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Where is Bridgeport Village?

REVIEWS OF Bridgeport Village IN Oregon


Bridgeport's a high-end shopping experience. That said, the offerings are always changing, but I know I can always find ORIGINS and their terrific products and staff.

John Warzynski

A good place to go for shopping, movies, and restaurants. Good parking structure in back where the lots in front are full. The security staff is polite, present,and helpful. Many interesting selections of food to choose from.

Michael Rossi

Excellent place to go shopping, see a movie or grab a bite to eat. It's an outdoor mall so it's better in nice weather.

Jim Fresh

After work met up with my wife and had dinner at the village, some window shopping, then off to see a movie at Regal theater. (However the theater has the old seating, the one in Salem have reclining chairs!!)

Kathryn Lueck

Karon was very helpful and patient and knowledgable of the footwear and what was gonna meet my needs. I have such terrible foot pain but I think he got me into a shoe that will give me comfort and support. I love New Balance shoes. Been my only brand really for over 15 years. Thank you for helping me leave with some peace. Knowing I got a good shoe for my high arches and orthotic inserts. We will be back for sure. Thanks again.

Shana Sedivec

Love the free music they have going on this summer. But show up early if you want a seat.

Erick Hendricks

It is always busy here, but it is also always clean. The parking could be better but then again there is so much crammed into such a small place. It's fun to come out here during the spring and summer. So much to do! The service at all the restaurants are always good and the staff are pretty knowledgeable. Markets, Restaurants, Clothing stores, a movie theater, etc. It's all here!

Patt Dolan

Shops a bit over priced. Pleasant in the summer evenings to stroll through. Cute playground for the kiddies. Some fun stores to roottle through.

Michelle Chow

Great place to shop such a good variety and free wifi with good coverage.

Sabrina Cox

The best mall in Tigard. The design of the mall and the arty, people make this one of the most entertaining malls to hang out in. This has now become a favorite shopping place for my family. Highly recommended!

Cheryl I Zentz

Delicious salmon salad and excellent service. Server was very helpful in answering questions regarding the menu options.

Jakye O

Always a fun walk around while waiting for a movie after a meal at one of the many fine restaurants, or pursuing the great selection of shops. Stop in the courtyard for a listen to some live music on occasion while relaxing around an umbrellad table. Tons of parking and close to easy freeway access.

Amy walen

A lovely mall with many shops, food and events.

Todd Card

Nice location! Close to the 5 with easy access. Loads of stores to choose from with super friendly customer service! If you must spend your hard earned money, Bridgeport Village makes it so easy! This is a clean and we'll maintained shopping area, as well as safe. NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR CAR within view of your windows, anywhere in Portland! If you do, odds are good it will be stolen and you will suffer a broken window as a result. Even in shopping areas as nice as this.

Eleanor Stanton

Delightful mix of stores and restaurants. Parking options are so plentiful that walking through this beautiful outdoor space is effortless. Lovely place for a special lunch time.

Rebecca Davis

I had a great time when I was there for the hello kitty truck. It is a very clean and safe mall. I didn't see one homeless person or even a tent. It's not at all like by Loyd center. Lots of great stores and restaurants. And they are very welcoming to dogs.

craig sackett

Upscale shopping center with a Regal Cinema and a free parking deck. Browse the shops and Barnes and Noble. Plan for a meal at any one of several very good eateries.

Christina Villa

This mall is very clean, easy parking, safe feeling, many assorted stores with most stores occupied. Food court & movie theater. Well patrolled by private security guards, but doesn't feel oppressive. Food court is great. Nice environment, good for shopping and when you get tired shopping you can take your time and enjoy your foods there. Highly recommended!

Patricia T

I always enjoy coming to this place. There's tons of parking and good shopping and eating choices.

Gerald Madsen

What an amazing selection of shops and restaurants. Spend an hour, spend an afternoon. Lots of free parking, too.

Conley Grabotin

Nice outlet mall with many great stores although on my quick stop most were closed and I enjoyed a quick waffle at the waffle window hope to visit again when im in the area and have more time

astrid michalak

Wonderful outdoor shopping precinct that has a boutique-y feel. Great places to eat and explore, located in a high-end part of town.

