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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Movies 6 IN Oregon

Tiffany Eggleston

Great deal for your $. Also nice seats to sit in and a lot of space between you and the row in front!

Melandie Hauenstein

Great price on matinee! Old school theater, 1st run movies. Opening day of ready player one

Daniel Stone

Always a good time at the movies. THANKS AGAIN

Brenda Malara

Compared to all the other theaters in Grants Pass and Medford, it's about half price at all times!! Perfect to take kids and family affordably!! Haven't noticed it to be so dirty like the other reviews say. I say price to get in makes it so affordable that we tend to go more often!

Steve Armstrong

Friendly greeting. Pleasant place. Needs updating and better janitorial service.

Kevin Struffert

Only con about this place is just wish the hall way inside towards the movies doors weren't so dark and its hard to see but all in all great place for a big family

Doren Gendron

Nice to see a movie in a smaller theater. Nice staff

Sharon Walsh

Enjoyed the movie, the popcorn and it was very clean when we came in

Will Hopkins

It is a nice theater with cheap tickets. About 1/2 the cost of tinseltown.

Rich Oliveria

It's now clean and newer seats


No gigantic lines, so a nice relaxing cinema experience

Stephanie Moore

I hope we never see it close down, it's a landmark and the gem of white city. I love it for all its, well, let's call it charm. Excellent prices and if you catch a am showing you might be lucky enough to have the whole theater to yourself! My 5yr old daughter and I saw at Aladdin at 9:30 am. It was pretty special because we were the only ones and we could sing along talk dance as much as we wanted, truly a special moment :)

Daryl marie Ray

Decent little movie theater, love the prices on tickets. Great for taking kids.

Bob Sowell

Really dirty, but good prices

Carol Lunt

Husband and I went and saw the Incredibles 2 today with daughter, son-in-law and 3 yr old Grandson. We had a great time!!!

Sandi Garoutte

Bargain movie prices, affordable treats, small privately owned.... Old school in a great way.

Betty Watkins

Love cinemark movies 6

Joe Miller

You get what you pay for. Way cheaper but expect that also. Employees are great just the facilities are not the best.

V Price

Do you like the 80's? You will dig this theatre. Built circa 1981. Has a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga machine. Tickets are CHEAP! Has 6 to 8 screens. Is called "The Movies". As in: on the marquis it just says "The Movies". Has 3D. Not sure about IMAX.

Belinda Looney-Zeltvay

First time here for an early movie. Small but enjoyable

mr Marvelous420

Nice and clean!! The seats are recliners so really comfortable!!! Other than that ur usual movie place

Andrea Nickum

Nice seating great theater and the workers are friendly too. I love the white city theater the best the prices are way better and theres less crowding .

Kimberly White

They have upgraded their seats! They were very comfortable. Ticket prices are still low and affordable and have lots to choose from at the concession stand. Overall this is a great theater.

Tracy Atkinson

I was pleasantly surprised at what a great value they are! Especially if you skip the snacks! We went out for ice cream at the park afterward. Very clean business & friendly staff.

Nathan Lundquist

Great movie theater awesome sound and seats.

Jesse Smith

The prices are great. 3D Movies for my wife and I are about the price for one at other theaters. Seniors, we see a movie large popcorn and large drink for just over fifteen dollars. That keep us coming back. The staff is fantastic always helpful and smiling. You can't beat it.

Christina Urton

The lobby was very warm but the theater was nice and cool.

Jason n Trinity Beck

Movie ticket prices are very good and they usually have new movies when they're released.

Jacob Aragon

Great quality movies


I love movies

Dianè Rickman

This is a very old theater and it DESPERATELY needs a makeover. It was nice to only pay $3.50 each for seniors and children. And prices for a large popcorn and large soda was around $5 each BUT you get a free refill on both. So price wise Excellent comfort just ok and cleanliness a 3 out of 10.... Come on Cinemart fix up your property.

Tanya McDowell

Always have top rated and new release movies at a value price

September solley

Nice place for date night for a couple of old seniors. Lol It only cost us 15 bucks for the movie for the two of us plus a big popcorn and large soda! I had a $4 coupon, so what would have been $19.00, was only 15. Pretty cheap at $19.00, but even better at $15!

