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The Shoppes at Gateway, 2900 Gateway St, Springfield, OR 97477 Located in: The Shoppes at Gateway

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REVIEWS OF Cinemark 17 IN Oregon


Clean, modern theater with leather reclining seating. I always opt for Gateway Cinemark over Regal in Eugene.

Sharie Breihan Groot

Great seats, smaller theater makes it crozier

Sandy Kopf

Love this place comfortable seating and good prices

Kenneth Chambers

I love this theater! Great recliner seats, tasty popcorn, and generally short lines. Getting tickets online is super easy, barely an inconvenience and you can reserve your seats. Only nagative experience had here is less the theater and more the outside printers for tickets. They used to have 4, but recently got a single system. As this theater usually isn't packed with lines, this is a minor issue. Overall, best theater in the area.

Kato Lee

This was the best time I’ve ever had going to see a movie!! The prices are fantastic and the amenities are equally so! The staff is great the food and drink was great plus the loungers were top notch!

Bill Tatton

Good seats. Very comfortable.

Jean Goodwin

Good prices and seats are great. Enjoy selection of your own seats


Screen and sound could be updated, maybe partner with Dolby. Buuuut it has the BEST seating and BEST place in euegne to buy online tickets with reserved seating only. I love this place.

John Kiewert

Best theater in town. Cheaper and more comfortable than Valley River! Can't go wrong and has all the movies ya need! However, some of the concessions staff are comparable to trained monkeys. 1 outta 4 are good hard workin folk. The others either don't care, or look like cats doing a math problem. Great theater though!

Bonnie Gillham

Love the recliners for my back.

Krista Caughron

We could not finish our movie due to a couple yelling and hiting their dog. It was unbelievable no one but us stood up and said anything including the staff.

jon duncan

Literally haven't been to another theater since the first time i have been here. The most superior seating!!!

Ash Stanton

Best theater in the area. Cheapest prices any day or time (especially on $5 All-Day Tuesday) and by far the most comfortable seating!!

rob sims

My home town movie theater by far! Alway enjoy a night out to the movies, always clean and the staff always ready to help. I really enjoy the extra large seats, and I haven't had a bad experience.

Jo Anna Borowski

Love the fact i can reserve my seats ahead of time and not fight with tall people to see the screen thanks to the walls in each row.

Lisa Douglass

Love the movies. Especially this theater seats reclined and were comfortable. Concession stand was fast didnt have to wait long. Great staff was very impressed

Tomer Shaked

Really comfortable seats and excellent ticket prices. Reserved seating is great

Megan H

My favorite theater! Seats are comfortable and tickets are well priced.

Titanium Candy

This is a movie theater. It shows movies. I’ve never attended this cinema and it not deliver 100%. It’s pretty clean and I don’t remember my feet making sticky sounds. The chairs at gateway are nicer but so wants to be caught dead in Springfield, ami right?

Charlene Brigham

The seats are so comfortable. I like to sit with my legs up and this place accommodates that need!


Nice theater, love their chairs!

Jeffrey Lanz

The reclining chairs are awesome. Concessions was very friendly and fast. Generally my go-to theater.

Ebony Baitey

What a great theater, with recliner seats!! Very nice staff and movies rewards. This theater also has matinee price! Bst place to watch a movie


Great comfy seats and very affordable

Preston Lackey

I became a member of their rewards club and turned the app on during the entire movie. The reward I got for all of that was 1 dollar off a soda with the purchase of some nachos

Cassandra Harvey

Had a really good time visiting this theater haven't had any complaints yet

Bill Esser

Couches are very comfy and the staff is very friendly. Nice place to see a movie. Only drawback is healthier options at the snack bar would be great. Over all though, very nice.


Went with friends to see Shazam and had a lot of fun. The seats are the super nice, robotically reclining kind. Quite comfy and large. The person who sat next to me talked through the whole movie but sometimes that's just life. It certainly wasn't the theater's fault the man had no etiquette. I didn't buy any snacks because I don't like how expensive food is at theaters and this one is no exception. That is also the reason this theater is only getting 4 stars from me. The theaters themselves are good. I'm not about to cough up that much money for snacks.

