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REVIEWS OF AMC Southroads 20 IN Oklahoma

Corey Johnson

The best AMC I've ever been too! Very clean inside, hot and fresh popcorn, price for matinee was cheapest I've ever paid. The screen was perfect size and sound was amazing. The seats was awesome, large, leather, power recliners. Highly recommended and I'll go back again when I'm in town.

Mark Goins

The theater was kept relatively clean. The top 3 feet of rhe movie was shown on the curtain above the screen. Not critical, just irritating. Was blown off when I reported it. Otherwise, it was a pleasant experience.

Kayla McCray

I hate to blast a company on Google, but corporate makes it impossible to send in a complaint. My boyfriend and I chose to see Captain Marvel at the Southroads AMC theater in Tulsa, OK. We drove from Owasso, 20 minutes away. There is an …

Adam Beltran

Movie was great, but Dirty, i stepped on popcorn. I dont know if the people were on break or what. But it was bad. I had to shoo the popcorn away with my foot.. restrooms were okay.

Justin Ellis

My favorite theater in Tulsa. The new menu is good, we watched IMAX and the place was clean and in good repairs. They tend to be lightly staffed for the most part so if u intend to get something more then popcorn and soda you might want to arrive 5-10 minutes early

Tommie Collins

My wife and I went to AMC Southroads 20 today to "47 Meters Down". It was OK but it sure didn't compare with "Jaws". We were in one of the small theaters and boy, was it rundown. The seat we had were so ragged we moved up a row. Surprise! …

Dustin Owens

I like picking out my own seat and the distance it puts between me and the people next to me.

Bridgett Brown

Comfy chairs, great sound

Roger Hardway

The theater was great but it was to hot in the movie.

Lahiru Fonseka

We have watched lion king movie there today. So everythings were good except a/c. We enjoyed the film very well.

Kevin Walker

I've been going to this theatre since it opened in the 90s. Lots of good memories there! Everything you expect of great movie going experience you will find here! Great location and plenty of parking as well! 5 stars!

Sean Wolf

Good seats. Good prices. Solid go to theater

Eva Culp

Easy to buy online and go in straight away. Love the roomy aisles and reclining chairs. The recliners are comfy!

Don Freer

This is my favorite AMC in Tulsa. They are continuing to make improvements and hopefully one day will have a full red kitchen. In the meantime, they just opened the Dolby Cinema! It's fantastic and I highly recommend catching a movie in that auditorium. Excellent


Great theater to see a movie. Nice big seats and is always clean when i go there.

Rebecca Bowles

You can't complain when your in a comfy recliner!!

Pricilla U

The best theater in town. The food is always fresh and they have so many options on the menu now. I really like how you can order food in advance and have it brought to you. The seating is comfortable, and even in the larger theaters with more seats, you never feel crowded. The staff is always nice and helpful and the online site is so extremely easy to use. All of these things combined make for a great place to hang out with friends and family or to see a movie solo. The place is really clean and they do a great job in making sure bathrooms are well stocked. Many theaters in the area have gotten worse for wear over the years. AMC Theaters has risen above by offering the best in everything. I have been going here most of my life. It has always been my favorite theater, but with some more recent changes, I suspect it will be everyone else's as well.

Ashley McClure

Clean!! Great staff! Reclining seats! They will deliver your food to your seat!! And a is reserved seating!! No fighting for seats! Great Place!

katherine sipan

This is my favorite place to come watch a movie. Their new

Jason Hiner

Went there last night for an Anniversary date. Waited in the concession line for 10+ minutes while two girl worked the cash registers. Very understaffed. I felt bad for the employees. Finally, it was our turn. We tried to order a drink and popcorn, but we're told they were "out of popcorn." I was very disappointed with this experience and probably will not be back.

Daniel Decker

One of the better movie theaters in Tulsa. Reclining seats, clean, and lots of screens so they tend to show movies for longer periods and show smaller movies/international movies. Plus if you watch a lot of movies the new amc A list program is really great letting you watch 3 movies a week for a monthly fee. As with all movie theaters, don't come hungry because you'll spend more on food then your tickets.

Lisa Kaattari

It's a great location with excellent staff! It's always clean, which is not easy to do in such a large establishment.

