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REVIEWS OF Madras Cinema 5 IN Oregon

lightningviper18 ps4 fn clips

Awesome great services except they dont clean it all the way

Mona Boyd

2nd time that we went to the theater. Both times they were not using their box office. You have to stand in the concession line to get tickets and we were late for both movies. Done with the Madras cinema. Stupid business practice.

Hannah Monroy

Amazing service!

C Dawson


Jeriah Wagner

A most excellent theater.

Michael Boyd

Great movie theater. Nice staff, clean. Great size theater for Madras.

Brehmen 99

Decent little movie theater, and friendly staff.

Rachel Clancy

The two times that I went to see a movie at the theater the staff were nice and courteous and I really appreciated that

Cheryl Neill

I love this theatre! It's very cozy, and super nice staff, always clean!

dave lutz

Clean fun

Dick Van-Dyke

A bit overpriced but clean theater and good staff.

Sherrill Abbe

Going to the movies is nice its a nice place service is always fast and good i just wish they had more movies we like to go on sat but we run out and have to wait for new ones alot

Hannah Macduffee

It is nice, pretty clean, but it is a pain they never answer their phone they say leave a message, but it is not convenient to leave a message.

Charles May

Great Place to see a movie. Especially 3D!! Usually quiet with several choices as well as package deals for movies and food. They also rent out theaters for parties. You can play video games on the big screen!

sheryl keyes

Good movies, great value

Richard Affeldt

I love having a great movie theater in Madras!

Ted Savage

One of my favorite movie theatres. Very calm relaxed placed. Very friendly staff

Michelle Johnson

Bathrooms very disgusting

Clyde Reynolds

Clean new and not crowded:)

Sara McCool

Just right in every way

Hope Courage

It's a cute little movie theater, parking lot is okay, (cons) prices for the tickets and a combo are kinda high for a small town movie theater my family and I went the other night and I paid for myself and paid 18.50. I dont mind spending it on a bigger movie theater, the other thing is tell your employees not to talk about how you keep your popcorn, the chick asked should I make a fresh batch and the guy said no just reheat the one we already have made and it should be good.

vee jay

Good times

Jason Forbey

So disgusting and dirty, went to see Dumbo and was reviled. This was awhile back and hopefully they've changed the cleaning schedule. Children's movies need to be cleaned better than the other movies.

Jessica Peles

Me and my fiance went to see Sherlock gnomes. It was cute and funny.

Cathy Wright

Clean n friendly. However poorly set up with admission. You pay at the same time as getting treats. Takes to long to get into movie n you can miss the beginning if the lines are to long outside.

Paul Dawes

Nice, clean theatre with friendly service. Chairs are comfortable and the snaks r cheaper than Bends Regal theatre!

Caleb Carrillo

Good deals

Aubrey Boynton

Great place to watch movies, staff is wonderful! If it's to cold or warm in the movie room, the staff will adjust the temp accordingly at request and overall an awesome place!!!

dora alex

Great fun for fam especially on Tuesdays

Tina Riege

Was nice and clean

Jacob Snellings

It's a good small town theater, didn't expect a lot but got everything and more. Would rather go here then a bigger one. Customer service is great and the theater is always clean. Good family environment as well.

Lynda Hunt

1st time here. Very clean ,nice comfortable seats and reasonably priced. Will definately go again.

Tom Mountz

Nice facility, lots of screens, clean

Erez Powell

Nice modern movie theater. Good prices, friendly staff.

Margaret Knorr

We wanted to see Passengers so we checked all Central Oregon locations. Of course Old Mill 16 was showing it, but so was Madras 5, according to THEIR website. We drove from Redmond to spend our money at a smaller venue, to find, not only is the movie NOT playing there, but apparently the other movies weren't either. Pretty easy to update a website.

Sunshine Smile

Needs more food selection

Ashley E

Nice to see Madras adding more places to access entertainment.

Warm Springs,Oregon N8iV

Great prices and friendly staff, Tuesday matinees are $4 that’s the best.

Toni Martinez

I like this movie store. Great workers.

T.A. McMahon

Love Gina's energy!

Andrew Harris

Very clean place

Yvonne Iverson

Always great service, and comfortable seats.

