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REVIEWS OF Cinema 21 IN Oregon

Christopher Fast

Great indie films. Quaint shoebox theater.

Steph Vi

Great theater! Love the super large theater with a balcony and there are two quaint little ones as well for the smaller showings. They sell beer and wine there too. Good priced local movie theater shows a lot of indie films and hosts film festivals too!

Kim Cullinan

Excellent little theater showing unique movie options. Comfy seats, concessions options available are tasty, and sound and picture quality are spot on. Definitely would go back!

Mark Pennington

Love the selection of offbeat movies

Duane Aragon

Nice theater with comfortable seats... however, legroom is at a bit of a premium. Concessions are about ten to twenty percent cheaper than the chains, and they use real butter on their popcorn! The staff is friendly and surrounding area has neat shops and great dining venues. The real problem however is parking, as this area has exploded in popularity these past years.

riley parker

Great theater, showing independent and foreign films. Good seats, great snacks, and affordable. Worth supporting!

Rachel Harris

This place is great! They have great little indie films, and they usually have one big blockbuster title, yet the price is much better than a larger cinema! They offer beer, wine, popcorn and other snacks, my one complaint is that the guys manning the snack counter are so slow and easily confused, you need to get there a little early if you want to get snacks before the show starts!

Darius Salmon

They serve alcohol, and pizza They usually have good movies plus the popcorn is buttered with real butter

Tyler Bell

I love this theater. Seats and screen are great and the concessions are actually reasonably priced.

Jill Murphy

Comfortable seats, good food, films that you can't find everywhere else.

Naima Tagh

I went there with my friend, Good place ,cheaper prices.

David Legg

This prospective non-profit has an incredible mission; to stop all old wood and old wood objects from entering the trash stream and to provide marginalized people a place to utilize their creativity to produce new products out of old wood and old wood objects.

Karen Plumbley

Really thought provoking films. Comfortable seats in a clean environment.

Tammy Anderson

Nice new seats. Concessions have lots of good options. Bathrooms clean. Unique movie choices. Definitely would go again.

Jessica Wilson

Great staff, clean theater, excellent movie selection

katja lorenz

Same experience pretty much anywhere in Portland now. Good seats, alcoholic drinks, decent pizza. Nothing special in terms of showing movies, but that's so are some great special features.

Dennis Puetz

One of few classic theatres in Portland, showing quality movies, updated theatre, 3-screens, and beverages, and prices are good, no winning ... This is a place to appreciate !!!

Shannon Coady

I grew up in Portland not far from here but for some reason, had never been until recently. Highly recommend! They seem to have a talent at picking out films that are interesting, entertaining, etc... Also, no overpriced food/drinks here! Decent beverage/food choices at a decent price

Michael Lick

One of the best cinemas in Portland, whether you are in the impressive two floor main theater or one of the three smaller new ones.

Gerrish Benjamin Willis

My favorite theater in town. Excellent selection of movies you won't see many other places. Usually not huge crowds (although I have been to a few films in the smaller screening rooms that have sold out). The beer selection is pretty great for a theater. I buy the ticket packs now because this is where I want to see a film if I am going to see it out.

Mohammad Ashori

Great pizza and beer. Seating is comfy and tickets are cheap. The best selection of movies if you want to get away from the classic box office stuff. Staff is knowledge and friendly.

Matthew Smith

Not a bad theater. Yes old style with "Artsy" movies and documentaries. Cheaper then the big box theaters around town.

Doug Kinnaird

Love this independent theater and the excellent flicks they, they serve pizza and beer, along with the usual popcorn & sodas.

Ty Burnett

Nice, small size Theater in the heart of NW district of Portland. One main theater (historical, auditorium) and I believe two additional smaller screen rooms. I've only been in the main and one of the smaller rooms. But great, neighborhood feel. Lots of beer on tap, wine, and theater usual suspects. Good sound, and good seats!


Amazing movies you won't anywhere else.

Thia LaMarche

Great movies, helpful staff, and real butter for your popcorn at the snack bar!

Becky Copenhagen

Nice Vintage Theater with really comfortable rocking seats. Concessions are reasonable price. Definitely recommend!

