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REVIEWS OF Century 16 Cedar Hills IN Oregon

Dann Rosenstein

Awesome theater. Reserved seating with reclining seats.

Jeanine Claar

I love how clean and quiet the theater is, very comfortable to sit in also

Lissa Erwin

I LOVE the theaters and the reclining seats in them. They are clean, intimate (but not too much) and extremely cozy. After a while you kind of forget that there are other people around because it’s so spacious and you don’t see people below you/around you. This is our current go-to theater and we live an hour away.

Sumie Khamvongsa

Super comfy seats, love that we need to pick sittings first. Fooddd was ok that's why not 5 stars

Becky Hyatt

Plush seating and great sound!

Mark Pennington

It was ok, line to long to get popcorn, oh well.

louis weyrich

Very nice. Comfortable seating and good sound system

Katelynn Hitsman

This facility has been updated and offers the comforts of reserved recliners for seats. Gone are the days of the old flip down seats. Very comfortable. Very affordable.

Gage Lisdero

The seating is great for leg room and the nice reclining chairs are a nice touch. The added walls behind each chair makes it seem a bit more private, which is also a nice, unique feature. The sound quality for standard movies (not 3-D) could be improved by adding more bass and lowering the sound just a bit. But overall, it's a great theater for seeing the latest movies!

Norma Alfonso

I'm excited

Bryan Bilicke

Recliner chairs are super nice. Great place to watch a movie.

Krissi Brunoe

I’m here every week. LOVE this theater above all others. The manager Joshua is also really friendly and helpful!

Jordan Austin

Daaaang these are some comfy seats! Intimate theaters with a lot of extra space, doesn't feel crowded.

Amir Moin

Crowded overrated theater with terrible staff and management. Staff member incorrectly gave me the wrong showtime for a movie , I specifically asked for a 7:30 showtime and they gave me a 10:45 showtime! I had arrived at 7pm, why would I want to go to a 10:45 showtime? Upon bringing up the issue to customer services, they made me wait to talk to a manager because they are so crowded and when I finally was able to talk to one it was almost 730. He reviewed the ticket and told me there are only seats right next to the screen. Not only did I waste my time but I had to sit in a crowded lobby and not see a movie that night, and I want even apologized to! I was just handed a refund and sent on my way. I found at other movie theaters they always make sure I receive a complimentary ticket for their mistake. Go to a different movie theater and save yourself the hassle of the crowd and the terrible staff here.

Dallin Mueller

Nice theatre, spaced out seats. Movies are hard to see in row A or on the very end in the first few rows. Be careful when getting tickets.

Feliberto Castro

Its a great

Benjamin Metzler

The Century 16 Cedar Hills has ruined me for other theaters. Reserved seating means I can arrive 5 minutes before the film starts and still get a good seat. The reclining seats are very comfortable. The theater is clean and accessible.

Paul Weber

Nice screen and sound, very comfy chairs, TERRIBLE popcorn.

Teddy L

I love this theater. The seats are nice and they have Ice cream.

L Gee

Seats are comfortable. Parking is plentiful. If I was to actually eat the food I'd be annoyed at the prices. Overall nice theater.

Lisa Usselman

My favorite place to see movies! The theatre seats are amazing, and so comfortable! Great customer service too!

Lee Gigs

Watch maleficent. Slow but ending was worth it

Mike Lindsay

Staff are always friendly and helpful here. Place is usually well kept. The recliner seats are great.

armando gonzalez

Love coming here with my wife on dates the kettle corn is the best friendly staff and clean theatre rooms

Soumyodipta Mukerjee

Loved the placed. Good seating arrangements. Neat and clean.

Barry Strickland

Good movies, comfortable seats, high prices for food and drinks


I haven't been to a movie in almost 10 years. Amazed at recliner seating. The staff was outstanding in helping me out. They are a great friendly, helpful staff that makes you feel welcome and part of their theater family. The place and theater are clean. All well maintained. I will definitely be returning.

Diana Jaquith

Best seats ever!! So comfortable, making your movie experience even better!!

mike villegas

I love going to the movies but this experience sucked

Shawn Brown

it is a great place for movies. it would be nice to have the chairs closer to the screen lean back a little more but good sound and picture for the movie we went to see. like the bulk candy the most giving me the power to mix m&m and reese's in one bag. price is obviously astronomical

Katie Flynn

This is a great theater with very comfy seats and a good concession stand. The only thing I don't like is the parking lot but it's not a deal breaker

Willy Allen

Clean theatre. Fresh popcorn.