Heather VanAlstyne

Nice, friendly staff. Excellent prices which mean you can actually afford taking the whole family. Superior popcorn!

dave smith

Loved it

irish twin life amen

My boys worked really hard on a no smoking board they won first place and received free movie tickets. We couldn't afford to go without the tickets. Before leaving I checked to see if this was a star attraction but ant man and wasp was. Also made sure it didn't say anything about greater or less value so we could use them on the adults. The girl who usually is really nice made me feel horribly stupid first she tried to say it was a star attraction. then said we had to wait fourteen days when the movies usually don't stay this long. After she OK d it she charged us for the adults knowing I needed it for adults. I let her know and she said something about the lesser value but I pointed out their wasnt any where on ticket with this. Bottom line I'm sorry I couldn't afford it we made a promise to our boys and living almost in shaniko I really needed my gas money . I have never felt so horrible and poor to be treated like this and make such a big deal of. To top it off a friend and I bring our kids and pay for at leasr two other kids who our not ours . along with popcorn sodas etc on a couple times a month basis. They have seen us many times it just so happen s I don't get paid till later. My husband only has weekends off so he wouldnt have made it later. Next time it would be nice if this girl would be kinder to people on a budget and not make me feel like she's going out of her way to do me a favor.l Ike I'm dirt. Like I'm this poor chick trying to keep a buck.I also want to add she is normally very nice. She has talked about her kids to my friend and I . Their is very little to do in this town swimming and the movies is really the only thing we have to do. So please young lady take this into consideration and really know that you have hurt my feelings and treat others as you would like to be treated.

Sherrie Hoffmann

Great price and comfortable seating. Cool, cool a.c.

Carol Dolf

Nice movie theater.

Jenn Pillar

Chicken tenders were not very good. Did not follow through with request for extra butter and such things. Table was sticky.

Rolly Hoyt

Very good place to go but could use some heat. Don't like being cold when I'm trying to watch a movie.

Charlotte Mae

Always super great customer service here! Clean establishment. Small but great for the price.

Jennifer Miller

Great small town theater. We've always had great service.

Dawn Thiessen

Great theater and service

Jennifer Dobkins

Very welcoming place.

Zola Jack

Always friendly n also clean

Henry Inglesby

The staff treated us very poorly upon entering. Will be avoiding if possible, and if not hope that Jack isn't working.

Shawn Caldwell

Nice employees and clean

Jackie Sheffield

Best popcorn ever.....Great customer service

Roy R


Crystal Hartsfield

Nice theater for a small town.

Lil' Chungus

I Went to See Avengers: Infinity War

diane christensen

I have been to this theater several times. It is always clean and has a friendly staff

Benjamin Nettrouer

Newest theater in central oregon. $4 Tuesdays are great! $4 per ticket all day. The theaters are cleaned in AM mon, wed, fri. The projectors are all digital so great picture quality.

Kay Walters

Love this theater. It's clean and normally not over crowded.

Tambry Scunziano

Small theater, but very nice and only $5 fir Tuesday matinee

Arthur Mitchell

tickets are cheap and you gotta go on Tuesdays to watch a dirt cheap movie

Brian Summers

Great theater. Staff was excellent.

Brandon Thompson

Good popcorn , friendly staff

Esmeralda Craig

I loved spending time with my family here but I don't like it when other people kids are running around she would kick my seat when she was running around

Marella VanPelt

Only reason I like to go is because of the popcorn

Jackie Zacarias

Great place

George & Heidi Badger

Great prices and offers family movies.

Anthony Caldera SR.

The movies what's to complain about

Cartopmeteor roo

Good clean theater.

Sheila Putnam

The service of the staff is great. Could use prompts for ignorant patrons to curb use of I-pads and cell phones in the theater during the films.

Del Poppe

Great movie theater Madras is lucky to have this kind of quality in our town far better than Redmond's down the road.

Brennan Morrow

Clean and nice theater.

Jules Carruthers

Good place to watch a movie. Especially on Tuesday matinee

Wendy Chancellor

Seem to always have a good smile and helpful

Russell Graham

Good small town movie theater. Small operation, but sometimes it’s better to come here than drive all the way to Bend or Redmond. Seats are decent. The only complaint is simply driving in and out of the facility. The highway in this location is often busy.

