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11959 SW Pacific Hwy, Portland, OR 97223

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REVIEWS OF Joy Cinema IN Oregon

Tristan Kirkpatrick

Such a fun place. Weird Wednesdays rock!

Megan Woodard

Love this cute local theater!! What a treat it is just down the street from home. We come here for almost all our kids friendly movies. Perks are definitely the pizza and beer and affordable snacks for the kiddos too. Thank you for being a fun option for a movie outtibg in Tigard.

barbara cox

Great price and super friendly staff! The only downside was the sound system wasn't great. I would definitely go back though!

Sean Held

One of the best Last Stop Theaters I've visited

B Carnage

Best local theater around that love to take care of their customers. 2nd and classic films, and of course Weird Wednesdays.

Kelly Bond

The Joy is my favorite theater in Portland! (shhh, I know it's in Tigard) Jeff 'Punk Rock' Martin is a gosh-dang treasure. I hope we never lose this magical place. Cheap movies, cheap concessions, FREE Weird Wednesdays! It's just so charming and wonderful!

Bruce Anderson

Love this place. Great inexpensive entertainment for the whole family!

Megan Berry

Love this place, they get new releases kinda late - but $6 buck a person for 3D + Pizza + beer. Friendly, cozy atmosphere. They have a t-shirt you can buy for $20 and you get free popcorn every time you see a movie there (wearing the joy cinema t shirt of course) what a deal

Boricua In Portland

We need to support these theater! It's economical for a family to attend and not spend $$$$. Great staff and selection

Eva Mayfield

Cool little inexpensive theater... Good prices on concessions too :) pizza was yummy and I got picked happens in my back's (I asked) so I was a happy person :)

Chunder Chick

Extremely low prices and great food/drink deals. Always friendly and has a great old fashioned feel.

Robert Way

Definitely has the old school playhouse/theater feel (and smell, loved that!) The idea of a pub movie theatre is so amazing my girlfriend and I drove all the way from Tacoma to have a day trip that included you! Had a blast thank you so much.

Cody Garrison

Such a great theater! The staff are super friendly, and the popcorn is super fresh and delicious.

Liz Wright

I love this movie theater. no gilts or glam here just a large screen and the best crunchiest popcorn around. I seriously go for the popcorn and I always get a beer and raisents and it's like 9 bucks. You cannot beat the prices and the owner is so sweet

Adrian Schauer

We came in there a few weeks ago to see jaws. I was very surprised at low price the concessions are and the good size beer selections. For an older theater the screen is in great condition and so are the seats.

Christopher Mischke

Great local cinema with quirky weekly events! A few of the seats are broken, but everything else about the place is wonderful. Don't forget to stock up on drinks and snacks. Concessions are what keep this place out of the hands of places like Cinemark and Regal!

Victoria Hensley

A wonderful piece of old Portland! The Joy Cinema hosts cheap movies and even free movies on Wednesday nights. Weird Wednesday is an event I look forward to, especially in the hot summer months. Cool decor, cool movies, cool owners.

Evan Griffiths

Cozy little theater - somewhat run down, but the ticket prices can't be beat. Employees are nice, but the seats have lost most of their cushion and the floor is sticky. Good for a lark

Brant Stokes

Old theater with basic audio and concessions, but that is more than made up for with the awesome movies and personable staff. Also, weird movie Wednesday is a must do at least once. What an experience those are!!!

Benjamin Ferguson

Cheap, cozy theater. Nice staff.

Always An Adventure

The best experience that we've had in a movie theater. Took us back in time while watching a recent movie

Traci Veno

Oldtime feeling theatre. Friendly staff and prices are awesome $6 for 3d movies. Its fun for a different atmosphere and discount price. They serve beer enjoy!

Timmothy Heroux

Fun theater to take you back in time.

Irene Chavira

We love going there very cheap especially when you're a family of 5!

Danny Johnston

Fun free movie night!

Brittany Coney

A great place to enjoy a movie with family. On mondays they offer 1 dollar movies and 5 dollars any other day. The only down side is that it's a single screen theater so movie times are limited

Sabrina Akima

Awesome old school theater! Super low prices. Clean bathrooms. Friendly service. Love this place.

Tom Knapp

This is what we of the few second second run theaters left. It's a nice place with nice staff. The concessions are good, but remember that they're quite strict about not bringing in outside food and drink. Parking can be an issue, but you're at least getting a clean theater and great prices.

