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492 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

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Where is Bijou Art Cinemas?

REVIEWS OF Bijou Art Cinemas IN Oregon

Steve Lenox

Great small neighborhood theater. They serve alcohol and have some food selections.

Erik Svarverud

My favorite theater in town.

Sheila J Roth

Love everything about this place, especially the quality of the films. The theaters are comfy and just the right size, not too big or too small, easy access and plenty of parking in the lot or on the surrounding streets. The prices are fair and the snacks and drink offerings have healthy choices and great popcorn.

Roy Lisi

With its sister theater, Bijou Metro, presents a good selection of intelligent, independent and non-mainstream films.


Very fun and funky atmosphere friendly staff

Charlotte Burgett

Older great rheatre. Very nosalgic.

Sarah Charles

A local treasure. Offers what the school-kaboom theaters are missing: ambience and content.

Brianne Labatt

Great cozy cinema, they also serve beer!

Madeleine Sisson

Lovely night with friends. Can’t wait to go back. The Bijou has such a lovely atmosphere!

Janice Witt

Always wonderful! Thank you for real butter...

Kwang Kim

This is one place in town if one wants to see an art film. The building is too old and bathroom is not too good; but staff is always friendly and film selections are always superb

Damien Gilbert

Love this old place!

Bill C

A unique and wonderful venue, playing films your aren't likely to see elsewhere. Love the Rocky Horror nights with Eugene's Forbidden Fruit.

Monique Kirby

Really neat set up. Friendly staff.

Jay Martin

Best independent theatre in a town with lots of great independent theatres. Beautiful historic building, super friendly staff, cheap ticket and concession prices, and most of all, a consistently great lineup of movies that I otherwise probably wouldn't have seen or heard of until Oscar season. Please support this awesome local gem next time you go to see a movie.

S. E. Wigget

Lovely old building, local business that features art films. It has a courtyard with a water fountain.

Miriam Lipton

Located in an old Church, this movie theater is a Eugene staple playing the best of independent theater. Every movie they play is great, and I try to make it a point a go to the Bijou every time I am in Eugene visiting. Staff are friendly, and the concessions are surprisingly delicious, varied, and well priced. They even have vegan ice cream as a food option!1

deb hiatt

great...Love th he atmosphere.

Ryanne Dasher

Neat place but seating and parking can be difficult.

M Blake

Today was our first visit to the Bijou. We wanted to see Three Billboards but the attendant sent us to the wrong theater and we ended up at the start of Lady Bird, by the time we realized it was the wrong show the other movie had already been going for 1/2 hour! Thanks a lot for ruining our day out with our son. Now he has to leave and we can't even see the movie we came to see.

Dani Fowler

Great place

Lucy Swayngim

I love the building, the people, the movie offerings and the refreshments (priced reasonably). The only thing I would change (and this is purely a "it's your problem") is the width of the seats and leg room in Theater Two. I am 6'2" and overweight. The good side? If, for some reason the seat would go flying through the air, I would not need a seat belt. But they have kindly placed a back "row" of chairs with a decorative pillows with plenty of room for both.

Jean McKenzie

Our little repurposed mausoleum shows great movies in 2 theaters. Come for the movie, come back for the fresh popcorn and nutritional yeast!

Karen Harrison

Lovely theater! I really enjoyed the smaller atmosphere than the huge mall theaters and I hope that Bijou Art Cinemas is around for many more years! Food prices were more realistic/reasonable and they have a better variety than anywhere else. (Menu available online) Check this place out, you won't be disappointed!


Love the vintage/retro feel. Great film festival here :)

Raven Wolf

I am rating the popcorn. The worse ever. Asked for butter and after I sat down the pop corn taste stale and like it was old. Some of it was hard to chew like it was old, like microwaved. Won’t ever buy confessions here again. Next time I will bring my own. The theater gets 5 stars. Not the food. It gets one.

Jim Petersen

Always my favorite movie theater in the Eugene area, from the unique building, which used to be a mortuary, to great Indie movies, great snacks, the best staff...

Sue Dockstader

A Eugene treasure. Great theater that shows interesting and intelligent films. The owner actually listens to patrons and even brought Wanuri Kahiu's film Rafiki to Eugene on request. And unlike all the other cinemas in town, the Bijou has the irreplaceable vibe of the grand era of motion pictures.

D Oleksa

Enjoy the films & low key atmosphere.

David Roberts

I overheard someone said it used to be a church?

Mike Knutson

Nice place to see a movie

Chase Williams

Beautiful cozy cinema that imparts a more thoughtful and personal aura to the films that are shown there than your average franchise theater.. They also sell quite relatively decent drinks and snacks as well!

