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8307 S Olympia Ave, Tulsa, OK 74132

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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Tulsa Hills 12 IN Oklahoma


The place was very clean and I liked it quite a bit. I only gave it 4 stars because the 5th star only comes when you have alcohol and recliners

Antonio Medeiros

It wasn't the greatest but wasn't the worst either. Bathrooms definitely needed to be cleaned and checked

jimsey fish

They pull the popcorn and start closing down the concession before the last movies even start. We Had to watch a movie with no popcorn. That's part of the whole experience popcorn and a movie come on. So just a heads up don't go to the last showings your experience will suck BIG TIME! Overall just a poorlt maintained facility all around.

Kim Renfrow


Katina Holland

Love this theater. The seats are comfortable. They always have several options for movies I want to see. I love that I can get an Icee instead of just a regular Coke. They have caramel popcorn, which I get every once in a while. I love the way you can add as much butter to the regular popcorn as you want. The people are always friendly and helpful.

Jordan Luellen

For AMC classic it's a really great theater and Big D is nice but missed not getting to select seats for all the showing like normal AMC

Adam Bargas

What can you say about a movie theatre? I typically go to AMC 20, on my side of However, this was a nice break for my norm. The feature we saw was "They will not grow old." So that crowd was older, but comfortable seats and fresh popcorn and very quiet. Thats typically how I like my movies anyway. Really enjoyed watching the movie with my father You can see the server room where the movies are kept too, which was cool.

Dave Lee

I hate being up close. I ended up on the 2nd row theater 6. Once I put my seat back in a relaxed position though I was able to see perfectly well. I hate the prices of soda and popcorn though. Abyssmal.

William Barber

Great place for watching movies. Only thing is their soda machines seem to run out of flavorings pretty often.

Stephanie Guthrie

I love this theater!!!! Great staff and the reward app is a must have. Stub hub is great.

serai abraham

We really like this theater. It is easily accessible with good parking. The theater is clean with friendly staff. There is a great variety of drinks from which to choose. We shall return.

Karl Blackburn

Reclining seats available. The new Coke Jukebox with all the flavors to make your taste buds sing, and popcorn.

Karen Walker

The movie was good. The theatre was nice except the women's bathroom needs some maintenance. Only one sink was working.

Cheryl Branch

Making customers have to stand in the concession line to purchase movie tickets is a terrible design flaw at this theater!

John k

Huge screens with an awesome sound system. The seats recline and are very comfortable. Very clean building inside and out. Huge snack bar and ticket counter. Has all the updates you'd expect.

William Hunt

Nice theater experience. Excellent sound system. Rather flat screen but good size.

michelle barnett

Remind me not come here again. No way to get in except thru refreshment line even if you already have tix.


Yeah it's clean and nice, but I sure hope you like sitting through a minimum of literally 20 minutes of trailers before every movie. It gets to the point you just want to leave even if everything else is fine.


This place cannot keep up. Bathrooms disgusting. Theater stinks. They turned the ac off. It’s hot and it stinks. I’ll be hard pressed to spend $50 for three tickets to the movies instead of staying home in my clean comfortable house in front of a big TV!!!

Cheryl Leake

Nice clean theatre. I do object to people with tickets already waiting in line to get food with people that don't have tickets yet.

Seetha Ram Makkena

Took Stubs membership and this is the only theatre I go. Theatres are clean. Pop corn is good. Movie trailers before movie are annoying. Say If a movie starts at 9:00 pm, you have to watch trailers from 9 PM to 9:20 PM. Really AMC?!

Brian Long

This place is poorly run if my visit was on a typical day. Evidentially there is no box office. Not a big deal but it would be nice to have some sort of signage directing you to the kiosks. The concessions seemed higher priced than the normal outrageous movie theatre prices. $22.00 for a medium popcorn and a large Speaking of drinks, the sodas are self serve. Out of six soda fountains only four worked. There were many flavors that were out and half of them did not dispense ice. The service counter had to have been neglected for hours, there was trash everywhere. The trash cans were full, and a soda fountain was stopped up and overflowing with sticky goop...the icing on the cake was the bathroom. There was a very strong odor of urine - the kind of stench that builds up over time, and trash and urine all over the floor. Needless-to-say we waited until we got home. I was very disapponted that I spent that much money on an experience like that. This place is definately not worth your hard-earned money!