This is my favorite theater in the Portland regional area. Good popcorn, fully reclining comfy seats and free parking. There are no self-purchase kiosks, purchase at the window only.

Kris Hamel

The theater was clean and modern, the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. My only complaint was that the air conditioning wasn't working very well. ☹️

Marina Palacios

Service has horrible! The Nacho and hotdog machine was down so they had the food under the heat lamp when I got to my seat my food was ice cold and my chip stale then I went back for a coffee only two people working the front that took over 15 minutes I wish I had just asked for my $ back

Josephine Marsh-Haffner

They post movies on their site and on the Board outside their theater, even though they know that those movies are not being shown inside the theater. Total waste of someone's time and gasoline.

Brandon Williams

Comfortable seats and a great experience... as long as you buy your seats in advance.

Sourabh Mondal

Don’t take little kids to this theater because in all probability they will throw you out...

Robert Travis

Great theater with nice upgrades


Love this movie theater. Everything is always clean, and employees are very kib

Lukas Werner

Great movie theater, very clean, nice staff very helpful.

Richard Egger

Nice theater, with very comfortable, reserved seating

Ivonne Rivas

Friendly customer service, clean and I love the lounge style seats. It's best if you get your tickets online

Diane E. Card

This is a fantastic movie theater! Now serving beer and wine

Gene Pierce

Great movie house. Popcorn is the best, but it's like any other movie place.....NOT cheap.

Johanna Mead

Upbeat staff and I really shouldn't be left unsupervised in the vicinity of kettle corn.

matt brandenburg

Comfy seats with lots of room. Avoid sitting in the front row though, you're basically just looking straight up the whole time and can't see all the screen at once.

Debaaratii Saarkkar

Worst theater I have ever been in.. if I had an option I would have given a 0 star...we were asked to leave at the very beginning of the movie.. n guess what’s the reason just because my 1 one year old daughter was crawling in the stairs..they are kids after all


This movie franchise has improved with lux seats and beer. Unfortunately it is really expensive for this experience. Cedar hills facility is always clean and is maned with armed security to keep you safe. Enjoy.

Elizabeth Du Grenier

Pretty great theater. It's definitely the best in the area that I've been to.

Jenny Tibbitts

Very nice movie theater. Very nice staff. Good popcorn!!

Rose R

My favorite theater to go to the always have my favorite popcorn which is kettle corn and when new movies come out they usually have products there for you to grab as suvinors

Valentine Power

This is a nice, centrally located multi-plex for Beaverton. It took us a while to get our system figured out once they converted to assigned seats from general admission. Gone are the days that we could walk up to the box office and buy a ticket. Several times we walked away, because the only seats left were scattered around, or in the very front row. The recliner chairs are nice, but it reduces the number of seats in each auditorium significantly. Now we use the Cinemark App to get our tix. It has no fees for online tix purchases and gives a discount on snax. The monthly fee goes towards a ticket purchase, (with rollover), so it is more than free for regular movie goers. Ideally, we would like fewer people to go here, so that we can get better seats more easily. Unfortunately, good deals are hard to hide.

Nick Turner

Pretty decent theater with nice reclining seating. Center dividing armrest folds up for cuddling with your date... But not super comfortable. Typical movie concession pricing. No seat-side ordering of food. Not a ton of gourmet food choices to choose from. Screens and sound systems are good, but not fantastic. They don't typically blast the viewers with too high of volume. The majority of the time that I have been here, theaters are clean and bathrooms are (usually) well maintained, clean, and stocked.

Sarah FG

Ever since their remodel we have loved coming to this theater. Large comfy recliners and you don’t feel like you’re sharing an arm rest with your neighbor. Love that you can book online and reserve your seat, especially since there is 15-20 minutes of previews that we can now skip. Would give 5 stars, but have had trouble with the sound on 3 movies we’ve watched over the past year. For two, the sound was too low and one of those the surround sound was definitely not on, but nothing was fixed after notifying staff. For the 3rd it was uncomfortably loud. I actually never realized how important volume was until this experience! Also - really enjoy the movie club which makes it more affordable to go to the theater regularly.

Marcie Boroughs

Always like this facility. Can't wait for the Met series to start up again!

Debbie White

The reclining seats are amazing. There's always extra space now, it's quite comfortable. They just need to work on the employees. I bought my tickets online to see Venom @ 11:25, so when I checked in at the front door, the guy says "scan here" & that was it, he didn't say anything else... they usually say which side & maybe thank you.

