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4040 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266

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REVIEWS OF Century 16 Eastport Plaza IN Oregon

Ed Thomas

Well laid out. Spacious theater with comfortable seating


Could of been great. However they made us sit in the very very front. When we bought our tickets we had to pick a seat and the only option was the front. We thought okay untill no one claimed those back seats not one. Otherwise wouldve been great.

Charelle Pennington

I purchased 2 handicapped seats for the lion king 7pm movie and when I got there at 7pm. Paid for popcorn when to the theater to sit, I noticed that 1 of my seats were for a wheelchair user. The 2 middle seats that are together were taken by non-handicap movie goers. When I asked if they were required to give up their seats, the gentleman told me that it was only within 15 of the start of the movie. It was 7:17pm, and be didn't count the time I asked for his help.

Samuelu Sheck

Seats are incredible, recline and the view of the screen is perfect. Each rows seems so private with the back walls being so high but its fancy. Love it


I'm very much liking the assigned seat thing. And if you are running late for the start time the staff is super cool and will tell ya if the trailers are still playing.

Meron Parkman

Best movie theatre I've ever been to, the surround sound and reclining chair really makes you love the experience

Breanna Cross

Was pleasantly surprised, just wished it was cleaner in the lobby.

Dk Ayres

Love, love, love this theatre! Great employees...from admissions, concessions to the clean up crew. This location offers several admission specials that you need to check out. Concessions offers about everything you can think of....I especially enjoy the soda machine! But the best of all I'd the actual cost of theater seating - your own recliner! If you haven't been to this theatre lately, you must try it out soon!

Hugo Flores

Nice staff!

Kip Ching

Great mall with some useful shops

Jamie Winkelman

Introvert Tips: go midweek, after the movie's been showing about 3 weeks, and on cold wintry evenings when no one wants to be out. We were two out of a little over ten individuals attending a showing of Glass. Wonderful. Also, the lounge seats are amazing. It's nice not to have to drive out to a fancy niche theater to score cushy armchairs like these. And finally, accessibility is on point. Need a caption thingy for the Deaf/HoH person in your life? They've got 'em. Just request one for your friend when you're at the ticket counter. Let the good times roll.

Jake Katosic

What a cool theater. I absolutely love the reclining seats and the assigned seating here, taking all the guess work out of finding seats. The smaller theaters are the best, with 30 patrons max per showing. I live in California and have only been to the movies twice in the past two years, both times at this theater while on vacation in Portland. Save a few bucks on a rainy day and treat yourself to a matinee, you won’t be disappointed.

Kayla Hempel

Cool spot. Small theater which some people like, but all around I liked it.

Mark Lee

Great place to take a partner and see a movie even if you buy two seats and only use one seat for the movie. Like me and my girlfriend do

Jen Eckardt

I was a die hard Cinetopia fan until I discovered Century's super comfy powered recliner seats. This will be my new favorite theater going forward for the comfiest seats, the self serve drinks and the Kettle corn! Clean theaters, friendly staff, love it!

Jacqueline Jensen

Recliner, kettle corn and a movie, could life be any better?

Mike Sawyer

Great friendly staff the most comfortable reclining seats also go on tuesdays reg tickets only 5.50 good deals at concessions as well cant go wrong anyday really

IVend4U Jeremy

This place is great! Best seating around and they easy to get in and get your seat quickly

Jennifer Thrasher

Our favorite theater! We come from Gresham for this theater. We have the movie club, which saves us lots of $$. The recliners are awesome too! Traffic on Powell can be slow though, so leave extra time, but you can reserve your seats online so that's helpful!

Craig Ackerman

Popcorn is kinda stale and its 1pm in the day. Most of the seats other then the front row are sold out for the whole day. But otherwise a nice theater just overcrowded. No wifi in the place which is surprising since a 16oz bottle of dasani water is 4.50. And there is obviously no reception inside the theater with my s9+ on Verizon. The quality of the screen is very low and the frame rate of the movie was all jittery. Very sad for the new pokemon movie but maybe I'm just used to my 4k TV at home.