Keisha Rider

I had a medical emergency while I was there. The ambulance came but before then they wheeled me out a chair and gave me some free starburst( I am a type one and was having a severe low blood sugar attack). We offered to pay and they declined, then a woman asked if we got to see our movie(we had). She seemed like if we hadn't she was going to reimburse us. Very kind of them. They went out of their way to make me comfortable and go above and beyond. Well done!

Paula Stiner

I love this movie theater it was great took my sister there for her birthday and so rocket Man

Brandy Jones

I purchased the AMC stubs AFTER speaking to someone in their call center. She told me I could waive one of my tickets and take my child with me. Today after trying my first reservation I was told I can't do that. I will have to pay for him each time. The woman today didn't care to listen to me only quoting terms and conditions when I asked for a refund. Why would I want to go to this place when it's going to cost me more money??

Christina Williams

Nice and clean place to enjoy on date night or family outing

Wiz OfToys

$5 Tuesdays are now just a discount day and the discount varies depending on which theater you buy tickets in. IMAX is considerably more then $5. Otherwise a good movie going experience. Stubs membership can save you some money and if you go to the movies very much it's worth paying for the premium package where you save the online booking fee. It also saves you money with a free size upgrade on popcorn and soda as long as you purchase it at the counter and not online to be delivered to your seat in which case you do not get the size upgrade.

Gary West

Friendly. Comfortable seats. Typical very high priced concessions and beer.

Joseph Sanchez

Comfortable seats. Good snack selection. The movie started on time.

Sparkle Elliott

Love this place love the recliners they have it set up so you feel like you are at home watching a movie only thing I would do is bring a blanket next time I go

Mark Gold

Good place to unload over night parking on road

Ernesto Morales

One of the better movie theaters in town nice theater clean good seating and most important easy to go watch your movie and get out in a speedy fashion

James Hughes

Great theater, staff was really nice, and the reclining seats are amazing!!

Chris Turner

Went to see Venom. Had a good time. The movie was a definite 5 star movie. The theater was practically empty. It was great. The building could've been a little cleaner since it wasn't busy but I'm biased.

Rob R.

This theater is comfortable with reclining chairs, great snack and meal options, along with a good selection of beers. There is an unusual amount of grumpy and angry looking armed security guards at this location.

Corvette Blvd

I have recently become an A-list member. Great deal for someone who likes to go to the movie often. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The only downside to it is it could be kept cleaner.

Norman McMillan

New food isn't bad for a theater and they serve drinks now. So it is a great date night.

Bert McCurley

First time in a theater with reclining seats! It was a great way to see "John Wick!

Dawn Kidd

Nice place food & shopping in area. Love that all their seat are lay back loungers

Scott Rivers

Very nice staff and comfy recliner seats


I love it. bathroom is clean, and the food is Super good. seats are nice but always full, I hate the bottom row. Staff is nice. Just to much ads!

Eric Prickett

Eh, was pretty sweaty at an evening show. I'd prefer somewhere with a sufficient A/C.

Brittany Bowles

Everything was amazing. The prices are pretty high in the concession. The food was good but not worth the $55. That's to be expected I guess. What I didn't expect was to wake up with bites on my leg. I'm not positive it's bed bug bites or if I got them from the theater. I just know that yesterday the only place I went was to the movies. I have no bugs in my house and I never have. Has anyone had this encounter from this theater? I'm freaking out!

Ben Johnson

If you love movies and haven't joined their A+Listers yet, you are missing out. The new Dolby Cinema has the best sound quality in town with a crisp, clear screen. In the Dolby Cinema legs don't extend out all the way, but they do lean you back and craddle you in a neutral position.

Katie Ann

This place is super nice. The chairs recline and are extremely comfortable, but it's pretty pricey.

Jack Bradley

I’ve been going to this theatre for a long time, great seats and great sound. Now they have added Dolby, the screen clearer like your hd tv and the bass rumbles the seats, very fun! Tried it for the first time with the new Spider-Man movie! I will now watch all movies in Dolby!