Kala Holland

I have seizures so had to call ahead and ask if the movie I was interested in seeing had a seizure warning of any kind. Didn't enjoy my ear being yelled into as the guy slightly turned the phone away (could tell it was still close to the phone) and ask his coworker but they seemed friendly and I appreciate them going a bit above and beyond as that coworker hadn't seen the movie yet. They were out of the wine I wanted and had to do a refund (was still listed on menu and made me a bit more behind for movie) and the line set up was a bit different. In alabama we don't sell alcohol in theaters nor have security in the theater where I'm from so it was different. LOVED the orange mango wine frozen cocktail I had. Seats where SUPER comfy and had buttons to lift up your legs. There was also more room between rows which was nice. Get to reserve your seat ahead of time which is nice too!

Isabel Morrell

Great experience everytime I go there!

jason watson

They have fresh kettle corn!

Michael Busby

Selected seating and large recliner style seats, excellent viewing experience!

elisa colter

I love the reclining chairs!! Great location. May need additional parking in the future. This place is always packed. Arrive early.

Ambar Ramirez Aguilar

The best ever. my daughter calles this movie theater the good one that the chairs dont try to eat her hahhahah I took her to regal and they still have the old fashioned seats and she is small and the chair folded on her. This movie theater is our favorite the best popcorn!!!

Aditya Nahar

Movie theatre is really good and well maintained. They have all the latest movies and their seats are really good too. Some of the screens have recliner seats. The only drawback might be prices are on a higher side.

Claire Schmidt

Lots of shows. Lots of snack options. Beer, wine, ice cream. They sell merch for the blockbusters too. Reserved seating, so it's good to buy tickets online a few days in advance.

hector ojeda

Never had a problem with this theater, when it comes to tickets and seating thery're always the best.

Emcee Hammer

A great theatre over all. Modern, clean, safe. There are many theaters so it has a good selection to choose from on any give day. Prices are average as far as movie theaters go. This is my go to movie theater.

Anita Trumbo

Luv them lounge chairs!! Nice concessions and staff.


Prices are better if you join the club. But it's not as good an experience as Eastport. Better projection. Better focus. Our movie looked like 1080p stretched over a 35 foot screen. Way too quiet sound. Standard pop dispensers instead of Coke Freestyle. Most staff looked and acted bored. One nice lady at the ticket tearing area. Otherwise not worth saving $.50 a ticket.

Aaron Fratto

Always have had a fantastic movie watching experience here. Super clean and very friendly staff make it worth it.

Kevin Woods

This place has tickets for $8 if you come before 1 PM. I love watching movies in the morning. This place is reserved seating. Buy your tickets early online. This location is in a strip mall. There is plenty of private parking. There is plenty of food nearby. The screens are good. The have power reclining seats. Very comfortable.

Mark Mccoy

The movie staff was very attentive and the theater was clean


Love this movie theater! Clean. Good food, snacks, drinks, adult beverages, ice cream scoops, helpful staff. Clean bathroom facilities. Handicap seating in theater. Great lounging chairs. Clean. Loved it!

Julie Manuel

Saw Angel Has Fallen. Very comfortable seats. Great caramel corn.

Kenneth Wilkinson

When in Beaverton this is the show we enjoy. With its large reclining chairs, great movies and sound systems. The staff is always welcoming and helpful. You can choose your own seat location as you purchase the ticket. There is always plenty of free parking at this location. Today our granddaughter who is in school asked if we could bring home some Takeaway popcorn so we did. It is always the best popcorn

Dani Hamilton

Super comfy reserved leather reclining seats. Great sound quality. Clean. Overall great experience.

Patrick Logan

Reserved seating with recliners, coffees and adult beverages. We're happy this is our neighborhood theater.

Sim Zohn

One of the most comfortable theaters I've ever been in, you could easily sleep in the chairs. The theater is laid out well in design, and kept very clean and tidy. Good staff work there.

Collin Clements

This century always has the best snacks of any theater around because of the large selection. Besides just snacks and candy, they have actual menu items as well, including some Indian food options. Absolutely incredible! The showing rooms are always cleaned thoroughly and the seats are super comfy leather (or fake leather) and recline. It would be even better if you could control the foot rest and reclining feature separately, but not a deal breaker at all. They have tons of rooms, so you can usually get a showing for near any time you want to go.

Darline Stewart

My favorite theatre!!! And we don’t live close. Best screens. Best seats. Best sound. Great prices.

Charlotte Merritt

Reclining seats with footrests... Need I say more. Lol. Love going there for the late shows, gets a bit crowded during the day to to proximity to Cedar Hills mall. Nice menu selection too.