Tony Ball

Great theater but poorly staffed..expect to wait in line

Fraternity of X

Love this place!! The family and I always have a great time. Clean and great quality visual and audio

Angela Thompson

Appeared to be closed in between movies but would be nice if they posted a number to ask questions or had a recording that let you know why they are closed in between movies.

Andrianna Alex

Love that i dont have to go across town to go to the movie anymore

Matt Miesner

Great atmosphere, huge seating capacity. Just didn't care for having to wait for a concession spot to open to buy a ticket. We bought our tickets online and still had to wait in line for the concessions to show them.

Sherri Scarpa

I really wanted to like this theater... I mean it's clean, the concession stand was nice and organized, the snack options were great but the ticket prices are just outrageous in my opinion. I can go to competing theaters and pay less to get in the door and still enjoy movies. This is about AMC across the board, not just this particular location.

Devin McPherson

The guard railing comes up about a fourth of the screen when you recline in you seat. I'm not even a short person. This is a considerable issue as I am only there to watch a movie. If you opt of reclining or leaning in any direction, this problem lessons, but you then begin to wonder why your paying for a comfortable reclining seat. Truly short sighted design.

Vungh Khai

I am an A list member and premier member. Stood in line in the dedicated line and nothing happens. Keep calling people in the normal line. What's the point of paying for a premium membership.


This theatre has been going downhill this year, poorly managed. I’m a AMC premium member with 6 in our family and we’ve been going here since it was built so I have years of comparison and they need to shape up. The past 3 movies we’ve gone to see, the theaters were grungy dirty - gross, ground popcorn in the seats, cup holders and even sticky soda on the arm rests (last 3 movies not just one time experience). The main men’s bathroom has had a fake ‘cleaning in process’ tape for at least two weeks. Today I received very poor customer service twice from both the cashier girl and her supervisor. They just acted short with me, as if they didn’t care about my concerns and I should go away. To top it off, $5 Tuesdays - where are the $5 tickets? AMC is false advertising again on this with this whole ‘discount’ thing... what I mean is for a while when they bought carmine they tried this discount approach then they went to $5 actual tickets and I guess now they’re back to the fake $5 Tuesday tickets. For example yesterday for 6 people the ticket price was going to be $53 a uh AMC that’s $9 Tuesday! And finally, and again poor customer service, the AMC advertisement for their A-List clearly stated you could credit your current ticket to apply to the A-List first month fee. Again at the cashier/supervisor they tell me that’s not available. Not available? AMC advertised it, don’t tell a loyal customer not available figure out a way to make it happen, hello. So again, this place is going downhill fast particularly the cleanliness and customer service along with the overall AMC issues.

courtney lynn

Went to see It Chapter 2 here, first time going i loved it. Huge screen an super comfy seats


Always good experience with AMC theatres. Haven't had a single issue to date

Lisa Baker

Absolutely the worst ticket system I have ever seen. Went to an afternoon movie and arrived in plenty of time to get tickets, refreshments and snag good seats...or so we thought. It was our first time there and discovered they do not have a ticket booth. You have to buy your tickets at the concession even though there were only about 25 people in front of us we waited 45 minutes because they only had 2 registers open. Finally it was out turn and they told us the movie we came to see was sold out!!! I asked the employee why we had to wait in line just to buy tickets and she said there was a small kiosk in the very back where you could buy tickets online. There wasn't one single sign informing movie goers about this! What a waste of time. We got online and quickly found another theatre that was half the price and had no issues. I will never again set foot inside this AMC theater.

Shaunna Lala

Very comfortable. Nice and cool. Bring a throw and snuggle in the recliners while watching your movie.

Susan Baker

Would be better if it was cleaned more often and the staff would STOP people from bringing babies to adult movies.......

Richard Stewart

Place needs a good cleaning. Especially the theater seating. Had lots of potential in a great location.

