed up our food order, so they not only corrected it post haste but also didnt charge us for it and they were genuinely apologetic about it.

Alex Banng

Good place to enjoy McMenamins food and drinks while watching a movie. Been to all of the McMenamins theaters and I think this is the best one. The kitchen here make their food well which isn't always that common. Staff were friendly and the movie played without a hitch. Would come back if I was in the area.

Adrianne Gunn

This is my favorite place to see new movies on premiere day. I almost don't want to tell you about it. The theatre is gorgeous and the people that come on opening nights are true movie lovers. We laugh, and cheer, and shout out in disbelief together. Sometimes people are even game to dress up and cosplay - seriously it's a blast. It's hard to think about seeing a premiere anywhere else.

Good Egg

The Greater Trumps lounge around the corner is a phenomenal spot to enjoy a cigar under shelter

Melissa Lager

This might be the coolest theater I've ever been to. There is 1 theater with floor seats and upper balcony seats and they are VERY COMFY. The theater is absolutely beautiful with reasonable ticket prices and themed drinks that match whatever movie they are showing. Behind the screen they have a backstage bar that is SO COOL. Huge ornate wooden bar, pool tables, space to just hang with friends. Highly reccomend.

Marj Casswell

Always predictable in food, just fine, and the atmosphere is entertaining.

Michael Patterson

Neighborhood institution. Always are go to place to see blockbusters and must see movies. Nice eats and drinks.

Ian Edwards

Went there to see the new avengers. I like being able to drink and eat in the theater. The food is basic bit good and the beer isn't overpriced. Good layout with plenty of room and clean bathrooms too

Rebecca Davis

this is a great place for a date to go and see a movie have some drinks and food or on the weekend take your kid for a matinee. most of the food is good but the is gross. usually they have new movies the kids movies tend to be old ones. I do like their Ruby beer it's nice to go and just look at the cool old building even if you're not going for the movie the Bagdad used to be a brothel that I can prove addition days it has some really cool history to it check it out

Torrie B

Had a great experience here. Clean, cozy and we able to drink and watch movies. Will definitely be returning. Did not get to try the food but there were many people eating there. Also, if you have to go to the bathroom, you can still hear the movie so you don't miss anything!

Wurm Boogie

Good drinks, nice staff good times, good food

Willis Miller

Love this place.

Karen Sutton

Portland Classic... Portland has changed alot in the 20 years we've been coming here, but the Baghdad is still here and still going strong.

Martin Huang

Good food and nice service. Theater has a completely different vibe than any other theaters that I've been to.

Todd Ienna

Such a cool space that I would drink beer there even without watching a movie although the movies are a plus. Great for families, couples, whatever. I have a friend that goes alone in the afternoon in her PJs on her days off for her special time. Easily the most unique theater showing first showings I have ever been, and if you like Mcmenamins food/drink, you won't be disappointed. If everyone in your party is over 21, make sure to check out the Back Stage Bar on the back of the building.


Service was good and fast. And Spiderman rocked!

Ray Vargas

Screen"s a little small for seating further back but given it's history and beautiful architecture, it's a treasure. Definitely a good experience, as are all McMenamins venues.

Nicholina O'Donnell

The Bagdad is one of our favorite places to see a movie. For one, it's in our neighborhood and we can walk there. However, it's also reasonably priced, a lovely theater and there are good food and beverage choices, ranging from the regular popcorn to burgers and well drinks.

Noel Lenard

Gorgeous theater, tasty food, really fun theme cocktails, and if you're just visiting Portland and want to see a movie, this is a perfect theater to visit.


Back Stage Bar is one of the best-kept secrets in Portland! AMAZING space with a lot of history. Love the movie theater experience here, love the food. And of course, love the beer.

Sally Bowman

Good cocktails, good food...

Essie Tay

Great for people who want to enjoy dinner and a movie. The cajun tots are the best, I usually get those instead of popcorn.

