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REVIEWS OF Lake Theater & Cafe IN Oregon

Mike Lee

Wonderful small local theater with a gastropub. Excellent food and local microbrews. Food is made from locally sourced ingredients.

B Henry

It's okay Kind of a hipster crowd if that's your thing

Svetlana Mann

We had so much fun celebrating birthday and dancing. Pizza is absolutely incredible...

Don Spear

Cool theater, good food, great service

Donald Dutton

This is a tremendous effort by a local man who wants to bring culture and class to Lake Oswego. The artists that he brings to town are in a wide variety and always very good. Plus the food and drinks that you can eat in the theater while …

Connor Madziarczyk

Absolutely love this theater. The staff are nice, the theater is clean. And having no First Look is the best. They do actual preshows.

Kevin Oyama

Never thought of renting it out for a party but I attended one and it was fun. Will consider it for future large parties!

christopher davis

I really liked the dynamic of this place very friendly and good food

Emalee Long

We had a really great time! The food was great and we liked how there was separate café style seating down below while watching the movie.

Tye Frieze

Love this place!! Staff is great and the full bar is no joke. Food menu is short and delicious and absolutely thee best place to hang out before watching a movie. It's one of the best little kept secrets in Lake Oswego since their remodel.

Rachel Ann

Great ambience, fantastic mixed drinks, tasty food. I love sitting on the deck during summer and enjoying a cool mixed drink. I still dream about the bourbon peach brie panini that was on the menu two years ago. Please bring it back <3

William Johnson

Great remodel! friendly staff absolutely loved it! Only thing is they need to tone down the fancy menu stuff. Simple cheesburger, pepporoni pizza would make it the bomb. Still fabulous!

Michael Romano

Awesome little theater in downtown Lake Oswego. A great place to grab a beer, glass of wine, some food, and enjoy a first run movie release. The screens are smaller then Cinetopia or your local multiplex, but the atmosphere and the staff more than make up for that minor quirk.

Lisa Sudo

The music stage is a nice little space.

Alfonso muñoz

Venue and food are supreme. Service falls a little short.

Mark Knell

Major restoration recently makes a nice space with full restaurant and bar, plus frequent $1 noon family movies

Susann Torvalds

Cozy little place with tasty food. Not for big parties

Rocky Savage

Food is good, beer is great. Super clean and staff is very friendly. I'd rather go here than any of the larger theaters. Seldom crowded and superior food to Cinetopia, this is easily my favorite movie theater in the area!

Jamie Anderson

What a great way to watch a movie. With a great selection of food and drinks served by friendly staff.

Ken Burns

Lake Theater is great if you want a quiet drink / bite to eat sitting out by the lake or if you want to watch one of the latest movies. The staff are friendly and are great at going over their latest beer taps or cocktails. The food here is great pub food. Their pizza's are more on the traditional thin crust style, but with toppings that you wouldn't find anywhere else. The movie theatre is pretty spacious and comfortable, get there early and grab your drink to take in with you.

Mary Knapp

The Best .... in movies....environment...ambiance .... Love you all!

Chris Krup

Totally disappointed with Lake Theater tonight (9.12.17 around 615pm). Looking to savor the last few days of summer on the deck with my family. Stood at the bar to order a drink for my wife and me and was simply ignored by the bartender who was clearly not "swamped". Stood for about 10 minutes. He even took about wiping the bar down without acknowledging me. So bummed at yet ANOTHER Lake Oswego joint within 1/2 mile from home that has crappy service...what a bummer.

Daniel Flinton

The pizza is awesome. I'm not a big fan of most artsy fartsy pizza. But this was awesome! The drinks, movie and staff were all very good too. The staff was helpful and the theater was clean. A good place to take a date.

Emi Church

Been here twice now, once to the main theater and once to the casual theater and enjoyed both experiences.

rodriguez pitts

Great Setting Highly Recommended For An Outing!!!

