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1930 US-101, Florence, OR 97439

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REVIEWS OF City Lights Cinemas IN Oregon

Walter Cullop

Nice theater. If you want more than candy, popcorn etc. You use the food wagon outside. Comfortable seats

Elaina johnston

such a cool small town feel theatre! highly recommend! they have beer on tap too! how cool is that! beautiful lobby, AND top quality equipment for the hard of hearing!

Rachel Wagner

Took my 8 year old grandson to You Story 4 today....prices for everything is affordable. Clean, decorated nicely in the social quarters.... Seats were comfortable...great afternoon out

Isaac Dickman

The staff is so slow. I missed dead pool 2 here because it takes 20 min to ring in 10 guests.

Sharon Thompson

Good movies

mesa is awesome lol

It was amazing good service and great theatre's

Lisa Garcia

Love this theater. Always has a good mix of films for everyone

Nathan Edgecomb

Theatre has been updated to include full beer and wine service. Lobby has been remodeled to reflect the golden days of Hollywood.

Teri Armes

This is a really nice theater.

Sammi Lewis

The snack bar has a lot of options, movie and sound quality are great, employees were really nice, prices were fair, all in all a great movie experience for a small town.

JeriLyn McCullough

We are so fortunate to have City Lights Cinema in Florence. Not only can we see the best of current movies without driving 1+ hours but we can also view live streaming performances that we may never have the opportunity to see otherwise. Michael and Susan have embraced this community providing a venue for gathering with friends for visting before a movie and coming together for community events and fundraisers. The welcoming environment, personal service, food and drink is phenomenal!

Kimmie Passama

Not a very friendly business owner makes everything about money and not enjoyment

karl kalista

Clean theatre, nice employees, great audio and video quality. The seats are a little on the narrow side.

Ginger Dyer

The most fun place to enjoy movies. Super clean, lots of parking, and the staff are awesome!!

Christy Ashby

A surprising variety of refreshments. They really try to provide for individual tastes. Refreshing assortment of choices. Friendly and helpful service!

Kelly Stayart

This place is very welcoming and so polite! We saw star wars here on opening night and yesterday xD they had stormtroopers and welcomed people that were dressed up on opening night! The way they asked how much butter we wanted was so funny! Love the crew here. The seats weren't super comfortable but I come from the city of phoenix so I am a little spoiled. XD love this place very welcoming! :)

Ellie M.

I actually used to work for this place before I moved away from the town. I can say, from actual experience as an employee, that the new owners are so dedicated to this place that it's astounding. The staff is just as hard working too. City Lights provides a wide array of different movie options, concession options, and is a creature constantly evolving for the better. Working for them was a pleasure, because they are so dedicated to making sure the customers have a good time, and always treated me fairly as an employee, as well as patiently. A good, diligent bunch all in all, who provide a wonderful atmosphere that is as memorable as it pleasant.

Connor Wheeler

best local cinema ever, I especially love the Chaplin era theme (each theater there is named after a famous actor of the same era, IE Fairbanks theater, Chaplin theater, ETC).

Beth Erickson

Nice small cinema. Comfortable seats. Reasonable prices. Fun names for each screen room

Jacob Zaremba

Gourmet on tap beer selection Gem of a movie theater. Canned top shelf beers wine and snacks! You MUST check out this place it's fantastic!!!!

Kathryn Waterman

We saw Peanut Butter Falcon today at City Lights Theater...what a fun dramedy!

Derek burchfield

Small theater, but a cozy feel. Bathrooms and lobby were clean

Patricia Sapp

Wonderful to have a theatre of this quality in Florence. The place looks, feels, smells great! (Popcorn is the best!)

Cesilia Doty

The best beer, wine, and snack selection! City Lights is so much more than a movie theatre, the staff here are amazing, knowledgeable, and always fun to engage with. I love our very special little theatre because it is packed with so much love for art and for entertainment.

Erick Oshel

Fun older theater. Creative management. Saw a showing of 2001 a Space Odyssey that included an audience with HAL9000.

Sandra Adams

We always love going there because they have great movie and great service keep up the good work

Connie Ravens-Grammi

The new owners of our local movie house have transformed it into an amazing theater experience. With an exceptional choice of hit movies, classics, documentaries, shakespeare, opera, and live music performances, there is truly something for everyone. We were pleasantly surprised with the well appointed, clean and inviting atmosphere, including a lounge where you can enjoy conversation before or after your entertainment. And to top it all off, they have the best popcorn I've ever had at the movies, complete with real butter. Their pride of ownership and background in theater entertainment is evident. Thank you for investing in our small community.

