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16107 US-283, Altus, OK 73521

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REVIEWS OF Heritage Park IN Oklahoma

Diane Dishman

Watched the new Star Wars movie!

Smiley Gurl

Go here all the time with my whole family and watch action packed movies.

Larry Allison

Air conditioning was a little warm. Seats could use up dating. Popcorn was fresh and the drinks were cold.

derrall altom

Love the experience

Luis Chic

(Translated by Google) I loved it very much (Original) Me encantó muchísimo

Mike Hathaway

Sound systems are horrible and the walls are way to thin.

Nancy Galvez

Comfortable place to visit. Smaller location that offers a cozy feel

Sarah Lamb

Faisal Hanif

Ok place...

Riva Snell

This was a girls trip to the movies and we had so much fun!

Jeanetta Maldonado

Mike West

Overpriced tickets and concessions. You also have to listen to whatever is playing in the theater next door because the walls are paper thin.


Noise bleeds through the walls sometimes from the movie next to you. But overall a good place to catch a movie

Shawn Colburn

Small theaters and not well maintained but it is a place to see movies.

Mary strickland

Good fast serves but need diaper changer

Rob King

Small but it definitely gets the job done, good popcorn and reasonably priced when you compare to Edward's or Imax theaters. To be honest the smaller theaters are actually kind of nice, because there are less people to potentially ruin the experience for you!


It has good service and expensive food

Ronnie McMahon

Jason Winters

Cheylee Dennis

Chris Mumford

I have never been to a worse theater than this Heritage Park in Altus. I've lived in Altus for four years now. Unfortunately, I have been to this theater many times for different reasons. I've always thought it is a bad theater. It smells terrible in the theater rooms. I've been to nicer dollar theaters including the Crossroads Dollar Theater in South OKC. I’d like to state that there have been shootings in the mall within walking distance of that theater. I would GLADLY pay to see a movie there whereas I will NEVER return to this theater. Sadly, I’ve realized that this place is only getting worse. My experience Tuesday January 8, 2013 was as follows; our movie (Les Miserables) was scheduled to begin at 7:00pm. It began at 7:14pm and (I assume because it was so far beyond the scheduled time) all previews were skipped. I personally enjoy the previews because I like to know what movies are coming out. We only have Netflix in our home and therefore do not see previews on TV. As the locals will no doubt tell you, we expected to listen to the movies playing to the right and the left of our theater room, as happens during every movie they play. We listened to the Hobbit on our right and to some movie with a lot of shooting on our left. I promise you if you go here you WILL hear the movies next to you and be annoyed. Furthermore, in the last 20 minutes of our movie the screen went black while the movie was still playing. A friend of mine (who I did not know was there until the next day at work) went to inform the employees what happened. The manager rewound the movie, but then it was widescreen and to condensed to be visually enjoyable. Then, AGAIN it black screened. At this point I was very frustrated. My wife and I left the theater room and asked for a refund. An employee attempted to give us two free tickets instead of our refund. I told him, “I’m sorry. We don’t want tickets to return. We would like our money back.” He had to get the manager. The manager told us that he could not give us a refund because we had already watched 90% of the movie. Although, I know people personally who have not received a refund very early in a movie that black screened at this theater. If I had not already had a terrible experience during this movie I would understand not receiving a refund after watching the majority of a movie. However, I cannot understand paying $16 for two black screens, the soundtracks to two other movies, starting late, and skipping the previews because the movie started late. The manager then offered us two tickets to any movie 3D or not, but we could not have a refund. I said, “Thank you, but we will not be returning to this theater.” We did not accept his tickets. That night was the 3 year anniversary for my wife and I. We are both full time college students and she had to start her semester the next day. This theater turned what was supposed to be a good evening with my wife into a frustrating disappointment. I promise you that you will regret seeing a movie here even if your experience is not as terrible as my experience that night. Go to Lawton or Elk City. They have nice theaters that will give you the experience for which you paid.

Kate Worthen

Good movies & food for the most part. Nicely staffed.

Ron Gregory

Rance Thompson

Pretty much what you'd expect

james horton

Robert Kinzer

Theatre was clean great people

Elizabeth White

Lloyd Harper

The theater was very hot inside. Very poor quality seating..

Marsha Howard

Hunter Miranda

Monica Williams

Very expensive

bearishcord 2340

LaDonna Pauley

I enjoyed my time at the movies. It was clean and people are available for help. My only issue is that the workers could smile! They were not rude, just didn't look happy to be at work.

Andy M.

70's called and wanted to go to the movies looks and an smells bad. And they don't have salt for the popcorn just aweird popcorn seasoning that tasted like Johnny seasoning on popcorn that's word

Jordan Guyton

They have. Good selection of movies

Brian Rambo

Good selection of movies

Crystal Fuchs

Frank Castle!

Great staff, reasonable prices... tech needs an update. Hearing the movie next door is annoying.