William Aguilar

We had a complaint concerning one of the theaters. Unfortunately they were not able to solve the issue but they were very hospitable gave us a pass to another movie we are very grateful! Great company! Great Comfy Seats too!!

Edward Mahoney

Great place to watch a movie. Super comfy seats, snacks are always fresh and a great selection.

Shirley mcquigg

My husband and I have visited this theater twice now. We love the lounge chairs. The staff is friendly and helpful. Prices for the movies are cheaper than Regal Cinemas. And who would have thought that you can enjoy your favorite movie with a beer or a relaxing glass of wine. Love the concessions (especially the hot buttery popcorn YUM....) great place for a date night or a family night!

Donovan Shuster

Very kind and open staff. They were great with my younger siblings.

marife gueta

It's a great place to watch movies. The luxury chairs are very comfortable.

Beki Safar

They keep her pretty clean I absolutely love the reclining chairs

Ash Bunny

They keep it pretty clean, they are all very friendly, and since it is a Century 16 there is a free refill on large popcorn and large sodas. The reclining seats are so much more comfortable than almost any other theater in town. It is nice being able to pick our seats online in advance.

Miracle Morris

Very comfortable seating, polite staff an yummy refreshments.

darin purcell

2 of my last 3 times there, been going there since it first opened, have been terrible. Saw an R rated movie today, and there were small kids in there, with a talking Grandma, who was also on her phone... Just stupid. No ushers monitoring. VERY DISAPPOINTING

Sindy Westenfelt Bosch Easterly

I love the staff and how helpful and friendly they are as well as how comfortable the theater is from the chairs to the carpet to the bathroom. Definitely go to this theater if you have the chance.

Helen Krane

One of the few Century theaters that have assigned seating which makes booking tickets a very easy process. It is relatively clean and the acoustics are decent. It's not as large as the Clackamas location but still has plenty of rooms.

Yuki Hatake

The Lion King Popcorn Sprite

Thomas Bailey

Conveniently located & very clean comfortable!

Rachel Bussert

This is my theater of choice, generally. Can't argue with the convenient location and comfy assigned seats. :)

Tom O'Brien

This is the best theater I have evee been in. Awesome seats

Mary Klein

Love the movie seats here

Chip McNally

The reserved seating is great. The seats are wonderful. They've really stepped up their game. All that's missing is Dolby Atmos.

David Cook

Love picking my seat and the lounge chairs are awesome

Nelson Maldonado

Great place to go to shop and see a movie

Michelle V

Best theater in Portland. The reclining chairs can't be beat. Head and shoulders above any of the other lounger / comfy type theaters in Portland.

Pam Cagle

This is the best theater I've ever been to. All seats recline ! Just like being home. I go to the earliest shows possible for price and of course crowd control lol. It's great only having 5 to 15 other people in one theater room. And after the movie you can have lunch buffet at Izzy's next door


We went to see a movie that had already been out for a while so we had the room all to ourselves. The seats were clean, the popcorn was yummy, and the staff was friendly. My favorite part was that the chairs could lay back. I would definitely return to watch more movies the next time we are in Portland!

Jud Pugly

I was refused a ticket because i had a backpack. I even offered to allow an inspection of my bag for food and drink but they refused to inspect it. Im on a motorcycle and cant leave it anywhere. They also do not offer any kind of bag check to accommodate this rediculous rule. I guess i will have to buy an illegal copy to watch this movie, but hey then my drinks and snacks will only cost a couple bucks instead of $30 for a water and popcorn.

Corey Branstrom

This is our go-to theater. It's close to where we live, but it also has reserved lounge seats. I recommend it.


Food $$. Recliners are great Handicap areas for wheelchairs and walkers. Tickets for movies are high after 6:00 PM before 6:00 PM is $6.00.