Brady- KJ7GFT

Dont get the beef jerky looked at the date its sale by date way passed.

Patty Utzurrum

I love this little hometown theater!

Heather Coffman

Great prices, best popcorn in town, wonderful friendly staff.

sherry farmer

We love White City movies. We can take a family of 5 for under $20. Add in popcorn and drinks, and we were still under $30. We went to Tinseltown, spent $35 with no drinks or popcorn. Make sure to sign up for their rewards program

de davis-guy

Fun, clean environment. Staff is friendly and efficient. Best value in town!

Kyle furl

Great prices, way worth attending this place over tinseltown!

Cathy Leverton

Great movie and service


Nice theater, really cheap to!

Gavin Banks

I went to see incredibles two and they removed an autistic kid from the theater and never issued a refund. He wasn’t even causing a scene. Management didn’t want to listen to any complaints regarding the issue and they will never see my business again. Ps. I don’t know him but they caused more of a scene removing him than it would have just letting everyone watch the movie

Josh Cliff

Cheep place to go see a movie but its nice just don't pay attention to the homeless people and the tweakers and you'll be fine

Denise Blackburn

Only got starts cuz no hot dogs or putting on your own butter bit it's clean and the service is awesome

Jeremy Watkins

Very clean, organized and the staff was pleasant and attentive.

R Jones1964

Good price for movie. Large popcorn and 2 sodas was more than $18.00, the movie was only $13.00 for 2 persons. It was hard to hold my tongue from saying what a robbery that was. Soda @ McDonalds is $1.00 and 4 pack of popcorn@ Dollar tree is only a $1.00. OUTRAGEOUS!.

rick altieri

good theater they have lots of options for movie selection prices are decent good food good popcorn

Candice Thom

Great prices


Awesome movie. Great seats. Low prices

Lisa Richardson

Best prices in town. Can afford to take the whole family. Great staff Always treated with kindness and respect.

Huggly Baggins

Could be cleaner but not bad.

Brianna Larkin

Great movie and food.

E. Bing

Bottled water over $4, LG soda over $5??!! Cost over $20 for 1 popcorn, 2 sodas and 1 bottled water- ridiculous. But staff was very nice and establishment was clean

Janet Jumbeck

Great prices for movies

Marcellia Murbach

Cheap tickets & the popcorn is good and free refills on large sodas!!

John Hueckstaedt

Great theater and prices

Tyler ferguson

Very good

Jim Robinson

Decent prices but non-stadium seating. The seats also didn't recline and were uncomfortable with little padding.

Lindsay Wills

Had so much fun the new seats are so comfortable the staff are very nice and accommodating a very nice old school outing

Robert Meadows

Tickets were sold out even though cashier said it wasnt

Josh Livingston

Cinemark 6 in white city threw my Autistic son out of Incredibles 2 because one grouchy lady complained he wouldnt sit still. He was just standing in the isle beside us half way through the movie. Making some noise he was excited to watch it. Mrs. Horton (the manager) warned us he had to stay in his seat. I got him there. She waited like a guard at the top of the theatre waiting for him to make a mistake. My son spoke loudly in excitement at the movie. She was right there immediatly telling me he couldnt be talking loudly and we had to leave! It was a kids movie! What do you expect?? Guess he will have to wait for DVD

Merlene Everson

Great prices! Great movies!

Zion Blackburne

The seats are a little uncomfortable, but it's definitely worth the price.

Megan Sanders

The price is what makes it worth it. Tickets are half the price of Tinseltown for the same movie. Seats aren't as comfortable and fancy as Tinseltown but they are good for the price. The concession is a bit pricey, and it's a small theatre with limited showings. The building is not too neat or clean and this is why I give it 4/5 instead of 5. But I will return here because it's definitely better to pay $4 a ticket instead of $9.50 a ticket.

Mary Arquette

I really prefer this place always great customer service.the place is always very clean .prices are great too

Jean Reeder

Close to home, nice movies

Chef Ren Kirkpatrick Sr

Tickets were only $4 for a matinee! We saw "Venom". Comfortable theater, nice employees.