Deb Bridge

I love this local theater. ✌

Evelyn Strenke

Great theater excellent movies .serve some foods and beer and wine .relaxing

Zuma Zilla

Excellent movie theatre for a small coastal town! Shows a variety of movies.

Daniel Taber

They encourage patrons to take home 3d glasses and reuse after first use, which means you're not overcharged for 3d movies each time you go to this location, unlike most theaters. The staff is friendly and conversational, unique condiment station is a nice touch, and they're not afraid to show movies that tell political truths, although blockbusters can be found here as well. Best theater I've been to.

Jesse Albritton

Older building with 4 screens... had good sound throughout

Heather Patton

Movie was good

Daniel Murphy

Our son, Luke, and I saw a film at Florence, Oregon's City Lights Cinema recently, and were really struck by the cleanliness, classiness, and comfort of this wonderful community asset. A 'bonus" was meeting Michael Falter, the owner--warm, engaging, helpful, down-to-earth. Thank you, Michael and Susan, for your vision and "execution" of it with City Lights Cinema. It was a thorough-going delight to experience it!

Cynical Weeaboo

Wonderful experience in a wonderful town. No lines, great service, wonderful food and drink. 10/10 would cry at a superhero movie again!

Nicholas Bryan

The cinema itself had a nice feel to it, felt almost kind of like a tourist attraction. One bad thing about my experience was the popcorn was stale. Other than that I wouldn't mind going back

S Lacer

City Lights Cinema is a delight! From the great choices of movie and art show selections, to PNW wine/beer/cider drink options, to popcorn with an amazing variety of toppings, to the very friendly and helpful staff--they're the best!

Bill Erickson

Popcorn is always fresh. The people are always friendly and accommodating

J Shilling

Very nice inside. Great concessions.

edward brocco

You can also have a beer or wine with your movie

amy moore

Under new ownership over the last year or so and they've done a lot of work on the place. Love what has been done. There is a membership list for discounts and specials, beer and wine is now served. Very welcoming!

Alex Bloomfield

I like that they change the movies around to some popular movies to unheard or unadvertised movies. Brings variety.

Dana Esquibel

Just moved to Florence from the Bay Area in CA. Our first trip to the movies at City Lights was delightful! We parked right out front and no lines. Unheard of where we came from. The owner helped us with purchasing a membership (Excellent discounts) and tickets. He treated us to a huge box of buttered popcorn and welcomed us to Florence. In the lobby there are cafe tables and chairs, and an area with comfy lounge chairs and sofa. Very inviting. The theater wasn't packed but enough people to feel like you were part of a group experience. To top it off, it was an excellent movie. I had given up on going to the movies in the Bay Area. Too much of a hassle. Sit in traffic to get there, pay to park and then a long walk to the theater, stand in line to get tickets, another long line to get snacks, then packed in the theater like sardines and straining to see over the heads in front of you. Finally, another long trip home sitting in traffic. We will be regulars at City Lights!

GW Grigg

Rarely crowded, seats ought to be upgraded for better comfort. Nice friendly atmosphere.

Cory Knapp

Nice theater

David Ripley

Excellent. Intimate settings in the cinemas, good movies and more (documentaries, BBC productions, etc., a glass of wine and a snack if I wish -- and minutes from home. We've had movie experiences in several states and several other countries, and City Lights is among the very best.

Taysie Savage

Very friendly polite staff. Alcohol is available which is nice. Good movie selection. Reasonable prices.

Danielle Walker

My boyfriend and I love coming here. Staff is friendly and popcorn is fresh

Sandi Hennig

Always receive a friendly greeting. Popcorn with real butter is delicious. Seating comfortable with adequate leg room. Very clean. Lots of food choices with food cart outside theatre. Good job by everyone.

Laurie Reece

Comfortable setting to watch your movie

Alan Twombly

Very relaxing and you can enjoy a beer or glass of wine during the movie, I like that.

Merilou Kronschnabel

Part of what we enjoy about Florence! They have a nice theater with better prices and crowds than the big city. Great experience we plan to enjoy again!

