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REVIEWS OF Hood River Cinemas IN Oregon

James Baez

nice local theater with great seats, sound, and screens.

Paul Allen

I wish I could give this theater a no star rating. The staff is unprofessional, the manager is unprofessional. It is clear that they believe they have a monopoly on watching movies in the Columbia Gorge, their attitude and customer service reflects that. Best to go to The Dalles or wait until a movie comes out on Blu-ray.

Jose Barrera

Always nice and clean, also quiet

Austin Cochran

Hood River Cinema is a small town theater with 5 screens. Sure it could use some upgrades, but the ticket prices are fair for what you get. Plus, they serve wine and beer so you can't beat that :) I was going to give 4 stars, but I noticed …

Debbie Clark

The place was so freezing cold...

Alan Nolasco

Enjoyed the show.

Jazmine Lee

We waited for 30 mins in line just to find out when we were getting a our ticket it was sold out and didn't bother to tell anyone

Angie Madsen

For a small-city cinema, it has everything you need! Comfortable enough, serves beer and wine, reasonable ticket prices, quick service. Very close to all the other downtown businesses.

Mike Judson

Pricy, but helped with the delay we had for getting into our room.

Adriana Wallace

The blonde older worker (maybe late 50s) is extremely rude and treats my fiancé and I like we are a nuisance every time we come in (three times now). We recently moved to the area and are avid movie goers. This establishment has a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere which is crazy considering it’s just a movie theater. We quietly come to watch a movie and are treated like our business is impeding on their personal time. Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere!

Blake Hall

Good place.. little expensive for a small town.. but I get it..


Went to see Warcraft 3D. It has been listed Monday - Saturday (but for some reason not Sunday) for showings at 4:25 and 9:50. Bought 2 senior + 1adult tickets, popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and some drinks and our tickets. $60.00+ grand total. …

Travis Shipp

Chris Brennan

Very clean and up to date! Great place to buy your $10 Soda!

Randy Sohler

I enjoy a good movie here. They updated the seats.

Sarah LaGrange

Comfy seats, a good assortment of snacks. Even pizza! Polite staff. All around a good experience.

lightningstrike !

Good parking and service. Limited movie selection but always the choice movies of the time. Decent prices.

Maxine Rainbow

Giving 2 stars because as far as movie watching goes, it's fine. The seats are comfortable enough, the sound is below average but still good enough to enjoy the movie. The employees though...each time I come here, the person helping me tops the last one in expressing disdain. It's as though the staff is competing against each other to see who can be the most unpleasant.

Joseph Paige

The Usher sent us to the WRONG THEATRE.Instead of Captain Marvel,they sent us to WUNDERLAND..Figured it out after we missed the first 20 minutes of the show.When I confronted them they said SORRY,your loss and cant do anything about it.Wont be going there again.WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.First time and LAST TIME..

Myra DePalma

Watched a great movie.

Lusi Hyde

I love they're sitting area hope to try they're pizza someday

Brad Cross

Great place for family movies

Mark Lepke

Locally owned. Beer, wine and pizza. Great staff.

Shane Thoms

Paper thin walls, stuck blue pixels on our screen, and the lights came on with 30 minutes left. Save the $21 (pair of us) and watch it at home when the blu-ray comes out...

Missy Marquez

Has been redone. Comfy chairs! Nice workers!

Jade Erickson

The workers are uneducated and Everytime I go in there it smells and looks unsanitary. Maybe freshen up the seats ?


Not sure what has happened to this theater but it has gone down hill service wise (new owner?). the seats have been upgraded in the past couple of years, which is nice, but they literally have the employees walk in constantly to interrupt the movie if anyone has their feet anywhere near the backs of the seats. Movies tend to start a good 10-15 mins past the listed times (everytime), and the restrooms are always dirty. Not many options here in the Gorge, but this theater has me going to The Dalles to watch movies a whole lot more recently.

Armando Macias

Service was slow and the employee's had an attitude toward the customers, I will not be returning to this theater. P.s movie was great!