Steve Shannon

Great theater, clean and new, friendly staff and great prices

Anjelo Ward

Very small theatre. Most of the time you have only share it with two or three people of any at all. Some of the movies they show are a little behind. However. they've been up to date with everything so far this summer.

Flossie Wolfe

Close to Warm Springs only a 15 to 20 min. Drive from home

Rachel Raburn

Very nice, clean theater. Being in a small town, there's usually plenty of seating. $4 tickets all day every Tuesday means our whole family can go without breaking the bank!

Marissa Kalama

Always good to be here for family time. I enjoy it

Jeris Clark

Clean, friendly, comfortable, good experience

LarryandKarla Tasa

Best movie theater in Central Oregon

Justine Ferguson

Guy clearly didn't want to sell anything other than tickets.

Ariana Walker

I am so used to going to the cinema in Bend that it was an incredible surprise to see the prices here at this theater. I love my experience here and so did the kids


Website was very short and non descriptive of the movie wanting to coming attraction info posted when several movies are being released in the next 3 weeks of october!! One which is HALLOWEEN 2018 .my review is going to be a 1 star and that's because they do play movies..web site upgrades desperately needed.

Kayla Ann Isherwood

Nice theater

sid chichester

went there once and it was a very nice place.

Danni Katchia

Great location and nice staff

Janet Wilkerson

Nice theater, comfortable seats, polite staff. The bathrooms need to be cleaned.

John Katchia

Another good trip to the movies

darlene highfill

Great family place

Tom Wilson

It was a little dirty but most of all no refills on expensive popcorn......not even an option for $1 refills. Popcorn is my main reason for going to the movies!

Arnold Stwyer

Great service nice people working at the time. Awesome picture and sound from theater area. comfortable chairs also

Bryan Smith

Modern theatre, but cozy and decently priced place to watch a movie

Shay Broome

Nice place could be cleaner

Kathy Curl-Minchow

Good time.

Gary stephen Robinson

Clean good customer service great food


Small but big screen's. Great customer service. A little high in the snack bar but to be expected. Ys we would go back.


Love it. A little pricey but otherwise I love it

Becca Williams

Love the Tuesday night's 4.00 nice staff excellent prices and good selection of movies

Keith Moody

It was awesome experience

Mark Thoreson

Good stadium movie experience. Average concessions. Restrooms need work.

Rachel Winters

Clean, friendly service and the very reasonable price wise.

Scott O'Rourke

Worst Marvel movie Ive ever seen. Predictable, boring, way too long.

Stephanie Allard

Decent theater in a small town. The place is not as clean as it could be, but it's not awful either. There also aren't many previews before the film, so the screen is silently advertising as people file in with their snacks.

Jeffrey Hughson

Large parking lot fronting business with plenty of safety lighting. Their also fast food next to the theater.

Terri Gano

Great seats, and friendly staff. It would be five stars if water was allowed.

Denise Welden

We always get great customer service when we go to the movies here. I just have one issue. It was so cold when we went to watch Star Wars 12-17-15. I wasn't the only one who was cold. My cousin even loaned me his coat to help stop my legs from cramping from the cold. I know you can't please everyone, but just a little warmer in there would be nice ;-) Thanks again for the great customer service

Jolea Allen

Went to see Dark Phoenix. Movie was good. Seats are uncomfortable and the screen had a small tear in the upper left hand corner.

alexander kollen

Your average small town cinema. Nothing bad but nothing special. Newer facility cleaner than most.

matthew ludi

Great local cinema, always clean.

Francisco Diaz

Clean, quiet, a good movie experience

Mrs. Baehr

Nice, clean, new.

Gary McFarlin

Good prices

Bob Leggat

Clean, comfortable, pleasant, friendly staff, good popcorn!

Sara Rogers

Staff is always friendly. Happy to have a theatre in Madras

charlie ellifritz

Need I say more!

Ryan Jones-heard

Had to leave during the first 20 min of a movie because of an emergency. Tried to get money back and the staff was super rude.