Holly Howard

I really like the movies at Cinema 21. Sometimes this is the only place to see an obscure film or a gem of an art film. Over time it has expanded to have several theaters. The price is reasonable and the staff is friendly.

Terisa Garren

Nice theater and comfortable seating, enjoyed the movie.

Adrien Crowe

An old theatre with lots of history. Plays new and old films, and usually has some good indie films playing. There are multiple theaters here of varying size; some being very small (30-40 people max) one huge (200+). The refreshments are great! Fresh popcorn, local pizza and beer and candy. The prices are a bit higher than most theaters though.

sean moore

Nice neighborhood movie theater.


A true art house gem of a theater

Dawn Smith

Great indie and foreign films. Very reasonable snack bar prices. Clean and well maintained.

Yana Razumovska

Some weird smell in this building:(

Phoenix Black

Very good prices, a large movie theater. There is no reserved seating. They have pizza, popcorn and other food, which is all very affordable and seems tasty. The atmosphere is chill and safe feeling.

Ans van Gent

Friendly staff, nice place to see a good movie.

Derrick Duehren

It's been many years since I've been to Cinema 21. This great old cinema is now an enlarged three plex! Still showing off-beat and art films.

John Acerbi

Good independent theater showing many indie and art house films.

Scott Likely

Great theater, great snack bar, leans towards independent films

Joni Yates

One of my favorite theaters! They have film festiivals, show Indie films, gay fims, documentaries, etc. They serve Escape New York Pizza, buttery popcorn and beer! The people who work here are so friendly!

Michael Brant

Great people!

Ken Murray

Art movies, good popcorn and

Yolanda Hernandez Santa Cruz

Oh... Cinema 21, I love you, but is so freaking hard to find a parking slot in the area that I barely get to see you. The selection of movies is always on spot and they usually play movies that you won't find in any other theater -which is why I wish parking wasn't such a pain... :'(

Andrew Rogers

Comfortable classic theater with updated seating, sound and projection. The key draw is the art house and independent film that may not be available in most theater chains. They also frequently show 'The Room' late at night for the heck of it!

g s

Great movies but incredibly no

Jon Ragsdale

Love this movie theater! Has a balcony, cheap food and drinks, and they play movies that are hard to find elsewhere in Portland. Used to come here monthly for their "The Room" showings. Even met Tommy Wiseau here!

Cats Kale

Nice quaint theatre that shows great movies. It's near a lot of places to eat.

Darius Kuzmickas

Great movies.

LoneBeau Mitchell

I put four because the service and surroundings were five but the cost of snacks always lowers theaters in my heart. I feel a disregard for the middle working person's security and economic comfort, sort of a thing. So five if I could ever give a five to six theater.

Derek Moody

A super awesome theater. We drove up from Ashland and visited our daughter and we were just amazed at what a great little theater it is. Very friendly people as well. We will be returning every time we come to Portland.

Wilfred Pinfold

Great mix of box office and Indy films in a comfortable local environment.

Jeanne Nicole

Everything was great besides the pizza.

A heart named Lee

I love the movies this place chooses filled with truth and emotion!!!!

Kevin Hoover

Always a great neighborhood Theater to catch a movie. What’s not to like about local beers, great movie popcorn & other food to bring into the theater? Friendly staff and clean seats and two smaller theaters and one large one with new seating!

Stephen Wille

Cinema 21 provides a great service to those enjoying, what do you call it (?), a more unique film experience. Indie films, international films, cultural films, the kind of fare that make you think - while experiencing the world from your lounge-o-matic. In addition, I get opportunity to practice listening to the foreign language I pretend to know. Viel spass! Definately worth checking out, and you meet the neatest people in line!!

Mercedes Brown-Womack

Real butter, comfy seats. One of the last fantastic PDX theaters.

Sarah Alice

Cute theater with clean and comfortable seating. Great snacks and beer at fair prices.

Raul Padilla

One of of the oldest theaters in Portland. Also plays more of independent films.