Jose Hermosillo

This is my favorite movie theater in Tulsa. So when they decided to add a Dolby Cinema auditorium I was very excited, only to find out that the seats are NOT fully reclining, they leave your legs hanging, not quite comfortable. The picture and the sound are excellent, except for a crack right in the middle of the screen which can be distracting sometimes lol. But the seats are NOT good. I guess you can't have it all... the perfect cinema, where to find it?!?

Brian Turnpaugh

Great theater. Awesome seating.

Paisley Krauel

AMAZINGGG ugh so good def go here

Tyler Jones

Large clean theatre. Varying spectrum of showtimes to allow you to catch a movie at most any time. Tickets can be purchased online, at a self-service kiosk as well as the teller window. Prices are... Well it's a movie theatre so you should expect that. Join the Stubs Members

Dylan C.

Very nice place to see the movies. Watched The Greatest Showman here and the Nutcracker here more recently - both were great. The electronic recliners are snazzy, the 3D is great, and the 4D option sounds interesting to try. Very clean, polished-looking theatre. The popcorn was extra buttery, and was great with the movie!

Hannah Brown

This is my movie theater with reclining seats I go nowhere else

Devin Harp

Enjoy going there, will like it better when the seats are updated... There kinda getting wore out.

J Duv

Best AMC in the Tulsa area. It's got a ton of screens and they show smaller movies and sometimes even foreign films. The seating is pretty good with the recliner options. The bathrooms are pretty clean as well. I don't really have any complaints about this place

Sara Stophel

We are faithful AMC attenders! Great theatre and service.

Graciela Valderrama

Comfortable, reclinable seats. Fast sevice at concessions. Plenty of parking.

Debra Silkman

I love being g able to reserve tickets online, or if you decide at the last minute you can purchase them there. Love the recliner seating. The concessions cost alot...the regular size popcorn, while an adequate amount, is almost $9. They will give you a cup for free water, though.

Nora Priest

Friendly staff! Accidentally preordered 5 tickets instead of 4, very friendly and quick to issue refund to my card, and the reclining seats are always a treat!

John Bankston

Excellent theatre...kiddo and I see most of our movies here

John Walker

Works great for me. The A-list membership rocks. Free stuff for my birthday, is of points discounts and "free" movies. Reserved seating is comfortable though IMAX theatre is uncomfortable. Sound is good. Concessions are ok here I guess, and with your points it's even better.

Tristan Hull

This is a very nice theatre. They have electronically reclining seats that allow for a much more relaxed position during the movie. The seats are much larger than a typical theatre, which means there aren't as many people even when the theatre is full. The back rows of seats are positioned so that you can't even see the seats in front of you. Quite nice.

Dayten French

Don’t bother buying your tickets online because once you get to the theater you have to wait in a long line for 5-10 minutes. Oh, and hope and pray that your movie starts on time. I’ve been to two movies now where they both have started more than 20 minutes behind. They have a terrible system. The only nice thing about the place is the seats.

Dani Gonzalez

I was late yesterday to see the lion king with my best friend by an hour due to my tire being flat and ya having to figure out how to change it. Mind you neither of us know how and that’s why it took so long. When we got to the theatre we …

Chance Stafford

I love AMC movie pass and use it all the time. So it is very unfortunate that this AMC has such an unprofessional staff. On one occasion we had an issue with a member of our group being a minor (17) and them trying to not let him in with the group of all 19 year olds for a 10 pm movie. After speaking with the manager and having the staff realize that because we were adults he was allowed to be with us after curfew. At this point everything was fine. But while getting concessions we noticed the staff (the teenagers) stairing at us and talking to each other. Not a second after an employee came by with a broom to sweep the area in between my group. Mind that there was no mess there and his other friends (employees) were laughing watching him. This as well as many many other incidents, like locking the doors 15 minutes after the last (our) movie has started and then trying to not let us in until again we demanded to speak to the manager who checked the tickets and let us in, has lead to our overall displeasure in the customer service of this pretty great company.


They have great snack options including healthy choices. They have coke freestyle machines which offer all your favorite pops as well as non-carbonated options such as a variety of HiC flavors, Dasani flavored waters, and several flavors of Powerade. The seats are recliners which give the feel of watching a movie in the comfort of your home. They offer reserved seating. They participate in the AMC AList program which allows the member to enjoy 3 movies per week for free with membership at a cost of less than $25/mo. The building is well maintained and clean. Their theaters have astounding picture and sound quality.