Tristin Pound

Great selection of beer prices are not bad wish they had updated seats there's super swollen and uncomfortable

Sandra Kuhlman

What a great job Michael and crew have done bringing the theater back to life and moving it forward!! They have really made CLC part of the community, partnering with local non-profit and bringing unique fare to the screen. Love the blend of commercial and art films plus stage broadcasts and live performance. Being able to sip a bit of red while catching a film is so civilized!

Cal State

What a unique theater. From a variety of on tap beers on tap kombucha. Excellent popcorn toppers and special variety of snacks. A lounge to relax and enjoy those snacks in or a cup if fresh brewed coffee which is also served at this theater.


Every aspect of City lights has been transformed, and we now have a first class theater experience right here. The theaters, sound, movie selection, service, and a whole range of special extras make for some wonderful entertainment. The popcorn is great, and they always have some good wines to enjoy. Very happy Michael and crew came to Florence! David

Donna Howard

Always enjoying going to the movies

Colleen Starkey

Went to see X-men First Class...this theater has wireless headphones for those with hearing impairments. My husband never enjoyed a movie so much as he did with these on. No more leaning over asking me... "What did he say?".. I enjoyed it more as well.

Raychel McCabe-Delap

Best movie theater ever! Kombucha, beer, food cart and popcorn with real butter and fun topping choices!

Trisha Wymore

Seating is SUPER uncomfortable! But great lobby and snack bar. Many unique special events.

Marlena Brown

cute, Friendly, and clean. My Family and I always enjoy our time here

Kevin Lawrence Taylor

Very unique small theaters with great staff and really good food offerings that most theaters don't offer.

Cdogstar Knowhole

Dish Cinema is a little different from other ones as they serve different types of tea, sodas and even alcoholic beverages.


Love the movie

Ann O'Connell

IT IS A JOY TO HAVE CITY LIGHTS HERE! The people are friendly and co-operative. The range of movies has been outstanding. One week you can see opera and the MINIONS. Another week there will be a Tom Stoppard play from the National Theatre and the latest thriller. Tuesday's documentaries truly offer something for everyone. Michael and his staff make life in Florence more hospitable.


Fun place

Samuel Alessi

Great sand dunes! Got an off road vehicle then get your ass here!

Liat Meller

It's a homey, local, quality theater with great movies and great customer service.


Great place to relax and enjoy a movie


For a local small town cinema, it was great, the staff were very friendly and the popcorn was good, I will be going again tonight with friends! Thanks for being here for the community!

Francis Keavy

Good place to see a movie.

Levi Douglass

I liked the theater, it may not be an IMAX, but a small town, fancy theater. Felt clean, felt new. Even the owner is great. He tried to let me get away without paying the full amount for a beer and popcorn, I made it up with a second purchase. I definitely felt comfortable here, and I'd come back if I was ever in this area again.

Michael Harper

Fix the uncomfortable seats and this place would be a "five star experience."

ryan porter

They sell beer and food also!!!

JD Handley

Older small movie theater, but the service is good, popcorn fresh, and servers beer and wine.

Tami Collins

Great movie house! Clean, friendly, charming.

Jordan Mercier

Loved this place due to it's 1980s throwback appeal. Also very low prices. Definitely not for people looking for a state of the art cinema experience. More for the nostalgia seeking twenty/thirty-something romantics.

Paul Rader

Very nice place to see a movie!

Ashley Kidder

Seats aren't the best but other than that great

Claudia Kern

Seats could be more comfortable, but the staff is nice and everything's clean. Good selection of movies.

Ross MacKae

Really quaint cinema, good concessions selection, uncomfortable seats, great movie acquisitions.

Sheridan Peil

Authentic and a jewel. Small town theater with a up to date theater experience. Beer and wine available in Mason jars, food menu, seating for dinning and up to date theater experience. It's not an AMC but that is what makes this place so cool! Did I mention you can take your Mason jar into theater...?

DubstepHero 777

Excellent staff. Quaint movie theater experience. Different toppings for popcorn beer and wine available.

Tawnya Humble

We had a great time everything is always clean and lots of food items to chose from we go every chance we can love movie selection 5 stars from me

Linda Moy

The owner of City Lights Cinema is very community oriented. He donates to charities and provides theater space to show civic and community films. The seats could be a bit more comfortable, but that being said, he has upgraded at great expense ro make the theater viable. I strongly support him and the theater. There is an annual membership program which raises money and provides discounts ro members.

