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2727 W 7th St #4138, The Dalles, OR 97058

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REVIEWS OF Columbia Cinema IN Oregon

RaeAnne Edmisten

Movies with the family

David Doolin

People are friendly I like it

Ryan Singhurst

Good seating. Very family friendly with there free movie days and 5$ Tuesday movies deals great value

Jennifer Cress

Love this movie theater! Tuesdays are lower priced and they even show movies with a canned food drive to help the needy. Very cool!

Justin Moore

Love our local movie theater can not complain and they even take the Movie Pass memebership ;) ;). Would so to have some comfortable chairs would be a cool change kinda like IMax lol. But still none the less we will always return.

Alan Nelson

A little out-dated but clean. Ample parking which is always a plus, 3-D movies are available. Remember if you have your own glasses bring them to prevent having to purchase another pair. The biggest downside of this little theater is their cash ONLY policy which can be frustrating if you forget or don't know and are trying to catch a show at a particular time.

K k


Lisa Bennick

Clean. Not usually over crowded. Staff is friendly. Comfortable seats. Only movie theater in The Dalles. Tues is only $5

Carlos Renteria

Overall nice theater but bathrooms smelled dirty and poorly maintaned. Seat we're a little uncomfortable.

Terri Sprague



Great popcorn and food there's always room to sit and be comfortable

Elizabeth Hammack

$5 Tuesday is the best!

Michael Rafala

Nice little place

efrain rodriguez

Great place ..


Seats are amazing. Parking is good. Now they have a card swiper which is amazing. The cash only was terrible. Service was awesome!!

Joshua Cox

Small comfortable theater

brycen carter

The Dalles is a small town, and as a resident of almost 21 years, I realize it's not always easy to find fun things to do here. This is where Columbia Cinemas comes in! It's very nice theater that provides an excellent experience every time. There is hot fresh popcorn and the big movies are always playing, as they effectively use their 4 screens. You always feel welcome, the customer service is warm and friendly. The theater is clean, they take credit and debit cards have updated to fully digital and 3-D capable theaters. Columbia Cinemas prices are affordable especially when compared to how much Portland theaters charge for both tickets and concessions.

Jerri Kulbeth

Not so bad... could use updated seating but it was nice for what it is.

Andrew Brewer

Love the new seats very comfortable, love going with friends and family. Ticket pricing is nice, haven't been to a lot of other cinemas. very nice employees

Lusi Hyde

I like but need better sitting place

Jace Browning-Schwartz

Great Movies and employees, plus good prices

Ann Marie

Always full

Kathy Dawkins

Staff was friendly. Cinema was clean I will go back

Zac Mendoza

Gotta love 5 dollar Tuesday

Christine Paulsen

Good prices, clean and the popcorn smell is fantastic!

Keith Fischer

Great time!

Happy Gardner

Great popcorn. Senior discount. Nice friendly staff. Clean theatre. Needs better , more diverse movie lineup . Seeing this is the biggest theatre in the area for miles... it could be amazing instead of average.

Paul Leclerc

A nice, small, local theater.

Rowan Simpson


Christina Senn

Great service!!! Clean theater! Will definitely be returning!!!

Mary Stocks

Love this place. Very professional staff. Clean and tidy.

Michael Ramsey

The prices are on par with the facility. It's not terribly fancy, and the theaters are not as tiered as I would have preferred, and the screen I watched had some damage which was a nuisance for half an hour before I stopped noticing it. The sound was sufficient, perhaps even better than I expected. The seat I sat in was possibly slightly damaged, but the theater was very full, so I didn't look for another. They do now accept Visa/MC, despite earlier reviews. I stopped at a nearby gas station and paid $2.50 to get cash out, and was glad to see I did that unnecessarily. Heh! Now I know.

Toni Sly

Love this small town theater! Great customer glad to have them in town!

Celinda Labrousse

Good prices, but could use a fresh coat of paint.

Matthew & Megan Reed

Nice people


Good movies, recently upgraded seating, excellent parking.