Stacey Bush

Love this theater. All seats have lounger seating.

Dustin Erdman

A clean and comfortable theatre with dramatically cheaper prices for current movies. How could you not love a $4.50 matinee and a $6.50 evening ticket? The seats are comfy, the sound and picture great. I won't go anywhere else for a movie in Eugene/Springfield.

Michael Paterson

Great theater with comfy reclining seats

Yuki Hatake

Arcade Christmas Movie Theaters Popcorn Sprite

Robert Raught

Great seats in this theater. They are very comfortable. I've been here a few times, never had any complaints with staff or concessions. Well worth the visit. You can get lost coming out though as the theater has multiple entrances so watch which direction you come in from.

Walter estrada jr

Theater was pretty warm. Even for 10pm showing. Nice seats and concessions were what you expect.

James W Phillips

A good movie with family values!

Jaclyn Fitzgibbon

Great seats "luxury recliners"! I do wish they stepped up the food a bit, tired of the same old stuff.

_DeathToPie_ :P

The best theater in Eugene. The staff is great, the popcorn the best as well as the seats

Robert Hernandez

Friendly staff and a great family experience!

Adrien Crowe

Really nice theatre with folding chairs. The employees are always enjoyable to interact with, and the ticket pricing is inexpensive. The food is a little overpriced, but that is usual for big theaters.

Jim Au

Awesome reclining seats and stadium style seating arrangement. Great picture and sound for a very enjoyable movie experience. I would come back here any time when I'm in town.

George Stearns

Best seating I have encountered!

Holly Stephenson

Sweet recliners, and omg the best buttered popcorn!! Oh how nice was this! Great experience, and looking forward to many movie dates now. Thanks for the massive improvements in theater enjoyment!!

Dave Jones

Wonderful lay-back seats. Also, the staff is very friendly.

Doug Hunziker

Awwwsome place, i never go anywhere but here to see movies

Lipstick and Boots Fashion

the seats are so comfy plus the popcorn is so good ❤

Mark Whitney

Always enjoy taking our grand-daughters to the movies when we visit Eugene/SPFD. We normally visit the RoadHouse Grill when we're there.

Nora Ellsworth

Love going here. But today the heat was not working in the theater we were in. They said they would refund anyone who did not want to stay. I like a cook room so it was fine with me.

Trevor Zier

Great seating options, lots of screens. Their monthly pay service is worth it if you go to ANY movies at all

Ben F.

Cinemark is better than Regal in almost every way. Better seats, prices, staff, and popcorn (though popcorn flavor is very subjective). My one complaint is that the movie volume could be louder. Also, I've witnessed some pretty unruly (loudly talking, swearing, and narrating) people at the theater lately that tend to ruin the whole experience, and they never seem to be removed. For this reason I generally just don't go and rent the movie at home.

Edward Zacharek

This is the movie theater experience of the 21st century. Online reserved seating alone makes it worth even going, and at no additional cost. I will never go to Regal Cinemas at Valley River Center again unless they can catch up.

Melody Anne Murphy Kirk

The seats here are comfy and they recline completely. The movies are never mega loud just to be loud. The concessions stand has everything. Just a generally great theater.

Lisa Kat

I love the new chairs but not how you need to buy tickets online ahead of time

Andrew Janeczko

Use to love coming here until the age policy changed where you have to be a parent and my younger siblings wanted to see a rated R movie. At least at regal they had no problem as long you are 21 or older. Get with the times Cinemark.

Jesse Cloninger

Nice reclining seats, I went and saw the movie that I wanted to see. Better prices than other theaters in town.

Cyleena Harrelson

My fav place to see a movie

Kellie Jussel

The service was fast and friendly. The food was great and got extra serving of each free. The seats were amazingly comfortable and we picked where we wanted to sit at the ticket booth. Loved everything. The movie was great also!