Audrey Webster

This is a must stop in Portland! We saw a movie here and the entire experience was amazing. The theatre exudes history style unseen in the modern era. The historic significance of the building feels real as you look at the architecture and memorabilia. Add a few minutes to your visit so you can explore this treasure!

Jennie Cutting

This restaurant, along with the service, was sublime. Good humor, good food, and great atmosphere. The cheese they serve with the pretzel sticks (and the pretzels) were the best I've ever had. I got the pizza, which was perfectly baked and the turkey burger was exceptional! A++ in all areas.

Sean Roberts

This is a great place to go to see new movies and enjoy good food. You can order right after getting your tickets and they will bring the food to you in the theater when it's ready. They've always gotten my order right, and it is still nice and warm. If you get there early, look up and admire the original architecture and chandeliers, there for the last 90 years. But don't worry, the seats have been replaced recently and are quite comfortable.

Catamaran Sailor

The matinee movie prices are pretty good, the novelty of having a meal at your seat is nice, but 13 to $14 for a basic burger and $4 for a funky-tasting ginger ale is a little steep. This means that just like with regular movie theaters they are making in concessions what they are not making in admission prices. First run movie for 8.50 matinee adult admission. If you are not having food delivered you can sit in orchestra, otherwise balcony, at least until food is dealt with. The concept is cool.

Frederick Bowmer

Great place to watch movies and get a beer.

Holly Ramos

I've been to so many McMenamin's I have the passport so it's always a fun activity visiting all the different locations. I especially like this one because it's right on Hawthorne and you can sit out side and people watch and enjoy a sunny afternoon with awesome food and drinks.

Barbara King

Loved the artwork. Great tour.

Alexia Ciaran

Great times here. I always get good service here.

Blane Lawton

Really cool history Outstanding example of 20th Century art deco Good drinks too

Andrew Bryan

Beautiful day in Portland so why not step inside the backstage and watch some NCAA ball

Marta Millard

Older than me! So delightful to be in and THE FOOD, DRINK, MOVIES, TOP NOTCH!

Daniel Clark

We are looking forward to going back to watch an entire film there. Unfortunately this time around, we only stopped in, but the Fifth Floor IPA was a winner and the decor in the place was mind blowing. Easily the coolest theater I've ever been in. Don't know how the Brothers Mcmenamin keep doing it, but I only hope they don't stop anytime soon! Friendly, hospitable staff, quick service, an easy 5 stars!!

Mark Felter

Good food. Friendly staff. The theater is very nice. It felt like stepping back in time with this classic theater

Cats Kale

Gorgeous place! It does have a bar and food but it seems like the lines get wildly long.

Christina Cartwright

Huge movie weekend but they got the lines moving fast & food out quickly. I was happy

Christina Schultz

Service is always a tad slow, but a great place to hang for appetizers and drinks. The Scooby snacks, pretzels, and of course Cajun tots are always delish and they have a good beer/cider selection.

Sheena Trepanier

It's an experience worth having. Good food and a movie in a stellar venue

Nicole Morse

Cool venue. Can have food brought to you while you enjoy the movie plus drinks! Plus it's in the really fun Hollywood district with great places to stop at after the movie. I would definitely recommend!

Jonathan Streech

I love this theater. I could spend hours looking at all of the subtle and not so subtle paintings and details. Great ambiance for a movie as well.

Kurt Bosch

The Bagdad is a great venue for a movie and microbrews, cider, and pub grub Cajun tots are always a favorite with pizza, burgers, or sandwiches.

Rich Mack

Great food and atmosphere!

Jorge Montes

Great staff and very good beer. I had rib eye tacos and they were delicious.

Mike Mathews

The typical McMenamin's, good beer choices and solid food options. It was fun to sit outside as the sun went down and the scorching day cooled into a lovely evening.

vinnie miller

Great vibe, nice decor. They have plenty of activities, and tasty beer options. Definitely a great place to hang out or catch a show.