Jim H

Not to bad, I always have a great time

aiden wagner

It's a pretty typical small town Cinema. I like it because the lines aren't usually very long. Even after most places were sold out I was able to get Start Wars VII tickets for my husband, father, and two brothers.

John Kauffman

New seating is comfortable, prices are competitive and the popcorn with a bunch of different toppings is fantastic!

Eric Pelky

My time/money here was up to golf standards. By golf I mean Tiger Woods. Ill still play the front nine, if you know what i mean. I felt as though I was getting ganked for money that I just didnt have. Thx.

Cher Morlock

This Cinema is a very clean and will maintain facility friendly employees and very helpful great place to view new releases

Dwaine Short

It's someone out dated and it gets very warm if there's a lot of people watching the same movie.

Robert Provence

best place in the Dalles to see a movie love the $5 Tuesdays

_-Wolfy Games-_

A medium variety of movies. Kids and adults are welcome, no pets though. Kids can only go into rated R movies if an adult is with them.

maurice tunstall

It serves as a decent movie theater

Taunia Canchola

Expensive and they don't show the best movies

Shane Kelly

A neat little theater! Friendly staff and clean seating.

Owen Thornhill

No beer is my main complaint. Just a little out dated otherwise.

Rebecca Fischer

Nice. Thank you for Tuesday discount days

William Cook

I wish you'd have some better movies at times but I love the movies are coming out every Tuesday and I love Tuesday $5.50

Gil Hamilton

Screen in theatre is damaged and has poor image quality. Would have given 5 stars, but image quality is a huge part of theatre experience. Upgraded a star for value, although snacks are as expensive as a state of the art cineplex, admission is reasonable with discounted tickets all day on Tuesdays.

Shirley Harris

A great place to watch movies

Cyn B

Great theater. Friendly staff, always clean, comfy seating, cup holders. A good value.

Shayla Stankwitz

Great, clean theater. Friendly staff.

Danny Dehaze

Big theaters, ok sound, good food/candy choices, contactless payments accepted.

Cadence Smith

Excellent popcorn tastes AMAZING love this place

Drew Koski

Not bad but the screens blot every once in a while and the seating could be better. Great customer service!

Jesse Mason

Just like any other decent cinima. The main downside is that the owner is a greedy New Yorker that doesn't care about community.

Kimberly Muai

I liked it very much, pricing was reasonable especially loved the 5 dollar Tuesdays deal. Snacks were good, walls were not paper thin like hood rivers theater. What I loved most of all it was clean and didn't smell like vomit, very nice and friendly staff as well. I would have to say the only thing I was bummed about was the only movie I wanted to watch wasn't playing.

Kate Spurr

I really enjoy this theatre! It is very clean and has great customer service! And NOW they DO ACCEPT credit/debit cards, which makes it very convenient for both the customers and the cashiers. Their prices are very reasonable compared to larger cities ticketing prices. And unlike Hood River's cinema, my personal bags/purse are not invaded by the staff. Great family-friendly environment for all! :D

Jane Ranslam

Loved the movie Rocket man but the seats are hard

Esmeralda Craig

Great price was very hard to find if you want to hit k-mart it close by

Robert Miles

Nice function theater.

William Nichols

A very nice place to watch the latest movie


Polite staff and clean theater. Never had any complaints.

Chris J Wathen

Great Cinema theater

Erik Garcia

The only place to watch movies in the dalles, but they should play new movies that they say they might not play, if they don't have the movies that other people want to watch, then just go to the hood river cinema instead they have all of the movies.

AmyLeann Howard

Nice to see a theater that cares. I forgot my ear plugs ( blessed with terribly sensitive ears) the gentleman behind the counter said that provide them for folks in this situation. Also they have child boosters for kiddos that can't quite see over the chairs. Very clean and great employees working here.

Galin McMahon

This should be a budget theater. Considering the theater's condition not to mention the lousy movie selection (usually just G and PG movies), it's absurd that they charge Portland prices. That's probably why their parking lot is always empty. Also that its 2013 and they are still cash only, you don't have to wonder why they're failing.