Nammy Pants

Teeming with yuppies and they blare jazz over the outdoor speakers. We go here for Native Foods and Sur La Table but try to escape before Stepford Village wipes our memories and we show up back home in alpaca wool jumpers lighting organic soy candles and trying to decide where to put the $300 Pottery Barn gilt pineapple. I'm serious, mellow out with the smooth jazz.

Isaac Flores

I enjoy coming here for the food and the atmosphere. Especially during the warm season. I love their cinema. I don't do much shopping here but i enjoy taking a stroll and browse on a nice warm evening.

Brandon Yep

An upscale shopping mall with primary restaurants, furniture, women's clothing, and bookstores. The mall is outdoors and is kept very clean. It's a great place to do some light shopping and enjoy the atmosphere.

Jaklyn Medsker

They have everything you need in one place and such good food in the middle

Aaron Clark

Their piano is out for the summer! It's your typical mall. It has a lot of stores, and everything is pretty expensive. They have a good movie theater there as well.

Jack Sung

A great shopping area inspired by Italian architecture. There are great offerings all throughout the village.

Jackie Henning

Beautiful location where one can sidewalk shop and then stop for a bite or a coffee and enjoy the day.

Paul Earhart

Great open air mall with restaurants, food carts, chic shops and a movie theater. Perfect spot to chillax in the summer.

Charleston Devereaux

Too much turnover in businesses. I never know if something will still be there next time. I don't know if it is too expensive to maintain space, or what, but they should really work on that. Especially since more and more the stores moving in are much lower quality than the original vibe this place was built for years ago. There isn't enough parking - even with their valet. It also seems like a lot of people just linger in the common areas without shopping - it feels kind of gross in those areas and almost uncomfortably abandoned in others... They were going for an upscale California style shopping experience but they continue to fall short and it's just getting worse.


Beautiful scenery!!! Especially with flower hanging baskets. Clean but not a whole lot to do for the poorer person or above a size 6

Brian Croft

Cool and high end place. Send very safe there too. We saw a movie at the theater. That's really nice too. Also has an IMAX

Linda Sargent

Great store...good products..reasonable prices. Good customer service!

Lisa Pascoal

Swanky shops and boutiques. Outdoor mall... Beautiful place to visit on a sunny day. Also has a big movie theater

Kathy Berlin

This was my first visit to Bridgeport Village. A friend & I enjoyed a delicious lunch at PF Chang and then we walked around the village to see what was available. There is a variety of shops & kiosks to shop at including Barnes & Noble, The Container Store, Crate and Barrel, many clothing boutiques & even a movie cinema. We especially enjoyed looking at the wood decor & designs at Timbr and Moss & Miss Hannah's Gourmet Popcorn. There's something for everyone!

El Chino Tacos

McCormick & Schmick's Excellent service , great food and ambience! Gap clearance rack had super deals ! Two lobster tails $29.99 special cant beat that!

Randall Hansen

This is a large complex. Open air parking and covered parking. High end shops on the most part. Good dinning available. Going early is better for parking. Roll of the dice parking during holiday season. If you have not been you should check it out.

Greg Askew

Very nice. apple store is busy. Great restaurants coffee movie theater.

Andrew Ellerbruch

It has a nice selection of shops and restaurants to go to. A lot of the shops are on the more expensive side but the food is fantastic. I highly recommend Native Foods, which is right in the middle of the mall. It also has a little popcorn kiosk right next to it which has great popcorn. Bridgeport also has a regal Cinema which is amazingly convenient

Matthew Crackel

This is a fairly large open air mall with food stands in the middle. It's a very nice environment with a large variety of shops. As with any mall it's pretty busy on the weekends but not jammed shoulder to shoulder. It has a lot of great restaurants and shops, a nice large theater (which is what I usually go to). It has parking around the periphery and also a fairly large parking garage. It is handicap accessible. And as with most Portland malls especially open air it has some good plant life and trees. It is visibly a good experience.

Jake Cummings

So there's an AMC theater at Phipps in ATL that gets my heart for best theater because the projectors are top, the recliners are amazing and the screens are massive.. but Bridgeport is a close second or third. Not the most comfortable place in town but the drive up feels the most special as I really dig Bridgeport as a social space. The parking in the back is fine but I always wonder how much security they have watching the lot.

