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1112 E Charles Page Blvd, Sand Springs, OK 74063

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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Cinema 8 IN Oklahoma

Crystal Monroe

Nice small reasonably priced local theater. Very clean!

Mikel Bradfield

Better than before but could still stand some improvement.

lisa queen

Awesome screen ,clean and very family-friendly.

Marcella Lowry

The new seats are plush, & the prices lower than Tulsa. Come and step into Sandite land. We'll have a good time!

Tommie Collins

Went to see "Bad Times at El Rancho Grande At Sand Springs Cinemark. Good movie. Not many people there as we went to the matinee. I really like this theater. The price of tickets not the only reason. The popcorn is the best movie corn I've had. The seats were new, not recliners, but nice leather covered, high back seats. Very comfortable.


Good place to catch a movie without a crowd. The theaters need to be updated and cleaned. Also if you plan to take small children with you be prepared to sit up front because the chairs are to tall. They do have booster seats but we did not try them.

Lacie Bryant

Clean theater. Polite works

Deborah Smith

Clean and friendly. And Aladdin was awesome! Let's go again!!

matt whisenhunt

It's a clean and affordable place to watch first run movies

Todd sams

Hot didn't have a/c on

Talyn W

This is a small theater I go to all the time. While it is true that it might not be as nice as AMC or the IMAX, it's also not nearly expensive. The people are always very friendly and helpful. I even go with my 4 year old sister quite a bit. We sit in the center seats and she has no issue seeing with or without a booster seat. This theater is slowly but surely getting updated with more comfortable seats with better spacing. Over all it's a very good theater if you don't want to break the bank.

Chris Beach

Always love this theater. The prices are great (especially $2 Tuesdays) and the people working there are all so kind. We drive here from Jenks just because of those two things.

Ross Buchner

Though I came in late, the staff rushed to help me find a show I could see from the beginning and helped me pick a good seat. The place was clean and neat and they seemed to really want me to have a good time. The ticket was discounted as well. I really felt glad I came.

Regina Cotton

Great teens working very helpful and kind. Food and drinks yummy. Movie AWESOME!

casey pitman

Price for drink and popcorn is at theater prices but both drink and popcorn are huge. Seats are very comfortable

Rosa T

Went to see the Lion King and it was clean and amazing sound!

Tank Girl

I love small theaters. Floors are not sticky. Service is kind and quick. Best Prices.

Amber Parrish

Love the people that work here, super friendly. The snacks are a but pricey but when you look at the ticket prices it balances out!

Miracle Foster

Nice and clean environment. We got lucky! We had the theater to ourselves. Customer service was great.

clifton johnson

If the food and drink was not so dam expensive i would give them a 5

David Brach

It's getting pretty old, but they've replaced the seating, new carpet, generally good upkeep. It's also half the price of other theaters, which may be the best feature. Staff is friendly. There were very few people in the theater, but I went to a morning movie during the week.

Jody Critser

Clean, cool and very comfortable. I took my 3 year old Granddaughter and my Mom. We had a great time. We saw Lion King and the prices were reasonable, we felt very safe oh, and the seats were extremely comfortable. Thank you Sand Springs Cinemark

Cynthia Wells

Great family fun . very cheap

Joyce Daniel

The seating was good. The movie, Aquaman, was great but when you walked into room 6 where it was playing you got about 6-8 rolls in and it smelled like someone crapped their pants all over the seat. It smelled terribly. We went all the way down to avoid it. I reported it but I doubt anyone checked it out.


My family and I used to come here all of the time growing up. Every time I visit Tulsa I have to watch a movie here! The new seats are very comfortable, the popcorn is a decent price, and the staff is super friendly! It may not be the fanciest theater in the world, but it's still fantastic!

Harambe the gorilla, I'm back.

Great place, kind people.

Jessica Crabtree

This theater is usually amazing. .. but when I went Friday night I went and watch the crimes of Grindelwald. The lights came on in the middle of the movie. After about a minute of them not going off I went to tell someone and was told that they would fix it. The Sound cut out at one point but only for about 10-15 seconds. It was my worst experience there ever. If it wasn't for Friday night's issues there would be five stars

Stephanie Goldagi

They have some of the best prices around. Don't like how they don't run much heat in the winter so we have to bring several blankets and cuddle up. Their staff is friendly nonetheless and the temps won't keep me away.

Misty Chambers

Great service. Small and cozy.

Greg Hemme

Went to see a movie at this cinema last night with my sons and had a great experience. I go out of the way of inner city Tulsa theaters for this cinema's low ticket prices and more reasonable concession prices, which is easily half of competing venues in Tulsa. I was pleased to find that seats seem to have been updated and were more comfortable than before. My 10 year old son realized he was missing his phone when we were in the parking lot and the patrons and employees had already found it and taken it to the office where we easily reclaimed it. Great employees and a money saver at this cinema!