Mark Bittler

Great little theater

Benjamin Evans

Excellent indie, small studio and unique films. Full concessions with escape from ny pizza, beer, wine, cider etc and all the usual snack fair

Vince Kramer

My favorite theater in Portland. Classier crowds less likely to whip out their cellphones during a movie. Great foreign and independent movies you'll see nowhere else. Fun movies to wear costumes to. And plus a monthly showing of The Room packed with wild fans. Always a blast.

Jim Greulich

Really cool older theatre that plays good, non-mainstream movies. In a great location with lots of great places toveat very close. Not fancy but seats were quite comfortable and employees were friendly.

Erin Williams

Classic old theatre with comfortable, updated seating. Staff very friendly.

Stanley Winterman

Popcorn was a bit stale. Everything else was good.

Immediate Review!

Beautiful theater, fair priced concessions and super comfortable seats with plenty of leg room. Had an excellent time.

Satish V

Comfortable seats. Good selection of quick snacks and drinks. They even had bananas.

Barry Johnson

Cinema 21 offers a well-curated slate of movies, comfortable and clean theaters, good service and reasonably-priced snacks. It's an update on the old neighborhood movie house.

peter roettger

Good times guaranteeed! Super nice seats, sound and picture. Movies that are hard to find elsewhere in Portland, both indie & classic. A must visit.

Mary Merlin

Bad food, good films and viewing experience, friendly staff. I loved the gem of a documentary we saw, but the food was awful. There was one lone pizza slice when we arrived at 6:30 on a Sunday for a 7 pm film. The popcorn was over-buttered and had no salt. And I think they used real butter? Very heavy and greasy. The theater itself had comfortable chairs and a nice screen. The sound system was good. But we partially went for dinner and that single slice didn’t go far between two people. We won’t be back. We found street parking pretty easily but I can see how could be difficult.

Andras Gruber

This movie theater is one of the few places in Portland where you can see films that are considered cerebral.

Rick Rangel

I love this movie theater - it is independently owned and provides a wonderful theater movie experience - wonderful service, clean, comfortable seats, good sound, great snacks (bear and wine), pizza etc..and is located in an amazing neighborhood!

Spring Power

Wonderful place. Exceptional selection of special movies plus mainstream. Very open minded. There is also the annual German film festival. And they have also an annual week of gay and lesbian movies.

Sim Zohn

Simply a clean, enjoyable theater to take friends & family to see a movie

Taylor W

My favorite theater in town, hands down. Their selection is unrivaled and I always feel like I'm treated like a friend here. Definitely recommend.

Dwight Stone

Cinema 21 is theater done well. They were the single screen art house, slightly run down and holding on by a shoe string. Today, even in the age of people just sitting at home, they have revitalized and have several screens with comfortable seats. Decent food and beer and cider available to eat as well. But most critically, a long standing commitment to bringing in great films from all over the world to their theater. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to their mailing list as they'll turn you on to great cinema you might otherwise miss.

Michael Drew

Seeing movies here always warms my heart. First film I saw here was "Beautiful Thing" Just saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch with John Cameron Mitchell. So glad you guys are here

Jason Costello

No go place. There are way better places to see a movie.


Very unique! Loved the feel of the place...not a typical feel...whatever that is. Excellent sound also.

Jack Honsinger

Great theater.

ellen pillow

Best movies in town are here. Plus great beer selection, and best popcorn: I

cassidy rose

This was such a nice theater! Has a very fun vibe. The seats were comfortable and it was clean. It has a great home town vibe and I felt like I was supporting soemthing local. They play a good variety of shows. They had cold water out and easily accessible without having to go through a refreshment line. I really enjoyed it here!

Suzanne Cox

Great prices, nice atmosphere, welcoming !!Great movies; Recommending this theater.

Franky Orris

one of my favorite theaters, choice film selection

Jeff Roerig

Beer and movies go great together. Especially at a cool old theater like this. They play first run movies in addition to some of the smaller indie films and documentaries.

