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REVIEWS OF Broken Arrow Warren Theatre IN Oklahoma

Peter Ferris

Clean, classy theaters. I like the recliners! Concessions are a bit $ but the families are top shelf.

jeff gragg

The food was cold. The menu changed. Move was great

David Rodriguez

Great experience it was pricey this was the first time I had a meal at the movies. Not just popcorn and a soda. This was a hamburger and onion rings. And it tasted really good.

Desteni Watson

My husband and I don’t get to the show often, so when we go we do it up right and order dinner while we watch the movie. Well, after tonight, we won’t be doing that anymore. The in theater food menu used to be AMAZING before Regal took over. It made the evening special and we didn’t mind dropping $100+ to see a movie and have a nice, delicious meal with our movie. I was looking forward to the loaded chicken and mashed potatoes. Now, it’s basically sub par bar food that you can tell was frozen and heated up. We were EXTREMELY disappointed, to say the least, with our meals. If you had eaten at the Warren before it was bought out by Regal, you will be sorely disappointed as well. Go get dinner somewhere else and save yourself the $$$ on the expensive ticket. The theater doesn’t have the same magic that it used to either. Now it’s just like every other one out there.

Jd Rebel

Saw Joker here on its premier date on the grand inifity screen. Was not disappointed. Been to this theatre several times and it is my favorite.

Stanley Vohnoutka

First time . Absolutely LOVED the experience. First Class. Hesitant to visit because I was afraid I would Love it and have to drive across town for movies. Well,,,, there you go and now I'll drive for the First Class Seating and Service. Sat in the upper section,,,, big spacious comfortable seating with power recline and heated seats. Personal attached dining tray. Upper section has a full service bar,,, must be 21 to enjoy this upper section. No need to get up if you're hungry or thirsty,,, press a button and they'll come to you and take your order. Talk about spoiled.

megan lynn prather

One of our favorite places for movies! We love the balcony or director's suite for date night, 21 and over and they take your food and drink order right at your seat. We like the other screens for the kids, especially the Grand Infinity with the curtain opening. It's so funny and makes going to the movies and real experience.

Jason Roe

It was like a Majestic far land I sat in theater 7 the ceiling was huge and the screen as well amazing experience i watched

Linzi Mcmillen

We love this theater! The director suites are amazing, the food is wonderful, the servers are awesome. We will not watch movies anywhere else!!

Keisha Rider

Very comfy! We did the Director's Suite and ordered food. It was delicious and really a treat.

Lana Rivera

Love this place. Perfect for families or 21+ Bar & Restaurant upstairs they do card everyone 21+ to go upstairs. Movie food, and drinks all at your seat doesnt get better than that. Reasonable priced, service is always good.

Melissa Overstreet

Beautiful lobby! Something for everyone to enjoy: from the moderately priced general admission to the VIP seating with dinner service. Extraordinarily comfortable reclining seats and a comfortable atmosphere in every aspect.A marvelous experience!

Glenda Wallen

Our first time going was everything I was hoping it would. Dinner was served as requested. Reclining heated seats. Only thing not totally taken with was the additional cost for dinner. I thought it was included in ticket cost but nope.

Danny Waters

Can't say we will be returning. This was the only place we would go. Directors suite and the food WAS really good. Now the menu changed and the food is just below average. We had the burgers and they were on the same level as a quarter pounder from Mickey d's. Very sad!


I have to be honest, it is slowly going down hill. While we paid extra for the director seats, again... my husband and I each got the Alfredo pasta - one with chicken, one with no chicken - we received the pasta almost cold... the chicken itself was warm. The cocktail was overloaded with lime so it was sour and hard to drink. My chair - was messed up so if you tried to recline slighty with the button... the chair would take off-- and try to lay you down completely! So you had to mess with it some. While this time we did get a waiter that was friendly, that is why this review is getting 2 stars. Honestly at this point... wait until the movie comes out, watch it in the comfort of your own home, with good food and drinks.

Chris Smith

I have worried about The Warren since the take over by Regal. Today, the next version of the food menu confirms my worries were correct. Small drink glasses, no ice cream sundaes, no salmon, limited salads. Many of the seats wait person call buttons don’t work. Not worth the drive or the cost any longer. Good luck.