Lourdes Griffith

Nice small fair priced theatre. It is simple and I like this place.

Jim Au

Fantastic bargain second run theater, price is right

Eric Wiles

Wonderful place for a quick, affordable outing. Cheap (in a good way)and wide variety of snacks and libations, so absolutley NO reason to sneak stuff in. If you go, support the business. It's one of a kind out here in Tigard.

Scott Likely

Nice theater! Low cost tickets, large single screen, comfortable seats, delicious pizza by the slice, soda and popcorn

Travis Johnson

Chairs might need a little work, but still a good theatre experience.

Samuel Powers

Probably the only place keeping Tigard weird. Wed night FREE movies are not to be missed. Plus beer and cider on tap and the best popcorn money can buy. Great punk rock \ rockabilly vibe thanks to owner Jeff "punk Rock" Martin. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Paul Reese

Fun independant theater

Madelaine Au

On Mondays they sell tickets for $1 for regular showings and $2 for 3D showings. The line was a bit slow getting in but we didn't miss anything since they wait for everyone before they start the movie. I did notice that the theatre was pretty dirty but this is probably because they only have one theatre room so people come in and out leaving no time to pick up after messy movie goers.

Dylan Robrecht

Fairly cheap and the popcorn is really good, it's also a cheaper alternative for watching movies that have been in theaters for a while but u never got to see.

Kevin V

A wonderful cinematic experience. Great for date nights.


A great theater and an awesome Monday deal on admission. Concessions are comparable to other theaters.

UpendAtom Music

This place is amazing! It's small and family run. The only problem is that they serve food and give tickets at the same booth so it might take you a while to get your seat.

Jill Tate

Fun second run movie theater. You can actually take the family to see a movie and not break the bank. We have had two of my kids' birthday parties there and had a great time.

pdx mat

Good movies for a great price!

Kim Scott

Great price for 3D (...and non-3D) movies, they serve beer, nice folks. There are some roped off broken seats, and still plenty of good seats.

jim witter

Just a fun place to watch great movies,had a beer and a hotdog $5.00 admission$5.00 ! Awesome

Shirley Papa

Popcorn was great, beer on tap great and hot dog was great......prices great too!!!!!!

Quinn Cozad

Such a cute classic theater! Nostalgia to the MAX!

William Sanborn

Try wierd Wednesday, they play bad movies and it is a blast!

Zack Gallinger-Long

Jeff Martin, the owner, is the nicest guy you'll ever meet and he's a reel movie buff. (See what I did there?) We love to support the Joy Cinema. You can't beat the prices and we love local small businesses. Go to the Joy, you won't regret it.

Jack C

Friendly theater. Bring your own extra cushion. The seating has aged.

Douglas Christensen

Discount movies with personality. Joy Cinema is a favorite date night for myself and my wife.

Julie La Pierre Dent

Such an incredibly cool one screen theater. Great specials and cleanliness. Staff are wonderful too.

Dan R.

Are you kidding me this place is awesome. A blast from the past with great beers and pizza playing all ages of movies! The staff is great!

Shelbi Langston

Amazing movies

Roxy Rambles

The seats were a bit small, but the staff was nice, it was aesthetically pleasing, comfortable temperature and the pizza was great

shaun barrett

Love the old school movie vibe!

Kent Hohlfeld

Cheap second run movies are nice. The theater itself has seen some better days. Some seats are broken.

Debby Faulkner

Not the most fancy theater but prices are great and food prices are even better.

Kevin Nelson

Old time flair. Two tickets, popcorn and a soda for under 20 bucks. Don't bring in outside food that's were they make their money. Do the right thing an support them.

pork shorts

Owners are amazing! Had a group on and they were so gracious. Tipped well, enjoyed the movie, and my kids liked the relaxed atmosphere. However there was one guy who decided you should not cheer. So some tension with older adults alone if you have children. However owners love kids and have a family's interest and heart!

Kristov Sozynski

A Quiet Place was actually really good movie...

Shelly K

My husband and I love going to The Joy! It's a cute little theater with a very relaxed and comfortable feel to it. My favorite part is that since it is independently owned they show things aside from newer movies. I never would have had the opportunity to see movies like Jaws, It's a Wonderful Life or Princess Bride in the theater if it wasn't for The Joy. :] They are also very reasonably priced and have a good concession selection.

