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REVIEWS OF Independence Cinema IN Oregon

Rick Burnette

A great little place to watch a movie! The staff are friendly and the popcorn is great! Just got back from my first visit and already planning my next trip!

Jesse Walker

Great little theater. Not as crowded as in salem

Benjamin Protasio

Very clean and very cozy theaters. Some may say there aren't enough seats in some theaters. But that means fewer people in each.

Arlyne Lablue

Wonderful service very clean. Thank you , Arlyne

Sassy Fox

I love this theater and have enjoyed it for 3 years. The staff are nice and it is clean. I do not, however, appreciate the last showing being at 7 - 730 pm. This is a fairly new change and I can no longer meet my friends for movies here because the theater no longer has show times. Even if I have the opportunity you to go here now, I hesitate because I don’t want to support this change. *** please add later show times so that working people have the opportunity to see a movie at this location.

Daniela Seare

Cheap (especially before 4ish) and just a cute small-town feel. I love this city and this place is a great place to go!

Megan G

Friendly staff. Smaller theater size, but cozy. Con: They close their tills 30 minutes after the last showing begins, which means no concessions. Boo!

Philip Gauthier

Everything was awesome!! Can you guess what movie I saw?

Andrea Zinn

Great place cheaper on Tuesdays 5 doller movie day

Michelle Basey

Very friendly workers, nice experience. The only thing I would hope to improve would be a different method for "buying a ticket", because having to wait in line for one checker can take a long time, and we were confused when we first came in as to where to even buy it.

Lil Lambo

This is my favorite place in the planet! There is no other place on Earth that you should see a movie! Wait, maybe you should stay home, so that I can have the movie theater to myself. Great staff! Most excellent popcorn! Great prices! Date night $pecials! $5 Tuesdays! All DAY long!

becky lane

Theater is always clean and the popcorn is good. Friendly staff

Tricia Zuniga

Took our grandson's to see the Incredibles 2 movie. This was a nice little theatre.

Andrew Eby

Great show had to ask them to start it for us

Debi Brockamp

Nice people. Good movie choices & enjoyable sound system.

Lee Morgan

Friendly staff, comfortable seats, good snacks. We love it there.

Roy Hutchison

Great value nice guest service reasonably priced. Best buttered popcorn you can get.

Ethan Largent

Comfy Chairs but weird interior

Laura Gennevieve

Go on Tuesdays and it's $5 dollar movies all day. Even for the new releases. Great location! Screens are smaller but it is a small town theater.

Nichelle Azevedo

Clean and nice

Danielle True

Comfy place

Nicole Knight-Pineda

Good cinema! Roomy seats and very clean

Valerie Watts

$5 Tuesday’s are the best!!

MJo Creations & Designs

Good costumer service!

Daniel mcneely

A true gem, the prices are low and the theater is well put together.

salma Alsalman

I love it this is a small theater not over wallmeing

Donna Bishop

Nice big theatre. Tuesdays are discount days!

Kenneth Lehto

The young people who work here are so helpful and cheerful, I love them! I don't like political ads before the movies (management take notice). The theaters are comfy and patrons are quite courteous. I wish they sold hot & iced coffee!

bedrock light

I love coming here for all the movies I watch, and i watch quite a few movies. The prices are fairly cheap and not many people go there so you will never have a problem with seats. Even Marvel movies have like 10 people on opening night. Highly recomend. Also its fun to go around nearby when you wait for the movie to start.

Andrea Monticue

It's more than you'd expect from a small town cinema. Clean and well kept. Multiple screens. Friendly emplyees. And they show all the latest movies.

Denise Stage

Great place to catch a movie!

Rosa Ingram

Love this theatre! Staff are friendly and helpful. It is always clean, and the movies start on time.

Jesse Hakinson

Great atmosphere here. Went and saw the new Avengers movie, and the movie had superior sound quality. I also like how they do the $5 all day movie event every tuesday, so if you really want to see a movie that just came out, I suggest seeing on Tuesdays here cause it will really save your bucks!

J.D. Peterson

So nice not to have to go into Salem to see a movie. This is a wonderful small town theater!.

Dan Myrick

Not crowded. Clean. Much better than home!

Pete Bradley

We live in Monmouth/Indy and like having a newer theater closer than Salem. Smaller sized just like the town. $5 Tuesday is a great deal but gets crowded, so go early. Typical Movie House, they charge a lot for candy and drinks because that’s how they make money (Hollywood doesn’t share haha), nice screens, good sound, comfy chairs. Been there many times and will go again many more.

Illandrei Delorpha

I love how they streamlined the process. No more waiting in line twice to get tickets and then food, you do both at the snack bar. Very friendly staff too. I appreciate their Super Tuesday discount day very much.