Carleda Tinkler

$5.00 Tuesdays a great deal. Popcorn with a drink only $6.00 along with the Tuesday deal. Love the comfortable setting. They even have lounge chairs that recline if you want close up 1st row sitting!

Jayme Hunt

Debra Jones

Good lineup of movies. Friendly staff. Nice food selection. Comfortable seating. Best day is Sunday for no parking meters, and open public parking lot across the street. Clean restrooms and theater seating areas.Good website for show times and information.

Darren Thompson

Kristin Hope

William Payne

I love the reclining seats

Jacob Larsen

A bit pricey but doesn't have a ton of traffic, so sometimes you get the theater to yourself

Ldee Lorengel

After 30 years of attending movies at Hood River Conemas I was harrassed at the Star Wars movie earlier this week by a staff member for talking, which I wasn't. The person I was with is hard of hearing and quietly asked what a character said. I whispered an answer. Then a young blond went out and in came a young male staff member to harrass me. Hope he got his date. Its a shame to see this theatre become hostile to senior citizens, which it never has been before, but certainly was this week. I would also recommend that they and Skylight Theater go back to boxes for the popcorn. They make less noise whe you have the odacity to eat your popcorn. Well, at least, its not that far to the theater in The Dalles.

aiden wagner

My three year old daughter and I saw the My Little Pony movie together. The rooms are smaller and cozy, and the seating is arranged quite vertically, so if you're short you don't have to worry about sitting behind someone tall, and vice versa. This is a big plus when taking a small child to a movie!!!

jamie fox

Movie was good but no parking

Zena Begin

Saw the Avengers and enjoyed the movie. The seats were comfortable but the movie from the auditorium next to us was so loud, you could here their audio over ours during several scenes That was disappointing. Also dress warm, auditorium 3 is freezing.

Adrienne Lee

This place has the worst customer service - EVER. I took my son for his 15th birthday and my family as the main celebration event. $60 tickets and $55 in movie snacks- you'd think we might be a somewhat valuable customer. Even though …

Jegar LaGrander

A little pricey now but good place still overall.

Daeharde Trihardt

Forced searches of personal belongings (even after you've purchased the ludicrously overpriced food and drink) I would recommend against it if they didn't have the monopoly of being the only theater in town.

Megan Lane

I'm sitting in the Hood River Cinema right now. I ordered a large popcorn to share with my son & husband. I saw that the popcorn was at the very very bottom of the glass and is mostly seeds. The kid was unable to fill the popcorn bag completely so he handed me a 3/4 full bag. I ask if he was goin to make some more popcorn to fill the bag. To witch he replied he would make any more till they were out. I looked at the now COMPLETELY empty popcorn container and ask for my money back! Aparntly the 1000% mark up on popcorn isn't enough to actually get them to make popcorn!!! And the seats are DISGUSTING!!!!

Shea Bear

Small cozy theater

maurice tunstall

Decent theater

michelle reynolds

Didn't want any stars but had to give one to post. Waited for 20 minutes in line 3 people working yet only on register and the staff were moving at slow speed. We finally got up to the counter and movie sold out. Sticking with The Dalles Cinema.

kolton tenold

Very small amount of seating and poorly kept front counter

Ryan Thiesies

Ayee they got new seats and it's goooood

Haydn Simon

Comfortable seats.

Matt Cooper

Reclining seats in the front row! Insane!

Gregory Simon

Always a great one!!,;

Belle Dee

The place was nice and the movie was great. The staff were amazing. The bathrooms though were a little rough because there was toilet paper everywhere. I told the staff and they said sorry and immediately went and cleaned it

Soy Boy

You'll have to spend a bit more for this place, employees aren't the best nor the worst. Food is okay but wish there was more choices and wished more movies played. I asked for a refund before the movie even started but I guess they don't do it that way. Lots of grease by the way.

Elizabeth Souders

Nice theatre


Comfy seats, fresh popped popcorn, and friendly service. Parking lot directly across the street is open 95% of the time otherwise there's plenty of street parking good for 3 hours. Not sure about all the rooms but the main room I was in had a dedicated reclining section similar to what you'd find elsewhere but they are very close to the screen and not a particularly great viewing option for the movie (thus the -1 star) but that's my only complaint.