Elisa B

My boyfriend and I only have Tuesdays off together, and one of our favorite things to do is see a movie at the Eastport theater, it's close to our house and the staff is always friendly. Yesterday was no exception! We got tickets to see Midsommar, (I'm a huge horror fan and was excited to see it) but the people sitting next to us absolutely ruined the movie for us. They were talking loudly, laughing (its horror??), eating really loudly, and even went so far as to chew tobacco and spit it into a starbucks cup all through the movie. When we finally couldnt take it anymore, we left with about 45 minutes left of the movie (They were even rude enough to loudly disturb the theater by making fun of us leaving.) and talked to the manager on duty, Benny. He was amazing. He addressed all of our concerns, sent an usher in to take care of the situation, and even credited us a movie in the future. As a store manager in retail, I noticed the time he took to listen, and really appreciated the way he went the extra mile. Thank you so much Benny, I am sure we'll be back next Tuesday to give the movie another try. :)

Sarah Nunya

I hope they have a theater like this in heaven

Dmitry Velikoretskikh

Been here a couple of times. I love their comfy reclining chairs.

Doug Busack

Love the reclining seats! Also, the temperature isn't too frigid, and Century has finally started issuing e-tickets that are scannable, so you don't have to go to the box office. I appreciate the reservation system for seats, so you know exactly where you're sitting. The refreshments area is confusing as heck, though. I think it's intentional to get you to buy more, but the soda customization station is awesome. I also appreciated that they have a bike rack right out front, so that your bike is safe while locked up.

Elouise MacKay

Nice staff clean place.

Amber Sandberg

Used to absolutely love this theater. However, Yesterday morning I went to see a movie that started at 10:40am. At 10:20am the ads started, but there was no picture. At 10:28am, I let the manager know that there was no picture. He stated that they already knew that and that the movie doesn't until 10:40am. At 11am, someone came in and told us that the light bulb needed to be changed (something they could have figured out at 10:20am). The movie finally started at 11:10am. This is the 2nd time in the past month we have had to let them know that there was only sound - no picutre. Also, very frequently this particular theater is out of many of their staple food items... whipped cream, carbonation, Cheddar Popcorn... They also seem very short on staff, or have multiple staff standing around not helping people.

Jonathan Wheeler

Went to shop for groceries and decided to stop to catch a movie. I take the bus so I had my backpack on me and they turned me away. The backpack was completely empty! The manager explained to me that the solution to my problem was simple... I should take a bus back home, drop off my bag and catch another bus back, watch the movie at a later time then bus back home for my bag so I can catch another bus to finally go shop for my groceries (not even exaggerating, literally what he told me). I will be getting a car soon but it doesn't matter, I will never take my business to any Century theater ever again. I refuse to support any business that enforces such inept, discriminatory policies. Oh and of course woman with very large purses were not being turned away... I guess no one in all of human history as ever tried to put a handgun or twinkie in a purse...

Kate Saldaña

This is our go-to movie theater. Their recliners are the best, having reserved seating is awesome, and the concessions area is incredible. Tuesdays are bargain day and shows sell out really quickly, so know that. Tip: purchase tickets at the beginning of the day for a later showing so that you can have reserved seats waiting for you when you come back and you don't have to wait in line to get in.


Every theater has the luxury seating! Oh and EVERY Tuesday, unless that falls on a release date is only like $7! Super friendly and clean!

F. Nieman

Favorite place to see a film. I like buying my ticket online so I can pick seats. Staff are the best: courteous, fast, and professional. Plenty of seating available for people with special or physical needs and wide areas to get through.

Wendy Mitchell

One of the better cinemas I've been to in Portland. The theater we were in was small and had assigned seating in leather recliners. My recliner was broken, but the seat next to my daughter was empty, so I sat there and was able to have the full experience.

Shayla KittyLane Brown

the remodel be is AMAZING:)

Gloria Lopez

My favorite movie theater. I love myself some nachos.

Samantha Pulley

Love the seats was able to let my 3 year old cuddle up with me while watching the movie. The staff were friendly to and helpful when he accidentally dropped his drink. Love this theater

Sandra Cruz

Favorite Movie Theater....This is the best seats we have sat on !