Barbara Chesney

I feel as if I've stepped back in time. Love this place! And the Backstage Bar is so fun at night!

Saransh Gupta

I did not watch a movie in the theatre but we did chill around in the shuffle board and pool table section. The beers and food were similar to any other Mcmenamins. The interiors and ambience was not! Definitely a go to, if you are on a mission to explore all Mcmenamins owned properties.

Jacquline Pierzina

Watched the new Lion King, the theater is beautiful, popcorn is delicious and the seats are super comfy. I think I'll have to watch movies here more often.

David Whipp

Good place to see a movie and enjoy a good beer

Derick Smith

Wow this location was so cool the art work the backstage bar the cigar bar got tickets to see a movie i mean i could ramble on and on about this location it was such a great time and the backstage has so many pool tables


I watched endgame for the second time. It was a pretty good experience.

Daniel Loftus

Attractive old time theater. Pleasant pub for a summer-time brew. Nice street (Hawthorne) to People Watch in Portland.

Colleen C

Beautiful venue, with delicious snacks and decent selection of beers/ciders

Ellie Buhr

Special drinks and wonderful snacks! And the theater is huge.


Good food. Lovely service. Sweet customer service. They literally gave us a free cider to taste. They really make me feel like I'm a valued customer.

Laura Hutton

Great fun watching film in the theatre. Corn dogs were very sweet.

Jack Oxley

Love this place! Great beer, nice atmosphere, and friendly staff. Been come here for years and alway shave something good to say. Customer for life!

Scott Eddy

Great historic theater,. Nice to be able to have a burger and a beer while you watch.

Jaymi Roberts

Best place to catch a movie in the area! You can order food and beers and they will deliver them to you in the balcony seats!

Ean McCrystal

What an amazing place to watch a movie!

Brian Thorp

This theater is absolutely beautiful inside. They've done a nice job of updating it with an incredible high definition screen and sound. I really enjoyed watching "Bohemian Rhapsody" there and will be back to watch another movie again soon.

Lorena Acosta

First time going to this theater, so pretty wasn’t expecting it to be so big looking at it from outside. Love that you can take your food and beer in the theater.

Dave Burrows

Fun place for food and a movie. The ambiance here is second to none. Only downside is the street parking, but I'll put up with that to watch a movie here.

Jerome Smith

I had the "Captain Neon" (burger w/bacon & blue cheese dressing) She the "Baghdad Special" pizza. Good food, atmosphere, and service.

Colin Kleinmann

Definitely looks like a haunted place lol. Theater was absolutely gorgeous.

Randy Morgan

Stopped here a few weekends ago and it was a very nice date night. The atmosphere is really cool and the food is enjoyable.

Grant Warner

I will probably review this again, the service was pretty slow-- but we had a large group. So it's understandable.

Lewis Keeler

Great environment, great and friendly staff, and always delicious brews and food.

Travis Nagels

Service is sold but missed the mark cooking the burger medium rare. Understandably hard to Hit that mark with such thing patties though.

Rachel denny

We went to see a film and get a pitcher and pizza as a treat. We used to live a few blocks from the theater and went there almost weekly, but have sadly moved further away. The theater is still beautiful and the seats are very comfortable. The sound system sounds so much better than it did years ago as well. Now for my complaint - the pizza that we were given at the kiosk was the WORST pizza I have ever had. It was a cold greasy shingle of cheese and flat crust that should have been thrown out instead of served. I did ask the woman at the counter if a new pizza might be coming out soon as it did look sad, but she just seemed confused. I may still watch a movie there, but the hot delicious cheesy pizza with cornmeal slinging to the fluffy crust I remember is now gone and will have to plan ahead by eating elsewhere prior.

Kathy Lamb

This is a great laid back bar with yummy hard cider.

Paul Richelieu

So much better then Regal theater. Seats are super comfortable. You have a table in front of you for food. Screen is very large.