Dan Austin

Best theater in the area. Great seating including accessible spaces. Lots of screens and two concessions areas.

Delores Shelton

Love the lower than Regal prices as well as reserved seating in comfy seats!

Benjamin Finger

Beer and La-Z boy reclining chairs? So much like home that you'll be poking your sleeping significant other before the movie is half over.

Tj Vapes

Super nice reclining seats great vision good audio over all a good experience and a very much enjoyed it. Just like any other theater the concessions are a bit steep so bring your own. I highly recommend this theater for anybody who wants to be entertained

Nickolas Hersrud

$5 Tuesdays and get the Cinemark rewards app. Definitely worth your money and time! Plus you don't have to pay online convenience fees and a #1 is only $10.74 instead of $13.50!

Rebecca Lindstead

I love this movie house! The seats are SO COMFORTABLE. Ticket prices are good. The malls not as packed as others. The staff is friendly. The ONLY thing I don’t like is that you have to RESERVE the seats!

Marcos Rios

Reclining chairs and the ability to choose my seating had me sold.

Tyler Mast

This is good place for a movie. Especially early show times. Tickets are not to expensive and drinks and snacks are bad either.

Christine Isabell

The seats are the best around really. Usaually the seats are full so it is a good idea to get tickets early. Popcorn and soda is crazy expensive, but so is it everywhere. I go often and will continue to do so.

Jessica Pelletier

Chairs were very comfy, movie was awesome.

Craig Williams

The seats are the best in Lane County for a movie

Brianna Valladares

This theatre has the most comfortable seats ever. The tickets prices are pretty cheap so you can go watch you favorite movie for about $8 which is nothing compared to the $12.50 that i pay at the theatre in Salem. It’s the best place to watch your new favorite movies and they always play movie trailers that are similar to the movie genre you are watching so you have more movie options in the future, i know most theatres do this but i feel like this theatre has done the best job out of all the ones I’ve been to.

Staci Smith

We love this theater. No one kicking your chair , great seating, more relaxing than others.

Sheila Garey

The theaters are awesome. The luxury seating can't be beat. That said, the bathrooms are dark and the rest of the theater could use updating as well.

Jack West

Prices for movies are good early in the day. That is where anything good I have to say ends. The seats half the time smell, the other times they are damp from the shampooing and the floors are always tacky like someone spilled something sticky on every isle. They continuously cranky the sound up from 100% to 200% thinking it will improve the quality of the movie going experience....yeah deafness is something I was really paying for when I came here. If you want cheap prices for the movie alone then come here. If you want anything else look somewhere else. I would not recommend this place.

Matthew Wills

Theater and staff are awesome, the mall it's in is a little sketch, but that works if you're seeing a scary movie. The seats are electronic lazyboy type recliners, nicely spaced with lots of leg and arm room. Excellent movie going experience, and what is that room with all the ballons and gifts? Oh, it's an event room for kids(adults?) to have bdays, social gatherings, etc...this place is pretty cool. Def reccomend.

Tad Rabenberg

Best place in town for a movie. The comfortable seats and pre-determined seating makes it a cut above the valley river mall location imo.

Krista Hyatt

Seats are awesome! Great price too.

nick hernandez

This place is better than the movie theater at River valley in my opinion. $5.75 for matinee is awesome.

Gwen Anderson

Went to a birthday party. The party room is nice. It was lots of fun

Mary Motherof2

The reclining seats are so comfortable. Almost too comfortable. Easy to fall asleep in. Love it!

Matthew Brian Hoppe

Really awesome movies!