Keryl Lacy

This movie theater is a bit rundown, but we enjoyed the movie!

Amber Bladsacker

Kathi Meeks


Randy Snow

Screens are small and rips are visible. Speaker wires can be seen hanging out of the wall. Other movies sound bleeds into your theater. The owners keep cutting the theaters in half to show more movies and each time it makes the experience worse. When it was first built it was a fairly nice upgrade to the old downtown theaters but now, with stadium seating, large screens and high def movies available at REAL theaters, the theater in Altus should be avoided unless some serious upgrades/repairs and design changes are made.

Jeanna Cantu

Nice small theater took grandbaby to watch a movie. They really enjoyed it, cozy place. Understanding staff working there.

Child of the Most High Christian

Nice Clean atmosphere, Theater room a little small, but they always have the best movies. Its Altus, a small town with a Big Heart! safe place for kids to have that small town experience where you know everyone. Never had burnt popcorn. bags always big soda seems fresh.

Collin Gourd

Saw a movie in 3D here it was great the only thing it doesn't have is stadium seating but it's not a big deal especially for the price

Beth Sherlock

The Sedrick Channel

Although a very simple theater, Heritage Park has dose a good job with decent prices, as well as the inclusion of 3-D films. This theater is much smaller than larger theaters like AMC and the Warren, but it does a good job showing current films. It is perfectly suited for the cozy little town of Altus Oklahoma.



Neb Headings

It's pretty good if u had to vote

carletta thrasher


LeeAnn Lanford

VERY nice manager. I Lost one of my nice earrings and had been there. He was very nice to search for it for me & even looked in the parking lot for me. Thanks Sir! I really appreciate your kindness!

Jasmine Rodriguez

It was an amazing experience people were so quite while the movie was playing and the people who work there were so palate with everyone and very fast with my order bathrooms were so clean they are doing a good job I would recommend that movie theater to anyone who lives in altus

Tim Dewey

I always enjoy going to see movie on the big screen

Denise Bechtel

Steve Dock

Good Movie theater, old technology though.

Tyler Tidwell

Nice size with good variety of movies

Negilla Bookman

Everyone was pleasant... We enjoyed it

Shawn Reinhardt

Clean place. Nice soft seats

Janie Pierce

Great place

JC Freeman

Kelcie Patrick

Movie showing was good quality and on time, staff was friendly, but popcorn was cold and seems to be every time I go here. The theater started off at a cool temperature but the AC shut off about an hour into the movie and never came back on so it got uncomfortably hot in there. I heard multiple people commenting about it. All in all - meh.

Rosie Carbajal

Great place to take grandkids for family time

Detrick Whitten

Good experience.

Rod Neal

This is all Altus have. It's better than nothing.

Matt Rester

Skai Surov

them damn kids -_-

Desires1 Love

Joe Lett

Laurie Cole

It's alright for being the only theatre in Altus, you can hear the other movies and the seats aren't very comfortable, the staff is really friendly

Katana keller

Decent overall. Prices are good. The 3D movies are so dark they aren't enjoyable. Friendly staff,mostly. Same outrageously priced concession stand


I loved this place becuase it has good movie quality and snacks,plus the seats are comfortable Livermore

Addysen King

Darla Jones

They have a great movie theatre and comfortable seats.

Andres Benitez

The staff is never friendly bunch of kids with no people skills that hate their job!!

Anne Marie Thompson

Sound from other movies is audible while watching the movie you paid to see. Very distracting and often ruins a quiet scene. How about putting loud movies next to loud movies?

David Mitchell

Kimberly Bradley

Needs updating but staff is friendly and prives are good

Charlotte Charlie KING

Ok for.a park


Keith Adams

Nice theater. They usually have all the worthwhile releases. The staff is very friendly.

Anne Thompson

Nice it's nice to have a little theater close by. Otherwise you have to drive an hour. But they need better soundproofing, I hate listening to theexplosions in the movie next-door while trying to watch the tender moments of the movie I paid to see. But the people are great, prices are more than fair, and most of the time that popcorn is fresh!

Shelisa Cheatham

We enjoyed this place. The movie had already started when we go to the theater but since we were the only ones watching it they restarted it for us. We really did appreciate it.

Demetria Campbell

Great staff! Awesome customer service! Perfect popcorn! Movie quality was great! No projection problems. Clean establishment! Going again soon. Keep it up Heritage Park!

Kenneth Morrison

Too many screen for building size. Can often hear movie in next theatre. Only two decent size screens. Remainder get smaller and smaller. Smallest like sitting way back from a 75 inch TV

Meranda Stuard


Clint Miller

Good, up to date movies at a good price.

Casper T. Ghost Esq.

Small town movie theater- where movies still feel special and they actually care about you the customer.

Anita Marie Zein

If they had a bigger entrance to stand in line to buy tickets...all else is great!

Zander Raymond


Anita Lott

Great price and friendly people. Will be back.