Bigfoot Coffee Roasters

I wrote an email to the business but was rejected. So here is what I wrote: Hi There, I own my own business and I am giving you professional courtesy because I would want the same.. I went to your theater last night to see the Divergent series movie. I have to say that your theater is disgusting and I will never be back unless it has a serious deep cleaning. It smelled like vomit. We switched seats and the smell was still so gross that I wanted to leave. I only stayed because I was invited and didn’t want to be rude to my friend. The seats were moist.. Moist like mildew or something. So nasty. I took a shower as soon as I got home and washed my clothes. Please clean up your theater. It used to be so great. Thank goodness you serve wine and beer. Sincerely, Melissa

J. Odden

Cozy theater rooms, support your local film options!


This cinema was beyond disappointing. I took my kids to see How To Train Your Dragon 3 on Sunday, March 3rd 2019. The volume was so low and I had to LEAN IN to hear the dialogue! I asked 3 times for the staff to turn up the sound so that we could have a proper cinematic experience. They never increased the volume loud enough to hear the conversations clearly. When I asked about the volume they said that they don't want to blow people's hearing. To be clear, i am 40 and have no hearing issues. I took my kids 12 times to see how to train your dragon #1. But I will not go back to this theater again. Very dissatisfied with our experience here and with the staff's judgment. Save your money and watch the movies at home.

Ronnie Glenn

Went to see John Wick 2 and walked in to the theater and it stunk like cat piss. It got worse and worse the further up you went. Seats were stained and floor was dirty. Only reason they get 2 stars is because the two ladies kindly refunded our money. Had been looking forward to seeing the movie

Fernando Venegas

Un buen lugar para pasarla en família, o con los amigos, hay peluculas muy buenas y bastantes golocinas para comer mientras ves la pelicula, el personal en muy amable, y el mueble de la salas son muy confortables, sin duda alguna la pasamos de maravilla

Bryan Mears

It was okay.

Katie Murray

Good popcorn

Kevin Prates

Nice spot for movies and popcorn

Brian Morris

Small theater but rarely crowded.

Rob Garrett

Best theater in town. Nice rocking and reclining seats. Sound and video is meh..

Rich Porter


It's a good place to watch movies there's recliners in the front row

Sally Armour

Love the recliner seats in here

Miguel Carlos Guzman

Clean but there was 4 people there that talked through the whole movie and was on their phone. That will be the last time I go to the theater to watch a movie, I'll just wait for whatever movie to come out to buy

G H.

Crap overpriced food. Painfully unaware staff. The only reason this place is still open is because they have a monopoly on the local movie scene. I challenge someone w the financial where withall to dethrone the Dictator of the Hood River movies scene. Seriously poor customer service. Bad Food. And the theater smells awful.. also.. those who don't know... this theater is owned by Andrew aka. Andrews pizza and skylight theater... his pizza sucks, seriously, and staff is just as asinine as the dingalings at the other theater... Drive to the Dalles or Troutdale if your wanting a theater experience. .. other wise rent...

Esmeralda Craig

Not a place to go with a big family

Cody Howe

Went to see the Joker. It was an absolute catastrophe from the minute we walked in. They sold out the 645 show so they opened another theater up for a 7 showing. We were first in line for the 7 show and we got our tickets. We never checked them and we were given 645 tickets. The staff started trying to get people to leave that had 645 tickets and you can imagine how that went. At 730, the movie had not started yet so I went to get popcorn. There were a ton of people out the lobby trying to get their money back. The staff were arguing with each other and blaming each other for the mix up. They said they were cancelling the movie and giving everyone a refund after we waited for over 30 minutes. After waiting for over 25 minutes for popcorn, I heard from some random person that they had started the movie. I was less than pleased at this news, not only did I wait in line for 25 minutes for popcorn, I also missed the beginning of the movie. Then, for some reason, they randomly gave some people their money back but not everyone. This experience was horribly unprofessional and I will no longer be giving them my business. I will drive to the Dalles from now on for movies.