Pam Sutton


Amy Yearta

I haven't been to all of their rooms but they seem to be all around friendly and clean. For about a year now my husband and I would only go to the Warren exclusively for their director's suite for our favorite movies. One of the best factors of that was they had restaurant quality food and selection (to eat during the movie). It was so good the price was acceptable to us. We're disappointed that they have downgraded their menu to common items such as burgers and pizza while still being expensive. Some may not care, but I do, cause I'm pregnant and REALLY wanted chicken alfredo

JD Cloke

Staff was awesome the bar tenders were over the top amazing theater's are excellent conditions over all a great experience

Juan C

Nice clean theatre . All you can watch movies for only 18 dollars a month

Sheetal Shah

Indeed regal... Lovely interior... Beautiful experience

Leann Hyatt

Love that you can go have a cocktail before it after your movie. Love the reclining seats in some of the theaters.

Hannah Vang

Never write reviews but the menu change at the “warren” regal whatever was the last straw. I won’t be coming back. I used to love this place but since regal took over they changed everything good about the theater. I agree with the other reviewers stating the new menu is overpriced gas station food. It really was terrible and the service sadly wasn’t much better. So disappointed at losing my favorite date night place.

Ange Johnson

Always love visiting this theater. Great staff, great sound, concession has a wide variety. Worth the drive from Okmulgee.

M.D. Rushing

Love the screening room. Costs about $100 to take your girl to the movies in a semi-private theater with wait staff, food drinks, power recliners with heaters etc.. Truly a first class experience for any special occasion with your girlfriend, wife or even taking mom out on mother's day. Or, if you are a misandrist, you can take your self-identified other to see Captain Marvel.

Tate Miller

grand infinity theater is where it's at, biggest screen in tulsa, sat in the bottom left mid section I, still a great seat. food is still$$$$, but it's a movie theater. just going to movie there feel more exciting due to how fancy the …


Super nice and comfortable theater. Great amenities. Food available from the diner to have in the theater. Try the director's suite for the best experience.


The theater is great! But I went to see Bring The Soul, which in the U.S, we need subtitles since it is a Korean movie. The subtitles were cut off. So if you plan to see a movie that has subtitles, do not go here.

Jeffery Noor

This place is a joke now. Overpriced, lowest quality food. I got the pretzel bites for around ten bucks. It about half the size of a QT pretzel chopped up. And flat. The armrest and cupholder came apart. Save your money and gas and go …

Serena Ryan

Love this movie theater! My family and I enjoy the screening room the most! Worth the extra money to have reclining and heated seats.

Devin Harp

My wife and I go here for the dinner and a movie. I would have given it a 5 star, however they have changed their food menu from fine dining food, to what I would call, super fancy mobile truck or fancy baseball park style food. It was still good and is truly eye appealing... It's just not the chicken and pasta, not the smoked salmon on a board style of food that they used to serve.

Kirk Coryn

Theater was beautiful. Great seats . But the server we had was rude and we placed a food order and never received it. Would be 5 stars if it wasn't for the server. I would go back


Much better before being bought by Regal. Ever since then they have removed everything that made the Warren special. Now it's just your average corporate theater.

Rachel Fletcher

The Warren use to be an amazing experience. Since, Regal has taken over it’s been a horrible experience. The service is not great, and the food is horrible! We use to have a wonderful dinner, not anymore. The hamburgers are spongy, and were from frozen not fresh. The chicken fingers were spongy and no longer made from fresh tenders. The fries are soggy. The nachos quality has went down with stale chips. You get half the amount of food as before. Don’t waste your money.

c toothman

Best movie theater I've been too looking forward to going back

Gorthain Matzerath

Always a Great experience, nice to see a theater that trains its employees to be courteous, helpful, and friendly.worth the drive from Tulsa.

Gary Scott

Best seats on town. Order tickets ahead

Arthur Curtis

Very nice space very comfortable it will be my go-to place for this kind of simulcast performance. It's so much more comfortable than others

Melissa Trevino

The decor is beautiful but the seats are pretty terrible compared to the comfy recliners that have become standard.