Karla Buchanan

There are other great indie theaters in the area that don't have old, outdated seating, overpriced yet sparsely-stocked concessions, and questionable at best bathrooms. The dude at concessions who wears the white Kanye West circa 2008 glasses is also pretty serious about his job, so serious he asks you to hurry up when you take more than 3 seconds to order because "his line is getting long". The owners of this place are delusional if they think their customers find this "charming" or endearing in any way whatsoever. There are much better quality indie theaters for the same or a better price.

Christine Bierman

The theater is excellent with comfy chairs. The rows are too close together. Why is the spare women's bathroom near the e trance two, steep flights of stairs up? The stalls ha e sliding chains for locks, instead of srmtandard locks. Why?

Lance Thun

Classic small theater, showing Independent and foriegn films.

Richard Seymour

Great theater with great movies.

Larry Wilder

LOVE to support C21!! They've had some fine film events there. I'll trade the Buckingham Palace size lobbies of the mainline theatres any day to wait in line at C21. And there are good coffee joints and cafes right nearby. Just allow a few minutes to park. But that's not rocket science. You'll find a space.

Mersades Daffer

Love this theatre!

Forrest Murphy

I can rely on them and Hollywood Theater to show the smaller-release films that come out. Sometimes they get stuck on certain movies that play for ages. Maybe good maybe not so good. Popcorn style reminds me of Cinetopia. Bad beer selection that never changes (one rotating tap and it's usually okay at best).

Kevin Philpott

Great place to see a movie.

Bruce Gudmundsson

Lovely place. Comfortable seats. Excellent selection of alternate and indy movies. Good sound.

Lori Shaffer

Great movie selection--first-run indie & art house films, some revivals, etc.

Cindy James

Nice to see a movie in a small but comfortable theater, good acoustics. You can have a beer while you watch Saw Yellow Submarine

Kayla D

Nice older theater showing indie films and sometimes better known movies. Friendly, decent sound and screen quality, pilrices are good.

Blake Walker

The most you can possibly do with a great old movie theater! Love the line up of special films. Where else can you do the Sound of Music with props and sing alongs? So much fun!

Shannon Reiter

Go support your independent movie theaters and really enjoy your classic movie going experience

Lucila Cejas

One of my favorite theaters in Portland! They will show a variety of interesting films that other theaters don't show. Super tasty and good quality items in the concession stand.

Greg Nate

nothing beats a small venue.

Robert Kelly

Comfortable seats, good beer, and great movies.

Joseph Harmon

Great little theater! The popcorn is very good, and they have some tasty brews to go with it. Will definitely return.

Augustin Plainview

Can't go wrong with a theatre that serves beer

Mary Holderness

The most interesting movie theater in Portland. Fairly recently remodeled, and nicely.

Sam Adam

Ticket salesman at the window "accidentally" sold us a movie ticket to a different movie. Although we were rushing, we patiently waited for him to actually correct my purchase. This is important because the ticket sales dictate future interest for producers. Lastly, no vegan food choices.

Rama Wusirika

Excellent cinema showing a wide selection of foreign and independent films.

Kit Lorelied

Nice venue for indie movies.

David V. Horste

Nice theater that doesn't just show blockbusters.

Al Murashige

Nice theater in a great neighborhood

eric pretorious

Eclectic venue! Great selection of films! We plan to come here often!

Anne Wagner

Cinema 21 shows the films that are really well done, literary at times, but not "run away hits" with the general public. In other words there are a limited number of car chases & rollovers, exchanges of gunfire, or gratuitous use of sexual contact. Solid movie fare

Chuck Coate

Comfortable seating, good viewing, clean

Brent Hudson

It's a pleasant walk from my place, through NW Portland, to Cinema 21, an old, but we'll maintained theater that features a variety of independent films. I've never seen a bad movie there and ticket prices are less expensive than the big chain theaters. And the hot buttered popcorn they serve is the same popcorn you'll get when you are watching movies in heaven.

Lisa Wilson

My feelings about Cinema 21 are mixed and that's why the four stars. It's another old Portland theatre-quirky architecture and a wonderful choice of movies that don't make it to the big box places. Our last visit was to see the animation shorts which was fun and the was even a Q & A afterwards. The popcorn was delicious (which is really important to me). The reason for four stars- the women's bathroom is up a long flight of stairs and the men's on the main floor. I understand this is a limitation due to the age but wonder why they don't just make the downstairs unisex. (I used it anyway

Adrian P Baxter

Nice theater, comfy seats, great movie.