Robert Friel

Date night with my wonderful wife

Em Rose

Um , easy to do things ?.

deejay scharton

Kind of small screens and not a lot of seating, but it's the only theater in town.

Kacie Cook

Great place for a movie

sean halm

Nice, clean, good sound, good video. I bit out dated, but that gives it old school charm.

Loring Larsen

It's the only theater in town with first run movies. Seats are uncomfortable.

Itsyaboiwillyd Inc

Seen many movies here at a reasonable price, very comfortable seats, the best customer service 100% recommended


Star wars was great

Diane M

Great theatre that actually cares about our community. Requested a certain movie and they brought it to The Dalles when there was no plans to do so...WAR ROOM rocked. Thank you Management


Tightwad Tuesday is great!

Jack Hay

Saw Avengers so save your money

Mark Ulrich

Great place to see a movie in The Dalles

Ashley Byers

Better prices, more comfortable seats and great sound and picture even the small theater is good size so u don't feel ripped off

Jake Cummings

What I love about this cinema, is they're not trying to outdo other cinemas. The volume levels have been at normal levels, not too loud. Go here on Tuesdays for something like $5 movies. There's usually more of a crowd, too which I do enjoy. One thing I loved about the last movie I saw, is they weren't showing a stream of Hollywood Before-the-Feature advertisements.. they still have trailers of course, but not whatever that other stuff is.

shy laroy

Out dated cinema. The we don't salt your popcorn is b.s, you get a salty top layer and a bland bucket.

Omar Abdulkadir #Somalia


Gabe Judah

Employees are nice, prices are just okay. My issue is that there is a tear in one of the screens that's been there for a long time. This impedes the experience. How could you ignore something like that, if it's your business to provide a great experience?

Jennifer Baska

Everything is great but the chairs hurt my butt sitting in them for that long. Wish they had stadium style seating so that peoples head wouldn't be in the way, that sorta thing. My husband agrees with me.

Jaclyn LaMar

I wish it had more screen's but not bad for our small town

Mark L Adams

Only theater in town

Foxy Wolf

Better bring cash, otherwise they get you for another for $2.00 fee at their ATM machine, cuz they don't acccept debit/credit cards for payment at their ticket booth. Now your movie ticket went from $9.00 up to $11.00... pure greed, what a fricken scam.

Gino Feriante

Seating is pretty good for a theater. Prices are really great on Tuesdays, and not bad the rest of the week if you go early in the day. Staff always are friendly. Candy and soda is pricey, but everyone knows that already and there is no sense complaining about it.

Dallas Mcbain


Robb barnett


Jeff Justesen

Clean but old school. Not stadium seating.

Carleda Tinkler

Very clean but the only thing I'd drop a star is because I wish they had chairs that rock.

Devyn Corey

It is pretty much exactly what you would expect for a theater in a small town. It could use a little updating, comfier seats perhaps, but they have a good selection of movies, it's usually not too crowded, not overly loud, and is clean and reasonably priced. I would recommend.

Meagan Johnson


Jessica Smith

I always love when i go. Its nothing fancy but its just right. Always good popcorn, the employees are very welcoming

Chris Miles

This is my hometown movie theater. So of course they're going to get a good review from me. Sure the prices might be a little high but we all expect that when we go to a cinema. But what's important to me is, the friendly service and the clean theater. I think they do a good job every time.

Mark Sundlie

Best Movie Theater in The Dalles!

Joel Rowbotham

Seatings kinda crappy and there's a few rats I've seen more then once. Not mice, full on rats that probably live like kings feasting on the old popcorn and theatre candy that's always accumulating on the floor because they never clean it. If you look in the bathrooms there's a few holes in the walls where they nest. Also, at least 1 of their screens is damaged and they haven't acknowledged it. That being said Hood Rivera theatre is barely better so its really the only option in town.

Steven Labrousse

Great independent theater. Clean lobby, fairly comfortable seats.