Phil Baker

Clean and I love the recliners.

Cyndi R

Not a bad theater at all. Seats in the IMAX theatre need an update though. Overall a good experience!

Janet Harris

They have their recliner in the theater which are wonderful. It was clean and people were friendly

Michael Stephen

Always my fav theater in Tulsa and the new Dolby screen is very nice

David Berg

IMAX theater 11 is inexcusable for the price ($70 for 4). The chairs were flat-backed and locked almost vertical, the floors were sticky, and the audio was muddy. Picture was fine but no different than 4k at home. Unless viewing 3D or a specifically IMAX-shot film, save your money and stay home.

Scott Eppler

Nice reclining seats, good food & drink options, and great screen & sound


Remember that time I reserved 2 tickets for a standard theater and you guys gave me 3D? Which I couldn’t go to because of my impaired vision? Oh yeah, that’s right, you probably don’t because you were too busy serving people that weren’t on the A-20 premier membership account and ignoring me- WHO IS on the membership. Why do I keep paying you $20 a month when all you do is ignore me when I’m at the counter, and fail to deliver my ONE large icee on time? (And just so you know, it was 45 minutes late to Avengers Endgame). And then when I request for my money back, you say you can’t do it and instead give me two free ticket passes. What kind of lousy service is that? I’d already spent my three movies, why would I want two free movie passes? I pay $20 a month to see 12 movies already. An absolutely terrible movie theater. I’m quite ashamed that you’re the best Tulsa has to offer. You are absolutely ridiculous. I better get my money back or I’m gonna pull a Karen on your manager

Clint Minet

This place has went down hill. Used to be my favorite theater to see movies. If you are going to AMC 20 better get there 45 minutes early. Apparently they have reduced the staff. The two lines and two cashiers at the concession stand take forever. I’m going to have to find another theater to frequent.

Who I Am

This theater is one of my favorites. It has lots of staff, is well lit & very accommodating. Sometimes the sound is a little louder than usual but when I inform the employees they fix it. Once, a theater room was extremely cold & they did the same. I've visited others who don't even have enough staff to explain the situation with or the staff available don't know what to do. The snacks are fresh & their app is awesome & always has a discount or three based on previously logged/scanned theater activity. They don't have matinee prices though. Check them out!


I have always loved this theater. Their new food items and service has always been amazing. Unfortunately, the last time my family and I went, we all saw a pretty good-sized mouse running around during and after the film. I come from a family of neat freaks LOL so it took us off guard. Really hope they get it taken care of soon.

Tyler Casey

I’ve been coming to this theater for quite a while and in the beginning it was great. They also did a great job of fixing up the theater with new electric seats but apparently cleaning up after each showing is too much to ask. Also, the customer service has gone down. When using the ticket kiosk I was doing everything but punching the screen to try and get the screen to recognize my option. Then it wouldn’t read my card so I just gave up and got in line. While waiting I watched others try their hardest to get it to work too. Overall, I’ll stick to another AMC theater that values cleanliness and better customer service even if they don’t have electric chairs.

Tyler Worden

One of my favorites over the years as it has always made improvements and is always very clean.

David Zhong

The avenger movie I had wanted to see is avenger4. The one I actually watched was avenger3. Need to be more careful next time. Recliner seat is good.

Matthew Benson Currie

Cleaner than last time. Enjoyed the movie very much.

Nicole Mcdowell

Management lacks basic communication skills and common curtesy. The soda machines were almost out of every beverage including regular coke on a Tuesday at 7:30.


I am giving three stars as an average. 5 stars for the theater, the picking my seats, and movie chairs. But I'm giving 1 star for the concession stand. Its brutally slow so much so I missed the open of my movie and I got in line 25 minutes before it started. They only had 2 registers and one was for the VIP or people who pay the extra for special pricing. And even that line was super slow. Here needed to be all the registers opened which I know was more than 2. Maybe have a line for just drinks and popcorn and a line for the actual food orders. I'd like to go back but if I do I know to get there an hour before

jesus manuel carrera meraz

need better seats in the IMAX auditorium, like in the regular rooms

William Lutz

Pretty good cinema. Saw Ad Astra yesterday. The theater was relatively small, but clean cool, and comfortable. Nice comfortable longe seats. Good sound system. Decent concessions. Bathroom was clean. Ticketing person was nice.

