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404 20th St, La Grande, OR 97850

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Where is La Grande Drive In?

REVIEWS OF La Grande Drive In IN Oregon

Emmy Farber

Pinky TheBrain

Good ole fashion fun

Eli's Lego Channel

We love going to the drive in!

Kat Koller

Kristen Jensen

Peg Gillis

Not many driveins left...really enjoy a good outside movie...wish they got some better movies faster but still love the drivein.....

Andrea Anderson

we came in from Boston Ma there are many driveins in our area.this was a great night out price was great,the concession stand clean and resonable.sound and picture were clear. Nice place to have a family night in LaGrande oregon

Anna Green

Favorite place to go for a date and to watch some movies, the price is good for two movies in one night. Snacks are the typical movie theatre price $$.

Christinia Esquivel

Shauntay Sauer

Always a treat! Usually good movies and price is typical.

Juli Bloodgood

Reepers_ Creepers

Kathy Taylor

Alecia Harris

Seriously fun with current movies and a great snack bar

Keshka Kotera

Great fun for a summer evening out.

Mark Tanner

Bob Gillis

Candi Nielsen

Always fun!

Jaden the hidden

Kristi Perry

One of the funniest experiences! There are very few drive-in theaters left. Really fun for all ages!

Chantel Shaffer

Troy McIntosh

You get two movie sometimes three for the price of one. Takes me back to being a teenager.

Elaina Picard

do it yourself ,lany

Amy Uttenreuther

So many great times and wonderful family memories made here. We've been going to the La Grande Drive Inn for at least 22 yrs now. I brought my kids and a countless number of their friends every summer all thru their childhood, and now I've been lucky enough to take 2 of my grandsons to see movies at the Drive Inn. We've even spent 4th of July there before. Watching fireworks overhead and the family animation Rio 2, in front of us. My grandson was 4 at the time and he thought it was amazing! My other grandson who is 4 now, just loves the "GIANT TV", and thinks they control it with a "GIANT REMOTE." HAHA. I hope that it remains open and operating for many years to come. I couldn't imagine summer nights without some spent at the La Grande Drive Inn! (

Nikki Kotera

Kaytlyn Cole

Zack Callender

Anna Cuthbertson


Amy Smith

Toasty Waffels

Michael Acireno

The drive in theatre has always been awesome. There aren't many in existence these days, so if you get a chance to go, take it. It's right up there with baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.

Melissa Lillegard

I love going to the La Grande Drive In. This is one of the only Drive In's left in Oregon. For many years it's been a place to take your family on a small budget. But over the years a very large majority of the movies aren't children or family friendly. Also they keep raising their prices every year. It's $15.00 for a person and $20.00 for 2 people. After 2 people it's $4.00 a person. For a large family it is no longer economical to go. What used to cost 15.00 plus snacks, is now costing a large family up to 100.00. Your also not allowed to bring in your own drinks and snacks. You are required to buy snacks and drinks at the snack bar. If your caught bringing food in they will take it away.

Drew Kelly

One of the two drive-in theaters in Oregon

E Spin

I love the experience at the drive-in. 10/10 would reccomend. Just sad its the end of the season!

adetona oluwafemi

Nice place

Christopher Fulfer

Love going to the drive in with my family

kim Rachau

Henry Larson

It's an old-fashioned drive in movie theater. Isn’t much more than that, but it is amazing, considering how rare drive-in theaters are anymore. It's a fun experience for the whole family; you pay $17.50* for your car, find a parking spot in front of the screen, tune your radio to the given station, and enjoy the movies. They usually play a family appropriate movie first, then a moree mature (PG-13/R) movie last. While the viewing experience is sub-par, one cant really expect a ton from this style of theater to begin with; Its all about the fun of the experience. Overall, a great affordable, rare experience for the whole family; one I would definitely recommend. *Their prices change pretty frequently, so check the Granada Theater website.

Grant Cooper

I went here last night to watch "World War Z". I haven't been to a drive in since the 90's...It was fun, kinda old school! It's Fri-Sun only, and only open in the summer, but it is fun!

Larry Weaver

Fun once you get in

David Glabe

I am thrilled that La Grande has this theater. It makes for a great activity with the family on summer nights. It would be improved if there was more grass rather than the rocky dirt and some slope to the parking to improve visibility.

curtis keepseagle

Tresha Carpenter

Always have fun taking the kids to the movies, something I did as a kid and loved.

Mitch McGee

I was born in La Grande and now go back with my wife for "date night". That's burgers and fries at Nel's In and Out and then a drive- in movie, sometimes a double feature! And we live in Eugene, Oregon! We love it here, enough to make the 7 hour drive. Stay at the Union Hotel, too!

Tabbie Coulter

Thank God someone still appreciates the unique experience of a drive-in theater. I hope it stands for my lifetime.

Connor Califf

I think it's awesome how our drive in is still standing after so many years of almost being shut down!!!!! I love our drive in!!!!!

Jasmyne Hickey

Michelle Romine

Trinity Crandall

bradley fairless

Takes me back to visit an actual drive in movie theater. There aren't too many left, happy to take advantage of this opportunity whenever I can.

Turk McKittrick

Too much nookie goin' on from the kids around here. Watch the movies you paid to see. What am I supposed to tell my young'uns when they see you swapping spit with someone you just met at Dairy Queen two hours before while you were hunting for Pokemon on your app? You should be saving yourself for marriage. But if not, then there's a time and a place for this kind of philandering: college. Hope you can achieve that goal. Or otherwise before you know you it, you'll be ejecting a couple kids out of the womb and ending up on welfare with a deadbeat dad focused on wrangling up Pokemon, leaving you to pass the time by lapping up hooch out of a shared Dixie cup out back behind the local Chug 'N Puff. All because you couldn't sit straight ahead and focus on the double feature you paid to sit through.


Marissa Eugenio

David Duewiger

Awesome history! Love it just the way it is. Don't ever change...

Drew White

Debbie Smith

Too expensive for a family

Kyle Banyard

Bob Owens

Zachary Sandberg

Nice movie

Darla Grace

Five stars! Need to work on making the bathroom stalls larger though. Doors get stuck on toilets and you literally have to climb over it to get out

April Vantassell

Great snack options!

Jamie Bales

Love going here, since it's one of the last drive in theaters, but the prices go up every year, and last time we went, they wouldn't let anyone in until the last minute. Cars were lined up for a mile, blocking neighbors' driveways and other traffic.

coral lynn

Terri Morgan

Dakota Gillette

Charline Simmons

Waiting to get into the drive in!

shelli zh

Watched: Mission Impossible . There was about 10 other vehicles total .

Ruth Mcclure

It's nice to have a drive in.tonight was Hobbs&Shaw so that was fantastic ! Best movie in a long time. But the drive in would be better if they didn't do reruns all the time.

Shawnny Seulean

we love visiting the drive in with the kids on the weekends this time of year.

yeboi Ian Califf


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