Auni Jenkins

I loled this movie theater it isn't super expensive. And it has definitely improved in the years I've been going here.

Diana West

I was unhappy with the way the manager talked to a kid in line in front of me. The kid was ordering popcorn and said to the cashier here's my money take it. To me it said the kid needed help with how much money he should give, but the manager turned around and jumped his case for being rude. Show some compassion to kids man.

Karen Jones

Very disappointed with what they've done with the place and now they are adding a bar. We don't need to drink when going to the movies!!

Linda Higgins

Great cleaned friendly

Andreya DeLapp

Small theatre but fairly cheap movies

bree schaider

Great ticket price.....Ant Man and Wasp is great

Teresa Gooding

Good choices of movies and great leg space

Sunflower Folkins

Great prices. Friendly staff. Much better environment.

y doesitmatter

4 the price you can't beat it, popcorn never seems warm 2 me

Derek Schaller

Cheap cheap cheap! If you wanna see the hottest movies at bottom prices with average theater seats.. this is the place to be!

joe blow

The highlight of the place is the price it does not break the bank to take the family out of course all movie theatres charge way to much for snacks but hey that's just expected but yeah decent place alittle lite on seating but my 1st choice if I don't want to take a loan out to go to the movies :-)

Sean Bryant

I wouldn't give a star if that was a option. Inside the theaters are dirty and popcorn is awful. Cheap tickets to lure you in and pay outrageous concession prices in a outdated muggy theatre. Also very disgusted that they asked a family to leave because their son was enjoying a childrens movie. I wouldnt expect a childrens movie to be quite. Kids get easily excited and its a part of normal childhood to express excitment.

Elizabeth Dunton

Reasonably priced movies reasonably priced snacks I've never been disappointed by coming to this movie theater it's one of Me and my husband's favorite places for date night

Krispy krap loves you

Ok so I know all of the comments are good but the movie was nice and all but there are a lot of things that they need to fix. First of all the seats are uncomfortable when you can go to the other movies with the recliners for the same price. Also you can just walk into the movies without paying, they should have a person who checks the tickets, because if I was not honest I would of walked through the doors without paying. The place is a absolute mess they don't clean for sh#t and it is kind of gross. When I was sitting down the seats felt like a hard wood seat that you sit in when you are eating. The movie was great and the good was good but they really need to change some things

Terrence Terrones

Little dated still charming come in for family fun

Alvaro Castillo

Very comprehensive prices. Most of the workers are very friendly.

Jessy Hummel

Small but friendly theater. A bit outdated however what it lacks in size and style it makes up for in price and people. Super friendly staff. It is by far the most affordable move theater in the area. Also the popcorn is hot! Which I know is how it is suppose to be but I will note that our bigger local theater hasn't been able to provide the same.

Ashley Baker

What an awful place to kick an autistic child out of the theatre. If you are going to a kids movie then you should expect the kids to make noise. Children with disabilities should not suffer because adults have no patience. Watch it at home if you dont like kids being excited during a childrens movie!!!!!!!


Good place for the price! Not the newest or greatest, but if you're looking for a good discount theater, this is it! Even the concessions aren't outrageously priced.

B Shannon

Love love love this theater. I feel like I just got a great deal, not totally ripped off. Thank you for making movies affordable and providing healthier snack options!!!!

Ice Jones

Visiting from Lancaster, CA , Staying in Rouge River ...Great price .... Kids and I wanted to see a movie late. This is the place, nice clean. Needs to seats but worth the drive for the price.

Mean Mexican

Cant beat the price for admission. However if they're going to charge the same price for their refreshments as their competitors. They need to use fresh ingredients like their competitors! Butter was old and made my popcorn taste weird. Waste of $18.05. Or whatever weird price they charged me for the 2 drinks and a large popcorn.

Randy Taylor

Nice little theater, food is to expensive.