Brandon Weldon

Quality AMC theater with great staff. Screens are all clean and they have the nice recliner seats.

Dana Dobias

Very Nice Experience! Our son is in the movie club and not only ordered the tickets online but also had the popcorn and drinks delivered to our seats! BTW the popcorn here is excellent!

Brenda Estes

Nice enough for the ticket price. Seats are comfortable and roomy. Popcorn is usually fresh and hot.

Eddie Mumford

It's been my go-to theater since I moved to the US. Never had a bad experience with any staff member, and the crowd they pull isn't sketchy. Great place for me and my date.

Chris Garretson

Probably one of the better theaters around. We go to this one instead of owasso. Movie selection was excellent due to numerous theaters, prices for tickets is decent, excellent if you have a discount, food prices are extremely high but that is to be expected. I was extremely pleased to see they are replacing seats with tears, updating etc. Minus one star for the smell of dirty carpet in theaters(I'm probably one of the few with a super smeller that unfortunately notice).


experienced a few problems with this theatre like late showtimes, but they have the most theatres with recliners so it’s worth coming back. just don’t see anything in IMAX those seats are ridiculously uncomfortable

Bryanna Garcia

I love how you can choose your seats and you feel at home in the recliners, I'm a butter lover and it's awesome that you can put your own butter in your popcorn! And the drink variety is great!!! Very good prices and overall I'm a premier member so no waiting in lines for me! Only $15 for a whole year!

David Robertson

It is a great theater with reclining seats and several upscale viewing options. Whether it be standard seating, IMAX, or Dolby Cinema. There is a more immersive viewing experience at this theater. The theater is also very modern with the ability to show your tickets on your phone to enter the theater. This and the large selection of snack and food options make for a fun trip to the theater. Tie in a Stubs membership and you are complete!

DonaFran of_Tulsa

Comfortable reclining seats. Clean theatres. Has current movies.

SaMM FanSee SaMM

You know its going to be a Great date walking past these BEAUTIFUL roses. Then ticket to recliner Movie time at it's finest

Allie Alidon

Needs updated but nice for being older

Jessie Hess

This is a favorite theater of my friends and mine. Seats are so comfy and private-feeling. Even though you're in an auditorium filled with lots of strangers, it feels more intimate. That feel is also great, because it limits the distractions you sometimes have to deal with when you'd rather be immersed in the movie you paid to see. Speaking of paying, the prices are very reasonable for the elevated experience. And our group loves getting to pick seats ahead of time.

Gina Garrett

The chairs are so comfortable! Great atmosphere and cool lil snack pack for the kiddos!

alisha wood

Really a 3.5, but I'll round up. Even with having A-list, they still let people go ahead of me. Today I ordered food ahead, and it arrived 13 minutes late, and the food was cold. (NEVER ORDER THE MAC AND CHEESE DISHES). Movies are always great here, but I probably won't be ordering real food ever again!

Skandar Reefer

Clean theatre, competent staff, fresh popcorn, great film. What's not to enjoy. Congrats on cleanliness, I'm usually pretty picky.

Janice Martinez

Love this theatre. Seats are so so comfortable. Very pleasant experience.

Miranda B

Since they updated their seating a few years back this has been my favorite theater to go to. It's nice and clean, affordable, and the staff are friendly.

Tony Fisher

Great place to see a movie nice and clean where's my mother's favorite place to watch movies before she passed had a great memories there

Tyler Roberts

Food line took way way to long. Popcorn was cold. Chicken tenders were not tender. Out of 4 self serve pop machines only 2 were working and this was a Friday night at 730P. Movie was great. Floor and seats were clean.

Amber Murphy

This is really the only theater I go to in Tulsa. Love the seats, customer service is good but tonight the theater just got warmer and warmer. Uncomfortably warm. You could see people taking off jackets. Never had it be too hot in a movie theater and hopefully it was a fluke.