David Brach

We caught a movie at 4 in the the afternoon so we were actually the only people watching the movie we saw. You buy your tickets at the concession stand, which is nice if you're buying popcorn or whatever anyway. I'm not sure that the line would be longer either way, but it's also nice that you don't stand outside to buy tickets. If you buy large popcorn you get free refills. The place is clean and the staff was friendly. Apparently they also allow guns, there wasn't a sign, so that makes me feel safer. We don't go to the theater often, but we'll be back.

Joyce, Edward Roling

Why do you keep it so cold??? I wear a coat but still freeze. Sorry, I can't enjoy a movie when my body is cold.

Tim Melton

Love the theater, but in the main mens room in the middle, you cant sit on the toilet because the stall wall is to close.

Robert Martinez

I have never given any business a 1 star review but this AMC theater is the absolute worst. We went in ahead of time to purchase our tickets only to find out that both the premier membership line as well as the non members line we're moving so slow the majority of customers were going to miss some of the movie. They need to bring back self service ticket kiosks or have lines just for ticket purchases.

D Sullivan

This is my favorite theater. Staff is friendly, they keep ticket lines and refreshment lines moving. Its a clean, nice environment. I feel safe there.

Allison Vila

Management does not jump in to help out when the line has more than 5 people. They make food staff also be ticket sales which slows the process down even further. Fifteen minute and counting wait just to buy tickets to see movie. Now I know why my children always want to go to Warren Theater even though this theater is closer to home. Fourth time I have been here and theee out of four times it has been problematic, worst AMC I have been too hands down.

Kris S

Awesome theater... would give 5 stars but when it cost over $90 for a family of 4 (2adults & 2 kids under 12) to see a kids movie, my rating drops drastically. It was $52 for tickets then $36 for 2 sodas & 2 popcorns. WOW!! No wonder people watch them online for free...

Kevin Young

Very nice. Kinda pricey as expected for drinks but great theater!

Phillip Moore

Employee's was very friendly and theater was clean but Seats where hard and not comfortable for a long movie

Invader Zim

Really high prices for old fashioned seats. Much more comfort for a dollar less at other locations. I'll only go here out of convenience not out of desire. Crooks lol.

Jayme Lansdale

A/c set too cold to enjoy a movie or even stand it.

Liza Martinez

This is the worse theater that I have ever been to. The only way to buy tickets is to wait in the same line as the concessions and it takes about 7 minutes per person. They even removed to ticket kiosk forcing you into maze of nonsense. This ruined what should have been a fun outing for my husband and myself. We would rather just go home than deal with this. I will never again go to this AMC theater.

Will Cain

A lot better since AMC took over.

Amy Cox

The site says you open at 11am. You don’t open at 11am. You might want to fix that. Our movie starts at noon. We wanted to buy our tickets at 11am so that we could go eat and be back in time for our show. When we called- we were told you don’t open until 11:30, 30min before the show starts. We don’t purchase online, so that’s out. Other than that- this AMC location is okay.

Kayla Neyen

Great place to see a movie but if you see a late night movie don't buy the food. Every time we have been the hot dogs have been old and burnt and the popcorn taste like it's been sitting for hours

Deann Zaio

Went to see Hobbs and was great!!!

Jim Elkins

This is my favorite of of the AMC theaters in the Tulsa area. I appreciate the ease of using the app and purchasing tickets ahead of time. I wish there was a kiosk to collect my tickets without going through the line. Or, they should had separate lines for tickets and the concessions. The line moves slowly because they are combines. Otherwise, the theaters and seating are great. The concessions are fine. I appreciate the rewards program though and the upgrades on my drinks.

Jennifer Abbott

I like this theater. I wish they would let you pre-order your popcorn and snacks and have them delivered to your seat


Great theater! Clean, staff was extremely friendly and helpful, seats were very comfortable recliners!

Lisa Miller

Dirty. Trash in our seats. Chewed up sticky candy in the cup holders. Manager sent someone to clean so we could sit down. Won't go back. Is there a zero star rating?

Stormy Storms

First time there it took us a moment to realize you got you ticket from a kiosk and not a person. No one checked our tickets or even made sure we bought tickets. There wasn't anyone directing moviegoers to their correct theater. That being said the theater was clean with comfortable seating, and we plan to go back.