Miranda Wardropper

I love it here, reclining seats are roomy and comfortable, my only complaint is the meal moths! I have seen them in pet stores too and they are very invasive. I have noticed they last couple times I've been there that the moths are in the theaters flying around. It is very distracting when trying to watch a movie. Please get an exterminator if you haven't already!

Dubstep Gaming

Love ths movies here. The seating was great. Low wait times and an awesome arcade!

Thomas Reed

Not sure when this theater was fully renovated, but its money well spent in my eyes. Having really nice chairs, and being able to pick your spot before walking into the theater is fantastic. This is where I now sell all new movies.

Lance Boetel

Deserves more stars, but too many downsides. Theater is great. Lounge chairs are awesome. Sound is phenomenal. But... I got a "ticket" with my purchase that said I had been selected for a survey. Yet it had NO info on how to participate. When the movie I was watching turned out to be horrible, Hellboy, I felt like the management had no interest in making it right. The obvious solution is to offer the customer a pass to another movie, as they don't have to pay ANYTHING for it, but will still make $ on concessions. It took too much arguing with managers to get that result.

Kelly Mendoza

Seats are so comfortable and hav the right amount of leg space. I love that they have booster seats for the kids. Great arcade and great options for snacks. I don't like that I can't have my back pack but I understand I am probably one of the few that have it on me at all times being that I travel by bike and usually have clothes for work and/or bad weather, most people have no reason to be bringing a backpack in. I get it.

Bill Combs

Had a great time , saw Maleficent 2 queen of evil

Alyssa Larsen

Grest savings on tickets & concessions thru app & monthly subscription, made the entire experience very convenient. Super comfortable reclining seats. 21+ Margarita Slushy Machine. Need I say more?

Leigh Harper

My reclining chair in the theatre reclined but wouldn't go back down. Downton Abbey show, row J seat 5

Ahj Williams

I've been coming going to theater since I first moved here back in 2014. The only 1 bad experience I had, was I went to see "Straight Outta Compton". Some girls started to fight and they stopped/canceled the film (so not, the theaters fault). They gave us all a free movie pass to (1) showing of our choosing. Which I thought was really cool of them. That was the one and only bad thing I experienced there. Since then my experience has only gotten better. - theaters are clean , comfy big reclining seats with enough arm room!!

John McSpiffy

Comfy recliners and plenty of snack options. The walls that separate the rows are a bit tall for short people and kids. Has an arcade. Skip the front ticket line and get tickets online.

Doreen Gorans

Shhhh...I almost don't want to share cause I love that they aren't always overcrowded & have reclining chairs! Tuesday reduced pricing is a bargain!

Eli Lynch

Cushy seats you reserve. So, no going early to wait for a movie to get a good seat. And they recline, folks. RECLINE. Plenty of space for people to get by so you don't have to stand up every time Johnny needs to pee. Or for those people that always come after the movie has started.


For a national chain, it's pretty good. Food is okay. Service is fairly great. Prices are standard. Well stocked FreeStyle. Projection and sound excellent. Sonic isolation top notch.

Jay Freeman

I use the movie club, and reserve the nice comfy reclining seats. Still pay an arm and a leg for soda and candy.

Daniel Carter

This is our family's favorite theater. Nice reclining seats. Great snack bar and high quality sound and screen

Kinsey Van Ost

Nice seats, and good screens, but in the theater we were in, it looked like someone either really enjoyed, or was really upset by a film or character and had launched a soda into the top right corner, leaving a splatter and drip design that once I noticed, I had a hard time not noticing.

Brian Emmett

Every theater has the comfy, reclining seats. It's hard to go anywhere else now.

Miles Ellsworth

Love the seats. I keep choosing this theater over the one's closer to my place. Efficient, professional and friendly staff, and in my experience, a clean environment.

Adam Elkins

Really difficult to give a theater 5 stars because no matter what theater you go to, there's always someone doing something to annoy you during the movie. That aside, I've never had a legitimate problem here. The staff has always been friendly and helpful, and it's usually pretty clean. Assigned seating, reclining chairs, good AV equipment. Movies are pretty expensive these days - this place isn't an exception, but I don't feel like I'm being ripped off.

courtney Bywater

Omg this place is so awesome the chairs move so that you comfortable

meagan mceachern

I always go here to watch movies. The chairs are super comfortable and the concessions are really good quality. I am a member if the cinemark movie club so I also get discounts on atickets and concessions, which is awesome. I highly recommend going here.