Cameron Wiggs

I lived in Eugene for a little less than a year while I was in grad school and this little theater is one of the very few things I miss. The building is very cool, they get all the best indies, the prices are incredible, and the staff is extremely friendly. I went to this theater as often as possible.

Cody Holly

Awesome theater and vegan burritos you can while you watch!

Dane Winn

Great place to see a movie. Incredible main auditorium with high ceilings, newer seats, and plenty of space. Great options at the concessions that differ from the ordinary theater chains. Only down side is that there are very few movies going through here.

Karen Allred

My favorite theatre. Great movies and the food and wine prices are reasonable.

Kym Marie - Frey Jones

Nice comfortable seating, VERY pleasant staff

Steve Sears

If you looking for a movie that's not going to be in the big theaters, then this is the place. Small, cheap, and a great place to go to.

Daniel Alejandro

Great spot for indie films

Joanna Ruby

The classic small art house movie theater in a converted church. Already friendly staff and a pretty courtyard to wait in if you arrive early.


Normally it's 5 stars but the popcorn made me sick.

penguin rick

One of the most unique theaters I've ever been to, if not the most unique. Built in an old abbey, quirky, nice staff, independent films, active in the community. Very Eugene.

les castle

Great movies. Best popcorn.


So many memories here. A Eugene Classic.

Gloria Campuzano

Bathrooms need TLC. Great popcorn

Amy Manley

Great art house movie theater. Suprisingly best popcorn in town. Concessions are reasonably priced considering it's a theater. I love that they have kept and maintained the original building's charm.

Donna Bennett

Love this theater. A lot of history. Great vibe & atmosphere~

Elise Crum

A great movie theater. This is a theater run by movie lovers for movie lovers.

Rick Warden

A very nice little movie theater looked in downtown, in a Spanish style Villa. The theater is a good size and seating is comfortable. The snack bar has a fantastic selection of beers and wine, and food, that makes this a unique movie going experience.


Best movie theater ever. In an old church sanctuary. Also I think its funny that that woman couldn't tell the difference between Lady Bird and Three Billboards for half an hour and blames it on you lol.

Hunter Vancurler


Áine O'Connell

Little weird when you stop and think you're watching a movie in what was once a funeral home. Always wonder if it's haunted. It was fun.

Teo Wences

Best cinema for real movies

Nicole Larsson

It's a unique theater experience. Its small, quaint, great food and drink offerings.

Tina Batori

You will find movies here you won't find elsewhere. Lovely patio for waiting.

Olivia Rose Downing

This building is gorgeous and full of History. Seeing things from the inside is a real treat. The concession stand is quaint and all of the times I've been there so far, the staff was more than just friendly they were jovial. They seem to like to make your smile. This place is hip, but not youth culture. It's quaint without being hokey. Modern but with a classic old feal.

Abel Sosa

Nice comfy place to watch a movie.

John Soliz

Pleasant old place to see a movie with good snacks and beverages .

Chris S

Newer more comfy seats are great improvement. Always interesting movies.

Christina Powell

Good place to see the limited releases and independent films. Small theater.

Annie Reed

Always great movies here

Tea, Sugar, Salt

If you want weird films, cool events (like meeting Peter S Beagle!), and nutritional yeast on your popcorn in a renovated church from 1925, this is your place. This is where you get your annual Rocky Horror fix. A very Eugene place.

Nona Bara

Charming historic art movie house. Two screens, friendly staff.

Tim Rogers

Great venue. Cool films.

Regina Hunt

Watched "Old man and a gun". Great movie!

Elena Amodeo

Intimate theaters, yummy popcorn, friendly staff

Google User

A classic favorite for fabulous selection of films at am uncrowded venue. Generally a respectable movie going crowd too!

karen daly

I love the Bijou Art Cinema! The staff is the best - friendly, knowledgable and passionate about film. They have all the highest rated Indie films, and the best treats ever. Plus - discounts on popcorn and IPAs on different days, free screenings for members. And - they've kept an old church/theater alive, and continue to make improvements. They inspire me!

Jeanette Steele

I like doing here for nice good clean movies the atmosphere is good and the prices are very good, sometimes it's hard to find a parking spot though.

Matt Fitt

Before the movie started, I was worried that the small size of the viewing room might mean that the screen would feel small and, perhaps, the sound tinny. Nope. The screen felt big. The sound was excellent. I was completely enveloped in the movie. Also, the theater was clean & comfortable and the staff was friendly. If I lived in the area, I would go here all the time.