Robert Miller

A nice change from the super duper multiplex theaters we have now older and need a little revamping but still a good place to see movies at

Donella Meldrum

Love there prices! I can actually take the family to a movie and not break the bank! Seats are very comfortable! Prices at concession are high but what theater isn't now-a-days! I will definitely be my family back!

Jeremy Fredrick

Always love coming here. Inexpensive and clean. Staff are always friendly and they have sweet tea on tap. Always a winner for me because I can't drink pop.


For the price you can beat it... Most of the time it's not packed so you get great seating... Snacke prices are a bit high but other than that... They're staff is always friendly and meet you with a smile...

Cathy Wright

It just wasnt great comared to the Tulsa theater

Jane Bales

Price of popcorn is a little to much and think there restrooms could us a update ..

Alicia Bagley

Nice new seats, clean floors and restrooms for the most part. Great price!! Refreshments are good also. A suggestion would be to add a self serve multiflavor drink machine. This would be a nice addition!

Brenda Harrington

It's close to home, all the newest movies, great employees, we love our cinema 8

Jason Baker

They have new seats, at least in theatre 6! Staff super nice, and great prices on tickets.

Branden Sorrels

Concession prices are criminal I paid extra for a aqua man metal popcorn bucket went to the bathroom came back and it was gone. I mentioned it the staff and they said I had to buy another. I saw nightmare on elm 3 and have went for everything since and I was offended. Let's see if you make this right I don't think it will happen.

Brian Simpson

I give it a 4 because the people were friendly and the ticket price was very good. The main issue was that the air conditioner was broken in our theater which made watching the movie almost unbearable. I opened the door to the theater to let the AC from the hallway in which helped. Other than that, great place to watch a movie.

SanMiguel Esparza

It was ok. The prices r great but it needs sum upkeeping

Mauiboy Sunny

I understand they have to make money on sodas and popcorn but they're getting way out of control

Chris Cowley

Topical standard theater. Reasonable matinee prices

Phantom Ghost

Very nice place and comfy chairs.

Denise Amos

It was A little warm, but great customer service.


Very nice little theater

Ida Conley

This is a good place to go for matinees when movies come out . It's not too crowded and my daughter, niece and I have a girls day.

Katrina Boggs

Great prices. Nice to watch movies without breaking the bank.

Jessica Bennett

It was so hot inside the theater and it smelled like pee. We decided to leave 30 minutes into the movie.

Tara U

Good prices on ticket. Concessions a little high. Popcorn wasn't hot. Sound was a little loud.

Jessica D

Friendly staff. Great movie quality.

Kelsey Lauder

Great! $2 Tuesdays are awesome. The concessions are a bit spendy but not the worst I've seen, all to be expected really

Penny David

It is a good place to take your kids

dianna kramer

For the price the seating is perfect. They could clean better. It's like everything is covered in sticky soda or candy.

Sean Surber

Great little theater that has been in Sand springs forever with cheap ticket prices and decent little theater rooms!

Gerome Davis

Good local theatre. Kinda behind the time's but it'll work.

Linzi A'Fortieri

Nice staff, clean building, good snacks.

Alyssa Bieker

I go almost every friday i just love it.

Jo Lynn

Great small movie theater. We recently moved to the area. The building is hard to access alone as the sidewalk around the theater is pretty high. The handicap ramp is further down and not ideal --- but this is more than likely the fault of whoever owns the building/person who decided on the design.

Tatyania Johnson

I love the movies this is a good place of you don't like big places

tery Fried

Love this.. Creeps me out. After dark...but could have been that movie I watched..

Courtlynn Bryan

Literally amazing ticket prices manager on duty was the only reason its getting a star she was sweet but the concession dude with his hat backwards needs more proper training on how to talk to customers i will definitely make the extra 20 min drive to the other location cause I'm not gunna get talked to like im stupud or told mam your holding up the line I'm sorry but I'll hold the line how ever long i have to to get the order right if I'm a paying customer i should be treated better

Melissa Merritt

Love this place. Excellent prices. Comfy seats. Will continue to go here. My kids love it also

Joshua wheeler

I love this place nice staff chill environment

Dylan Albert

Absolutely cannot beat the price for a new movie.

Joshua Freeman

You get to see all the new movies at a great low price. The only thing that I no it's different they have the old seats they have yet to remodel like some of the other theaters. But their seats are comfortable and do recline

Jamie Washington

This is a decent theater. They have new seating which is a plus. They should reconsider the configuration of the ticket line. There is a small areand when its busy the line is bunched up. The consession stand line gets mixed in as well.


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