Jason Whitley

Rarely crowded. Never had more than a person in line for concessions. Cash only tho.

Derick Wright

My favorite

Timothy Mcburney

Theatres are clean and staffed well


Best place in town for movies

Tabetha Hein

This is the only normal movie theater in our area of The Gorge, but it is pretty nice. Friendly staff, and all the new movies... It's also really clean for a movie theater and we really enjoy going there on date nights and with our children. The only downside that we ever find is that it tends to be either too warm or too cold. But that's easily overcome by wearing layers LOL. We do and will continue to see all the new movies there. Columbia Cinemas also has half-price Tuesdays, which definitely helps combat the price of movie theaters nowadays.


Good place to watch movies Remember watching on the big screan awesome movies and new

Scott Jackson

Nice place just a lil over priced

David Powers

Very nice theater and friendly staff.... Lots of parking! :)

Dorothy Krueger

Always enjoy movie there.

Jackie Crowe

Cute little theater

Clint .Whitbeck

This Cinema has made some important improvements over the years. My favorite is the raisable arm rests on the seats. That makes movie going more comfortable for those of the broad and stocky persuasion, and it makes it physically possible for the fluffy set. Bargain tuesdays are a godsend for those of us that are riding the poverty line and have friends that like to go out the movies.

SmbZach Vlogs


Jason Dean

Great theater for price.

Rebecca Wathen

Comfy Spacious Seating.

Jerry Fenter

Much better than the choices in Hood River. Cool, comfortable and affordable. For the Dalles....great. Thanks for staying open!

Cody Zaugg

Super good place good movies for a good prices. Seating is never too bad and parking is nice. Staff is really friendly and I recommend it to anyone

Brad Willcox

Friendly and helpful staff. Place is clean. Projection and sound systems make for a good experience.

Jennifer Engard

Yall need an upgrade its out of control. Im going to up from a 1 to a 3 because yall staff was freiendly and it really wasnt outrageously priced but it is depressing how putdated the theatre is

Carlos Ramirez

Movie theater and staff are great.


I love going here on Tuesdays, they have 5 dollar movies! Any movie they have is a mere five bucks! When school is in session it's usually empty. If you combine it with Taco Tuesdays you have a great date night!

Kariann Bolton

5.50 Tuesday is the best

JP Boyd

Yay movie

David Hoffman

Everything was great.

Ashley Almas

Nice staff

Aidan Phelps

Great theater. I've seen a lot of new movies here and always enjoy it. Nice seats and great popcorn.

Dan Hartford


Mary Thomas

Great sound. Comfortable seats.

Danny Lee

Seats are horrible, only place to catch a movie in town

George Mcfly

Seats are actually really comfortable... The staff are very courteous here. And the theater is quite clean.

Eric C

Great little theater.clean. nice staff

Matt Kirkpatrick

A ver pleasant place to watch a gr8 movie

Nathan Williams

Good prices for matinee, and regular times with special prices on tuesday for matinee times

Shelby Olson

Always nice going to the movie's. Especially on $5 Tuesdays.

Alicia Hardin

Always clean theaters!

Johna LaRoque

Toy Story 4!

Brian Lupkes

Clean comfortable small theaters

Jermaine Spino

Always pleasant experience

Dylan Hinkley

Great seats, great movies, should leave movies in for a bit longer

Joseph Watkins

Hoodriver prices are $12.50 adult after 4:00pm... Children are $9.50 after 4:00pm... Hoodriver cinema has ticket prices on their Website!!! The Dalles Cinema wants Us out of town people to go Somewhere else or they would show the prices!!! I went to this theater once long ago... It was OK... However information for out of town visitors is not available??? Maybe this place needs a heads up??? A new manager, Or maybe just an employee with company sense about computers??? Anyway I am disappointed...

Timothy McGlothlin

Always super clean, friendly staff, and prices in-line with other theaters.

Nich Swearingen

Seats could use work.

Julie H

I enjoy the employees all nice friendly


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