Matt V H

Pretty run down, but it was cheap. Biggest complaint was the sticky floor. They had beer and wine, soda and candy as well as popcorn. Movie started quite late to accommodate for late arrivals. Will probably go back since it was so cheap, buy they are second run movies.

Bob Miles

Great value 2nd run theater plus a cool grindhouse vibe. I like to catch an oddball Weird Wendsday every now and then. Jeff always makes it fun. Thank you!


Great fun being around film buffs that know more about quirky movies than the average movie goer. This place is a gem. Special guests on weird Wednesday sometimes. Film makers and podcasters. Jeff Punk Rock Martin is a great host.

Valarie Mayberry

Absolutely love The Joy. I never go to the movies because I fall asleep and it's too expensive. But not here..I even buy popcorn, candy and drinks with the tickets and it's affordable. Also it's just a cute theatre.

Samantha James

Great deal and a great night! The food is well priced and tasty, come for weird Wednesday for a free terrible movie!

Evan Crossland

My favorite little theater, cheap movies, fun events, awesome oweners. They even show classics somewhat regularly which I love, nothing compares to seeing your favorite older movies on the big screen for the first time!

melvin 9unswvs

I will forever love this place as a weird little theater joint with alot of heart. Go to weird wednesday for the rest of your life.

Liz Bellows

The Tigard Joy is a landmark for a reason. It's amazing. The owners are super friendly and really care about the experience of going to the movies. The walls are covered in classic movie posters, and the "ad" part of the movies is combined with quirky slideshows and music. With beer and cider on tap, pizza, hot dogs, and strangely good pop corn (I didn't know there was a difference but there is), the whole movie experience becomes an event. Not to mention the Monster Movie days every week, and regular movie festivals!

james wright

For the price it's hard to beat.. weird Wednesday is a must if you're into cult classics like myself. Once asked the owner about getting Dawn Of The Dead, the original. If the HOLLYWOOD THEATER in PORTLAND can get such films why not the Joy? Friendly staff. The actual theater could use some updating but more places like this need to exist in the burbs!

Sean McDonald

Let's do the timewarp AGAIN!

Mike Schwartz

Great place to take the family for value priced movies including 3D. Prices for all things are much less expensive than the usual movie houses. Great locally owned business that could use the local support. We will go back!


Weird Wednesday is pretty much the only time we find ourselves in Tigard. Love the style of the place. Not the most comfortable seats, but great vibes, great old school style theater popcorn.

Matthew Crackel

No you don't get the latest movies and you don't get a large selection of movies each time you go but what you do get for $1-2 on Mondays and $5-6 every other day, is a theater that's not jammed with people on Friday night a good movie experience and seats that desperately need some new cushions. just find out what's playing there and if you want to see it in the theater go for it it's worth it and they have the most comfortable 3D glasses I've tried yet I've done both Regal and Cinetopia. If they would put some good cushioning on their seats I would give them 5 stars. For now just bring your own cushion or pillow to sit on and you'll be fine. I just watched Ready Player One in 3D a two-and-a-half-hour movie, for $6, and I needed to shift around in my seat, but it was a good experience. Not filthy and friendly staff.

John Geier

Joy Cinema is an old single theater with minor updates like 3D capability. It still has the old lowrider seating and the picture quality isn't the best, but when was the last time you got two people into a movie with drinks and popcorn for less than $20? That's hard to beat any day of the week.

Eric Stevenson

I love these theaters and all the fun they offer. So good to see a nom-Mega-chain theater in the community that offers fun movies at an awesome prove.

Anne Arnold

Very clean. Friendly staff. Pizza is quite good!

Cliff Roberts

I like this place Family atmosphere good prices and free monster movies weekly

Wally Kramer

Great experience! Saw a 3 D film and the projection was absolutely perfect! Perfect focus, perfect convergence, very uniform luminance. Excellent fidelity sound system. Totally uncrowded auditorium. Very reasonably priced concessions and warm, kind, and friendly service. It deserves way more business than it gets.

Mr Andrew Charles

Great service. Low priced theater, but still a great cinema experience. They offer food and even cider and wine.

Aabra Jaggard

Joy Cinema is a gem, a family friendly second run cinema tucked away in Tigard. Beer, 3D, and monster movies every Wednesday.