Jay Meredith

Best theater in town, in my opinion. Great power recliners.

Bill Emett

One of the most comfortable theatres I have visited. However! The snack bar was a weird and confusing system. Its THE ONLY reason they didn't get a 5th star! Drinks around the corner. Popcorn there. Candy on the other side. Pay over there. The staff staring at me as if I should understand their strange snack bar system. Come on it couldn't be anymore confusing!

Miku Torres

The recliners there are awesome. I feel in love. They have liquor, speacialty drinks, snacks etc

Carla Clark

A bit overpriced (both movie and Peace tea...), but the recliner seats almost made it worthwhile. Enjoyed "Downton Abbey", 'tho.

K.O. Stuff

Greats chairs and many varieties of soda nice staff

Scott Campbell

Great place and online discounts

Venessa Shepherd

The movie was awesome but the popcorn was stale and not fresh AR all!!

Ryan Galle

Electric reclining seats, fewer people per theater. I like this theater, definitely our go-to

Veronica Antal

Great screens and comfy seating but quite chilly and too loud for me


I had such an amazing timing and so did my girlfriend. We went there for are first date and it was perfect. Me and her both loved the seats there so soft and they recline

Samantha B

Great movie theater. They are very nice and the one problem I've had here, out of many times of coming, was handled very well! Great service.

G Messinger

The best seats! Plays all the movies and has a lot of snack options. The recliners work and are clean.

Chelsey Hoge

Reclining seats! Ah that was a nice surprise. We ended up going to this theater because it had the movie we wanted. Loved it!

James Peoples

This is our go to movie theater for big releases. The luxury loungers and reserved seats are so great. The beer, snacks etc are not insanely overpriced. The theaters are always clean. The layout is a little weird, it's easy to get turned around. When you book your tickets through Fandango it earns you points towards free tickets.

Geri Murray

A little chilly but love the seats!

Tia Marie

Reclining stadium seating in all theatres! Spacious and very comfortable. Great choice of movies. Clean.

Dr Cowbell

Discriminates against the blind and handicapped! My friend attempted to see Avengers Endgame at one of their later night showings but wasn’t allowed to because her bag that she carries with her because she doesn’t have a car because she CAN NOT drive couldn’t be made smaller. Do not go here if you want to be treated like a human

Shayne Allen

You pay for movie club every month and this place isn’t like other locations and they force you to stand in the same line as the guests buying tickets. So make sure you arrive early if you don’t want to miss your movie. With the declining revenue from movie theaters you’d think management wouldn’t want to miss key customer service chances like this. Very disappointed.

Bruce Reiter

A nice place to go to see a movie. Nice seats and nice refreshments.

Rainbowdemon 555

Expensive but comfiest seats of any movie theater ever

Cristina Nedea

This theater is the best! It has comfy recliner seats and great snack options with a Coke 360 soda machine (which is one of my personal favorites). Employees always seem to be quite friendly. If I would change anything it would be that if you buy a ticket online, you often have to wait in the same sometimes long line to get your ticket printed. Until recently they had automated kiosks for ticket purchase but they recently took those out.

Laurie Shentalevenn

I went in to get my ticket to see Spiderman Far From Home because I had missed the opening time at one of the other theaters. I usually go to Regal Cinemas. I was told rather defensively and snottily by the girls at the counter that I had to take my small canvas backpack which I use as a purse off my back, fold it up and carry it in. I asked them why and they said that it was a state law that I couldn't take anything into the theater that was more than 1' by 6" by 6". I thought this was completely ridiculous, but complied. A manager was walking out of the theater hallway as I was walking in and I pulled him aside and asked him if I had heard correctly, that there was a state law forbidding us to carry and ordinary small backpack into the theater on my back. He said, "No, it's not a state law, it's a company policy." OK so it's a company policy. when I ask that, they should answer me straight, not get defensive about it, and they should know the difference between a state law and a company policy. This makes me less likely to go to Cinemark, and more likely to leave earlier to be on time to Regal Cinemas.