Nonnie Vasquez

The seats are so comfy and they recline

Dakota Cooley

Always had a good time and it's honestly better than the one at valley river, also it's cheaper

Amy Bone

I normally love this theater, and am part of their rewards program.... but I was disappointed when we showed up early to watch the pre-movie trivia and extras, and their was no picture, only sound. When I went to ask about this, the guy told me they were aware of the technical issue, and basically to ignore it, the movie will play fine. Which it did. But the way I was just brushed off like that was bad customer service, and I am a firm believer in the movie going experience (trivia and previews included). With the outrageous prices I pay to watch the movies, buy concessions, etc. I think I deserved a bit better treatment then that.

Monika Ruwaimana

Best cinema in town, there are recliner seats in every studio for standard price

Jess BB

The chairs here are amazing!

Lindsey Wegner

Seating is super comfortable. Don't feel crowded even when the theater is full.

Maj Bonnet

Best theatre in Eugene area. Reserve seats online and take away the stress. All movie theatre food is a rip off. We bring our own. My daughter loves the recliners and so do I! Here's what my daughter says about it, "my mom is right. They're really are the best place. Their popcorn is less expensive than most places and their Icees are good and the seats are really comfortable. It's like the best spot in the United States of America from what I'm thinking. But if they have bad backs it'll help their back. Thank you."

Simon Luedtke

Absolutely love this place. $5 Tuesdays are the greatest. Regal blows. Sco Cinemark.

Aaron Krienert

The seating is spectactuolous!! I almost find it hard to not fall asleep. It is that comfortable. Unfortunately, I could hear the movie in the next theater room when it was a quiet thoughtful moment in mine. Oh well, the seats rock.

Kathleen Berry

Good Movie Theater

Devin Queener

I’m 16. I bought tickets to see “IT: Chapter 2” and went up to hand them my ticket and they wouldn’t let me in because “I’m too young” even though they sold me the ticket. I asked for a refund and they said they can’t and they gave me a movie card to see another movie when all I wanted was my money back. This place sucks

Shane Stalcup

Dont like their captioning system, the recliners are nice though

John B

Absolutely love this theater. Tons of showings, a great assortment of snacks and alcohol, and has the best seating. No one is ever in your way in front of you or making noise behind you due to the seating structure, and the seats are huge and reclining. The arms also lift up if you want to get closer on a date night.

Shawn Bradley

The theater was cool and comfortable on a pretty hot day. We had a great experience. We watched the Lion King, how could it not be.

R Whitney

Great movie theater! Great prices! Awesome seats! Can purchase online ahead of time to save your seats. Great, friendly staff

Tina Lyons

I absolutely love the lounge chairs. However, the prices on the snacks are beyond ridiculous!!!

Steven Barton

Nice theater with cheap tickets!

Kennedy Carver

I don’t give 5 stars out really ever, but this theatre does deserve it, this is the must go to theatre if your going to see a movie.

Jason MacDonald

Friendly employees, and fair prices. Most importantly, reserved seating and awesomely comfortable seats. Farthest local theater from where I live but I always make the drive to Springfield for this theater.

blackGG 1998

I say hobs and shaw and the vol and bass where perfectly awesome

Eric Mitchell

Great movie is here to go to with your family. Also comfortable seating. but as always due to the price of concessions I recommend going and eating first and just probably getting a drink there as the drinks are $5 for a large.

Robert Toledo

Comfy chairs, not crowded!

Shantra Perez

Family with young kids and we love the online seating reservations so we can always get 5+ seats together ending on an isle seat(lots of bathroom trips with kids). We also have the Cinemark movie club membership which is well worth the monthly fee with a free ticket each month that rolls over if unused, plus no more spendy online seating reservation fees, concession discounts, rewards points etc.


The most comfortable movie theater seats I've ever sat in!