Brad Johnson

The food is good, the service is solid and the patio is nice. the only downsides are the limited movie options (it's a single screen theater so its completely understandable) and a relatively small menu which is a bummer given that what they do have is all really good.

Megan Bowes

This is a lovely local theater and restaurant. Th local foods are always delicious.

Jerry Q.

Beautiful place an cozy. very friendly staff and good prices. Great food.

Gladys Minney

Great theater with lots of food choices

Elisabeth Jordan

Great people &great service!

annette roeyer

Sweet music and movie venue. Good food nice folk.

Peter Schneider

Fantastic service, great food, and quality selection of films. This is a perfect example of a Small Town movie theater and restaurant. Plus they have a nice bar too.

Annie Laulainen

I didnt realize theres a full bar and restaurant there and you can bring food and drinks in theaters. Awesome!

Richard Rizk

Great place on lake. Would give stars except for kids running around . Decent food. I prefer food next door at Stickman though.

John Acerbi

The food fare and beverage was quite tasty and reasonably priced. Lower level obviously more for dining viewers with balcony seating for more traditional seating. Good food, comfortable, great sounds system, locally owned. Can't go wrong.

Scott Likely

Nice theater with food and beer available

Gayle Buskuhl

I would have given five stars, except for the little propaganda short film we were made to sit through before our show began. Something about global warming and Nazis. Seriously. None of us understood the message, it was so silly and confusing, but we knew we were receiving a lecture. A huge turn off.


Very nice place. Full bar and eatery inside and outdoor seating. Nice chill area and tv. Two movie theaters inside (nice chairs). Would definitely have to go back.

Brandon Meyer

This place is extremely fantastic. Great fresh food cooked and served before you with a very pleasant staff. They are always willing to accommodate any special needs or wants of their customer highly recommended

Skyris Imaging

This is a great place for a casual dinner on the patio with a view of the lake. They have great soups and salads. (salads are big enough to share) - the event space is a nice spot for a group to catch a sporting event on the projector screen.

Joseph Tucker

Pros: Wonderful deck beers and dining, polite service, very good beer selection Cons: Food took over an hour to get to us, the two of us felt our wallets were lighter than they should have been afterward

Jill Slansky

Excellent movie...delicious food.

Greg Sparhawk

Great venue for music. Dan Balmer was awesome.

David Hastings

On the lake, featuring delicious seasonal and locally sourced food with a wide range of interesting craft beers, hard ciders, wine and mixed drinks. They also cater social events, music, games and films. They are a community destination.


This place is amazing! Try the standard burger with cheese, hands down, best burger at a theater I've ever had. Seats are comfy and spacious too!

Terica Starr

This is a great theatre. Took off a star because the service people have been rude or curt every time we've been.

james eckman

This place is trying to blend a restaurant and a theater like cinetopia does. But doesn't do either very well. The location is too small to devote such a large area to the auditorium so everything outside is cramped and overpopulated. None of the employees wear uniforms so it feels like some random mouth breather is directing you at all times. The projector for the movie is set to low so people walk in front of it constantly. And be prepared for hipster service, over complicated menus because it's "farm to table" so whatever they have they slather all over everything whether it works or not and then the price is set higher because it's "local". But they do show you a great propaganda film about how wonderful they think they are.

Lin Johnson

PISS POOR Advertised one movie for TODAY (Fri) at 12:15 AFTER ther fact showed a DIFFERENT movie...NOT what was advertised. Originally planned movie time changed to 2:15 Their excuse ... "we updated our show times yesterday" ARROGANT Mgr "Jordan" responded to my complaint "tough" NEVER NEVER NEVER patronizing this business ever again !!!

Franklin Weichelt

Great place to watch a movie and have a drink. Loved it and look forward to going back!

Hildur Solvadottir

I had a "sneak" preview of the new theater & cafe. It is amazing! It is more than a theater and cafe. It is a place for movies, food, drinks, meetings, parties, presentations..and more! The work done is beautiful and well done. Fantastic!