Karen Cornforth

Love the small town charm, friendly people, and great prices

linda flock

I like the movies they show here.

Cdogstar Knowhole

I attended a Sunday church service called the rising. The preacher is eager to teach

Thomas McKenna

Great movie theater.

Paul Morphy

Pleasant little theater with kind staff and good films.

Blake Gesik

Great little theatre

Marc Thayer

Newcomers will never know the allure that Boo brought to the ambience of this place. RIP Miser Mondays! All tickets are $3.

Elizabeth Conklin

The cast of Eugene's Forbidden Fruit makes the Rocky Horror experience at the Bijou one of the best. Always movies playing you might not see other places. I first saw Melancholia here.

Anjel Parent

Nice little place to watch movies

Steve Newcomb

The Bijou Theater is a Eugene Landmark. Go to it if you haven't been. The Bijou has been a cultural wellspring for many years. The new ones downtown are also worthy of your patronage.

Karen Needham

Love this place! Shows the kind of movies I want to watch with beer and reasonably priced concessions. The volume is never too loud and it is a very cool venue.

Maurie Denner

Movie house for indie films. Two theaters, reasonably priced snack bar.

Becky Houghton

Friendly staff with good knowledge of movies. Interesting historic building. Healthy, reasonably priced snacks. Oh, and good movies.

Hanalei Rozen

We love this independent movie theatre.

Patrick Dehler

I saw a very beautiful film here and it was enhanced by the smaller size of this theater coupled with the historic feel of the building.

Gerald Miller

Different from your usual theater.

Jeff Irving

The seats in theater 2 are so, so uncomfortable. Otherwise I’d give it 5-stars.

Tiffany Haugen

It's just a cool place to watch movies. No big theater bells and whistles, just a piece of history worth experiencing.

Rhett Anderson

I regularly forget this place exists. But then I remember and see a film and I'm happy we have such a quirky theater in Eugene.

Traci Crimmins

Beautiful place to see a movie.

Max poodles

Love this place, go see peanut butter falcon if its still playing;

Chia Jen Studio

This place is the best

Emily Garrett

Bijou is unique and charmingly eerie. The small bar selection was a nice surprise and the theater is cozy but space maximized. Very cool, not-to-miss place.

Terry C

What an interesting place. It looks like a church from the exterior, but the interior has been converted into a concessions area and a single movie theater. I went here to watch Elf with my family for a company family movie day during the Christmas season. The concessions area is small and seems to be run by one person. Once all drinks and popcorn or served, that individual then runs upstairs to start the movie. Theater chairs are of an older style and somewhat comfortable. Do to the non-dynamic content of the movie I was watching, it is not easy to assess video and audio quality. It did look like they have a decent digital projector that would be found in a large movie theater with high definition capability, and either 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. for many audiences this would not be a noticeable problem. Overall a great experience with the family.

Jewel Weigand

Went for Hump night and lived it. The building is amazing!

Sunjay Patel

Nice small place. Great staff, but parking could be a pain!

Kevin Wiles

Movies which diverge from mainstream cinema. Reasonably priced and comfortable.

Mi Mm Ma

Thiz plaz is sogreat. Fine finds, kind lines, and the hip-rad workrz filled my yalla reuseable container with corn popped! Hartz.

Pam Garrison

My favorite Eugene movie theatre. Welcoming staff, artsy movies and popcorn with nutritional yeast. My favorite place to spend a rainy afternoon!!!

Jody Whitney

Such a nostalgic place

Lisa L. Burtraw

The Bijou Theater on 13th, is an old favorite. I've been a movie goer there since my high school days in the 80's. They have a great atmosphere, and have a romantic courtyard with a beautiful fountain with little tables and chairs to sit and have a drink or snack at, in one of Eugene's historical buildings, the Wilcox building; located on the U of O campus. Set up a massage with several therapists upstairs in the office section upstairs and adjacent to the theater before or after your movie! Lots of fun shops, restaurant's and walks nearby.

Cindy Bare

Love it. We go quite often when we are in town. Shows the more thoughtful and interesting movies instead of the noisy futuristic new releases.

J Jax

The vibes in this place are perfect for movie watching

Aaron Smith

Charmingly, local theatre. Two screens, in an old church, operated by hip college kids, reminds me of the small, indie movie theatre from my home town. The quality of the picture is great, the space is quirky, the service is pleasant, and the sound quality/acoustics aren’t perfect, which I think adds to the effect. You feel like you’re watching an old movie and a theatre - delightful.