Jennifer Laskey

The smell of popcorn attacks your nostrils as soon as you begin your trek through the only hallway in the last existing wing of what's left of the Gateway Mall. On a side note, have you ever noticed that nail places are always the last to go? We usually purchase our tickets online through Cinemark. We have the movie club and love it. Because of this, I can't attest to the friendly nature of the box office ticket employees, or their movie knowledge. However; if they are anything like the concessions employees, then they are all top-notch. Concessions persons are always bubbly, knowledgable enough about what movie you are seeing to pump you up a little more about how lucky you are to be seeing it right now, and they don't push you to buy more than you have indicated. They might make suggestions if you aren't sure, but they don't shove their deals down your throat with a car salesman smile or management-aspiration fueled pushiness. Prices are high, but don't bleed you as dry as other theaters. Sodas don't taste watered down, and when you want extra butter, these guys put it in there. With gusto. Alcohol is an exciting alternative on date nights, but those prices are not so reasonable... I mean, a dixie cup of wine should not cost nearly as much as the movie. The option is nice to have, though. Overall, I would rate concessions at an 8 out of 10. Cinemark is significantly less expensive than the other large-scale theater in town, which was our initial reason for the change of default theater selection in our family. Additionally, this theater has recliners for seats. Sometimes this seating has me fighting to stay conscious during the movie (ie: Lego Batman Movie and Zootopia which my granddaughter wanted to see but at least my nap was comfortable), but mostly it lets me enjoy the movie despite my arthritic hips. At other theaters the seating is miserable and I am constantly shifting in my seat or even standing up in the back because my hips hurt so badly. Cinemark has made my movie experience enjoyable again. A genuine thanks for that. When making our way to our seats, I don't usually step in sticky or crunchy things. I have never stuck my hand in something gross when sitting down, and the floors actually shine. We have had one mediocre experience in the theater itself recently. Crowded theaters prevent decent airflow during a movie, and the body heat within that tomb of a room rises. Then those pleather recliner seats become a sweat box. We saw Avengers: End Game at 10:45 PM on the Friday it opened, and although the movie had us riveted to our seats for the duration, we were dripping with sweat and the back of our shirts were soaked when we got up. I felt clausterphobic and overheated to a point that I had to promptly go outside to avoid getting sick. We have gone to see 'Intruder' since then without issue. (Dennis Quaid as a bad guy was awesome, but he did it too well and after decades of being on my list, I scratched him off of my list forever. It was a unexpectedly good movie). I give the theater itself a 9 out of 10 without factoring in the sweaty experience. The bathrooms usually smell nice. There are more than enough stalls and the toilets are always clean. You never have to go from soap dispenser to soap dispenser trying to find even just a tiny drop of the pearly pink liquid soap that is ever elusive at other theaters. I also greatly appreciate that the bathrooms in Cinemark offer both paper towels and air dryers. I tend to prefer paper towels over the sensation of clammy hands. No one wants to stand there for eternity waiting for the blower to do it's job when they are missing the movie they paid for to do it. The bathrooms may not be well lit, but I am fairly certain that Cinemark cares about their patron's eyesight adjustment as opposed to any attempt to hide poor housekeeping. No one wants a migraine, and I appreciate that as well. All in all the bathrooms rate an 8.5 out of 10. Overall rating of 8.5 out of 10 for Cinemark. We will certainly return!

kill joy 9420

I enjoyed all the movies I've ever gone there to see I like how they have the reclining chairs now makes it a lot better and much more comfortable to sit and watch that movie I've seen Pokemon detected Pikachu and toy story 4 and a few other

Richard Farrell

Love the atmosphere! Great seating!

Nicholas Mercurio

Nice chairs, good sound, and the air conditioning is great.

Stephanie Wilkins

I LOVE coming here and today just made me appreciate it more. I had the opportunity to meet Lee and he helped me and my boyfriend with an issue we were having with our tickets and he went above and beyond to help us and the customer service was just phenomenal! It really made our night. Not to mention, the seats are sooo comfortable and the people at concessions are always so nice. I'd rate 10 stars if I could!

Natalie May

$5 on Tuesdays perfect date night

Ken Marquardt

Best theater in town hands down. Reserved seating, leather recliners, great selection, you really don’t need anything else

Mike O

Cozy reclining reserved seats in roomy rows where you can't see the head of the person in front of you. Bit of a treat. Sound could be better (cleaner, not louder).