Robert Tuengel

Cinemark has made it so easy to go to the movies and enjoy a good show. Their new app and Movie Club makes it terribly easy to pick your seat and buy your ticket. While it does cost you a $8.99 here in the Oregon area it's well worth it if you are a movie lover. Theater itself is modern clean grade staff and friendly service. They try hard to do their best and to make the movie going experience awesome

Sevn Wolf

Best theater I’ve been to out here by far, huge screen, great surround sound and the seats are so comfortable I almost fell asleep during the movie. Can’t wait to come back

Elmer F. Brisbois II

You know you are in the place to be when the seats recline. Gr8 place for a show. Hit the early show and it ballance out.

Cammy Jenkins

Only drawback is the exterior box office with no canopy. It's a lovely theater, but I don't understand why they make you wait in the rain!

Tomas Yanez

Great service, and the seats are super comfy. Plus with their app, going to the movies is a breeze

Jack Carey

This place is absolutely terrible the costumer service is horrible and they were very rude to us

Sandra Lucas

Not impressed with the reserved seating. A guy was in one of our seats and wouldn't move until another family came in needing the seat we had to use. Caused a little stress that didn't need to be. The popcorn was lousy, ask for at least warm popcorn because the teen with me wouldn't even eat it. The seats are comfortable and you cannot see anyone in front of you.

Kit Nicholson

Chair was comfortable & popcorn was good.

Mersades Daffer

Favorite movie theatre, great food selection and the seat recline!

Dennis Hughes

Nice theatres, excellent popcorn, reasonable ticket fees

Amanda West

Everyone was polite. The theater and bathrooms were spotless. Popcorn was fresh. Had no problem exchanging tickets I bought online for a different showing. Great place to see a movie.

Marie Lafavor

I have bought many books for my grandson but this time I was looking for a special gift for her neighbor girl that love foxes. And I found exactly what I was looking for

Kimberly Stewart

This is out theater of choice since moving to Oregon. Always nice and clean and close to home.

haru zemsky

Pretty comfy seats. I watched detective pikachu

Steve Jensen

Excellent theater with reclining, leather seats. Friendly, courteous staff.

Timisha Wilson

This is pretty much my fav theatre since it has the reclining sears and it has a kettle corn option. Snacks are good, ice cream, espresso, pizza!! Err thang! Yum!

Riley Metcalf

Every movie I've seen at this location in the past few months has had damage on the screen throughout the whole movie. It's very distracting and tickets are way too expensive for that to be acceptable.

Mario Barrron

This theater Is great. Clean good service and great products. Chaser cheese, kettle and regular popcorn.

jonathan Truong

These theaters are alright, they were great when first opened but other older theaters have renovated with more up to date and comfortable chairs. Pricing here is a little more compared to regal competitors

Achi Hayashi

I love the seats here! Nice and clean here.

Ali Kareem

Good movie theater , comfortable seats

mavis kimball

Have always loved this theatre, but new recliners are devine! Great snacks, great parking, clean facility, very friendly staff. If you have not gone to this theater, GO!

Jon Stevens

One of my favorite theaters. Always a great viewing experience.

Ally Lynn

Great staff and the lounge seating is comfortable. It's like you are watching a movie at home. I would give it 5 stars except I do not like reserved seating. Whenever I go to a movie at spur of the moment with friends we cast go because we cant get a seat. We would have to sit in other seats. Other than that the staff is great and friendly. But the seating is like that everywhere now.

Jaivona Turner

Comfy chairs and clean bathrooms.

Mikayla Albano

Clean, yummy and efficient concessions, beautiful picture.

Aub Driver

Great movie theater - reserved seating, reclining lounge chairs, adult beverages. Good times.

Jesica Brown

Great seats! Good selection of snacks. Ice cream was delicious and great price!

Amanda Adams

Really cool theater... Man got cheap tickets for tightwad Tuesdays and sat in super comfy reclining chairs for no extra cost... Also their snack bar is really cool. Honestly was wondering why we were going to Cinetopia when this theater exists.

Sharanyan Srikanthan

Very modern. The recliners are awesome here. Starbucks coffee, friendly staff, good popcorn with vegan butter, hard working cleaning staff. I go almost exclusively to this theater these days.

Pamela Perry

Great place to see a movie!

Bruce Privett

Absolutely love this place! There is nothing quite like a relaxing movie to take your mind off of things. Enjoyable movie watching atmosphere. I go almost weekend. I will continue to come! and Highly recommend!


Nice place, they have reclining seats. The day shift manager is very nice and even refunded my tickets because my little one wasn't interested in sitting and watching a movie and wanted to leave so it was really nice for her to refund my money (which a lot of places wont). I recommend this theater. They even have early bird prices.

John M.C.