Aaron Brown

Nice theatre and friendly staff.

Kelly Dionne

Clean comfortable fair prices friendly

B Riggs

Kind of pricey. Great theater.

Robbie L

This is a small theater, but I love the little bits of charm that it has. I had a good experience here, so I will definitely make room in the budget to come back!

Joshua Millsap

Pamela Bessler

$5.00 Tuesday. Nice

herp lightyear

I watched a movie and i ate a cookie. Pretty gud

Ken Wickstrom

Went with Amanda. Sat in the back row.☺

A random Channel

Great movie selection, and not too bad prices on tickets. The prices aren't too bad for a movie theater, and it's usually kept clean. Good selection of menu items. I have yet to have a bad experience here!

Michael McClure

Great theater and experience!

Don Cheek

Really nice and clean cinema. The service was great and not bad prices. Tuesday are only $5 and the seating is comfortable.

Paul Keck

Smallest theater room ever but nice and the movie a simple favor is very good

Cindy Mestrezat

I absolutely LOVE Independence Cinema! The staff are always smiling and they have the BEST customer service!

Andy Petersen

Great place love the punch cards

Lisafcgvc Wilson

My family an I moved to independence almost a year ago an love coming to this theater! The staff have always been fantastic an nice, theater is great! However my boyfriend an I last night went to see glass an I had a movie cinema card which I haven’t used yet, the younger employe girl rudely just came up to us an looked at the card an said we don’t take those sorry an walked off, I’m a little confused as to why we weren’t allowed to use the card, which we gladly just payed cash for. A little more pleasant attitude or explanation would of been more helpful than just walking over to us without even saying hi. Never seen this girl before but we really didn’t appreciate her attitude towards us so hopefully next time we aren’t treated so rudely

Teresa Botkin

Their concessions are so cheap!! We got a large popcorn, two large drinks, and some candy for $16. If you were to go anywhere else it would cost way more for all of that.

elephant turd

I love it, it was clean and there was a lot of space


Had a wonderful time with my boyfriend, we saw aquaman. Great movie. Very clean and love the local commercials. I would recommend this theatre to everyone even though I would rather keep it a best kept secret!

jessica s

This cinema is great. Its big enough to house several movies but small enough to keep even a full house fairly quite. Sound proofing is exceptional and sound quality of your movie is a bonus due to great acoustics. I love that the theater rooms are smaller than the huge overloaded cinemas you get everywhere else. People are friendly and respectful. Prices are fair ($9 student, $10.50 adult....kid prices and seniors im unsure of). They have snacks, pop, bottled beer and wine, some food items that are not popcorn and candy. Note: they have Elvis and Marilyn statues out front. The kids always like taking photos with this

Levi G

Great deals especially on Tuesdays.

Eucario Velasquez

Love the Super Tuesday deal. Seats are very comfortable, would be better if they reclined. Employees are really nice and very delicious popcorn.

Rebecca D Lofton

Nice staff, clean, decent food bar options & prices & offers 3D movies! The critique I would put forward is that they should consider upgrading/updating the seating in the theatres.... Larger, wider (you feel a bit like a sardine in a tin can, so make sure you like who your sitting next to!) & softer chairs would be much appreciated! Overall, I would definitely recommend this cinema!

Emily Jane Sundberg

Went and saw Mulle with Clint Eastwood very good movie


Cool little theater. Popcorn is a little oddly flavored. Stale? I'm not sure. I've had it a couple times and it's always the same.

Alicia Brown

Wonderful small town theatre, great option if you don't want the hustle and bustle of the larger places in Albany or Salem.

Jadyn Wentz

My sister and I went to go see the new IT movie. We had ordered the tickets online way ahead of time, but when we got there they were completely sold out. We went to get our refund and waited 20 minutes to be helped. When we finally got assistance from the manager he told us "buying online only assures you getting in, but not getting a seat". As if that makes sense. Will not be going back.

Joshua Thomassen

Great time, nice clean theater and reasonable prices!

Caleb Hayward

One of my favorite theaters in the Monmouth Independence Salem area. Has a small feel and it's never too crowded to enjoy the movie. The popcorn flavor bars awesome and it has always felt clean and comfortable in the theater itself.

Linda Anderson

Nice clean place.

Bill Chatwin

Nice to go someplace reasonably priced with good food and first run movies!

Andrew Miller

Cozy, nice selection and rotation of movies, good sound and video in the theaters. The Tuesday deal is so awesome, especially for those on a budget. The staff I've interacted with have always been friendly and helpful. Concession prices are comparable to the industry standard.