Teri Baker

I love going to the Bijou.

David Adee


A Eastburn

Gorgeous building- love the feel of movies here- and the movie selection. Affordable tickets AND food And the people working here are always courteous. 5 stars all the way

Ronaka Hockett

Loved the building and the atmosphere. What a wonderful place to watch a show. I'd waited for the movie to release and the Bijou was the only showing in town.

Anna H.

Cozy, atmospheric art-house cinema with delicious popcorn and very friendly workers! I recently attended a screening of a singalong version of Bohemian Rhapsody with my boyfriend and it was a blast! The ticket/concessions clerk even gave us a free bag of popcorn after the screening

Jackson Gibbs

My favorite theater in Oregon for more than the decades.

Lisa Calevi

Great features

Barbara Wadkins

Love going to this little theater. Quaint & quiet. Friendly staff enjoy seeing guests and being helpful.

Kat Rivera

It's one of my favourite places to stop in whenever I am in Eugene. The programming is top notch and different from the mainstream. And the admission + concessions are affordable.

Yul Miyabi

Beautiful, unique and cozy 1920s cinema that offers blockbusters, international, and documentary films, as well as art, Opera and ballet showcases. The popcorn and beer on tap are a plus!

Margaret Thumel

Virtually the only theater I visit in the area!

Savona Cook

The Bijou is Eugene's best movie theatre! If you haven't been, you'd better treat yourself soon! Totally wonderful & great snacks. They even have beer & wine!

Dwight Elder

Greatest theater in history of Eugene, expand your universe enjoy some yeast'y popcorn and a ice cold cider. Interior perfect. Price nice too.

Joe Ragsdale

Really interesting venue, surprisingly great audio and awesome staff. I highly recommend checking this place out!

Michael Soener

This place is awesome! A converted church, the facility is pretty cool if a bit rundown. The main building you enter has the lobby and the larger theater. Then there's a neat little courtyard that connects the 2nd, smaller theater. They make good popcorn and sell basic snacks as well as beer and wine at very reasonable prices (for a theater esepcially!) The movies are mostly 1st run indie/arthouse flicks, they get most of the best ones and play special shows and events occasionally. Really a cool, unique spot.

Franki L

The hours are limited and the film's shown are generally not main stream so are good some not so much so.

Zachery Manley

Good atmosphere could use some fresher popcorn. seating was somewhat uncomfortable. Unique experience and unique movies. Wasn't terrible but could be a bit better. Broadway metro was more comfortable and felt a little more movie theater like. Still recomend it regardless! Garlic popcorn was good!

Rosemary Nord

This is the cutest place to see a movie. Inexpensive and good snacks. I loved it.

Scrub Jay

A classic cinema house, now with beer and wines. Wonderful ambience that is a bit creepy (yes the bldg used to be a morgue). I've seen some great films here: nosferatu (3 times on Halloween w/ live music), rear window, double indemnity, it's a wonderful life, and countless great indie films! I love the bij.

Rash Khaldi

if you love the classic and kinda medium size screen, this is would be the best cinema in Eugene.

Susan Curtin

Great moview, great popcorn and lots of parking.

Pam Basilius

My favorite place to see movies is always a wonderful experience

A.K. Dawson

Happy to have an art/independent film house

Marilyn Kerins

The Bijou is an Eugene classic and had the best prices and popcorn in town. They also sell beer and wine. They show independent movies, docs and winners of Sundance movies. The building is an old church or undertakers. Go if you can!

Carolyn Shawgo

I am loved and care for in so many ways when I attend this theater. My mind is stimulated with thoughtful and sometimes unusual movies. However, my senses are stimulated by the extension of kindness and the demonstration of graciousness in action....

Jelena Runjaic

Really cool movie theater with a lot of history!

Cathy Herring

The movie was great ! But when leaving the establishments parking area we noticed our car had been keyed and damaged. The people who were management was no help a didn't seem to care when I reported this.

Shey 2k

I always enjoy taking in a movie here!

Jake Dinneen

Awesome location and worth supporting local cinema efforts.

Brian Wright

Great theater to see indie films. The place has a nice hipster feel and the staff are movie enthusiasts which makes a movie here feel special.

Sim Card

Great arts cinema with good snacks, wine, and beer. Cheers.

Carolyn Horn

For over 20 years the Bijou has been my favorite place to see interesting films with my friends. And I Always buy their large Popcorn with delicious brewer's yeast added on top. Yum..

Tom Musselwhite

Local art-culture theatre. A break from big box commercial cinema.

Sidney Buckingham

Cute little place


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