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1311 Adams Ave, La Grande, OR 97850

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REVIEWS OF Granada Theatre IN Oregon

Teresa Aguilera

The Prices are fair. Snack bar offers all kinds of goodies, and this theater offers a senior discount!


Small town atmosphere & cordial service make for an amazing experience.

William Hinds

Heather Boothman

Alan Bedolla

Talking Shit

The ticket price is above average and the staff is snarky. If you want snacks be prepared to spend at least 3 to 4 times ypur ticket price for almost anything.

Michelle Alvarez

Erin Watts

Michael Seth

Stu Spence

Great value and a great historic venue.

michael rheinecker

Had a good time avengers endgame is a great movie

Jeffery Hamilton

Chelsie Curtiss

So fun. Too expensive tho

teresa roberts

Great place to see a movie! My grandson and I always have a good time and it's important to support our local businesses.

Marcos Sanchez

Adam Wunsch

Decent little theater. Snack prices are extremely overpriced..more expensive than the industry average. They do allow you to bring your own water bottle and they will fill it for you.

Tim Hauner

Nice cozy place friendly staff. The frozen cookie dough treats are a big hit.

Chris Greenlee

Peg Gillis

Wish the movies that come were a bit more.. Lots dont make it here.. Too small of theatres. Need more comfortable chairs.. Still the best in town

Chase Macherzak

Quaint up to date theatre. No icee machine but everything else is great.

Anna Green

Great place to go with friends

micheal selves

Danny Ritchie

Love going to the movies, I've been going here my whole life, now we get to take our grandchildren there to ❤❤❤❤

Matthew Richardson

Michael Broderick

Natalie Smith

Judy Hatcher

Customer service is stellar, cleanest theater I've ever been in.

ellison rooke

Jennifer Higgins

Don't give refill on anything

A Google User

Tyson Brooks

steven king

Great selection of the newest movies , several screens , but like the rest food items , a bit pricey but worth it

Danny Chamberlain

jason nevill

Great little theatre.

Keshka Kotera

Cozy little theater with modern projection equipment and sound. My favorite of the three screen is the smallest one. Seats are set so you get a great view that fills your eyes with movie magic. Wife and I visit them often.

Jennifer Mccloskey


Spendy as most but comfy

Ken Smith

Best movies in town.

Charles Power

leanora gonzales

Candi Nielsen


Tesmond Hurd

Payton Johnson

Dustin Zimmerly

For the location it is a great place to watch a movie!

Bernadette St.Onge-Barnes

Always enjoy movies at the Granada!

Chantel Shaffer

Kelly Fry

I love bargain Tuesday! Concessions are hideously expensive, but the amazingness of the popcorn more than makes up for it

Nancy Dake

What more could you want from a small town theater. Comfy, great snacks, and no interruptions. Always current on movies.

Dawnita Randall

Gotta love the big screen❤️

Rebekah Hazel Howard

This theater has a pretty wide selection of movies and they usually get the popular ones in. The snacks are, as always, a bit overpriced, but not too bad. Popcorn and a pop comes out to about 9$. I wish Granada would work on their website. It is really hard to navigate to see times and showings. I have a really hard time buying tickets online too!

Jayce Chandler

Price is always high for what you get but what else are you going to do in La Grande. We know it's not their fault it cost so much but meh

Clint Bullard

Jaymoon 85

Jessey Oquinn

Cozy and small

Katey Lynn Caballos

Its small and grubby but still enjoyable.

Alexander Giller

Landon Greenshields

Melanie Shipman

Brent Walker

Older theater with small screens but good audio quality and comfortable seating

Linda Bird

Not very many people were there so not a lot of talking. I think the seats are not made for short people. Kinda uncomfortable. a nite I will never forget cause with someone special

Nikki Kotera

Great movie great service. Wish the goody prices were a little cheaper.

Zack Callender

Sharon Biechler

Randy Charlton

Quite,friendly people work there


Amy Smith

Nicki M

Good prices and slow people also very small theater but comfy

Melissa Lillegard

One of my favorite places to go. Prices are competitive.

Paul Hall

A great place to get away. Great people.

bud German

Its the only one in town

Dakota Dial

Marissa German

Cheryl Reed

Clean and very comfortable chairs.

Michael Whitmore

Mark Baker

Great local movie theater, home town feel. To bad they don't do free refills on the largest drinks and popcorn. Great for the matinee.

Anya Beck

Food is over priced but good up to date movies and three different movies playing at a time!

Fred Donaldson

Emilio Chavez

kim Rachau

Reagan Enriquez

Love the small town vibe, which is why the over priced concessions are understandable. You can hear the other movies in each theater.

Nathan Prouty

Patti Pointer

Christopher Broderick

Fun little theater. Excited to see Civil War

Green Spacer

Friendly, clean, usually not crowded so a choice of very comfortable seating... reasonably priced (except for the popcorn- but good selection of toppings). I would give the 3d system and movie selection only 3 stars, but but the sound system and levels are excellent.