Miss Mee

Way overpriced. Didn't have 3-D for 9:10 pm showing. The food was worse than Sonic. The movie was good but I don't think it's worth what they charge AT ALL. Not sure I'll return (only if so somebody else is paying). Lol. Sorry guys. For 22.00 a ticket (that's the price of the 2nd floor movies) you need to up your game. I paid fine-dining prices for junk food. The drinks were also very weak (did I mention they're 10.00 each?) My your money and go to someplace cheaper. You'll get a better deal for what you spend.

Jill Young

WOW!! Too bad. Warren was amazing When they were the owners...Regal took over and it went downhill super fast ! The food was limited and subpar. Plus, the place was a ghost town.. it’s not going to last long now unfortunately. ... Too bad , It was one of my favorite date night places. It had potential but sadly they lost yet another customer. spent $100.00 bucks , wouldn’t do it again.

Who I Am

Seating is weird in my opinion. Overall great experience. Concession is the highest I've ever seen. On the other hand, they have a better selection than most theaters I've visited too.

Fernando Bustos-Escobar

Very nice and clean place. Bathrooms were super clean. Really enjoyed this movie theater.

Ameenah Wonder

Just a few words, yes the place i very nice and people are fantastic but its way over priced!!! $22.00 freakin dollars for a Bacon cheeseburger that I can buy 6 from Sonic for the same amount. SO if you don't mind throwing away money, then …

Curt Craig

Place just oozes with class! I only use the Director's Suite, so can't comment on the others. This is the best way to view a movie. Everyone that works there, that I've come across, are great. Reason for only four stars is they rarely have anything I'd like to watch.

Brent Bannon

If you want a great movie-going experience, this is the place to go. We went to one of their open theaters, not on the balcony or a private viewing suite which are also available. The seats were spacious and comfortable. We got to select …

Eric Goodyear

It will be last time I come. It used to be an amazing experience. It is clear that the overlords of corporate profit have gotten their hooks into the place. The food is a shadow of what it was. Reheated precooked junk. I feel bad for the guys and girls working there. The main economy theater is still good. Popcorn and beer sure, but the date night special experience is gone.

Church 732

New menu for the Balcony has taken away a few favorites. The Grand Burger is no longer on ther menu nor is the chicken wrap my wife would always get. Got the onion rings which were fairly tasty. Also got the mozzarella and gouda cheese bites which were not so great. Consistency of them was odd and the flavor was a bit stale. Seat warmers for my seat and the one next to it didn't work. Service was good however. Server was friendly, prompt and very quiet and efficient during the movie. There have been some changes since this theater went from Warren to Regal and most have been for the worse. Friendliness is still very prevalent though and you'll always be treated with a smile by the employees.

Peace Doctor

This is where I first met Grace. She’s the love of my life!

Missy Smith

Apparently Regal took over the Warren and changed the menu. The food had previously been awesome and we absolutely loved it. Now it's gone so far downhill and was so expensive that we won't return. The food was horrible! I can't stress enough how much my family and myself were disappointed. If you plan on going to the Warren, do yourself a favor and eat elsewhere!!!

Laura White

Used to be great food! Very pricey but didn't mind! Something changed at the Warren theatre's not only in Tulsa but in OKC as well, now the food isn't near as good and the prices are the same.. ...too high for plain mediocre food that is served now...... Not planning to go back any time in the future!

Bob Dole

I wish I could give 0 stars. They now sell you a gas station Hamburger that you would heat up in the Microwave for $13. As of 6/8/19, their very awesome food is no more. After eating lunch their at 11:45 am today, I now feel a little sick at my stomach. I did not eat breakfast so this is the only food I had that would of made me sick. Eating at a McDonald or Arby's is 100% the better choice then eating their very poor/microwave tasting hamburgers now. I was very sad knowing I will no longer be able to bite down on the awesome SmokeHouse Burger and have a side of there once awesome Onion rings/Fries. This has to be the higher ups at Regal trying to make more money. By a 50 cent patty, put in microwave, but some toppings on it and sell for $12 w/ some random fries. (Even their awesome fries are no more). I spent $28 for a drink, Hamburger, fries and a very small side of Onion rings that should of been more like $7-8. Now if it was their awesome food they had before, I would of been glad to spend $28, which I have many times in the past. I will no longer buy any more food at the Warren. It's now better to stop at a fast food place and get better tasting food for $7-$10 before heading to the Warren Theater.