Keith kitts

Every New Micro Brewery Today is Walking in Their Footsteps. They are a Class Act

Daniel Mize

Fantastic food with superb service. This is a great place to go with people and relax. The atmosphere even feels that way when you walk in. The staff are extremely friendly and are always making sure you're getting what you need. I always recommend them.

Adam Gresham

One of my favorite spots for a movie. Wish they still had couches on the balcony though.

Jim Darrell

I don't know why we've never eaten here before. Great food, fast and friendly service, and of course, fantastic beer!

Sebastian Brown

Super good food! Plus friendly staff. Great experience

Shalandra Vogt

It's a great theater. I watched Mary Poppins Returns with Mom, Nikolai and Tasha. It showed great service and Arabian designs.

Victoria Quick

I go here EVERY TIME I visit Portland. Great food, service, movies, cleanliness, etc. NEVER a bad experience and a great place to bring friends, dates, or family! Seriously love this place haha

Josh Floyd

This is the best place to see a movie. If they are playing what you want to see, GO! Get some tots and a beer, sit up on the balcony and enjoy your time. Not only it spacious seating and comfortable the theater itself is absolutely gorgeous. This is pretty much the only place I go anymore!

Chris M

Pretty good food on happy hour menu.

Jordan Goodwin

Incredible place to see a movie. Food is surprisingly tasty. Normally I'm hesitant from theaters but they really put time and effort into the food and service at this place. Went and saw bohemian Rhapsody and it was an incredible experience. Definitely will be coming back

Katie Weinberg

It’s a Mcmenamins, so the food and drink selection is going to be amazing! This one has outdoor seating right on Hawthorne, which is awesome. Our server, Spencer, was the best! So kind and genuine. We really enjoyed him.

Theresa Pridemore

My favorite movie theater in Portland. Food is solid, the screen and sound system are awesome. Be sure to get there early enough to get balcony seats and you can do dinner and a movie. Hot tip... You can buy tickets for a group but arrive separately, they will check you off the list by name.

Patty Piazza

I'm a fan of McMenamins in general and the Baghdad is no exception. Great way to see a movie and have a bite to eat at the same time. Kids love it as well.

Jacob Warren

Both times I've been here on a late weekend night to play some pool it has not been busy. Not sure why though because this place is gorgeous! It is a "hidden" room that sits behind the Bagdad Theater's screen. The bar itself was salvaged from the Lotus Cardroom in Portland and is around 130 years old. Everything in this place is a spectacle for the eyes: The chandeliers, the bar, the ceiling, and the 20'x20' mural are all amazing. This is my favorite place to play pool and a hidden gem you have to see for yourself.

Tee Man

Great location cozy spot for a drink and cigar. Small selection of cigars so if your picky bring your own. Bar tender was awesome.

Terry G

A Portland treasure. Consistent food, good beer and first run movies. Movie prices are up but still less than the multiplex. Worth supporting the outfit that saves historic buildings and makes them attractions to be enjoyed by many future generations.

Nur Scott

Love the pineapple cider that family thought of on their trip to the islands

Hugh H

Beautiful theater, good prices for first run movies.

daniel sun

Seasonal IPA & Great Service

Shasta Sevcik

Overall great place! Beautiful theater with comfy seats, cup holders, and tables in front of the seats Only small annoyance is the dishes in the kitchen next to the theater were clanging so much during quiet parts of the movie we saw.


I ate in the restaurant portion of the building, before seeing a movie. The food and service there were great! We got A HUGE bowl of delicious tater tots with our meal. After eating, we waited in the front to be allowed into the movie theater. 2 of my party went ahead to the theater. Me and another member of the party waited at confession. There was a couple being helped and the two of us. When another employee appeared behind the concession, he told us to move back and stand behind the line, THEN offered to help us at the counter. I was rather confused as to why he would ask the only two people in line to go backwards and then move forward.... Instead of just offering to help us... The rest of the interaction with this individual was unpleasant. The theater that the movie was in, was comfortable and beautiful. I will gladly see another film there.

toya cheng

They have great food, unbelievable awesome service, and their drinks are amazing.