Jim Cook

5 dollar movie night is pretty cool. Well kept place and the good is pretty good and affordable.

Cameo Whitten

Cool theater. Love driving out here for scary movies. It makes the drive back to Corvallis fun.

Milt Gold

Loved the atmosphere

jennifer ellis

Awesome, they have diet Dr pepper and really good popcorn

louis leatherman

Our favorite theater. Good prices and service. Generally people are polite about phones and talking. Just as convenient from south Salem as Lancaster.

Miguel's to add as l the oz Ramirez

Great movie experience


Great small town theater with lots of screens and good sound. Cheap kids combo with a small drink, candy and some popcorn. Tuesdays are cheap movies.

Hunter Wimer

Awsome place


I've been going to this theater since I was five years old. I've seen it grow and develop, and im proud of the way it has become. The tickets to enter are affordable, and the food is not too expensive. The seating is good, and the wide variety of movies makes it even more fun to decide which one you're going to watch. If I'm in town and I want to watch a movie in the theater, this is where I will be.

Matthew Hawes

Great theater. I always have fun when I come here.

bri boucher

Its actually the cheapest movie place. Every Tuesday is 5 dollars to see a movie. It's very clean. The staff are super friendly. They have a popcorn seasoning station with is really cool because I havnt seen it any ware else. It's always my first choice when I want to see a movie

Carolyn Alexander

Very comfortable! Diet drink way too expensive!thy

earl schroeder

Awesome theater, clean comfortable seats and relatively cheap prices.

J Casey

Great theater, worth the drive from Salem..

Magdalena Riddle

Nice place, good service when we ordered popcorn and drinks.

Amos Hathway

Great location for anyone from south Salem, much nicer drive that up to the mega box theaters on Lancaster. The screens are not as big but the picture and sound are great. On Tuesdays they have all shows for all ages priced at $5! A great place to take the family at that price

Joe Myers

Good movie place to go

Kay Marikos

Good value theatre. Check out the 1943 MGM photo on the wall.

Tom McGrath

This a newer bldg. Very well kept. Clean. The only thing that my wife and I did not love about the theater was the size of the auditorium. We felt that it was a tad small for the screen size. We sat two rows in front of the back row and it felt a bit close. Most theaters with this size screen run a bit deeper. Nice theater in a nice quiet small town.

Kristy Brumley

Love the theater just wish there were more cashier's to get people in faster!

k i

We showed up for a movie and it was $5 movie day. I didnt know there was a discount day, so it was a nice surprise.

Mark Cedarleaf

It's nice to get over here.. smaller, more cozy, plenty of choices, plenty of parking, friendly staff, we will happily take the drive from Salem to save the few $$ on admission. Thanks You Independence Theater.. we appreciate you.. definitely 5stars ;-)

Longboard Larry

Nice clean theater and $5 Tuesdays.

Nick Larson

Customer service is horrible. I asked for a hot dog they told me to wait 5-10 minutes. I did. Then I came back and the told me I had to wait another 10-15 minutes. I did. Then I came back and they said I had to wait 5 more minutes. By the time I got to watch the movie it had been going for 15 minutes. So annoying. Definitely never going to buy anything there again.

Valerie Tisler

I love having a theater in our little community! The movie selection is great, the seating is comfortable, the sound quality is good and the pricing is competitive. All-around, a fun and easy date night!

Sydney Stepp

I love that they serve beer now! They've really stepped it up and I really enjoy seeing movies here.

Erika Halle

Movie theater is nice enough, but don't order food to be delivered. I appreciate that they want to offer this service, but the kinks are not worked out. They rely on being able to visually recognize you in the dark theater. When I brought up that my food never arrived at the end of my movie, the problem was "solved" by serving me my two hour old pizza. Too bad really, I liked the idea of having a local theater that served food instead of having to go into Salem for that.


Great family theater.

Simon White

They leave way too many lights on during the films!

Jon Stratton

Be clear and very specific when ordering. Some of the employees are excellent, some of them don't seem to care. It's the nature of the type of business and the pool of applicants. Great theater though. Nice seats. It's kept clean and in good condition.

Kristie Nyarko Koranteng

This is a nice facility. The movies and concessions are reasonably priced

Ashley Yarbrough

Mostly always showing great movies and have yummy snacks

David Camaro

I like the nostalgic feeling of this small town theatre. It’s never crowded . Always adequate parking. Perfect place to see a movie.

Katherine Kure

I love this little theater. The ticket prices are about the same as every where, but I like how small alot of the actual theaters are, gives you more of an intimate experience.

Linnea Adams

Great prices, especially on Tuesday! They have date night deals and great popcorn. On Tuesday I spent $15 total on the ticket, soda and popcorn. You can't beat that nowadays.