Alexander Nelson

Burned popcorn and broken projectors. $10 is a little expensive for what you get. Worth the drive to Lawton.

Stacey Throne

Loved rocker recliner seats and large screen

Jasmine Solis

Great selection of movies for a good price. Staff is very friendly!! Also it was very clean.

Roxanne Billups

Very family oriented! The popcorn is exceptional! The staff was very nice.


I can hear every movie but the one im watching.

Kevin W.

Only theater in town, so we go if we're short on time or don't want to drive to Lawton. In the theater, the vent blows cold air right on you so it's chilly (bring a coat even in the summer). Also, you can hear the movie next to you as well as you can hear the movie you are in.

Jamie Pruitt

It was wonderful and has great service.

nathan Allgood

Mark Herndon

Theater is very small and looks like they took a whole theater and cut it in half. Other movies can bleed sound into your movie which is quite annoying. The movie selection is very good, though. The staff is polite and nothing wrong with the counter. Would go again.

Brad Workman

They seem to try pretty hard for being in small town. They have pretty good employees so I tip them most every time.

Hubert Reed

Laura Hancock

It a good, small theatre. Seats are comfortable. Always been mostly clean.

anthony loya

Nice place not the best

Michael Higgs

They show movies

Anna Rasmussen

Good service at the ticket counter and the food court. Pretty good seats and we saw Rampage with The Rock Dewayne Johnson and it was very enjoyable. Will get it on DVD when it comes out too.

Jessie Brown

Cindy Willis

Nathan Moore

Katlynn Brewer

Ok theater kinda dirty

Fluffy 5694

Auston Daniels

thomas esparza

The staff is immature, the theater usually smells bad, movies don't start on time, the hand dryer in the restroom is terrible, and to top it off it cost an arm and a leg to get that experience. I mean Atwood's and Ace hardware give popcorn away. I know it's a business, but I feel robbed everytime I watch a movie there, and there is nothing anyone can do because they have no competition.

Granma Doreen Kramer

Nice place big

Desiree Kessler

Michael Villarreal

Really smaller then expect but pretty nice, service was nice and friendly


Defense are dark, sound quality is good but walls are too thin and you can't hear quiet movie if there is a loud action movie next door, concessions are very good, fast service but pricey , popcorn is better than most movie theaters and fresh, employees are nice and management is helpful, bathrooms are pretty clean, selection of movies is pretty good.

Daniela Tapia

Avey Rico

We enjoy the movies now or then but if you are a Handicap like me you won't enjoy it. I am Totally BLIND and some places will not charge you for a movie and will not charge you sighted person sence they will be letting you know what is going on in the movie.

Jessica Thacker

Very cute and small town theatre! Loved the atmosphere of it all! Prices were reasonable as well!

Demetrio Ramirez

Ten Schippnick

I wish I could give this a higher rating and pretty much giving this 3/5 out of memories of good times here. While some enhancements have been made here over the past few years, there seems to be a constant issue with alignment of the projections the last three times I visited, which of course was fixed within the first 20 mins... Even so it really takes away from the quality of the experience. Staff is polite.

ky ky

I go here to watch all movies and they have great popcorn,drinks,and candy they also take care of people on their phones

Michael Brodnex

Great seats great theater

Zoe Monterrubio

judy campsey

Love going to the movies during the summer. Great place to stay cool and laugh. The movie TAG was non stop laughter.

Michael Harris

Theater was clean which made the experience enjoyable.


Frostbite Channel

Likes move

Matthew Smith

This should be a dollar theater. I recommend you drive to Lawton to see a movie.

Jessica Perez

Bill Estep

nice place for family time great staff

Doug E Doug

Since this is the only theater in the area, can't complain much. I've never had any issues going here. I know a lot of people from other places who want to go to the movies want some big fancy theater with upscale amenities. Heritage Park for our area is a good one. Pretty much always get the good movies. The snack area is good. Bathrooms are always clean. Staff is friendly. Overall, I've always had a great experience there.

dawson Anderson

Credit card machine does not work Just had about 20 people turned away Poorly run business

Cathy Froelich

Very hot

Audrina Sciacca

Had fun


Like we have a choice

Greta Wilmeth

People are nice but the place is filthy and it stinks, especially the seats

Andrew Lochman


Aaron Clampet

Bryan Price

Its cheap, thats the redeeming quality. If you plan on going for the first showing on any day do not get the popcorn. Its always stale because they recycle the unbought popped corn from the previous day with one or two fresh batches but its not enough to make up for the stale popcorn that they serve. I used to work in theaters for years and its a common practice but the problem is they dont open and serve that recycled popcorn at 8 in the morning so it sits longer and gets stale.

Tammy Ochoa

It was an awesome time, they have great workers

Feline Draco

Small but great people

Marcus Aurelius

Decent prices and a couple of movie selections... Very good

Geordi Dosher

Judy Stegen


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