Josh Hightower

Good seating... Great picture... Crew members are not efficient and the cost for a large popcorn is $8... Movie popcorn in no manner is worth $8... That is a complete rip off... And just to add salt to the wound... If you want a refill on the popcorn its over $5...

Troy Richardson

The sound from another movie was so loud it was vibrating our theater ran by children

Tina Holmes

Had a great time watching the avengers movie.


MICE! MICE! MICE! I really use to enjoy visiting this theater until I met one of there house guest. Look out for mice running around in between the seats. Eating left over snacks in between and underneath the seats. I feel like I might have a little PTSD. I discreetly informed one of the attendants about their unwanted house guests. I think because it was toward the end of the movie that others thought I was excited to leave. Because of how loud I screamed. Anyway, now you know.

John Payne

I wasn't given actual tickets when I was told to purchase them at the concession counter. Only a receipt. Then there was some confusion as to the seating and since they neglected to give me real ticket stubs. I was not allowed to see the movie. Then instead of refunding my money. I was given vouchers. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE

Marlynn Mitchell

We like this theater. The whole experience makes it nice. Its clean, the people are Friendly, large selection of drinks.

Newport Shores Apartments

Highly recommend! I only gave it a 4 star because it is a little pricey, but it is worth the money spent! As always the popcorn is delicious. You put the butter on so you can control the amount!!! Check out the reclining seats so comfy!

Daniel C

Excellent service except for one thing. I wanted to buy the yearly popcorn bucket and they were out. I understand that and I'm not taking stars off but good customer service would be to "sell me one" but give me the normal popcorn. The. When they get a shipment have me come pick up the container. As it is I feel like I wanted 8 bucks on popcorn when the yearly is 9.99 with 4.99 refills

Janneth Ware

We chose Tulsa Hills AMC because of the comfortable reclining seats only to get there, pay, get our snacks, go into the theater only to find regular ole uncomfortable theater seats. We've been there twice and both time had the comfortable seat, we didn't even know they had any regular ole seats. So the type of chairs should be posted right along with the movie title!

Ben Darnaby

Good theater over-all. Could do with a few more concession workers to get the line moving quicker though.

Heather MoM/Ninja

Great place. Just when picking seats online it was a little backwards. There is no top row that goes all the way across. Only about 4 seats on each side with a middle divider. Confusing when trying to pick seats online. Other than that. GREAT PLACE!!

Robert and Lisa Rainford

Very comfortable but extremely pricey

Shasheema Hunt

New very clean and the design and atmosphere is great

Bouke van Zinderen

Convenient and great seats on the back row. Love the chairs and the legroom.

Aaron Ballinger

The ticket kiosk malfunctioned, but the staff did a great job of taking care of it.

Peter DeLesDernier

Well, halfway thru "Ad Astra" the emergency alarm went off and eveyone had to leave the theater! The management did a good job of handling the situation. They tried to restart the films in all the theaters (it was a false alarm) but there was an isdue with an alarm sensor that could not be resolved, so the gave us vouchers for another night.

Christopher Evans

A great clean theater with average prices. The screens are very nice and the recliners are also fabulous. It's very clean. If you buy tickets online hoping to skip the lines for tickets be aware you have to scan your tickets by waiting in the line so it's not worth the convenience fee since they have no dedicated ticket taker.

Brian McCormick

Comfortable theater seating with decent sound. The men's bathroom was pretty filthy though and it was the kind of dirty that gets that way over a period of time, not just a day or two...and I'm not very picky...not expecting hospital clean. Staff that we encountered were pretty friendly and genuine. I will likely go back.

SoulViper 21

I loved it the movies are hd i just saw endgame and it was amazing i would go any day

Hayden Hilsabeck

Nice clean theaters with comfy seats. It was kind of cold and I had to leave the movie to get jackets for my mom and son.

R.J. Moore

Went for an evening movie during the week. Wasn't crowded or anything, maybe 8 or so other people in our movie to see Venom. Only issue the Lobby kiosk wasn't working and their was a long line to get tickets already purchased online. I only saw two employees the whole time for the whole lobby. That doesn't mean there weren't more, just didn't see more.