We went for a movie, after buying a pitcher of beer they let us know that there was no pizza (the only food) available for the rest of the movie we were there to see. The movie was three hours long and we were hungry, upset, and drunk when we left. At least they gave us a refund on our movie ticket, but there was no customer service, and I was made to feel like a bad person for asking for the bare minimum of bar food in accordance with the olcc.

Jaivona Turner

Great food and atmosphere. Was pretty quiet when I went. Had dinner first in the pub area then watched a movie about an hour later. Staff was friendly and fast. Would definitely visit again next time I'm in Portland.

Marshall Steeves

SOLID food and pretty fast service. The cajon tots and the Queen Anne sandwich are absolutely phenomenal. Always enjoy coming here.

Corey Schmidt

Good movie theater with dank beer and pizza.

Dietrich McDaniel

Delicious food in Oakland service I had a fun time bringing friends and eating out with them

Daniel Musquez

Great decor & atmosphere

Jeff Wilson

Great place to see a movie, drink a beer, and eat Cajun tots. The historical theater is beautiful.

Emiliano Mendoza - McCrory

My friends took me for my first time. The atmosphere was pretty friendly. The waitress recommended a really good beer and the pizza was pretty satisfying. I only wish we could've played pool but they were checked out by the same people for most of the night. Overall a pleasant place.

Tony Hungate

Love McMenamins, great food always a good atmosphere. The Bagdad has a great rotating beer and cider offering as well as 3 or 4 vegan food offerings. If you stop here you must take the time to visit the Backstage Bar, where you can find pool tables and pinball machines with an awesome ambiance.

Elijah Wood

Best large screen single screen movie theatre in town. Routinely pop over to catch a shlock or better show. Tends to show mainstream mainstays, but love the space, the McMenamins nibbles, and the exceptionally welcoming vibe.

jesa herman

My sister works near here so I've been frequenting it more often. Normally I've had great experiences seeing movies here but the past two times I've just come in for food. I sat at a table for 15 minutes and no one greeted me or my other guest so we left. The second time we were helped right away, the host was very sweet and our server was not kind at all. He was very abrasive and seemed put out by taking our table at all. The food was good though, as always.

Austin Greene

Great place to see a movie if you want beer and tots rather than popcorn and a soda.

Flip Logi

Amazing athmosphere. If you want to grab some good drinks and food while enjoying your favorite movie, definitely check this theater out.

Andrew Heller

Best spot to catch a movie and food in Portland

Hedieh Yaghmai Steele

Talk about funky and fun decor! The food was fine... nothing special. don't miss out on checking out the theater and learning about the history of it!

Tracy Penner

Was at a private event upstairs in the back area. Staff were very accommodating and food was excellent. The veggie pizza was one of the best I've had.

Kevin K

First time here, the theater was nicer than I expected. Good service and the staff were great.

Angela Adelman

Love this place! Amazing food, good prices and comfortable chairs!


Good food. Nice location

Michael Soener

It's actually a pretty slick spot, typical funky McMenamins aesthetic which I'm not the biggest fan of generally it works well in this space with the actual theater still there. I'd like to see a movie there and do the pub as a before/after experience but haven't had that chance yet. Couple of times I've been the drinks were good, food was solid and service was a touch spotty but well-intentioned and friendly. So it gets a solid 4 stars, nothing incredible but if you wanna see a movie anyway a great neighborhood spot.

Terra Brett

Great place to bring kids for a movie, comfy couches, great beer and food!

Tiffany Chamberlain

Cool atmosphere! The theater and the bar behind the theater is so unique! Love it

Leo Pichette

Great place to catch a movie. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody there on opening night and had no problem getting a seat. If you want food delivered you do need to sit in the balcony, but you can eat anywhere.

