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304 E 1st St, Newberg, OR 97132

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REVIEWS OF Cameo Theatre IN Oregon

Kara Dokos

It's a historical theater, now on the National Register of Historic Places. Enjoy the lovely architecture and history while catching the latest blockbuster.


Emily Ham

Jake Zd

I love this place and ive bin going there since i was a kid

Eden Tec

Charles Franks

The owner is awesome. You get great prices and great deals. You feel like he is committed to community and people over making a profit. He has always been kind and courteous when I have done business with him. You get the impression that the community backs him up just as much as he does for the community. He reminds me of a museum owner trying to preserve the past. The theatre is preserved in time.if you go a little early you get the treat of home movies of yrs past. Sometimes you get a greeting from the owner with a delightful fact about the movie. When the movies changed so did the projection methods. The theatre has modern projector equipment. I have watched several movies at this theatre and I love the atmosphere. But I am most glad to see the owner doing something that he seems to enjoy. He also owns the 99w drive in. It is equally awesome.

Rad pool_noodle_boo

Lon Tilden

A great theater! Withe a classic feel.

Michael Montoya

Nice old theater.

Drew L.

Nice "homey" theatre =)

Jonah Flick

Nice little theater. Good sound and picture quality

Nicole Clark

It was nice. My son & I enjoyed watching Toy Story 4 here. There was a broken seat in the theatre, but other than that it was nice

Brooke Robertson

Andrew Carey

Karolee Gordon

Little chili sometimes but I love it!!

Jim Humphrey

Friendly owner and great retro theatre!

matthew allison

What a cool old theatre! Its a better experience than any new place. Yes the seats aren't perfect and there are small things wrong with it. But the vibe around this place is awesome!!!

Sunnie Brown


Joseph Newburg

Great prices. Obviously they aren't going to have the best seats, projectors or sound but everything is more than adequate especially for the price. Unlike most older theaters they also play new releases. It's worth it to get to the theater early to watch their strange collection of old footage from the area including commercials for businesses long since closed.

Andrew Sakran


April Brown

Love this old theater that is walking distance from home and full of old movie posters and original Deco details. I just wish they would bring back the real butter for popcorn

Mary Conklin

Great. We love our local theater.

Justin Johnson

Awesome little local theatre to catch the new flicks. Gives you that nostalgic feel. Try to catch a movie every Tuesday when I can.

Tom Steig

Bentley Alder

This local, family owned theater is listed on the national registry of historic places and in my opinion should be with the historic theatres as well. Built and opened in the early fifties it has remained in the ownership of the original family to this day. And has showing 7 days a week. You're fantastic step back in time, and a great way score to local business.

Melissa Baker-Farmer

Jenna Johnson

Fox Film Festival

Aron Napier

Very friendly people there. And cheap :-)

Scott Adams

Old but nostalgic. Friendly owners.

Byron Bouquet

Bill Koppel

The best part about this place is the price of admission. The historic look is authentic. The picture and sound are an upgrade. The seats could use some upgrading.

Will Burns

Kind of older bulding. Local landmark.

Shaun Wright

Good pricing. Video and audio quality good. Maybe throw some silicon spray on the chairs. Laid back place that was noticed. AC works well.

Chava Katz

This is a theater from the 1930s. Still has the original paint and lighting inside, and you can see the old movie projector upstairs. Updated with surround sound and a new screen. Sit in the back in the loge seats- they have removed every other row of seats and replaced them with a brass foot rail. Those seats rock and are very comfy. I have been going to this theater for close to 30 years, and have loved the way it has evolved and been updated without losing the original 30's deco charm.

Dusty Kelley

Kevin Robinson


Heather Hodges

Love this place!

Jodi Wilcox


Cathy Holbrook

I love historical buildings. This one takes me back to my youth! The fact that the snacks aren’t priced at more than the ticket is nice too! Thanks for keeping prices reasonable!