Elliot Ross

Nice & new look. Very limited restaurants

Luis Zavala

Very high class. Theater is a bit expensive but witch one isn’t theses days. They have valet service. Lots of food. They have heaters for the winter in the food court.

bruce weintraub

good shop selection, can enjoy good weather walking around outside, Tommy Bahama shop here, good places to eat(like P.F.Chang), good parking structure.

Michael Creager

Wonderful open air experience wandering shop to shop. Bookstore and food everywhere and a movie theater beyond measure. If you want to spend some time exploring and see some expensive cars to buy. A definite must visit... If I can get out there again will definitely be back and spending more time there.

Adin Cruickshank

Clean and the public restrooms are well taken care of.

gorilla glue

This is where I go to enjoy a meal while watching rich people in their natural habitat. My son likes the little play area. There's a lovely fire & water fountain where people congregate during the summer. Parking can be a nightmare sometimes.

Easton Bogar

Very clean and well maintained with a good variety of store's and restaurants.

Kimberly Stewart

A little confusing to navigate but very nice. Very clean. We love the movie theater there. The dining options are great as well!

Angela Roe

Great open-air shopping mall with lots of local and national wasn't feel too long ago so everything is still bright and shiny and sparkling and modern. They have great events during the holidays with actual snowfall in Santa Claus. The theater is very cool with lots of 3D options and great seats. There's a lot of food in here that has rave reviews. If you're in the area and you want to hit up a spot where you can do a lot of things in a walking area check it out.

Melanie O'Shea

Nice place to shop if you're looking for most clothes. All varieties of clothing, something for everyone. Not much of a selection of anything else though.

Renee' Woolaway

Gorgeous little mall area. Great stores, food options and little bars. Went to Dotty's at this location and the girl was very nice that worked their

Onnika Hill

It has some good shops & some even better foods but it's target demo in most shops is starting to get a bit to specific for my tastes. Like Urban Outfitters used to have way more variety. Don't get me wrong it's still a good store, they're all just getting very narrow.

Lesley Foster

Bridgeport has a great variety of businesses and parking garages as well as lots. It's very easy access off I5 and fun to be at or meet up with people at.

Jesse Nemec

Nice walkable outdoor shopping center. Modern, clean, well kept. Finding available parking in the lots can be challenging, but there is also a parking structure tucked away in the back.

Libra Hoppa

Shopping is great, parking is very good and the atmosphere is comfortable, laid back. Take in a movie, grab a burger or eat at one of their nice restaurant's then go shopping. I really like it here.

Patrick Iacob

Great outdoor mall. Parking structure was more than enough for the about of stores. Very clean no trash on the streets anywhere. Lots of great show stores restaurants and even an Apple store. Nice place to spend an after noon.

Angel Cowen

Went for the apple store and left with some delicious dill picke popcorn. Sounds funky but it was delicious! They also had a live band playing.

Kerry Davies

Like a fancy food court, that has a few shops. I really want this to be my favorite mall but the shopping is kinda light. On the other hand one of the best move theaters and a whole Foods

Elena Enque

A good place to relax, eat and even watch a movie.

eve chao

beautiful outdoor shopping mall. not enough shops in my opinion. but one of the female security guards is super nice and friendly. not only gave us directions but also guided us to the office so we could get my 18 month old grandson a balloon. I forgot her name but she is soo nice.

Astrida Fuse

I love the set up! It's not you typical mall you enter each store from out side!

Julie Barr

Reminds me of this cute little area back in Idaho. Tons of shops and places to eat. And a movie theater. I tried fried calamari for the first time at PF Changs. Delicious.

Younghe Kim Williams

I love this place especially my granddaughter we are going to school shopping sometime next week gray plays spending money and time

Elena Sandbo

We stopped by to stretch our legs and play at the playground after driving through Portland and was surprised by live music and free balloons for the kiddos! Apparently they have various events throughout the Summer. Of course they have their usual higher-end stores, food selections, and movie theater as well which are lovely. They also offer a cooling area since it's an outdoor mall.

Michelle Nicole

There are a few high quality stores I absolutely love at this mall. The open air style is very nice!

Marina Berberyan

Shopping, eating, watching a movie or just hanging around - this is a fun, well kept and all around pleasant place to go. My favorite are Madewell clothing store, 7 Dees' Garden Center and the little "cart-like" food shops in the center strip. There's a playground for the kids and plenty of lovely lights at night.

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