Erik Garcia

Frances Ugarte

Kenny Collett



Mradula Nayak

Nice little cinema theater in the hood river downtown. Watched Toy story 4 which was just amazing.

Gary Michaelson

Great place to go for a movie but it is $$$

Martha Zapien

Robert Friel

Date night

x Eric x

Love watching movies

Aaron Hopkins

Your staff are very awkward

Lake J22

Hood River Cinema has reclining arm chairs in the theater. I've only been there a few times but have never seen dirty. Very small concession stand but I have never had to stand in line long at all.

R McCaig

The kids they have working this theater are some of the rudest I have ever met. I would rather drive to Gresham to watch a movie than deal with the customer service they have at this theater.

Simeon Hill

Great place wonderful stadium seating. Small Town movie theater but great screen clarity and absolutely phenomenal sound.

Ian Daly

It's a good theater for hood river. Good selection of beers here as well.

Ernest Weltzer

A bit pricey and the smell of foods other than popcorn can be a bit much

Elizabeth P

Great new theater seats.

Picker Twentytwo

Small comfortable Theatre w good sound Treats are over priced.

Luke Roman

Great theatre!

Christopher J. Ellis

Good times!!!!

Logan Lovewell

Endgame was an amazing movie sad though. Im not saying any spoils.

Jaclyn LaMar

The candy in the bin is really stale. It's all really overpriced, too, but I was expecting that going in. It can't really be helped. One of the seats in the theater was broken. Despite it all we had a really fun night out with the kids. Not the best theater out there, but an enjoyable time all the same.

Arturo Leyva

Good place to enjoy a movie with the family.

Nathan Kinney

Great theater with comfortable recliner seats.

Alex Olson

The theatre was so cold that we had to leave halfway through the movie.

Mysty Jenkins

They finally updated all their theatres by putting in new seats.

Robb barnett

It was acceptable, its better then the dalles, i can say that!!! Lol

William Bregin

Good clean. Fast moving lines.

Howard Hawkes

Good place to see a movie good popcorn

Eric Palmer

OK theater, the staff is usually grumpy.

Al time

Nice place to watch movies


Thomas Vandehey

Clean, quiet and friendly staff. A little small but equally enjoyable.

David Compton

Theater is older but has comfortable seats. The movie Venom was great. $10.00 before 3pm 12.50 after that.

SK Sundby

I'm a local so this is the only place to go other than skylight theater, but they only show a select few movies.

Charena Self


Mesille Mershon

Good little theater.

Jennifer Gray

It was clean and the new seats are awesome but the staff needs to be a little bit more friendly.

Not A Towel

Nice little cinema. Small but comfortable.

Derick Wright

Good times

Pola Kelley

Its a terrific little community theater, I often take my Great granddaugther there when I am in Hood River. Last weekend was atypical because the Hop Fest was going on across the street and the music from the festival could be overhead in the theater.

Joe DelDonno

It doesn't look like much from the outside but you'd be surprised how much of a Theatre it is on the inside! A pleasant surprise!

Janette Skarda

Ok, so what is a "convenience" fee? And what does the bill cover, because $1.50 per person is not needed because there used to be no such thing.

Roy Nathanson

It was too cold in the theater. Everyone was complaining.

Otis Barr

They have beer now if you're a drinker and the seats in the front recline

Mark Henrickson

Small theatre, nice seats and a great Tuesday price!

Garth Levin

Current movies being played in a wearing out theater!

Brian Lupkes

Typical small theater. Very comfortable seats. Seating is very steep so no heads are in your way. You get to put your own butter on your popcorn and they have flavors to add to it too.

Adamari Lazaro

Scott Jackson

Great place to take the kids just gets busy

Princess 10

Good seating. Good hot dogs :)

Robin Allen

They really don't even deserve one star, as their customer service is terrible. I have brought my family to this theater several times over the past five years that we have lived in the gorge, and I must say the high school kids that work there are some of the rudest I've ever encountered. They must not receive any customer service training when they are hired as they don't say thank you, come again, and are rude when asked pointed questions about issues we have had on different occasions. They have an attitude of "I don't care" when dealing w/a complaint, and worse, the manager isn't any better. If you want good customer service, go to The Dalles theater.