Brian Trupka

Very pleased, comfortable and well priced

Ethan Whitted

A fun, old-fashioned theater with good picture and a really great old-timey atmosphere. There is a great selection of food to buy, but unfortunately (assumedly due to them being such a small operation) everything is very expensive. The seats in the single showroom are quite worn down, many having the inside foam sticking out and torn up fabric. They also don't flip up on their own. None of this affects the comfortability of the seats, thankfully, but it is visually displeasing. Finally, there are some bizarre old-fashioned "Welcome to the Theatre" clips that play before the movie and advertisements start. Each attendee might take these in a different way - I know that while my friends and I thought they were hilarious, while the people behind us were laughing but obviously preferred a usual modern theatre (as evident by their repeated "Never again!" as they were cracking up). Overall, a very fun old-fashioned experience it's just a shame that it has to be so run down.

mariela marquez

Chris Pucci

Great old theatre.

Blaine Greenway


This place rocks

Chris Heckert

One of my favorite theaters!

Maritza Delao-Uribe

I like this place to go with the kiddos

Justin Southard

Good prices, funny intermissions, good portions at the snack bar. Seats could use some wd-40, but im not letting that effect the overall experience we had, we will go here to see other movies.

sara watts

Always great and friendly service. Been coming here for years and will continue to come back.

Andrew White

This place is an absolute gem! One big auditorium, great prices on tickets and concessions. Seats are a little dated, the room has a little echo to it. But for me just ads to the nostalgia. I'd recommend 100%

alisha grezlik

Old and cute and simple. Easy as that. Cheap tickets and food.

Traci Brown

Sheldon Hatcher

Fun throwback movie theater

Shelby Wright

Great vintage theater, bit chilly consistently in fall and winter. Fun local spot.

Brian Cromie

Great prices from tickets to concessions. Family owned and upgrades in the works.

Suzanne L.

Nathan Shielee

Fantastic old fashioned theater with reasonable ticket and concession prices. And the reclining seats with the extra leg room are the best! Definitely a local gem!

Karla Niday

Steven Featherston

Kathleen Branham

Great old theater!! Love it!!

Adam Lindsey

Jamie Robinson

Doreen App

One of my very favorite places!!

Curtis T

Cheap, clean, old fashion Newberg treasure and landmark.

Craig McIndoo

Great small town cinema. But wear warm clothes in the winter, it can be a bit cool inside during the colder month's.

Rick Labahn

Jose Luis Ramos

I will recommend it!...

Heather T

Movie theater with the old box office, concession counter and theater; but great new movies.

Anna Wood

Sonya Chapman

Love this old theater. New films, great popcorn and nice people. Come see for yourself.

Jean Gallagher

Diana saling

The seats are better than any other seats and some in back rows

Derek Martin

Underrated historical landmark perfect for a matinee with the kids!

Irene Noelle

I love this place!

Mark Emerson

Great theater.

Sara Brown

ChinaRose Rosco

Its very welcoming and homely I love how comfortable it is.

Carol Blanchard

A good time at The Cameo

Justice For All

Matthew Flanagan

Great Small Town Theatre! Our favorite place to see a movie.

Aspen Bernier

Family owned and run. Affordable movies (about the only ones you'll find these days) and cheap consessions stands!

Jamison Nemecek

The vintage feel is great!!! Always play family friendly movies.


Best movie theater. Seats are old and falling apart, but we will miss them if they are ever replaced. Show up early so you can watch the owners old home movies of Newberg

Jared Marlow

Old school 50's theater!

Emily Tilden

ordered some candy and popcorn and the lady there only gave us half of what we ordered and we paid for and just stared at us until we asked her why we didn't get all the food we ordered and she made us pay for the stuff we didn't get again.

Colin Schaeffer

Old school cool!

Nick C

Steve Tank

Classic, well-maintained 50's style movie theatre. One of the earliest to offer "Loge" seating - removing a few rows of seats to create a few with extra legroom. One of the first movies I was old enough to see there was Jaws so, yes I'm old. Same owner runs one of the few remaining outdoor theaters in the country located in Newberg. Try to check them both out.

Jason Valls

How can you not love this piece of history? Consessions are plenty and well priced. This is a historical theatre and the sound system is up to par. First run shows and no worrying about a seat. Best place in Newberg to watch a movie!

Andrew Erland


A strong part of the community

David Dunlap

Blake Horsfall

Nice 50's styled theatre

Ross Davis

This definitely isn't the nicest theater. The sound system is old, the seats are worn and the floor lights are to bright. But the seats are comfortable, there are awesome vintage touches, the tickets are cheap, and where else can you go where the owner comes out before the movie and welcomes you? Personal touches, like showing the rare Star Wars Christmas special before the new Star Wars make it well worth the price of admission!