Jason Watkins

Good place love there seats..

Travis Humphrey

Even though the price for all the concessions may be high, the chairs are comfy, which means it is easy to watch a 3 hour movie like avengers without discomfort.

Rhiannon Lovato

Kinda gross the seats aren't cleaned more... I seen people putting their bare feet on them. Also my seat had melted chocolate all over it.

Ronald Ewert



Love the reclining seats..great place .

Myn Bush

We love going to the movies here

Daniel Taddei

It was a bit chilly in the theatre for this show. My nose was frozen. I'm usually warm to the point I need to remove my hoodie. I felt like I needed a blanket this time.

Sheila Morgan

I love the big cushy chairs! I’ve been coming to this theatre for awhile now and I really enjoy watching movies here. I’m giving 4 stars because it’s beginning to get a bit worn and could use some sprucing up.

Tammie Sue Bruner

I love the comfortable recliner chairs. It's theater.

K Galloway

Always willing to visit this theater over so many others because of the reserved seating and fantastic recliners. Theater & bathrooms are keep clean and the ushers aren't afraid to walk around and talk/laugh with movie goers. They have worked really hard on making the popcorn is fresh. They have expanded the menu to add beer which I've not tried.

Savanna Stratton

Best theater in eugene/Springfield area. Snacks are over priced. Seats are recliners & so comfy. Have almost all new releases.

patty goulett

Excellent... seating is perfect.. recliners and lots of room... drinks and food prices not bad

Jennifer Adams

It's a great theater and you can't beat the price on movies there. However, the last three movies we went to have had inconsiderate customers, making the movie experience less than ideal. Obviously the theater can't control rude people, but we've had folks on their cell the whole time, kids running during the movie (it wasn't a kids movie), and people talking loudly throughout the movie. We did notify someone regarding the talkers since people were walking out of the movie, but unfortunately no action was taken. Just be aware the experience may not be what you expect.

Ashley Hammond

Love the reclining seats. Just wish they had better lighting before and after the movie.

Shawnald Moreland

I prefer Cinemark over Regal for a few different reasons. Cinemark is all around cheaper and has much better seats. The customer service is great and they always make sure to handle problems as efficiently as possible. I've seen many movies just this month alone. Always a great experience

Craig S

Stadium seats are comfy. Recline and foot rests are nice! Mall has been redone and is really nice now.

Daniel Cieplinski

Love the seat u can kick back watch a good movie good times

Savanna Adams

Comfy seats that you can chose ahead of time is always the best way to see a movie!

Stephen Bourgeois

Two words..... Reclining seats. The most comfortable movie experience ever.

chasing views_

Smaller Cinemark than I'm used to in Houston, Texas... but, good pricing. They offer a military discount. They have a bar menu. The recliner seating is very comfortable.

Bor Ylneh

I love the cinemark 17 theater because of its individual lounge recliners. It's the best place to see a movie. I would suggest buying your ticket ahead of time to get choice seating. I use fandango for that. Happy viewing!

Kristi Hirte

Best seats in town. Need to remember to bring a neck pillow so it is even more comfy.

Jorge Briceño

Much better seats than the ones at Regal.

T Thompson

I want to see a movie when i feel like seeing a movie. This pre pay/pre seating system is rediculous. No i am not commiting a wk in advance.

D. Scott Smith

Loving the comfy lounge seats and keg roo.!

Josh Chappell

Very much like this movie theater. Staff is always friendly and helpful and they are always quick as they can be at the snack counters.

Caitlin Behrens

Love the reclining seats. Decent prices. Nice staff.

Nathan Lang

Ignoring small, local theatres, this is dedinitely the one to go to. The reclining seats are quite comfy and spacious. My biggest complaint is that loud movies can sometime be heard through the walls of other rooms. It was parricularly bad when Avengers: Endgame was playing, and ut was hard to watch anything else without at some point hearing the Avengers theme. That being said, the better seating on ots own puts it over it's competitor Regal Cinemas.