Adam Wengronowitz

Upon entering the sparse parking area, in what appears to be a shopping mall way past it’s prime, you will notice the peeling paint and sad appearance of the building and begin to question your decision to come here...however, upon entering you will see the full service adult beverage station, ice cream parlor and snack shack. Confused, you select your seat, which is also unexpected, and meander down the hallway to your theatre. “Small, but doable,” you say to yourself about the size of the room. And then you sit down in a recliner, another unexpected luxury, and enjoy the film!! It was a much better experience than the exterior led one to believe. Still, you probably won’t come back because you live 45 min away and this was the only theatre still playing Avengers: Endgame at a reasonable hour.

Jennifer Langdon

Bought tickets to Avengers at this place online by accident because I wasn't paying attention. We decided to go anyways because it would throw the kids off (I'm a jerk and had them thinking they had dentist appointments on a Sunday)... I don't know that I'll ever go anywhere else now. Seats were comfortable, clean, and reclined. The theater was spacious, didn't smell like feet and sadness, and the floor wasn't sticky and gross. Pretty sure this is the first time I've watched a movie in public and didn't feel like I wanted to take a shower and set my clothes on fire afterward. Strange setup for the concession area, but cool at the same time because you basically get everything yourself and then pay instead of standing in line for an hour just to have a teenager mess up your soda and take twenty minutes figuring out how to fix it.

Matthew Spohrer

So the other day, I last minute decided to go watch a matinee here. It was all sold out except for the front row (not blaming them for that. Again, I decided to do this at the last minute so that was 100% on me). The problem is, as comfortable as the reclining seats were, and they most certainly were comfy, the movie was unwatchable. Your neck is about as far back as possible from the angle you are watching the screen which also causes the distortion in the proportions of the actors on the screen. So not only is your neck very uncomfortably folded back on itself, but watching the movie is difficult because my tiny brain was constantly trying to make sense of what was on the screen. Now, I have sat in the front row of movies before and, while not ideal, you still get a somewhat normal movie watching experience. This was the worst movie theater experience I've had. Imagine if planes showed their movies on the ceiling by the little air vent things, that's about how this felt. It's like they got the airline companies to design the front rows, as in, technically they can see the screen so we're good. Also, as comfy as the seats were (not taking into consideration having to bend your neck like the girl in exorcist to see the screen), there were tons of crumbs in them. So not only was I very uncomfortably watching the movie, but I was doing so in someone else's filth. Just an all around miserable experience. Maybe next warn people to do all of the neck stretches before sitting down to watch the movie....and maybe breaks every 15 minutes to stretch more...ugh.

Jamey Collins

The seating is super nice! Very similar to Cinetopia.

Taylor Rose

Just went and saw pet cemetery yesterday and the best part of my service was the ONE young lady they had selling tickets. There were what I'm assuming we're managers walking around ain a group of at least 4 going on a joint smoke break while the they had one person selling tickets. And I'm sorry but earth day is Monday AND it's 2019 and the manager threw her cigarette on the ground right in front of the business, like nasty and rude af.

Pokemon Poke

Really comfy seats, love going here. They also have kettle corn which most other theaters don't have. Came yesterday to watch a movie with my family and there was a seat mix up, and this friendly employee I think his name was either Carter or Chris helped us figure it out. 5 star!!

Amanda Gleason-Klock

Loved how comfortable the seats are however; we went to a late 930 showing of Lion Kings in hopes to enjoy the movie without little ones crying/talking during the movie. 2 different families brought kids under the age of 2 who cried most of the movie. Then a couple next to us was doing god only knows...under a blanket.... it was all brought to the theaters attention and nothing was done about it. Very hard to enjoy the movie with all that going on. I understand the theater cant help who comes in when they have purchased a ticket but really if people complain go say something give them a warning that if it continues they will have to leave without a refund!