Best theater I've been to so far (albeit, I'm poor so my range is low). Very nice seats (reclining with a button), and good concessions. They have a lot of theaters available so they have a very good selection of movies to see. I definitely enjoyed watching in this theater. Big screens too, even if it's not IMAX.

Lauren M

This theater is usually clean and the big reclining chairs are very comfortable. The concession stand has a good selection of treats as well, like slushies, and icecream!

Lori Crichton

This is one of my favorite theatres. I love the seats, not only do they recline but you can loft the arm rest. I love being able to sit close enough for my husband to put his arm around me while we watch a movie.

Eric Deaton

Great comfortable seats. And Beer!

Ginny Moore

I really like this theater. I will drive 30 minutes to get here from now on. My local theater is a dump in comparison.

Jodi T

Love this fun, busy movie theater offering great early bird prices, delicious snack choices including my favorites: Carmel popcorn, Starbucks coffee & old-fashioned style ice cream cones. Highly recommend, but arrive to get a great seat.

Lizz So

As always... theater is clean... well maintained..... courteous staff. Thank you for making our movie night wonderful.

Phill Drays

Seems like for the black tie, they even had 3 piano in the lobby

Nancy Emery

Ridiculously long time in line outside to wait to purchase tickets....process not at all efficient. Need to have more cashiers or change how it works all together. Inside concession prices really too high....nearly $11 for smallest popcorn with smallest fountain drink. Really?!?! Theatre itself lovely, excellent choice of movies, sound good, recliners very comfy.

Marc Turley

Big. Comfey seats. Huge concession area. Arcade. Lots of parking in front and back.

Pe d

Very nice movie theater, nice lounge chairs, food, and staffs. 9/10 would recommend

rajesh surapaneni

Recliner seats are the best. Good mix of Indian movies

Crazy Fantasy

Great service my family and I come here all the time to see some movies, they have an arcade so you can play around in.

Tyler Swanson

Great selection of snacks. Very comfortable seats. Usually not too terribly busy. All around fantastic theater.

Terri Hart

They have a movie club that makes going to the movies afforded and super comfortable electric reclining seats. The buttered kettle corn is highly addictive. The customer service is always exemplary.

RC Pag

I hadn't been here in a while. They have surprisingly comfortable seating.

anita mcmillan

I had such a good time at this theater. This was my first time visiting here and we bought our tickets on line so there was no wait. The snack bar had anything you could imagine but I went easy and settled for popcorn, hot dog, and a drink. That kept satisfied. The employees were very helpful and alert, bathroom was near the theater area. I enjoyed the movie that my daughter chose for my birthday gift since it was mother and daughter hang out for us. I saw The Upside. I feel that the service given deserves an A*****

Svetlana Pottratz

I love this place! They have so comfortable seats. Everything is great!

Leilani Silvio

Watched Aladdin at 10am, and everything was smooth. We reserved the tickets with Moviepass online (and they were comfortable recliners!).

Supréme rámú

This theatre is great. Cinemark really is upping their game. "Luxury loungers" in every theatre so you can recline on a big plushy chair. Armrests go up so you can get close to your date. Reserved seating so you don't have to show up ridiculously early to get good seats. The arcade is nice, and they've got a great concession set up. Bathrooms consistently clean. Staff very attentive to guests, especially when there's a problem in the theatre. Also, this is one of the few theatres around that shows Fathom Events. Only warning? Get coffee ahead of time. Their Starbucks is beyond outrageous. Other than that, it's a great choice that I’ve ever made.

Alex Morgan Mc.

This theatre is great. Cinemark really is upping their game. "Luxury loungers" in every theatre so you can recline on a big plushy chair. Armrests go up so you can get close to your date. Reserved seating so you don't have to show up ridiculously early to get good seats. The arcade is nice, and they've got a great concession set up. Bathrooms consistently clean. Staff very attentive to guests, especially when there's a problem in the theatre. Also, this is one of the few theatres around that shows Fathom Events. Only warning? Get coffee ahead of time. Their Starbucks is beyond outrageous. Other than that, it's a great choice.

James Wright

Seats recline. Very comfy. Rarely busy.

Megan Bischoff

Made the mistake of not buying tickets and picking out seats much earlier in the day on Saturday. Even though we got there to buy tickets 1.5 hours ahead of time we were only able to get decent seats at our 3rd choice movie. Most of the theaters now have the large lounge chairs and hold far fewer people, so you need to plan ahead for a Saturday evening it seems. We won't make that mistake again....

Jeremiah Freeman

Go on movie Tuesdays, or go to a place to get more bang for your buck.


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