DJ Johnston

Love the atmosphere here. Employees are really nice and overall it just seems like a really chill place

Kyla Angulo

Not a kid friendly place. The bathrooms are covered with inappropriate photos. The pop corn is okay. Not typical movie theater popcorn and the seats are TERRIBLE!

krista poling

Great vintage theatre that always carries great titles! My kids and I love walking here for weekend movies!

Caleb Jackson

Great little cinema. Cheap prices, good selection of food, friendly owners. The picture/sound quality is surprisingly good for an independent theater -- they can even do 3D. I got popcorn, soda, and 3d ticket for what I'd pay for just the 3d ticket elsewhere. Next time I'll try their nachos and cider!

Richard Allen

We watched Star Wars in 3-d. It was nice we could have dinner and watch a movie at the same time. The food was cheap! But it wasn't very good.

Fred mills

Love this little cinema. Not a state of the art facility, but offers a better experience. The old time theater feel, you get a rush of nostalgia as soon as you walk through the front door. With inexpensive movie tickets, smells of popcorn in the air, concessions full of candy, soda & beer on tap, and a extremely humble and friendly owner excited to offer a fantastic evening at his families theater, I couldn't imagine a better place to enjoy a movie night with my partner❤

John Cacka

The Joy Cinema is low budget cinema at it's finest. They mostly show 2nd run films but lately have started mixing in big screen classics. Last week was Princess Bride, this week it's the original Charlie and the chocolate factory. Jeff 'punk rock' Martin single handedly gives this place quirkiness and soul (ok his staff are great too). Don't forget about Weird Wednesday where they show awful B-movie classics for FREE every Wednesday night! Occasional events like monster roulette only adds to the madness! I can't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night. At the time of this writing they serve beer, wine, nachos, hotdogs, pizza, popcorn and regular cinema fare for very fair prices.

Dok Vance

Charming little one screen joint. Good experience at a great price.

Andrew Jones

Weird movie Wednesday at the Joy should be on everyone's bucket list. Take the short drive to Tigard and support a great old cinema owned by truly great people.

joy withrow

Great prices for tickets and delicious food and beer and wine. Highly recommend this place, the staff is always attentive and wonderful.

Victor DeFilippis

I love Joy Theater. Don't get to go as frequently as I'd like but the staff is warm and personable, the food and drinks are fairly priced, and the atmosphere is awesome. They make Tigard better and I hope they are here forever!!

Joshua Pond

The staff is wonderful, the theater is wonderful and the food is great. Toss in the unbeatable price and why would you not come here on the reg. Jeff is awesome and this place is the movie theater from your childhood. Go there, love it and bring your friends and family.

Perry Francis

Nice, older-style cinema. Great prices and helpful hosts. It can be a challenge to find parking but it’s well worth the visit!

Timothy Blikstad

I always like going to the Joy. Cheaper tickets; some regular, some 3D movies; and comfy-enough seats. The concessions are what's keeping them in business, so when they say no outside food or drink, they mean it.

Coach Shiley

Cool second run theater that also runs older movies, horror movies and all sorts of stuff. Decent prices and a very friendly staff. Support your local small businesses, folks! They do serve pizza and beer here as well.

Julie Livengood

Great venue

Robert K

Good place to watch a movie that won't break your bank.

Katie Lloyd

Worst movie theater experience ever. Will never go there again. The owner put me in one of the most uncomfortable situations ive ever been in. All to save a few bucks apparently. Common decency was no where to be seen there. And for the customer service.. what customer service? I left the joy cinema in TEARS. Literally. Appalled. And anyone that asks me about this location, i will tell them the same thing. $1 movie night? You get what you pay for.

Jon Dent

Weird Wednesday is a blast!


I like this place because it's one of the few independent movie theaters still left, so they're still able to have fun with it. And they still had the movie I wanted to see by the time that I had time to put it in my schedule to go. Took the kids and we all got snacks and it was less than 30 bucks total.

Nathan Paddock


Andre Girard

Old independent theater. Great prices, good specials, and friendly service, but the seats are showing their age. Get there a few minutes early to find decent seats.

Jon L

I love this place!!! Wednesday movie night is a must for any horror/strange movie lover. I'm so glad someone transformed this place and the nachos are literally addicting. I may need rehab, seriously.

Katherine Kure

Weird Wednesdays are absolutely the best!!!!!

Erik Bjorge

Great place for what it is. Budget family place, nice owners, and a fun way to watch some retro films. Good beer prices. Be sure and support them by buying consessions, since the movies are nearly free.