I rarely spend $65 taking 2 kids to the movies but when I do I prefer no collapsing ceiling tiles w/ water dripping into buckets, (recent deluge aside there are 19 other theaters), seats that don't roast you & concession orders actually delivered to our seats so I don't have to drag 2 kids out of the theater to track it down. Call me crazy.

Western Doughty

Great theater, comfy seats, good sound system.

Angelo Capozi

I'm an AMC stubs a list member I travel full time and us my 3 movies a week ...that being said there needs to be a little more attention on cleanliness and I've been there three times last week there's either a broken soda machine or butter is broke bathroom not clean floors sticky and I know the food prices are over inflated but even with my discount the prices are higher then Los Angeles or Houston which I thought were high

Kenzie Danielle McLeod

By far my favorite movie theater to go to. Comfortable seats, clean environment, and friendly staff with little waiting and lines make this place worth ticket price. Concessions are way overpriced but if you find a movie theater that doesn't do that let me know!

Aimee Turner

One of the best movie theaters I've ever been to

Bonnie Fortna

Nice, comfortable seats. Someone was in our seats so I went to tell the ushers about it and they took care of it for me politely. Very nice people.

John Crawford

The original (to me) home of reclining seats and assigned seating. Nothing else in Tulsa will do. I'm a big guy. These seats fit. Other theaters? Not so much. Join the Stubs program. It will pay for itself. Love this feature!

marc wood

I would say it's a good place to go watch a movie. Prices are reasonable for the movie. Like any other theater the popcorn the drink will cost you a bundle. It's comfortable seating. Any way if you live in the broken arrow area are you going over there to dinner stop in there for a movie

Joe Morton

I love AMC Southroads 20! Recliners are so comfortable. Love how the middle armrest goes up so I can kinda snuggle with my baby

Krissy D

Get the AMC pass for $20/month if you love going to theater. Saved me a ton of money

Matt Hancock

Literally 2 movies and two weeks and both movies have had significant audio and video issues. Seems pretty simple you have 1 job!

Jeff Brame

AMC Southroads Theater used to be one of my favorite theaters in Tulsa, but after last nights viewing it might be the last time I visit. The place was just a mess, some due to construction inside but other just counters to floors was a mess. It was a big opening weekend but even with that its expected, why not hire more staff to have things clean? The mens restroom I visited actually had a leaking urinal, leaking on the floor, just another mess and then the IMAX theater we watched our movie in, which was completely sold out, the A/C didn't work, so a warm 80-something degrees, sticky floors and just a mess. When your dissing out $17 dollars a ticket plus fees, it makes no sense to leave your house if this is what your dealing with. You guys can do better, much better.

Robert McGee

Had to find a manager to fix the recliners. But over all very good experience.

Kathy Christopher

Fantastic theater! Reclining seats and food brought to your seat when you order tickets online at AMC

Cheyanne luellen

My favorite movie theater in tulsa! Great screening rooms like dolby! They have good customer service. Also their A-List program is a MUST!!

Hunter Layhew

This is my favorite movie theatre! Its always very clean!

Jessica Adams

One of my favorite movie theaters!!! The seats are super nice!!!

Lindsey Treloar

Love all AMCs. This particular AMC is a great theater and always takes care of the Premiere Stub Members. Lots of free early release opportunities.

the goodboi737

Great place to watch BTS movies and other movies!!

Ethan Dye

Avengers Endgame was really good but during a really interesting part the movie had no volume for a couple of minutes then it stopped it was fixed and was able to finish the movie but it kinda killed the mood for me and my best friend but in general still a good place to have a great time

khushboo chaudhary

Fast service. Good theatre and screens. Always clean.

Holly Younger

This theater was amazing. We bought tickets on line so we didn't have a long wait. While we didn't get any popcorn or drinks, there were several concession stands open. This theater has reclining seats and it was very comfortable viewing experience.

Michelle Copeland

Imax is way to expensive for what it was. It was hot, uncomfortable. My husband and I sat for three hours watching endgame blah.

Matt Six

Great place to watch a movie.


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