I didnt got to cinemark 17 but I did go to hometown buffet it was good

Hillbilly Gamer

Great atmosphere, one of the best movie theaters ive ever been to

Phil V

I have never been to this theater and while visiting Eugene, decided to pop in for a late night movie and I'm glad that I did. I loved the fact that the tickets can be purchased through the kiosk at the left of the entrance doors and you did not have to wait outside in line, you can be warm and indoors by going through the mall. The seats were extremely comfortable, the carpets were clean the seats were clean too. This theater has beautiful reclining seats in all rows so that regardless of your size you can kick your feet up stretch out lay back and enjoy the movie and style. Parking was free and ample. During my visit, there was construction going on around the mall so it was a very bizarre way to Route traffic but I eventually got there by driving all the way around 75% of the mall and the barricades but don't let that hold you back, it was worth it. Good sound systems, bright Christi projectors and overall a great experience.

Michael Gauche

Best price for a movie theater in town, as well as the most comfortable seats!

Daniel Morales

Worst movie I have ever seen. Waste of time and money. "Chapter II"

Taylor Dillon

The reserved seating works great no worries about showing up an hour early too get decent seats. Luxury lounge seats they have there are wonderful and relaxing. This is also the cheapest theatre in town. Hope you make it there and enjoy it for yourself!

yunis luworo

Very comfortable seating and very well maintained theater

Alex Duclos

At first I wasn't sure if the assigned seating would be a good thing but after seeing a handful of movies with my kids u have come to really enjoy not worrying about finding enough seats. Also the new chairs they put in are fantastically comfy.

April Grove

We always used to go to Regal, but once I forced my husband to go to Cinemark and he experienced the individual recliners, he said we're never going to Regal again. I'm pretty sure he'd live at Cinemark if that were an option. I like how each row of seats is separated by walls, so nobody's kicking the back of your seat and you can't see the people in front of or behind you. The concessions are also cheaper at Cinemark than at Regal. No reason to go anywhere else!

kevin sproul

This was a great movie for the family

Vrada Lindsley

Really good RealD 3D experience, but the reclining lounge seats are the big hit, they're so comfy! The arm rests move up and out of your way in case you want more room to relax or just snuggle. The between shows clean-up crew might like to check under the recliners a bit more often though. We were looking for my escaped cell phone and found a large treasure of old popcorn in a drink/food carrier under our seat.

michael green

The new recliners they got are relaxing. Movies are always better in the theater. The popcorn tastes better and now that you can have a beer or wine, that's nice to.

Susan Bourgeois

Comfortable recliner seats. Closed caption devices

Carmen Meador

Love the seating. Comfortable recliners

Rose Marie Waring

Easy access and reclining seats. Reasonable prices.

Dallas Wigger

It was great I love there seats

Tyler Putman

By far the best movie theater in the Eugene/Springfield area. Prices on concessions are average compared to other movie theaters so expect to pay 10-15 bucks for large popcorn/drink. They also serve beer on tap most of the time. The selling point of this place is the seats and theaters themselves. Every chair is automatic and can recline, there is a lot of room between you and the seat to the front or back of you, and a good amount of room to stretch between you and your neighbor. And if you love movies they're a Cinemark so they've got the membership for a free movie every month and discount on concessions for about 10 bucks monthly. Overall great place

william klingler

Saw Dumbo with all my grand kids. A great family movie with an upgrade to the original story. Excellent recliner seats, very clean. Price for 9 only cost 85.00 so great deal. Easy access to tickets. Kids packs for snacks very reasonable. A great place to visit.

james capodanno

the seats are very comfortable,but the food is outrageous,$8.00 for popcorn.

Michael Strobeck

Super comfy seats, variety of concessions has increased dramatically over the last several years. I appreciate that you can bring in your own water bottles now.


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