Tony Marshall

Nice little theater. Well kept. Nice people. Can't beat the prices! Admission and concessions very reasonably priced. Highly recommended!

Mark Boehly

Last night I was on a date with my fiance and we found this theater. The owner was very friendly. The food and drinks were good. But we loved the classic movie atmosphere. This was by far the coolest place to watch the new Godzilla King of Monsters. I can't wait to see whats playing in October!

Rick L.

They have THE worst movies in town...on Free Movie Night Wednesdays and they are an absolute blast to watch with the ever growing crowd of people there. The owner and concession stand employee have always been very nice and welcoming. I try to make it out there every Wednesday and everyone else should too. Did I mention they have a good selection of beer? I feel like that's important.

Tommy Blue

took my partner out on a date on Halloween .. we watched hocus pocus! it was the best!


Jeff Martin the owner is a dedicated proprietor who serves up a tasty offering. Come visit and find out for yourself!

Ellyn Greenwald

First time. Great place to see a film. Friendly service & reasonably priced. I like to support local businesses.

Lisa Peterson

They wanted to search my diaper bag for food and wanted me to leave my daughter's sippy cup of milk. I always have some sort of snack in my bag because I have a toddler so I had to leave it! I won't go back just for the fact of them trying to embarrass me. We had already bought our candy and drinks so it wasn't like we were trying to scam them.

solar babie

This theater is old and improving. Every time I go (only a few times) the place looks better each time, the popcorn got better, however their seats are very uncomfortable. I do support local business and I enjoy their $1 Monday! :) I will continue to support them. Their menu items are growing as well. And their popcorn doesn't cost a fortune. So I recommend a movie from there. Enjoy!

Zade Aville

Cute place. Had a good selection of foods and beverages and the picture quality was fine. Would go again.

Joel Fazio

Best movie theater in the state.

Peter Linnell

Grungy, second-run movie theatre. A great time if you like that aesthetic (I do). The pizza is ok. Serves alcohol.

Dex Briggs

Great place for a family movie outing!

Trace Ceccacci

Don't expect Cinetopia, this one-screen theater was built in the early 1930's. But you can see a recent release or some old classic for five bucks instead of eighteen with far cheaper concessions as well. Updated projector and audio, but seats are a bit small and stiff. Pizza and beer available to take in with you. Clean and well kept, friendly owner and staff. Only one register for both tickets and snacks so get there early for peak show times. Way more fun than the big multiplexes.

Richard Libby

Great price & movie. Could use a clean bathroom.

Natalie kammerer

Cozy theater, clean and comfortable seats. Affordable tickets mean you can splurge at concessions! Always an interesting film selection. Theater is rentable for your event! Very easy going place.

paul ivanov

Things got weird and it was awesome

JR Rosalez

Every time I go there it's a joyous occasion and a great movie. No need to go downtown for a great movie and a slice of pizza n beer. The best part is I live so close, it's a 20 minute walk to the Joy Theater and have seen so many classics there. It's my #1 place to chill out and forget about everything for a few hours. I highly recommend this place for a superb getaway.

Dustin Smith

Loved this place! Felt like i was watching a movie in the 70/80s. Very reasonable prices...

Owen Rodabaugh

Its a nice local second run theater. The seats could be more comfortable but I still like it

Danerd Greckle

A great cheap seats theater. Friendly staff, but sticklers for their rules, specifically the "no outside drinks of any kind whatsoever, no exceptions" typical theater shtick, except again, never experienced this tough and strict of an enforcement upon such rule until here. You know, the capitalist, "more money for us" thing to do. Gotta get that extra cash somehow I suppose...

Paul Eklund

Great hidden find in Tigard, with an owner deeply connected to his customers. And come on, 2-words, Weird Wednesday...

Micah Wilson

I love the joy. Great food and beer selection for the price. Cool atmosphere in the lobby. The absolute best popcorn. Unfortunately it is probably suffering from smaller revenue streams because it could really use a new sound system, some of the speakers are blown. This is something I'm sure the manager will fix soon though. The bigger problem is the seats. I have to get up once or twice during a movie because the seats are so uncomfortable.

Matt DeRosa

We love going to the you cinema. They have a good mix between current films and old-timey-classics. The prices are beyond reasonable and the snacks/popcorn is delicious.