Nice new theater with a good screen and sound quality, nice comfortable seats. Quick access to shopping and restaurants. Only complaint is when ordering the tickets and selecting the seats they are flipped. The ordering screen shows D1 on the left side as ur looking at the screen but they are numbered from the right side.

marty williams

Me and my family really enjoyed going to this theater. All of the facilities are very clean and well maintained. The staff was very helpful with any questions. The food was pretty good and the prices were in line with other theaters. The movie experience was great with great graphics and sound.

Sean Cryer

The theatre was very comfortable. The climate control was just right. The audio was not overpowering. Reserved seats are leather recliners and very comfortable. There were a few disruptive people in the front of the theater, which is annoying with ticket prices what they are. The staff at the front could be a bit more attentive to the people arriving. There was no one there to take a ticket, so you had to wait in line at the snack bar for admission. Great if you want snacks, lousy if you just want to head into the theater.

Nick Tipton

Most AMC theatres have been pretty good in my experience. And while the actual theater we sat in was clean and a good experience, the lobby is an absolute disaster. They line all patrons into one line to buy both tickets and snacks. So if you're fifteen minutes early to the show you're wanting to see, and you do not want any snacks, you still have to wait on the multiple families ahead of you to get all of their snacks from the understaffed concession area. Arriving fifteen minutes early will likely cause you to be late to the movie. Please make a separate ticket line from the concession line!

CashPro 619

Nice theater, great service, very clean place.

Who I Am

Great location. You could spend the day in this area & never be bored. This theater is small but perfect. Nicely kept & tucked in the corner. The atmosphere is the best. They're very accommodating. The fries are the best!!! I gave a 4 because of the missing reclining seats. Overall a great experience for a really, really great price.


Usually clean, great staff, nice theaters.

Catherine Ramsey

#enjoyed the movie!!! Not crowded & very clean.

Jenna Richardson

Clean your hand rails. They are disgusting!

Sam Gould

This movie theater has to be the worst managed I have ever encountered. My family visited recently and it seemed that nearly everything we wanted on the menu was not available or would take a long time to make. Then the condiments were either out or low. Bathroom floors smelled like they were not mopped with clean water. The overall look of the place was cheap.

Martina DelRegno -Nelson

Great, clean, great comfortable seats, friendly staff, impressive, even had a self help soda section. Just kinda pricey for a matinee, with no senior discount. ($11 something )

Dustin Tucker

Does this place ever get cleaned? The bathroom toilets and floor look like a college dorm bathrooms. The theater Is filthy as well. I’m sitting in here right now contemplating leaving and getting my money back. I used the flash light on my phone to see walking in and it looks like puke under the seats we chose.

more power

This used to be at carmike before AMC bought them out. So the theater is fairly new. One of the big draws here are really the only reason and less you live in the area is the big D auditorium. Which is a big screen and then they have one other theater here that’s a pretty good size screen. But the big D theater is really big it’s close to the size of the IMAX over at AMC 20 it’s probably a wider screen but not as tall. Keep in mind that if you do go see a movie in there that while they are leather chairs they are not recliners they are just high back leather chairs. It’s a decent theater it was clean actually cleaner than AMC 20 years sometimes but if you’re not in the area or going to see something in the big D auditorium I would say that it’s not worth your time although it does beat for an AMC classic it’s far above the AMC classic in Owasso


Nice clean theater, Comfortable seats & Polite employees. I didn't like ticket/concession setup.

Patrick Mikles

Way over priced! But great place to watch a movie. Comfy chairs and friendly staff.

Kevin miller

The theater is very nice, seats are comfortable and the sound system is great.