Jaime Gutierrez

Small town theatre. Clean, well kept and quiet. Bargain matinees daily.

Kel Stulk

Serving beer at a movie theater excellent! Don't have to sneak it in anymore LOL

Thomas Mosser

The theater itself was pleasent, decent snack/drink selection. Sound system was terrible,the sound kept going off and on, manager says it wasn't thier fault...bad file he said. not buying it, sure their sound systems aren't up to the task. Won't be back

Damien Fannin

Was beach camping in the area on vacation and had to catch the new Bourne flick. At home I would've waited until it came out on video. Glad I stopped in. the theater was unique with a touch of personal class that you don't see in the money grubbing mega plex's. It was clean, service was good and a fun experience.

J Garcia

Passing through town and lucky enough to stop here. Great old school theatre w healthy and tasty popcorn, good films, nice staff, and alcohol! Fantastic food truck - Box Lunch- right outside w great Cuban Panini Florence is a cool lil town too!

justin roane

Only one thing that would have made my Movie experience better is different movie seats other than that love it

Mark James

Old fashion movie theater with adult beverages and finger food.

Denise Barlock

Very nice cinema for a small tourist town. Exceptional lobby and reasonable prices. We are very happy to have found it.

Dave Cowden

We're so glad to have independent film in Florence! They do a good job mixing in the more mainstream films as well, so there's something for everyone. The staff is friendly and helpful and they keep coming up with new ideas to make the movie going experience even better - we love it!

Andy JN

Nice clean theaters, fair price. Excellent choice for families.

Isiah Opperud

I feel like the movie theatre is great

Elihu Person

Awesome little theater! Nice selection of craft beers and ciders. Real butter on the popcorn.

Sara Nightingale

I love that this cinema has beer, wine and kambucha. The popcorn bar has a dozen flavors to add to your popcorn. Prices are reasonable.

Richard Johnson

Pleasant quiet atmosphere on late sat.showing to m/a show(verbage)clean restroom

Twila Lenington

I love going there with my boyfriend! It’s a quaint little theater , the popcorn is so scrumptious !!!

Robert Sutton

We shall return.

Jerrod Schumacher

It is awesome

Suzanne Hayes

We love our cinema. We are members and love the staff. They're prices awesome, their seating is good and times are always perfect.


Arthouse selections as one of your four choices at any given attendance and kombucha on tap . Cheap tickets prices and plenty'o'parking .

Jos Berry

The prices are rediculous! Will never go again. Not family friendly $

joshua thompson

Smaller theater but we thought the popcorn was terrible compared to other places we've been to.

Bill Olson

The best small town community cinema in the NW. If you love films and theatres you should visit and join City Lights Cinemas.

Kathleen Wenzel

Very nice movie theater with awesome popcorn. We sometimes stop by just to get popcorn for movie night at home! Comfortable seats, great owners and staff. Top notch!

Sue Bennett

Wonderful small town cinema. Very clean and good prices.

Kelley Anne M Mattila

A nice clean license Small Town Theater that feels more like a living room I always enjoy going here for a movie

Renata Hickey

Great movie theater. So advantageous to have a cinema in and around small towns. Upkeep and service is wonderful.

Mindy Parsons

Great personal touches! Popcorn bar! Beer and wine! Real Cola! Fun events! Just what Florence needs! Support the movies!

Jason Saunders

Great little theaters. I love the flavor your own popcorn.

Steve Campbell

Good theater

Eddie Cooper

Really nice people here.

Dorothy Curtis

Small but very neat, clean and comfortable. Love this cinema!

Elizabeth B.

Cozy theatre with a nice concession stand.

Naomi Steenson

Wonderful theater for a coast town with the amenities you'd want; very clean, attractive space, comfortable seats, good beverages (incl. beer and wine), a nice variety of food items, and friendly staff. Features both blockbuster and indie films.

Meem Davis

This is different than your cookie-cutter multi-theater Cinema. Friendly people, real butter for your popcorn and a hundred other little things make going to the movies feel like something very special.

Mike Boland

If you're looking for a place to watch a new release movie with pop corn and an adult beverage they won't let you down

Oaren Wraye

Small theater but great sound great beer

Kearl Hat

It's great to have a small town movie theater that also plays film festival & art house movies!

Michael Bonnell

up beat staff, very helpful. Good selection of movies, love the pop corn, the redo inside is outstanding. I'm grateful that Michael and his team are in Florence

Nancy Abruzzini

Very nice. Clean. Friendly service.