Chelsie Long

This theater is not fancy by any means but the price cannot be beat & the staff is friendly. Good location and there’s everything you need there. The one thing they done have is pretzels

Ray Jensen

Great movie. Cheaper than the other one but not as comfy

Angela Sullivan

Just watched Bumble Bee ! Awesome movie and always great to go to the white city theatre. Friendly and helpful :)

Nicole Nathe

Awesome priced tickets and good to hear they have low tolerance for people and kids who are being obnoxious and stopping other paying customers from being able to hear and enjoy the movie. If you know your kids are gunna behave in a theatre don’t bring them. People pay a lot of money to go see these movies in theatre not to hear you or your kids being disruptive! Good thing the theatre cares because a lot of prebts don’t!

Genevieve Golden

I like this little theater for price. This was first movie theater I bought my daughter to see her first movie. I love my momiers here. Thank you

Deborah Lininger

We always have a good time here reasonable

Heather Kent

Cheapest place to go see a movie and the theaters aren't bad either

Blayne Griffith

Love this movie theater ! Been going here for long time great location good quality, new movies good price good beverages!

Chad Roberts

Best prices.

Kirkendall Greene

Staff is always friendly and popcorn is always.. popcorn!

M Droid

I really enjoy this theater. Ususally not too packed and ticket prices may as well have not gone up since the late 90's. Matinee price was around $4

Paul McDonald

Easy to get to and they have very low prices on their movies. Taco Bell is in the same parking lot which makes it great to pick some up before or after the movie.

Johnny Cordero

Though still ridiculous prices for snacks and drinks, at least the movies are reasonable. Seats are uncomfortable during long movies. Employees are ALWAYS very nice.

Andrea Addington

The seats are comfy and they have great prices. They might not have the best sound or the biggest screen but I like being able to go to the movies with my kids for under $20.

Angela Blank

I LOVE this theater!! Its a bit on the older side but to me that adds to the atmosphere. Reminds me of my childhood experiences. Staff is always upbeat and helpful. Snack prices are a tad steep however that is not a deal breaker for me. I recommend this theater to anyone and everyone.

Lisa Wiltrout

Best $4 matinee around.

Kallista Nickel

Cheap movie tickets just wish they had more comfy seats

Terry Partsafas

Went and saw Glass. Wasn't very good

Angel Aguayo

The people there were amazing and so nice

Dashton Peccia

Excellent pricing, but theater tends to get a bit packed because of this. Overall it is worth it for the pricing.

Nicole Allen

How can you not love this theater.. cannot beat the price


Like the sound and large screens, and cleanliness of Tinseltown. But, my wife and I don't like the the new "so called" comfort seating; not comfortable for us.

Nick Chandler

Great if you are low on $$. Tickets are CHEAP! Seats are uncomfortable and the local crowd gets a bid rowdy. Can't complain as long as you know what you are in for.

John Faust

The customer service was a bit robotic, but the theater seating is lovely. When do we get the sound and screen upgrades?

Dennis Alllen

Love this place. Good prices also


Horrible they treat children that have problems controlling themselfs like trash. I don't get it some one can talk/ on a cell phone in a theater which is way more annoying and they aren't kicked out. But a child that wanted to see his favorite movie is because he said good job. Well good job cinemax i will never come here and will always tell people to go somewhere else.

Bonnie Wheeler

Popcorn was heavenly!

chip Hiljus

Can't beat the price in the valley

Christina Richardson

Cheap movies! Basic theater, but does not break the bank


Out of date but the price is unbeatable! I love this theater.

SherylAnne Werner

Always friendly staff

Darise Rogers

Employees friendly prices good awesome movie

Thomas Prislac Jr.

Very polite staff! Everyone smiled and made us feel welcome. The theatre, though smaller, had excellent picture and sound quality. I own a sound studio so trust me when I say the surround sound was on point!

Cody Boles

Good prices

Rasco Terra

Good place to go see most of all the popular movies that are out for a great price.

Jacob Ramirez

Saw a 3d movie here it's a smaller theatre but man the seats are comfy! Great prices.


Considering its age, this theater has all the necessary amenities you woukd find at a complex half its age. The management and staff are phenomenal. They seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs. If you find yourself in the area with a few hours to kill, this place is affordable. Also newer faux leather seats!