Dechanel Grant

If I could give zero stars I would. After purchasing movie tickets for Avengers, myself and companion were discriminated against. We found our seats, bought concession and sat again to watch the movie. A family stated they also had purchased the same movie seats we sat in. After resolving there was some kind of error with an employee present, the family left with a refund. A few minutes into the film yet another different family came to our seats demanding we move and that we’d stolen their seats. After refusing to move out of our PAID seats (for which we had repeatedly shown receipts) the police arrived in a group of 5 and stated we were being removed for trespassing. What seemed to be a mistake on the theatres purchasing system resulted in a nightmare. The staff was unfriendly, unprofessional, threatening, and disruptive. The last family who demanded they take our seats was extremely abrasive. She stood in front of our seats until police arrived. She was not removed. I am deeply disappointed in the actions of this establishment and I will be filing a claim against the company. We were treated as criminals when we were not at fault. I might add, the staff involved, the antagonist moviegoer, and entire police squad were white. We were a black man and woman. Do not visit here if you’re black!

Eric Lee

So, not the busiest movie house but that is good. It is very clean and a great place to see a movie.

Emilie Avenson-Allen

First time. Great movie Marvel comics.

Hector Denis

Nice on the outside but has some serious cleanliness issues. For a theater that is not very busy keeping things sanitary should be easy.

Sydney Stroble

This is my first time even leaving a review anywhere but I had went here maybe a month ago, first time coming to this theatre & watched "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood". Towards the very end of the movie I seen something on the side of my eye moving, I said to myself no it can't be, I look over and it's a freaking mouse inches away from my arm on the empty seat next to me. I jump up and scream because I hate mice but this was also my first experience seeing a mouse in a theatre much more that close to me! Won't be coming here ever again and now I make sure to always look at the movie reviews.

Krissy Dudley

Very nice and helpful!! Cant wait for the next movie!

CallingAllMamas Time

This was my first time here. Not bad, I expected the seats to be reclining like the AMC on 41st though.

Doris Kelley

The seats were the best. Movie was great. But cost WAY to much. It was 3D.

jamie bruckman

Clean very comfortable reclining seats snacks are expensive but nice theater

Lauren Corsillo

We love the comfy seats and we see the new releases here, it’s a great theatre and it’s near all the shops and restaurants, which makes it easy for date night!

Carol Hightower

The seats were very comfortable. Picture quality and sound was great. My biggest problem was the prices of the snacks and drinks. Also, the fact that I waited in line so long to get a drink because there was only one person working.

Rhineman Kraftwerk

Nice...very clean and Tuesday's are $5 matinee!!

Amanda S

This is one of the nicest AMC's I've been to. (not that I've been to a bad one!) And as always- a great drink selection, vegan popcorn, and friendly staff!!

william whitaker

Clean facilities nice seats. A bit over priced but a good experience

Kyle Ellis

Not bad at all since it's new, but feels like a classic style theater in a modern world

Justin Cupp

Seemed like everyone that worked there was super nice and they wore glasses.

David Martinez

Too cold every one in the room was cold.

Adela Griffin

This is to tell facts to a dillusional Dechanel Grant. Discrimination is a word that should be used when unjust or prejudicial treatment is applicable. You obviously claim racism and discrimination when it benefits you. The color of your skin had nothing to do with why you were asked to leave the theater. Yes, people did ask you to get out of the seats because they had tickets that showed the seat number. You and your companion did not. You are one of those people that try to intimidate to get what you want, which worked for the first family. However, did not work the second time around. You were asked several times for the ticket but refused to show them and stated you did not have them and did not know what you did with them. You made a racist statement to the woman that asked you nicely to get out of her seat, your comment to her was "this is why I hate white women ." You were the one that was antagonist, argumentative and just down right nasty. The manager made several attempts to get you to move to other seats, offered you additional tickets, but all you wanted to do was be combative. All you had to do was show your seat numbers on your tickets so all of this could have been avoided, but you did not and would not. Manager told you she would be contacting the police which your response was fine. Finally, police did come and you still could not show seat tickets, you also denied making the racist statement to the women. You were asked to leave. The statement the staff, moviegoer, and police were all white is incorrect. You might see color as black or white but some of those "white " people were of different ethnicity and race. It is time for you to grow up and look beyond color. You were asked to leave because you could not prove you paid for those exact seats, not because you were black !

Jihrleah Showman

They are well staffed. I saw a movie in theater 1 and it was fairly dirty. Almost looked like it wasn’t cleaned after the movie before mine. The sound was loud and crisp. Screen was nice and bright. Other than a cleanliness issues in the theater and the drink station, I think it’s a pretty good little theater.