John Hay

Nice spot for an expensive movie. These places are rare, please treat them nice so they stick around.

aZn Eric

For how old this theatre is... It's wonderful! Mondays even cheaper movies at $2/3 a ticket! Check there website to see what's showing. They play older movies which is awesome!

Maria Swain Kearns

Great value, nice staff. Quirky-cool.

christopher johnson

Good popcorn, nice people, good price.

So Happy So Content

If you don't get it, don't post a review. This is a great

Kelsey Guanciale

Had a great time here. Prices were extremely reasonable, concessions were good, and the theater was clean and comfortable. We’ll definitely be back.

Chris Knaff

Fun night out! Will be coming back for date night.

Mike Johnson

Fun little theater with one movie at a time. Plays older movies.

Sarah Draper

Friendly staff, fair prices and great snacks

John Blackwell

Nice locally owned theater - they depend on the profit from their concessions and have just out of main theater movies that play here, updated regularly. You can't beat a $1 movie on Monday night. Nice and helpful staff. Place is well kept, yet older.

Hannah Olson

Adorable little theater.

Shana Hays

Go to the Weird Wednesday. It doesn't start till 9 so even from the city it's an easy drive. The guys who run it are obviously passionate about it and you'll see films you'd never see.. plus it's FREE, they serve decent beer and food and what else are you doing on a Wednesday night? Highlights would include the usual stand up bit pre show and a movie that included dinosaurs, robots, mermaids and awesome Russian to English dubbing.

Joseph Donnelly

The people running the place are very nice, but unfortunately the place has some funky smells, some fresh and some old that give my kids a headache after seeing movies there on two separate occasions, we won't be going back, it's not worth it.

Windy Patrick

Personal small town feel and fun!

Mike Hardwick

Great pub theater, it would be nice if they offered higher quality food.

Lance Johnson

Weird place. Loved it.

Derek Spencer

Came to Joy to watch American Satan. What a quaint little place. Very comfortable, great price, and awesome staff! 5 stars for me.

tammy heyden

Good entertainment and great service!

Mason Ocean

Absolutely outstanding classic theatre featuring great prices and a good selection of craft and domestic beers (I'm looking at you Pabst tall boy). Also, be sure to go to at least one FREE weird Wednesday showing! I've been hooked since my first time! At last, a reason to have hope mid way through the week.

Zachary Vertrees

Great place. No, you can't bring in your water bottle or snacks. (Someone gave a crappy review because they wouldn't let her bring it in.) But it's a family run business, and they can't stay open without their concession stand. I've seen new movies and older movies there. They even had The Princess Bride!! I love it. Can't beat the prices. Can't beat the staff and service. (This phone won't let me change my name. I'm not my son. LOL)

Naveed B

Very friendly owner and staff. Reasonable prices for beer. Pizza was good - but $3 would be a better price. Popcorn was great. Movie theatre is huge. We'll be back

Michael N

This theater is a relic. But its brimming with charm and character so if you're into the vintage feel and the old experience, go here.

Joshua Browder

Great place to see old funny movies on a Wednesday. It is a great old theater with a really cool vibe.

Terri Hart

It's an older theater. The seats are small, shabby, and some are bent to the point of being uncomfortable, but the staff is friendly, and the food good, when you can get it as they seem to run out regularly. They price can't be beat, though, and there is beer and wine available.

Ethan Jensen

Food good and cheap.

Kathy Larson

My favorite theater. Great sound and so friendly. Fantastic experience every time.

Mia Voss

Definitely a great price for everything: Tickets, wine, food etc. I love the old school posters! Comments/Suggestions The movie started about 7 minutes late (we went to see "A Quiet Place" which will scare you silly, FYI) Wish they had Popcorn salt - ya know, the oldschool fine grain kind that's bad for you. Wine was from a box but whaddya want for $5? Generous pour though. Seats are not comfy - guessing they are original

Roana Aldinoch

Great old theater that could use new or redone seats.

Derrick Ruby

You would think this place would be a family friendly, pregnant friendly, and customer service driven location. Yet the refused to let a clearly pregnant women bring in a large water bottle and her bag full of her medicine, throw up bags, and personal things for a women 20 weeks pregnant. He was completely rude to us, with a tone instantly getting defensive that the possibility of bringing food from bags looses them business. When actuality customer service is what loses business. I'm very disappointed in this theater


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