Garrett Johnson

Very nice


Okay let me break it down for you people here. I've been going to this theater off and on again ever since the day it was opened. It's been consistentlly affordable, compared to the borderline-ludicrous costs of places in Bend, etc. Tickets are 6 dollars (matinee price) until around 6pm, when they become 8 dollars. Also there's a Tuesday discount deal still I think. They've always had at least five different movies playing at any given time, which offers plenty of variety. It's also conveniently located on the main highway, next to a decent KFC. The amount of times I've waited eating at KFC, then gone and gotten good seats around 20ish minutes early (although depending on the popularity of the movie, like Star Wars, you'll have to go way earlier) has been a lot. The staff have always agreeable and friendly, and willing to answer questions you may have. The food is a little spendy of course, but not break the bank wise by any means. The popcorn is fresh and buttery, and they have a good variety of candies. All in all, my friends and I have enjoyed this theater many times and it's never too busy, unless It's a premiere night and/or a very popular movie. While it doesn't have the grandiose spectacle of an "Imax" ( fake Imax like in Bend, which they charge insane prices for. If you want Real Imax, go to OMSI in Portland) theater, and yes sometimes it's a little dirty. However it offers a cheap, authentic american moviegoing experience, which I plan to contue to enjoy. Oh also I greatly enjoy the architecture of the place. Very neon-fortressy.

Cece LeClaire

Nice little cinemas for the small town of madras

Kimberlyn Wofford

They always have the newest movies available. But they are kind of dirty. I dont know if that is just because of the people going there to watch movies don't have respect for the place. Or if they don't have a good clean up crew.

David Kribs

3 tickets, a med. popcorn and Coke for $20 on Tuesdays, great deal.

Charles Tailfeathers


Brenda & Greg Parrish

Took grandson in for a movie he asked to see. Was great & popcorn too.

Kathy Coe

Great Movie

Saul T, Morales Corona

Nice bathrooms, good service, and good prices (I feel like the candy is a little overpriced) make the experience enjoyable, it's honestly something that'd be expected of theaters.

D Nince

Comfy seats. Love the $4 tuesday

Jude 1:21

Love coming here for a matinee.

Dawn Harris

Jacky! Comfortable seats & excellent Popcorn w/ reeces pieces!

Andria Mengucci

Tuesday is $4 movie night, great newer theater for this little town

Hugh Finn

Billboards needed for shows time.

Tracy Miller

Tuesdays $4 early show $6 after. Nice, clean, comfy chairs and temp.

Aaron Shippentower

Great place to relax and watch a movie

Chuck Carroll

Nice place to relax

Wayne Strutz


Sheena Stevens

Bathrooms people act like you know how to use them....

zack wood

Never had a bad experience here, much more than you would expect from a Small Town Theater.

Sharon Brackett

Just watched the movie "Paul, Apostle of Christ". Powerful truth.

ferman tufti

Cheapest showings and snacks I've ever had great seating as well

Brian Burich

Good people, clean theatres, and rarely crowded. $5 tuesdays and weekend matinees are available for those on a budget or who must have a lot of snacks.

Angelo Medina

Local Cinema has most new showings

Ivy Wallulatum

I was in a kids movie and they told keep my kids calm down but most visit it's been fine

Rudy Loredo

Nice Place Clean I like it

Bonnie Flu

My kiddo loved the movie but, still a bit pricey.

Thomas Jones

Big cinema feel in a small town.

Mrs Yahtin

My Family an i went to go watch a movie an 1 of my kids wanted a refill so I went an got another 1 while approaching the works was on lunch they apologize for having lunch witch they shouldn't, I felt bad for interrupting, after I got my kids a refill I say to them, I sure hope you folks have a peaceful lunch tonight. What they inform me was, "we have lunch when we have time"

kam west22

This is a pleasant cinema with free parking and plays the new releases. Good popcorn and hot pretzels with nacho cheese. Very friendly staff!

Travis Andy

good day the host was friendly and helpful staff.cold tho in theater's.but was a good experience.thank you Madras

Robert Haden

Clean and good snack's. Price's for movie were reasonable.

Rolin MorningOwl

Hottest chicks I ever seen.


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