Carmelita Phillips Quinn

VERY NICE PLACE! A bit COLD in there so remember to take a jacket or blanket


Clean, quiet and fast. First visit. We will come back.

Tyler Roberts

Tuesday is $5 ticket day. Other days before 6pm you can get tickets for $5.99. Large screen. Clean and friendly place. Drink and popcorn prices were on par. Will go back again. Never crowded.

Carman Foreman

Tickets Are Overpriced, And A Mouse Ran Under My Seat, Will Probably Never Come To This Location Again


Love the theater, sound, and comfortable seats. Just a wee bit slow with the concessions and tickets.

Tracy Big Pond

We went to the last movie, and I guess they figured they didn't need as many working. All the counters were sticky, the restrooms were filthy, and the seats were covered in popcorn and trash. Even though there were very few people in line when we arrived, we had to wait quite a bit (and this was the premier ticket line). Don't expect the nice, comfy recliner seats either. These are narrow and do not recline as much as the newer ones, nor are any of the seats doubles or have armrests which raise to become a double seat. On the plus side, they are right next to several good restaurants, such as Growler's (actually a microbrewery/pub) and Texas Roadhouse. Growler's is great for a meal before or after a movie!

Anne Marie Cunningham

Very comfortable seating! Reserved seats too! Love it!!!

Talia Cohen

The young man at the counter told us about the options. You could tell he lack enthusiasm about his job, and livelihood in general. We were the only ones there. Before the show a young guy entered to clean. He skipped the only row that was dirty. Unfortunately it was the row that was assigned to us. After we cleaned it ourselves, we enjoyed a good movie. Sits are comfortable and reclining.

Ajay Veer Singh Chandel

Little pricier than other AMC in Tulsa. Recliners are not as comfy either.

Alyssa Edwards

Comfortable recliner seating, efficient flow through the theater so it never feels overly crowded, clean restrooms

Brian Worley

Two mice crawling near me on the aisle and I had to switch seats. They have a pest problem.

Nataliia Klimova

Woman sitting in the chair next to me had a rat run over her shoulders in a middle of the movie. Her scream got everyone off their seats and most did not sit back down after. After reporting the incident to theater staff, she then had to come back to her seat and search for her tickets to get a refund(!!!) Apparently, theater staff was not impressed and told her this happens often due to popcorn laying on the floor. (Seriously?!! This is not OK AMC, get a pest control operator on contract Pronto!!!) Needless to say, I will never come back to this theater. I've noticed the upkeep was not great, but this was too much

Krissy D

Horrible seating. Long waits when it waskt even busy. Theatres so cold even the heavier people and those with sweaters complained. 41st/yale amc much better

Shelley Chandler

Great environment; no reserved seating, though. Concession prices are higher than most.

Kim Carberry

This is the cleanest Theater in Tulsa. Love all the renovations they have done and especially LOVE the reclining seats.

Cheyanne luellen

Don’t really like this AMC, the service isn’t the best and the screening rooms aren’t the best.

Ganece Sands

I miss the recliners of the new or remodeled theaters. But we get good popcorn.

Nikki Anderson

Nice comfy seats, great theater, love the location!


Wow! Automatic recliners! Most comfortable movie watching experience I think I have ever had. Thanks AMC!

Lindsey Treloar

Love all AMC theaters. This is the one closest to our home and is a great place to enjoy a movie.

dee moses

Kids love this place

Erik Richison

I’ve seen a few movies at this theater and I love it. I believe it has “classic” in the name because the seats are just normal theater seats and not the big red leather recliners. I’ve found the staff to be very nice and the kiosks where you order tickets are very speedy, even if you’re using your Movie Pass. The other AMC theater in Tulsa is closer to my house but sometimes I choose this location because it’s less crowded and is much cleaner. Enjoy your show!

cindy westlake

No matinee prices. Almost 10$ for a 10 am movie. Its ok otherwise, just prefer other theaters

val esparza

Holy... Everything felt cheap in this place. The seats were subpart, bathrooms were small, and no one was even there to check my ticket. They really cut corners here.


AMC CLASSIC Tulsa Hills 12 en Oklahoma
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