Jennifer Hackett-Young

I give it just an ok rating because there was no butter for the popcorn and the prices are the same as a luxury theatre with out the luxury experience and only half the movie selection. It'd be a great dollar movie theatre like it was during my younger years.

Quyen Morris

It's an older theater, but well maintained and affordable. We only paid $8 a ticket for a 3D movie and that wasn't matinee prices.

Julia Keen

Great little movie theater! They only have half a dozen offerings or less, at any given time because it's small. But the movies cost less than $6!! And these are first run movies! I love it! The little theater that could!!

Lorraine Henderson

Love going to movies

Julie Cerro

cheap way to see a movie

David Aragon

This is a multi screen theater offering current movies in 2d and when available 3d. Of course they have all the overpriced snack items, but for me the best part is the seating. They are comfortable and not so close together that you feel squished.

Gabriela Centeno

Always a good time

California Safe

They need better air conditioning. Smelled funny and the popcorn was bad

Ambyr Johnson

Absolutely disgusted. After hearing about how they kicked an autistic kid out I won't ever go here again. The manager should be ashamed of herself.

KellieBrookee Brown

Movie prices aren't bad but I got a small popcorn it was $6.50. and that's kind of expected.

Kduv S

Fun place to see movies, good popcorn and more affordable than tinseltown.


This Cinema is like going back in time to 1997...loved the seats, great selection of block-buster movies and a price you just can’t beat...2tix we’re only $11! The best theater in this area for the price...

Mary Bolf

Great place for the family. The customer service is exceptional and the popcorn is the best in the valley.

Tabitha Babb

Watched a 3-D movie and speakers in theater were blown sounded like crapp

Sean Jankowski

Love the White City 6. Been coming here for years. Best priced movie experience in the area. Very curtious staff and the old school movie experience is all still intact with no gimics to draw you in.

Susan Bryant

My cousins family was asked to leave the movies today. They took their kids to see The Incredibles 2. Their son is autistic, he was excited and was having a hard time sitting still so they were kicked out of the movie. This is very wrong. All kids should be able to enjoy a movie on the big screen. It was a childrens movie, Kids have a hard time sitting still, they get excited and make noise it is completely normal. To make them leave was wrong. Thid place will never get my bussiness again.

Llynn S

Great prices, awesome selections, really love coming here

Paul Vonstrahl

Great cheap seat movies buy a large popcorn and get a free refill!! Awesome for large groups (they even provide extra bags if you wanna make your late popcorn 6 small popcorn's

Gaming guys

Prices were great. Theater was hot. Seats uncomfortable.

Makayla Hubbell

Its disgusting that this establishment is harrassing and discriminating against autistic individuals, autistic people are still people #nocureneeded #differentnotless #boycottcinemark6 #tippingoffthepress

Jeffrey Jankowski

Perfect for families who want to enjoy the movies on a budget. Price for admission makes it affordable.

Sharon Shelton

Good price on tickets but high price snacks

Spicy Curry Ninja

This cinema is old. It's seen better days. It's also my favorite place to see a film. Even though it doesn't have state-of-the-art projection or luxury seating, it's still the best place to see a movie in the area. It does have a friendly staff, comfortable seating, fresh popcorn, and cold drinks. It's also the cheapest place and is usually empty in the evenings. I make it a point to go at least once a week.


We like going to Cinemark Movies 6 to see moves because they are cheaper to go to and the new seats at Tinseltown are not as comfortable as they say they are.

Matthew Moore

Terrific prices for top rated movies. This time the theatre was clean and didn't reek of body odor and too much cologne. I pre-purchased my tickets, walked in the doors, and right to my venue. Helpful, friendly staff.

Harry Uhles

I like the new upgrade the seats are pretty nice and more room it's good place to go now watch movies

Ford Truck

Great prices, not so great people working there.

Sandra Larsen

A nice clean small theatre. Admission price is budget left over for snacks

Matt Waldon

Good prices for new releases but snacks are just as overpriced as any other theater's. Good choice for taking kids but not where I would take my wife for dinner and movie date night.

Indiana Norvell

Low quality at a high price! Nice air conditioning and customer service though


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