James Mungin

Kinda dirty, the luxury recliners are amazing though!!

Christina R

We always enjoy coming here for our movies, even though it's farther than local movie theaters. We love that we can reserve seats, and they're the big comfy leather seats that recline, as well as you can lift the armrest to cuddle with your partner. It's always clean, never sticky. Same with the bathroom, smells and looks clean. Tuesdays, all day, it's 50% off tickets (so just $5.75). They also honor company discounted tickets bought through your employee program.

Kiera Gabaldon

Aside from the comfortable seats this theater is not worth going to. They are not in control of their viewers. The last 4 movies I attended here people were loud, talking/making comments throughout the entire movie. Last night while watching IT, I had the worst movie experience ever; the couple behind me kept pulling out alcohol and stunk up the theater and continued to become louder and more idiotic as the film went on. Don't waste your money here, you wont even be able to focus on the movie you paid for.

kristine mackenzie

Comfy seats! And $5.75 Tuesdays!

Peter Me !

Bad area. Too many minorities !

Katie Bassett

The theater looks like it was recently renovated but the front lobby is a disaster full of clutter and the ticket desk was very dirty.

Robert B

Great Theater very nice comfortable seats and good selection at snack bar. Will return

carol alcon

Don't change the senior discount to created cards

Kush L

The chairs that lean back make it worth the drive every time. Love this theater. Kills all the other Regal ones. Also check out their loyalty program. The rewards and free movie ticket a month are worth it!

i heal

Best movie theater I've been to

Quincy Bowens

This theaters seating really surprised me. Plenty of room and comfy seats. My chair was stuck in a reclined position though. Poor me. Also these theaters usually have a concessions area that is superior to most.

Amy Gunn

I love this theater. The luxury loungers are fantastic and the staff has always been quite courteous.

Christopher Mandeville

This is one of my favorite places to see a movie in Portland. Matinee prices are really reasonable and you get to pick your own seats ahead of time. The seats are stadium-style and fully reclining, so very comfortable. Of course the popcorn, drinks and snacks are expensive, but if I want to see a movie with great special effects this is where I will go. Service here is also very good. I didn't realize you can only get a popcorn refill for the large size, but the guy went ahead and filled my medium anyway.

Lindy Bushnell

Clean, vegan butter on the popcorn, nice senior discounts.

Gaynell Buffington

I didn't watch all of the movie. It was a boring kid's cartoon. I slept through most of it. The Addams family.


Has changed dramatically since I was a kid. I remember coming here when part 1 of the last Harry Potter movies were coming out. My family and I were first in line. Back then it didn’t have the luxury seating like it does now which makes the whole experience of going to the movies and creating memories with friends and family that much more worth it. I highly recommend getting your tickets a few days ahead of time so you can get the seats you want!

Brion Thomas

Best theater in PDX. Between the electric recliners and the Coke Freestyle(with all the sodas and flavors from one machine), I dont think it could get any better.

Jamie Cooper

Great place to see a movie. Comfy recliner seats, assigned seating. Snacks are expensive but that's standard for movie theaters. They have the coca cola freestyle machine which is awesome. Staff is friendly enough and the place is clean! Parking is also easy so thats a plus.

Edward Kruger

I really like this place! It sells out quite a bit tho...

Shelby Saguibo

I’ve come to this theatre many times to see some of my favourite movies. I found it when my boyfriend brought me with his family to a movie and ever since it’s my go to. The prices for the amazing chairs and reserved seats are practically unbeatable. Even when I’m sitting next to someone I don’t know it doesn’t feel like I’m on top of them and it’s a great feeling. The staff has always been friendly and efficient and the theatres are always clean when I get there. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!

Gloria Warner

Seats are comfy, popcorn is delicious and easy parking. Love this place

Princess Nissa

Leather recliner seats, helpful staff, lots of concession options, even a bar where you can get wine and beer! There is an arcade, bathrooms on both ends of the hallways, and theaters are clean and comfortable. Would definitely recommend to others.