Cole Young

The whole experience was great. The staff was friendly and the facilities were well kept. The seats were great and very comfortable. I truly enjoyed my experience at the Warren. Best movie theater in town by far.

Coryn Duvall

I love the reclining and heated seats. Every time I come here the theater is nice and clean. It's currently my favorite theater in the area!

drew leathers

Staff is great. Food is great, though imo too expensive. The chairs are comfy though I wish they reclined just a bit farther. The sound quality is 10/10 as is the picture quality. Very nice building, very clean. 10/10 would reccomend but just dont go hungry if you're not rich.

Lupe Lamia

Very clean lobby and theater. Lots of variety on their diner menu and food was prepared quickly. Every staff member I saw seemed happy and ready to help. We got our tickets without any hassle or wait and made it to our seats with no trouble at all. No typical theater smells, just fresh popcorn and comfortable seats. Would love to visit more often in the future just for the experience of a clean building!

Laurel W

Husband and I dont go to a lot of movies so when we do, we do director's suite. I was really ready for their caesar salad wrap... but nvm! They have a new menu that's basically all bar-type food. I asked about it and it apparently is a …

Katlin Beckham

So disappointed, my husband and I went for a date night here at the warren (which use to be our favorite). I can sadly say that is no longer the case. The food is absolutely TERRIBLE. The menu has changed, what use to be a great place for food and movie showings is now food I wouldn’t serve to ANYONE. Over priced for being what tasted like microwaveable gas station food. Besides the food changing, everything was okay. Very clean, and we had great service from our waiter... hoping something changes, because I will no longer be driving out to broken arrow to watch new releases.

Paul Wilcoxen

Doesn't seem as nice as when independently owned. Regal just doesn't do as much upkeep it seems. Nice that they switched from Pepsi products to Coke.

Fishing with Rip Van Winkle

Best theatre in Tulsa. Great art Deco themed lobby with the normal snack bar and a restraunt with bar. General admission, balcony and special theatre viewing options available. The special viewing option allows you to order from the restraunt, snack bar or alcohol bars and have it delivered to your seat. Top of the line seating and amenities. Great for a date night or to treat yourself.

Laramie Fayard

The quality of the service has declined significantly since the takeover by regal. Opening night in the directors suite used to always be packed regardless of the movie. Now a 7pm premier showing has 8 people in it. The menu has been changed and the quality of the food has been significantly reduced. The memory if the warren has been tainted and I can never come back. The old reviews for the warren should be removed as the ownership and entire service has changed. The warren used to be the luxury alternative with amazing food, now it is overly expensive and the quality is not up to par with AMC theaters that offer better service for much cheaper.

Allyson Anderson

All I can say is WOW! This place is amazing. It is absolutely beautiful when you walk in the door. The ticket prices are the same price as other theaters usually are but this place gives you heated reclining chairs. I really enjoyed my experience here. I can't wait to come back!


Always a really nice theater. Every room has some element that makes it special. Our favorite is the balcony seats. Sit on a love seat with your date in an area that is only 21+, so no annoying kids talking the whole times. Food and alcohol are served here, at movie theater prices, but not too outrageous. We usually just get drinks and share an appetizer or two. The other theaters are always nice and clean as well. The screens are great quality and the sound is really great. The staff is really slow though and not overwhelmingly polite.

Lauren Bowden

We used to LOVE the Warren for date night. Since Regal has taken over it is not the same luxury we have come to know. So upset I’ve even taken the time to write a review?? The food is completely different. You don’t get real cups upstairs like before. Cheap frozen wholesale food I guess because it’s not fresh that’s for sure! The options are laughable too. Wings? Pizza? We’ll just have dinner somewhere and go to AMC next time. There’s not anything that sets the Warren apart anymore.