Jessica Patterson

Love this theater! Prices are better than bigger ones in Salem and the seating is really comfortable.

Llyn Fulmer

Just a little pricey but a very nice theater.

Callista Fox

Clean and comfortable. Good prices and nice staff. Had a great time!

smada leik

Excellent movie theater go all the time

Ken Carlson

Theater was neat and clean, good popcorn :). Staff has always been professional.

Alex Wells

So inexpensive compared to chain theaters. Great deals for date nights. Got two alcoholic beverages, popcorn, chicken strips with fries and two movie tickets for $37. Chairs aren't super comfortable, but for that price I'm not complaining.

Karen Gohl

So peaceful always good movies

Dena Vinson

Great place for $5 tuesday, great food

Becky Gilbert

We love this theater! Prices are great, staff is friendly, seating is comfortable. Totally worth the dive from West Salem for our family!

Andrew Phillips

Quaint little theater with all the latest movies and amenities, and rarely any crowds.

Corey DeVault

Very nice theatre, cheaper than the regal theatres, and closer to home

Betty Schaberg

Love the comfy seats! The movie was great too!


Good seats great movies. Nasty popcorn made me sick! And the kids working there are lazy and very unhelpful

Michaelann Gravon

Great place to watch movies. Less crowded than other theaters.

Dirk Levy

Great theater. Typical prices on tickets and concessions. Theater can show about 6 movies. Consult movies and showing times online.

Paul Eugene Manning

Place was very clean, friendly staff, and prices were reasonable. I advise you to take advantage of the all day matinees and the price is reduced for all movies and all patrons.

chunky dunker

Movies on Tuesdays are only 5 dollars! I go there weekly with friends and it's a great little cinema

BRuce MOffatt

Community involved, reasonable pricing, helpful staff, great value on $5.00 Tuesday. Highly recommend them.

Timothy Mathiason

Really neat little place. The sizes of theater are not as big as a normal theater but they are very comfortable and cozy. Also you can order beer with your food!

Samatha Antone

It was amazing and the staff were very helpful and nice

wunder lusting

Decent prices, comfy seats, good range of movies

Fred Roberts

Great, modern theater for a small town! Perfect movie popcorn! Plus, in addition to regular snacks they sell wine to enjoy with your movie. Matinee price was only only $8. Modern, comfy seats. Super nice people. We had a great experience.

Savannah Atkinson

My favorite theater. Highly recommend. Stadium seating. Not too busy. Good price.

chuck hammond

Always clean, comfortable, good prices and great popcorn!

Jennifer Flores

Love my local movie house! We even buy popcorn when we aren't seeing a movie there. Just be cautious, it's a different kind of popcorn, weird husks. Not my favorite but still good

GeKo9 Kid

It is ok but the audio got messed up once at the previews but they fixed it before the movie began

Nona Kind

Very cute theater. The kids little movie snack boxes are adorable. Place with reasonable prices and good seats

Darcynewtonirving ESCarg0067

A great theater! Comfortable seats and 5 dollar Tuesdays are fantastic.

Comeback Kid

Nice small theatre in Independence. Fantastic place to go see a movie cheap, because if you go on Tuesdays it only cost $5

Sentai Brad

Place feels older and a bit run down. Prices and sizes aren't the worst, but not great.

Bob Mathis

The only thing is I wish they would show the prices more predominantly. I always forget about the senior price

Rob Murray

Great value, comfortable seating.

Lynette Rutledge

Great movies

Sean Nickerson

This is my son and my favorite movie theater to go to. The prices are very reasonable, the theaters are clean, and it is a short distance from our home. Keep up the good work.

Griselda Trujillo

Excellent service

Hector L. Garcia

Since watching our 1st movie at Independence cinemas we continue to go back. We enjoy the small venue and enjoy the popcorn flavoring plus it gets me back to my home town.

derpy bunny

Literally the best place to watch movies and get popcorn! And they actually have seasonings you can put on your popcorn and not just butter! Tickets are at a decent price too. It as well has a lot of history

Glenda Anderson

We take our clients here, they are great with them, and us.

Ray Stellingwerf

All the latest movies in a non crowded theater

Carl Christman

Great prices and comfort.

robert and candice matheny

I love all things Independence, and this little gem of a theatre is one of the best things about it. Lower ticket prices, less's our favorite!

sandra lawson

Food was great! Prices fair. Theater clean. Current films. Air conditioning great. Clean. Great staff!!!!

Michele Henninger

Great prices, good service and delicious popcorn.

j mcmike

Prices fair, seats comfortable. Popcorn good.

Ray Rogers

Nice clean movie house.


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