Kevin Hoover

Great venue for music & good food & drinks. Have been here several times & have always had a good experience. Wonderful outdoor seating overlooking Lake Oswego. Check out the music schedule and go to a Monday night show!

Paul O'Dell

It's a great resturant/movie theater/stage.. I've never been here just to eat (not sure if you can) but always to get food for a movie or an event (history pubs). The food is delicious (and a little spendy). Great seats and tables.

Julie Amici

Delicious menus that rotate seasonally. Excellent drink specials! And Music on Monday nights in the event space. World class musicians in an intimate space with perfect sound.

Teri Briggs

The Lake Theater is a fabulous venue to see a live performance in or a movie in their theater. Dean Mueller curates a stellar lineup on Monday night showcasing some of the best in Portland's music scene.

Board Treasurer

We are big advocates of supporting local buisness. Have patronized this theater through all it's iterations for decades. It has a great location, very good food, intimate setting and ample free parking.

Aaron Longo

Saw Ty Curtis here on April 23rd. Great venue with a fantastic bartender. Small theater, but I loved the atmosphere and total experience.

Danielle Kaiser

Super cute little theater! Nice outside area overlooking the lake, can order food & drinks to take in the theater.

Tony McCormick

This is a super nice old theater that has been updated with stadium seats and features an excellent menu. Also live music Mondays.

Sam Pete

Great food

J Maloney

Trendy music, movies, food and adult beverages. Great outdoor seating.

Torrey Schweigert

A fun place for an afternoon or night getaway to watch a movie and have fun with friends

Özgen Sümer Lacin

Great place to chill. Employees are friendly and welcoming. They are OK if you bring your coffee from Starbucks across the road and just sit down in the patio and watch the beautiful lake.

Randy Willig

Outstanding as usual. Last night's entertainment was one of the best, and we've seen a number of performances. Dean does a fantastic job.

Brandon Moore

Great selection of beers and cocktails. Friendly service and move view of the lake.

Carlos Gutierres


George Pixley

Nice place, good friendly people, great atmosphere

Julie AV

Seating right on the lake. Dinner and a movie in one place.

Susan Humm

Thought food and drinks in the theatre was a good idea until the young man sitting next to me spent most of the movie eating a pizza. It was very distracting.

Gary O'Connell

Have to agree that a simple cheeseburger, with a few add ons like bacon, etc. and a pepperoni, sausage, etc pizza(s) would be a welcomed addition to what has become a favorite haunt within walking distance for my wife and me. I would change my rating from 4 to 5 :-).

Steve Birkel

Best small theater for lunch on the lakeside and a movie

Jennifer Hof

This is my absolute favorite place to watch a movie. However, on a 100゚ day, it seemed quite warm in the theater. Great food, wine by the bottle, convenient location.

Timothy Lafolette

Beautiful venue! Great food! Friendly staff!

Sayaka Yoshimoto-Walsdorf

Great atmosphere with great drinks and food.

Mission Critical

Fun little theater

Rachel Aichele

Cute place. Really good food made from local products.

Martin Dixon

Lake Theater is our favorite movie theater. The seats are comfortable. It's not too big. The food is outstanding (arguably the freshest and best in Lake Oswego). On top of the food they always have a good selection of rotating beer and cider taps and a full bar.

Jordan Goodwin

Fantastic little place to go to food his fantastic and just all around great place to go for a night out

Gregory Burnett

One of my favorite places to go for local events, concerts, movies and Duck games. Cozy, clean, local, fun, friendly and great food/beer. Not cheap... but well worth it.

Katie Weinberg

This is a great spot to grab food and hang out with friends. I have not been to the theater, but the seating area has a fireplace. We brought a game and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Skizz Lord

Loved it! The bartender and liquor selection is on point; I just hope their movie selection keeps up!

Alyssa Grant

Awesome shows and delicious locally sourced food!

Alan Campbell

Great small theater with good food and great beers!