Tiny screen, small selection of movies. Only theater in town.

Ryan McGinnis

Small theatre, three screens. Comfortable seating and fairly reasonable ticket pricing by modern standards.

falon williams

It is small and great service

Diana Breese

Movies are great and snacks are very good.

Andrew Lackey

faith amanda

Not bad at all a bit exspesnive for being small but it's your average theater good quality sound and picture

Tonya Adair

Charlie Sinclair

joshua rauli

Great place to watch a movie

Michael Hagan

Grew up going here

Tyler Wyman

Nothing to special but grateful to have a theater in La Grande that is current. There concessions are way more expensive than I ever seen

Tresha Carpenter

Typical movie theater. Always enjoy taking the kids to see movies.

Julie Johnson

Nice people

Jess Munoz

Connor Califf

The great thing about this movie is that we always tend to get the first big huge budget movies on their opening weekend. It's a fun place when there's great movies showing so I definitely recommend it!!!!

Kathleen Drummond

Fantastic theatre. Always perfect screen and sound system. Very clean with friendly employees. I have been watching movies in the Granada theatre for 62 years. It is still one of my favorite places to see movies anywhere.

Jerri Rose Troutman

Jackie Ryder

Norvin Faltir

some movies they don't show

Wadster 5

Love our little theater, not too many screens but the staff is always friendly and they always try to play the newest best films.

Frank Thomas

It's about what you'd expect from a small town theatre that's managed to survive in the age of Netflix. There are only three cinemas so first run showing options are limited. Seats are comfortable and it's rarely crowded - even when it is, it feels cozy. Sound system is robust but screens are small (definitely no IMax). Concessions are (perhaps predictably) overpriced but ticket prices are (perhaps surprisingly) affordable. One of the really cool things about La Grande's Granada is the historic marquee (I don't have a personally snapped photo but you can Google it). It's a nostalgic reminder of a time before the world became so shamelessly slick and corporate. All in all, I'm glad that my kids grew up in a town where such a theatre (and even a Drive In) continues to be viable.

Justin Johnson

Trinity Crandall

Wesley Howard

Tom Hanson

Every seat is a good close to the screen seat. Friendly staff that does a good job.

James Cassity

Always friendly , sound fair, great for small theatre, good seats, fair price.


Samantha Graham

I always enjoy going to this place weather it's with my family or friends.

Harmony Collier

Wyatt Christensen

Pretty good overall, although a bit pricy and the owners seem to pass on a ton of options. Unless its Triple A title you won't see it here, but for a small town theatre that's to be expected unfortunately. Screens and service are nice though and the new seats are great.

Judy W

Shar P

It would be even better if Madea movies were shown at the theater. I have to wait for it to go on DVD because I don't want to have to drive out of town just to see a movie. Are the owners low key racist because its a "black" movie? I get that impression. People LOVE the Madea movies I don't understand how they're never showing! They play horrible rating movies so they can't use the excuse of "we only play the best" because Madea movies are high rating movies!

genny lynn

Michael Rose

Ron Wheeler

The theater is very small but very well kept.

Anthony Hilyard

kathyjo coyote

Nice. And quiet!

Dylan Amen

Kyle Banyard

Newly remodeled, friendly staff, comfy seats

Ross Hodgson

It's cold in the theater. Popcorn, snacks, and pop are expensive.

Kevin Browning

Great, only ones there on a Saturday night.

Todd McIntosh

Great place to go. Accepts moviepass!

Lance Dillon

Nice small theater.

Stanley Hurd

Darin Larvik

The people are nice

Christina Moore

Love the popcorn. Not much of a variety on the movie selection, mostly super hero or Marvel movies but was able to find one that wasn't. I love Marvel but I like other movies too.

Caleb Hubbell

Its the only theater in town, so we put up with it. I highly do not recommend watching a movie in 3D, unless you want a headache.

matthew tiller

Darla Grace

Love it!

Matthew McGregor

Pretty empty on afternoon good quality

tod hull

Really enjoyable time out with family.

JeanAnne Dilworth

Virginia Hutchings

Tommy Little

Delynn Miller

Had to change theatres as projection not working

April Vantassell

Clean and great screens and audio.

None Ya

Sam Spade

Angela Sanchez

Dawn Raelynn

Mostly good. Good variety of snacks. Limited movie selections but most times have a good movie to two playing.

Chrissy Clemons

Not Me

Grate services and ac.

Dakota Gillette

Marcus Mitchell

Good 3d could be better friendly employs

Ziltrag Productions

Max Denning

The marquee and staff are the best part of the theater.

Zane Smith

Terry LaMont

Cozy theater, decent selection of current movies...and like everywhere, the concession stand is , well, overpriced....

kate s

Stan Rodrigues

Always a worthy treat to watch a film here

Mack Foggia


watching both avengers infinity war and endgame was a great experience here


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