Justin Johnson

Cool place to watch a movie. Get there early for a good balcony seat.

Max W.

The theater is astounding, and it is a wonderful social atmosphere. Be prepared to laugh, cheer, and clap throughout the movie.

Deborah DeTray

We really loved the back stage pub and the staff was awsome

Jim Cornwall

Great time watching a movie with a friend! Enjoyed having some beers while watching a movie too

Wednesdey Y

I got food poisoning, Sunday 5/12/19. Not sure which part of my meal was the culprit, chicken, salad or mayo? Glad my company had none of the same items with their meal.

Jason Love

First-run movies with modern projection and sound, but in a theater that's 100 years old, plus good pub food and beer at your seat while you watch the movie. What's not to love?

Quitze Rose

Nice building and typical McMenamins asthetic to go with it. The staff were all great and the garlic broccoli is to die for.

Rebecca L

Such a great venue with a localized feel! The seats are very comfortable and they will deliver food and beverage to you if you sit on the balcony. The only downside is the long lines to get food and snacks.

Carl from Chicago

We saw the Freddie Mercury concert movie from the balcony upstairs and bought tickets in advance. It was a lot of fun sitting and drinking and eating upstairs. The sound and view was excellent. I would recommend buying a pitcher of beer and getting there in advance to make sure you get your food before the show starts, and it is very hard to go down and get a drink once the show begins (the lines are still long). I really had a good time and will definitely go back.

David Cascio

Awesome theater with great popcorn and drinks

Maureen Beaudry

Theater was gorgeous and very comfortable. Staff nice and friendly.

José Francisco Montes

Nice place and good service. Just a bit dirty but not a big deal

Scott Parr

Beautiful old theater. Reasonable prices and great popcorn! Restaurant attached that had good food.

E. Co

I had a great time and with attentive service. I strongly recommend the Grapefruit Guava Peppercorn cider. I don't like grapefruit or guava and it was so amazing I ordered a second pint.

McKinley Allen

Delicious food in a warm McMenamins atmosphere, not too crowded at all! Discounted drink specials are always great too! I had creamy macaroni with kale and bacon, would reccomend, I needed a box it was so rich.

Jason T. Williams

My favorite theater in P-Town. The staff is friendly and courteous with very reasonably priced tickets! I love the pizza slices (especially the pepperoni), and the architecture inside the theater is simply AMAZING. The picture and sound quality match any other theaters so if you haven't been please do, you won't be disappointed that you did.

Rosy Zavala

Great spot to hang out after a movie. The location gets pretty packed but staff is quick and always attentive. If it's a slow night I would recommend checking out the upstairs seating, it's a bit more private but the seating is awesome.

Celso Mendoza

Fantastic customer service, food,and drinks.....

Terri Hart

Solidly good old-fashioned theater-pub. None of the reclining, rocking, vibrating seats of the newest theaters, but a solid place to see a first-run movie with a pint and a slice of pizza. Clean and well maintained. My only real complaint is the lack if tables to put your food and drink on.

Linda Morgan

A great place to watch a movie, have a great beverage & shoot some pool

Landon Craig

Amazing place to experience. Cool bars and you feel like you are stepping into a different world. Plus you can drink while watching movies.

Patrick Coan

Really used to love McPortlands. Maybe it's been to many craft burgers around town, but their $12 burger was a step above cafeteria food at best. The service was great, but this franchise needs to reconsider its taste. Cannot unrecommend enough.

Dana Vines

Lively, spacious theater. Really neat architecture. Good drinks , food. Comfortable seats, balcony...two thumbs up!

Raw Elements

Great place, loved the difference from the bagdad pub (intimate, cozy) to the Backstage Bar (big, loud, rowdy).. didn't get to see Mary Poppins at the theater, but that's okay

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