Maria Ramirez

Muy hermoso lugar limpio y. Muy amables sus trabajadores gracias

Temperance Rain

Amazing up grades! Amazing staff and management, great place to enjoy a movie!

Skyler Wagner

The sound in theater 3 only comes from the front speakers. Also the candy is stale, do not buy.

Trevor Reid

They turned the movie off right at the end! Sat there for a while and nothing. Sad.

Shea Saddler

Nice cozy small theater. $5 dollar Tuesdays are great for catching a movie with the family.

Chris Cox

Came here with my family of four. Went out of the theatre to get drinks after sitting down. There are 5 employees behind the counter, 4 employees are leaning of sitting on the back counter while one works the register. There is a line. 4 employees start blankly into space. I make the comment "looks like your the only one working tonight." To the registrar and get a dirty look. The owner of this establishment is throwing money away hand over fist in these worthless employees.

Tree Climbing Raider

Crazy expensive and small screens. Seems they like to pretend they are a large high tech theatre but it's really just a cramped big screen TV for the same price.

Johnathan Collett

Just watched Avengers Endgame and there was a long line. They got the line worked down very quickly and place was very clean. However one of their urnials didn't work.

Jason Pincock

Vary disappointingly. I couldn't even buy a beer cause my drivers license had expired. But I'm in my mid forties. I will not go back. Definitely not a good experience. Also during the movie kids were playing on the stairs and in front below the screen. Vary vary annoying and really distracting. This was a poor experience!

Carlos Marquez

5 star review really comfortable they updated their seats the very first row is like a reclining chairs

Ronald Grisham

Great place for a movie

owen bergeron

A little dirty and always has kids running around during the movie

Wes Bouvard

We are a middle aged couple that had just spent $37 with our arms full of popcorn and drinks. On our way in to see the movie we got stopped to search my wife's purse to make sure we weren't trying fo sneak in snacks that we hadn't purchased at the theater. I don't know about most people but I find that pretty offensive! We won't be back!

Kariann Bolton


The movie was fine and they do have a stadium seating but having to wait in the same line as concessions just to pick up tickets I bought online was ridiculous.

Judy Mixon

Family fun

Payton Thornton

It's a movie theater.

Benjamin Pardue

A delightful little cinema. Strong small-town theater vibe.

Gary Weight

Toby Fenner

Mark McKellar

A great way to enjoy a movie. Theater is clean and the seats are very comfortable.

Dan Blossom

Love this place! Always have a great time when I’m here.

Jake Dinneen

Very cool little cinema

Robert Mccaig

This is review is for customer Service. Employee Madison is completely rude to the extent where other employees apologize for her behavior. She also made a racist comment about a friend I had with me. Also there was a line of about 20 people and there was 6 people behind the counter and after multiple people asking for them to open another register they refused. You pay for time at a theater and you don't want to waist it standing in line waiting for employees to not help you. I will not return to this theater now will I recommend it to anyone.

Renee Carey

It was awesome


Movies can be expensive but if you go on TUESDAY they have really good deals. A great assortment of candy and popcorn seasoning. Very fun to go with friends and keep up with the latesmovies. ed s Unfortunately NO TIP JAR is a

Jermaine Spino

Very Rude employees

Chris Ellson

My brother dragged me to see Alita: Battle Angel (which I actually quite enjoyed). Movie ticket and large popcorn (and water) was $19.75. Staff was friendly and the theater was clean, with comfy seats. It's a nice little place to see a movie, especially for this relatively small town. 5/5 would movie again.

Marozo 4life

The theater was small

David Schradermeier

It is 1 of 2 places in HR to watch movies. I like that they serve alcohol, but they need to turn up the volume in the theaters.

Henry Balcazar

Hope Dowty


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