Christopher Ronningen

This place is really cool. They don't show a bunch of movies at once but they always show the good ones in comfortable seats with great food and a full bar. This is a better way to watch a movie.

Bryan Hathhorn

Nice place. "Trendy" menu, but the food was just meh. We had about 6 different things and none were great, but just ok. It's right on the lakeside with a nice patio view. Drink's were $10 a piece, but I guess you have to expect that in that a area.

Janett Jacobson

Ate one of the best burgers I've ever had outside on the deck, watching people water ski. Nice folks working there as well...

Aaron Stusser

Great patio! Nice place to sit on a summer day

Lynne Frost

The music was great but getting something to eat and drink is a JOKE! Waited FOREVER in the drink line and was told it would be 45 minutes to get our food order...better work on a different system. They also ran out of WATER GLASSES and made zero attempt to accommodate us.

Teri Patapoff

This is the best bar and restaurant in Lake Oswego. For the life of me, I cannot understand why ANYONE still goes to the hot mess that is Stickmen, with their laughably abysmal service. The Lake is where it's at! Best cocktails in town and a tasty menu (the crispy duck salad is the best salad I've ever had), served by a friendly staff. Grab a patio table and watch life on the lake. Oh yeah, it's also a movie theater. I almost forgot! Their dollar noon movies for kids are an affordable family activity, with a great $5 kids menu.Trivia, live music, events. This place has it all and more. A really wonderful addition to the community.

Ron Griffin

A great way to spend an afternoon, dinner and a movie, in the same place!

Louise Lauman

Love this place. Great family spot.

Bradd Hill

Very nice place for event. We were with a group to watch TV show on large screen, and impressed with how well it worked.


Everyone there is nice and it’s really cool to support a local business that supports our farmers

Herb Brasington

Entering the balcony is treacherous. There is a very real risk of falling over the balcony railing. Lighting before the movie and during previews does not exist. Compared with other boutique or second-run theaters, the pricing on tickets and refreshments was high.

Chris Matthews

Super cool place. Great food. Excellent view of the lake. Nice outdoor seating area.

Brian Smith

Fun little place in Lake O. Parking wasn't the easiest, but LO has a garage not far (2 blocks). There may be parking across the street, but we weren't sure if it was general parking or for the businesses on that side. We were their for a company party and food was good and space was nice.

Damien Hendricks

I love this place! The entire experience is really good. The only issue I have is the screen is a little too small and they only have 1 line to buy tickets and it is mixed with food buyers. Maybe allow online tickets....

Nathan Dailey

Our first time in and we were pleasantly surprised! Food was great, beer selection was good too. Small detail but they have the list of beers listed lightest-darkest! Sooooo helpful. Why doesn’t everyone do this. Lol staff was very friendly and nice. Movie theater was great. I will continue to spend my money on this local business.

Quinn Millegan

Great re do of the lake twin cinemas, great venue for all events. They need Cholula hot sauce to be exceptional.

roland howard

Cheap contemporary movies, and great food / drinks.

Josh Korwin

Cozy and intimate place to catch a film, and the silent films shown before the feature are worth coming early for.

Collin Edwards

Comedy night was fun, the theater was great.vIf you're ordering food. I would suggest the pizza. My burger was busy and fell apart instantly. Cold Fries didn't help

Patrick Jaursch

This is Patrick's mom - don't have my own Google account. The theater is usually excellent - but our family was beginning a new Holiday tradition - going to a movie on Christmas night. Looked up the Lake schedule and picked the movie the …

Glenn Moragne

Food is terrific. I wish they had another line for drinks only however. Very frustrating to get back into the movie ticket, food, drink, etc... line when all you want is a beer.

Taylir swoft

Always fun to go and to support a small theater that serves food and drinks.

will smith

single file line service regardless if you're seeing a movie or not. The few times i've gone to watch movies there, they didnt have popcorn ready. its an easy walk though. this place is missing the potential train. the family now makes …

Natalie kammerer

Comfortable theater with dining tables. Nice staff, sound is Ok, drink service is slow. Can be crowded, and you'll be bumped all show by patrons and servers. Parking is a few blocks away.