Kevin Rieschel

Good time. Laid back theatre

Collin Edwards

Great theatre, showing smaller, indie, and classic movies. A must visit

Jeff Amrhein

Favorite place in Portland to watch films. They always seem to view the most interesting ones.


I've lived here more than a decade and have not gone here till 2018. Fantastic selection of phenomenal films. Please support this establishment.


Went to a 5pm showing of Mandy on a Tuesday. Not crowded. Nice seats, sound, and picture. The lady working the ticket booth was very nice and her enthusiasm about the movie made it more enjoyable.

Caroline McDowell

Enjoy the comfortable setting, easy-going atmosphere, and excellent choice of films.

Sally Croft

Great cinema! Lovely to see unique films!


Cute little theater with a variety of food and drinks. Pizza, popcorn, beer, and cider.

David Paulin

A favorite for date night. I’m grateful to have these films screening in my city. The prices are reasonable. But the best part for me is that the audience is always quiet and respectful. The concessions would benefit from a bit more variety (more candy options).

Matthew House

We loved the Mr. Rogers movie

Tony Liese

We had a great time seeing the Room. Tommy Wiseau was super nice and funny. Cinema 21 is a great theater for films not made by Disney.

Carla VanPelt

Great place for indie films.


my first time there I went to see the movie about the homeless father & daughter living in the forest of portland...can't remember the name of it...anyways, their credit card machine was down at the time so I couldn't see their matinee ...later I returned and it was back I saw the movie..the theatre is "old school" ..sort of rustic..kind of cool.

Bill B

Great little theater . clean,good sound,nice staff,street parking only

Mollie Boots

Popcorn, pizza, beer, and indie movies for a reasonable price. My favorite nearby theater.

Maia Vasconez-Taylor

Phenomenal ---- those 2 kidz

Brittany Launius

The seats are amazingly comfortable! The service was friendly. Had a great time!

Vanessa Hutcheson

I took my son to see Yellow Submarine. This is a cozy movie theater. Historical location.

Todd Simmons

Legendary Portland art house cinema. I've seen dozens of great indie and foreign films since 1980's. I saw "Stop Making Sense" here during its first run. And last week I saw "Chi-raq". The programming here and the cozy cinema experience has never wavered. I love seeing that old marquee on 21st street to this day, whenever I'm in the city.

john smeenk

Best coffee,popcorn 5 stars

Alyssa Ostrander

This is a great theater for independent movies and the BEST popcorn while you’re enjoying the movie. It’s freshly made, organic and with real butter and an assortment of salts/spices to add.

Richard Kettner-Polley

Good theater good prices

Doug Pikul

Great theater, and concessions. Staff is super nice and helpful.

Robert Lowe

Great atmosphere and really cool theater. Nice folks.

Tracy Hamer

Great little cinema house. Usually not too crowded. Good variety of movies; although, no art house stuff. There's the usual popcorn, nachos, and hot dog fare. Same with the fountain drinks and candy. The theaters are pretty small but it doesn't detract from the experience; in fact, I prefer it. Plenty of parking available. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Everyone is pretty kicked back and chill.

Jon Henrichsen

Awesome indie theater with super comfy seats!

Ryan Cantor

Love that they show cool movies!

Charles Thompson

Always more independent movies and delicious escape from New York pizza!

Rachel Sizemore

Comfortable, unique theatre with a leaning towards fantastic but lesser known movies. Just wish I could find good parking but definitely not the establishment's fault.

Sierra Briano

Love Cinema 21. Great movies. No one else has them.

Jules F

I. Love. This. Theater.

Eric Canon

Wonderful movies. Art on the screen. Real people selling tickets and (real) buttered popcorn and real people in the seats watching great cinama. A Portland treasure in every way.

Quorra Mai Cash

Small. Best popcorn. Pizza. Beer.


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