Andrew Patterson

Loved it! Cheap prices, friendly owners, good place to take the family and not break the bank.

Taylor Fleming

Jeremy Ordway

Angels 330

Eric Muhr

jeffery wright

Small town theater. A great place to see first run movies while avoiding the crowds. Seats are nothing special and it's always clean. They play filmed retro newberg ads prior to movie which ads to the uniqueness of the place.

Brad Root

Jaimie Tisdel-Brown

Damon Talbot

Great small local theater but has all the current tech!

Who Ghost There

A great community theater offering a small but promising selection of large movies consistently at reasonably comparable prices for tickets and cheaper than normal concessions. Also very comfortable seating.

Sylvia Montoya

Needs improvements

Susan Schneider

I loved this place because it had a very old school look and i am surprised that they are still up and working.

Nikki Gainer

Amazing cozy retro theatre. Locally owned and operated. One of our small towns best places by far.

Jody Solmonsson

Chris Schauermann

This place is awesome; the theater is beautiful and they have some really cool, historical movie memorabilia on display. If you are lucky enough to talk to the owner, he is a wealth of information about the theater and movie history. They play great retro shorts flicks before each movie and the popcorn and extra popcorn seasonings are the best anywhere.

Ryan Valdez

Cozy, small town, retro theater. Cheap matinee prices.

Kelley Bodnar

Our favorite local theater. Love watching the old home town movies before the show and seeing how much our little town has changed.

Christian Spencer

My family and I always see our movies here. Support the locally owned place, and it’s always worth it. Good popcorn and drinks.

Moises Lopez

Great price, usually 7 dollars a movie. Usually empty, visit this place if you aren't looking for a crowded place

Richard Senz


Sarah Marcus

Wyatt Wingo

Luella June Hormel

Love this old theater - comfortable seats, admission is very inexpensive, and the movies shown are the newest ones. Good popcorn too!

Charli Cook

Kinda beat up but good prices and fun.

Paul the Pro

It's a friendly place, good people, a good sound system. You can't lose if you choose the Cameo, take the whole family!!!!

Flora Richards Gustafson

If you want an old school cinema experience, visit the Cameo. It has one theater, a simple concession stand and retro box office in the front. To keep prices low, the Cameo does not screen new releases unless they are anticipated to be big hits, like the "Harry Potter" series or "Lord of the Rings." As you sit in the small theater seats and look at gilded decor that could use some polishing, you feel like you are truly participating in an American tradition.

Michael Ireton

Excellent service and pricing. Very nice historic theater.

Ashley Dudley

Cecil Cox

Great movies and good food

Sarah Ruth Snyder

Love this place!! I absolutely love the light fixtures in this old building! Brought my daughter here to see her very first movie.

Scott Sunnes

Chris Winikka

We love to watch new releases as a family here. The prices are reasonable, we can typically show up just minutes beforehand, and we like the seats and leg room. It's definitely not a high tech theatre and it has small town charm but might not be everyone's cup of tea

Rick Schmitt

Great place for a family

Ariah Mcmillan

I love this place! Lots of memories were spent here. ❤

Tasha Darling

Cathy Veikins

Loved it

Paul Philippi

Old school theater with a modern projector. Luge chairs have double leg room. Great popcorn toppings. Cheaper than the Cineplex

Simon Brown

Kevin Sands

Prices are just right

Anime. Trash


Minutemen Media

Smells amazing decent prices clean bathrooms always has the latest movies, all in all a great night out!

chris featherston

Jordan Fernandez

Its a good place to watch movies.

Scott Flora

Cristina Huerta

Kai Enashane

heather usher

This theatre is inexpensive and plays good movies

Lance Bosarge

Great old theater. Good prices for popcorn and drinks. They are still in the single digits. They have candy cigarettes. I hope no one is offended by that. You need to get there early to find a good seat. Not because it's crowded but because this theater was built in the 1930s and still has the original seats. We love the middle rows with the foot rest bar. The working seats in these rows are spring reclining. All in all, a great way to spend a Friday night.

Jesus Echeverria

Really love coming here watch a film, it feels historic

Shyanna Jasper

Yes best place to watch a movie. It was grate quality and really good snacks. The person that was working there I was not pleased with. I did not want that to ruin my night so I moved on.


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