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REVIEWS OF Empirical Theater IN Oregon

Janelle Santner

Stadium style seating gives everyone a great view of the ultra crisp screen. Extremely clean facilities and also lovely people working there

Andrew Gremp

My family and I had a terrific time at OMSI there was a lot of fun stuff for the younger kids like puzzles and interactive exhibits. I personally really enjoyed the human life exhibits. The staff was really nice and directed us towards some of the best exhibits. The stuff in the gift shop was not terribly over-priced either.

Marcus Howard

Templeton Usher

We love OMSI and everything about it. The theater is well maintained, designed, and the staff are friendly. The exhibits are always educational, richly immersive, and fun. A day is never enough time...

Sridivya Spurthi Beeraka

Orca Beats 15

The screen was huge and most of the time no one is even in there its very quiet and the volume is just right if your not into the blasting volume of other theater's

Jennifer Forsberg

Used to be called Omnimax... But, that's all that's changed!!! Still wonderful!!

Heavenly Nightmare

Jason Jones

The staff really made OMSI come alive for us. Definitely one of the better places to go in portland!!

Tabby Talley

tal palmer-gai

Great little theater.

Misty O'Bryan

Why oh why would you ever take out the dome?? We traveled from Spokane with me talking up an Omsi movie to my kiddos to see nothing more than an average IMAX screen. Very disappointed.

Josh Benjamin

The theatre itself was very clean and the show started on time. The seating is kinda steep but actually helps the viewing experience. We watched the National Parks show, which ran around 40 minutes. The show is only viewable in 3D, which is a bit nauseating to me. The only reason I'm docking a star is due to the couple seated next to us never received 3D glasses. Which made the show unwatchable for them.

Sumeet Singh

Mark Yoney

G M Parks

Aaron Kelly

Screw 3-D. This is still the most immersive sensory experience of any theater experience.

Yavuz Selim Sefünç

“I'll start by saying that I love OMSI, but this time I visited was really poor. They charged a slightly discounted rate (curious) and I found out when I visited that two of the exhibits

Celia Medina

Georgette Whilhelm

Absolutely the worst attraction in Portland. No staff direction, lines were 2 hours long, over priced under delivered. Advertised polar Express and is no longer playing. No stars for overall experience!!!!

Tim Tankard

The best screen in town. Special showings are a real treat.

alex ell

mark B

Brian Flanagan


Sarrah Beam

Sound system was impressive and almost every seat gives you a great view. Cheaper than other theaters too

Patti Hammer

Ryan Gillespie

Diane DAndrea

Awesome films.Great venue.Wine & Beer!

w56su ws6yu

Great theater. Love the huge screen. The seats are so steep that you do not need to worry about the person in front of you blocking the screen!

Jo Ann Walter

Dale Peppel

Devani Scheidler

Reel Eats and Reel Science are events not to be missed!!

Tim Aguirre

We recently watched the Dark Knight Rises. It blew all of our expectations out of the water! I think that we liked the movie even more here! I loved how crisp the picture was! I think the higher you sit, the better. I think that everything about that night was wonderful!

Veronica Crepeau

Chris Sheaves

Melanee Thys

I've always loved this place since I was a kid. Grew up on field trips here. I'm almost 30 now and still love going as much or more than before!

Leifur Thor

Um, Wow! What a fantastic theater, puts IMAX to shame.

Sawyer Sheldon

Old Baphomet

Adolf Valdez

Portland's only great movie screen The rest are shams

Kate Guise

nenetzin vidal

Love the theater!! Never thought that it was going to be the full movie ( it was the last one on the day so maybe you should of check in the webpage) but it was amazing having a really good sit, the huge screen and specially don't forget to buy a really good hot dog at the outside store, you can take it inside with you but of course clean everything at the end of the movie.

Isaac Martinez

Part of the museum, worth the extra price.

Tatiana Unknown

Watched pans labyrinth tonight first time in portland enjoyed the speaker in the beginning.

Kate Lindstrom

zack Dixon

Seriously the best theater experience I've had in a long time. The fact that barely anyone knows about it so far contributes I'm sure

Isaac W.

Was underwhelmed as usual at OMSI. Only good thing was the hot dog with organic ketchup.

Amah Alshaibah

Very nice

Melissa Tierney

Best place to go see a movie! Definitely an experience!

Anh Nguyen

Dope theater!! Extremely clean and comfortable, great sound and viewing experience!

Darrell Wilson

Looks like the OMNIMAX is no more. They are shutting it down. We where greatly disappointed!

Nick Beresford

Good, but short movies. Expensive.

Kate & Eric

HUGE screen (seriously, it's four stories tall!) and awesome sound. Plus, you can bring in legitimate snacks--hot dogs, anyone?--AND beer/wine! My number 1 spot for movies in PDX.

Jeffrey Chan

Alex Felker

Dyche Alsaker

Dorothy Buchner


Turtle Jaz

Love it

Dave Barbour

Nick Jacobsen

Movie was sort of short for the price.