Yul Miyabi

Lovely and cozy little theater that showcases popular box office hits as well as lesser known foreign films, ballet and opera performances. Provides traditional concessions (popcorn, Junior mints), fountain drinks, including Coca Cola in a glass bottle, and beer (on tap), wine, and prosecco!

mike simmons

Great staff, comfortable theater, that hosts many events, and you can bring in lunch from chuck box out front..


Nice theater

Aimee Skinner

Very comfortable

Angel Belle

Seats were very comfy.. Rules need to change for rated R movies for kids under the age to attend because all I heard was talk talk talk behind us even with us telling them to be quiet.. The rules need to be for every 2 kids under the age to attend a rated R movie that there needs to be a guardian..that way they wont have so many rowxy kids..

Brian Grove

Poor seats!!! Screen and audio we're good

Gunmetal G0D

Seen Despicable Me 3 with my son. Good price for tickets and snacks, plus got the theater mostly to ourselves

Beverlee k

Nice theater.

just jesse

Awesome theatre

Thomas Eilts

Great little theater. Concession stand a little pricey.

Susan McBrine

Great place ..great people and good choice of movies

Keith Swehla

These guys make sense. I get my annual pass for Discounts !!!

Paul Plank

Great snacks and drink choices. City Lights is amazing!

Holly Given

What a wonderful Delight! Unexpected classy theater. Staff was very welcoming. Clean. Theater seats a bit narrow, but very happy to drive 50 min just to watch a movie here!

Sherry Harvey

Saw a great movie for a great price with yummy food and drink.

J. Nelson

Always great. Getting a membership is a great way to see movies at a discounted rate got to look e the popcorn flavorings they have as well

Gigi Lassan

We love our movie theater! We love all the smiley faces that greet us but mostly we love the choices and quality of our movies at City Lights. Thank you for the great entertainment!

Marsha Day

what a delightful theatre! To be able to eat and have a beer or wine in the movie is just so fun! We are so happy to have our little theatre back and in amazing style!

NanctJo Johnson

Wonderful unique atmosphere, friendly people, and if you go when the food cart is outside you can order a gourmet meal and they will bring it inside where there are cosy tables or a lounge to sit on and eat. If you want something to drink the snack bar sells an eclectic variety of sodas along with the regular soda machine choices. The theater is bright, clean, filled with old movie memorabilia and they are showing the most recently released movies. I love the different feel at City Lights Cinema, it's always fun.

Sheila Marshall

It is clean. The people are nice. They are trying to give it a good vib. The seats are a bit small. The theater itself needs work but is ok.

Ian Eales

Local gem. Very good films. Especially high quality productions from the UK. Best theatre west of NYC

Edward Cooper

Not a big complex, but employees are extremely nice and friendly. Felt at home.

Jealousy Davis

WE LOVE THIS PLACE! We LOVED the popcorn. They have a seasoning bar, you can make any flavor combo you want. Great home town feeling and decorating.

Mel Panter

Aside from the seating is antiquated, these people try to make the place a community. center of culture and the arts. We are lucky to have it!

Scott Hollist

It was a mix of small town movie theater and fancy big city yuppie movie theater. Very charming. The seats were a bit of a tight squeeze for my large behind, but once I got in there I felt as snug as a bug in a rug. The popcorn was a bit bland with just butter, but they did have lots of interesting kinds of salt and sauces you could add on your own though, so I'm not docking them a star for that. I'll definitely go back if I ever happen to be in Florence and it's a rainy day so I can't go to the beach and they're playing something I want to see. Five Stars.


the have really good pop corn and really nice movie theaters

Chayanne Phillips

My favorite place in town. The staff are like friends and the variety of film and concessions makes this place better than the rest!

M. James

Nice to be able to enjoy a show with a adult drink, and you can bring in your own food from the food truck outside.

Elisa Dale

Please disregard the reviews that were posted over two years ago. This theater is under new ownership which upholds high standards has taken pains to see that everything is top-notch.

David Dillon

Under new owners they have refurbished this theather. Good Fair prices for tickets and snacks. Nice place to go too in a small town.

Brian Mcconville

Nice neighborhood movie house. Latest movies and party ones also

Kasey Wills

Its great.

Kent Harjala

Awesome little theater in Florence. Great food and snack and friendly service!


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