Thai Dang

Cool art theater that serves food and drinks. Food was decent, not perfect. I must say that their homemade ketchup will make you not want to go back to store bought.

Mac Agan

A gem at all levels with quaint setting for a movie and farm to table meals.


Fun place! The popcorn is good, and size large comes in a mini plastic trash can, yum.

stew dodge

Great concert venue - Mondays only

Laurie Holycross

I went to the Lake Theater & Cafe for a company event and fell in love with the place. I can't wait to go back. Great atmosphere!

mark white

Place has a great kitchen serving all local protein and veggies, with great local beer, and a fantastic cocktail program. Plus there's movies!


Great venue for food and movies!

Chris Grubb

Location, location, location. Great views of Lakewood Bay in downtown Lake Oswego. They always serve to please and the food is always delivered hot and tasty.

Chris Dryden

Best movie place ever. great food, great atmosphere, actually don't go, don't want it to get too crowded !

Teresa Ouchterlony

Amazing place, amazing food. Amazing staff, especially a lady beginning with K from So. Cal

Shweta Bangaloree

Cute and Cozy little movie theater and cafe. Went there to celebrate our anniversary and had a great time!

Barbara Thomas

Enjoyed Jersey Boys there a few weeks ago. The renovations were very well done. The cafe menu is varied and what we had (a hummus and veg platter) very nice. The rose wine was outstanding! Movie and sound quality were excellent and seats comfortable. The whole place was clean and staff welcoming.

Chip Larouche

Fancy Hawaiian pizza is good

Lori PDX

A great place for movies and dining afterwards on the lake.

Michael Parker

Everything is good. I haven't had anything that was amazing but the location is special. A very consistent good experience.

Christopher Kirkum

I didn't actually get to eat there, my kids killed the vibe. It the menu looked good. The atmosphere wasn't particularly small kid friendly.

Eric Weiller

Great food wonderful beer selection great atmosphere it's a must

Kristy Lietz-Davis

Great location but awful parking. Was fortunate to go on a beautiful sunny day and sat out on the deck overlooking the lake. They have a decent beer and cider selection on draft.

cool grandpa

Great venue for a party. Good food and beer


Food was great, movie good but not the most comfortable or inexpensive place around.

Michael Priestley

Classic small town, old school theater reworked with a great farm to table small restaurant and full bar. In-movie food and drink service and first run movies at reasonable prices. Outdoor lakeside deck dining for summertime enjoyment watching the boats and the sunset. Unbeatable.

Sam Sullivan

Great location. Great Lakeside food.

Touraj Goudarznia

Friendly and cozy place. Great food, drink, and entertainment!!!

Mike Hardwick

Food is fantastic, theatre seats are original, not very comfy.

Sandy Kelly

Great date night location.

Jesika McClure

AWESOME EXPERIENCE! Great pricing. Very clean. Awesome staff!

Bill Winett

Love this theatre. Good good, new seating, small theatre, outdoor restaurant seating on the lake.

Amanda La Mar

Great little gem

Hung Wasson

The menu is limited, but there's some interesting choices. It took a while to get our food on a busy Thursday night. Sitting on the back deck and watching the lake while dining was lovely.

Jon Paul

Quite good food selection, quality, and flavor. Sit outside with a view of the lake. Service is fair, not much engagement by staff.

Tamara Louris

We went to the Lake Theater Friday night to watch Going In Style. The service was friendly, the menu was eclectic -- bistro meets old-timey (but remodeled with style) movie theater. We sat in the balcony with comfy seats in the event room. The theater shows old movies until time for the scheduled movie to start, which was fun and got all of us in the balcony (all strangers) talking and laughing. Definitely a fun experience and a cool venue.

Alan Bates

We enjoy it here especially in the summer, on the patio. A little spendy but good quality.


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