Jamie Stopforth

If you want to eat in the theater that serves food, choose the 21+ option in their site.... Because that makes total sense, right? I tried calling them before I bought the tickets online for clarification but they didn't answer. Ended up having to eat somewhere else after the movie. Not terrible but just wasn't the plan. On your mobile website, how about telling us which theaters serve food? 21+ means 21+ not "this theater serves dinner too!!!"

S. Owen

Love this theater. No place like it!! Beautiful facility. Reminds me of how fancy theaters were back in the golden days.

A.R. Smith

Clean. Beautiful interior but showing age a bit. Service was sub-par. Concessions overpriced, of course.

Mrs. LC

Love watching movies at The Broken Arrow Warren Theatre. We have been going here since opening. Red recliners are very comfortable. Theater is always clean and all the staff are very friendly and helpful.

G. Scott

Makes me really sad to write this, because I used to absolutely love coming here. This theater made going to the movies feel like a big deal. The experience here was just better, real butter on the popcorn, a wide range of blockbusters, foreign, and art house films, everything first class all the way. Since Regal took over, you have to pay for flavored salt on their butter-flavored oil popcorn, selection of films no better than any other multiplex, and a largely unstaffed facility. It's like they took an opera house and turned it into a dollar house. And the prices are the same or higher. Truly, a loss for the shared culture of Northeast Oklahoma, and nothing more than meh.

Matthew Miller

Had a great time. Treated ourselves to the balcony experience. Wish the seats were recliners, but they were comfortable and heated. Food and drink service was very good.

Guro Kennabis

We loved the movie experience here, but the food quality has gone way down. QT serves a better meal. We likely will not go back. Why pay a premium price for the privilege of eating overpriced dogfood (yes it was that bad).

Brandon Helscel

Before Regal took over, the food was amazing! They had this pasta Alfredo that I could get popcorn shrimp put in that made the $100+ tab worthwhile. I took my friend last night because he had never been and I was bragging about the food only to find their menu had changed completely. The burger was so bad that I couldn't even finish it. We were the only two in the theater up in the balcony and the waiter was not as friendly as I'm used to seeing. When I mentioned then menu being changed, he didn't offer any explanation or seemed to care. I liked to go about once or twice a month for an amazing experience. We have a movie theater at home that rivals most theaters so we like to go to Warren when a great movie comes out because we can't duplicate that experience at home. However, food is a large part of that experience and they went corporate with it. They ditched the chef for a concessions cook. I don't mean to offend anyone that works there but I'm sure you don't have any say on what gets made on the menu. So, it's probably not your fault. Oh, and a burger should not ever be well done. At least put veggies on it if you do so you don't have to taste the overcooked frozen patty. I hope this helps someone, especially other loyal patrons like me.

Jay Taylor

This place is great. The food is fantastic, and the balcony seating is my favorite place to watch any movie I really want to enjoy. The chairs are some of the most comfortable I've ever sat in. But really, what makes the place for me, is the old Hollywood aesthetic. It is the perfect place to have a date, take the family, or just to go enjoy on your own. 10/10 highly recommend.

Alley Warner

Love this place!! Great seating and food. It a great place for date night!

Barbara Lynch

Beautiful theatre. Lits of amenities.

Hannah Murphy

It has really gone downhill; the directors suite seemed grungy; our seats wouldnt work and there was a musty smell. They got rid of the great custom drinks they used to make, now you can only get regular bar drinks that you can get anywhere. I dont hate the place, i just dont see a reason to go back when i can get the same thing closer to home at waaay cheaper prices.

Brittany Romano

Slowly being destroyed by Regal....It was good but everytime we come it gets worse. New menu is boring and they removed 95%of the items. Would be nice if you could look at menu online then you might spend money at a better theater. Highly unlikely to return...enjoyed the director suites but no longer worth the drive here. Will never understand a company that acquires a working business and destroys it..Duh

Brian Gnad

The best appointed theater around here. The excellent artdeco heroic architecture is a delight. The adult area upstairs has hot and cold running minions to bring drinks and dinner. The seating is very good, but then, the quality of theater seating has been improving across the board over the last few years. The staff is friendly and efficient.


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