Debbie Closson

Tirza Hutabarat

Went here, to watch a movie, it was nice

jen wendel

Weston Syverson

Huge! Lots of seats

Eric Bear

This theatre is big and the film quality is good. It can't compete with the done theatre of the past, but that film format isn't used anymore.

Shannon DirtyDreads

Brad Tait

The Empirical Theater at OMSI offers one of the best IMAX/large-screen formats for showing movies. The theater is comfortable, the staff is friendly, and the nearby snack bar offers nice treats, including beer, cider and wine.

Caleb Jackson

Imani Dunkin

David H Steinbrugge

Only saw a Science in the Pub presentation (so not Imax movie) but a freat venue.

Nicole Lannister

And amazing theater! Upgrades sound system, premium seating and huge screen makes for a very fun moviegoing experience.

Sean Kane

This is a good IMAX theater in downtown Portland for watching both traditional science-based IMAX shows and hollywood blockbusters. Despite some confusion about the theater closing. It is still at OMSI, and was simply converted from a dome shaped IMAX screen to a flat OMSI screen a few years ago.

Zarah DelGreco


Amanda Hudson

Sage Johnson

Evan Pearson

Lani - ColoradoRockieTraveler

I enjoy the theatre but still miss OmniMax

Margaret OMalley

Not for people with fear of heights. I was dizzy and terrified. So glad to get out of that place. I am 65 years old.

Ellie Voety

Took the kiddos there and we learned about was interesting.

Who Ghost There

It was amazing that they have so many people the chance to see amazing and classic anime movies! I got to see three in a row. Highly recommend looking at the attractions and going to watch something! Make sure to get there early!

lilli milliken

Large And spacious theater that makes the movie so much more enjoyable.

Melanie Mendez

John Crossman

tim timmreck

Jennifer Jones

Very nice theatre with very interesting, nature-oriented movies.

Darrell Falke

Gorgeous and spacious theater worth seeing your favorite movie. Seating is done so you don't have anyone blocking your view!


Great theater, unbeatable price.

robert perkes

Educational and fun

Allison Kate Landaker

Michael Green

Large screen with stadium seating.

Nathan Stier

Karla Hinson

Theresa Brostowitz

I love seeing movies here!

Josh Wong

Portlandians! Please, please, please go to this theater! Second-run IMAX 3D movies for $7?? Last time I was in here it was empty. You all better fix that. Get the word out! There's beer/cider/wine too!

Sandra Killings

Kate Webb

Big screen. Surprisingly crowded.

Dave Cooper

Totally awesome, the size of the screen!

Jason Levi

Alexis Ménard

I love the way the seats are designed because it makes it easy to enjoy the big screen. It's also very well thought for kids, because of that layout they can see the entire screen, no need to worry if someone tall is in front.

Diane Sandefur

We took the grandkids, ages 11 and 12, recently (Jan 2018) to see the Jean-Michele Cousteau's SECRET OCEAN. This is a great learning experience, opening your eyes to the wonders of the ocean. I wholly recommend OMSI for their theater experience and everything else they offer as well!

Lilli-Ann Schrader

Aaron Johnson

The science pub this month was about LIGO; light interferometer gravitational wave observatory. The presenter was very approachable and questions from the audience top notch.

Bjorn Begelman

Sabrina Pol

Robert Petty

Alejandro Cuba Ruiz

LuckyCube Mapping

Vice President NFO

One of the best kept secrets in town. A HUGE screen, amazing sound, great movies, both science films and first run movies like Star Ware: The Force Awakens, and a reasonable price. Did I mention that you can bring in food, and drinks, including pizza and beer and wine for the evening shows when the restaurant is open. Check out the schedule!

phil sanstrum

Joshua Schwartz

Donald W. Meyers

Mathew _The Will of change_ Azumika

Jeri Williams

The theater is clean, very comfy, and allows snacks. The staff are helpful and the cafe and the cafe staff are great.

Kate Davis

barbara wildern

Great place to watch a movie. My 2nd film there, comfortable seats, good sound and clear viewing from all seats

Linsel Greene

Stunned to discover that the empirical theater has added two bright green exit signs, and placed them in full view, distracting from the screen. Unneeded, and totally marring the moviegoing experience. Very disappointing. "Solo" was better than expected though.

Mindy Schiedler

Best movie experiences EVER!!!!

Jenne Bauer-Leffler

I love this theater. Located inside OMSI on the waterfront, this theater has both the expected museum films on science, nature, far off lands, etc... But they also show feature films. Stop and say hello to the baristas at the coffee shop on your way in!

Don Mix

This is the best movie theater value in the metro area. Seven bucks for a massive screen (think real IMax) 3d and Dolby Atmos! The shows are third run, so go see the movies you may have missed or want to see again. Cool deli type snack bar. Some of the seats have narrow tables for your snacks. Take your whole family for half the price of the other theaters.


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