Gabriella Caputo

It's a really nice theater. But if it was cheaper it would be a lot better.

randy sueoka

My go to cinema, love the luxury loungers!

Bill K

Love the movie club snd love the lounger chairs. Great theatre to catch a flick.

Thanh Lu

Now that these theaters let you reserve seating instead of it being a free-for-all, they are really nice. The chairs are really comfortable too! Almost like La-Z-Boy chairs.

Shana Hays

Shouldn't have bothered

Eugene Park

Mr. Ross was fantastic, kind enough to call me to let me know about my lost car keys!! Thank you so much.

Athina Greiner

I like the atmosphere and the seating. I live close by so it's my go to.

Giovanni DiMaggio

Comfy leather seats and a variety of snacks. Nice place for a rainy afternoon.

Tup-Nush-Pum Tulalakus

Luv the recliner & popcorn is great

Ted Wittman

The seats are cozy and recline back surprisingly far. I like their funnel system for concessions. It’s more cafeteria style than serving one whole order at a time. Other theaters need to take note. The staff is friendly but I did have a rude encounter with the manager, of all employees. Clearly high on his power tripping but this is an isolated incident.

Peggy Lyons

Went to the opera. Comfortable seating. Great time.

Cat Cooper

The new seats are very comfortable

Thomas O'Sullivan

Had a great daddy / daughter date here. Love that they do earlier shows and the theater was way nicer than I expected. I really enjoyed the way the concession line was set up, leading you to the register and giving you an opportunity to see everything offered on the way. I’ll certainly be back here!

Misti Jaso

Really nice movie theater. I love that they have the luxury loungers in all the theaters. Their movie club is really a good deal. We'll be coming here often so we can hit up our fav Mexican food place before the show.

Douglas Allchin

Toilets had paper towels all over the floor and in the sinks. Staff surly, floor area behind counters covered with dropped popcorn. Carpets grubby, seat broken. Tawdry and down at heel feel. Depressing.

Kaylee Marie

Super comfy chairs and cheap tickets, totally worth it. I've been there several times and I'm going to keep returning back to that theater!

will kunz

I was really expecting to be disappointed when I was invited to a pre viewing of Shazam and the only seats left open on Fandango were in the first 3 rows, but the seats were amazing compared to how they used to be. Fully reclining seats, surround sound that made me look back several times, and a decent sized screen with a fairly high resolution. Century Theaters has really embraced the philosophy of constant improvement! The concessions are streamlined, and I checked in on my phone, but it would have been just as easy to walk in and buy a ticket (except for the pre screening). Overall a great experience! Only complaint: It was a little dirty.

Carly Williams

Love the leather seats!! Service is friendly and pretty quick!

Antonio Bagala

Its okay. It's no AMC theater but they are better then the rest of the competitors out there in the theater game. It's all about the rewards systems. AMC is #1 with 21$ a month for 3 movies a week is hard to beat. I wish they offered a better system like that so it was easier to see more movies in theater. On a side: they have the recycling seats which are a must for any theater in the 21st century. I hope this is able to help at least one person.

Patrick Robertson

This theater is pretty decent aside from one important issue... I enjoy using my Movie Pass to get to the movies at least once a month. At this point I have seen four movies at this location each at different screens. Every single time I have seen moths fly up in front of the screen shortly after the movie begins. Are they emerging from the recliners once the legs go up? I excused this the first time I saw it, but the very next and every following time I saw this I couldn’t believe it. I’m going to give this place one more try and then I’ll have to go somewhere where I don’t think about where the moths are coming from during my movie experience.

Banned From Atlanta

Great theater! Staff is awesome. Seating is great and every seat has a great view. Great concession choices and getting your refills is super easy. Keep in mind that the theater rooms are smaller and have less seats but if you enjoy a more intimate movie experience this is definitely the movie theater for you. The recliners are so comfortable.

Patricia Burlandc

The plaza is friendly place and a good place to bring your family.

John Masoner

Comfy seating, love the Tuesday prices.

Samantha Willson

Really comfy recliners. Nice clean theaters. Good sound separation between theaters.


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